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  • Sandra

    I am such a fan of the Antigona, Lucrezia, Pandora, and Nightingale. The purple suede Antigona is amazing. I cannot say that any of the other styles are that appealing to me, although the black leather square bag, slouchy, with a shoulder strap is interesting.

    • shueaddict

      I just saw the new Obsedia bag (in a lovely neutral cream ) and I fell in love instantly. You’re the Givenchy girl, what do you think? I am sorry I did not get the Antigona, by now I have seen it on far too many people.

  • kindled

    dang, that brown wristlet is surprisingly covetable.

  • Regina George

    Amazing things would have happened if Alexander Wang had gone to work for Givenchy instead Balenciaga. His aesthetic is far more aligned with Givenchy’s look

    • KimKim

      Dear god no.

    • Nathalie

      As Samantha used to say No no no no no no no no no no no No.

    • sophie

      Yeah no way.. Balenciaga is in slumps now nearly

  • Cara M

    That purple is just stunning

  • WhosThatBag

    Clean. Wearable. Intriguing. Yes, please!

  • Maya

    I like this new shape!! Givenchy being my ultimate favourite when it comes to bags, it should be on my shopping list shortly!!
    No no no no…Ricardo Tisci is doing a fine job at Givenchy, leave him there :))

  • Abbi

    I wish they would replace the HDG with just givenchy. I like the look of the shape but HDG keeps putting me off it…

  • Givenchy is my number one for handbags overall right now… everything is so lovely & unique but understated. What is the style called that has the top handle & zipper flap closure? So dreamy!

  • Alicia Lee

    How very utilitarian, dull

  • Hardware on the wristlet looks my spike collar. Scary. (Woof!)

  • Marth

    Very uninspiring. I do not like the re-design of the Pandora, which eliminated the interesting slouchy felxibility of the bag.