Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater Bag

The beauty behind certain handbags is undeniable. Sassy and sultry, the Mulberry Ostrich Bayswater Bag brings together the beauty of exotic ostrich in a stunning purple hue. This specific combination is exclusive to Net A Porter, offering any customer with a radiating and stunning piece. The gold hardware gleams on the purple ostrich. The Bayswater design is not new, and has received its share of naysayers, claiming that this design is remarkably close to a Hermes Birkin. Yet, comparing the leather version to the new and re-vamped ostrich version is like comparing the night to day or the East to the West. The shape is the same, but the bag as a whole is entirely different. Some exotic handbags seem totally fragile and need to be cared for like an infant, but this handbag is meant to be used. On the sides there are hidden buckles to expand the bag, and there is a zippered and open pouch on the inside for storage. The color, the exotic skin, and the usability factor make this handbag utterly hot. Exclusively at Net A Porter for $3995.


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