Katherine Kwei Donna Satchel

It’s about time for another giveaway, don’t you think? I love the giveaways we do here at Purse Blog, I just only wish that I could enter to win myself, but oh well. As I mentioned on Friday, we have a gorgeous Katherine Kwei bag that is up for grabs. In the article on Friday I was able to share some really fascinating information about what Katherine Kwei has been up to since we last worked with her and now that you are all caught up to speed, I’m sure you are ready to see how you can enter to win!

First of all, the name of this gorgeous bag is the Donna Satchel. We had a chance to see it in person in our office and the attention to detail that goes into the bag is uncanny. As I mentioned before, Katherine Kwei bags are so unbelievably unique that they are bound to turn heads – this bag is no exception. So here’s what you need to know:

When: This giveaway begins Monday, October 12, 2009 and will end on Friday, October 30th, 2009 at 5:00 pm EST.

How to enter: CLICK HERE and check out the Fall/Winter ’09 page on the Katherine Kwei website. Take a look at the different styles that are available and find the style that would totally suit you. Then, come back here and tell us in the comments section below which bag is your favorite and why.

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  • Sabrina

    I love the Donna-Batik Satchel in red! I love the shape of it and the way the outside looks is different than any other bag I’ve seen. It’s a very beautiful going out bag.

    • theresa alabado

      Donna tote snake – soo gorgeous, exotic skin at its finest. Am always into big bags so this tote is the perfect size .

      • Amy C

        LOVE LOVE LOVE the Donna-Batik Satchel in azure blue. Perfect size too!

    • KristyDarling

      The black Donna Pop Carry-All with gold is breathtaking! The textures are diverse yet complementary. The signature KK weave is divine as ever, and the metallic touches really provide the “pop” that the bag is named for. The gold chain in the handles give it an elegant, dressy feel…but I think the bag would look just as fab with my daily uniform of skinny jeans, t-shirt, and ballet flats! I also like the size — practical and roomy without being overwhelming. Beautifully done!

    • SUE

      OMG that Donna Satchel in the Batik patter is TDF!! Gorgeous bag!!

    • ReRe

      I love the Donna satchel although I’m torn between the azure blue and the python resort in white. It is truly a unique design, how could you pass by this one and not stop for a second look. Just love it

    • Gail

      I love the ISABEL bag.. It seems like a classic bag with a twist.. in lambskin, which I adore, and an embellishment down the center.. Seems like it would be easy to carry, a good size, day to night, KWIM? and it is sophisticated..

    • Ida

      I love the Bela Bucket in brandy. It reminds me of the hobo style, but it is a very chic, and stylish looking bag. The size is perfect and the exterior pockets for organization are very convenient. This is a unique and gorgeous bag!

    • Kacie

      My heart throbs for Isabel in Jade! This is a stunning clutch in such a whimsical colour. Isabel will surely be THE accessory for my nights out.

    • Sharon

      I love the Isabella Shopper in classic black. It looks an elegant bag that is a classic and will last for years to come. It is also very versatile. It can work with many different looks. It also is a perfect city bag that i could wear just about everyday! The materials and quality also look stunning. It is a real showstopper!!!

    • coachwife6

      Edna Shopper in Espresso Green. it just pops out at me.

    • karly

      I am in love with the red satchel. I am assuming that is red? It is hard to tell on my PC. But when I looked at the color choices I saw Coral. I recently discovered that coral goes very nicely agains’t my skin tone, so I have to say the coral satchel would be THE pick.
      It is one of the most original, and beautiful bags I’ve seen, and would be proud to carry it everywhere I go!
      I am an artist, so I know beauty and originality are hard to come by…but Katherine has done it! Kudo’s!

  • Michelle

    My favorite Katherine Kwei Purse is the Isabel pouchette in plum! I think it is absolutely adorable and perfect for going out. I love the intricate knotting.

  • Rashmi

    I loved Donna Batik. I think the Batik style is quite unique.

  • Ruch

    I didn’t have to look far to pinpoint which Katherine Kwei bag would best suit me! The Donna Lamb Tote in Black would be a staple in my day to day waredrobe. Living in NYC, I am constantly on the go. From work, to events to improptu getaways it is imperative that I have my bare neccessities ready to go at a moments notice. You will not find me without a pair of flats for my commute, makeup to transform the look from corporate america to drinks in the LES, a spare shirt just in case there are coffee mishaps, perfume, deo and the list goes on. A “Big Bag” from bloomingdales does not cover it…I definitely need a tote to carry all my stuff yet stay stylish and relevant to my lifestyle. The Katherine Kwei bag looks amazing and provides ample room and style!

  • Monica

    I think I like the satchel the best but it’s a toss-up because I really like all of them for different reasons. The tote is really cool because it’s “more of a good thing” but a clutch will usually be more noticed because you’ll put it on a table. But I’m more of a satchel girl so I’d pick the satchel in pea green, one of my favorite colors for fall and winter. This bag is so INTERESTING and I love it!

    • Monica

      Sorry, I completely forgot to mention that I would go with the Donna Snake Skin line, hands down. That green color is gorgeous!

  • chirpy_gal

    AWESOME….. love it <3 ……. :) …..

  • patricia

    I love green! even before it was politically correct-so my choice is the Donna pea green clutch-so beautiful,………

  • ashley

    the kate carryall in pewter is my favorite because i like the shape and the black/pewter colors together. 1 of the charms would look really good on it, too!!

  • Sarah J

    I love the lady like feel of the Isabel w/ the florette looking designs (and I’m partial to the name – a fabulous bag sharing a name w/ my fabulous daughter), but I love the edginess of the Donna pop w/ the chain handle and stripping….both are excellent.

  • laprns

    You nailed it with this one-a head turner. People say “stunning” all the time (and not always in a good way) but this bag is truly stunning. The design is great-one of those that just grabs you but combined with python it is amazing.

  • faline

    I like the Donna-Pop Satchel or the Donna-Batik Satchel. Very interesting details on these bags. Oh, and I also love the Goldfish charm. It’s so cute!

  • Ruth

    I love the Bella in Brandy! Casual chic – and definitely an eye-catcher!

  • Sheila

    Wow the Isabel shopper is gorgeous and is my favorite! I love the detailing on the front, its very classy! What a great everyday bag

  • Yoonmee

    I love the Joyce Carry All and the Joyce Clutch! The Carry All is a great size for everyday use and the clutch is just gorgeous and perfect for going out at night.

  • Annika

    Wow! Missed the article on friday, but looove these bags. And its hard to say wich is the nicest – the green snakeskin or the black donna lamb tote. But I think the green snake wins it. Would look extremely well with black leather jacket and killer heels!

  • Paula

    I love the Donna Batik bag in red!!! It has that sassy hippy look that I love, plus it would go with any outfit, great bag!!!

  • Raspberry Jam

    Definitely the Bella bucket in brandy, it’s a really nice size to carry around when shopping or going out.

  • Luisa

    I LOVE LOVE the Donna Batik Satchel in Red. Ilobe shade of red snakeskin. It is stunning and makes such a statement. It is so unique in design. A must-have for the purse lover (like myself)

  • Handbag Lover

    Love, Love, Love the bag!

  • Eliane T.

    My favorite is the Clea purse in purple. I love the color and the size. It is beautiful!
    Thanks for the chance.

  • BLynnT

    I love the Donna Snake Skinny Clutch in Coral or Azure Blue (can’t decide!). I like that the basic shape is a classic that I am used to carrying, but the detailing and design are completely unique. The snake skin gives the bag a chic look that can certainly be dressed up, but the fun colors allow you to pair it with jeans and other neutrals. Love the KK line!

  • Dawne

    I think I’ve found my soulmate : the Isabel shopper. Something about the way the leather swirls I just cannot resist! I also think black is it’s best color that brings out it’s style.

  • Audrey

    I love the Donna-Lamb Satchel in the Grey. It is not too big, not too small, and very perfect for fall.

  • Donna C.

    I like the Kate satchel because it looks like a timeless design. It would be great to win this bag since my name is Donna!

  • anna

    i like Donna batik in red- red is my favorite color and i love the original shape of Donna bags- very feminine

  • Shweta

    the dona tote in black! perfect for work and a casual lunch do…

  • Teresa Kim

    I love the Bella in Brandy!! It’s the perfect size, color and style for me. so pretty, casual and cute

  • Karla

    Love the Edna bowler in black! i could use that as an everyday bag,
    or the Donna snake sin in Azur blue..theyre both so nice!
    My style completly :D

  • KG

    I love how Katherine Kwei’s bags look like no other. My favorite is the Donna-snake satchel in Azure. I am turning 40 in Feb and have never owned an exotic (I know, everyone’s breaking out a tiny violin for me!). More importantly, I want to embrace 40 head held high, loving life, and looking stylish and confident. Carrying the Donna-snake satchel would go a long way towards helping me accomplish that last one. The Azure is stunning and will go with so much of my wardrobe. Thanks to Katherine Kwei for offering this giveaway, even if I don’t win!

  • hindel

    i looooove the black Isabel shopper! love it. Its so different sure to turn heads and spark conversations.

  • Amy Croley

    The Isabel shopper is the one for me. I love shopper style handbags and the knot detail on the front.

  • Shana

    I would love a donna-lamb in brown to wear with my gucci pumps!

  • 5thelement

    For me, it’s a toss up between the Joyce Carryall and the Donna Batik Satchel. I like how both are shaped and the details on them. I think which one I’d choose would come down to how they felt in person. btw, anyone else notice a typo on the Bella line? It’s spelled Bella when you get to the detail page, but it’s Bela on the navigation menu below.

  • Susan

    Definitely the Donna snakeskin Satchel in coral. I am totally coveting an exotic bag and I think this one is my absolute fav!

  • Amanda

    My favorite bag is the Joyce carryall in Mustard because it’s practical yet gorgeous and the shade of yellow adds a great pop of color to winter wardrobes of all kinds. I think the size is just right…not too big where you can’t figure out where your keys are but not too small where you can’t fit everything in your purse.

  • Jo-Anne

    I love the Isabel Lady Clutch Beige! It’s so elegant and classy!

  • Livy

    Once I stumbled upon the donna-snake collection page, I instantly fell in love. The design of the donna snake skin satchel represents everything – stylish, unique, bound-to-turn-heads, made with exceptional quality and delicate details. Not any of the colors would represent this bag any less but if I have to choose my favorite would be coral.
    Carrying this bag is best suited to represent me – young, vibrant, and adventurous.

    Lastly, thank you for the opportunity and the generosity for offering this fabulous giveaway.

  • Suzanne

    I love the Donna-pop carry all – such a unique design and shape! This entire collection is such a “breath of fresh handbag air”!!!!

  • katie

    I love the Bella in brandy… such a wonderful color for fall and the style is amazing.

  • Dina Ray

    Love, love, love the Donna Pop Carry-All. It suits my style and need for flashiness! I also love that it can be worn over the shoulder or carried by hand.

  • Kim

    I’m absolutely in love with the Donna snakeskin collection. It’s such a cool take on something that has become a “standard” amongst purses. Would definitely love to add one to my collection!

  • kim

    love, love the donna snake skin clutch!
    i’ve never carried a clutch before but would definitely use this one.
    looks so original and neat w/ nothing else on the market like it.

  • Katie

    The Donna Lamb Tote in Black…….simple stunning. Can see if dressed up or dressed down. Love the clean, flirty lines…….it’s different from a lot of bags without being too trendy. Delish!

  • Helen

    I love Donna Lamb Satchel because it’s so versatile yet different. The satchel can be worn very comfortably as an everyday bag while the unique Katherine Kwei signature design make it stand out from your other everyday bag. It truely works as an everday DAY and NIGHT bag! She has similar sachels in different materials (such as Donna Batik Satchel, Donna Pop Satchel, Donna Snake Skin Satchel) but I love Lamb Satchel the best. Lambskiin leather is so luxurious and looks better with age.

  • Elaina

    I love the Donna Lamb Satchel in red. Believe it or not, it brings a big smile to my face everytime I look at it. It just gives us that unbelievably beautiful pop of color as we head off into the fall/winter season. I could see myself rocking that day and night ( with my children at my side of course). I absolutely adore the bag!

  • Janet- Kat

    My Favorite is the ISABEL shopper so classic looking. Beautiful!!!!!!!

  • Colleen

    My favorite is the Donna Snake Skin Satchel. Although I can’t see exactly what it would look like in the azure blue, I think that would be the most unique looking of the three colors offered. The Katherine Kwei line is a little more exotic than what I would use as an everyday bag, but she has some different ideas with her bags that I find absolutely beautiful.

  • Gayle

    I LOVE the Donna Pop Satchel in silver! Not a purse I’d carry everyday, but definately an eye catcher!

  • Eva

    I am loving the Donna satchel in red lamb, looks so soft and the details are incredable!

  • Anita

    For me, it would be the Isabel shopper in Plum. I love the color and I like the fact that it’s a bag I could use as an everyday bag.

  • reneeo

    I LOVE all the bags–they are so beautiful. I especially like the Donna Lamb Satchel and Clutch but I would be delighted to be the owner of any of these amazing bags. Thank you for the opportunity to win one. Someone is going to be very happy!!

  • Clara

    This is a gorgeous collection! I wasn’t familiar with the name, and will not be looking out for it. The bags really are distinctive. I changed my mind several times while looking through the options, but ultimately, I went with the Isabel pouchette in toffee. Darling! Definite an attention getter, particularly in this color. It’s an altogether elegant attention getter.

  • sndc99

    the lambskin in black I really like this purse and it’s very different. I have taken a shine to lambskin bags as of late

  • Terri

    I like the Donna Pop Carry-all in Silver. I love the mixture of textures and the silver adornment. I like the ability to carry it over the shoulder or as a clutch.

  • Rose

    The Donna Snake Tote in Azure Blue would be ideal for me. The color is gorgeous and the bag is just the right size for my day to day life. The play on texture, color and pattern is great, and perfectly fits my style.

  • Catherine DiSantis

    I love the Donna-pop carry-all. It’s the perfect size and I love the whole metalic/matte thing going on here. Just beautiful!

  • Kim

    I love the Edna tote, It is the perfect size and I love the colors!!!!

  • Julia

    I love ‘Isabel.’ I love the name. I love that it is a beautiful, black bag. I love the attention to detail and the profoundly beautiful pattern across the bodice. It looks so versatile and would look great with a casual or more dressy outfit. Loves!

  • Carla

    I think the Donna batik in tan or the Bella in brandy! All of the bags are great looking it is really hard to pick just one.

  • Limey

    I love the Donna lamb satchel in silver. I have yet to own a silver purse!!! =)

  • spanish moss

    the donna batik skinny clutch with that adorable turtle charm. tres amusant!

  • Lisa

    The Donna Pop Satchel caught my eye. The color, black is simple yet sleek. I believe the intricate and meticulous style of the bag compliments my hectic day in NYC. It is not everyday that a bag like this is seen. This bag screams “CHIC, SEXY, AND DIVA!”

  • Lourdes

    Love the Donna -Pop!!! It’s very unique, beautiful, and the perfect size for me!!

  • Dawn

    I’d have to say I love the Donna – Lamb Satchel in Silver! The size and color are perfect!

  • Terri Renn

    WOW, I don’t think I could just pick one out to be my favorite. I love them all!!! Each one has its own little personality to them from sassy, to sleek, elegant, sophisticated, classy, delicate.
    I think each purse has alittle piece of every women in them and thats why I love them.
    I could wear a diffrent one for each of my moods. They are GREAT!!!!!!

  • Pandor@

    Hi! :)

    I’m truly fascinated by KK’s collection – her bags and satchels are so vivid and stylish, yet they’re full of youth and energy! Besides, I love that these bags are so special, they can be recognized by connoisseurs easily – that’s very nice. :D

    It was hard to choose just one model, because I thought I’d like some other bag more (not the one that is a prize), but it turns out you and KK are offering the best possible bag I could only dream about!
    All in all, I would still pick this one:

    Donna-Snake Satchel (in green)! :D

    It is so exotic, stylish, trendy and the materials are fantastic. The quality is superb as far as I see the seams, the leather, lining, handles,etc. – everything is just top-notch!

    If I was to name 2 bags, the second one would be the following creation:

    Donna-Pop Satchel (in silver)

    I love it! It can be an evening bag, used for special occasions and it is partially made of patent leather, which I, btw, love, and it looks truly luxurious. In the dictionary next to the word exclusive” should be a photo of this satchel. That’s how gorgeous it is!

    Thank you for letting me know about the amazing world of Katherine Kwei! I <3 her work!


  • Jenny

    i love the donna lamb satchel in the grey color. so pretty! i have always admired her designs for the knots.

  • Christine

    I am nuts over the Donna pop satchel! absolutely gorgeous. it was a toss up between that one and the donna snake but i think pop has the best of both worlds: the color is versatile whether you have a more neutral or bold outfit, and it’s an easy on the shoulder wear, ready to go whenever. It’s cute and functional! something every girl needs in her bag collection.

  • Gerri

    The Donna Batik satchel in red is striking and definitely a bag I could strike a pose in! A perfect accessory to draw attention to the owner. The batik design is unique, edgy and FIERCE. Definitely the bag for me.

  • Taralee

    Bella brandy is my fav!

  • Nancy29

    I like the Donna Lamb in black or gold. Also, the Panda charm with the 8″ strap would be great for my keys.

  • zaali

    I like the Donna Batik in red…Somehow I am obsessed with red bags this season….

  • Jenn

    Definitely the isabel satchel

  • KZ

    I love the satchels! I think the leather-strips concept looks better in this style. Since I can choose only one as my favorite, I’ll go with the Donna-Lamb Satchel. I think the lambskin is perfect for this particular design–soft, light and flexible. I also love the way the wide horizontal strip on top reflects light. I can only imagine what it would be like to carry this satchel, but I have a pretty good imagination…

  • miko

    i love the Donna Lamb in red!!! and multiple colors! i also love the Donna Snakeskin…it can totally go from day to night!!!!!!!

  • Cats

    My choice would have to be the Bella Carryall in Brandy.
    I find the size both vertically and horizontallt to be perfect for my needs, and size is a problem for me more often than not.
    The detailing appeals to me, there are several spots of visual interest, without going overboard. Just enough to stop me and make me think “oh, look.. and look.. Oh!”
    Then the brandy color. Smoky and rich. Makes me feel comfy and cozy.

  • Paulina

    I’m torn between the Joyce carry-all and clutch in mustard. The knot detailing just blows me away. It would be a great pop of color to brighten my outfits.

  • Olive

    I would choose the Donna Pop Satchel in black/gold. The detail is insane and I love that the gold accents are subtle but definitely ‘pop.’

  • Christy

    I love the Donna Batik satchel in red…it looks so luxurious and red handbags rock my world. Besides, this is a great shape!! I also LOVE the Lamb satchel in gray, I have long lamented the rejection of gray as a trendy color. Hear me now….gray is AWESOME.

  • Kanika

    OH the Donna snakeskin tote in coral is so beautiful. I love how her bags are so unique.

  • Nicole Jizreel

    My favorite bag is the ISABEL shopper WoW!!! soo conveniet for work, school, travel, shopping etc… Love the details on the front it is just a stunning bag!

  • Gabrielle

    The Joyce black “Carryall” would be absolutely perfect for me. I am a rocker, love to go see rock bands and this purse makes a statement. It says ROCK AND ROLL!
    I love it and I would feel wonderful walking into a rock club with this purse. I’m also a single mom who cannot afford this type of luxury.
    peace out

  • Cherye

    Love the Donna- Lamb in copper. The shape and the knots at the bottom are just gorgeous, and the copper is a fabulous copper color!

  • Jane

    I have been admiring KK’s bags for awhile now. As a painter and a potter I like to pick bags that have a unique voice. There are very few bags in this world that truly are pieces of art. I think that is why I have always been drawn to her work, but because I am an artist I am pretty much poor. So I like to admire from afar whenever I can. It is so difficult to pick just one bag that is my favorite there are just too many beautiful bags. I just can’t pick one so I guess I will give my top three. I adore the donna pop satchel, donna batik stachel in red, and isabel lady clutch in beige. Well, there ya have it my favorites.

  • Tina

    I love the Bela in brandy and the Donna Batik in red. They are both equally gorgeous. I think that my next bag will be a Katherine Kwei…it would be a great addition.

  • Christine A.

    Isabel Shopper in plum is lovely! What fascinating detail on that purse! I just want to look at that artistic interpretation, reach out and touch it! Very eye catching!

  • Kim

    The Edna day clutch is perfection. Absolutely love the details. I think it would be perfect for me because I like something that is both detailed and subtle.

  • Karen

    I think the Donna Satchel in Grey is the perfect bag! The bag is work appropriate and extremely trendy/ chic for after hours. Plus I just absolutely adore the intimate detailing.

  • SiSi

    I love the Kate bag in black because I love the style and the material is lambskin!!
    Thanks for the chance.

  • DeAnna

    I have to say that I prefer the Batik satchel in red as well. Red is my fave color, and the unique shape (almost hobo-style, but not too big) is perfect for a ‘daily-driver’!

  • Kiki

    My fave style is the Donna Pop in the Carryall style. What a great looking, eye-catching bag with a superb design…not too big and not too small, will carry everything and look extremely edgy and fun at the same time!

    ParkingGoddessFTW at gmail dot com

  • Kathy

    Thanks for all the gracious and super positive comments. I am so happy and truly touched so many people like the bags. It seems like the Donna is a clear winner! It’s the first line I developed during design school and it is the nearest and dearest to my heart. Good luck everyone! I’ll check back in soon.

  • Jackie

    I love the Donna pop clutch bag. The croc is so luscious!

  • Connie

    my fav is definately the donna lamb satchel in gray. it is such a nice classic bag. its just the right size to carry around. i always have troubel finding a bag that is big enough but not too big. my mom and i usually dont agree on bags but i think this is a bag we both would agree on.

  • Heather D.

    I love the satchel bag in coral. It’s classy but with a flair of modern. I love that it’s big enough ot old all my necessities but not look like my huge diaper bag. :)

  • Ashley

    My fav is the Joyce carryall – it’s the perfect size and I love the rock n’ roll vibe it gives off! I could definitely see this bag on the arm of a young fashionista like myself :)

  • Thrine

    To be perfectly honest, I have never heard of Katherine Kwei until several minutes ago when I came across this site during a random google search for designer purses. Having said that, I am an absolute sucker for animal print anything and I am seriously lusting after the snake print bag- I don’t care how it comes, just give me!!!!

  • PS

    I really liked Donna satchel snake skin in coral, totally my style. Isabel skinny clutch in plum is also very pretty. I’d get both for myself. :D

  • Nicole O.

    My favorite bag is the Silver Satchel from the Donna Lamb collection.

    I love the color & the way the strands of leather come together at the bottom & create a beautiful woven braid.

    It’s beautiful!!

  • Joanna

    I like the Donna Pop satchel in black & gold. I like the mix of lambskin & suede.

  • BeBe

    The Donna Satchel itself catches my eye the most….simply glorious & quite unique looking! I LOVE that it would go just about anywhere…work, shopping, or out for drinks & dinner after work. I need a bag that is this versatile. I would have a hard time choosing between the 3 gorgeous snakeskin choices. The winner is one lucky lady!!!

  • bunnyb

    My fave would definitely be the Donna Lamb satchel. It’s looks so soft and just oh-so-gorgeous and I love the colors!

  • Dinky

    My god i wasnt aware of such pretty styles!!!! i totally love the donna lamb skinny clutch in red!! its absolutely gorgeous!! Its Red,wat i have been thinking of and the style is so diff ive not seen this on anyone :D Its perfect for the black dress or even white!! i will have to match my clothes to carry this beautiful clutch :))

    thanks to u for increasing my bag-o-knowledge everyday!! Now def added to my wish list ;)

  • malaikah

    bags are absolutely droolworthy but I am torn being practical and going for something really sexy.. i thought donna kate carry all pewter would make a pefect chemo bag so i can stuff everything i need to take with so it seems i am going for modelling shoot rather then chemo.. so on practicallity that gets my vote…

    but on second thoughts i love kate flap tote and donna lamb satchell…..they are plaiiiiiin sexy…ooh decisions, decisions and more decisions..ah well time to have a cup of tea and some kitkat…goooood luck winner…

  • dymphna

    i love the isabela tote in black…because it’s beautiful

  • sonya

    i love the donna satchel in green it’s gorgeous!

  • Allison

    I love the Bella! So pretty.

  • Jennifer Cashin

    I LOVE the Bella Bucket. This bag is beautiful and since I am a mother of three little ones, I could have an amazing accessory in my wardrobe that reminds me that I am a stylish woman as well as a mother!

  • Jen H

    WOW! Although I would tend to go for something in the Kate line if I was buying an every day bag for myself.. I would love to go out on a date night carrying ANY of these bags, definitely head turners! The Donna Batik in Red or the Donna Snake Skin in red would be my picks for a WOW bag :)

  • Danielle L

    I love the Donna Lamb Tote because it is gorgeous and so original in lambswool. I love the rich black color!

  • Jannie L

    I would love to get the Donna snake skin Satchel in azure blue. The color is gorgeous, the shape is elegant and the size is just perfect for my petite size. The detail (the straw/wicker) reminds me of the fringes with gracefulness, which gives a hint of poised and yet fun to carry as an everyday bag!

  • *B* Fab

    I am in LOVE with the Donna snake skin clutch! I found one of her clutches in metallic silver in I think InStyle last October and have been lusting after the bag ever since!

    I recommended the bag at ThisNext – http://www.thisnext.com/item/6C6602D7/8BA77085/Katherine-Kwei-Metallic-Silver


    I even did a blog post on it! – http://mypurpleworld.wordpress.com/2008/10/27/sunday-random-b/

    I would love this clutch in any color because of the fabulousness and exccellent craftsmanship! I would rock it with everything :-)

  • Yeeny

    Donna Satchel in green is so unique. I love it!! So chic and it will match any outfit.

    Dress down or up, this bag is a total investment!

  • Sylvia

    I like the Donna lamb satchel in silver. It can match any outfit for my mom. I didn’t choose other as my mom is afraid of snake. I would like to present her this beautiful satchel as her birthday present. I’m only a student and I couldn’t buy her a beautiful bag as a present. She didn’t say she like it but I know it.

  • HandbagReport

    It was hard choosing only one Katherine Kwei handbag, however, the red Donna Batik Satchel is my favorite! A fabulous red handbag is the perfect accessory to brighten up my fall wardrobe. I treat red as both a neutral and a statement color, which would allow me to wear it twice as much. The Donna Batik Satchel is beautiful, classic, chic and most importantly, functional.

  • Kaity

    The Kate in black is my favorite. It just seems like a really versatile bag for everyday use. I also adore the little charms on the fall/winter page….so cute!

  • Stacy

    The Donna snake skin clutch in red is my favorite. I love a cluth because they are versatile pieces are this is easily transitional to an evening bag or a day in the office.

  • Joy Glaser


  • Olivia

    Absolutely lovely bag by Katherine Kwei!!! It is on my shopping list now.

  • Lindy

    I LOVE the Donna Snake Satchel in pea green. I’m a HUGE fan of snake shoes and handbags and love the way they wear over time. The classic hobo shape, along with the nice roomy size, makes this the perfect addition to my handbag wardrobe that often doubles as a diaper bag for quick outings. I should have no problem fitting diapers, wipies and bottles alongside my wallet and makeup bag in this bag, and the exterior will truly stand the test of time!

  • susan

    Wow..I keep looking through them to see which one to pick. They’re all lovely. I am going to have to choose the Donna pea green snake tote. It is gorgeous. As I wear lots of gray in the winter, this bag would be a great addition.

  • Steph

    I am torn between the Donna-Lamb satchel in silver and the Kate carryall in pewter. I think the Kate my winner by a nose, though. So classic, I could carry it all the time with everything! So big, it could hold all my junk with ease!

  • Camille

    I love the Donna Pop in the Satchel style! It is so hip and sassy. I love the fringe-like detail that makes her bags so unique. It looks like it would fit easily over the shoulder and comfortably add flair to most any outfit! yay!

  • Jen

    Okay, I have loved this designer’s bags since the moment that you first featured them on Purseblog. Unfortunately, they are not that easy to come by in Chicago, so I’m always happy to see pictures of them elsewhere. Then again, I sooooo want to be one of the first in the Windy City to actually have one of these amazing bags hanging off of my shoulder! My absolute fave – which has always been my favorite – is the Donna Satchel. I like the utilitarianism of the tote shape with the kind of breezy boho flavor of the bag’s drape, co-mingled with the utter city chic of the detailed knots. If I had to choose a runner-up, I guess that it would be the Isabel because I sometimes like to add a little structure to my wardrobe. But far and away, the Donna is what I drool over year after year after year.

    • Kathy

      Hi Jen,

      We are in a store called Aberle Boutique:

      1101 W Webster Ave
      Chicago, IL 60614-3510
      (773) 477-1101

      Hope you see something there you like as well.



  • Wanda

    The Bella Bucket Bag is a conversation starter all on it’s own merit. It has the power to carry a rather drab outfit and make it eye catching . To say the least it is worth the price they have it would bring anyone pleasure for many years to come without becoming dated

  • Susana

    I’m in love!!! I love the Donna Lamb Satchel in Silver. It looks extremely versatile and perfect for almost every occasion. It’s simply perfect!

  • CS

    Loved the Bella in wine color! It has a very earthy yet seductive feel to it! Definitely a head turner!

  • CS

    Loved the Bella in wine color! It has a very earthy yet seductive feel to it! Definitely a head turner! Also the color would look gorgeous in about any time/season of the year!

  • AA

    I like the satchel will suit me! Its perfect for school & everyday.

  • Patricia

    I love all the bags, but the Donna Snake satchel in the pea green took my breath away. I admit to having a handbag addiction and the picture of this beautiful bag made me feel so content like only a wonderful handbag can. I am a highschool teacher and love beautiful things, especially bags. I’m sure all my (female) students would be in awe if they saw me carrying this exquisite and wearable piece of art. My purse collection awaits this unique and incredibly delicious addition.

  • Diana

    My favorite is the Isabel skinny clutch in plum. It’s so beautiful and I like the unique shape.

  • Aya

    I’d have to go with the Donna skinny clutch in azure blue — the elongated shape is understated and elegant, and the insane amount of detail + Swarovski crystals make it so original. I like being one of a kind, and my purse should reflect me! I feel like Donna skinny clutch would accomplish that. :)

    • Aya

      At first I was going to go with the snakeskin line, but I think Donna-Batik is even better! So unique. Donna-Batik skinny clutch in tan is THE ONE!

  • Anna

    The Joyce carry-all… both black and mustard! Distinct and gorgeous!

  • Alyssa

    The Donna clutch snakeskin clutch–luxe and the perfect size!

  • fwy

    I actually love the Donna Satchel shown in the pic above.

  • Laura

    OK, Katherine Kwei gets serious kudos for deconstructing snake skin into the perfectly cool, chic, and modern take on such a traditional texture! Really beautiful work; innovative without loosing a classic appeal. LOVE-ing the shape of the Donna Satchel, definitely my favorite, especially in the azure blue color. The blue blends great with the snake skin tones and would pair amazingly with all neutrals, taupes, greys, as well as warmer tones for something more exciting! Also, the Donna Clutch is seriously adorable in all three colors!

  • DL

    Donna Lamb tote in black is my favorite. It looks flirty and fun enough for casual but also looks sharp and fashionable for work.

  • becky

    tan donna batik!! omg that bag rocks! would go w/my wardrobe and fit on my shoulder easily. Love it!

  • Lianne

    I love the Bella Bucket in the brandy. Gorgeous look, and big enough for all the stuff I carry around. Besides, we call my niece, Isobel, Bella.

  • Kelly

    My hands-down favorite is definitely the Isabel shopper in Plum! Love the shape and size of the shopper and the central placement of the intricate knots makes this bag completely interesting without a lot of frills. And I’m still loving all thing purple, so Plum is the colour of choice. I would also love to own the Joyce clutch in Mustard!

  • Michelle Carter

    I love the Kate carryall in black

    • Michelle Carter

      sorry forgot to tell you I like it cause it goes with everything I own

  • Kimberly Marney

    My absolute favorite this season is the Donna Batik Satchel in Tan. This bag would work well with any outfits in the black or brown families. I love the yummy shade of tan in that it is more orange than other shades. It has a very contemporary feel with the way the colors dance across the leather. The shape is truly wonderful too! I love it! Katherine is such an extraordinary handbag designer! I hope I am the lucky winner!

  • Kimberly Marney

    Since I love the snake Donna Satchel so much as well, I have to leave a comment about it as well! I wouldn’t want it to be left out! It’s almost a toss up! What goes better with everything than a beautiful snake?

  • Shin

    I never got attracted to a black bag before, I always go for colours, but the Donna Pop Clutch in black is just beautiful, so does the satchel in black and silver. Make me feel like I want to dance in the rain this rainy season in Vancouver. No bag has ever want to make me dance in the rain before!

  • sunsurfdolphins

    I like the the Isabel Lady Clutch in black! It would go perfectly with my new little black dress—perfect to compliment my outfit for showing my ex what he lost!

  • carepeace

    The black Isabel shopper would hold everything for me, and would keep me stylish at the same time.

  • Ji

    Donna-Batik Satchel!! its soo hott. love it! its fierce

  • BrittanyAnn

    I love love the donna satchel. Perfect size and shape.

    My favorite version is the green snake, it is so unique!

    Also love the grey and black lamb (how could you choose just one!)

  • Fiona

    Donna Batik – Skinny Clutch.
    The pattern is so fierce and the clutch is so beautiful. Very well made and unique.
    This gorgeous clutch is all I need for the night.

  • Lisa

    Red, Red, Red!!! My favorite color on a wonderful brand new bag I hope to one day own!!!!!! Red Donna Snake Skin Clutch!!! One day you will be mine!

    Love the color, size, material and style.

  • Ruby

    i love the snake Donna Satchel!

  • bagsandmorebags

    Kayla metallic LG Travel. Great bag for NYC. In Yellow, please.

  • Tash

    A Black Kate carryall is the easiest mix and match carryall. It’s both practical and oh so stylish. It’s back on my style radar

  • Diantha

    Edna shopper: A fashion statement which adds a sense of style. Armed and dangerous, I’ll arm myself in style

  • Barbara

    Over the shoulder bags = trend of the minute. A Joyce carryall is a smart investment for work, play and travel. Can take me through the four seasons

  • Jasmine

    Clea purple purse is a staple accessory which creates style. The color purple reigns supreme! Fresh and juicy, it’s certainly ripe for the picking

  • mary

    love the donna-lamb tote in black… just looking for a new black tote to replace a very well worn juicy stand-by for the Fall, it would work out perfectly….

  • Kelly

    Wow, what a great designer! Her signature fringe knotting is really unique and quite striking! I <3 the Kate carry all in Pewter and it would be an ideal everyday work bag; A stylish, throw-it-all-in tote. But the object of my obsession is the Donna Snake Skin Tote in Pea Green – What a show stopper! Big bags are my thing, and that is one big beautiful bag!

  • Naomi P

    The Isabel shopper took my breath away. A very modern take for a chic girl on the go.

  • emnini

    I absolutely adore the donna lamb satchel in copper; the color is stunning, really can’t take my eyes of, and it goes very well with the overall design of the bag.

  • Tina

    I love the Edna-bowler. I like that it’s feminine and masculine at the same time. Its very stylish yet very functional. It suit’s my style best, I’m a safe dresser(plain colors and usually black) but I keep it to a point that my accessories rocks!.

  • LaChula

    For me it would be the Donna Lamb Tote…this bag is very versatile. You can never go bad with a big bag expecially if its made to look alluring and lavish. I would wear it repeatedly to work and probably on the weekends and look fabulosa!!!

  • Sonia

    Joyce Clutch in Mustard is the perfect bag for me! Luff it..

  • Stacie

    The Donna Batik Tote in red, simply fabulous!!!

  • jenny

    I LOVE THE JOYCE BAG.. it’s so trendy and stylish, witha little bit of edge and rocker-chick. i have the best outfit in mind that would totally go so well with it!!!

  • KayT

    I love the Donna Lamb satchel. The blue-gray color pictured is amazing.

  • lka

    I actually prefer the gorgeous bag that is the subject of your giveaway! The colors are neutral and perfect for year round use and the snakeskin jazzes things up just enough. Well done!

  • patricia

    I like the Kate Carry All in Pewter. This would fit me because I seem to wind up with everything in my handbag.

  • Kathryn

    Isabel is calling my name…it wants me as much as I want it! The lovely swirly design on the front has entranced me, especially in black.

  • zhel

    I am so loving the KATE carry all in BLACK. It is perfect for on the go moms like me. It is simple but classy. It’s matches with my everyday get up and it’s perfect for everyday use. The bag is soooo meee….

  • steffi

    I definitely love the Batik, I’m Indonesian, so I appreciate it and sometimes get a tad uber excited to see pieces of our culture on the runway. Gorgeous bag!

  • JenG

    My favorite was the Isabel shopper. I love shopper handbags. I thought that the twisted detail on the front of the shopper was gorgeous.

  • Tina Maria

    Oh my goodness, yet again beautiful beautiful bags I will never even be able to go and drool on! I live in Copenhagen, Demark, and am such a big city girl daydreaming of NY and it’s fashion scene – any of Katherine Kwei’s bags to me would be like getting to touch and feel (not to mention WEAR!!) a piece of this atmosphere of style and labels I read about on endless fashion blogs. My favorite item from the fall/winter collection is the Edna shopper in black – gorgeous details with ladylike simplicity. Tough choice though, the Donna bag just oozes glamour…

  • Tracy

    The Donna Pop is my style…of’course as cute and stylish as those bags are…I could easily change my style ;o}

    Such style!

  • Tracy

    I forgot to list why this bag is my fave! No reason really other than I just love it! I love bags…L.O.V.E. them! I guess that’s why ;o}

  • LCM

    Definitely the Donna in the azure blue python – sigh!
    UThe little panda charm is adorable, too!)

  • Lauren

    My favourite has to be the Donna-Batik in red – absolutely gorgeous! I checked out the purse charms as well and they’re adorable!

  • jacki

    I love the Donna Snake Tote in Azure blue. What an amazing and incredible bag! I would definitely turn heads with that bag on my shoulder!

  • Heidi

    The Donna Batik Satchel in tan is THE perfect bag for autumn. Great size, color and the style is amazing.

  • Diana

    I absolutely fell in love with the Donna Snake Skin Satchel !!! Red and Black…such bold and daring colors !! I got married in a Red Dress…( 2nd time around )that’s how much I love the color red !! This satchel reminds me of that day !!
    Beautiful, striking, and amazingly lasting !!

  • Laceyyy

    must have must have must have must have!!!

  • Laceyyy

    oh my goddddddddddddd…. okay, okay, calm down…

  • Laceyyy

    I’ve chosen the Donna-Pop because it’s structure stands out to me as very early 1900s, 20s flapper to me! Very glamorous & very cute. The technique used to the bag is very unique too. It’s different & I like that.

    LOVE the giveaway too =D

    October is my month, so maybe this will be my luck!

  • yasemin

    I think Kate Carry all is just for me !! I especially liked gray color. I prefer business like bags these days and it is for bussiness but not so cold like many other.

  • Stephanie

    The Isabel Skinny Clutch in Plum is so enticing for me! This goes against the typical choices I have always made with purses, I tend to get the huge totes or satchels that are about a third of my total body weight, but I just cannot stop looking at this beautiful little clutch! The knotted details, beautiful plum shade and the unique shape of the clutch combine to create the most whimsically perfect purse I have seen in very long while! It’s perfect. I am in love.

  • Angela

    The Kate in Pewter is gorgeous. I love how the color would GO WITH almost everything and not necessarily MATCH everything.

  • Janie

    I identify with the Bella Bucket in Brandy. The color is so rich, it is stylish and bohemian and edgy all at once. It looks like a bag that can go from City to Country depending on what you wear. It’s a great bag.

  • Kim Robin

    The Donna snakeskin satchel rocks my world! Perfect shape and groovy style…it’s the right fit for me.

  • shaheen

    The Isabel clutches are elegant and refined, yet unique. Either the lady clutch or the skinny clutch would be a great addition to any accessories wardrobe.

  • Vanessa S

    Although I love all the bags, my favorite from the Fall/Winter 2009 Collection is the Donna Lamb tote. I am a petite woman however, I love the size of the bag, its versatility, in terms of wearing it in a dressy or casually chic manner and the trapezoidal shape of it. In essence, this bag is just simply timeless, as well as ageless!!!!

  • Peggle

    I love the Bella, color Brandy, it reminds me of the 70’s when life was simple and free of video games. When kids played outside and we had telephone party lines.

    The Bella, is a beauty and she sparked many great memories when I saw her. I would love to add her to my collection.

  • Zita

    The Katherine Kwei Donna-Batik line is one of the most creative and exciting purse designs I’ve seen. Strand upon strand of buttery lambskin draped together, provide an unexpected backdrop for a batik pattern, making this bag a true work of art. I like a larger bag that “pops” against my dark wardrobe, so the red satchel – while fabulous on its own – would look even better on my shoulder.

  • Jurne

    I hope i don’t need to sing like an idol, survive on an island or race around the world to win this.

    I love Donna Satchel and Skinny Clutch with Swarovski Crystals!!


  • BunnyMasseuse

    I love the Katherine Kwei Bella Bucket in Brandy. Love the brown they choose, not to mention the pull ties on the sides/front that allow for give w/o letting things fall out. Very unique design, and appreciate how the designer continues the look throughout all of the collections.

  • AM

    I love the Donna Lamb Satchel in Silver. I think it’s absolutely stunning!

  • Erin

    My favorite would have to be the Donna Snakeskin Tote or Donna Snakeskin Satchel. I love how sexy the snakeskin bags look and they would be amazing under my arm as I’m running around the city! I love love love totes but I’d have to opt for the satchel because totes tend to look positively huge on my petite frame :-)

  • Marissa

    I just love the Donna – lamb and the Isabel. All her bags are unique and beautiful. But I love these two designs. I would love to have any of her purses.

  • Lisa

    I love this line. I would have to choose the Donna clutch as my favorite. So cute and timeless.

  • gina

    I love to have any off those totes love you all gina

  • Catalina

    I love the Clea line.
    Cute and spunky.
    They are all amazing!

  • gina faulkner

    I really like the purse shown in the picture (Donna-snakeskin). It is a very unique design.

  • Janette

    I am so torn. Especially between the Donna-Pop Carry-All in silver and the Donna-Batik Satchel in tan. I would have to ultimately pick Donna-Batik Satchel because the obscure print caught ,y eye in the very beginning. It’s great printed pattern that is enhanced by the the craftsmanship. It is just a great bag.

  • Anna-Lena

    Wow, what a giveaway.
    My favorite one is The black Kate.
    It’s gorgeous.
    I would love to have it.
    Thanks for the chance to get a Katherine Kwei bag.

  • Derrolyn

    I love the Donna Pop Satchel in Gold and the Donna Snake Satchel in red. These bags are so unique, but really beautiful and chic! Love it :)

  • Irishlass1029

    It’s very refreshing to see something truly unique for a change – and still usable! My favorite is the Donna snakeskin satchel in pea green. YUM! This would be a bag I would carry and enjoy.

  • Jira

    I like the Clea series — the clutches are really cute and playful. I have fairly large bags, so I need something small and zippy. I also love the charms, they look so delicate!

  • MichelleD

    I’m loving the Donna satchel in coral. This bag is so unique —chic,funky & elegant. It would certainly revive my handbag collection.

  • Elaine

    I am really drawn to the Donna satchel, be it the snakeskin, batik, or plain lambskin version. The beautiful folds and knots really settle into the rounded shape beautifully.

  • sarah g

    The joyce carryall without a doubt. It’s well balanced on the shoulder, and has just the right amount of knotting. This season the colors for the joyce seem more muted than previously, which appeals to me, but I haven’t managed to see them in person yet.

  • Lindsay

    I love the Bela! The detailing on it is beautiful, but not too bold so the bag will stay classic! Beautiful shape and materials. And I love the outside pockets!

  • Steph

    I love the Donna Satchel the best!!! The shape is classic and the snake is beyond gorgeous! I love how the bag is such a classic looking bag with an edgy vibe going on. I love bags with something a little unique and this bag captures that!!!!!!

  • Heidi

    Wow I really like the Donna Tote in lambskin. The look of the bag is really stunning, and even the “tote” shape is really unique. I don’t have anything like this and would love to see it in person! Also, the charms are really adorable!

  • Francine

    Bella in Brandy, what a fun hanging out weekend bag.

  • Bethany

    I love all her bags, but especially the Joyce Wallet on the chain…so special and perfect for a night out!

  • Rosanna

    I really like the Isabel Shopper. The twist designs on the bag are really unique- something I’ve never seen before on a bag! And the colors it comes in is TDF!

  • Kay

    I love the Donna Lamb Satchel because it’s a perfect size for a day bag and not to big to be a night bag. It will fit all my junk and still be appropriate for the night life.

  • winnie

    I love never heard the brand Katherine Kwei since saw this bag today. How beautiful it is! Look more unique and fantastic. Love that design and colour. Perfect for this year through !!!

  • Lana

    My favorite style is the Donna!! I love it in the Pop and Lamb! The Joyce carry-all is gorgeous too! Katherine Kwei makes such gorgeous bags, and I’ve seen them on Gossip Girl! The weaving of the leather cords is just genius, and so unique and pleasing to the eye!

  • Stephanie

    Love the Donna lambskin satchel in silver. What an incredible design. Talk about attention to details! So unique and guaranteed to turn heads.

  • SUE

    Sorry I did that the wrong way by commenting on someones comment.

    Anyway….I LOVE the Donna Satchel in Batik red. It looks like such a versatile bag and the color is TDF!!

  • T-Girl

    I like the Kate Carry-all in black because I love totes and this is so smart with the leather straps that go all the way to the bottom with top-bottom buckles and the rich decorative weaving of the knots in the middle. I commute to work and this bag is just perfect to carry around in my hand, on my arm, or over my shoulder. Black is a great colour because it is rich and it adds a nice contrast to the nutty brown leather straps. I like the little “V” slouch down the middle. The good thing about the dual strap is that I can separate them to get to my goodies inside. It looks like a nice light bag that I can use on a regular basis. I am not sure whether there is a zippered top but it does not matter because I am used to handbags with dogleash closures.

  • Chaneljewel

    Just love the Isabel design! It’s classic with an edge. These are such unique designs in fabulous leathers. Must admit that I’m totally ‘awed’ by the bag charms too…what cuteys!!

  • Linda

    With such unique bags- it wasn’t an easy choice. I loved the Donna Batik Satchel – great shape and details. Edgy but totally wearable for day and weekend.

  • michellejy

    I love the Donna lamb satchel in red. Aside from red being my favorite color, I love the structured take on fringe on this bag. It’s the perfect combination of rocker and hippie.

  • Tegan Ghirardello

    I love the donna tote in the python in the blue color. It is so pretty and my favorite color is blue I wear a lot of it. I think I could rock this purse with jeans or dressing up. I love the python print it is so cool.

  • Anna

    I would have to say the Donna is stunning! A beautiful combination of leathers that melt into each other! Major eye candy! I get a toothache looking at it! Real Love!

  • Nina

    This was hard.. lol! I love the Edna Shopper in black because it’s not a standard bag you see around, so it’s a great eyecatcher without being ”too much”. Since I love wearing black, this would be a great addition to spice up the outfit because people usually think black is boring. I’d like to prove them to be wrong with this bag ;-)

  • Tooomz

    My fave would have to be the Isabel lady clutch. I love the unique detailing on the bag, giving the bag a feminine touch.

  • Tracy

    I love love the Donna-Lamb tote in black with a panda charm!! So adorable!

  • annabelle

    I loved Donna Batik. I think the Batik style is different and unique.

  • Cheryl

    Donna Batik Satchel in red – just beautiful!!!

  • ZG

    I like the Joyce Carry-All in Black the best! Love the rosette details with the long tassels. It has a feminine rocker-chic look and I love tassels! It is a beautiful bag.

  • nillacobain

    My fave is Donna snake skin clutch in colar. I love clutches and I think this one is quite amazing.

  • mdlovesbags

    I think I need them all, but my fave is the Donna Lamb Tote in copper. Stunning. It is a statement bag that you’d have forever.

  • Jeneen

    I love the Donna-Batik Stachel – the shape is gorgeous and I would carry it with me everywhere – very modern and cool and it looks functional and artistic at the same time.

  • jerlene

    For me, style wise this isn’t a hard choice at all – the Donna satchel was definitely love at first sight! I loved the weave of the leather, and the beautiful knots at the base of the bag and the strips of leather – as someone who is also of Chinese descent, knowing that her inspiration for the unique knotting was the traditional Chinese knots makes it so much more special – but even if I didn’t know that little nugget of information, I’d still love the knots anyway, together with the strips of leather – they do suggest a kind of weaving, creationist, yet deconstructed look that I totally LOVE, and in a way that is more post-modernist than traditional! I totally dig the suggestion of both chaos in the knots and order in the general shape of the bag and the neatness of the way the leather strips are aligned. And it makes the entire bag, which would otherwise be yet-another-black-satchel, stand out so much more modern and chic. I also love the bag for the fact that it’s a satchel – shoulder bags are really the best for me, and I also love the fact that the strap is just the right length so that it can hang off your shoulder without digging into your armpit, but at the same time doesn’t look sloppy if you decided to dangle it off your elbow. Pretty yet practical. Love it!

    Now that I’ve established my love for the Donna Satchel, I now have to narrow down to one color. Now that is HARD. Picking the style was a piece of cake, but the color is so hard to decide! Honestly, I have no idea! On one hand I’d LOVE the snakeskin, so of-the-moment, so beautiful and oh, SO SEXY, in a totally understated way. On the other hand, maybe I might want to keep it really classic and simple color-wise – especially given the intricacies of the bag’s design – and go for classic black lambskin leather…Mmmm my favorite type of leather! That will make the bag a stunner, not a ‘in-yer-face’ ho’ stunner, but a classy stunner, and hey, black goes with anything right? And yet, on the other other hand (as if I had three hands) I’d totally love to get the Donna Pop – I totally feel the contrast in colors, both dark and light on the same bag, which really add to make the weaves in the leather so much more striking! I do think that color combination really does add to the bag – it’s the perfect color complement to the bag’s structure and knots. So color-wise, I really have no idea, although I suspected that if I had to pick one or be shot, I’d probably go for the..the…the…hmmm, wait while I make up my mind…I guess I’ll just be shot. LOL. I guess I’d go for the pop or the snake. See, I managed to eliminate one.

    Anyway, sorry for the lengthy response, if you can’t already tell, I am obviously totally digging Katherine Kwei’s lovely unique aesthetic (and if you can’t tell, it’s the first time I’ve actually heard of her! Talk about love at first sight!). Totally right up my alley. And, thanks purseblog for the chance to win this beautiful bag! =cough cough= :P

  • Jean

    The Donna snakeskin Tote in Azure Blue would suit me best. I love it’s north-south elongated shape which is slimming. It’s details are very eye-catching, I would be so excited to own one! I’ve never had a snakeskin bag before. Just wow, it is awesome!

  • Alissa

    The Donna Lamb satchel is a work of art, just amazing!

  • bri

    I love the Isabel shopper in black. The detail isn’t too much for me, but still eyecatching and beautiful!

  • anne

    The Donns satchel is GORGEOUS!!!

  • Nicole

    Beautiful bags! I think my favorite is the Donna Lamb satchel in black. It’s a classic color, a beautiful design and would fit over the shoulder or as a satchel making it a wonderful versatile bag for me.

  • Cynthia

    Beautiful Bags! I really prefer the Donna-Lamb Satchel in Silver. The design is so fabulous, I really don’t want any pattern distracting from the design. The size is perfect!

  • kim

    Love the Isabel shopper-so ladylike in lambskin!

  • Purplecoachgirl

    That Donna Pop Carry-all is so striking- what a great, classy bag that can be either elegant or edgy!

  • Julie

    I love the Isabel Shopper!~

  • Michele

    The Donna Lamb Satchel in Silver. Very unique, love the shape, definitely a head turner.

  • Jass

    I love the Kate carry all! I could use this for class and then after i graduate for work. its versatile so it fits with my lifestyle.

  • Anne

    Wow..Is all I can say when I seen the Donna batik in RED.This handbag is Gorgous and screams “HELLO HERE I AM ” !! I would die to be able to carry such a Beautiful handbag. You did a great job Katerine designing your handbags you go Girl!! I just Love,Love,Love!!!

  • Tammy

    The Isabel Shopper is so cute!!!!

  • Melissa

    I love the Isabel shopper in Plum. It’s girly yet sophisticated, and it is the perfect size for every day.

  • Andrea Stokes

    I am dying for the Donna Snakeskin satchel in pea green. The size, shape, eye-catching color and unique design would pop out in any crowd. It’s fabulous in the colder months to pair your basic black wool coat and black boots with a stunning and colorful bag…this is my Fall/Winter 2009 dream!

  • Voodoo


    Fringe……. adjustable strap…….lambskin……carryall……who could ask for more??

  • MadChixRock

    Looks like I’m in very good company as the Donna Snake Satchel in Pea Green is my absolute favourite. I love the richness and uniqueness of the snakeskin, mixed in with the detailed and skilled workmanship and best of all the smack of free spirited “hippy” which says “I’ve got a beautiful bag to match the many other beautiful things in my head”. Thanks KK, a stunning bag and quite amazing that this was your first design line in school!

  • Caroline

    I love the Donna snake skin satchel in blue. It has such gorgeous and unique details and would go with just about any outfit, from relaxed & casual to sophisticated & elegant.

  • Batgirl77

    I LOVE the Joyce Carry-all in black. The tassel & knot detail is gorgeous and so unique, and it looks easy and comfortable to carry. Perfect!

  • An4

    I like Donna pop, especially the satchel in black, it would go best with my style and it’s very versatile. It black but with a twist – love it!

  • Korilynn

    I like the Kate carryall in Black. It looks like it would fit in perfectly with my lifestyle! Chic, and still mommy- friendly!

  • JPG0150

    I love the Donna Lamb Satchel in gray, perfect size and color for me!!

  • Patricia

    I think that the Pop satchel is my new BFF!

  • Abby (willowsmom)

    I adore the Donna satchel in both snake and lambskin. The bag in itself is a simple, hobo-like design, made special with the knots and materials used. I love the neutral color choices as well. I also enjoy the story of how Katherine Kwei used her grandmother’s techniques to design her bags – so cool!

  • Allison Croce

    The Donna snake is my favorite…in the green. The exotic skin, the knots, it’s so different and unique, and GORGEOUS. it is really fancy and i love it!

  • Liz

    I really like the Bela bag in winter white. It is different and new, but at the same time has a western look to it, that I don’t think would ever go out of style. I could see Bela as a winter bag but also a year round bag too.

  • L C

    I love the Joyce Carry-all. The details on all the bags are magnificent!

    I also love that Katherine and I share an alma mater (Go Big Red!).

  • Eilee

    Ooh, the Donna batik in red! Just so eye-catching!

  • deka

    i love the kate bag
    looks durable and able to carry all my stuff

  • Elaine

    I adore the Bela Bucket Bag in white- it is so gorgeous, original, and a real head turned. I would be so proud to carry this everywhere I go.

  • Tonya

    I think the Bela in Brandy would be the perfect bag for me. It’s a nice large shoulder bag and it has outter pockets that would be great for throwing my keys or cell phone inside and I would be able to access those items easily and being a mother of 2 small children, accessability is important for me while choosing a bag.

    PS: I also REALLY love the little fish, turtle, and panda charms. They are super cute!!!

  • Suzanne

    The Donna-Lamb satchel in silver. What a lovely bag and so original.

  • janis

    I really love the Donna satchel! This is such a cool bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shruti

    In love with the Donna-Batik in tan!

  • Callie

    I would choose the Donna Satchel in POP Gold. I think it would go with most of my wardrobe and definitely stand out! Give my outfit a POP! :) Actually, I would be honored to win any of these beautiful bags!! Katherine Kwei is truly one of today’s most creative handbag designers!

  • Vicki

    I like the Edna bowler in black. It would be the perfect size for me.

  • Kamal

    The Isabel shopper has a classy look, the knots remind me of rose buds. The size adds versatility to it: for me it is a multipurpose day and night bag, in plum it adds warmth to these cold winter days.

  • Stacey

    I am in love with the Isabel Shopper in Toffee. I think all of her bags are gorgeous, and browsing her collection, I thought they were all amazing. But then I saw the Isabell and litterally lost my breath for a moment. It is spectacular! The toffee color looks like butter, which is perfect for this Thanksgiving season. I love the details and appreciate the story behind them, I love that she injected a bit of her personal history into each style to make a spectacular and meaningful bag.

    Definitely going on my Christmas wishlist!

  • Michaela

    The Donna Pop Satchel is definitely my kind of bag…sassy and classy, with a little something special…the gold is eyecatching, but not over the top loud. It’s beautiful!

  • Devin

    My favorite bag on the site is the Donna lambskin satchel. This style fits me, because I carry lots of things in my bag and find that I need a bag that will allow me to do that while still being fashionable. I love statement pieces and this would definitely do just that. I think the handbags are extremely beautiful and unique!

  • Nicole

    The Donna-pop satchel is gorgeous! I’ve actually never seen any of her bags before – they’re so unique and different. The black and gold look so classy together. Definitely chic!

  • Pamela

    I just looooooove the Donna Pop satchel with the gold. I’ve always liked black bags with gold on them. My first bag was a studded garbo bag from BE & D years ago so since then I like a beautiful classy black bag with gold on it that definitely grabs your attention!

  • May

    I really like the Edna shopper, because I always carry so much with me and I always need a big roomy handbag, plus this one is really stylish and different. I like the shredded look.

  • Valerie

    I am all about the Donna Pop CarryAll, in silver…because the fringy part reminds me of some kind of crazy octopus and I would feel very spunky carrying this amusing and fabulous bag when out and about. I would make sure it to make it shimmy and shake and do the hokey pokey so people would be drawn to it like some magical creature! If I had this bag, I’d get my first tattoo to honor it – a nice little octopus on my bag-carrying shoulder. I’d probably have to move to a hipper town – I think this bag might cause some traffic accidents here in the Old Pueblo. This bag says, “I’m in charge here, buy me a drink, tell me a funny story.” Although it’s big enough to carry the world in it, I’d only have my mobile phone, a credit card, some lip gloss and twenty bucks in it – everything a girl needs to get through life! This is the kind of bag that brings luck and fun to whomever owns it!

  • Bunniee

    WOW, there are many to choose from!!
    But the one that I would LOVE to own would be to The Donna Python Snake Skin Sathcel in white print, this is a bag very much suited for me :)
    I have always wanted a bag with snake skin print!! These are absolutely one of a kind stunning bags!!

    A little funky, a little wild, a bit of attitude and a whole lot of unique!! Magnificent <3

  • Roie

    I love the Donna Snake – in the satchel. As its hard to get exotic skins in AU at a reaonable price i’m always attracted to them.

  • Maya

    I think the collections are gorgeous, and perfectly made to be a trend and style maker for bag lovers! what i capture from it were the hottest velvet fringe twist that blends with croco, snakeskin, lambskin and batik leathers.

    What i love the most are Donna batik in satchel and skinny clutch model. The red one was especially attracted my eyes for it’s soo alluring to be worn with jeans and simple tees, then you will have a stylish day!!

    Meanwhile for the clutch model, i give lots of stars for Isabel Pouchette! normally i don’t wear yellow, but after i saw that clutch, i must have it!!

    Besides Donna batik and Isabel Pouchette, i also loves Donna pop and Bella carry all. KatherineKwei is definitely goes to my fashion blog called http://www.glamorockvanguard.wordpress.com for bags editors pick!!

    Congrats Katherine!!

  • Kathy Davidson

    The Donna batik in the tan color would be my choice. Very nice and beautiful for fall and winter!

  • Celtic

    Without a doubt, the Donna Snake tote in Azure Blue. Stunning!

  • Rachel

    I’m in looooove with the Donna Lamb satchel in silver. Such a unique bag but it still fits my style perfectly. I have a more simple taste but this bag is so not over the top. Beatiful!

  • Jennifer P

    I love the Donna Batik. I think the Batik style is quite unique Like me :)

  • kmroboto

    I like the Joyce carry-all the best. I like the mix of the signature braiding with the hanging tassles. It’s a mix of chic and care-free hippie hobo.

  • ACS

    Donna batik in red!

    I’ve never heard of Katherine Kwei – but her vision of handbags are pretty sweet!

  • Starangel148

    My fav is the satchel. Wonderful color, interesting design. Looks like it can be used with almost anythings.

  • Carlie

    The Edna Bowler is my favorite. It’s an adorable shape, has nice handles, and I love everything about it!!

  • Lindsey

    This giveaway is awesome because it introduces me (a true handbag lover-possibly addict) to a new designer. I love to support designers because if I had one wish in the world I would be a designer. Instead I am a happy and proud stay at hom mom who collects other amazing designer’s bags.

    I LOVE the ISABEL SHOPPER. It has such clean lines yet had ruffles too. Its like a beautiful girl in a nice tailored suit. I love it and must have it.

  • Amaryllix

    The Donna Batik satchel in red. Lovely!

  • Dragana

    Love the Donna Lamb Tote in Black!

  • gloria

    I looked around the website- I’d have to say that the Donna Satchel shown here or in red is my favorite bag. But for special occasions, the Isabel Lady Clutch would be perfect – it’s a gorgeous bag!

  • Sandra

    I like the Donna lamb satchel in silver. The leather in that color looks amazing and the design is just so edgy and unique.


    This bag is stunning I love the matteral and the fringe. Very different and exciting.

  • Anika

    I’d have to go for the Donna Snake Satchel in red! It really suits my wardrobe and I love carrying red at this time of the year.
    However, I will have to continue browsing their website now, because all the styles are stunning!

  • Kathy

    Wow! It seems like the Donna line is almost everyone’s favourite line. Thank you all for responding. It’s so flattering to read all of the great responses! This is the last week for the giveaway and I wanted to wish the lucky winner good luck!

  • Brenda C

    I agree the Donna Pop Carry-All is amazing! I could totally use it for school, work and trips!

  • mishiem

    Love the line and the prices are reasonable considering the intricate and unique design. My favorite is the Donna skinny clutch. Its really unique and definitely stunning!

  • Kimberly Marney

    Love LOVE LOVE !!! The Donna Batik in Clay. They’ll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers…. (The last bit was in honor of Halloween!)

  • Rebecca

    I love the Donna Lamb satchel in silver. I love that I would be able to use it as an everyday bag but it is still unique. So stunning!

  • Janice

    I absolutely love the Donna bowler in cocoa! I love the shape’s classy yet functional style, and the color is perfect for the bag’s design! *starry-eyed*

    • Janice

      Oh no, I meant the Edna Bowler in cocoa O_O
      Everyone loves the Donna style, but for me the bowler in Edna really sealed the deal.

  • Kimberly Lorton

    Hands down the Isabel Shopper in black!!!

  • theresa

    kill me, but i like the donna snakeskin tote in azure blue. i really did look at everything but this one has it perfect, slouchy shape, snake and color!

  • Jennifer

    The Donna lamb Satchel in silver is exquisite. The bag is refined and sophisticated while maintaining a modern edge. The silver is the perfect color for fall, and will look amazing with almost any wardrobe choice!

  • Babi

    I still ove the Katherne Kwei clutches…since I saw them on a magazine some time ago, I fell in love.
    But to be rational, I suspect I would buy the satchel in lamb instead, as I don’t have a clutch-life right now. I like slouchy shapes with an edge and this one would be perfect: this bag is so unique!

  • Sherry

    Love the Lamb Satchel AND the Donna in the beautiful muted shades…..gorgeous with every outfit!

  • Michelle

    Definately the Donna Batik satchel in red, LOVE IT! The style is so different, it looks very classy but has some modern touches to it, I would use it both casually and to impress. I love red as I wear it both casually and to impress. This is definately a purse, that would turn heads.

  • Christine

    The Donna Batik satchel in red looks like art. It looks like it belongs in a gallery – that is how beautiful the bag is! It is just a gorgeous, captivating bag that is difficult to describe. I want one. I want to buy outfits to go with it. You can truly build an outfit around this bag!

  • Chris

    The Donna pop carry all in black and silver is so unique, yet classic because black and silver is such a traditional combination. With the silver chain strap and the metallic, it could be used in the evening, yet it is edgy, so it would look fabulous with a pair of jeans. It is by far my favorite in the collection.

  • Addy

    My fave is the Edna Shopper in black – perfect for work yet so unique!

  • Fran

    I really like the Donna lamb satchel in red! I love the knotted tassels, and red is so great for fall!

  • Deb

    The Donna Batik in red is just gorgeous. I also really liked the charms and the coin purse!! Wonderful designs!

  • Andrea

    Love the detail on the Isabel!

  • Vera

    I LOVE the Bela Bucket in Winter White. The understated beauty, snake skin w/leather, the bucket shape and side pockets. Stunning!

  • Ashley

    I really like the Isabel Lady Clutch, though I don’t know what color I would choose. It looks like an awesome bag for a night out on the town and I love the linking on the bag!

  • Chris

    Donna red snakeskin-ummmmm….pretty!

  • Nina

    Love the black Joyce carryall. Great details!

  • Amelie

    My favorite is the Isael Skinny Clutch.
    It is fun, practical, original, and beautiful!

  • Rae

    I love the Clea Purse in Purple. The detailing on the front is adorable and it looks like it would hold all of my essentials.

  • yslsuperlover

    I would rock the Donna Snake Skin Satchel so hard with a satin black romper and my tan ysl tribute sandals. and loads of arm candy…maybe a men’s rolex oyster perpetual in goooooold. would look so perfect with the green snakeskin. i die.

    ps. i’m a halloween baby…this would be a perfect present ::hinthint:: ^_~

  • terri_berri

    The Donna Snake Skin Satchel in the blue/brown colourway is definitely my HG!

    The colours and the detail to the leather is just sensational, so you can never go wrong with a bag with great craftmanship :)

  • Aimee

    The Donna Snake satchel is awesome. Love the blue and red colors. Cool bag–so different than all the other bags out there. Very distinctively Katherine Kwei !! BTW the charms are so cute too!!!

  • purseaddict**

    I like the Donna-Pop carryall because it is so cute and edgy at the same time. I like that it can be carried over the shoulder or on the arm. Absolutely LOVE the charms.

  • mariko

    I like the Isabel shopper best, really unique with the knotted decorative elements!

  • Kelly

    All of these bags are absolutely stunning and unique; it isn’t that easy to choose a favorite!! However, if I had to choose, I would pick the Donna-Pop satchel. The whole Donna-Pop collection is gorgeous, and the satchel would look great with both casual and dressy outfits. In my opinion, it is very versatile, and I would carry that bag ALL. THE. TIME. <3

  • angelicjulie

    The Isabel evening bag in plum – this will match my Christmas party outfit soooo perfectly. I need to find this bag in the UK… I’m going to Google it now!

  • Vera Soong

    I covet the Donna pop satchel in black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the Donna in silver and get compliments everywhere I go!!

  • emmasu

    i really love the edna shopper one, cuz am more of classic person and love bags that would be still fashionable even after 100 years. the bags look very classic and elegant at the same time. it can be used in two ways which i can use the long strap for school and look chic and can just carry it as a tote when i go out either for shopping or even going out at nights, i think it would still look amazing in all these things, id say i love it cuz its classic and i can use it in every occasion.

  • Luciana

    Donna Batik!! Gorgeous!!

  • gail

    I liek the bag pictured above. It’s so eycatching. I love the turquoise version of this bag as well and the satchel!

  • Dara

    LOVE the Donna Lamb! Saw it for the first time at Saks many months ago. It caught my eye because it is so different from all of the other bags it was near. The quality of the leather is amazing! It has class, sophistication AND edge! The black transitions to evening well. Think this is one of my favorite new designers!

  • cindyuwho

    I like the tote style in azure blue. The blue looks cool like ocean water and and the tote’s shape reminds me of the fringe on a flapper dress.

  • Jen

    I love the Donna Lamb Clutch in Red … been looking for the perfect “going out” clutch … I saw a similar one last year in black but passed on it because it just wasn’t in the budget … I think about it all the time :) Love the texture and movement!

  • Rachael

    I love the Donna Batik in red. Batik is a traditional fabric from Indonesia where my husband is from and I think it is just stunning on this bag. I would love to see these bags in real life. I bet they are real show stoppers!

  • Minia

    I like the Donna Batik in red. I love the color and the design of this bag. The unique look just catches people’s attention.

  • mdlv

    Donna-Batik Satchel in red is the one for me! It’s a hobo bag with a twist. The outside looks is so unique especially the knotting. Its very stylist, its classic but yet so modern and chic at the same time make it very versatile. The color is not stark red it just stunning this bag definitely one of the kind bag.

  • sara

    loving the donna snake in red as a satchel! so different but versatile!!

  • Frida

    My favourite has to be the Isabel Lady Clutch <3

  • Eden

    I love the Donna Batik in the Red. It is so exotic looking and the intricacies of the leather work are positively stunning!

  • Kevin

    I love the Donna Snake Tote because it is big and the snake gives a shinny not common look.
    Big love from France:)

  • berta

    OMG I love the Donna and it is a toss up between the tote or the satchel, both are stunning.

    The colors are so pretty I could use one in each of the colors.

    But how can you forget the Isabel clutch…. It is sooo close.

    Okay, so if I was standing there in front of the three, which bag would I grab when the doors open and the rush of women are stampeding toward the bags? Aaargh…

    The Donna Satchel in Azure Blue.

  • Mel

    I adore the donna lamb satchel in silver! I am a sucker for metallic bags, they are so glamorous and fabulous!

  • princessmom

    I love the Isabel Lady Clutch in plum! It’s classic with an edge, plus I’ve been craving plum purses lately! What an exciting collection!

  • Eliza

    I love the Donna-Lamb bag. I love the shape and the details. It looks like a great bag for all occasions.

  • designingstyle

    I would loe the Isabel, I need lambskin!

  • Indy

    I love the Clea series because its so playful and fun!!

  • lisa

    Isabel design!! It’s just so gorgeous and chic!

  • mielikki55

    The Donna Lamb Skinny Clutch is the perfect date clutch!

  • ninok

    It’s my first time hearing about Katherine Kwei…but OMG, those bags are so adorable…even though clutches are never my thing…I like hers

    Torn between Donna lamb tote and and Joyce carry-all…I’ve enough totes…Joyce carry-all is my favourite favourite then…

    hugs to all that chose joyce carry-all ^0^

  • Sneha

    Oooh thats a lovely bag, hopin to win. I like the Donna-Pop Satchel its perfect for me

  • Sophie-rose

    I love the Edna Shopper it black.
    I love that i’t’s classic with a twist.

    love it!

  • Victoria

    Donna Snake Skin Satchel in Azure Blue – first of all, it’s SNAKE SKIN which is kinda self-explanatory, second of all, it’s a fantastic color that I would’ve totally rocked. Its rounded bottom line makes it more elegant than tote model and works better with those leather strips going from center. And it’s not small which is awesome.

  • Stephanie

    I think the Joyce Carry-All is Fabulous! I love the shape and how its slouchy! Also I can wear it over my shoulder and be hand free to chase my toddler:) The peak of silver is amazing, and just enough, I love it in Black, because you can rock it with anything!

  • ama123

    Edna day clutch in red is the best of the best of the best :)

  • Brenda

    I would definitely get the Isabel!

  • Kim

    Love love love the Donna Snakeskin Clutch (any color). I actually saw an older model of this clutch at TJmaxx for around $200. Can you believe that? I had no idea at the time that it was such a score! i kept looking at it, trying it on in front of the mirror. It was so unique w/ the thinly cut strips of leather snakeskin embossed print. I was so drawn to it. I was on a budget and didn’t want to spend that kinda cash at the time. Then later that week I found out that the purse was by a designer named Katherine Kwei. I went back a weeks later and it was gone! =( I knew I shoulda bought it when I had the chance. Anyway, I love her designs. You can spot a KK from a mile away.

  • Barbara

    Beautiful, creative, unique and just right! I love the satchel. Azure blue is my favorite.

  • Tonya

    After looking at all of the beautiful bags I instantly feel in love with the Isabel in Black. It immediately became my new must have bag for fall. It is big enough to hold all of things and trendy enough to go from day to night. I really love it!

  • Michelle

    I love the Donna Lamb. It’s a tote so it’s large enough to carry magazines, yet it isn’t so huge so it eclipses my body. The “fringe” is super sexy. If only it came in snake skin!

  • Beka

    Well, I have to say all these bags are soooo unique. Too bad my budget would never allow for such a piece of art!

    I have to say the Donna Snakeskin line is my favorite although the Donna Pop is a close 2nd.

    I couldn’t decide between the red or the blue/grey in the snakeskin. It finally won over because I think it would be more versatile since the opening looked tighter in the Pop version.

    So, if I have to choose it would be the Donna Snakeskin Tote in the ‘Azure Blue’.

  • Ashley

    I love the Donna Pop Clutch would be my favorite. It would go with everything and is small enough to take anywhere but very convenient.

  • Lucy B

    have thought about this all day but still can’t decide between the Kate tote or clutch (black or navy). they are both absolutely adorable and both match my personality really well. i can already picture myself wearing my navy canvas flats with these bags! *daydreaming*

  • DJ

    The Donna snakeskin tote is a dazzling head-turner yet totally functional. It’s a great bag that would transform both my look and my outlook and take a basic day to another dimension by its mere presence on my shoulder.

  • Lubaska

    I love tote and satchel style generally. My fav from Katherine Kwei is EDNA bowler in brown. Gorgeous!!! Thanks

  • megan

    Loving the Donna Pop. I love dark mysterious colors, and the snakeskin thats kind of fringe is TDF! Oh and the style is so versatile can be worn day and night baby!

  • Samia

    Like the Donna Pop Satchel, great size, and love the style.

  • luce

    I love the Edna Bowler but i really love the Donna satchel!!! i hope i winnn it’s absolutely fantastical!

  • Simone

    The Donna Satchel is a bag I could picture myself carrying a lot.

  • Not Addicted (to handbags)

    OOh, these are hot, hot, hot!

    I love the Isabel in the shopper and the Batik clutch in red.

    This Donna satchel is very lively! You could have a lot of fun wearing that bag!!!

  • cathleen p

    the joyce clutch in mustard suits my hipster style to a T. i love the fringed knots and i love the mustard color. mustard looks well next to white, black, navy or grey – the four dominant colors in my current fall wardrobe. i see myself grabbing that cute little clutch on the way out the door to my local dvd rental store or i can imagine transferring the essentials from my larger purse into the joyce clutch to complete an evening look dressed head to toe in black and grey knits. a very uniquely designed clutch in a very uncommon hue.

    what a great designer!

  • Cheryl W

    I love the Donna satchel is Coral. I want this bag because it is so unique and would fit my style of being unique.

  • Stella

    I love Donna Batik. I love its shape and color combination! This would be my dream bag.

  • Shawna

    The Donna-lamb in red is beautiful. It’s elegant, refined and unique!

  • Liz

    I love the Isabel shopper or lady clutch. Any color is fantastic! They are both beautiful. The unique knotting makes Katherine Kwei my favorite handbag designer. She had me since I saw the Teresa. I will always want to own a Katherine Kwei handbag.

  • madelaine

    The Isabel shopper is my fave from all of them, cause i like big rectangular bags…

  • KM

    Loving the Donna Tote in Azul Blue Snake Skin!!! Want it!!! This line is new to me, and I love it!

  • Regina

    The Isabel Skinny Lamb Clutch in plum is absolutely divine!

  • Laura

    My favorite Katherine Kwei Purse is the Isabel pouchette in plum.

  • Lynette

    I’ve never participated in anything like this before – maybe because I never saw anything worth the effort. I couldn’t get to the Katherine Kwei site fast enough. Good grief – These are absolutely fabulous and an incredible treasure for whoever is lucky enough to be the winner. The Donna Pop in Silver (my absolute favorite) is just plain elegant — Donna Batik in Red, WOW and The one that caught my eye initially was the Donna Snake that would make everyone “Pea Green” with envy. Thank you for sharing.

  • Justine

    I love the Donna Pop in gold! The suede on top of the clutch is so elegant—definitely matches the shine from the gold. It’s perfect for a night out!

  • Jeanette

    i absolutelly LOOOOOVE the joyce carry-all in any color!!! it looks like it would be really comfortable to carry around especially because of its long strap..which is starting to get popular again… i love the look of fringing…and the fact that its made of lambskin!!! im sure the leather will be luxxuriously soft… which i absolutely looooove. it also looks like it won’t be heavy on my shoulders, which is a plus :)

  • biggestbaglover

    Donna satchel in coral–so versatile and soo chic!!

  • Jen

    donna satchel. Love at first sight!

  • Lulu

    I’ve love the Donna-Snake Satchel in Green or Blue I love bold color and quirky designs.

    • shaintell

      I love the Donna tote in any exotic skin. I love skin bags and this bag offers a very exciting twist. If I had to choose a color, perhaps the green/yellowish snakeskin. However, I would take any.

  • Kristin

    Totally love the Bela Bucket in Brandy. A totally gorgeous bag that would go with absolutely everything and add an extra edge.

  • Debra Zak

    OMG it’s the Donna Lamb satchel. It will hold my whole life and the leather looks so exotic, rich and fun all at the same time!!!!
    The colors are all great and now yhat we don’t have to matchy-matchy and the bag itself stands out-this bag in ANY of the colors would REALLY hold up!!

  • Debra Zak

    I kinda love the tote as well!!!its so hard to choose…after all being a 6′ gal I could really carry a larger bag and it would look great on me!

  • Nancy Huang

    I am really digging the Bela Bucket purse in white. It’s so elegant and very beautiful. I can see myself using it for casual and more formal days.

    Thanks for having awesome contests!!!

  • kyong

    Donna Snake skin Satchel is the best for me.
    The combination of the design and the skin is outstanding.

  • Valerieb

    Wow, all of Katherine’s bags are stunning, I had a tough time deciding which was my favorite. If I was forced to choose only one, I’d go with the Isabel shopper in black. The bag is a classic shape but the fabulous detailing takes it to another level. It’s timeless, edgy and feminine and could easily be paired with so many looks. This is a statement bag that I’d be proud to wear!

  • shushopn

    Donna batik satchel is very pretty and different.

  • jun

    edna in black, classy and stunning!!! :D

  • llson

    Donna Pop Carry all in gold — stunning. Has class, edge, whimsey and sophistication all rolled into one, love the chain detail.

  • maria

    i really like the edna bags because it is something soo different and unique and match my style of thinking! :)

  • Edith

    Donna Satchel is my favorite of all. I personally know how detailed and beautiful KK bags are. I have a Teresa Hobo and it is one of the most beautiful bags of my collection.

  • Ashley

    Definitely the Donna Batik satchel in red! <3

  • sheana

    Donna Lamb tote in red is HOT!!! Definitely a great pop of color & class to any boring old work outfit.

  • Monica

    I love the Donna snake skin tote in green !!!!
    For me the Katherine Kwei line represent an opulent range of inspirational creations, designed to intensify life’s pleasures and unlock your innermost desires. All the bags are elegant designed with both the boardroom and the boudoir in mind, ensure that women can be sexy and professional as the mood takes them !!!!!
    i love love love this collection ..and i hope i can win this amazing bag!!!

    Ciao and thanks all of your staff!!


  • Mindy

    I love the Donna satchel in silver! It looks like a versatile bag that can be worn in both casual and fancy settings. I think it looks like a perfect bag for any occasion, and I love bags that can do that.

  • Naydene (marnay)

    I love the Donna Batik in red! Those charms are sooo cute too!

  • Lena

    Two words “MUST HAVE”!!! :-)

  • HelenS

    Donna tote snake – soo gorgeous, exotic skin at its finest. Am always into big bags so this tote is the perfect size .

  • Nancy Rush

    Well, I’m in lust for a bunch of these bags – they are truly unique yet classy. My two favorites are the Donna lamb satchel and the Isabella shopper. I could probably never afford either of them, but boy would I love to have one!

  • Michelle

    I love the Edna Shopper in Black. The bags are all beautiful and I loved all of them. The Edna Shopper is just perfect for a NYC girl, it fits everything you need but stylish that you don’t look like you are carrying work home with you.
    THanks for giving me some fun things to look at while I am stuck home with this flu!

  • Amie

    I LOVE the Bella bucket handbag in Brandy…Fabulous! The silhouette is gorgeous and color would go with everything!

  • Susan

    Ok I looked at the site and its an abundance or riches… really hard to pick one… I do love the Donna bag and would love to carry it around for every thing i do… its cool, interesting, and one would not tire of looking at it.

    The Donna Batik i LOVE in the red! That would be amazing and make everything pop with an awesome touch of red! It is soooo detailed they all are. What is best about he details is that it is not overwhelming. its intricate without being too much

    My favorite for my life style is the Donna Pop, I am a classical singer by trade and always have to wear black.. When in concert i could use this in black and carry it onstage with me for large choral works. The chain makes it elegant enough to use in formal wear and the details are not quite so casual.

    Couple that or any of these with the Isabelle evening bag in black and it would make the perfect ensemble… i could use the tote and take out the evening bag when the situation required… actually any of the Isabelle smaller bags would be great for that… the beige has a pewter look to it that would be really chic. the skinny clutch is so interesting in shape – the lady clutch is delicate, harkens back to the fifty’s when women could wear gloves – only with a funky edge and the pouchette is too cute for words…

    JUST ONE – I HAVE TO PICK JUST ONE!!!!!! sigh – ok

    well if i must i will admit my heart sings most with the Donna Batik in red… I LOVE THAT SHADE it looks almost metalic. That shade of red is very versatile, adds a pop of color and cool attitude to ANYTHING…

    ITS SOOOO GORGEOUS!!!! Meticulate in construction, encompassing and interesting to look at like all pieces of art should be…. but most of all… did i say it was GEEEEEOOOOOORRRRRGGOUS??

    well it is.

  • Leeleerae

    The Isabel collection is gorgeous! I would want the shopper in any of the colors, most preferably in mustard.

  • Donna Brown

    I’d have to say the Donna Satchel in red has to be my favorite. I absolutely love the red snake skin…super sexy! Yet, the bag is a large practical size that I can tote all my belongings in. Carrying this would make me my neighborhoods sexiest mom for sure!

  • Stacy

    WOW! seems like ANY of those styles would totally suit me – ha! The Donna snake skin satchel is simply gorgeous though – a work of art! Can’t wait to see them in person…

  • Maria

    My fav is the Edna shopper – looks like a perfect bag for work and school!

  • Beth

    After much drooling and fantasizing, I would have to go with the Donna Batik in red. My winter coat is a wool melton in olive and the play of colours would look beautiful. It would perk up a very drab winter that is coming ever so quickly. I need a red batik bag to take my mind off the grey skies and slush.

  • Joy

    I love the Donna lamb tote in grey. The size is perfect for a mom of 3 kids. Also the leather looks so rich and buttery soft. I love that it only has one shoulder strap also. I have problems with shoulder bags that have two straps that one of the straps tend to fall off my shoulder.

  • Karen

    I adore the Isabel Pouchette because it looks so soft and squishy, and my favorite color has to be the toffee. Drool!

  • Faith

    My favorite would be the Donna Lamb Tote in Grey. Excellent neutral color. The leather looks like it would be supple and boy…I bet it smells terrific.

    Who doesn’t like the smell of a leather bag. It would make anyones toes curl.

  • Amy C

    LOVE the Donna Satchel in red. The pattern and design are both sooo bold. Absolutely love it!!

  • Chantal

    My favourite is by far the Donna Satchel in snakeskin, same colourway used in the picture for the giveaway. As a matter of fact the reason I am writing here is that I saw it on the picture for the giveaway and I liked it very very much. I would say it was love at first sight.

    I like everything in this bag:
    I like the shape much more than the similar Tote style.
    I like the shape, the propotions, and the great “don’t forget me but not too much in your face” design/craftmanship (wich BTW I think has a good potential of becoming a good signature for Katherine Kwei).
    I like the “goes with almost everything colour”.
    I like the fact that it is quite roomy as shoulder bag but it seems to be quite lighweight at the same time, wich is great for everyday use. I usually find it quite difficult o find new desingns of shoulder bags bags that I like, I always tend to like less unpractical handheld bags, but I like this one.
    One last thing, I like the No hardware look , I have a weakness for no bling no hardware (or at least not to evident) hardware bags.

    My second choice is the same bag in lambskin. The grey one looks particularly nice to me. I don’t like the two tone version though.

    My third choice would be a Skinny clutch, either in azur blue snakeskin (I love blue), or in lambskin (not bad at all in red.

  • Somy

    Wow – definitely the Donna Batik. It’s understated but luxe – the detailing looks so elegant.

  • Kelly

    Isabel lady-clutch in black. Such gorgeous leather work!!! I love it and it will add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

  • boobeary

    Oh the Isabel shopper is oh-so-ladylike with a funky and fun twist – totally my fave!

  • adrienne zedella

    The Donna Satchel is jujst incredible and would look great on my arm. Well, actually, my arm would look alot better than it does now with the Donna Satchel on It. Wish I had one – I would definately be the envy of all that sees it.

  • May

    I love the Edna bowler in cocoa! A great classic style bag with a unique touch.

  • Kathy

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