I must admit I’m a Gucci fan. Gucci was a name I knew growing up, and then became much more known to me with time and my love of fashion. Lucky for all of us, the Gucci Cruise 2006 Handbags are out. There are a few bags that drawn me in, but many play it safe. Sometimes simple and safe is good. But why don’t you all be the judge of this new Gucci line.

Gucci Small Shoulder Bag

The Gucci Small Shoulder Bag reminds me of Botkier with the slanted front pockets. The bag is simple and different for Gucci. The bag looks a bit rockerish with its red leather and blue and red signature web detailing throughout. The dimensions are 11¾”H X 6″L X 4¼”W. A little off the usual designs of Gucci, this bag is sure to add some crusin’ fun for $1250 via Saks (pre-order).

Gucci Medium Tote

Next we have the Gucci Medium Tote. Made of black leather and adding a little color with the green and red web detailing, the bag actually reminds me a little more of Christmas than anything else. The tote has more height than width; exact measurements are 10¼”H X 12½”L X 4¾”W. For any of you black bag lovers, this bag may be just right with a little bit of color and a lot of class. Pre-order via Saks for $1095.

Gucci Medium Hobo

Showing off a little American pride is the Gucci Medium Hobo. I could definitely see myself using this bag when I go to the Hampton’s and Cape Cod this spring. It may be a little too much red white and blue for you, but with most of the color being dark blue on the main part of the bag, I think this bag is preppy cute. Dimensions:15¾”H X 9½”L X 2″W. Pre-order this patriotic bag through Saks for $1095.

Gucci Medium Animal Print Hobo1

I’m realizing that the names of these bags are not at all original- which makes it hard to differentiate between one and the other. The other Gucci Medium Hobo is in an animal stripe pattern which is designed from brown and white pony hair with brown leather trim. This bag is a little more daring. Size: 15¾”H X 9½”L X 2″W. For the ferocious price of $1490 via Saks pre-order, this bag can be yours.

Gucci Medium Horsebit Print Hobo

And there is yet another Gucci Medium Hobo, which is a bit different than the two mentioned above. This hobo has a pattern, but it is not the typical Gucci logo pattern we all know. The horsebit is huge for Gucci this year, and this hobo is in light blue senna horsebit fabric trimmed in brown leather with bamboo details on the front. I actually think this bag is cute, but the price is not fully justifiable to me. Available through pre-order at Saks for $1395.

Gucci Medium Boston Bag

The Boston Bag has been a hit for Gucci. Many A-listers and other fabulous females, like many of you, have lusted and owned a Gucci Boston Bag. The 2006 Cruise Collection Gucci Medium Boston Bag is simple and cute with white senna horsebit fabric with brown leather trim. There is also bamboo detailing by the straps and zipper which add a little more sunny fun. Measuring 11¾”H X 8″L X 4¾”W, this bag can be pre-ordered for $1490 through Saks.

Gucci Medium White Leather Tote

Now this is what I am talking about! A beautiful white leather tote with a beautiful accenting scarf. The Gucci Medium Tote is made of the softest white leather and has a horsebit scarf that weaves through golden rings along the top. Chic and preppy, this bag measures 16″H X 12¼”L X 5½”W. I want to pre-ordering this beauty for $1750 via Saks.

Gucci Medium Shoulder Bag

Now we have found the Gucci logo and the shape and overall feeling of this bag I love. Adding a special touch is the size and detail on this bag. The Gucci Medium Shoulder Bag shows off the beige/ebony GG fabric with beautiful brown leather braided handles and gold metal horsebit detail on the front of the bag under the shoulder straps. Sizing up at 6¾”H X 4¾”L X 1½”W this bag is sure to be a hit for many of you Gucci lovers out there. Pre-order this beauty via Saks for $1300.

Gucci Evening Bag

And lastly, the 2006 Cruise Collection would not be complete without some flowers in there. This is where the Gucci Evening Bag comes in handy for many of us black bag and flower lovers. This bag shows off black flora satin with an intricate crystal fly detail. This little evening bag rounds off my picks for the collection and measures 8¾”H X 4¾”L X ¾”W. If you are into elegance and flowers, get on the pre-order list through Saks for $695.

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