Our winner is My New Bag who was chosen randomly! Thank you to everyone who entered our giveaway!! :mrgreen:

The SAK Ashbury Graffiti Shopper Giveaway!We told you about The SAK pairing up with the The Nature Conservancy to auction off signed copies of the The SAK Ashbury Graffiti Shopper. Stars like Miley Cyrus and Foo Fighters signed this bag and helped the SAK raise money for the Nature Conservancy charity. Now THE SAK has given us an Ashbury Graffiti Shopper to give away to you all! Parisian born graffiti Artist Gilles Jourdan has created a beautiful 60’s inspired mural exclusively for The SAK, and in this bag it shows in visions of birds, peace signs, and names of big cities.

All you need to do to win this bag is tell which celebrity you would love an autograph from the most. Leave your answers in the comments section of this post and we will choose a winner on Friday, March 21st, at 12 PM EST. The contest will close on Friday, March 21st, at 10 AM EST.

Enjoy! And thanks to THE SAK for donating this bag!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • patricia

    Miley Cyrus because she’s an amazing singer and has such a good head on her shoulders despite being in the limelight! Plus, she’s an inspiration to young girls everywhere in a time where there aren’t many role models.

  • labag

    My two young nieces would love Miley Cyrus’s signature! I love my nieces to death-their dad is serving time for a felony and I try to spend as much time with them , taking them places, concerts and just trying to have fun with them.I could use this bag to ‘hall’ their things around when we’re out.

  • Jamie H

    Drew Barrymore- her flower-child chicness is so unique and refreshing, qualities definitely present in this bag.

  • lightblue84

    CLIVE OWEN!!!!!!!!

  • Devi Girsang

    Victoria Beckham. She’s my perfect icon of fashion, beauty, fab mommy, and adorable wife :wink:

  • Lianne

    Sarah Jessica Parker! She has her priorities in order and always looks fierce!!

  • Eponine03

    George Clooney! He’s the Cary Grant of our generation and I love that!

  • Michelle

    The ideal signature for me would be Grace Kelly, she was the epitome of style and class. However, since she is no longer living, I’d love to have Juliette Binoche’s signature. She’s completely classy and gorgeous, and avoids bad press.

  • katy

    The signature I would most like to have on my bag is Jessica Simpson! She is the one who got me into designer purses after I saw her carrying that LV MC speedy. Plus, she is a great sing and role model. :)

  • Michelle


  • Bri

    Bob Dylan

  • Diona Watson

    I would most love an autograph from Beyonce! She’s a great role model, a fashion icon, and one of few entertainers that is multi-talented. In her 20s, she has accomplished more success and beaten more adversity that many have in their entire lives. She is definitely a person to keep your eyes on for SEVERAL reasons.

  • Agota

    I would love to have it signed by Madonna- she loves her kids, has her carrier and is about to turn 50- wow, I’d like to be like her at that age.

  • Jackie

    Hanna Montana (Miley)!!!

  • Jen

    Halle Berry because she’s pure sophistication

  • kristy

    i’d have the artist, Gilles Jourdan, sign it because it’s the art that people see. the one whose head it came out of should get the attention, not the ones who wear it! plus, the design is so chic, the art is the cherry on the top!

  • TT

    I would love to have madonna: she is a style icon and trend setter.

  • Joanna

    Amy Lee! She is a talented songwriter and singer!

  • Suzanne Darais

    Beautiful bag! It’s a tough decision but I think I’ll go with Jennifer Garner.

  • Susannah

    David Ortiz aka Big Pappi. Go Sox!

  • ArmCandyLuvr

    It may sound strange, but I would want an autograph from Richard Simmons. His program saved my life, and getting to speak to him on radio was one of the most amazing moments I had ever experienced. I love that man!

  • Kelley

    I would love Katherine Heigl to autograph this bag for me. She always has the most awesome style, and carries the most amazing handbags. Plus she is just crazy gorgeous!!!!

  • Carolyn

    David Beckham

  • t

    Hugh Laurie! I’m a little obsessed w/ House!

  • Jennifer

    I would love Johnny Depp’s autograph, he is so beautiful, down to earth and a terrific actor.

  • Lauren

    Hilary Swank, I think she is a very strong individual and yet always compliments her strength with pretty, feminine, and stylish touches.

  • Sophie-Rose

    Marilyn Monroe, love her style and personality.
    she was unique.

  • Nancy

    Miley Cyrus ~

    She is in a position to be an Mentor, Role Model and Inspiration to young girls.

    The future Young Women need someone Positive to look up to.

    We have had way to many Train Wrecks and are seeing the results first hand.

  • mrshoegal

    ahh it would have to be Audrey Hepburn, soo classy.

  • valerieb

    Kelly Clarkson. She is insanely talented and a great role model for young girls.

  • ninatyra

    Jennifer Aniston for me :grin:

  • Anne

    Mariah Carey-I’ve loved her music since i was little!

  • Lydia

    Paris Hilton. She’s hot!

  • Lisseth


  • Jenn

    hugh grant — i’m such a sucker for british men. :) i love all of his movies, that accent, and that floppy hair. meow.

  • luvhautecouture

    Victoria Beckham! She is so posh! haha

    I loved reading her autobiography… we get to see her real personality!

  • Raspberry Jam

    Anne Hathaway for sure :)
    I love her style and she is a really good actor (especially in Devil Wears Prada)

  • PurseStalker

    Hmmm… I would have to go with Bill Cosby. As much as I love all the hot celebs out there (Clooney, Pitt and Matt Damon) I also love Cosby because he’s like a second dad to all of us and The Cosby Show was the greatest show ever! Nostalgia beats out hotness any day! Dr. Huxtable 4-ever!!!

  • janis

    i would want an autograph from hillary clinton, cuz i think shes wonderful

  • Lisa

    i second what janis said! hilary clinton for sure!!!! <3

  • Claudia

    Definitely George Clooney! :-)

  • lily j.

    Does Al Gore count as a celebrity? If so, I would definitely choose him!

  • Felecia

    I would love to obtain the autograph of Reese Witherspoon. She is a gifted actress.

  • lunatwinkle

    I would want one from Ayumi Hamasaki! She’s a super famous pop singer in Japan, and amazingly talented! She writes all her songs, sings all her songs, and composes some of them too! And recently, she admitted that she’s completely deaf in one of her ears, and yet she will still pursue her singing career because it’s her love! :mrgreen:

  • LucianaW

    Let me see…. actually Angelina Jolie, she is a example with mother, actress, humanity and modern. She has a style and is faithful to it.

  • anja

    Definitely Kate Hudson. She is so beautiful and carefree, and always looks so natural. She really seems like she has a good time without ending up in the tabloids for the wrong reasons.

  • schumanntra

    Tori Amos. She is the ultimate feminist with no apologies style and incredible talent.

  • Jenni

    Definitely Hilary Clinton!

  • AJC

    Reese Witherspoon – my lady-like angel-beuty inspiration ;-)

  • angela

    Miley Cyrus. Even though I’ve never met her before, she seems like a sweet, down-to-earth girl. So far, she’s been a wonderful role model for children and adolescents. She’s worked hard for her success (i.e. tv shows and music).

  • Brandy

    I’d like to have a grafitti bag signed by Paul booth, or any famous tattoo artist. :mrgreen:

  • Linda Roeder

    Oprah Winfrey because she is an example of what everyone should be – to give back to someone of need.

  • wgs

    kate hudson– she reminds me of the bag, earthy and colorful.

  • cath


  • Melissa

    Gwen Stefani!

  • my new bag

    Bob Dylan would be nice
    Reminds of the 60s, and he is the poet after all

  • louise

    I would love an autograph from Anne Hathaway- she is a fantastic role model to girls and women of all ages. Not only does she present herself immaculately at all times, speaks well but is amazingly successful in her career. Anne Hathaway is timeless without being trashy and I admire her for that! And she is only 25!

  • hawaii2484

    bill murray – he’s awesome

  • ellenwatermelon

    Would we actually get one of the autographed ones?! Cuz, I see Cyndi Lauper there! I love Cyndi! “Good enough, for you… Goonies are good enough for meeeee!!!” Or are we just naming any celebrity for fun?

  • A-T-G

    Jackie Chan! I LOVE his movies and think he kicks booty!–just like this cute bag!

  • Halona

    Angelina Jolie! I love that she uses her stardom for humanitarian efforts

  • Emily

    George Clooney: so awesome in so many ways.

  • JJ

    Angelina Jolie!
    I love her!

  • GeorgiaT

    Angelina Jolie.

  • angie

    Amy Lee! We’re both Arkansas girls!

  • melvina

    victoria beckham because she is everything

  • Jane

    This may sound crazy, but I would chose David Letterman. He is a big supporter of Nature Conservancy, and has donated a bunch of his MT land back to the Conservancy. He rarely gives interviews and never gives autographs, but I think he might for this occasion. Thanks!

  • Katy

    MARC JACOBS. I dont really know if he is counted as a celeb, but to me he is def a huge inspiration. HE has such young, raw and amazing talent. Anything from him is worth having

  • ginnyb

    british actor colin firth – – – equally yummy and elegant!

  • Cathy R

    Cyndi Lauper. I saw her perform last summer and she was every bit as fierce as she was 20 years ago. And beautiful.

  • Kat

    I would love to have an autograph from the Cohen Brothers. I love all of their movies!

  • Bunny B

    It’s gotta be KYLIE MINOGUE! I love her to death! She’s just amazing and has survived since the 80s and is still going strong!! Woot!

  • VB’s closet

    I would love to have Victoria Beckham sign my Marc Jacobs VB t-shirt. And if I could get Mr. Jacobs to also sign the shirt, I’d be over the moon.

  • lovegucci

    I would want an autograph by Natalie Portman. She is classy and beautiful… and an AWESOME actress! I like her natural, fresh beauty.

  • Erin

    Bjork. I absolutely love her.

  • KaylaAnn

    Tom Brady because he combines my three loves: fashion, sports, and men!

  • Brittania

    John Mayer- he’s my absolute favorite celeb and the bag is so rocker chic which reminds me of him for sure

  • Ana Cristina

    Leighton Meister (Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl) I just love how she plays the bitchy and sassy blair in my favorite show :razz:

  • Shawna Allen

    Bono – he’s Irish, sexy, and actively making a difference in the world!

  • MoonBunny

    Simone Legno — his Tokidoki art is amazingly fun yet stylish, and I love all the purses he’s done in collaboration with LeSportSac!

  • Ana M.

    Sarah Jessica Parker (she can sign as Carry Bradshow too :)

  • Rebecca

    As someone posted earler, I would love Katherine Heigl’s signature! I love her in all the roles that she does and I also love her fashion sense. She has some beautiful bags!

  • Katie

    I would LOVE to get an autograph of Hugh Laurie’s or Stephen Colbert’s. I’ve been a massive fan of them both for a very long time now, and they’re my two favorite comedians/actors!

  • Amanda

    Hilary Duff!

  • misswhitelily

    Morgan Freeman, he is the best actor ever!

  • Prettyfit

    I’d love for Marc Jacobs to sign on my bag!

  • Barbara Vittorelli

    I would love Jennifer Aniston to sign this bag,she seems so down to earth, and Friends is still my favorite show.

  • Anita

    I would love to get Jennifer Garner’s autograph. To me, she’s a “real” person who happens to be a celebrity. I think she’s beautiful, talented, a great wife and mother, and proves that you don’t have to be stick-thin to succeed in Hollywood. BTW, I love the Sak’s bags and I’d really love to add this one to my collection.




  • jarmom

    ***I would love to have MEGS & VLAD signatures.***

    I think this would be the perfect signature for the Sak bag…signed by the people who created…”The Purse Forum”.

  • Carol

    I would love to have Madeleine Albright’s autograph (former US Ambassador to the UN and former Secretary of State). She is a great role model for all women; smart, independent, very funny and overcame a difficult childhood.

  • Peggy

    Carole King! She made me enjoy piano lessons as a little kid, and now I’m a voice major because of her!

  • Sue

    The celebrity I would love an autograph from the most is Sarah Michelle Gellar, one of my all-time favorite actresses.

  • shopalot

    Cameron Diaz!
    I think that she’s so fun and energetic!

  • Ly

    Alicia Keys ! She’s pure talent.. very soulful …very real. I admire how she stays the way she is. You can see the passion in her craft that’s why she stays successful…and she deserves it!

  • Sisu

    Madonna – she said she wanted to rule that world and she does, even after all these years – women power!

  • Elena

    Celine Dion..great great vocal…its all coming back to me now..

  • riffraff

    Coco Chanel – A fabulous woman

  • Stephanie

    I would most like an autograph from Johnny Depp!

    He’s so dreamy, and when he’s not on-camera, he stays out of the spotlight.

  • AEILoveU

    Without a doubt it would have to be Bob Dylan. I love his music, and he is such an amazing inspiration to all singer-songwriters!

  • Lisa

    L.M. Montgomery, author of the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ series. I realize that L.M.’s death may inhibit this wish from actually be possible, but her books have been an inspiration to me since I was a little girl of 8. Her writing has always held this romantic, ethereal quality to it that has inspired me through high school and university. I will be visiting Prince Edward Island this year to celebrate Anne’s 100th publication year!

  • Tara

    I would love to have that bag autograph or not. :) If I had to choose though, I would og with Julia Roberts. she is classic and quirky-like me. :)

  • Lubna

    Sarah Jessica Parker – fabulousness walking on earth

  • Superqueen

    I would like to have an autograph from Christina Aguilera, because she’s my favourite singer and an artist I really admire.

  • Kerry

    Hilary Duff. She seems like such a cool girl and I have loved her since Lizzie McGuire. I love her funky style and she has a pretty amazing handbag collection too!

  • Anna

    Reese Witherspoon! She’s my favorite. :razz:

  • fashionistas

    Drew Barrymore. She gets more beautiful with age and I love her personality and spirit.

  • Vanessa

    Reese Witherspoons because she talented and she has a great sense of style its classic yet sleek. She seems down to earth kind of person and if I got a chance to have her as a mom I would. I really want autograph because she would be my first celebrity autograph and I would like it to be someone that show great deal of hardwork and ethusiasm. Thats what shes got and even more.

  • Erin S

    My mother would LOVE this bag, and would want to share! I’d want it autographed by Simon & Garfunkle (her faaavorites, we got to see their Reunion concert!), so I could bring a smile to her face. :mrgreen:

  • Christina

    Lisa Ling…she’s intellegent and beautiful!

  • Annie

    What a cool bag. I’m not a huge fashionista, but I was a Nature Conservancy member when I was a kid and they’ve always been a cause dear to my heart. I bet I could pull it off with a pair of hiking boots, too, hahaha.

    As for celebs? I’d love a signature from somebody chic, yet worldly and quirky. Somebody who makes an effort to do something useful for humanity. We’re talking Audrey Hepburn or Madonna, here. But I’d have to say my biggest heroine & inspiration lately has been Angelina Jolie. I love her endlessly.

  • Avrielle

    Although she’s not actually a celebrity, I would have to say Agyness Deyn. She is the best model out there right now! She has her own unique style and hasn’t changed it. She has been so successful in such a small amount of time. I think she would appreciate a bag like this, and I would love to have the autograph of someone who I really look up to for all of their success.

  • Sasha

    Jennifer Lopez because she is what I consider a good role model for women. She started from nothing and built her career, she has been through many ups and downs in her love life, but she finally found real love in Marc Anthony, and she makes money using all her talent in many different areas of business. She does all this while still remaining fashionable and never forgetting where she came from.