As much as people like to joke about her, Kim Kardashian ain’t no fool when it comes to fashion, and handbags in particular. Before she was famous for being famous, Kim was an LA stylist and boutique owner who frequently sold things from her own closet on eBay. Just because Kimmy’s now an internationally famous megastar who’s about to birth Kanye West’s child doesn’t mean that those wise resale instincts have gone by the wayside; Heritage Luxury Auctions’ upcoming Handbags and Luxury Accessories Signature Auction will include two bags from Kardashian’s ever-growing Hermes collection.

The auction, which we be held in New York on April 28, will include Kim’s Hermes Grizzly Birkin, which is 40 centimeters wide and appears to be the larger version of the Grizzly Birkin we spotted Kim carrying last week. Her Hermes Kelly Relax, which is a slouchy, 50-centimeter shoulder bag version of the traditional Kelly in orange leather, will also be up for sale. Both bags are limited edition; the Birkin will have an opening bid of $10,000, the Kelly, $7,500. Considering how Kim’s wardrobe has gone in a dark, somewhat minimal direction since she hooked up with Kanye, it’s not all that surprising that she’s sending these two particular bags to new owners.

If you’d like to bid on these these bags in person (in addition to the other insanely lust-worthy bags in this auction, which includes a bevy of exotic Birkins, among others), the auction will take place on April 28 at the Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion on New York’s Upper East Side. For those of you interested in bidding in advance online or viewing the rest of the auction’s offerings, visit

Kim Kardashian to sell her Hermes Kelly Relax Shoulder Bag 50cm

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  • gpc

    Wow, I would have hoped she might auction them for charity, but then again, what was I thinking – she is a true Kartrashian… Also, two of my least favorite topics, once again, in a PB article – Birkins and Kardashians. Ugh…

  • Rashida

    The oversize Kelly is lovely!

  • Guest

    I was so hoping to read that the proceeds would be going, for example, to the victims of the Boston tragedy. But what am I thinking? We’re talking about Kim Kardashian here. A portion of the proceeds will go to her favorite “charity:” Kris Jenner. I really wish these people would just disappear from the face of the Earth — or at least from the pages of my beloved Purse Blog.

    • HQUEEN

      If you don’t like them so much, then why are you taking the time to read the article and comment?

      • looselips

        She has a kid now and uses her brain. Every penny she gets back is now in her child’s bank account too. A smart parent doesn’t give money away. I love her and love reading about her family.
        Do these people that leave comments sell their stuff and donate the proceeds to the Boston Tragedy victims. I don’t think so.
        BTW, she’s not THAT rich.

  • jessica knowles

    Birkin bags are top of the notch bags. But i think Kim K should have donated some of the proceeds. IJS

  • ericadr

    just because someone has money doesn’t mean they have to donate money from anything they sell to charity. if she was a regular joe would you chastise her for not donating the proceeds? its really not for any of us to say what anyone does with their money & certainly not a reason to hate on her

  • looselips

    “Considering how Kim’s wardrobe has gone in a dark, somewhat minimal direction since she hooked up with Kanye” -that’s pretty funny, sounds a little rascist!!!


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