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  • Sandy

    I adore this bag. I have the medium and am considering the mini… The other thing that I really appreciate with Givenchy is the fact that their mini bags are even useful…they actual hold a reasonable amount.

    • Sofia

      So true. I can carry a lot in my mini antigona

    • deebee

      The medium is on sale 40% off at Barney’s right now. Not bad: http://designerbags.me/item/bn-p-bdJnAiaaiybsYaaadigTV2b9IN/python-medium-pandora-box-givenchy

    • Carmen_Marry

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    • DesignerBags

      The croc leather is a bit overpriced though, even on sale at Barneys recently.


  • Aoedele

    Love the shape and color of that bag. May I add that I can’t get enough of North? She is just too cute.

  • Carn Waxler

    I’m really disappointed to see the Kardashians here. I thought this blog had higher standards…could we please make the rest of the summer a Kardashian-free zone??

    • I Wish

      That ship has sailed unfortunately

    • Soraya

      It’s purseblog… The family is constantly photographed and has a heavy rotation of interesting bags.. Simmer habibi

    • Mya Wilkes

      Yawn! Don’t ya’ll get tired of complaining??!!! Enjoy the bags and keep it moving.

  • Amazona

    Oh. You can get enough. Really. I’m starting to care less and less about the bags these “celebrities” (used in the widest form possible here) carry. I wouldn’t mind not seeing another Kardashian on PB for a looong time. (Caitlyn Jenner on the other hand – her bag choices would be very interesting to see. At least a few of them – overexposure usually isn’t called for but she’s a new face to the ladies’ bag scene and anything over the Kardashian klan.)

    • Carn Waxler

      Yes, exactly. “Can’t get enough” — ugh. Everyone I know has had enough to last them 10,000 lifetimes. How about taking a break from showcasing shallow, crass, vapid celebrities with no redeeming value beyond the cash in their wallet and showing instead women of substance and the interesting bags THEY carry?

    • Sofia

      I would love to see Caitlyn Jenners bag selections! What a fabulous idea!

      Seeing celebrities with bags is also uninteresting because you know they either get their bags for free, or they get paid by designers to carry them (with the exception of Hermes)

    • We try to balance celebrity coverage in general because covering anyone to the exclusion of others doesn’t just get old for you guys, but it gets old for us, too. Although some people have strong negative feelings about the Kardashians, though, interest in them is extremely high–more people have looked at “The Many Bags of Kim Kardashian” than any other post we’ve put up in our 10 years in business. We try to look carefully at what attracts readers and gets them excited, and in a lot of cases, that means polarizing celebrities.

      We’ll absolutely be looking for Caitlyn Jenner’s bag picks, though–that, I can promise you.

      • emily

        Exactly, people complain about media outlets talking about them but don’t ever consider that the public is the one clicking and commenting on those articles generating traffic and views.

    • emily

      If you’re so sick of them then maybe don’t click on it next time.

  • VivianASparks

    nowRead this purseblog… Here’s a Blog


  • Dylan Propst

    Instead of wasting energy being angry over coverage of the Kardashians, why don’t you just accept the fact that this is PurseBlog. The family carries a huge array of bags. Get over it. If you don’t like seeing them covered, you don’t have to read the blog. I really don’t think TPB will stop covering them just because a few people are upset.

    • emily

      Ugh could not agree more, they’re the only ones making it about the Kardashians while Purseblog is making it about the purses they carry. It is beyond childish, if you don’t like seeing stuff about them simply don’t click on the article it’s not that hard. And first and foremost get over it.

  • Aoedele

    This is a purseblog and the K’s have vast collections and access to the best. I can’t get enough of them here, imagine what they have in their closets we haven’t see?

  • shirin

    I have been wearing my pandora mini every day since I bought it a few months back. It’s such a room and versatile bag. It also matches great with my style. Every time I switch from this bag, I find myself going right back to it.

  • QueenPosh .

    I have the Givenchy Pandora Medium in black which i love, but if i could get my hands on a grey mini one like Kim Kardashian’s, i would be a very happy lady. It looks like it could fit a decent amount of stuff inside without being a pain to carry all day.