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  • kindled

    I really like these. Pretty much all of them, I wouldn’t mind having.

  • Spencer

    How much for the box bags? I’m drooling at all of them..

    • I’m asking with Gucci to see what they say. Not sure if they have prices yet, but once they do, you all will be the first to know!

    • I just checked with Gucci and they do not know prices yet. Once they do, I will let you know!

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  • Stephanie

    Every bag is flawless

  • Vicky

    I love them all, which is very unusual coz normally, I percieve Gucci as a very tacky brand. :)

  • Rashmi

    gorgeous bags, you’re so right on the money Amanda! Exquisite!!

  • louch

    OMG … Gucci bags I actually like – no make that LOVE – without all the tassel, tacky hardware junk all over them. These are amazing.

  • Jzq

    Beautiful AND understated. I can’t wait to get one.

  • Very-very stylish and pretty. Only the prints are a bit less, but the solids are fantastic.

  • Sarah

    I never thought I’d actually want a Gucci bag…these have changed my mind!

  • ellavanwainwright

    I like them too, but kind of derivative, right? I see a Trim, a Constance (complete with the visible seams or whatever they are called), and a Birkin . . .

  • electra007

    First time to want Gucci Bag , Love them allll!!!!!!!! Leather looks very good quality to .

  • watchesandmore

    Very Clean and Beautiful

  • Angela

    ‘love love love the bags! Looks like I will finally buy myself a Gucci bag.
    Need to correct: ‘doesn’t try to (too) hard or reach too far, and it does a lot of thinks (things) exactly right.’ ‘Must be the spell check. ‘Hate that too.

  • fifi

    Does anyone know the date in the fall the bags will be available in store?


  • Venessa

    I am in love with this collection. Can’t wait to see them in the stores?

  • Saymama

    Oooh Gucci, oooh yummmy!!! LoooVE the structured box bag in that yummy yellow. Is Gucci really about to make me salivate? Incroyable!

  • Yumi

    “Wow” after “wow” after “wow”! Each bag has simple, clean lines, and solid colors with durable-looking yummy leather. I want the beige hobo… can’t wait! Hope it’s not too expensive.

  • kellygirl

    I have a question/concern about the beautiful runway metallic eggplant Bambo tote with the black handles. I noticed that the handles had thin cracks on each handle on all sides. I spoke with Gucci and they stated that this was compleaty normal due to the way they have to manipulate the bambo. It is part of the process. The person that I spoke with over the phone after I sent photos said that all of the handbags with bamboo handles had these fine lines/crackes. Has anyone had a problem with their bags. I’m a LV girl but saw this handbag in Harpers Bazaar magazine, called them and had it sent. Thanks for listening. Hope to hear back from someone who is more familiar with the brand.

  • Cassandra Smith

    I like the texture and shape! GUCCI is simply classy!