I Finally Purchased the Gucci Bag of My Dreams

And my boutique experience was seriously incredible!

A Gucci matelassé bag has been sitting pretty on my wish list for months. It took me forever to pull the trigger, but I finally purchased the Gucci Marmont Small Matelassé Shoulder Bag. My husband and I were in New York City visiting friends a few weeks ago when the urge to buy the Gucci bag hit me out of left field. I didn’t go to NYC with the intention of dropping four figures on a bag, but I’m nothing if not impulsive. Something about the streets of Manhattan make me want to live my most stylish life, and on the second day of our trip I decided that the bag needed to be mine. My very understanding husband made his way into an Irish bar for a pint of Guinness, while I made my way to SoHo, also known as the shopping mecca of NYC.

Once I had decided to treat myself, I knew I wanted to go to the SoHo Gucci location. I’ve been admiring photos of the store on Wooster Street since it opened last year, so it was a no-brainer that I would go to that location to make my purchase. Upon entering the front door, I was instantly smitten with the space, wanting to move in and make myself at home immediately. Once inside, it’s impossible to ignore the incredibly ornate and innovative decor, and at nearly 10,000 square feet, the boutique is a massively beautiful and elevated space. My eye was drawn in a million different directions, every square foot of the store exuding Gucci’s chic aesthetic. I felt an instant connection to the vibe of the boutique from the moment I entered the building, and I had no doubts that this would be the place where I purchased my first-ever Gucci bag. In addition to its exquisite interior, the staff could not have been friendlier, and I was greeted instantly with bright smiles. I always enjoy when sales associates strike the balance between being helpful but not overbearing, and the Gucci staff did exactly that. They let me browse in peace, but were super attentive and helpful once I was ready to try on bags.

I was on a mission, and after browsing for a few seconds, I wasted no time in asking to see the Gucci small shoulder bag I had come for. I also asked to see the Soho Disco bag for good measure, because once upon a time that bag sat high on my wish list. I looked at the shoulder bag in the mini and small sizes, priced at $980 for the mini and $1,290 for the small, in a variety of colors. The Soho Disco bag was priced at $1,190, and I was able to see each of the three colors it’s available in: red, black, and rose beige (a tannish color). At one point, I had multiple bags spread out on the glass counter, eagerly inspecting the stitching and interior of each one (they were all pristine and impeccable stitching and quality, by the way!). While the price point of the mini shoulder bag was extremely tempting at $980, I knew that size would be too tiny for me, so I removed it from my contender list. I was happy I got to try on the Soho Disco in person, but ultimately knew in my heart of hearts that was not the bag coming home with me, so I scratched it off my list.

Once I was certain I would be bringing home the small shoulder bag, also known as the camera bag on some retail sites, I had to select a color (no easy feat). Black seemed like the obvious and classic choice, and as close as I came to purchasing it, it ultimately didn’t feel quite right for my style. I really loved the white, but knew I would be too scared to ever take it out of the box for fear of denim transfer, so I settled on “dusty pink”. Not quite pink, yet not a true nude, the color of this bag is very unique (and quite hard to capture on camera). It changes color depending on the lighting, which I quite like because it’s very versatile. I also love how much this bag can hold, and was very pleased when I loaded it up at home. It holds a ton for a smaller sized bag, and can fit a full sized wallet, a pair of large sunglasses, a few lip glosses, a makeup compact, keys, a must-needed bag hook, a small perfume, and still have room to spare!

Once I had made up my mind on which bag would be coming home with me, the rest was simple! I was offered a sparkling water while my sales associate wrapped up my bag in a Gucci box and rang up my bill. I continued to browse while I waited for my bag to be wrapped up, and had the chance to chat with another sales associate about which bag I had selected (we both agreed that the dusty rose was a great nude color). Once I had finished paying, my sales associate offered to give me a tour of the space, showing me the bookstore located in the rear of the store and giving me the history of the store (it’s an old pencil factory). The boutique still has the factory’s original floors and ceilings, which just adds to the charm of the space. I walked out with my new bag in hand and a smile on my face, and I will definitely be back on my next jaunt to New York City, even if only just to browse.

I rarely purchase handbags straight from the boutique, as I tend to shop for most of my purchases on online luxury consignment shops. I have to say, buying straight from the boutique was such a delightful experience. I love having a box to store my handbag in, and it makes a cute display in my closet as well. I was worried I would regret my impulse purchase, but nearly a month later, I am nothing but thrilled with my decision.

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