treesje.jpgI love cute bags from lesser-known designers. There’s an exquisite feeling of elitism that comes with carrying an obscure designer, and it usually comes at a lower price than carrying something ostentatious. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for cute bags from new designers. Treesje is an emerging L.A. design duo and they make bags with sweet little embellishments attached to very classic shapes. This Treesje Garden Grande handbag is a perfect example. Ruffles play strongly into Treesje’s handbags, and they’re adorably feminine and unique. I’m usually against irresponsible use of ruffles, but somehow this bag does not abuse ruffles, even while it employs a zillion of them. I love the blue jean color – perfect for summer – and the no-fuss shape and minimal hardware. The ruffles on the handles are an excellent touch, and the front flap – sans ruffles – adds interest and practicality to the handbag. I’d love to see this bag in person so as to do a proper evaluation of the leather, but it looks pleasantly pebbled, distressed, and smooshy. To see more styles, check out, and get this bag for $540 at the online store.

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  • vimadez73

    :mrgreen: The bag is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I agree, I also like going with Designers that are only known to the underground few…. but it kills me when I am on to something and then next season it is EVERYWHERE! Sometimes I think that maybe I have a knack for for-telling future trends…hmmmm.

  • Nere

    As a fellow bag elitist, I agree.

  • QueenMAB

    The underground designer trend is wonderful, but the ruffles on this bag are KILLING me. Reminds me of my aunts house – doilies & little china figurines everywhere, ugh.

  • est

    I love the color you show on here. I was looking for a basic black and ran into this one on-line. I got it in black but it took some time for the sales person to locate it for me. It’s bigger than I expected but I love it. It’s roomy and the leather like their other purses are very soft making the purse pretty light for its size.

  • Lori

    I LOVE this designer. How do you pronouce it though??? :neutral:

  • tom

    It is nice. I like it very much.

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  • Naggy

    That is one messed up looking bag. (ipad)