We have some awesome news to share with you all! Today, Purse Blog will be featured on the tv show EXTRA! If you’ve been reading up on a few of our teasers you know tomorrow, Tuesday December 9th kicks off the 12 Days of Handbag Giveaways we’ve teamed up with Luxaholics on. This giveaway is going to be so awesome that EXTRA! has decided to do a segment about it which will air today. We are more than ecstatic to be partnering with Luxaholics for this giveaway and were even more excited to hear that a segment will air on national tv! (Check your local listings for channels and times.)

Although we won’t be giving away which bag will be given away on which day, we will let you know that several amazing handbags from Linea Pelle, CC Skye, Rebecca Minkoff, Furla, and Botkier (to name just a few) will be up for grabs. Make sure to visit us every day in order to enter. Specific details will be available tomorrow. But, in order to get you wondering, a piece of tomorrow’s bag is pictured here. Intrigued? Any guesses? I will say that this handbag belongs to one of our Savvy designers. The leather is soft, gorgeous and a perfect color – especially for this time of year. We hope you are as excited about this giveaway as we are.

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  • mj


  • mj

    Oops! Hit return too fast! Congrats to you guys for national TV coverage! I know that bag too, I think! Kooba?

  • Barb

    OOHhhh I would l=LOVE to win one of these bags!!! Good Luck to All!!!

  • Cat

    This is soooooo cool!!!! Congrats!

  • lunatwinkle

    How exciting!!!

  • Reecespieces

    im watching EXTRA right now and just saw it!!

  • Linda

    Where’s the secret code?

  • Linda, starts tomorrow morning!! Come back tomorrow and you will see the code!

  • Linda


  • Tamika

    I would love to win one of these bags.

  • sophia

    i would love any of these bags fingures crossed luv ya extra

  • Carissa

    Ooh I think I know this bag! It is Kooba right?

  • Sandra

    Can’t wait one of these bags has my name all over it !!!!!!!

  • Robert

    Yea I’m a dude and I’m just trying to win one of these of my girl friend(i love her) so good luck to all and i hope i win cause she is all about purses. i just have one question to all the women……Why are you guys so thrilled about purses? I’m not trying to mean just curious.

  • Heidi

    i still don’t see the code and it is after 6am ?:(

  • breeze

    i think the giveaway is what,s up!but where is the can any one tell me.

  • breeze

    opps! imeant where,s tha code.

  • kiva.b

    where is the secret code at. but i would love to win one of the beautiful bags.

  • Code and new post is up now! It went up at 9 am EST (6 am PST), just as we said it would!!! Each bag will be up for 24 hours, so you have 24 hours to enter for each bag. You MUST re-enter for each bag that you want to win.

    Just read the rules, they are straightforward. You all will have an equal shot to win if you read the rules, enter the right code, and use a valid email address.

  • Christopher Leon-Guerrero

    Secret code is Agathe

  • Christopher Leon-Guerrero

    Have a merry Christmas and God Bless. Thank you luxaholics.com and purseblog.com for giving us the oppurtunity to win these precious and wonderful gifts this season of giving. I hope that I can win 1 of the purses for my wife, who has showed me the way of giving to all.

  • M_butterfly

    Thanks to Luxaholics and Purseblog for doing such a nice thing during these times. God bless!!

  • janis

    Yipee! I hope I win something. I will probably donate it to charity.