Charles David

I am super excited to share information about the giveaway that we are launching today. We’ve teamed up with the Buzz Girls and Charles David to bring you a really unique and amazing giveaway. While you are probably accustom to a handbag giveaway, how about a handbag, a pair of shoes and a gift bag?!

I am sure you are familiar with Charles David and the versatile shoes and handbags this brand continues to introduce. Yet, if you are wondering who the Buzz Girls are, well, let me fill you in! The Buzz Girls is a group of super influential and fashion forward women who help to determine some of the most lust-worthy products and events in the entertainment and lifestyle industry. They have the “in” on red carpet events, fashion trends and what’s hot! So, I am sure you can see why we’ve partnered up with our new friends to bring you something fabulous! So, what is up for grabs and how do you win?

Charles David Gift Bag

Starting off, as the winner, you will snag the fabulous and versatile Charles David Laurel Tote. The plum color is perfect for the Fall and just a bit of fringe accenting will keep you the trend-setter that you are. I am loving the ferocious Charles David Pompadour Satin Pumps which will not only look great with this bag, but also with so many other outfits!

Now, let’s move onto the gift bag. I’ve always wanted to win a gift bag filled to the brim with some amazing beauty items. While I can’t win this, I’ll just have to live vicariously through whoever does win! Just a few of the gift bag goodies include: Extreme Lashes by Jo Mousselli – Glide Liner (eyeliner), Kiki GlamBags – travel bags for cosmetics & toiletries, LeSportsac – Three-zipper cosmetics case, Lily Lambert – perfume fragrance oil, OPI – nail polish, and more!

How to enter: CLICK HERE head over to the photo section of the Buzz Girls, check out some of the events they’ve covered, then come back and enter the event you think looks most amazing and why in our comments section below.

Duration: This giveaway begins Monday, November 9th and ends Friday, November 20th at 5pm EST.

*Like always, only one entry per person and the winner will be selected at random once the giveaway concludes.


P.S. Please consider supporting our small, bag-loving team by clicking our links before shopping or checking out at your favorite online retailers like Amazon, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or any of the listed partners on our shop page. We truly appreciate your support!

Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Voodoo

    Oh VEGAS baby no doubt about it….food, shopping….martinis…. what could be better?

  • Jaime

    Great giveaway! The Style Event @ Kenneth Cole looked amazing…. Why?

    1. I love getting my make up done and love LORAC :)
    2. That goody bag sounds AMAZING

  • jeccica simpson

    Vegas for me!! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!! Whoohoo!!

  • Alinda Norasing

    The Buzz Girls Vegas 8.21-8.23.09! The food and cocktails look amazing. The products look wonderful as well!

  • Kayte CookWatts

    The Rooftop 11.8.07 Looks like it was tres chic! I LOVE all the photos.Nice view,pretty peeps.

  • mvtully

    Dove Summer Soirée 6.4.09 looked amazing pampering yourself poolside during the summer sounded soooooo relaxing.

  • eorchid

    The Rooftop! Love a party on the roof with a DJ spinning music. What a great vibe to showcase amazing tastemakers and products!

  • Jennifer

    I love the Kenneth Cole because Kenneth cole is my fave! And Marie Claire! Love all the goodies

  • sgw135

    The VEGAS event from 8.21.09-8.23.09 hands down looks amazing!

    First of all its VEGAS – who doesn’t love VEGAS!!!
    Seconod of all the food, the cocktails and the atmosphere look amazing, classy and sophisticated!
    The treats and goodies look fantastic and the ladies in attendance look like they are so thoroughly enjoying themselves that I just want to jump into those photos with them!!!

    VIP shopping at the Palazzo!!! That is just incredible and DVF is just my favorite!
    And to top it off private poker lessons, I seriously need those!

    All around from start to finish, this event was amazing and the photos showcase all the highlights and what a wonderful time all the attendees had.

  • Adina

    First of all, I LOVE this giveaway! Those shoes are to die for, I need to rock them even if I don’t win this contest!

    The Dove Summer Soirée at The Hollywood Roosevelt 6.4.09 looks like the most fun. Not only do I love the Dove company for their real beauty campaign, and that event just screams “summer!” to me! Goodie bags, comfy chairs, the gorgeous blue pool – what’s not to love? Definitely a place I would want to be.

  • Ruchika

    Spring Hiatus at Privé 4.29.09 sounds like a perfect event! Who has anything bad to say about a day of pampering!

  • Lovleen

    What happens in vegas stays in vegas is the usual motto but, this is one event that everyone should talk about. I love vegas and to top it with an amazing event, venue and food you can’t go wrong!

  • ravi

    The Dove Summer Soirée party seemed fabulous. I am a huge Dove supporter from the brand to the products. And I am a huge Roosevelt hotel supporter from the lounge to the rooms. So both those paired together is amazing.

  • Ruby

    The Kenneth Cole event was a very well put together event.

    • Rachel

      Hey Ruby, how was the event I was meaning to go!!

  • An4

    I really like the photos from Zune L.A. 9.16.08 album. the attention to detail and playing with color is great! but vegas looks like the most amazing event ;) I would love to go!
    thanks for another amazing giveaway!

  • RoLo

    Rooftop events are always a blast in my eyes. Great way to enjoy the weather and views.

  • herblady

    I think I would have really enjoyed the SpiritArt at Park Plaza event. I’m a quiet person more than a party gal and the subject really intrigues me. I’ve done quite a bit of reading about it and I would have found it fascinating AND amazing!

  • Jen

    The Vegas event looks amazing!

  • Debbie

    The Mommy Edition Event looked great. Mommies need love, too!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    Buzz Girls in Vegas in August sounds like it would have been the event for me! Creating our own body butter and trying them each others’ out would have been LUSH-OUS! And a Guac Lesson!!! OMG!!! DELISH!!!
    Then a Wine & Cheese Tasting Event! I’m in HEAVEN just thinking about it! Next time, please have Charles David and The Buzz Girls invite this deprived mom from Cleveland! I’ll be Checking MY MAIL!!! Thanks!

  • Paulina

    It was hard to pick, but the Creative Dinner at the BOA Steakhouse is my favorite event. Everything looks so sheek and classy. I am in LOVE with the gift bag. And I absolutely adore steak. It all looks so fabulous.

  • liloh

    vegas is ALWAYS fun.

  • megan

    Loved the gals at the Creative Dinner night, mostly because im a total foodie; and partly because of that girl from saved by the bell, and madTv. The gift bags looked amazing and the picture of the champagne bottle…perfection. Looked like that night was nothing but great conversation about style, life, and …. FOOD.

  • Sabrina

    The Buzz Girls Vegas 8.21-8.23.09

    I think the Vegas one looks most amazing because of all the food and drinks! Everything looked so yummy. Plus the pool and pampering looked like fun.

  • Gabrof

    I particularly loved the Creative Dinner event because I too LOVE food!

  • Jenny

    The Vegas event w/o question! I’m all for good food, drinks, and fun!

  • Lizzie

    The Vegas one definitely looked like the most awesome because Vegas is one of the most fun and sexy places in the world!! Also the food and atmosphere just looked so incredible!

  • Donna C.

    The The Buzz Girls Vegas 8.21-8.23.09 looked great. The food and drinks looked amazing and everybody looked so stylish.

  • zaali

    My favorite was Social Networking Style Event at Charles David 10.1.09…Why?… because each guest received the signature Buzzworthy Bag with gifts from brands such as Charles David, Lily Lambert, Sonya Dakar, Le Sportsac, Yu-Be, Jo Mousselli, and OPI.

  • SmT

    The Vegas event looks hot hot hot! I love all the little photos of party details – food, gifts, decor, and especially the shots of people conversing and checking each other out:)

  • Monica Gonzalez

    Vegas!!!!! Food, drinks, partyyyyy

  • PS

    I like the vegas trip it;s all abt eating, drinking and pampering self. I wish i was there too. :P

  • fwy

    I love Charles David shoes! Sadly, the store at the place I’m residing at pulled out a few years ago. Burke Williams 3.4.08. I always loves spa or bath & body products. The look of Burke Williams stuffs are divine.

  • Sonya

    Only one place: VEGAS!

    Honestly their saturday is something I dream of, ”
    [. . .] private cabana for AZURE Absolut [,] Saturday hosted by Mena Suvari and a poolside fashion show by Diane von Furstenberg. As they enjoyed catering by Wolfgang Puck, guests lounged in the sun with cocktails and luxurious foot and back massages.”


    I LOVE DVF jersey wrap dresses. I LOVE the pool. I LOVE Wolfy’s food.

    OMG fashion, food and sun…. why couldn’t I have been there?!?! I’ll have to continue dreaming though. :(

  • Jacqueline

    Vegas looked fabulous! The Food, Venue, and location!!! Would have been a dream to come!

  • rish

    The Dove Soiree at the Roosevelt looked like it was very relaxing and lots of pampering. Need some of that myself!

  • chuggie

    The Vegas event has the most appeal. The orange and blue colors that compliment the paintings in the background are great. The food looks so yummy too. It makes me wish I had been there.

  • anna

    Mamma Mia event sounds fabulous – i love ABBA songs and i bet it was a really fun event to attend

  • Cora

    The Vegas event looked the most fun! All those photos of the food and drinks! And of course the really fat goodie bags!!

  • leathernlace

    VEGAS!! Lots of fun to be had, and what better city to have it in?!

  • Valerie

    Burke Williams! A spa day – any day. And especially right now since I’m getting over the flu. How many reruns of the Nanny can I stand?????

  • Kara

    Vegas 8.21-8.23.09 What note to love about vegas for sexy women with martinis and fantastic shopping! Meet ya in Vegas!

  • hime

    SPRING HIATUS at PRIVE 4.29.09.. all day long beauty pampering…will not go wrong

  • Eden

    I would have to say The Rooftop looks like an absolute blast! Rooftop parties are always fabulous!

  • Kaity

    The Vegas event looked so awesome! It was my favorite because of all the pictures of delicious looking food, drinks, pretty party venues, awesome fully stuffed gift bags. Looked like a blissful time for any female.

  • Jenn

    The social networking evebt at Charles David caught my attention right away–and not just because it was first on the page! Even after reviewing all the others, I went back to the Charles David event and looked at all the photos again. Everyone is smiling and clearly having the most fun. And why wouldn’t they be! Really, what’s not to like about shopping and socializing? (I also like this event best because it contains the most handbags–as well as people of all shapes and sizes :) Thanks for reading!

  • Katie

    I have to go with the Charles David event because of all of the fabulous purses, but the Confessions of a Shopaholic one looks like fun, too!

  • Katie S.

    I love the Confessions of a Shopaholic event because I love love dinner parties, especially ones where the favors include diamonds!

  • Bag Brag

    The Charles David Laurel Tote reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Kalahari PM. Doesn’t it?

  • Evelyn

    The Burke Williams event looked fabulous! I have always wanted to go to that Salon! Nothing like pampering and enjoying yourself at an event!!! Love those robes…

  • Pammlla

    I liked the Dove summer Soiree at the Hollywood Roosevelt on 6/4/09.
    The cabanas and spa like atmosphere seemed so fun!!

  • bunnyb

    I like the event at Ivan Kane’s Cafe because the setting was really nice and the Buzzworthy Bag was awesome!! A curling iron and haircare products? Whee!

  • Alpen

    Mamma Mia! Looks pinky and delicious )))

  • Sinky

    Dove Summer Soirée 6.4.09 at the Hollywood Roosevelt looks amazing and it even sounds so cool….would have loved to be a part of that,a girl could wish :D

  • Kim

    Vegas never fails to live up to the hype. Everything seemed super amazing – the food, the drinks, the atmosphere…I wish I could have been there to witness everything firsthand.

  • bri

    Confessions of a Shopaholic looks like fun. It’s no Vegas, but the flowers and makeup looked beautiful!

  • Pigeu

    Vegas event looked amazing! Beautiful photos all together.

  • mishiem

    I loved that site! Thanks for providing us with the information about the Buzz Girls. I liked the Zune LA event.

  • Andrea

    Vegas, baby! Sun, fun, sin, betrayal…PARTY!!

  • Kelly

    The Vegas event looked most amazing for sure…..because its Vegas baby! Need I say more?!?!

  • BeBe

    The Rooftop 11.8.07 Who goesn’t love a rooftop party with great drinks & music? Very cool atmosphere & view!!!

  • Shweta

    The Vegas event (8.21.09-8.23.09) for SURE. I love the styling, while keeping in check the buzz, glamor and glitzy of the city!! Fabulous food, my fave: DVF rocking the event and “In-dul-gence”…..aaaah

  • Gloria Shin

    The Dove Summer Soiree gets my vote! There’s nothing like getting pampered poolside and the “piticure” concept is hilariously fun. Added bonus that the giveaway gift included Dove robes!

  • C. R. Harley

    The Creatives Dinner at BOA Steakhouse. Oh yeah, a networking feast! Dinning with those who have already broken into the business. This would have been a delicious way to break up the famine of a starving artist/writer life, such as myself. And I was salivating over the Couture Camcorder on the desert stray!

  • Carrie Jachimczyk

    The Mama Mia! event gets my vote! What a great show/movie. My kids and their friends walk around singing ABBA music all the time. It made so many people of all ages smile — not an easy thing to do these days.

  • NR Huang

    Definitely the roof top party in LA… very chill and relaxed :) all the events look fun but this one suits me!

  • jilly bean

    Since I am starving, the BOA event looks yummy. The Mommies event was super fun though!

  • Jen

    First, can I just say this giveaway is amazing? Let’s talk about how much I LOVE those Charles David shoes and tote!

    The Vegas event looks like it was a blast. Talk about being pampered! I am ALL for that :)

  • Heather S

    I think the Confessions of a Shopaholic event looked the most amazing! The decorations, goodies, just everything looked so FUN!

  • JenG

    My favorite was the “Benefit” photo session. It was held at a little boutique called the Benefit. It was filled with a day of skincare and makeovers. It appeared to be a day of fun filled with skincare and makeup tips. And I love the handbags the ladies were carrying. And the giftbags looked amazing!

  • Jenna A

    The Creatives Dinner at BOA Steakhouse!

    Everything looked beautiful–especially the small details! I can’t imagine what it was like to be in a room of such successful, talented, and creative women! Is there anything better than a dinner party with great food and great coversation!? It looked perfect!

  • bindc

    Oh, the Vegas Event for sure. The city, the hotel, the food, the pool, the gifts…all of it. It looked fantastic!!

    Love this giveaway!!!

  • SuzanneofTX

    My Favorite events, is Creative Dinner @ BOA Steakhouse. The little red boxes was surprising unique and different.
    WOW, I wish I live in, one of the city that hosts Buzz Girls events.
    Please consider Houston, as a future city to add.
    I know 2 hot venues, that would be the ideal place to host Buzz Girls Event.
    Hotel ZaZa of Houston, check of the Photo Gallery (Grapevine Room), and House of Dereon Media Center.

    I hope I’m a winner!

  • Alison

    Social Networking Style Event at Charles David is definitely an amazing event because it combines so many things in my day to day life. I work with online social media and am a huge Charles David fan!! This event is influential to most all women I know because we all have some sort of social networking (Facebook, LinkedIN, twitter, etc) and all have SHOES and who do we love.. CHARLES DAVID!!

  • My @ tha Hotness

    I am gonna say that the Charles David networking events was the HOTTEST! Why…because I am a show fanatic and who wouldn’t love to be surrounded by shoes. ;)

  • Maegen

    Vegas! because it’s Vegas and I LOVE Vegas!

  • Destiny

    I found the “Mommy Event with Sketchers” most interesting…not only do I love Sketchers shoes, but, I’m most definitely down for any event that also has a focus on health (especially since I’m still trying to lose baby weight) and having something that your kids can participate in as well. Everyone is able to have fun!

  • Lorryn

    Mama Mia event looked amazing with all the pink and purple shades! Loved that each person looked like they were having a fabulous time! Looked like sooo much fun!!!

  • dymphna

    vegas…becuase it’s vegas!!!! What is more fun and exciting?

  • esther

    Burke Williams!! :) it’s the ultimate relaxing, pampering heaven a girl can ask for!!

  • Shawna

    Mama Mia – looks fun and reminds me of my mom.

  • Kat

    Hi there and Buzz Girls! Thank you for sharing your blessings and fabulous-ness to all of your readers.

    And so Vegas, it seems, wins hands down…and I’m voting in. The Las Vegas event has that amazing mix of girl fun, great people, luxurious venues, and exciting activities! Browsing the 300 + photos at the site, I could almost feel the beat and heat of a Vegas party! Very, very exciting, especially for someone currently bracing for the blast of cold in Minnesota. I truly wish I were there with the Buzz girls to take in the great times!

    The Charles David and bag giveaways are big time WOW! Purple is MY color…and I’ve been dreaming so bad about a new bag like that…and being an animal print fan, those pumps would complete my fall wardrobe! Sighs and purrs.

    May the deserving girl win, everyone!

    Good night to all.

  • Naomi P

    Confessions of a Shopaholic 6.18.09- Love the location & what fun pics.

  • Ruhee

    I think the Mommy Edition with Skechers 10.14.09 was the best event. Mommies and their kiddies together is great as moms can enjoy some well deserved and guilt free TLC…Also I love Sketchers…

  • Renae

    Charles David, of course! Love, love the new line. And the heels are really comfty. Mani’s-Champagne-Hors D’Oeuvres-Shoes-Shopping…what’s not to love? Just one question, why wasn’t I invited??!!

  • Suzanne

    I love the event at Ivan Kane’s Cafe “Wa s”! The flowers were gorgeous and the venue itself was totally cool. I’m not the biggest fan of Dr. Rey, but after this party, even I would have been inclined to try his skincare line!

  • joanne

    Vegas definitely. Super fun with great shopping.

  • Emma

    Social Networking Style Event at Charles David 10.1.09

    The event looked great and everyone there looked to be having a great time. Even the servers! It appears you did a lot with the space you were given. I loved the picture at the end of the woman on the couch wearing the same shoes and dress as the model in the poster behind her. Having an event in the designers showroom is a great way to have people walking out with bags full of Charles David pieces.

  • Jean

    The Creatives Dinner at BOA Steakhouse –

    Mix of some of my favorite movie/books/drinks/food – Legally Blonde, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Martini & Rossi, and steak. My kind of life, all in one amazing evening!

  • Mel

    I would have to go with the Creatives Dinner. Everyone is there and it’s probably nice to experience the story of all the women there. I am jealous; look at all these extremely accomplished women!

  • Jane

    I must admit the Vegas trip sounded incredible. A full weekend of pampering and best of all a fashion show by DVF. It looked like all the women were having such a fun and relaxing weekend full of goodies. I must say DVF was the ultimate reason for that event winning my vote. However, if I was a mom I would have gone to the Mommy Edition Event on 4/16/09. I hope to have kids someday soon and I am always wondering how these successful women can work, be a wife, and a mom all at the same time with such success.

  • Yiling

    Confessions of a Shopaholic. My secret obsession. ’nuff said.

  • Thu Huynh

    The Las Vegas event looked awesome: amazing mix of girl fun, great people, luxurious venues, and exciting activities! I have never been to LV but looking at the pictures I could almost feel that I was actually there!

  • Patricia

    I thought the Benefit Cosmetics 5.6.08 pics looked great. Everyone looked like they were have a fantastic time. Smiling and enjoying themselves says it all. Who doesnt love Benefit cosmetics?

  • Kristy

    The Summer Soiree absolutely. Who doesn’t love a little fun in the sun!?

  • gloria

    My favorite is Confessions of a Shopaholic.
    The decorations are chic and clean, and I love that it is all about beauty and fashion. I also love that the guests received styling and mock covershoots, that sounds like so much fun!

  • Elisse Jo Goldstein-Clark

    Buzz Girls Vegas looks like it was SUCH fun! I’m SO jealous! (but in, you know, a really nice way!)

  • Talina

    I loved the The Buzz Girls Confessions of a Shopaholic…wish I could’ve been there!!

    Great Giveaway…thanks!!

  • Jennifer Cashin

    Looks like Vegas was a great event! Would have loved to be there! Wish I had your job!

  • Angelica

    Vegas baby! Who wouldn’t love to be treated like a VIP in Vegas for a couple of days!

  • Anna-Lena

    Vegas of course. It’s so fun there. I got married there too.

  • Vittoria

    I loved the “Social Networking Style Event at Charles David”…of course I love shoes but besides that (yes there is a besides that) the feel of the event seemed very classy and elegant from the photos. I wish i had been there xx

  • Ro

    “Zune L.A. 9.16.08” for me…the purple tint to the rooms was to die for!!!

  • Brocantess

    So easy. My favorite event is The Confessions of a Shopaholic event. How can anything that involves, pink, nail polish and drinks served in pink stilleto printed shot glasses be anything less than spectacular!

  • velvet

    It would be hard not pick the Vegas event because it was so far beyond a Who’s Who! Also because the details of the event itself were so thoughtfully put together – not just the big overall event but the tiny delicious details – making custom blended body butter from Canyon Ranch, for example. I’m still kind of writhing in jealousy just reading about it.

    Confessions of a Shopaholic sounds like a blast too- but for me, it’s the Buzz Girls in Vegas Baby, Vegas! :D

  • tina

    The Dove Summer Soirée @ the Roosevelt Hotel looked amazing! What could be better than a gorgeous LA day relaxing in the trendiest Hollywood hotspot after being pampered by the Dove hosts? Maybe a night of dancing at Teddy’s, named after America’s own TR, Teddy Roosevelt! ;)

    Thanks for entering me in this outrageously awesome contest!! xx

  • Taylor

    Definitely Vegas! Everyone could use a weekend away, and sounds like this one was the best ever. =)

  • Erica

    The Vegas Event at the Venetian! You can’t get anymore classy than that. With all that pampering and great food, you’ll be the happiest lady and best of all relaxed.

  • Kat

    I’m opting for the Confessions of the Shopaholic Event! I love how they made the color pink look sophisticated and posh for all ages.

  • Ktriiina

    You can’t go wrong with Mamma Mia! Aside from being one of my all time favorite movies, i love the concept behind the event and how it was themed appropriately. And the food! haha, wish i was there and could get one of their loot bags:)

  • peach

    i think the benefit cosmetics event looks like fun! very casual and laid back & nice light treats… seems like a nice casual hangout. thank you so much for the chance to win, keeping my fingers crossed!

  • mona c

    Vegas Baby! It looks like everyone had a great time, good food and drinks. Everyone was smiling, I would have been too.

  • Darcy B

    Wow I’m jealous –your anniversary event—the swag looks amazing!!!

  • Linda R

    The Buzz Girls in Vegas! Ah, the food, the food, the food-best on earth!