Time for a seriously awesome giveaway.

PurseBlog has teamed up with the wonderful folks of Notting Hill Design of West London to give our readers the chance to win a one-of-a-kind bag. We have given away some really cool bags and accessories over the years, but this tops it all.

The bag to win this time is the actual Turquoise Python Westbourne that was worn by no other than Leighton Meester during the filming of the TV hit show Gossip Girl! It is not another bag from the running production, this is it, the very bag that has been eternalized on film in Gossip Girl. It even came to PB headquarters in a box straight from the production company!

And with only a little bit of effort and luck, it may be yours in about a month’s time…!

Retail on this beautiful exotic is £1,895 (~$2,900).

How do I win it?

1. First of all, become a fan of our Facebook fan page. Or Like it, as they now call it.

2. Tell us on our Facebook wall why it is that you’d like to win this bag. You must start the sentence with “I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because…” and tell us how much and why you would love to own this bag.

A winner will be randomly chosen from the entries, the giveaway will run until May 23rd, 11:59pm EST. Good luck!

Please also show the wonderful folks at Notting Hill Designs some love and like their Facebook page, too!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Vangie

    Love the bag! I like the color. Texture and design is really gorgeous. And I want to win this bag! Need I say more? (fb)

    • ballenina

      Oh yes! The color is just divine..

  • zaali

    Reminds me of the my mom’s bags in the late 60s (fb)…So British

    • Karin bag4bag

      Well your Mom had great taste ! Hope she kept some for you.

  • Tiff Chao

    Now this is serious! Thank you Purseblog for all these awesome giveaways!

  • faith24

    i love this shade of blue! i have so many dresses of similar shade :)

  • Elisa

    It´s like carry a piece of heaven in your hands…

  • popita

    wow! thanks for hosting this giveaway. i just recently started watching gossip girls and am addicted now :D!! good thing i have so many past seasons to rent for a marathon session :)

  • miniIcey

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because I have always wanted to find a turquoise bag but I could never find the right shade, with the right kind of leather to go with classy and feminine design at the same time. But this Westbourne Python just meets every point on my perfect bag checklist. The shape, the front pocket, the handle and the overall design are so subtle and yet stand out from the crowd. I am a fan of Gossip Girls, and I absolutely love the trend setters each actresses have brought about. Hope I can add this Westbourne into my collection, it’ll never be mistreated. =)

    • miniIcey


  • karelia

    Love it!!! (fb)

  • hari


  • An4

    is the giveaway open to non US residents?

  • Jane

    This bag is so gorgeous I love it and I love Leighton Meester! (fb)

  • Ashley Allen

    oooh gossip girl. (fb)

  • Karlyraná

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because of a few reasons! it IS beautiful and big! That’s two things I need lol. And it has history! What can be better that owning a famous bag that has had a role in a movie? All the people that touched it and so on, make it very unique. Besides that I just love it! And I would do it honor by filling it up with all my “must have” things =) Plus the color just rocks!

  • Lynn

    This is absolutely gorgeous! (fb)

  • Kiwishopper

    I love the colour and the texture!! Divine!! (fb)

  • Leticia

    Ms. Waldorf… that girl knows her stuff. <3

  • gacats

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because I have been kicking around this Earth for a very long time and want to finally win something.
    And who knows? By one month’s time, I may be near my 10,000th post on tpf and what better way to celebrate than with this lovely pop of color on my arm?

  • annabelle

    beautiful~!!! the colors is just right for summer!!! (fb)

  • Julie Stam

    I love it. I love looking at the purses when my daughters are watching the show (fb).

  • Jane

    This is so exciting I have been in love with their bags ever since your first post about their bags. I can’t believe your actually going to give one of this bags away!!!! I am so excited! Thank you for the chance to win (fb)

  • Jacqueline

    Wow amazing giveaway! Good luck everyone

  • Rachel

    Does writing on the fb wall more than once increase chances of winning? or is it one entry per person? Thanks!!!

  • bf

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design Bag because it is so beautiful. May 23rd is my 30th anniversary. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate with my wonderful husband of 30 years than knowing I won such a beautiful bag. I want to win. (fb)

  • mika

    nice color.. love it.. (fb)

  • Fiona

    I live in California. Will I qualify for this giveaway since the bag is python?

  • I love handbags!!!

    This purse is so uptown!! I like that style. It looks even better on Waldorf’s. How can I get one her to wear a NORA LOZZA bag? She will know how to work it! Any ideas?

  • samia

    Love, love it!

  • marian t

    this is a nice purse, i wonder how the winners will be picked:-) i don’t have a sad story to share, but its a nice purse and i hope i win; (fb)

  • Ashley

    DIVINE! So gorgeous- what an amazing giveaway!


  • sofia nolan

    looooove it! I was sure they were gonna end up using items from Gossip Girl for free giveaways :)

  • madz

    i want this bag… super! if it’s from notting hill it’s awesome… if it’s notting hill from gossip girl… it’s droolworthy… i love it! =) (fb)

  • Jane

    Good luck everyone! (fb)

  • Caroline

    I think this is a great contest! (fb)

  • LDJ

    Ok…though I’m no longer on twitter, I gotta remind myself to do this tonight on FB!!!! LOL, Good Luck 2 me.

  • oneb3gs

    Oh! Please pick me, pick me !

  • Jocelyn

    Excellent contest! (fb)

  • Dinky

    yummmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy bag for a would be mummy :) (FB)

  • Cinful

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because the colour is fabulous! I love the shape and texture.

  • Ronky

    Am so getting this bag!!!!! (fb)

  • maida pye

    i want to win this bag because it just looks perfect. it is my favorite color and winning it is the only chance i could have such a fabulous bag.

  • justine

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because it would go really well with the new life i have created for myself:)

  • Tegan

    I want to win this Notting Hill bag because I think it is gorgeous. I would love to own and carry this beautiful bag. I love the color I don’t have any purses in this color and the design it gorgeous. So please pick me.

  • Poonski

    I want this bag because i need it, it looks amazing gorgeous and i have to have it!

  • Alli

    Wow!!! Well beside the obvious pros to this fab addition to any girls wardrobe I personally have a specific “must have!!!-want-need-must have urge” growing on my mental must have shopping list the more i realise how my wardrobe is missing a bag to compliment it and needs the Notting Hill to help complete a well rounded range to choose between in my ongoing collection of bags. The colour has inspired a new belt and shoes to match in my mind already.. I may seem like im getting way too ahead of myself but a dream is always a nice dream to have when fashion is involved
    Peace out
    Love to Notting Hill for inspiring this creation

  • KateV

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because it is a beautiful bag, really a piece of art! And because it is an exciting piece of film history from a wonderful production like Notting Hill!

  • angelm

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because I can’t possibly get this kind of bag from this side of the world!

  • Sonya


  • ela

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because it’s look gorgeous, ellegant, and chic. And I really want to have it.

  • Kiki

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because it is one of the first designer bags that has me frothing at the mouth!! The color, the leather’s texture, the style just ooze style & sophistication!

  • Morgan

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because blue is my signature color!

  • Mary Ann Grace Dolan

    this bag is absolutely beautiful and i really like the colour and design of it, i like leather bag as well.. wish i could win this one!

  • kanika

    I really want this bag because its just “So worth it!!! Its just an amazing design from Notting Hill design…, its so glamourous and the color is just perfect – what a fantastic design.. and its on my mind since the day it caught my eye! It would be really nice to flaunt it around… would love the bag to be a part of my collection!!! I am sooo dreaming of it!

  • beth so

    I want to win to Notting Hill Design bag, the design itself is chic, and the color is vibrant, a sure fire winner that would certainly brighten up ladies in all shape, size and race! What a great way to carry it with you and see people’s faces brighten up with its color.

  • Deborah Curran

    thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful designer bag. a dream come true

  • Natalie Felhofer

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because the color is great and I do not have a blue bag. The shape is spectacular and the bag would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I would be the envy of all the ladies in the office and on FB.

  • Eilene

    I would love to win this Notting Hill Design bag as it is FABULOUS and I would love to win something!!

  • Jane

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because I need something nice for summer. I would love to win this!!! (fb)

  • Jenn

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because…it’s like no other bag I’ve ever owned or seen!

  • Julie Stam

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because I have been searching for a great turquoise or teal bag and I think this could be the one. I love the design of this bag. And the color would look great dressed up or worn with jeans. I’m also a fan of Gossip Girl; I watch it with my daughters every week. It is a beautiful bag and I really want to win it! (fb)

  • maida pye

    I want to win this notting Hill design bag because the color is perfect, don’t have one like it and the classic design fits my taste

  • Kammi

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because I am a huge fan of bags. I call myself bag-holic. Bags are fashionable and it completes me. Bags matches all of my clothes and it make it more stylish and like hollywood stars. It’s awesome

    • Melanie Buttermore

      I love purses !

  • Melanie Buttermore

    I want to win this Nottingham Hill Design bag because; I am 54 years old and would carry it everyday and market it to an older crowd. Women my age will see how cute they can look too, carrying this adorable bag(: And( I LOVE PURSES)!!

  • styleezta

    I love it! Liked purse blog on facebook and left a comment on the wall :D

  • Bagolicious

    Yuck! Don’t like it!

  • Leather Jackets Manufacturer

    I love handbags. Its really cool color and looking very beautiful I like it.

  • Pejcharat

    I want to win this Notting Hill Design bag because I NEED a turquoise python bag and I love Blair from GG, she is my style icon!

    • Pejcharat

      whoops put wrong address and now corrected it!