gucci indy bag

Dear Gucci,

Do you want people to actually buy your bags? Why is it that every time I go into your store the handbag selection looks like the exact same fug from last season and the season before? It is time to move on, design something new, take a chance. Because, face it, even if you fail miserably, it won’t make much of a difference. Your monogram bags are probably one of the worst logo bags out there. For some reason, they repulse me. And your Indy bags have some potential, as in the shape is ok, but why would you put a design like this on one? Your Gucci Indy Bag above shows off multicolor blue bell embroidery with bamboo tassels and metal plate details. Unfortunately, the bells resemble jellyfish, which I absolutely despise. Jellyfish sting me, and stick on my skin, and turn me red with an itchy painful rash. Is there a reason you have bells that resemble jellyfish? It feels like the scene in Finding Nemo, where Nemo and Dori have to swim through the jellyfish. Do you remember what happened to Dori? The good news is, Dori lived. This bag itself is not absolutely horrible, but I feel like your bags in general have been horrible. I was at Saks the other day and a gold Python Indy was thrown on the sale table next to some Juicy Couture handbags. Talk about slummin’ it. But please do not think you are a lost cause, because you are not. I am still sporting, and LOVING, my Gucci Horsebit Hobo. You did do the Gucci Crystal Evening Bag which is swoon-worthy. It is time for some new handbags. Do something bold, do something new, just do something. Jellyfish-like-bell Indy via Saks for $3890.



P.S. The price chart needs to be re-negotiated. Why does this Jellyfish bag cost nearly $4 grand???

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  • highmaintenance

    Disgusting! both the above post and the bag.Sorry :wink:

  • never_enough_handbags

    Dear Megs,

    We’re sorry you don’t like our latest gorgeous creation. We direct your attention to the $54k Louis Vuitton Frankenbag. We’ll risk a jellyfish backlash any day over a bag that looks like it’s got several conjoined alien siblings. Hey, we figure if they can get away with THAT train wreck, we can slap a $4k tag on this and people will beat a path to our door.

    Much Love,


  • itisme

    I have to disagree. I think Gucci Monogram handbags are absolutely classy and pretty!

  • Joan Brakeley

    hmmm for $650, if I was in the mood, this fugly would be acceptable.

  • curseda

    Sorry, Meg i have to disagree too. I think Indy bags are very nice and Gucci monogram is one of the better ones out there since it is not really ‘on-your-face’. Although the black Indy you just posted is not really cool with that price tag.

  • Spiffy

    Hmm Meg, I have to disagree with you. I’m a big fan of Gucci and they have gorgeous creations beyond their monogram offerings (seeing how the LV speedy image posted above this entry looks, I’ll have to pick the Gucci anyday).

    I have a Gucci Indy (in full silver) and it’s got character. It’s not monogrammed, it’s plain silver. And it’s classy-edgy, it’s gotten tons of compliments and this is my personal belief: the price is worth it only if someone pays for it, not if someone questions it.

  • karolynka

    i absolutely have to defend gucci and its wonder woman behind the name, frida giannini. she brought a lil’ bit of colour and re-created old patterns that mr gucci himself invented many many many years ago. ok i would not buy this version of the indy bag, but i’ve seen some in the campaign take really made me hope to win some lotteries oh yes, though i’m a huge LV fan too, i think marc jacobs did create worse bags..

  • Odie

    Here here to Megs!!
    Why are Gucci bags so freaking costly? They’re not even made of leather most of the time. And they can only be worn with one special outfit. $4 grand is a mortgage not a price for a bag.

  • fashion in the making

    Since Tom Ford left Gucci is dead to me who in gods name hire that girl to design for Gucci if the owner of the post lets me I am going to send you 3 sketches of what I would design if I work at Gucci
    Also like LV got tire of seen the same thing over and over

  • RGM

    When Tom Ford was around, Gucci is a fashion brand. Now that Frida Giannini is, Gucci is a clothing brand. It’s a big difference.

  • amy

    gucci models of handbags i like, the framework isnt always my style but im with meg, 4grand? I saw on their website, the cheapest one was 560 something.
    But then again, i dont have that kind of money lying around either.

  • P Stew

    does anyone know which one im talking about ?
    does anyone know how much it is?!

  • P Stew

    does anyone know which one im talking about ?
    does anyone know how much it is?!
    becauseeee its kinda gorgeous.

    • coco

      It’s a keeper. One of those classics that you can one day pass to your daughter. It has a great detailing.
      The price is around 1600€ and I look at it as an pure investement -smile.

      What Im keen on knowing is that which celebritys has it, Im a huge follower of fashion mags and havent seen it yet in anyones arms. Pls if you have info on this hit me back.
      Thanks ya’ll.

  • Black mistress

    Wow, now this I like!

  • Chi

    It would be pretty on someone in a kimono style robe… other than that wouldn’t know what to do with it :wink:

  • strongonem

    I just purchased the Indy bag in black. Nope, not the real one but I paid a pretty penny for it to look like the real one. I’m loving it and I got the one that is all black leather with silver hardware. Very plain, no design on it, just the mirrors!

  • I love Gucci bags!!! They are very specials for me and I am going to buy one Indy Gucci bag!!! I´m sorry about my english!!!! :oops:

  • m asca

    Well, i think Frida is handling it very well(under all that pressure.)
    and I love gucci bags! its interesting to hear someone saying that gucci monogram is the worst, because i’ve always been thinking its the best monogram out of all. lol

    However, i also think 4k is too much!

  • adore handbags

    isnt it true that all indy bags come with a bamboo handel covered with leather and a detachable strap. ???
    is there an indy bag that has a soft leather handle like the one in the peggy bags ??????????????

  • alice87

    I don’t like the price tag, but other than that bag is adorable. It reminds me bells or tulips and I think Indy bag design is pretty. I like embroidery and in no way it reminds me jellifish which is white-clear in color…

  • vanessa

    wow this is realli exspesive bag goshhh i wouldnt pay $4000 for this bag my sister she bought gucci bag but look better tehn this 1 and it cost her only $ 350 aust money

  • lol

    Meg!!! I have to disagree with you!! I love it! They are so gorgerous and classic! So, stop hating em!! You have no sense of fashion or style cause your looking is too BORED and WHITE!

  • lauermar

    If I saw this on a clearance table next to Juicy, and it was marked down below $1K, I would buy it!

  • lauermar

    Oh, I forgot to add: I don’t live near the ocean, so I have nothing against jellyfish or cartoons. As for Nemo, they didn’t die in that episode.

  • Jolise

    I have a dark brown indy bag with gold details.
    I love the bag, but I must sell it because I need money :roll:
    Email me —>>, if you are interested
    Than I can send u pictures and we can agree about a price.

  • Sarah

    I bought an Indy a while back. Black with embossed logo so not obvious unless you really know your bags.
    I also have a classic trim Gucci purse and Gucci slide sunglasses.
    I always buy gucci if the logo is concealed.
    Off to Florida on Sat and have laid away a few $1000 on Gucci for me to collect.
    Worth it as long as its not obvious.

  • Brenda St. James

    I’m in love with the Gucci Indy Bag. I have to pump up my self to work overtime to get it. While I’m at work the nurses say ,girl why is your taste so expensive. I say don’t be a hater because I have taste. I can’t wait to buy me one at Saks or Neiman Marcus. I know my dream will come true eventually.

  • hjg

    i`m in love with the gucci bag

  • amy

    i love gucci hand bag they r so nice .

  • amy

    i wish i could work in a shop like gucci .

  • Embroiderer

    God, you all sound like girls. Who really cares about Gucci, Chanel, Hermes. Create your own style and live a little differently than all the rest.

  • kulit

    The indi bag is nice and pretty. If you dont like it just say it nicely.

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  • cynthia chia

    I absolutely love the indy bag so as som1 mentioned if u dnt app this bag then it’s obvious u hav no taste when it comes to handbags. I do own 1 but my only problem with this bag is, it hurts on the shoulders when carrying it. The designer needs to take this in2 consideration. Apart of that in my opiniom it’s one of the best designed handbags ever made!

  • Yetty

    I own one of these in chocolate brown lambskin (older version). The newer version is made from vachetta leather and it is bigger, stiffer and of course, more expensive (about $2700). Mine is like butter. It is beautiful with discrete GG logos on four corners, comes with detachable strap. Can’t say enough nice things about Ms. Gianinni’s designs. I also own the new Jackie. It is a monster bag but so absolutely beautiful and sturdy It will be carried for years with an occasional visits to the handbag spa to refurbish it. Once you own a Gucci (you do not have to own many) you will appreciate the craftmanship that went into each bag. Sure one can buy a cheaper bag, it is OK but a Gucci bag comes with that je ne sais quoi cachet. Try to own one, you would be an easy convert.

  • Lily


    When you string together sentiments like ‘I am still sporting, and LOVING, my Gucci…’ and ‘your monogram bags..they repulse me’ shows what a contradicting, borderline-disturbed soul you are. It creates an almost depressing picture in my head of an ‘old bag’ sitting in front of a tele, overweight, god-knows-how-long-since-your-last-shag’ character.

    Your argument about jellyfish instantly re-confirmed what a petulent thwart you are.

  • Liopolis

    Ìîëîäåö, à ÿ òîëüêî íåäàâíî êîìó-òî èç áëîããåðîâ êîììåíòèðîâàë ÷òî «çàäîëáàëè ñ ïîñòàìè íà òåìó ïî÷åìó ÿ ïåðåñòàë ïóáëèêîâàòü èíòåðåñíî ïî÷èòàòü»)) Ïî÷åìó-ïî÷åìó, ëåíü èì ñòàëî, âîò è ïåðåñòàëè))

  • Nat

    Meg, I love you!
    Thanks for saying all this.
    Even I who am a convicted logo addict hate Gucci bags. They look CHEAP!!

  • ghaffie

    really nice gucci indy, and i bought a sam one of good quality on this site

  • Sissoko

    such a beautiful Gucci Indy tote bag, i love gucci leather shoulder bags.