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  • femme


  • Dee


  • Sam L

    Ummm, no, J.Lo, no.

  • Louch

    I LOVE IT!! No one else could pull this off. She rocks.

  • gpc

    Please PB, enough about birkins already. I have lost count of how many posts have been done this week on birkins alone. With hundreds (at a minimum) of other bag options out there, I am at a loss. Time to look for other “broader” blogs…

  • LaDon

    ???Trying to unravel how the surrounding story ties in with the ‘review of a purse’. Thought i was reading the ‘enquirer’ for a second! Cosigning with gpc, this is not one of those ‘birkin hermes’ pages found on Facebook so one could easily become weary of posts on the ‘mystique’ of ‘birkins’!

  • elle

    Not a fan of crocodile anything, and not a fan of this fluorescent orange. The classic Hermes orange is much more preferable.

  • dnfl

    not a good look at all lolol

  • makeawish2468

    have to say the whole look is just tacky =/

  • What a walking orange

  • Zala Yamato

    wish i could wear a bun like that.

  • Rinda

    She looks like she’s headed to Walmart!

  • shueaddict

    please send Jenny back to the block

  • Not So Gentle Reader

    I don’t like the tone of this article. Hate to say it, but IMO it is not up to Purse Blog standards. As one commenter pointed out, it reads more like tabloid drivel. I certainly don’t expect to find that here! Where are Amanda and Meg? One of them needs to take her red pencil to this piece immediately!

  • Amanda

    so trashy…..

  • Dana

    You know, I don’t mind her outflit. Unlike some of the of the other comments, as long as she’s comfortable. then that’s all that matters. And even though she’s wearing a tracksuit, its not like she’s your average girl on the block……she IS wearing a purse that probably cost more than my car!

  • jess

    wow….all that money and she’s still ghetto, whorey and miss treating that bag victoria should slap her