Louis Vuitton

A couple weeks ago we announced our fabulous giveaway partnership with Who What Wear. During the month of February you have the chance to register to win gorgeous Louis Vuitton Luggage over at Who What Wear. We knew this would be a big hit. I mean, who doesn’t love a great giveaway, especially a giveaway where you can win designer luggage? Of course we’ve received plenty of feedback mentioning how excited so many of you are. At the same time, we thought we would give you a couple chances to increase your chance to win. After you’ve registered over at Who What Wear, you can continue to enter your friends email addresses on that site. There is increase your chance number one. Now for your second chance – today, Thursday, February 19th (comments open at 9am EST Thursday, February 19th, 2009 and will close at 9am EST Friday, February 20th, 2009) and , enter a comment in the comments section below telling us why you love handbags and why you want to win! It is fun, easy and hey, if nothing else, it’s going to increase your chance to win.

**Note: You must have already registered to win the giveaway. Simply entering a comment below will not register you to win. If you haven’t already, click here to visit Who What Wear and register.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • patricia

    I love handbags because theycan make any outfit -make or break it!

    I can be wearing a pair of jeans and a tank and voila! I add my favorite designer bag of the moment and I feel so classy.
    Winning the LV PACKAGE WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE! i could possibly never spend that much at one time let alone two times.
    I am wishing for my luck cause this would be a wonderful graduation gift for my daughter and I to share this May!!!!!!

  • MissG

    Buying a new handbag makes me feel all dizzy and hyper…if you are like me you know what I mean!I love the feel,the smell,the look and matching them up with various outfits and accessories…I have NEVER won anything in my life and winning this giveaway would make my whole credit crunch signed year and the ones to come!Bring it on!x

  • Anita

    I love handbags because they’re a great way to express individuality. I love experimenting with different shapes and colors. It’s a fun way to express my personality. I would like to win the LV luggage because I think it’d would be a great addition to my collection.

  • Jen

    Need and want are 2 different things and I always WANT a new purse! You can never have enough of them and there is always something new. There is NOTHING like the smell of a new leather bag!

  • PC

    Most of my friends and family laugh at my obsession with handbags especially designer ones. I dont have a lot of them but I took the plunge with a Louis Vuitton and I LOVE it. I dont ever spend as much money on clothes and stuff as I do on my handbags LOL! For me accessories make or break a look and its definitely a lot of fun walking around town with a gorgeous bag. I pray and wish with all heart that I win this giveaway as it would be soooooooo much more than a dream come true.

  • Mrs. Y

    My husband can never understand the obsession I have with handbags, especially designer handbags. I feel naked when I don’t have a fabulous handbag on my arm! I love the impeccable craftmanship and luxurious feel of them, and nothing completes an outfit like a handbag! I love to travel and have always wanted to own a designer set of luggage, but could never invest in one. Traveling with a set of LV luggage would be fabulous!

  • Debbie

    Handbags for me are almost an art form. I love great design, and so I tend to collect the indie designer bags. There is something really sensual about beautiful leathers in rich colors. Sadly, I don’t have any really special pieces of luggage in my collection…and what would be more special than LV?!

  • Fo

    For myself, handbags are the ulitimate accessory. I just plain love them and don’t really need more but to hubby’s chagrin, I just can’t help myself. I would love to win the LV luggage, not just because I am developing a LoVe affair with LV, but so is hubby and this is something that we could both use for years to come.

  • susan

    I was looking at some old photo albums. There is one picture of me, I think I must be about 3. I’m sitting with my Grandad, I’m wearing a bunny suit, he has the ears on, and I have a purse in my hand. That says it all, I’ve always loved them! I mean, who doesn’t need a handbag to accessorize a halloween costume.

  • lilyj.

    I love handbags b/c I feel that you get a real return on your fashion investment. Unlike many articles of clothing you can wear a great handbag multiple times in the same week and, if you buy a classic, for many years. Plus, a great handbag really completes a look. The LV luggage is the same kind of timeless classic that takes whatever you are wearing to the next level.


    I love huge handbags because you can put all of your stuff into them. LV is a classic design.. never goes out of style and never goes on sale.

  • Jennifer

    I love handbags because they are a unique way for me to show my personality through accessorising my outfits. I love that you can change the entire inturpretation of an outfit by simply switching your handbag. Plus who does not love a fabulous bag to carry all there stuff in!

    I would love to win this months Louis Vuitton giveaway because a. I love Louis Vuitton, their company is the best designer of handbags ever, IMO, and b. my cat clawed up the side of my black plain rolling suitcase so I need one that is more presentable. (Trust me if I won this, my cat would not be allowed anywhere near my new LV’s!)

  • Merlinda

    Designer handbags are one of those luxuries in life that totally lifts up my spirits and makes me swoon and thank my lucky stars everytime I get to have one. And when one great handbag comes by, it is absolutely captivating.

  • kristen

    I love handbags because they complete an outfit and can offer a pop of color! I do not own a Louis yet but have been contemplating getting one so winning one would make my day! I would love to travel in style!

  • Ruth

    What can I say – Louis is the ultimate indulgence. And so rarely do I ever get to indulge. I have five children – my middle daughter has Down syndrome – my husband and I both work; all of our commitments leave us with little time or resources for true, decadent indulgence. We count our blessings every day, and we feel grateful for what we have. And The Purse Forum has afforded me a sweet escape. Winning this giveaway would be the icing on the cake!

  • lily

    once my hubby bought me my first louis for our one year anniversary (also my first designer bag) i was HOOKED!!! since i am a full time college student and mother to a 5year old…little time and money (if any) is spent on myself. it took me almost a year to save up for a botkier and now i am excited to try and win this bag!!!!

  • Laura

    I love a new bag. After you buy one, you can use it forever. It doesn’t matter if I feel fat or bloated a new bag always fits. I can wear a boring outfit, but a bag can really liven it up and pull it all together. I really would like to win this give away. I have a LV Speedy, which I love, but that is the only LV I have. I travel a lot and would love to have the luggage. I would feel just a little cooler walking through the airport sporting my LV luggage with me!

  • chuggie

    Handbags can make any outfit more special or add a great accent. Note only are they a wonderful accessory, but they are functional as well; carrying goodies for a night out, serving as a travel bag, or helping organize files for work.

    I travel a lot, so have some great luggage would be wonderful. LV luggage is so classic, it would make traveling a lot more stylish and fun!

  • luvhautecouture

    Handbags are an extension of my personal style. They can show what mood I am in, and create their own story. Handbags can make a girl feel pretty and feminine! Louis Vuitton was the first designer I became familiar with, and it would be so amazing to add these classic pieces to my collection!

  • Hope

    Purses are the cats meow of life. Whether they’re fun, sophisticated and funky purses announce that you have style and you’re damn proud of it! A fanatsic purse can instantly change my mood and how i see the world. My life would be so bland without one of my lovely purses :-)

  • Juli

    I love handbags because they make me look elegant. Most of my designer bags are in handbag and LV is my first designer handbag and I LoVe it. I wish I would win this fabulous giveaway so I could also give a LV luggage to my sister that is going to continue her study to overseas so she could travel in style ;)

  • Reta

    I love handbags because they make or break an outfit. You could have on basic jeans and a tee but with the right bag you will actually look styled. I would love to win the luggage from Louis Vuitton. I travel a lot and nothing says I have arrived like Louis Vuitton.

  • sheana

    Bags make me feel glamorous, and who can’t love that???
    This LV set would be amazing to own!! I travel A LOT…. and I mean ALOT!!!! It’s classic & timeless and would make waiting a baggage claim a whole lot more Exciting!!!!!

  • Meena

    Bags allow you to express your individuality and they are the best accesories ever! I love colors and they are the best way to add color to my wardrobe. My first designer bag was Louis Vuitton and winning this giveaway will let me add one of the best timeless classic luggages to my collection.

  • Lois

    I love handbags because they always, Always make me happy. since i follow trends and own a few vintages that i’ve borrowed from my mom and aunts, i think it would be fitting if i owned the bags that started this luxury trend, don’t you think?

  • Magda

    I love handbags because I feel it is in my gene. My whole family has always love bags: starting from my dad who love buying suitcases when traveling, my mother who has wonderful vintage collection, my sister who owns staggering number of eco-friendly bags, to my brother who is always a fashionable person. It is just the last few years that I am into luxury brands. I love the craftsmanship of beautiful bags. I keep telling myself that it is better to have one beautifully crafted bag than 5 no-name bags that I get bored easily. I own few LV and know that this is the brand that is sophisticated, classic, and everlasting at the same time. Buying a handbags has always been a pleasure for me. From the research of THE bag to the savings of the $. However due to troubled economy, I have been good with my spending. Winning this LV luggage would be a huge happiness for me and my family. I can show my dad who loves suitcases how wonderful an LV luggage is.

  • Heather

    1 part genetic disposition + 1part leather fetish… mix in a love for fashion and blatant disregard for my bank statements and VOILA!

    My love for handbags runs deep <3

  • jessica

    i love the variety of purses in the world. how they can change the feel of an outfit. they make me feel confident, when my self-esteem may be faltering. i love buying them, and then even re-discovering them after a while of non-use. my love of handbags deep. and unfortunately due to hard times i am forced to sell my beloved babies one at a time. but i know that in the future….. there will be more :-)

  • alyssa

    i love bags because they are such a statement of who you are. in a way, they hold your life–they’re the one accessory you choose to contain all the things you need in a day. your constant, stylish companion. :)

  • Carlotta

    i definitely thing that a good bag can change an outfit! but, as my income is not very high, for the moment i’ll have to pass with low-cost bags…
    as for those LV bags in the give away…they would be perfect or me next year, as I am moving to Paris and i’ll need an special stylish complement for the city of Glamour!
    Congrats or the site, you’ve made me discover some designers i didn’t know and that i really love!

  • Mrsshoegal

    I love to display my unique style with my handbags! I love to find newer designers and carry their bags. I love that a great purse can make an inexpensive outfit look rich!

    I am sure we would all love to win the LV luggage I mean who wouldn’t, I REALLy want to win it because all my luggage was last 2 years ago on our honeymoon we never received it back and we lost so much. :(

  • Alishia

    I really love handbags to end the expression of what you’re wearing. It can highlight other garments, or really play them down. Some bags are fun to experiement with, and think outside the box, and some are more traditional and basic, but very familiar and comfortable. I always get excited when a new collection comes out; I can see what they’re thought of next – to highlight or down play the clothes I have. Heck, sometimes I even get the bag without an outfit in mind, and form it around that bag. :)

    Like others have said, sometimes it’s just the thrill of getting something new is also appealing about getting a new bag, but I have to be careful, since I want to make sure I use it and not allow it to not be used at all.

    I really want to win because my birthday is on March 1st, and I’m hoping to plan a trip for Spring break, and I NEVER plan trips anywhere for spring break. I’m determined to make this happen. I don’t have ANY luggage (since I don’t go anywhere for various reasons), and winning this luggage would go a long way.

  • Suzanne

    I love handbags because they will always fit, no matter if you feel bloated that day or just haven’t gone to the gym in a while. A handbag will never make you feel bad because it doesn’t really fit anymore, or it’s hard to button it up. Handbags are one size fits all, and the best way for me to dress up an outfit without having to resort to expensive clothes.

  • QueenMAB

    Handbags can be expensive, cheap, handmade, custom-made, handed down or couture but no matter what they’re a MUST HAVE. I never leave the house without one. Every single one of mine means something to me and taking one with me wherever I go is like going out with the friend that helped me pick it out, or my grandmother, or everyone on TPF who helped me get that special “can’t find it anywhere” designer bag!

  • Heidi

    I love to wear nice purse because it makes me feel gorgeous! Ever since I started collecting premier designer handbags, I noticed I dont shop for as much clothes as I did before. To me, I can wear the cheapest clothes .97c top from old navy and still look stunning with a Louis Vuitton Purse!

  • Leilani

    Handbags are a statement that can be added to any outfit to make you look instantly more pulled-together and fabulous! The Louis Vuitton luggage is one example of classic pieces that will never go out of style and can be passed on from generation to generation. It is a worthy investment, and even better if gifted! :)

  • janis

    Since I retired, handbags are my splurge! They make me feel special even if I am dressed in a Juicy track suit with no makeup.
    I am starting to travel a little more now and the LV luggage would make me feel like a star! This luggage is so elegant…

  • Dominic

    I love handbags because:

    1) they’re beautiful
    2) Men don’t have as many fun “toys”. haha

  • Jauw

    I love handbags because they are an essential to keep our belongings. From lipsticks to cellphones, car keys and wallets. How can we fit all of those in our pockets? do people expect us to bring a plastic bag around to haul our essential? Plus they are beautiful and great handbags are art! I deserve to win because I have never owned my own Louis Vuitton before.

  • Meghan

    I love handbags because they add a pop of color and style to any outfit, no matter how boring.

  • Vanessa

    A handbag can make or break your outfit, whether it’s big and bold or small and simple, I personally feel naked without the comfort of a chic bag. I have some designer ones I splurged on and even ones I’ve picked up for next-to-nothing at vintage shops- whatever they may be me they make me feel complete and always add a sense of reassurance to my personal style! I love purseblog! and how here you come across bags that you couldn’t even dare to imagine!
    My signature staple is my LV monogram speedy bag, I always felt like it is such a classic bag that will be with me forever. Louis Vuitton’s luggage is so sophisticated and well-crafted I know these pieces would last a lifetime as well. Being a busy traveling woman, the set would help me out immensely, convenient and fabulous??why not!

  • G

    I love handbags because they add a little zing to my sometimes dull wardrobe. I want to win because I love LV. Need I say more?

  • Davina

    I love handbags because they’re wearable art. I want to win because I love LV, and do not currently have any luggage pieces!

  • T

    LV is my favorite! The hubs and I ‘save up’ to get one every once in awhile. As a SAHM, I think of these little gifts as my annual pay! In this crazy economy it has been a long, long time since we’ve been able to make a purchase. This set would be incredible, the whole family can use it!

  • Cari

    I love handbags because they are so fabulous! I love everything about them-the smell and feel of leather, the sticthing, the glorious suede lining…and every little detail about them. I love to look at pictures of handbags and visit my latest obsessions at their various stores…and of course purchase them! A great handbag can completely transform any look. They just make you look and feel fabulous-even when I am in casual wear. I mean what doesn’t look good with Louis Vuitton?!?!

  • Keri

    I love handbags because they always “fit” you. And they can your outfit from something blah to something GREAT!
    I want to win because I don’t have any LV of my own.

  • Stacie

    I love handbags!!!!! They are a surefire way to put a smile on my face and you can NEVER have too many :) I don’t own a LV (yet!), but if I won, I would most definitely take my new LV luggage on my honeymoon.

  • Burberry-Lover

    I love leather luggage, especially designer luggage, because I find it so chic when I see someone carrying a Vuitton-monogramed bag!!! The elegance that I distinguish is just unexplainable!!!

  • Free

    We’re always building in life – that’s what humans do, whether it’s a tower of drama or a collection of houses. Me? I am building an empire to help make the world a better place for women, children and families through the selling of used handbags. Part of the proceeds help The GREEN Foundation, and part help entrepreneurs in developing countries. Who knew that a love for purses could do so much?


  • Jsuny

    I love quality designer bags because they not only add to an outfit, but they also are investment pieces. I have comfort knowing that any good designer bag I purchase can be passed down one day. These Louis Vuitton bags are classic and would definitely be passed down.

  • emily

    I love handbags because they’re a necessity in a girl’s life. I can put whatever I need and want in there. They can accomodate for little and big things, depending on the occasion. I want to win, b/c I don’t own an LV bag… and I can’t afford one at the moment b/c I just graduated and have to pay off student loans =(

    I hope I win! =D *crosses fingers*

  • grace

    Purse are part of how I show who I am to the world. My purse is the ultimate accessorie – functional yet a statement piece. An LV set would be fabulous – LV is a classic and trendy. It has history but it continues to evolve just like I do.

  • dave

    i love them because they are a must in day to day life and it helps make a statement on who you are. i want to win because… its free stuff-who dosnt like free stuff?

  • toni

    I love handbags….and have loved them for the last 20 years..
    Yes a handbag makes or break an outfit, but carrying certain bags makes me feel GOOD…I love getting compliments and questions about what bag I am wearing, where I got it and how lovely it is….
    I love the look of all different types of handbags, shape, sizes and colors.
    My current love is and has been Chanel, but now I am taking liking to LV’s I just got a Mini Lin Speedy and previously bought a LV coussins.. Now I am interested in all the luggage pieces, the travel pieces, etc
    This would be a great addition to my new forming LV habit…
    Hopefully I will win my first giveaway- with this set..wish me luck

  • fede

    I really don’t have any designers handbag cause i’m from argentina and here, the dollar is very expensive (1dollar = 3,5 pesos) so if i want to buy some LV, it costs me 3,5 times it’s US price!!
    So I’m sorry but if I don’t win it, I think I will have to steal it from the real winner!!! hahaha

  • Samantha

    I love handbags because they are so cute and can make any outfit better. I have been collecting LV but don’t have any pieces of luggage so this would be perfect.

  • emm

    hand bags are awesome because you can put your life in it! it’s the most important accessory ever and traveling in style is very important.

  • Anne

    I LVOE handbags because they make a statement about who you are.Your personnally ,energy and over all confidence level.Handbags give every women a abilitiy to carry with them their needs and to look fabulous while doing it .As far as getting a chance to win these fabuolous bags and luggage would be a great opportunity to own a great quilty luggage and be able to advertise and let people know what a great product LV really is unfortuntally the average american can’t afford these great bag that including myself would be a dream come true.Thank you so much for giving people the chance to win these great quilty bags.

  • theresa

    the feel of the leather… the smell,…the gorgeous colors… elegant style,…the eyes that follow you and sometimes the mystery – who made it , what is it ? fellow connoisseurs appreciating and acknowledging – with a nod, smile or a common double take. we pet them and salivate at their site and sometimes put them in shrines. but it all comes down to the basic – we are just purse lovers by heart……and as the most coveted brand of them all , who would not want a gift a million of us can only dream of owning …. yes, yes – i want that vuitton.

  • pana

    Handbags can make any outfit more special or add a great accent. Note only are they a wonderful accessory, but they are functional as well

  • NIecey

    I love everything about fashion and traveling, so put them both together like this luggage set and I’m obsessed!!!! I love purses, they are an essential to the everyday woman, and do I have to mention very stylish and chic, ha? They make a statement of who you are and what your about it’s definitely more than just a handbag. I have always wanted a luggage piece from LV, I’ll be graduating from college this summer and am planning on travel and It would be a great gift from you if i were to win these for my graduation gift and to be able to travel in style ;)

  • HPrince

    I love handbags and accessories even though I’m a guy… but it’s so practical to have everything we need everywhere we go, in the most fashionable way! Wether it’s a bag, a pouch, a diary… whatever it is, it’s always great! And as for traveling… what could be better than a LV travel set?? The only thing I can think now is… TWO!!

    Good luck everyone!

  • Heather

    Who doesn’t love handbags? One, two, or three? I’m in! I love them for their functionality, style, and the personality each one gives my look. Walking around the city with a bag you know is lovely gives you the confidence you need to make it through your day.


  • Betty

    Handbags are the accessory to every outfit, both fashionable and functional. I want to win the Louis Vuitton Luggage so that they can be the accessory to my travels. Besides they are Louis Vuitton!!!

    Good Luck everyone!!

  • MoroccanGirl

    I definitely have a handbag addiction, I’ve had for years and I am in noooooooo hurry to get rid of it !! I love love love handbags and Vuitton is one of my very favorite!! So it would make my day, my month and my year to win especially that I live in Morocco where there is not a lot of chances to participate in such things!!


    First of all there is no LV shop in my city, nor in my all COUNTRY:( My first LV was from my boyfriend, who lives more than 1000 km from my city, so always i am at airport coming to see him and I see LV luggage i so want it to match my handbag.Its a dream:) But i am student right now and i say everyday: when you finish university Suzy, you will get a job Suzy and you will buy LV LV LV Suzy :D If other girl wins this super LV set i will be happy for her:)

  • kira

    I love handbags because no matter what size I am- whether I am pregnant me, skinny me, fat me- a great bag ALWAYS works! It completes an outfit, it can add just the right amount of pizzaz and it can be totally functional. Bags are the gratest accessory. They transcend age, size, location. I would love to win a great LV piece. I know no matter where I am I will be able to use it for the rest of my life!

  • Kristin

    I totally love handbags ’cause they last a long time, stay in style for longer and always fit! I’m not too into shoes ’cause my comfort is important to me as well as the fact that I love to walk around. They don’t take up too much space and they are truly works of functional art! I want to win for obvious reasons – I could totally rock some hot luggage!

  • Kaity

    I love handbags because are great for adding character and personality to any outfit. They are also the most practical accessory as a handbag holds everything you need throughout the day in order to function and feel complete (pens, makeup, tissues, work documents etc.) I can step out of the house without a bracelet, necklace, ring etc and still function, but I have never once left the house without a handbag. I’d like to win these LV pieces because as someone who has graduated college not too long ago it’s the perfect time to explore the world…what better way to do it than with LV luggage in tow?

  • Sasha

    I love handbags for two simple reasons. First, anyone, any size can wear a handbag because handbags don’t have to fit a certain size. Clothing can express the individual’s personal taste, but things like clothes and shoes all require the owner to be a specific size in order to fit them. Things like scarves and jewelry don’t require size, but can not be worn everyday everywhere or be excessive. Handbags come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, but they are made to complement the owner not the other way around. Second, handbags are portable artwork. When a designer creates a new piece (a new bag design) and then sells it, he/ she wants the owner to display the lovely artwork. Just like a painting, handbags are displayed for others to see, but handbags take art a step further allowing the owner to complete an outfit, express his/ her unique fashion sense, and sometimes even make the piece more of their own with personalization. A bag is already stunning the way it was created, but then to add one’s own personal touch with a strap, accessories, scarf, even paint (for some) is truly divine. All this can not be said for most things in life.

  • Laura

    I love handbags because they make me feel pretty, and girlie. The bag you’re carrying says so much about yourself. It gives you a confidence and a spring in your step when you carry a bag you love. I want to win, because of every reason you can imagine. The idea of winning is a dream we have to make us feel good, actually winning….well I will tell you how that feels when I win. I think if I win, I would share my winnings with my sister and my mom. It is more exciting to spread happiness.

  • Emily

    I love handbags because they always fit. When I’m having a “fat day” and all of my pants make my butt look huge and my shirts seem to make me look nine months pregnant and OMG are my SHOES even fitting tighter!!!???, a handbag is reliable.

  • Ann

    Handbags are a girls best friend, especially when its a designer handbag! I would want to have all the luck possible to have the opportunity to carry a LV handbag that i am not able to afford, it would make me feel so classy and cute!

  • Christine T.A. V.

    I LOVE HANDBAGS, because they are beautiful, enduring examples of portable art–no joke, ladies and gents! I LOVE them, because they are essentially your personal fashion billboard–they make the public statement about your personality, sense of style and mood du jour. I also LOVE their versatility with how you can have them morning, noon and night to carry all your goods; how you can stuff them in a dash to a spontaneous weekend getaway; how you can playfully whack a disappointing (or naughty) date :-P…and the list goes on!

    I WANT TO WIN (!!!), because everything in this classy Louis Vuitton travel set are beautiful, durable carry-on-sized pieces that will make my mad dashes abroad and domestic all the easier and all the more stylish!!! I will be EVERYWHERE with them!

  • Ji

    I love handbags because they complete your look! Its amazing how great you feel carrying a great bag even when youre not looking your best. I would LOVE to winnnn because I travel a lot and I really needed a new bagggg, but just couldn’t afford.

  • va_couturegirl

    You guys rock! I’m getting ready to take a Honeymoon/ getting out of the Army vacation! I would love to have Louis Vuitton luggage to take along.

    I have always loved handbags…You always fit into them, they never make you look fat and they’re always in style!

    This is the best sight ever! I’m so glad I found you guys! Happy marriage! I’m a newlywed….marriage is awesome:)

  • Nicole

    I love the thought of a new handbag! it just makes me want to jump up and down in joy! once i buy a new handbag i take everything out of the handbag I currently use and put it into my new handbag just so I can tote it around everywhere!!

    I would love to win! seriously if i won i would scream so loud the people three blocks from me would hear it!!!

  • Jen

    A good handbag can make a plain black outfit into a rockstar look. This is why I love them. They are an even more essential accessory than shoes!

    I travel A LOT. Yet, I continue to use an old LL Bean bag to tote around my clothing and other travel necessities. Having a full set of LV luggage would be such a total luxury upgrade! I really hope you pick me!

  • Miyu

    For me, handbags are the ultimate accessory…both practical and stylish. It’s like a security blanket, holding everything i need and still providing an underlying sense of being polished.

  • Lucy

    I love handbags, I love to touch them, smell them, feel them, admire them…I’ve even been known to pet them. Winning an LV would be lovely, since I do not own one yet, but a luggage set is even more luxurious.

  • Jessica L

    I love handbags SO MUCH! Why? I love the history of a brand and because I love saving up for the perfect bag and the moment I have it in my arms I just think how great it will go with my outfits. I love to see others with handbags also because I love to tell my co wrokers the make, the name of the bag and if its real or fake.( I work at the mall, we see lots of fakes!) Every bag to me is a piece of art.

    Why would I love to win? I would love to win the Louis Vuitton Luggage from the pb and who what wear because Im a college student my luggage just quit on me! I would love the LV luggage to travel home to see my parents and friends in style!! PLUS my boyfriend of two years and I just ended it ..I think this would cheer me up!! Don’t you??

  • Johanna

    I love the fact that handbag always makes me smile!

  • Kathy M

    Handbags for me make me feel put together and stylish. I would love to win the Louis Vuitton luggage giveaway because every girl needs good quality luggage and this would be my very first set!

  • Young

    I LOVE handbags because they are AMAZING! I love oversized bags that carry a lot of my stuff and also look very stylish!! I hope I win, I’ve never had such great quality luggage bags.

  • Razorbags

    My handbag collection reminds me of my wonderful relationships of the past and present! I love them all, but I can only handle one at a time. Some of my handbags I have not seen for a while and some I see quite frequently! They all remind me of bright and special times in my life of happiness and joy and always make me smile! My handbags seem to be there when I need them, strong, durable,and never go away unlike the men in my life. My handbags always look as eager to see me as the day first day we met. My handbags don’t get jealous when I bring more home! They are always happy to go out and have a drink together without any arguments! They hold my money with care and we only spend money on things for me! As for the men in my life all things are not always consistent, but with my handbag collection I can guarantee you there is a love there that will last forever.

  • Ami

    I consider handbags to be beautiful accessories (like jewelry) and are another form of art and self-expression. I would love to own beautiful luggage as well!

  • ang

    I am graduating med school in may…and this would be a great gift for me i could NEVER afford!!

  • lisa

    I love purses! I have 2 LVs and am on the prowl for a 3rd–I’d love the opportunity to win this!

  • angela

    i love handbags because they complete outfits and a great way to express my sense of style. i want to win because i only have one louis vuitton bag. i want to expand my collection..

  • deezelg

    There are several reasons why I love handbags but the number one reason for me is because my boyfriend thinks I look sexier with nice bags. He always compliments me when I wear my horsebit and mono speedy. I would love to win the luggage because the pieces are incredible. I have begun a new job and have been traveling because of the job. I would also think my boyfriend would think I will look even sexier with the new luggage!

  • Julie

    I love handbags because they are the best fashion accessory to show off your style! (Of course in addition to carrying around all your essentials in one convenient package). I would love to win the beautiful set of LV luggage because I LOVE LV!! My current suitcases all need to be thrown out and it would be fantastic to replace them with a set I would love and cherish for a lifetime (and then hand them down to my future children or grandchildren for them to cherish!).

  • Jennifer

    Handbags make me feel like a million bucks when I’m not so happy with my appearance. No matter what your size, a good handbag is a perfect fit!!

  • schumley

    I love handbags because no matter what size you are or what you’re wearing, your arm accessory elevates any outfit. Handbags just make me feel happy when I’m carrying them.

  • wordbox

    I like bags because they always fit and are a great way to spice up a very simple outfit. There’s just something about carrying a nice bag that can just make you feel good and happy. I’d love to win because LV luggage would be amazing to haul around and I think the different pieces could be used in so many ways (and my single piece of LV — a Damier Speedy — is feeling quite lonely, haha).

  • ryan23

    louis! oui oui!!

  • Alexak

    Handbags are THE ultimate accessory. Unlike apparel, shoes, jewelry, a quality handbag will never go out of style. Handbags are the most vital addition to a wardrobe! Excellent handbags made from the finest materials, like those by Louis Vuitton, will last a lifetime. They are also the perfect heirloom that can be passed on from generation to generation. I’m very grateful that there is a product that can possess such quality workmanship and pride in being the best, always. In that case, I hope I win this fabulous set of luggage! If I don’t, cheers to the lucky person!

  • Patricia

    They make your whole outfit looks different!!!You can be with jeans and a t-shirt, if you put it a beautiful LV bag, you are going to look like the prettiest person in this earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Even if you are shoeless and Even if are ugly!!All your problems are gonne when you have a LV bag!!!!!!

  • ChristineNY

    Because there is a never ending supply of gorgeousness! Really, bags are great accessories and can perk up any outfit. And, as my friend says, “Bags never make you feel bad”.

  • Tanya

    Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated with purses/handbags. I LOVE anything that is femine and girly and there is nothing more femine than a beautiful handbag on a ladies arm. Now that I am a stay at home mom with two precious little ones I can still feel dressed up and beautiful with one of my bags on my arm even though I am in jeans and a t or in one of my VS pink outfits.
    LV luggage would make traveling with the family even more fun and exciting!!!!

  • Linda

    I love handbags because they have the power to make a look. Also, they are so sculptural, like little works of art that you can carry. I’d like to win because it would be such a kick to get an unexpected present!

  • Mei

    I LOVE handbags because they make me happy especially Louis ;)

  • Jessica

    I love handbags because of their versitility and practicality! You are able to carry one, small or large, and have the things you need in them for that specific occassion. Plus, they come in all colors of the rainbow, and in many different materials.

  • jenny

    i love handbags…its like an addiction. i can never get enough. each purse has its own style for diff occasions, styles, and looks. purses to me compliment each outfit….

  • Austin

    I love bags because I feel that they are an extension of my personality, and they put it out in the open for people to see! I would like to win because my luggage is currently black, nylon and the same as everyone else’s at the airport.

  • Lauren

    Top 10 Reasons I LOVE handbags

    10. They are beautiful
    9. I can express myself through my bag
    8. Some are like a piece of art
    7. They are useful and hold everything I need
    6. I’m addicted to trying on bags in LV and wondering where I would wear them
    5. They will last for a long time
    4. I can pass then down to my children
    3. A hot bag can make you feel sexy, like a nice pair of heels
    2. That rush when you buy a new bag
    1. They always fit, even on fat days!

    I want to win because I have never traveled. I want a really amazing excuse to get myself on a plane, even though I am scared, and go on my honeymoon. That LV luggage will make me get on that plane and take the vacation that me and my wonderful fiance deserve so much!

  • Sandy Liu

    I LOVE LV…I collect anything LV. AND I think that LV luggage has a classic timeless look to them. Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The round hat box luggage especially.

  • fong

    i’m an aspiring designer and i’m just fascinated by the architecture and the construction of handbags! I believe that they are truly works of art which is why there are polarized opinions, everyone sees a bag differently!

    I want to win this contest because working in fashion requires lots of traveling, and what better way to travel than in LV?

  • Suzanne

    I love handbags because they always fit just right! As a petite 5’1″ woman, I have to get almost all of my clothes tailored and can never just buy and wear something “off the rack” like I can with a handbag.

    I would love to win the LV luggage because the pieces are absolutely exquisite and I would have so much fun sharing them with my mom and sister! Winning the luggage set would definitely call for a girls-only vacation.

  • enigma*cr

    I just adore them. They are an essential part of anyones’ wardrobe accessory.
    LOUIS VUITTON is just beautiful and downright classy. Their luggage is my uhg
    so it would be so great to win this contest. My children and I are always on the go so the LV pieces would be used and loved with care…Thank you for the chance to win these beauties.

  • Zarka

    Why I love handbags? They are part of my jewels….As I have the perfect pair of earrings …I must have a perfect handbag to go with my dresses….The clothes can be any design and style…As long as I have the perfect jewels and the handbags, I feel that I am the queen of this planet…

  • Cassy

    I love handbags because they can last you forever. When you pay for them, you know they’re a good investment and that if you put care into them, they can last for as long as you’d like. If you buy more expensive clothes, the quality doesn’t really get any better. But when you buy a nice bag, you know the quality is better than a cheap one.

  • Tiffany

    Fashion’s a great way to express myself – I think the shyest person can express themself (perhaps their inner diva) with fantastic accent pieces. A simple black dress fit for a day at the office can sing a completely different tune with a pair of killer red Louboutins, mother of pearl Van Cleef necklace and python Lambertson Truex clutch.

    Labels aside, anyone can accessorize themselves in a unique yet classy manner, without breaking the bank, as long as they have some creativity and a vision.

    My love for handbags surrounds around the 3 P’s: Perpetual, Poetic and Play

    Classic handbags will always be used, never go out of fashion and likely not wear as quickly as your favorite knit sweater or pair of skinny jeans. You’ll never gain too much weight to wear a handbag and with the right care you’ll have them forever.

    Handbags are a form of art. It’s nice to say “I have a fab designer bag” but very few designers make it big just because of their name. It was their vision and talent that first got them where they are. Every piece produced took extensive time to create and ponder each fold, hardware choice, method of sewing, etc. To me carrying a stylish, well-made bag is like displaying art and giving props to the designer.

    Handbags are just plain fun, people. So much goes on in our lives that sucks the fun right out of them and sometimes you just need that little smile in the morning to kick your day off right. For some it’s the look on their kids’ face first thing in the morning, for others it’s scratching that lottery bingo card while drinking their coffee…hoping, there’ll be a nice prize in it for them. For me it’s a multitude of things…it’s hearing the banter of the radio personalities on the morning show on my way to work…seeing the 12 yr old brother carry the 8 yr old sister’s books to school…and, often, sneaking a peek at my gorgeous handbag midday at work when I feel like work pressures are too much and I just want to go home and curl up!!

    I’d love to win because I travel practically every weekend to see my boyfriend – over five years in a sporadically long-term relationship (sometimes we’re lucky enough to be in the same city) and a stylish set of luggage fulfilling the 3 P’s would be amazing to have on these frequent journeys. Forget the label – the quality of LV luggage is *amazing* and would last years, holding a multitude of memories with it.

    And really, even if I don’t win thanks for giving me the incentive to really sit and think about why the heck I love handbags so much. Now that I think about it – it’s not shallow in the least and *totally* makes sense!


  • Ms C.

    A great handbag makes the outfit and can be an instant mood lifter!
    I’d love to win the prize because 1) I love to travel and 2) I don’t think I can justify buying these great bags in this economy and this would be the only way I can get to enjoy these fabulous pieces.

  • Jenbot

    This giveaway is extremely generous of the hosts. To give us regular people a chance at owning a piece of luxury (esp. in this economy, yeuck)is saint-like!

    Handbags are a wonderful way to stash the ugly junk us girls have to lug around- and for us to be able to carry around our keys, wallets, phones, tampons, makeup bags and other whatnots in a beautiful Louis makes it thrilling to do so. How do men settle on just their pockets to hold all their necessities when there are beautiful purses out there?

  • bs2short

    J’adore, J’adore, J’adore handbags !!!! It acts as a splendid anchor to an outfit. It just gives the outfit that extra OOMPH!
    To win the prize is to travel with style, extra style, and not to mention class. wooweee!

  • AW

    I love handbags because they’re an extension of personal style, of self-expression. The right handbag can make a t-shirt and jeans something spectacular, or add that perfect exclamation point to an evening gown. And there’s just nothing quite like a Louis Vuitton (or 4)…

  • gad1zzz

    I love handbags because they complement my whole outfit. I love every single details and craftsmanship in designer handbags. Winning the prize will be a great addition to my collections :))))

  • Jennifer

    Men collect watches and transportation
    Women collect handbags and jewels

  • Shawna

    I love handbags for many reasons: 1) I don’t have to worry about it being the “right size” should my weight fluctuate, 2) It’s a great way to add a pop of color to a neutral outfit, 3) A handbag can reflect my style, 4) Classic handbags never go out of style and I can give my daughter a special gift that she can use (and hopefully love).

    I’d like to win the set of luggage because I’m going on my very first trip with my husband this summer. It will be our 10 year anniversary and yes, (sadly) we’ve never been on vacation (no – not even a honeymoon). We are going to Washington DC for Fourth of July and this luggage would make me smile, arrive in style, and look terrific anyplace and anytime. Thanks for the great contest.

  • Tiffany

    I love handbags because they are beautiful works of art that make a huge statement about one’s personality. I would love to win this collection because it is classy and timeless and would give me even more excuses to travel!

  • elaine

    I usually hate shopping because it’s such a pain to try to find, say, the perfect jeans. Bags, on the other hand, are like nice furniture – they always work and they last forever!

    I’ve only recently gotten into designer bags though, so I don’t have any LV yet… this would be a great start (and hey, I just broke the zipper on my current suitcase!)

  • jenn

    i love handbags because they can help define who you are! Handbags can express perhaps what your mood is at the moment…not to mention…they’re also so pretty to look at and handy to use!

  • Jippy

    I love handbags because they like people each one of them has a different look and personality. When i see people carrying them I see a little of them in their handbags. Even if 2 people carry the same handbag, they will always have their own presence. They are a great way to express yourself and your personal style.

  • Avril

    I like leather. And I especially like leather when it’s perched on my shoulder or in the crook of my arm in the form of a well-designed, aesthetically pleasing purse.

  • texas_glitterati

    I love handbags. I feel strange walking around without one at my side. My attention was turned to handbags ever since I was in high school. I have always had small feet (size 2!) so I could not be a shoe girl. Handbags are obviously what I turned to and they make an outfit. I get such a high when I have a new one and it truly is a form of expression. I don’t see it as just a handbag, I see it as a work of art, as I am sure many of you here do.

    I have not purchased any new handbags in the last year. I have not been able to travel lately either. When I do get the chance to travel though, I intend to do it in style, and what better way to travel than to have luxurious luggage? I must have them!!!!

    Thanks again for offering this opportunity to everyone :)

  • aeonat

    I love handbags because they are beautiful and irresistable! They are plain necessities, we can’t live without it, we all need a bag.. if so, why don’t we pick on that fit/reflect different part of our lives… handbags basically reflect different stages of our lives and interest. When we look back what kind of handbags we owe, it totally reflect what we have been through. Every time I find a handbag that I love, it totally excited me and give me rush.. since I find something to add to my collections.

    I must win this luxurious luggage just because I am at the stage of LV bags.. and I have never have any luggage items from LV.. but the love of LV will bring me to a different level. And winning this will bring my life to different stages ( a stage that I can travel with my LV)

  • Vicki

    I love handbags because I think they’re great for accessorizing my outfits since I tend to dress in all black most of the time. It’s also a great way to update your wardrobe. And they’re great for expressing oneself’s personal style. I would love to win the luggage set so I can travel in style!!!

  • Lisa

    please please please may i be the winner!!!!!! I would just die!

  • CVSL

    My obsession with LV started two days after I delivered my first daughter in 2003. I picked up my Multicolore Alma from the LV store the day I was discharged from the hospital and it was a ‘push’ present from my hubby. Ever since then, my love affair with bags, especially LV, grew.

    A handbag is a statement piece, a must-have accessory for all women, in my opinion, branded or not. It reflects one’s style and personality. It makes or breaks an outfit. At the same time, it is functional and useful. A well-made and timeless bag, like LVs, is something I can keep and pass on to my two daughters as vintage pieces.

    It would be a dream come true to win this fabulous prize as firstly, I have never won any contest (believe it or not!) and secondly, these are to-die-for pieces which have been on my wish list for the longest time and would definitely allow me to travel stylo mylo!!!!

  • popita

    I LOVE purses because they always love you back and make you look gorgeous even when your clothes are shrinking! Love shoes and all other accessories for the same reason :D I recently graduated from college and am just starting my first office job… as you can guess, my body is expanding due to sitting for 8-10 hours a day and grabbing lunch at the greasy cafeteria or nearby greaser food court. After 6 months of working, clothes shopping is something I no longer look forward to. But purse shopping? Always makes me happy! I think a well-made, quality bag really substantiates any outfit. Louis is something that is out of my price range for now, which is why I’m very grateful for this contest. Thanks Purse Blog and Who What Wear for making it happen!

  • LC

    Handbags are the reason for being and reason for earning my living!

    I want to win because traveling in style with free LV luggage is priceless. ;)

  • Lisa

    (my above message was cut short, damn iPhone)

    I love handbags because there is nothing like owning a fabulous bag!!!
    Come on, what can compare to the feeling of carrying the givenchy nightingale?
    My very first designer bag was the LV speedy from LV in Bev Center, and now much $ later and a growing affair with handbags I am offered the chance of a lifetime to win a dream set of luggage pieces!!!

    I would love to win so I could just hug each piece and of course actually use them. If nothing else my speedy is getting lonely ;)

  • Kelly

    I do not love every handbag. I love nice looking, good quality handbags that once I chose them, they will be able to stick with me for a very very long time without getting old and ugly, or out of date. I do not have many handbags, but those I own, they are not only bags, they are my friends who help me hide my secrets and show my personality.

    This Louis Vuitton set should be given to me because I am sure that we, the bags and myself, will have a great friendship with each other. They sure need to be treated nicely, and I sure am the one who want to give them the love that I have for bags, as they’re deserved.

  • jenna

    I love handbags because I think they are wearable art that gives me a chance to display my personality no matter what I’m wearing or where I am.

    I’d love to win so that I can use the set when I visit my family this summer. I can share the luggage with my mom, and someday pass it on to my new daughter.

  • Lucy

    I don’t quite know why I love handbags. I guess it’s the way certain ones look, feel, smell. How they make me feel, how they can be cute, funky, fun, sophisticated, chic, luxurious, and on & on. But LV signature pieces are timeless and to be able to travel with the amazing feeling of carrying LV luggage pieces that I won might just be better than the trip itself, shoot I’ll probably book vacations just to be able to use the bags. This is why I want to win.

  • Jhilmil

    A handbag doesn’t make me feel fat even when I know I’ve put on that extra 10 pounds. My favourite pair of jeans does.

    I never look at my handbag ans say “I have nothing to carry” (unlike “I have nothing to wear”)

    It doesn’t go out of fashion (at least the classics don’t)

    That’s how much I want this luggage set :)

  • Joyce

    I am an apparel merchandising major at indiana university….and i have an obsession with fashion :)

    I would LOVE to win the Louis Vuitton luggage!!!! I have been going through rough times while away at college..this would be the best present/therapy for me.

    By winning the luggage..i would probably fall even more in love with this website :D

  • merce

    The smell of new LV leather is intoxicatingly good.

  • Nikki

    There is no love like the love for a handbag. That moment when you find the perfect piece is splendid (of course next season we always inevitably find another perfect match and fall in love all over again). U can’t get it out of your mind until you have it in your posession.

    Since this contest started I can’t get my mind off of how amazing it would be to actually win!! I hope I win, but if I don’t I hope whoever does knows how fortunate they Are!

    Thank you purseblog & wwwd, u rock my world “daily”

  • Fiona

    I just love designer handbags! I can’t get enough of them, because they’re like pieces of art, waiting to be admired (and bought). Having an LV luggage collection was always my dream. I’ve always been fantasizing of boarding the plane in style, having all eyes on me (or my bags). I can’t wait to get my hands on these beauties! :)

  • Unchasa

    I love Louis vitton hanbags

  • Unchasa

    because it alway make me happy when i used it and I’m louis vitton collector so i really wanna win

  • Joan

    I absolutely love handbags!! I think that its the perfect way to express yourself. I have slowly but steadily collected Louis Vuitton bags since my pre teen years, thanks to my Mom and aunts who have shared the LVOE.

    Whenever I feel sick or depressed I rearrange and clean my bags, its been Louis Vuitton for the last 20 years with the odd Prada and Chanel here and there.

    It would be great to win anything from LV especially luggages!

  • sara

    I love handbags because they make an outfit ! i can be wearing a pair of jeans & a normal t-shirt yet still look stylish with the right handbag !! I own a couple of lvs but none of their luggage so i’d really like to win i would love to travel in style & complete the whole image

  • Mimimoto

    Designer handbags communicate confidence, fashion awareness and power amongst women (and men alike). Much more so than items of clothing, I believe designer accessories give an instant boost of self confidence and can indeed give me that glamorous feeling, even if I am clad in head-to-toe boring basics. It is a little embarrassing to admit that I need a bag to make me feel great, but hey, everyone strives to feel great in life, that is our ultimate goal–the point is, some of us look better doing it!

  • Jon

    Handbags are hotness personified. The epitome of a person’s style is classified by the bag you see them carrying around. You don’t judge a person by what clothes they wear but by what bags they carry. If you’re carrying an off-season bag, people will give you the death glare, but if you carry an in-season bag, people will want to be your best friend; they will worship the ground you walk on. The LV luggage are such bags; they are always in-season!. If I were stranded on an island and i could only pick one thing to bring with me, it would be a bag. An LV bag.

  • Lateefah

    I love handbags because they have a certain way of instantly making you feel good, evEn just looking at them makes me feel orgasmic, owning one would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
    LV for me is the premium brand and it would be a dream come true to win the package. especially because i am going through a very rough time in my life, emotionally and financially!

    I have always dreamt of an LV bag, i crave for one so much.. but can’t afford it yet! winning one would be totally unreal.

  • jennypang

    Handbags are my life. A good handbag can make my day more colorful. A good handbag can go well with everyday outfits. A good handbag can show different identities of people. Louis vuitton for me is always timeless and luxury and winning LV bags has always been a handbags collectors’ dream. Louis vuitton rocks! XOXO

  • ecem

    everyday i go to school.i use a handbag to carry my books with me.then i go shopping. i use a handbag to carry the things i bought.then i go out with my friends.i use a handbag to look good.do i need to say more about the handbags’ place in my life?i love them i adoree them and it would be the greatest thing if they were LOUIS VUÄ°TTON!!!

  • Carolina

    Handbags are like daisies to me.. love you, love you not…
    L is for the way they look at me (lots of them call my name..)
    O is for the only one I see (but then in the end I go for one…)
    V is very very extraordinary (buttery leather, yummy colours..)
    E is even more than everything that I can adore…

    Handbags are just extensions of who we are, as women, like flowers are just an extension of the love that Mama Nature has donated to us. Small streamers, big colourful balloons, bags are friends that our hands can hold tight, travel companions whom we can lean our head on, they keep our secrets and tricks, they protect us as a shield and comfort our guilty souls. Either full and messy as a college closet or tidy and little as a queen’s miniaudere they are just a reflection of who we are.
    Because in the end, a woman is not just a person, it’s not just a term…it’s an entire new, yet fully undiscovered, beautiful world.

    I guess I’m so crazy about bags that I write poems about them.. I def should win :)

    thanks to Joss Stone for the inspiration..

  • sophie-rose

    I will never in a million years be able to afford such amazing Louis Vuitton Luggage.

    I love admiring luxe disigner bags, but just don’t have the cash to own them myself, I don not come from a rich back-ground, I just admire designer bags from afar.
    I’ve been really lucky as my brother was nice enough (and drunk enough!) to buy me a gucci belt bag on sale a few years ago in London.
    I love and treasure my gucci belt bag, and would be hounered to own this amazing set of Louis Vuitton Luggage.
    I think I’ll be terrified to use it for the first year but would put them out on display for all my friends to oooh and aaaah over….
    my ohhs and aaahs will be loudest and proudest!!!
    thanks for this amazing opportunity to own something so amazing!

  • keedyg

    i love handbags because they are what add flare to any outfit you wear. u could be rockin an outfit thats black and white and put a lemon colored handbag with it and it adds a fabolous splash of color that makes you stand out. i also love handbags because i need somewhere to put my my wallet. i want to win because i love love love Louis vuttion and i like the direction they are going with their line and stephen sprouse and i have never been able to buy any of the Louis vuitton pieces on my own…and this would be just perfect for me !! love LV!!

  • Shruti

    Bags complete me. They reflect every nuance of my persona and individual style. To me, a bag is a medium of art that is fun and functional. I could never leave the house without a handbag draped from my shoulder or a clutch gripped in my hand. I would love to win the LV luggage collection because they are elegant and classic pieces that will enrich my collection of wearable art!

  • Jenny Lvoe

    Handbags boast my self esteem, makes me look good and completes my outlook as a woman.

    Who doesn’t? Simply because it’s LV, it’s the bag that i could never afford to buy not even in the next 50 years to come but can only afford to drool n envy at the sight of it.

  • Tamee

    I love handbags because not only are they useful, they can make a statement. I love being able to use the “I need it because it can carry xyz” excuse to buy a new one, to go with my “I want it because it’s beautiful” mentality!!

    As for winning, it’s always a thrill to win, be it something big or small. Can you say adrenaline rush?!? And winning this set of luggage would just be the ultimate!!!

  • Sophieees

    I love purses!!!!I have a lot of them but no luxury brand yet…When I have a bad day only my purses can cheer me up!Everybody around me thinks I’m crazy..and why do one need more than one bag???!!!( I’m glad because this way I can have them alllll!!!!!)Purses are the best thing in this world !!!

  • Krissy

    i love handbags because it accessorizes your outfit. of course, having luggages like those in the draw would make the whole trip more exciting & it’ll make you feel beautiful somehow.

    sorry, i’m just a bag-whore. i find any excuse to get more new bags though i’ve got aplenty.

  • Elisabeth Benavides

    Just like everyone else here I am also a purse-aholic. I love purses but I can’t afford to buy them all the time, especially LV purses. I would love to finally have one of my own instead of always wishing that maybe one day i would be able to afford one.(which is not anytime soon.) so winning a LV purse would mean the world to me.

  • Dulce

    WHY I LOVE HANDBAGS? Well it vey simple really. A handbag can make you feel fabulous no matter what you are wearing. You can have a bad hair day…be dressed a little sloppy….feel sad, but when you have on a great handbag all is GREAT . You feel REDEEMED!!!! A great handbag is like a PICK ME UP…(pardon the pun).
    WHY WOULD I LIKE TO WIN? For the fabulous handbag of course. A girl needs all the good feelings and joy she can get ….right! And a Louis Vuitton will most definitely do that.



  • Sharon

    I love handbags b/c they are the perfect accessory to any outfit! You can dress your outfit up or down depending on the bag you carry, and it can fit all of your needs and make you look so chic. I love handbags! and i would LOVE an LV luggage set!

  • MM

    I love handbags because they are individual pieces of art that we are able to wear everyday. Seeing some of my favorites from my closet make me feel bubbly and warm inside. When I buy a new handbag and wear it for the first time, I grin so hard and can’t stop all day long. It is such a great feeling. I have always loved Louis Vuitton and the luggage set would be the perfect way to travel in style.

  • Su

    I love bags bags bags, they represent my identity, personal stye and personality!:)
    i would love to owe LV luggage ! so pretty please~:)

  • Lisa

    I like handbags because it looks good no matter how I look. I can gain or lose 10 pounds and the bag will still look fabulous! A good handbag can make or break an outfit. When I feel sad, I would pick up my handbags and feel instantly better because each and every one was bought with my hard work.

  • Christine

    Handbags will never disappoint you, they are always there when you need them & will hold that heavy load, all without complaint. Since travel is another passion of mine a set of LV would only be the icing on the cake!!

  • Patricia

    ITs me again!!!! I love you Loius Vuitton!!!!!!!Thanks for make all this beautiful bags for us!!!!!!!

  • Adriana C

    I can’t explain my obsession with handbags. Handbags are the perfect accessory to complement any outfit. I would like to win this giveaway because I am in desperate need of luxury luggage. Wish me good luck :)

  • Anoka

    Handbags will fit me no matter my weight, shape, or current self-esteem level. They add that little bit of pep or pick-me-up that can completely change the way I’m feeling. They’re a bright spark in my wardrobe and timeless pieces.

  • susan

    I absolutely love LV!!!!! I love the history of it and how people traveled with it years ago on ships—so romantic! Think of the movie Titanic!!! Their bags are beautiful and are extremely well made. I would love to win the package and be a part of the history of Louis Vuitton.

  • klv18

    I have never won anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this would be so fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sean

    i love them because they make ourfits your own
    and i want to win bc i want louis luggage so much, but currently cannot afford them becuase of college. Please. let me win :)

  • Kristen

    I love handbags because they can be bold even when you or your outfit can’t be. The right handbag is like a little piece of art that you get to carry around with you!

  • Annie

    I love handbags because when I carry each one it gives me confidence and individuality. Also, it gives my outfit a statement. I absolutely loveeee LV for the longest time. Even though I only 4 LV bags, I’m hoping that small collection doesnt stop from here. The luggage prizee would be an absolute heaven.

  • ivy

    I love handbags because they are functional. I throw everything in my bag! A beautiful handbag also gives me confidence and add a statement to what I wear. All girls love handbags!!

  • Tracy

    I love handbags because they complete an outfit, they can jazz it up or top it off. Different styles can be used for different events. A girl can never have just one and there’s no limit!!

  • addicted2chanel

    I love designer handbags because they complete my outfit, especially if I have some great shoes to match! I have been obsessed with Louis Vuitton since I was 14, but I could never afford it because my mom didn’t make enough money. I have always loved designer shoes, and the first pair I bought was a pair of black open toed Louis Vuitton’s : ) Ever since then, fashion, and handbags have been my luxury in life, and I always look forward to my next purchase, which makes it special.

  • stephanie

    louis vuitton is the best! their bags are made so well & can go with any outfit. they can take a boring outfit & automatically make it fabulous!! i love love love their bags! lv bags are a great thing to collect & pass down to your future kids. trust me they will hold up!!

  • Patricia

    IM the only one here that deserves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LV is my life and my soul!!!

  • Tracy

    A girl cant have too many handbags. Love to win something like that.

  • Urooj

    I love handbags because they make me feel complete. No matter how gloomy or sunny the day, how blah or grungy the outfit, the right handbag will make it all come together.
    I love handbags because they complete the outfit in a way that shoes CAN’T. I’m not saying that shoes won’t complete the outfit, because everybody knows they will, but nobody SEES the shoes they way they will the HANDBAG. Nobody can FEEL the shoes the way they will the handbag when they look at you. Be it shoulder bag, clutch, tote, hobo, etc, it will compliment you’re personality and mood in the most chic way.
    It gives you an opportunity to speak out through colors, style and texture. You could look at a girl’s bag and come to the conclusion that that girl has style, even if she’s wearing jeans and a white t-shirt.
    The handbag is the ultimate necessity and gives us fashion freedom!

  • Yoonmee

    I love handbags because I need to carry so much stuff with me! But really, I love the look of a nice handbag.

    Why do I want to win? I love traveling and would LOVE some fancy luggage to tote around the world. =)

  • Lyns

    I have a modest handbag collection. I would love to win this giveaway to be able to share with my mum and some friends. I think the thrill of seeing their faces sharing a peice with them would be greater than getting and keeping the whole set to myself. A passion for something is best when it’s shared. This would be the thrill of a lifetime!!!!!

  • Eve

    I want to travel in style to the South of France this summer. Pls. let me be the winner!!

  • Susana

    I love LV and there aren’t any stores in my city, I really want to travel through Europe with some gorgeous bags! I love fashion, and I think the perfect handbag gives any otfit the perfect touch!

  • TLD

    I love handbags because they standout more than an outfit.If it is not the outfit, my eyes go directly to the handbag.I love the simplicity of handbags to the patterns, shapes, sizes, and quality.Handbags are better than bad hair days!I do not want to break out a story of how many bags I have, but I appreciate for what my bags are worth no matter the price.

    – The Love Divine (TLD)

  • Beth

    I don’t just love handbags… I ADORE handbags! I study handbags, I covet handbags, I touch them and smell them and fill them and unfill them and read about them and drool over them and am always looking for the next, best handbag that I simply MUST have! I have been a bag lady since forever… be they designer, luxury handbags or home knitted and felted totes (Yes, I have made several of those.) I’ve never had the body nor the budget for clothing… but a bag? It can take my middle-aged suburban teacher/mom look and make me feel like a supermodel strutting confidently down a runway. Hurray! There is nothing better than a PURSE!

  • steph

    i love handbags because they are very creative and expresses an indiviuals personally and style, they are so many different types of color, styles, material, etc…you can’t get bored with any handbag especially you can never settle for one…its an interest to me and i can’t afford to get any handbags at all whether its inexpensive or a paper bag..my mom passed away 3 months ago and she was my source of income for my bag obessesion..i haven’t gotten a bag for almost a year now and i really wish i could win one…i can’t afford any handbags until i get out of school and start working…i wish i could win cause i feel that it would bring some happiness into my life due to i’ve been depressed ever since she passed away…to a young adult like me it would mean alot as for it would make things a little bit better ever since…i’ve been very generous by donating alot of my mom’s precious belonging and i wish i would have some good luck in return. good luck to everyone…

  • sway

    I love handbags because they really make or break an outfit. A great bag can even make a t-shirt and jeans look chic. Love that.

  • Roxy

    Handbags are just absolutely amazing! For me, the excitement of searching for a new bag is like nothing else. A classic timeless bag can just make any outfit go from boring to stunning. Can’t wait to get my next bag….hoping it’ll be the LV set!!!

  • Shannon

    I love the drama a handbag can add to an outfit. A different bag can create a TOTALLY different look and achieve a completely unique style. I love how Louis Vuitton is a classic look and can go with almost everything, especially the brown monogram! Also the conversations bags pick up are some of my favourite! Whenever I get complimented or compliment someone on a bag it’s like we have an instant connection over our love for them! Girls love to oggle over others bags and hopefully my new luggage set will be the one starting all the conversations next :)

  • Raspberry

    Bags are my one indulgence as I can carry them on my fat days, rainy days and sad days. Unlike shoes or clothes, they can be carried on any occasion for any purpose. I have 1 in each shape for different purposes and love my LVs the most. Low maintainance and durable, I don’t have to worry about rain, scratching them with my nails or falling apart on me when I travel.

  • Sophia

    Even the simplest outfit can look totally chique with a killer handbag. It is one thing I’m willing to invest big money in as when they cost a lot they last a long time. Timeless pieces like the Hermes Birkin or Kelly will see you through your life looking utterly fabulous regardless of what you’re wearing and how old you are. If you gain weight or lose weight, a handbag is literally timeless if cared for well. I could never leave the house without a handbag, my outfit just wouldn’t feel finished, plus, I carry all things important to me wherever I go and they deserve to be tucked away in proper arm candy.

  • Stacey

    A handbag lets me feel like a woman with power and less like a broke college student. I feel beautiful, confident and in charge. No outfit is ever complete without a handbag. Whether the bag is a $3,ooo LV or a $5 thrift no-name, the right bag makes anything look like a million bucks. Your handbag can bring you confidence when you need it. As a soon-to-be college graduate entering a new city, the luggage I arrive in is just as important as the bag on my shoulder; an LV luggage set would most definitely set me apart and give me the confidence I need in the new city.

  • Marianne

    Louis Vuitton is the ultimate status symbol. It can be both elegant and understated – or bold and trend-setting. Its versatility is what makes it such a classic icon that every well-dressed woman and man should have as an accessory.

    In a few months, I will graduate from college and head off to London for my first job at a fashion magazine. While I’ll likely be broke and I’ll still have an embarrassing Midwestern accent, at least the contents of my life will look chic and elegant packed neatly within the monogram canvas that has defined the world of handbags for over a century.

  • Jaclyn

    I’ve been desperately searching for the perfect luggage lately, and there’s nothing more classic than a Louis Vuitton luggage set! I can think of no better gift.

  • Ashley

    Louis Vuitton is classy and feminine! it can make any outfit it’s absolute cutest, going from casual to fine dining. I would love the opportunity to win this luggage set!

  • sndc99

    I love handbags because of the way they look and feel, but really for me it comes down to the fact that a purse…doesn’t care what your weight is, it doesn’t care if your to fat for your not fat jeans. It will fit you no matter what and be nice to you. I love they way they smell, feel and look but the best thing is how I feel when I look at one and it’s love. (lvoe)

  • Kelly

    I looooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvve Louis Vuitton. I don’t have any purses or luggage yet. I only have a wallet but it is truly love. Obviously the luggage is just luxurous and amazing. Louis Vuitton is a classic label that will make any girl’s dream come true.

  • Anna

    i just love LV bags. I own a couple of them, but not the luggage.
    It would be a dream come true for me.. I cant afford to spend on luggage yet, so this will be great!!BTW I have never won anything in my whole life, I am wishing for my luck, fingers crossed……

  • renier

    WHOA! an overwhelming 198 commments so far!
    i tried commenting earlier but i had issues with my internet!

    but well, ill be short and sweet. TRUTH BE TOLD, i love handbags because theyre the perfect lover! THEY DONT TALK BACK AND THEY TAKE IN ALL MY CRAP! now that is true happiness!

  • Dorcy

    Ashton Kutcher said that man a little more important than handbags, and a little less important than shoes when it comes to accessories. Well, clearly he thinks a little highly of himself. Even VB picks a handbag over David Beckham. A good handbag is the hands down the best armcandy. It’s timeless, precious, gorgeous and full of class ;)

  • Reena

    I love handbags&luggage, I’ve been into luxury handbags since I was 14. Even with a plain shirt & jeans a bag can look exceptional. A woman’s self esteem can be boosted with a great handbag. I always feel exceptional when I got out with a great bag. I have only 1 LV at the moment and winning this would be a dream come true for me & complete me.

  • baby boo

    OMG I LOVE BAGS!! going into LV alone gets me excited.. i just love finding something that really gets me excited.. this comepteion is great cuz i really love travelling and do it alot so winning this would allow me to travel in style hehehe

  • Tracy

    love handbags because they make outfits pop! and I love marc jacobs and would love to get an LV under his artistic directorship

  • Ali

    I love handbags because they’re sentimental and timeless. I can’t wait to one day give my daughter my collection, and I would love for that to include classic LV luggage pieces! I think they have the ability to be treasured family heirlooms, and a very special part of a mother-daughter bond!