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  • tata

    thank you thank you thank you! just bought something ASAP! what a good deal!

  • C

    Just pulled the trigger on the hot pink Disco! Easily the biggest impulse purchase I can remember…but I don’t feel THAT guilty, since I did my research (aka re-read Meg’s effusively positive Disco Purseonal :))

    • Trust me, you are going to love it!! I want the rainbow python one…. should I?!

      • C

        Do it, especially now that Miami is your home base again!

      • Ha, I’ll use this in my arguments to Vlad!

      • Imgoingbroke

        Yes, you absolutely should. DO NOT HESITATE :)

  • shopper

    DAMN – What bad timing. I just got the bill for my son’s college tuition. Broke for foreseeable future!

    • Imgoingbroke

      Damn you higher education!! I hear ya.

  • S.H

    None for me as this is just Gucci getting rid of the remaining old stock not by alessandro michele.

  • laura

    I just ordered a swing tote :)

  • Imgoingbroke

    Ugh, not now! Just last week I bought the Tian GG Canvas bamboo shopper tote and matching zip around wallet AND the Blooms printed leather zip around wallet. Unfortunately I’m tapped out :(

  • Judge & Jury

    You do know that Gucci has a significant semi-permanent collection that will still be produced regardless of the creative lead. I love Alessandro too, but this notion that Gucci had absolutely no compelling product until Alessandro was promoted is just nonsense. If people had actually tried on the clothes you would have discovered that much of what was in store was great stuff then too. The product may have lacked the photogenic magic of AM but it was still great everyday wear for the customer. In fact, A lot of his work is updating or reimagining styles that Gucci has done for years.

    Yes, Alessandro is doing things I live and I am excited to buy. But the brand also had merit before.

    Comsidering he led accessories design before complete control any bag you buy would technically be under his direction anyway.

    People love to just jump on any trendy bandwagon without any regard for historical reference. If you are true fashionista then you should be objective visit different stores try on product and form your own opinions as opposed to waiting for the popular opinion to determine your mind.