Gucci has quickly turned into one of my favorite brands over the past few seasons. The Swing Tote caught my attention for both the classic, clean design and functional, long double handles. Furthermore, this bag costs under $1,000, a rare feat in the premier designer handbag world.

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  • Sandy

    Nice bag…minimalist for certain. Gucci bags are always made of beautiful leather….great find!

  • tata

    Nice! love the price range!!

  • Zezza

    I just purchased this handbag last week in burnt orange …. Honestly can’t keep my eyes off it …. Textured leather is beautiful and so roomy in the larger size …. Simple and stylish ….. Great everyday handbag …. Excellent price ….

    • Happy to hear that you have this bag and love it! It’s probably one of the best deals out there right now

      • shueaddict

        OMG, Megs, this is such a great pick and I love the color. You made me reconsider Gucci lately ( I’ll make sure I’ll pay them a visit on my Easter travels )

      • :) Always here to help!

  • Guest

    Love it and the quality of the leather looks incredible, the price is (relatively) reasonable, what’s not to love?
    Great pick Megs!

  • missarewa

    I love it! gucci and fendi bags are the most underrated. while it seems fendi may be joining the other premier designers with price increases, I have noticed that gucci continues to fairly price their pieces and I respect that!

  • Courtney McAlexander

    I also have had my eye on the larger sized one, which is only $1,100. Plus it has the added detail of being bi-colored (inside is a corresponding color). I love the Navy with the pop of teal on the interior!

  • Justine

    Just purchased and received today this bag in black in the larger size, love it! I can’t upload a picture because apparently it’s too big, but I don’t think a picture could even do this bag justice!

  • Gorgeous color.

  • manasi kumar

    Which color to buy?? Kinda liking the two-toned bigger ones just coz of the novelty of two colors.

  • Ladyze

    It’s a great everyday bag! I love it. Very pleased with my purchase. Good deal as far a price!

  • LindaL

    I bought it in the 2 tone Taupe and pink larger size. Love it! I too thought the price was reasonable for a designer bag. Thanks to Gucci, I really think this one is a winner!


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  • EileenRosales

    Hi, I read your blog. You have outstanding Gucci Swing Leather Tote. This is my favorite color and brand. It has classic design . long double handles. I really like this bag. I known about one more website just review Thanks :)

  • Tulips

    May I know how much it (the larger size) costs in Singapore?

    • Renee

      Did you not read the article?

  • Renee

    Apparently raised their prices already. Small is now 1,100,
    Larger is 1350.00
    Still a decent price but this is the same thing LV does

  • Cassandra Smith

    Gah! I could cry right now. The handle length of this GUCCI tote is just perfect!

  • Jessi

    Love the blog. This Gucci reminded me of a new designer tote on the block –