Gucci Floral Horsebit Hobo

I am oddly drawn to this bag. Do I need to be smacked across the face with a dead fish? The Gucci Horsebit Hobo is a stunning bag (I own it in tobacco leather) and this version is different to say the least. The horsebit chain detailing remains on the top of the Gucci Floral Horsebit Hobo and there is blue and red embroidered canvas to add a certain touch. I am well-aware of the fact that this would not be an everyday bag, but wouldn’t it be really fun with some outfits? And face it, if you are a handbag collector, you have an array of handbags to switch around so it is not totally crazy. Right now it is marked down a ton, and I keep looking at it wondering if I should go go for it.

On sale at Gucci for $1379 (marked down from $3450).

So, should I do it?? :wink:

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  • April

    :wink: Do you have matching colors in closet? I’m a big brown/black/white fan, but if I had splashes of red I would Go for it. Love the price, plus when it’s gone you will be sad. Red ballet flats would look hot with this bag.

  • Joan

    what’s one more?

  • tater03

    Yes, it would be nice if you had the outfit that the purse would go with. Me I don’t care for the color red but it is a nice bag.

  • Eunice

    Go for it! (: I mean, you only live once right? :wink:

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of the colors, but the floral pattern is gorgeous…

  • Lily

    Absoloutely not!Hahah i love it aswell,its a fabulous bag!

    I am actually contemplating to buy either this one or Burberry Beaton bag……………………..

  • VANmiracle

    OH YES – go for it! I love the colors! The florals are so great. If I had the chance in Europe for that price, it would be with me allready.

  • sandy

    i was just looking at the same bag!
    it’s beautiful!!!!
    if you have the money go for it!

  • Otter

    I say no — don’t do it. You will grow bored with it quickly. I follow my Mom’s advice on these matters — if you wouldn’t buy it full price, you shouldn’t buy it on sale.

  • suzannah

    absolutely not-that bag is sooo 90′ :roll:

  • ELW

    The bag is nice, BUT the pattern is that of an old woman. Probably smells like powder. Yuck.

  • Alina

    I agree the bag is nice but the pattern is something i would see my grandma with. Also to use this bag you have to have something that matches it or else it doesn’t look right! If i got this bag i wouldnt use it that much, so it would be a waste of my money!!!!!! :???:

  • Gucci Blog

    Great bag, but the pattern is that of for old woman.
    Good design!
    Gucci Blog

  • SqueakyWheel

    me like. me like a lot.

  • Renee

    Does this bag also come in a Maroon/Mahonghany color? If so, where can I find one?


  • lizurds

    i love the pattern. I am thinking in a bright pink and green color though! :) i’m a hippie at heart…