Hermes Ostrich Kelly Replica

Get this exotic Kelly Bag look for hundreds less than Hermes’ and Gucci’s. This large gorgeous rich brown bag is embossed to look like expensive alligator skin. Our Kelly Bag delivers an uncomplicated top zipper closure and un-cinched sides.

Hundreds less, ey? Here’s a newsflash. This Hermes Ostrich Kelly Replica goes for under $40 – and you are claiming hundreds less than the real one? Last time I checked the iconic Kellys went for several thousands.

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  • And if we can forgive the nitpicking, this is actually a replica of the Birkin rather than the Kelly. ;)

    • Jessica

      This is not a replica of the Birkin, the Birkin is a replica of the Kelly, Grace Kelly made this bag famous. The only difference between this and the real Kelly is that it had a longer strap that could be worn over the shoulder in addition to the shorter strap that would sit mid arm. :wink:

  • billyjoe

    hee hee

  • marisol tostado

    where can i get that bag!

  • Rachael

    will some one tell me if an ostrich-embossed purse is waterproof? if not then is there a spray or something i can buy to waterproof it.

  • aidan

    thats such a sad knockoff……
    and rachael i dont think so….
    maybe idk…
    i never take my exotics out in the rain..
    too big of a risk..

  • Jeannine Champion

    The leather and colors

  • Naggy

    Yeah, I thought this was a Birkin replica, not a Kelly. (ipad)

  • KY

    Hmm a knockoff? (ipad)