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  • Guest

    I totally agree!

  • Amanda

    I completely agree…and they will always hold their value if not exceed it.

  • melissa

    If i were to own a birkin, i believe i would be too embarrassed to take it out of the house; i would not want people to know i dropped the price of a car on a handbag. to each his own, though. i have a few vintage chanels that i feel silly using because i’m 21 and don’t want to be judged for carrying a bag that is so pricey…i gotta get over it though!!

    • Melissa, don’t be ashamed! Why not give your chanels a resale price tag… perhaps I could buy you out of the embarrassment?

    • Guest

      If you are still young enough to care about what other people think, then you are too young to carry an Hermes bag. Save your money and wait a while. I am in my late 40s and I give exactly zero you-know-whats about what people think about me OR my Birkin.

      Let time do its work with you. The bags will still be there.

      • Melissa

        believe me when i say don’t give a crap about what people think of my outfit, my hair, or me in general….but i don’t want to be that person carrying an “in your face” bag and flaunting my money for the world to see. but hey, maybe my taste will change; my style is constantly evolving. again, to each his own. props to you for doing your thing!

      • Gues

        Not sure that I’m buying the whole “I give exactly zero you-know-whats about what people think” schtick. Hermes is all about status, and choosing a bag that costs thousands (and thousands) of dollars means you care MORE about what people think than most people do.

      • Curly Valjean

        Buttercup, you couldn’t care MORE about what people think of you, or you wouldn’t spend that sort of cash on some bits of leather and bobs of metal. It amazes how rich people say they don’t care what people think, yet go out of their way to make sure everybody knows they have tons of money and, all too often, such little class. I prefer to see wealthy people carry THEMSELVES in a way that expresses their success…not OBJECTS!

    • Paula Roegge

      Melissa – If you won’t carry them, I will. Like ‘Guest’ said – stop worrying about what other people think.

    • Caren Johnson

      Iconic handbags are about the prestige of owning the bag and not anything else.. I feel when you can purchase an investment bag you will pass down to other ladies in your family, feel proud, not ashamed.
      If you can’t afford it- don’t pretend you can. My end all be all is the Birkin. I covet the bag but won’t purchase untli I can afford and deserve it. Don’t fake it..

    • Jessica

      A car? More like a house in suburbia…

      • Where can you possibly buy a house for $10-20k?

      • Ivy

        I think she might be saying $10-20k for a down payment for a house lol but even that’s impossible where I live.

  • Sandra

    I have considered purchasing a Birkin, on several occasions. I stop and consider the fact that I can purchase from another designer, a very nice bag, for much less. I consider the dent that a Birkin will put in my fashion budget. I also consider the game you must play when you walk into the Hermes store and get them to acknowledge that they have Brikin bags in the back. I then think about all of the Hermes bags for sale on Ebay and I purchase a very lovely Chanel or Givenchy bag.

  • Marina harbor

    Why do Hermes bags cost even more if they are a few years old.? I understand if its an exotic leather, but, The regular leathers? , just dont get it. I would always prefer to buy a brand new that a one thats pre owned. Unless it is a good deal.

    • Ariadne

      Price increases. So for example, i go to hermes and buy a 35 Birkin for 10,000. I take care of it, and in 5 years i decide I need the money and sell it. Well, now that its 2017, the price of a new 35 birkin has gone up to 13000, my bag is still in great condition, and I sell it for 12,000. Still cheaper than a new one, but I have made 2,000 dollars on it.

      • Marina Harbor

        Thanks! Now I get it!,I never thought about price increase!

  • Yolanda NiTuairisc

    Sadly, reason 11 is all about vanity when one buys a Hermes. I once knew a girl who had a hole in the heart and who had spent three weeks in intensive care, half dead, who could barely go up the steps without panting, but she had a 8000 euro Hermes. I am here on the blog because I love beautiful things, but would I spend my money on a ridiculously expensive bag? No way! For God’s sake, this bag costs as much as a car!

    • Tingeling

      I agree that the bags are crazy expensive, but a car?? LOL A car for $8000???? I don’t think I would dare to drive a $8000 car :)

      • Scrappy

        Wow, what a nice life you must have led. When I was putting myself through college I was fortunate at one point to have a friend bequeath a bike to me. I was thrilled. Now I could take my laundry to the laundromat on wheels instead of walking or taking the bus.

        Eventually I found a decent little car for $500.00 Granted it was the 80’s, but hey, I was working for $3.35/hr so I could join the middle class with my Bachelor of Arts.

        It’s all relative sweetheart.

      • Joe

        yeah! $3.35 minimum wage but I got $4 as a tutor in my final year and I was as thrilled as any lady with a Birkin. Haha

      • Moby999

        She said 8,000 EURO. Please learn to read.

  • Guest

    My grandmother carried Birkins in the ’80s; I will forever associate Birkins with her. My mother has always carried Kellys and the classic Chanel bags; I’ve no desire for any of them.

  • Miles

    I respect the qualities of a Hermes bag – quality leather, craftsmanship, its legacy – however spending a small fortune on a bag? If 10K is chump change for you then why not….but for me, the price of owning a hermes bag is still quite excessive. I would rather have 10k in my bank account.

    • Amy Frazier

      What a foolish waste of money. The rich stay rich because they don’t squander it on nonsensical items. The only advantage to having a Hermes bag is to sell it for a profit.

  • Yorkgirl

    My Holy grail is a 28 cm Hermes Kelly in gris tourterelle or etoupe with palladium hardware. I used to think Hermes was way too showy, but then I’ve viewed blogs of ladies with Hermes Kellys and am convinced it can be incorporated in a non-Hollywood lifestyle. I’ve seen some Birkins and one Kelly in real life, and was impressed at how low key they actually are in person. My only complaint is I’ve read that you literally have to show up at an Hermes boutique and often and see which bags ‘show up’ – you can’t order according to our specs (unless you’re Victoria Beckham I guess). To me, the pricing should be enough to keep Hermes slightly out of reach… why don’t they open it up to ordering? Maybe they want to keep the Kellys and Birkins from being ubiquitous.

  • Silversun

    Hermes is much more than the Birkin and the Kelly, or even the Lindy or the Constance. The house makes many other beautiful bags which are a lot more under the radar and relatively cheaper. To be sure, “relatively cheaper” is still a lot of money, but at that price point, H bag prices start becoming more comparable to offerings from other luxury designers. What’s not to love about that – a beautifully designed, under the radar bag with excellent quality and heritage. IMO that’s actually better than a well-known H bag like a Birkin.

  • AntonMercury

    I would rather buy a Birkin and take the bus than drive a BMW and wear a Target bag. But, I live in SF where taking the bus is common. If I lived in the backwoods of a small town, there’s no point in having the Birkin OR the BMW.

    ….is it about vanity and status? Yes! So is putting on make-up or high-heels or installing a fancy kitchen or getting your weekly french-tip acrylic nails. Everyone’s got their poison.

    • pe.riche.

      Well said!

    • Paula Roegge

      The BMW is not all about the label. The BMW is a damn good car, and more than pays for itself – especially in the backwoods. (I own a BMW and I live in BFE)

      • js

        toyota is a damn good car too….cars depreciate in value but a birkin doesn’t….

    • Caturra

      Thats pretty sad to be honest… No brain at all

    • Kelly

      Really? Do you ever see anyone on the bus w/a Birkin? LOL…

  • Sara

    I’m left with just one nagging thought: The Birkin bag leaves you looking as if you do not have an opinion of your own. You run along with the pack and make the safest choice in the book. I prefer to come across as an independant person, with an individual style and an ability to pick out the best and most beautiful items to support it. I feel that the Birkin bag makes me look – yes wealthy – but also insecure.

    I love the great, exclusive brands, but I also love to find unique and new designers; I find that Purseblog is most interesting when you help me do that. I saw a picture of a RODTNES bag on the blog recently, a brand I had not heard of before, but I decided to buy their Falda bag. And when I carry it I get many of the things you mention above – and more: This bag turns heads because it is beautiful and in great quality – but also because it is a unique and individual choice. Please give us more of that, Purseblog! :)

    • Christina

      Beautiful bag, I love it!!!

    • Elaine Weiss Whitman

      Your new Falda bag is stunning. Congratulations on your purchase… you have very good taste. And I agree… it is a much better design than the Birkin. It actually (gasp!) has a zipper at the top, and a shoulder strap in addition to the satchel. Kudos to the Purse Blog for introducing this bag and not always sticking with the “tried & true.”

    • Paula Roegge


    • Judy

      I didn’t believe in fate until I saw your bag. I NEED this bag in grey calfhair like yesterday! I am so in love! Thank you!!!

    • liaochao

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    • Yes, but the Birkin is popular because it is exclusive, hard to get

    • Sara

      Falda bag is gorgeous!

    • Mayelin Axelsson

      I can’t agree more with your comment. +1000

  • Sophia

    The only way the birkin individualized itself is by its ridiculous price. If this bag were to be priced lower, we would not be having this conversation.

  • Purselover

    Here’s when I think it’s OK to buy a Birkin or anything of dubious value that costs a lot of money: when you can pay for it in cash and have sufficient savings in the bank to cover all the basic needs. Then, you can spend your money as you like and to hell with what anyone else thinks.

    • Kelly

      Exactly! I know women that are in so much debt over these and Chanel bags.

  • Before I bought my Birkin & Kelly, I’d been on an insane bag buying roller coaster w/ YSL, Chloe, vintage Coach, Rykiel, epi leather LV. After the H bags, IMO, there’s sort of nowhere to go from there(except perhaps more H? I’d like a bright-colored Kelly, I think to balance the neutrals I chose first.)

    Now a lot of other bags feel too trendy and ‘busy’-featured in comparison(I’ve sold most of my old ones) and the construction on the H is beyond solid(not the case with some other brands). These rascals will definitely out-live me. When I want something low-key/knockaround, I carry my BedStu or vintage Coach bags.

    I’m 43 yrs old and bought them several years ago, I’m not sure if I’d’ve gone for H bags in my 20s or not. Maybe a design like the Gypsiere. I think as many ppl get older they lean towards quality over quantity. You’ve also learned what works for you….what you like most.

  • Jayne George

    It’s been my dream my entire life to own a birkin, but I don’t think it will ever happen unless I win the lottery. <3

  • Carla

    I think it’s been said here before, Hermes is a club that seems to no longer need any more members. For me personally it’s everywhere from the Constance, the Kelly, the Birkin, the H belts, the scarfs, etc. etc. The real thing is mixed with really good fakes; the over exposure and the counterfeiting has of late has become worse than LV. Maybe to no fault of Hermes, and yes their leathers and craftsmanship is superior then, that of many high profile luxury brands. But, contrary to what many maybe believe their not alone in their craft. There are actually still artisans/ and small shops in Europe, who make handbags to the same perfection as Hermes, from the craftsmanship, to the leathers, down to the stitches. Their like little gems, in my closet next to my beloved Kellys and they fit right in, and that truly makes my heart skip a beat.

    • I’d love some name/shops if you could please share!! I love old Coach, Frye, anything well-made.

      • Guest


      • QuelleFromage

        Delvaux is as expensive as Hermès.

  • Jackie Ellis

    I’m not convinced. I think it’s obscene to spend that much on a bag that when you deconstruct is made up of much the same as any other bag, so I just cannot see how they justify these ridiculous prices. Someone is laughing all the way to the bank… the profit margin on these must be out of this world!!

    • tess

      About 800$ to make a Birkin (basic leather not exotics) so yes very overpriced.

  • Natalia

    Show off….. Show off…… Show off! Its the main reason

  • Lalaima

    Even celebrities are willing to pay full of price for Hermes bag??? Are you serious??? Come on! That was the worst reason to buy a Hermes….. so dumb

  • pamb

    Reason #1 is not a reason at all. “Hermes is the holy grail” but you don’t give any reason WHY. “Hermes is head and shoulders above the rest” but WHY. Yes, yes, handmade, exclusive, blah, blah, blah. This is a puff piece, of course, why am I surprised?

  • Mia

    It is true that Hermes basically never loses value…ever ever… and that is why I’m on a waiting list to get my FAVE Kelly… :) I have some lesser priced Hermes stuff now, and adore it, but nothing beats a Kelly or Birkin for sure.

  • Jane

    My favorite place for Hermes bags is Vaunte. Theyre having a sale now and ive seen birkins for over $3500 off.

  • A Guest

    A bag is used by most of us every day. The problem, IMHO, is who wants to use the same bag all the time? Wouldn’t you feel like you would have to? Also, the Birkin is heavy. Knew nothing about Hermes as a college gal, had the chance to purchase one on sale at BT. The two sales ladies tried to convince me of its value, it’s an investment. I, stupidly as it turns out, did not listen. I said, ugh it’s an old lady bag and wasaay expensive. Am pretty sure that even if I had spent the several hundred to buy it, would have given it to Goodwill or something. Am slow, yes, but its ok. As an older lady, ehem, still like to change bags too often to justify the purchase. Though some of the comments have me wondering if I may be the perfect candidate for a Birkin? It would be rarely used and could leave it to the kids when i die in like 50 years; they could sell it to put a down payment on a house or spaceship…

    • Martin-Marilyn

      You’re funny. Thanks for the humor. I’m like you … I change my bags out every couple weeks just because I like the variety. There’s no way I could drop that much on a bag that only gets used a couple/few weeks out of the year. And heavy? I’m over heavy bags. I’m not a candidate for this type of bag even if I had the excess funds to buy one. I’d feel like I was missing out on all the other great stuff that is available out there!

  • ilovehermes

    owning a birkin does not mean you need the world’s approval at all. some girls or women just has a style of their own. hermes is known for its simplicity in design if you own and use hermes you will KNOW what i am getting at. i have recently started using them and you wont realise it until you own one. everyone is different so its not really abt how much its worth. some can carry a H bag and it does not even look $10k. hence its how you can pull off that look. Then again who wouldnt want one. its all about Affording it. Its all about money in the end, Isnt it people!!

  • lycralout

    Hermes bags are properly made, by expert craftswomen, using the best quality materials. They will last several lifetimes and never look dated. What’s embarrassing about that?

  • Jennifer-Lynn Proteau

    If I owned a Hermes, I don’t think I’d ever let it go. It would go wherever I go, even to bed lol

  • Anon

    I’m still not convinced that i should purchase this bag. It just costs too damn much. Sorry

  • CamaroChic

    People here are forgetting the other amazing H bags– same quality, but more affordable. I love my silky city, silky pop, picotin and lindy bags just as much as I love my Birkins. Not many can afford a Birkin but you can certainly look at all the other incredible products H has to offer. Happy shopping! :)

  • Divnanata

    I have struggled with buying a Birkin or a Kelly for many years. Yes I am a big fashion snot. But I figure as long as you share the wealth you’ve earned honestly (i.e. give to charities) then you can do what you want to splurge. What I wish is for luxury for all! along with liberty and justice. Meanwhile I have purchased lots and lots of high end bags over the last ten years and I’ve learned to go with the best you can. Yes you do get tired of some of them and boy does it burn when you have to lose so much at resale. If you keep an “IT” bag beyond its prime forget about recouping your investment. With Chanel, Vuitton and Hermes you maintain your popular bag and you can wear your money in the bank.

    Having said that I still can’t buy any Hermes bags because I just don’t like the style. They don’t go with my look and they are not that attractive on me. I much prefer the pop of the CC’s and like to vary the Chanels with my outfits.

  • Solo

    Now.tell me the easiest way to get a birkin

  • tynadmd

    I want to own a birkin but I don’t want to buy if after market. I am wiling to spend the retail price and is willing to be on the waitlist as well but as far as I know, there aren’t any waitlist at the moment and yet you can’t even buy it at the store. Sigh

  • joanne

    Interesting reading for sure. i have a hermes birkin and it was given to me by as a gift.. Unsure of its athenticity i took it to hermes london and get me its real. Can anyone help as i dont know if to sell. Its 2009, blue with gold hardware. Thank you

  • The Punisher

    Yeah, yet another brand that makes stuff that only self-centered, self-conscious, hey-look-how-cool-i-am shallow cunts will buy. Women dress exclusively to impress other women, and that’s what this whole designer shit is all about.

  • Lara (LAIR-A)

    Hermes bags look kinda … I dunno … meh to me. Not understanding the appeal. But to each his own.

  • 23.10A

    Seriously? To see a young 21 year old carry a Birkin or Hermes knowing that they didn’t pay for the bags = status?? You guys must be delusional or desperate. Hermes is only exclusive because they limit production – economics 101. Simple. Its not exclusive because its available only to select few who could afford it. You want exclusive? How about having a bag that is available in the market where the average Joe or Mary, who desires it but cannot afford it, even if they sell their kidneys? Now that is what I call exclusive.

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  • Celina Rose

    I’m all for people spending ridiculous amounts of money on handbags (provided they have the money and are not doing something stupid to get it), but I think the Birkin looks like an old lady bag. I never understood why so many girls my age and younger like this bag. It looks like something I could see older law professor ladies in their 70s carrying around. I really believe people are brainwashed to like the Birkin just because of the price. The unattainable factor for some. Then again, I am more of a shoulder bag girl. I think shoulder bags look so much younger and hip. I think chanel flap bag is a much better investment bag. It’s always the same, forever young, and way cheaper than a birkin.

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  • Sally Soo

    hmmmm…Very few of the “reasons it is worth” the money were about quality of the bag – mostly about status and that so many rich and famous people were wiling to pay that much and have them. but I guess status costs that much some people need it to feel important. (sorry if that sounds judgmental but this was meant to be more of an indictment of the article justifying the cost.)

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  • Iva

    No bag is worth,that kind of money, sooryyy

  • myemail

    Give me coach purses any day I’m addicted to them

  • Roise

    If you can afford to buy a perfect pretty face and a sexy perfect body to own, you would…. but that’s impossible! Now, if you can afford to buy a perfect bag and you make it yours- why have a second thought? Go and do it!!!

  • M.J. Rose

    No company on the planet has more rude employees than Hermes and the prices are obscene. No matter how well made they are. This is conspicuous consumption of the very very worst kind. I know someone with a $350 copy that Hermes repaired thinking it was real…. that alone should make you rethink the “value”.

    • Aurore DLG

      REALLY ????

  • Jessica

    Why….? It holds a wallet, phone, makeup, and a book. A $10 purse can do the same without the worry of a scuff, leaky pen, makeup smudge, etc. there’s no reason for it. I admire the amazing craftsmanship but good lord.. I’m unique and awesome all on my own. I don’t need a purse to tell people that.

  • JRES


  • Marvis

    I just bought my girlfriend ‘s yesterday for $7500 –I own 20 designer bags now–Prada -Valentino –Givenchy -Balenciaga -2 Sac de Jours -Celine –& always felt on the hunt. The bag is perfect so soft -opposite of the SDJ –so far-it’s love

  • LabellaLuxe Boutique

    Love these colors!

  • Mariel

    1 Reason why Hermes bags are totally NOT worth it — https://www.facebook.com/OfficialPETAUK/videos/868044983243610/?hc_location=ufi

  • Dian Savitrie

    I dont agree with #2, their evelyn bags look cheap and not nice

  • Kelly

    you should be ashamed of yourself if u own Hermes. you rich people who goes gaga over Hermes are disguisting! watch the full video u murderers!


  • Diane Manley

    My son lost teeth young from an accident and has affected him so. I so wish I could get him implants. Happened upon this site and must tell you ladies, I am envious. What for the price of a few purses. Certainly no judgement or complaints here. Just sayin….must be nice

  • AbaZ

    Buy birkin or not is one person decisions and i think if they earn enough money, they are allowed to spend how much they want. Anyway everyone work hard and play hard different way, some may spend in bags/ shoes/ alcohol or even drugs. Definitions of happiness is different for everyone right?

  • Christine Dinges

    This is a vintage Hermes from the 70s. It’s called a “Derby’ and is a pre-Birkin bag. She needs to go to the spa, but has no damage(rips/tears/holes). I like the fact that this is a rare out of circulation item. two others like mine.I don’t care for the idea of having something everyone else has, which makes this one so special to me. Have only found two others like this one on the web,

  • BuffaloGal

    Status quo, not art. What a boring borgeoise-looking bag. Ho hum hype. No transcendant imagination in that fabrication.

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  • Mel6351

    Can they use vegan leather?!?! I don’t want to carry around a skinned crododile or baby cow, it’s vile and entirely unnecessary! Then again, so is paying what could be so easily donated to feed starving children, on a handbag! Ugh!

  • Raveena Bags
  • psny15

    Hermes makes quality bags, i think the Birkins are losing its appeal due to the fact that these reality stars (housewives, kardashians) are all wearing it

    do i think someone is rich when they carry a birkin? not really – i do know that they definitely want to portray they are rich

    is it a nice bag, yes! am i over it? yes!

  • I’m looking forward to buying the 25cm one someday! I got bitten by the Hermes bug a few months ago after purchasing the Kelly!

  • Sara

    One day I will buy a Hermes bag. I’m just waiting for them to stop making boring plain and old lady bags.

  • You ain’t gotta sell it to me Megs, I’m just waiting till I go to Paris to buy my Kelly. Hermes has a lot of styles apart from the Birkin and Kelly, and the quality is superior. You can be out there in a croc birkin or low-key with a Lindy but the superior quality is undeniable.

  • Valliere

    After reading the comments its interesting that cost is brought up repeatedly and what you could buy rather than an Hermes bag. As the old adage says, that if you have to ask the price you shouldn’t be buying it, is very true. There are plenty of incredibly well made bags far below the cost of an hermes bag, but if you can buy an Hermes without worrying about the bag cost versus a down payment on a house or the cost of a car then by all means indulge yourself. Hermes has been around for a very long time making unrivaled leather goods from saddles to handbags. I have three Hermes bags and my favorite is the Evelyne which I can not believe someone stated on here looks cheap. I have never felt or seen a real Hermes that looks or feels cheap .

  • Jared Jackson

    Lol… funny, I only see democrats owning this kind of stuff while they tell me I should pay more in taxes to help poor people like those in 30 million dollar houses in DC.

  • Chris

    I would never buy a $110,000 purse/handbag! There are many other good designer brands out there that are cheaper and prettier (chanel, dolce & gabbana, gucci, kate spade, valentino, versace, prada…etc).

  • Jacqui

    This article is everything that’s wrong with the world.