Note: We have extended this through April 25, 2011!

The folks at Treesje love PurseBlog and all of you so much that they designed a one-of-a-kind iPhone case to giveaway. By one-of-a-kind we mean this is the absolutely only case being made, no one else can buy one, and it will not be replicated. This is clearly something special and we are really excited to be part of this collaboration.

Let me get to the details of how you can enter to have your exclusive Treesje accessory…

The design of the Treesje iPhone case is funky and stays true to the brand’s aesthetic. The leather is super smooth and carries a glitter sheen. The top of the case has a snap closure with studs and the bottom kicks up the funk with studs as well.

To enter:

1) Like PurseBlog on Facebook

2) Like Treesje on Facebook

2) Comment on this post and tell us why you would like to win this Treesje iPhone case!

We will choose one winner at random. Contest runs from now until April 25th, 2011. Good luck and thank you to Treesje for creating such an awesome accessory!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Pamela

    I have been a true Treesje fan from the beginning … Always wanting their bags and talking about it on purseforum…It’d be such a perfect accessory to have along with my favorite Treesje bags! Plus…I never win anything…maybe it’d be a good time to start? :)

  • Chavon

    I LOVE Treesje! And this fashionably rugged chic iPhone case would be perfect for my homeless iPhone. I’ve been a dedicated PurseBlog and Treesje Facebook fan!
    Thanks for the chance! :)

  • Marix

    The photos speaks for itself, that is one awesome case for my iPhone, would love love love to win that so I can brag to my friends LOL
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Avalon Bleu

    Because it’s AWESOME!!!

  • The Little Dust Princess

    I’ve liked you both on Facebook! : ) I want this case because I absolutely LOVE studs on my accessories! The colour combo is just perfect because it’ll literally go with all my outfits. This would totally match my go-to bag these days… my A. Wang Donna.. ; )

  • Shannon

    I want this case because it would stand out from all of the embellished, rhinestoned cases that I see at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Its fun, different, and very fashion forward. While I love studs, what I really love about it is the glittery leather, I would love to know how they did that! And it would be perfect for the iPhone that I’ll be getting after I earn my Associates this spring!

  • Elaine

    Pick me because I need a black leather Treesje case with that sheen and little cute square stud platforms ‘shoes’ on the bottom!

  • Quinn

    I want this to complement my current Treesje handbag! I’m studs fanatic <3

  • BLQ

    it’s cool design , never find such like it before.

  • Eve

    I think it’s an excellent excuse to buy me the newest iphone!

  • Stevie


  • Kari

    Love the little studs! It’s such a nice unique little case.

  • Lulugurl

    I’ve “like”-ed both of you on FB. And why would I want to win this case? Well firstly who wouldn’t and secondly I love the rugged industrial design of this case. It is so awesome and trendy, but I also feel like I wouldn’t have to baby it….I could take it out and about on adventures and still be fashionable! :D

  • Jen

    This case is cute enough to make me bite the bullet and finally get an iPhone.

  • Carolina_Cutie

    My iPhone 4 would look fantastic in this case and I REALLY want a new case. My current one is rugged but fashion backward! LOL!

  • Thu Thai

    What an awesome iphone case. I have been a fan of Treesje since I saw their Jovi Clutch and just got one in luggage. Its the best thing ever. Hopeful I can win this Iphone case to add to my collection.

  • Sarah

    I love all your handbags they not only make a fashion statement but they are a work of art! I love how all the details go into each piece! They are all gorgeous! I would love this one of a kind iPhone case to go with my Treesje handbags!!

  • Heather

    It’s just perfect and my iphone is naked!

  • sonya

    i love it! would love to have it! very cool case!

  • Rebecca

    I love Treesje and would like a nice case for my device!

  • Bianca

    i love love love treesje handbags!! great variety of hobo style bags but also some beautiful classic bags… its the minor details that make them beautiful and unique! also awesome accesories!

  • Danielle

    I love this iPhone case it is so unique and something you know that no one else will have. I would like to win this because it would be a great addition to my handbag and accessory addiction and because it is one of a kind I know that no one I know will have one :)

  • Dyan

    Because it’s one of a kind.

  • Hanna

    I’m such a huge Treesje fan and this particular iPhone case looks so amazing! My iPhone really needs some spicing up! I would be incredibly happy if I won this prize!

  • dj

    I would like to win this fabulous i-phone case because I appreciate fine craftmanship in this day pf copycat mass production.

  • Lillian

    It’s gorgeous & my iPhone is in desperate need of a case! Why not one as beautiful as this Treesje case.

  • Heather

    I love the punk-glam-but-neutral mashup – who wouldn’t want to carry this?

  • Sheila

    Besides loving the one-of-a-kind design,I think my iPhone deserves a little pampering with a new edgy cover!I can already hear compliments from fellow iPhone users ;)

  • Cate

    I would love to win this as I have no iPhone case right now…and this one is AWESOME!

  • Mandi E

    I would love to win. I’m a sahm who needs some style!

  • JZ

    1) My current iphone case is broken
    2) I’ll be making my first trip to NYC at the end of this month, and my phone needs to be stylin’
    3) I’m a loyal PurseBlog follower!

    I like you both on FB!!

  • adrienne z

    Loyal fan of PurseBlog for a LONG TIME and also following Treesje!
    What a great case! Would love to own this because it is so unusual; it’s rustic and rugged with a tried & true look, almost like a vintage western feel, but a Now Pow Check This Out look to it.
    I think it’s a thing of beauty! I Absolutely Love it!!

  • Helaine

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this iPhone case. It’s a stunner! I would be honored to carry it around and show it off to anyone and everyone – and be a walking adverts for Treesje!!


  • heavyconsumer

    I would love to win this and if i do i will treat her very well!

  • Brad

    it’s a perfect collector’s piece

  • alessia

    I don’t have an iphone yet…if I win this beautiful and fashion case I will have a good excuse to buy the apple phone!

  • Mash

    Coz April 19th is my birthday, & I’m getting an iphone as a gift, so this case would be a perfect add-on gift? ;-)

  • James Michael White (

    I would like to win because I’m finally buying my first iPhone next weekend. I have been searching everywhere for the perfect case, and I absolutely love the funky edge of this one. Plus, there’s nothing better than having a one-of-a-kind piece.

  • Morgan

    If you pic me iPromise to carry my iphone in it all the time. Actually my phone bill might thank you because I will probably be too focused on looking at the pretty case with my iphone safely tucked inside and use it a whole lot less…which also means everyone I interact with will thank you too.


  • Cathy Fitz

    This iPhone case is just so me! I absolutely LOVE it!

  • Princess Garnet

    That case is seriously sexy and unique!! I also would love to win one. I’ve been dying to get a designer iPhone case but wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on them. This one of a kind beauty is definitely worth owning. It’s gorgeous!!

  • Suzanne

    I love that I-phone case!! I’ve named my phone “boyfriend” and since he does so many wonderful things for me, it seems fitting that he should have a one-of-a-kind designer case…

  • Ashley Bostic

    I LOVE that case!!! I am such a huge fan of fabulous fashionable accessories, as well as clothing. The fact that it’s different and means that I won’t see every other person with the same one, which is my personal favorite reasons!!! :)

  • Cleo Dickinson

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT and not only want it but NEED IT!!!!!

  • gacats

    I would love to have something that is one-of-a-kind!
    This is ruff!

  • sunchicka

    The uniqueness of this case will inspire me to buy a new bag!

  • Essie

    I have liked both pages and would love to win this prize. I am very pregnant with my 4th child and in need of something realy special that’s just for me. Thank you for the opertunity to enter your competition.

  • moko

    I’ve been a treesje follower for sometime. I own the treesje red Kingsley satchel and I’ve used the bag for both travel and work. I love treesje because of their unique and girly designs and excellent leather quality. It’s tough yet soft. The iphone case shows that treesje can produce a quality accessory product with a crazy fun design. I would love to add this to my treesje collection!

  • Ganda Saputra

    This unique one of a kind case sure will compliment each other with the sophisticated design of my iPhone 4, like a fillet mignon with chardonay wine.

  • Camille

    Because it’s badass, and I never win anything :(

  • Melissa

    What could be more amazing than a one of a kind iphone case? Oh maybe one from Treesje courtesy of Purse BLog!! So beautiful, you can be chic all the time!

  • Melissa

    This i phone case has got my name written all over it! it would definitely become my new best accessory and because it is the first accessory that has actually made me enter for a giveaway!

  • joana

    this would be a great graduation gift. :) thank you for this giveaway. love it! :)

  • Kim C

    I would love to win this case for my sister. She is an amazing person and an amazing sister and I would like to show her how much I love and appreciate her.

  • emmy

    I would LOVE to win this case because my phone is so scratched from just dropping it in my purse and I would LOVE a case to protect it from that:) Thank you so so so so soooo much purseblog and Treesje for the amazing giveaway:)

  • Connie Williamson

    This is made for me. I wear my phone on a cord around my neck because of my nasty habit of dropping and/or stepping on the blasted thing. I would love to be more fashionable about it.

  • Brittany

    My iPhone is in dire need of a case, and what better than this beauty? I’d love to own this fashionable one of a kind piece. Thank you for this opportunity!

  • laura

    This is gorgeous and it would give me a great excuse to upgrade my iPhone!

  • Alanna

    I’ve liked both pages :)

    I would like to win this case because it’s very rock and roll but hanging out with a bunch of battered up old books… so it’s quite a lot like me, really.

    And also because I got ink all over my last iphone cover and now it looks horrendous. That may sound like incentive NOT to give me this nice one, but the old one was red plastic, I promise I take much more care with nice things :)

  • qudz

    i just got the iphone (i know, late to the game!!) and this case would be the most awesome case i could get for it!!

  • Caroline

    I would love to own the Treesje iPhone case because although my iPhone is one of my prized possessions, it sometimes can be neglected and falls into the bottom of my handbag to stew with the rest of the junk in there. This case would not only be a wonderful treat for my iPhone, it’s also absolutely gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • Claire daniel

    I would be very proud to own this quirky AND classy case. Makes a great statement.

  • Rina Red

    I would like to win this because this iPhone case screams AWESOME! I especial love the studded details.. Simply chic! If I win this I will carry this around in my hand and not hide my iPhone in my handbag like I normally do. This piece is like an accessory to me. It should be able to complete any look you are trying to achieve :)

  • J

    I would like to win this because it’s beautiful and I need a case~. And to top it all off, it’s one of a kind. This is almost made for me :P
    It’s absolutely beautiful~

  • Stephanie

    Why would I want it?! Because its awesome:D

  • Andy Lopez

    I’m an avid fan of the PurseBlog and now Treesje (because of this exact blog!). I took a while to respond to this post because I wanted to think of the perfect reason as to why I wanted this amazing iphone case. (I also wanted to know what my chances were in winning, since I never seem to win anything :-( ). Since I first saw this case, I thought to myself, I MUST HAVE IT! I’m in love with it, as an iPhone lover myself, I can’t picture my phone in any other case (it’s never been in a case, and this will be the exception!). I can’t think of a more chic, edgy case to match my style. As a male, it’s hard to find some chic case to match who I am–and this does! :D Although I’m hoping I win, but I’m wishing luck to everyone! The one who wins will certainly own an amazing case.

  • Menay Orcuilo

    I love the PurseBlog, I can’t get enough of reading it! This case is gorgeous and would fit right in to my style!

  • Linda M-G

    It is a cool looking case. I am forever looking for my iPhone. This would help and I can look good not looking for my phone.

  • Priscilla

    I wanted to win to give it to my bf!

  • mochababe73

    Cool and edgy which is the complete opposite of my style.

  • Inga

    I saw this case and my first thought was “dear god how can anyone make such a perfect accessory for something already so perfect (my iphone!)” i cant really put into words how badly i want to win this case. I have been obsessing over this blog/fashion in general for years and work my ass off working two jobs (as a college student) to be able to afford a bag here and there because i literally cant live without it. If i was to win this, this would not only be the only thing that i’ve ever won in my entire life ( i got third place in a child beauty contest once and it still a sore spot on my heart ) but also the only thing that i’d love more than my Prada Suffiano Lux bag!!!

  • Regina D

    Love this case! I will stop breaking my phone and also look super stylish-Plus I love Treesje!!

  • Ann N

    This is a very unique case and it would be a great gift for a special person: my mom. She’s waiting for a new phone so this would be a great first accessory and a nice Mother’s Day gift. :)

  • cindy champion

    I like both on Fb. I would love to win this case because it is so chic! It would look so amazing to carry around! Love it!

  • Kathy H.

    I want to win the Treesje iPhone case because it’s cute and I need a new iPhone case!!!! Thank you!

  • Heather in OH

    I just got an iPhone and have been searching for a cute case — this is chic & would be perfect! Just liked both PB and Treesje on FB! Cheers!

  • Aleksandra Milic

    I would luv 2 win this amazin iphone case bcs its great n beautiful!xoxo :)

  • Marilyn Davignon

    It’s a must have c’est Tres-Tres Belle!!

  • Noelle

    This iPhone case is to die for. I would love to win this because it’s so unique that there is no way you can find another one who looks exactly the same and it’s about time for my iPhone to have a case after having it for half a year… Thank you for the giveaway <3

  • Melissa

    I like it. I want it! I’d love to have this for my iphone.

  • Lorrie

    LOVING this case! So stylish….so functional! I hope it will be mine. :)

  • Kayleigh Beckett

    This year has been one of many firsts. I got my first real job (I am an analyst at the Canadian Red Cross), I took my first trip down south, I got my first Treesje handbag (and I am in love!), I learned how to pronounce Treesje (a feat in itself!), and just last weekend I bought myself my first iPhone. Treesje is honestly my favorite handbag designer and I have been scouring the Internet for an amazing iPhone case to no avail… until now?? I hope I am in the running for this case because it is stunning! Just what I am looking for and from my favorite designer? Amazing.

  • Xinyi

    One word: Gorgeous. J’adore <3

  • Nicola Espindola

    I wanted to win this beautiful case so much that I bought an iPhone just in case…

  • Lori LeQuieu

    Because I deserve it!

  • Lisa Ellis

    I have a passion for high-end hand bags and would love to carry an iphone case truly worthy of my other accessories. I love the purse blog and appreciate this opportunity to compete for this amazing one-of-a-kind treasure that would be the perfect addition to my “gorgeous bag” collection!

  • Bruns

    Looks original and has the old time feel. Love it. Let me have it!

  • shaima

    OMG.. that is one ugly case !

  • Catalina K

    Why I’d like to win? Simply because I have an iPhone, but I don’t have an iPhone case.

  • Wyllowdaemon

    Absolutely stunning. I wish I could own something so nice! I love the industrial feel of the metal and leather…its so me. Good luck to everyone. This would be a fantastic addition to my small handbag collection, I would treasure it always.

  • Sosti

    … Because it’s the hottest iphone case I have ever seen and its a ONE of A kind!! Who would NOT want it!! Plus I can tell everyone I know that Purseblog and Treesje gave it to me!!! :)


    Like you both on FB as Amy Rouse

    this is a one of a kind iPhone case and is very funky, which fits my tastes perfectly. I’d be proud to whip this case out in public to answer my calls!!! :-)

  • Jacqui / Ohio’s North Coast

    This one-of-a-kind Treesje iPhone case is whimsical and funky, just like me!

    As a matter of fact, I’ll buy an iPhone just so I can show off that fab case!!

  • Cyril

    This iPhone case is awesome! :)

  • Connie Williamson

    I’ve BEEN liking Treesje & Purse Blog! And I want to win this case because it’s awesome. And unique. And I need it. :-)

  • MELLO!

    I want to win it cause i have a leather iphone case but its boring. This is much more interesting and it looks like alexander wang cause of the studs on the bottom

  • Rebecca

    Mother’s day is coming up and this will definitely be a unique gift to mommy dearest who’s also in trend using iphone herself! ;)

  • Jane

    Love it! It would fit perfectly with my style!!

  • Shawna

    I would like to win it and give it to my niece as a gift – she just got her first full time job – YAY!

  • taylor

    i would love to win this iphone case because it is so unique and beautiful! (and let’s be honest- to protect my iphone!)

  • jonna

    i am in need for a stylish case!!

  • mel motz

    I would love to win this case because it’s so unique and I try to always have one-of-a-kind style. Thanks!!