Botkier Sasha Mini Duffle Bag
Botkier Sasha Mini Duffle Bag

The Botkier Sasha Duffle has been a fan favorite, including with myself. This purse is a practical and chic option for an everyday bag. And after saw mommie Angelina Jolie toting this bag, it became an even bigger hit. But why is it so sought after? That is easy, it is a great design; perfect size, great price, fun shape. The Botkier Sasha Mini Duffle Bag is just in time for the spring craving of bright colors, as it is designed with pink supple lambskin and the usual double top handles and removable shoulder strap. There is a front pocket and zip closure. Dimensions of the Mini are 12¼”W X 6½”H X 5½”D. If you are looking for a bag from a great designer for a great price, you should definitely check out Botkier bags. Buy through Saks for $525.

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  • Jahpson

    how come I have no trouble going on but have so many problems getting on the forum??

  • MissTiss

    Wahhhh. Down for maintenance…

    Love the new Sasha tho’. Pink always flips my skirt up. :wink:

  • mette

    I really don´t like this bag at all. How low can they go?

  • jennot

    :evil: I hate ‘hardware upgrades’ :evil:

  • karry kasim

    love it!!

  • mrs. w

    sometimes it’s really deceiving to see a bag on a celebrity. they are so abnormally tiny that it warps your perception of the actual size of the purse. i hate that.

  • pam p

    Its really cute!! But on the Botkier website, the pink rose in the medium sasha looks a tad different from the pink rose in the mini. Which is which?

    Can someone post a pic of the sasha mini being carried instead of by itself? I can’t visualise the size based on its dimensions….. and unfortunately its not available in my country… :sad:

    I do like it very much… its gonna be on my wishlist after the LV Aquarelle… just need to firm up on which size to get!

  • naomi

    love this bag. :wink:

  • Mary

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s fabulous.

  • Christie

    I love this bag more than the Chloe Saskia bag!
    I definitely go for this bag but not sure to get a small or medium size. The one in black patent leather is quite stylish.

  • sally

    This bag is ugly is mud! :lol:

  • kinny

    Design too busy. I’m with mette on this one.

  • lisa

    Love this bag looks like the perfect size. but would like another color maybe a brown or black

  • Kendra

    the handle is in a weird spot. (fb)

  • gertrude

    my favorite spring/summer bag