As I mentioned earlier this week, we’ve partnered with Zara Terez to bring an entire week of great giveaways. That’s right, each day there is a new handbag up for grabs. Originally this giveaway was just for NYC residents since it involved a scavenger hunt around the city. However, Zara and her team reached out to us and will be giving away those same bags to a different PurseBlog follower each day. Sounds pretty awesome huh? Well better yet, all you have to do is follow ZaraTerez and PurseBlog on Twitter and each day post a comment as to why you’d like to win the bag of the day.

In order to peak interest, Zara or someone for her team will be stopping by this post and offering up the same scavenger hunt hints they are promoting in NYC here. Even if you aren’t in NYC it will be a fun way to feel involved. Stay tuned since there are only 2 more days to go!

Good Luck!

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  • B’squared PR


    CLUE #1: This street is famous for its comedy clubs, music venues, and boutiques of all kinds, a place where pizza lovers would go to unwind.

  • Lauren Slotkoff

    I would give anything to be in NYC looking for some ZT!

  • B’squared PR

    CLUE #2: Back in the ’90’s a place moved onto this street, a place where chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet all meet.

  • B’squared PR

    CLUE #3: Diagonally across from the most delicious cupcakes you can find around, you can wear your bag while on the monkey bars on this playground.

  • B’squared PR

    Zara Terez has a winner…the Bleecker has been found on Bleecker St at the park across from Magnolia Bakery!! One more bag to be given away, check back at noon tomorrow for more hints to find the bag in NYC. And comment @zaraterez or @purseblog to still win today’s bag.

    Thanks for playing and GOOD LUCK!

  • Sofia Nolan

    When I think of Zara, one word comes running through my mind – cheap!

  • Joan Hill

    Dear Shannon:

    While not a fan of Bird handbags, this Zara bag looks very similar to the one night stand that you have written about time and time again. I am disappointed to see that you would promote this Zara bag. In my opinion, this type of thing lessens your credibility.

    Joan Hill

  • LDJ

    Awww man, I’m no longer on twitter and I was following PB too. Anyhoo, good luck to all who enters.

  • B’squared PR

    Follow this clue and the ones to follow to find the Zara Terez bag pictured in this post!!

    Clue #1: In New York City there are many famous landmarks, but almost nothing on the island compares to its most famous park

  • B’squared PR

    Clue#2: Kevin McCallister made this place his home (alone) in 1992, if you find where he was causing mischeif then we might have something special for you!

  • B’squared PR

    Clue #3: Right in front of this very building there will be no shortage of water in the air, and if you’re looking for the hottest Zara Terez bag it will be right there!

  • B’squared PR

    We have a winner!! Our first guy that he picked up for a gal! Congratulations to Tom!! Comment on @zaraterez or @purseblog for one last chance to win the Central Park South style!!

    Thanks for playing and visit for more fabulous styles from the NYC-based designer!

  • Lisa s

    I follow both on twitter Ldstarr18 would love to win today’s bag!

  • Jocelyn

    Aw, I wish I could participate. (fb)

  • AdrienneC

    following on Twitter

  • AdrienneC

    followingon Facebook of course!

  • AdrienneC

    i’ld love to win – because I need a new bag! Mine is . . well, it’s not even abag anymore , its a RAG!

  • Nata

    So, was there a winner among the people who commented? There was no follow-up on Twitter as far I know. Will there be a giveaway to commenters?

  • Alia Bustamante

    I NEED, I WANT a Zara Terez Handbag, cause it’s beauty should be everywhere around the world!