One pandemic, a few random human catastrophes and ten years down the road, I think we’ve reached a point where I can safely declare that the Givenchy Antigona has its own cult. You either love it or hate it, because it’s actually quite difficult to just meh at it. The Antigona is here to stay whether my mom likes it or not. Spoiler alert: she doesn’t, and mostly because she thinks it looks way too much like a doctor’s bag, which is ironic because she actually is a doctor.

Well, Givenchy apparently, suddenly, telepathically and miraculously heard my mom’s prayers and decided that our beloved Antigona needed a makeover. What resulted is the Givenchy Antigona Soft, unveiled as part of the house’s pre-fall 2020 collection, amidst a decidedly inconvenient global stagnation that hasn’t allowed celebrities to flaunt theirs just yet. No wonder it has remained relatively under-the-radar, at least out and about, even though the PurseForum adores the Soft. There’s literally over 7 pages in the Antigona Soft Thread already!

So just in case you’re not willing to read through the entire thread, today I’m here to tell you why you should totally get the Antigona Soft as your ultimate fall bag. But first, a rundown of how the Soft came to be.

The Antigona derives its name from Antigone, whose name in Greek Mythology is associated with female strength and defiance of male dominance. The character of Antigone herself is a no-nonsense girl and her name literally translates to “worthy of one’s parents”. And that’s exactly the kind of aura that exudes from the Givenchy Antigona. But of course, not everybody wants a bag that screams “I’m here for business and I mean it!”. Admittedly, the very first generation of Antigonas did include a slouchy version, shown on Miranda Kerr below.

However, the coming decade produced many more severely structured Antigonas that, even in dainty mini editions with a plethora of feminine colors, didn’t look as laid back as some of us prefer. However, that is not to say that I’m not a fan of the original Antigona. In fact, as a guy, I truly adore its masculine lines and bold ambience. Especially the black shiny calfskin, which is absolutely swoon-worthy!
But the Antigona Soft truly looks like a relaxed younger sister of the original: more bohemian, carefree, versatile and, in the same shiny black calfskin, is strangely reminiscent of Batman.

See what I mean?

So why should you get the Soft right now? Well I could probably list hundreds of reasons for you, but for now, let’s just stick with the few below. I’m sure soon after the pandemic resolves, the stars will showcase plenty more reasons to snag our very own Softs.

1. In its respective price category, the Soft has got a lot of leather. And I mean, a lot. With the small size in solid leather starting at $1,950 to the large size priced at $2,650, you’ll be getting a ton of luxurious, soft leather at a price point lower than most of its counterparts. It’s like owning a buttery Bottega at the price of a Givenchy!

2. With its highly unconventional shape it’s not easily identifiable as a splashy-logo luxury brand for those of us looking for a more understated everyday bag. At the same time, true aficionados will know its value, and you’ll undoubtedly garner a lot of admiration (or maybe envious glances?) from them.

3. Speaking of daily use, did I tell you how perfect the Soft is to be your daily workhorse? Because it is. My favorite version is this stunning striped leather version in the large size because I think the oversized look suits the stripes best.

Plus, you can fasten the tongues on the side to create a more Satchel-like look, which is also a great idea when you don’t have to lug your entire existence with you. Although I’ll admit I really like the idea of the tongues flailing about as I stroll briskly off to college. It’s just the perfect picture of artistic disarray.

4. The large size is 20.5 inches wide, and the medium 17.5 inches, making both perfect to hold a 15” laptop. With two small pockets for your cards and various paraphernalia, it still leaves enough space for the miscellaneous flotsam that we all generally carry for our respective babies/gyms/workplaces. To top it off, its shape (and the fastening option) allows a smooth transition from day to night as well—a true win-win!

5. The shape is extremely gender-neutral, and I can’t stop dreaming about the day I’ll own the striped version because it’s just the perfect blend of sporty chic and relaxed formal. Please don’t mind the fan-girling, you guys do it too.

6. Unlike the earlier renditions of the Antigona, this one comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, allowing you to carry it crossbody as well—and that’s a perk I believe should absolutely be a staple for your work bag.

7. Finally, and I couldn’t have ended this list without saying this, both the Small and the Medium come in croc-embossed calfskin. Nordstrom’s stunning black croc Medium Soft especially has me drooling over it.

So there you go, the Givenchy Antigona Soft in all its glory. Honestly, I have reasons enough to run to Givenchy and purchase the Soft in Large (except I don’t have the money). And Givenchy has truly gone wild with the Soft, offering it in hoards of different textures from calfskin and canvas to wool, tweed and crochet, that you really don’t have any reason to possibly not buy it, even if you already own the original. Unless of course you’re broke like me, then we can weep together.

Also, Matthew Williams’ Spring 2021 collection brings an Antigona Soft with a chunky logo padlock replacing the Givenchy logo, and I feel that’s a welcoming bit of hardware to this gorgeous all-leather body.

So, fashion-forward guys and girls alike, dig into the Antigona Soft (and if you’re getting the black, don’t forget to quietly and passionately whisper “I’m Batman!” to the SA. It’ll surely freak them out!). Because just like the other Batman bag I couldn’t stop lusting after, the croc-embossed Celine Phantom Luggage Tote in Black, this one may not last in stock for long either. And Megs too was considering purchasing the Soft last April, so I think this should serve as reason enough for all of us Ant-lovers to indulge right now!

Shop the Givenchy Antigona Soft via Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom


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