Acne Jeans Saint Lambskin PurseLet’s face it, many of us dealt with acne at some point (if you did not I truly do not like you right now!). To name a company after such a nuisance seems like a bad omen, yet it is the complete opposite. Acne Jeans have paved quite a path for themselves, creating a loyal following. New on the block are handbags to the Acne Jeans line. Will they garner as much buzz as the already sought after jeans? The Acne Jeans Saint Lambskin Purse creates a slouchy Bohemian appeal with the soft lambskin and huge 17″ drop from the shoulder straps. Additional volume is added with the pinktucked gathers, which gives off a poof to the handbag. Worst case scenario you are trapped in the airport and this can act as your savior, a pillow. Dimensions are large throughout, 25″x 19.5″x 3″.

Buy via eLuxury for $575.

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