I always learn new things on the PurseForum, and about 5 years ago, I remember seeing the ladies talk about the Hermes Kelly Doll Bag. They shared a photo of the bag, which is a classic Hermes Kelly with arms, legs, and a face smiling back at you and I thought it must not be real. But indeed it is, and this playful, rare design from the house of Hermes requires those who love it to go to great lengths to track down one of their own.

Our friends at Heritage Auctions have the hard-to-find Hermes Limited Edition Noisette Gulliver Leather Quelle Idole Kelly Doll Bag as part of their spring auction. The live auction begins today, and if this bag is something you’ve been searching for, now is your chance!

The Kelly Doll Bag is shrunken down to a tiny size, with dimensions of 6″ W x 5.5″ H x 2.5″ D. The whimsical feel of the bag comes from the smiling face and leather arms and feet. The turnlock closure is the nose of the bag, and the arms are moveable, which means you can pose your doll bag if you’d like. The current bid is $8,300 via Heritage Auctions.

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  • ElainePG

    I absolutely can NOT believe I’m saying this, I was funny prepared to sneer at it, but… it’s cute!!!

    • It really is. I’ve seen it in a few colors, orange is my favorite thus far!

  • Fiona-Brasil

    In the year 2000 I bought an orange one for around $2,000.I thought it was cute…Then a week later I sold her on ebay for the same price. Bad move because today they cost around $20,000…

  • ivy

    Kind of puts a damper on the I can’t believe _____ did _____ to their Hermes! discussion. Hermes did it to themselves with this one.

  • Amanda


  • shueaddict

    oh … it is cute …I can imagine the orange …. I gifted my 3 and 4 year old nieces with mini versions of Tory Burch and MK bags. I imagine this might end up on a rich toddler or her collector mammy.

  • Rosa Lily

    Must be the color, but all I can think of is of a smiling turd.

  • Natasha Andriannou-Vozemberg

    Cute ! But i would never carrie it . Too childish looking

  • Regina George

    Why must they persist in creating such an abomination?

  • Casey

    I saw one in person recently and the girl said she got it in Japan. It’s so adorable, I love that it’s so fun because to me, Hermes comes off kind of stuck up a lot of times but this is playful.

  • MEME


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  • Sarah

    Does it remind anyone else of the Kool-Aid pitcher character?

  • So cute a handbag! Not like most luxury handbags on diybrands