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  • kate

    Mindy Kaling is my favorite. I love her show The Mindy Project. I love her Birkin and have seen her carrying a Chanel classic flap as well that looks great. She makes me smile :)

  • Nessa

    so what exactly type of “person” and “look” is good enough to own a birkin? Apparently you think only certain types of people should be in “Club Birkin”. Mindy is hilarious, beautiful and successful. She can afford it! Unlike those D-list reality star celebs that own Birkins and are drowning in debt..

    • pe.riche.

      “Unlike those D-list reality star celebs that own Birkins and are drowning in debt..”

      And, also unlike those D-list “celebs”, Mindy brings back that cool sophistication without being condescending (or down right obnoxious) that the Birkin is known for in the first place. I also love seeing her with her Birkin for the very reasons you stated above.

    • Emily Anderson

      Nessa, I in no way meant to imply that Mindy wasn’t GOOD enough to own a Birkin. I love Mindy, and she absolutely deserves all the success that comes to her. What really surprised me is that she CARED enough about owning a Birkin to actually buy a Birkin, which I think we can all agree is as much a status symbol as it is a handbag choice. But if Mindy wants to align herself with the Birkinistas of the world, that’s her choice, and more power to her.

      • hockiemack

        I think every woman cares. It’s empowering. Good for her!

    • 613style

      so what exactly type of “person” and “look” is good enough to own a birkin? <–That is not what the author meant. You're taking her lighthearted quip out of context.

  • Averil

    She carries Hermes and Chanel bags on her show too. From her twitter and instagram you can tell she loves fashion and enjoys pretty bags and shoes just lile anyone else!

    Personally, I like that she carries Birkins, sick of seeing mostly snooty older women toting them…

  • Guest

    She looks great! It seems as if she’s lost weight, too. In any case, the bag really suits her.

    Mindy is a wonderful writer — who has had a lot of practice. I don’t think you’re anywhere near her league yet, but keep at it. Perhaps you’ll get there one day and then you can buy yourself a Birkin when you do.

  • Ana

    I love Mindy! I’ve been a fan for a while and notice that she does love fashion, and has a pretty extensive collection of Chanel pieces. Every time I see a Chanel bag pop up on The Mindy Project, I always wonder if it’s coming from her personal collection!

  • Ahhhh I love Mindy Kaling!

  • Ahhhh I love Mindy Kaling!

  • Leslie

    She is my favorite…and the bag looks adorbs on her….if only she would respond to my fan mail…ha! ha! I kid…I kid.
    In honesty…she looks amazing and I am so happy to see someone other than a Bravolebrity (sp) carry a Birkin. You go Mindy! Loving the dress too!

  • ARC

    Please do a many bags of Mindy Kaling! Please pleaaaassseee

    • I would love to do one with her! The paparazzi haven’t been following her all that long, though, so we only have access to pictures of her carrying a couple of bags – I check often to see if she’s built up enough of a backlog for a Many Bags! Hopefully soon. I love Mindy.

      • ARC

        I love her too! Ive noticed she carries tons of Chanel and Tory Burch,and if I’m not mistaken she even had both a blue jean and a cherry red Birkin on her show.

  • Jame

    It makes perfect sense Mindy has a Birkin, her style is basically classic/preppy with a twist. It fits right in.