Linea Pelle Folding Dylan ToteWhat a fabulous month. Yes, April showers brings May flowers, but April has also showered you with Linea Pelle handbags. I for one would rock every single bag that has been up for grabs this month. And although I won’t win any of them, I will definitely reach into my wallet and pull out money for one of these Linea Pelle bags! Perhaps I’ll have to share my purchase with you over on the Linea Pelle forum.

Linea Pelle Folding Dylan ToteThis last giveaway is bittersweet. I hate that the month of Linea Pelle is over, but I have to say, we may have saved the best for last. You might remember that just a little while back I shared some photos of Hilary Duff carrying her Linea Pelle Dylan Folding Tote. Well, this week – it could be yours! That’s right, make sure to enter this week’s giveaway because if you win, who knows, you and Hilary could bump into one another carrying the same bag – what fun! The Linea Pelle Dylan Folding Tote is gorgeous, fashion-forward and without a doubt one-of-a-kind. While there are many folding totes out there, few capture all the right elements the way this bag does!

How do I enter: Now that you are a bit more familiar with Linea Pelle handbags, in the comments section below tell us what you LOVE about Linea Pelle handbags and accessories. If there is anything you’d love to see the brand do in the future, here is your chance to provide feedback as well!

A couple things to keep in mind: One entry per person and you have April 22nd – April 28, 2009 to enter.

And of course, if you find yourself saying, “I MUST HAVE THIS BAG”, head over to Linea Pelle Online, and if you buy this bag, you’ll receive $25 off when you enter this code at checkout: SPRINGDYLANS.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Cindy

    Their color choices for their leather. I love them!

  • starkfan

    The best thing about LP bags has to be THE LEATHER! It’s so amazingly buttery-soft, thick and chewy, and completely amazing to touch. One of the softest leathers I’ve ever felt, and such amazing quality. Even the “stiffer” croco-embossed leather is so soft, and I love that my Dylan Croco wallet never feels too stiff or difficult to get into!

  • Lauren

    the overall “rocker/California” style which is great for us that live in other states and want to enjoy!

  • chloe

    I love my lp bag! I only have one… but i can’t wait for my collection to grow! the leather is buttery soft and smushy, and i love how they are constantly adding new bags and changing up details. I feel as though even if im not wearing the cutest outfit, if i have my lp bag on I look great! I have a thing for deep blue-navy leather and grey leather, so i’d love to see those colors next season!

  • Zarka

    I would love to add LP to my collection…I like their modern and avant-garde designs with bold zippers and studs…Their leather is so great …I would love to see ombre colors in their next collection…

  • lightblue84

    the leather they use and the colors. they’re tdf !!
    love this tote style !!!

  • Jenn

    There are so many things I love about LP bags. Over the last year I’ve bought a few bags, and they are my are defintely my favorite, they have the softest leather I have ever felt on any bag, and I love the bold details and harware on the bag that make them funky and fun.

  • Rosheda

    I just LOVE the whole style of it all and all he bags. i dont have one because i cant afford it at all with my mother being sick. what i would like to see them do in the future is maybe do a clothing line because i think they’re clothes would be gorgeus.

  • BeBe

    There are too many qualities of my LP bags to mention that I appreciate :-) However, at the top of the list would be the thick & squishy leather followed with the amazing color selection!!! The color on this fabulous Dylan is a great example of LP’s wonderful selection options!!!

  • Kellee

    Love the leather, looks so soft!!!

  • Denisse

    I love the many colors and the leather.

  • Elise

    I don’t have an LP bag yet, but i have a crush on Alyssa Shoulder bag in purple dawn color, so I must win that bag to have a first hand experience on LP’s luxurious leather and start my LP obsession from there :)

  • Terra

    Persimmon! I love this color, i think it is so unique of them to use this color. So many soft leather bags stick with black and brown. Plus you look effortlessly chic wearing it with anything!

  • Laurie

    They always put leather first-I’ve been to their show and they always have had the most innovative and fashion forward leathers and looks. It’s truly inspiring!
    With the Economy as it is-when purchasing a leather handbag you want to feel like not only are you buying an investment piece, you want to actually love that bag!
    There is never a concern about quality or longevity with them either-truly a great company all around. *and no I do not work for them, just a big fan :)

  • Jo

    Wow I love this bag. I’m not really a fan of orange bag, but this bag is perferct for the summer. I must say the versatily of this bag is amazing. It has two handles and it looks really roomy inside. This is a must have bag ,… :)

  • Shweta

    The leather is delicious to touch, and the colors…..just a feast to the eyes! I love the way the bags have a high degree of craftsmanship, the details with studs et all….and the best thing being that they are very distinctive.

    No logo slapped mindlessly over the bag, no overbearing hardware, beautiful construction and yum colors…j’adore Linea Pelle!

  • Ariel Gold

    The leather is the best thing about LP. But for this bag the color is absolutly amazing

  • Nicole

    I love the usability and the colors of LP bags!

  • Hindel

    I love my LP bag and can’t wait to add to my collection. The bags are a perfect mix of trendy, casual and sophiticated. The leather is the softed smoothest most beautiful leather… It feels like butter!

  • So

    i love the hardware and detailing. the bags are gorgeous!

  • Tammy

    What an amazing bag! Count me in as a LP fan.

  • Danielle

    Honestly I wasn’t familiar with the brand prior to the posts on this website so I have to thank you for introducing me to this brand. I like that the bags have a vintage aesthetic to them, it kind of reminds me of the Coach legacy line but it’s different in the sense that the colors are much more bold and there’s more of a variety. I love that the leather is soft and the choice of hardware used in the bags, it’s a vintage style with a modern appeal, i love it.

  • Kelly

    I love LP’s functional design sense. GIMME THE BAG PLEASE! ;)

  • pearl

    the leather, the hardware, the designs =)

  • patricia

    I’ve never seen any leather bag with such a ‘touchable ,creamy’ looking leatherother than this maker :they make me want to caress and hold tight to them-ha,ha,boy do i sound dorky!!!!!
    There are more expensive bags out there, but none with this heartfelt feeling ,

  • Cat

    soft leather and awesome designs :)

  • tina

    nicest leather ever with a great price tag!

  • Rebecca

    I love the colors that they make their bags in. They are all so beautiful.

  • anna

    i like the bright colors and the quality of their leather

  • Jennifer

    I love LP all the colors and beautiful and all the designs are so functional. They can be used for all kind of occasions! The leather is so soft and scrumptious.

  • rosie

    love that buttery leather and those fab colour choices – makes me feel all summery!!

  • hannah

    I love the bright colors!

  • Adonis Gabrillo

    This bag is so fierce specially it will fit me very well as a man with attitude!!

    I will love to flaunt it in the streets of Copenhagen.

    Love ,


  • V.S.

    I love the color selections and design.

  • Mollie

    i love the hardware on the bags it really makes the bags stand out! I also love the soft buttery leather and how well it goes with everything! Love LP! I dont have any recommendations for the future because everything LP does can totally work with my wardrobe and style.

  • Caroline

    I love the casual elegance of all the bags. They are bags that I can use daily but still look fashionable.

  • Free

    I love that LP has a little something for everyone without overtly becoming the “every woman” brand. There is bright Cali popping colors for the extraverted style along side the more demure and conservative hues. I also love the fact that suppleness of the leather speaks to a woman’s femeninity, while the hardware suggests “she’s no pushover.”

  • shannon

    the quality of the leather is amazing, and the color choices are refreshing. i would love to see an entire rainbow palette of colors to choose from for each bag…

  • sweet

    i have read the lp forum on tpf and have seen how the girls have been raving about it. i have yet to own one, but i love how casual it is, but is rich in style and sophistication. very laid-back and cool, thats what i like about lp bags

  • shelly

    Wow! I had not yet heard of this line until recently, and I am a fan! The leather is gorgeous, and the colors are amazing! It can go from casual to a night out and then some. LP is sure to become a classic!!!

  • alice

    i love the practicality and functionality of the bags – especially without compromising fashion and quality.

  • Lynne

    I love the color and the styling. Presently I have the Dylan Croc double zippy in a very rich and deep eggplant color and I am always looking for more LP bags.

  • Heather

    Fabulous and functional! I am loving the colors for the season, the studs add the rocker chic that is coveted this season. Love Love Love LP!

  • Ayesha

    the leather and the functionality!

  • Melody

    this is THE BEST bag out of the whole Linea Pelle Collection. I just absolutely love the fold over top design. The colors are fun too especially the persimmon (i love to eat persimmons as well) and the coconut. i just love everything about it: soft leather, design, color *sigh* I wouldn’t mind adding this gorgeous bag to my slowly but surely growing handbag collection <3

  • Caitlin

    I love the fold over look! I know Foley and Corinna also do this, but Linea Pelle does it with a little more style through the hardware. The colors are also amazing.

  • Ruth

    I’ve owned bags from more than a dozen designers, including LP, and there is just something about Linea Pelle leather that doesn’t compare. It’s soft and luscious and casual – like a big hug from a beloved sister. I always feel sexy when I rock a Linea Pelle bag, and I would be OVER HE MOON to add this one to my collection!!!!

  • Whitney

    I love the versatility of these bags…..they can be dressed up or down, which makes them super functional! They’re also affordable for luxury handbags. I wish in the future they’d add a “design your own” option where we could choose style, leather, color, etc.!

  • Leanne

    I LOVE the LP leather, so soft and smooshy! I also love the gorgeous, bright colors they use in their designs!

  • Gwen

    the thing i like most about linea pelle is the little matching leather swatches that come with everything. its just an fun, thoughtful touch. of course, it doesn’t hurt that i LOVE the leather itself. the softest i’ve owned….

  • Candice Guerra


  • robyn

    I have had the opportunity to handle one of these bags, and I really enjoyed the quality and suppleness of the buttery leather. The colors are lovely, as well!

  • Christine A.

    I love the colors and styles of LP. The Dylan is so versatile, timeless and chic. The quality of the leather is fab!

  • Virginia

    I love their buttery-soft leather and bright colors!

  • Sylvia

    I love the colors and the hardware details!

  • Shannon

    I adore the leather used for the LP bags, as well as the fact that the bags are generally roomy enough to be perfect for weekend errands AND work days.

  • SweetSusan

    The shapes of these LP bags are fantastic – status-like in an understated way. And I just love the colors of the plush-looking leather. Mmmmmm!

  • Linda

    My favorite thing about LP bags is their gorgeous soft as butter leather! It is smooth, soft to the touch and the colors are always vibrant.

  • KK

    LP bags are FANTASTIC for so many reasons. I love their use of gorgeous colors and leather, I love all the little details that make that bags just that much more special, and I love the fact that they are fashion forward and unique but still totally functional!!

  • Megan

    I love the colors and the quality of the leather!

  • Tanya

    I love the leather of LP bags – it’s incredibly buttery, touchable and soft. The designs are unlike anything I’ve ever seen: very unique and avant-guarde. I don’t have one in my collection, but have been eyeing them at the store for a while. Keeping fingers crossed!

  • nikki

    I’ve been dying to get this bag. The color is perfect, and it is so classic!
    I can’t wait to get this bag!

  • Amanda

    I love the color selection of LP bags.

  • Tara

    I have a soft spot in my heart for leather and this bag just seems to make me go crazy. It is my favorite one I have seen thus far this season. I love everything about it from the sleek design to the really rustic yet eye-catching look. It’s a winner.

  • AA12

    The leather!!! ITS SO SOFT!

  • Erin Cahill

    These bags are absolutely gorgeous! Maybe someday I’ll own one. A woman can dream…

  • miko

    I love the colour choices and the hardware!

  • Jen

    I love the vibrant orange color of that bag.

  • Elizabeth

    I have always love linea pelle bag and dreamed to have one.
    But it is not within my reach. It doesnt sell it here in Singapore.
    It would be wonderful if I were have to carry them with me from day to night ^^

  • LVBabydoll

    I’m also going to say I love the leather. They look so soft and easy to wear on the shoulder…I love structured bags but sometimes a nice smooshy leather one is the way to go!

  • Dany

    I love how soft the leather is, I’ve seen some before and in a sea of other very nice bags, the Linea Pelle stood out in my opinion for their leather and their vibrant coulour!

  • Debbie

    When I think of Linea Pelle I think classic rock. Beautiful leathers and design, timeless style, but with a rockstar edge.

  • Elaine

    I love the colours of Linea Pelle, and the soft leather of course. Also, i love how they’re subtle and do not SCREAM “designer”. I love seeing celebrities rock ’em!

  • Prisilia

    I adore LP leather. It’s very soft and different from all the leather bag I’ve had. It look glamorous. Plus, they have so many color selections, so no matter if it’s spring or fall, there will always be something for you to choose.

  • Debbie

    I think the colors and style as well as the leather is the best thing about LP…can’t choose just one thing!

  • Stephanie

    I love the variety of the colors and shapes of LP bags. Not to mention the yummy leather!

  • Andrea

    First of all the quality and density of dyes used, the leather so squishy I want to ball it up and chew on it in a corner (but I won’t) and the innovative designs.

  • Emily

    Definitely the leather and the different colours the bags come in. The styles are pretty unique and trendy. =)

  • Alison

    I’ve loved Linea Pelle since a friend of mine got one several years ago. I love this style. With two young kids, the cross-body comes in handy. But I love the option of carrying it with the handles, too. The Dylan Folding Tote is actually my favorite LP bag right now!

  • Cate

    I love the bright colors that stand out without being too harsh. Ohhhh and the soft leather, you can’t forget about that!

  • catherine

    I absolutely love the color of this orange bag! The LP colors are gorgeous in general but this persimmon is tops!

  • Melody

    The best thing about LP bags is that the variety of bags in sizes, shapes, and colors. There is ALWAYS something someone will love and enjoy. From big bags like the folding Dylan tote (which is my personal favorite!!) to the smaller Speedy designs, there’s something for everyone’s needs. I also love the range of colors (everything from dark to light – pastel to bright), the detailing, and esp those gorgeous handles on nearly everything.

  • Tiffany

    I love the versatile look of the bag, rich color, and the details that help the bag to stand out in a crowd :)

  • Mia

    The best part is that they are absolutely gorgeous, the worst part is that I don’t have one :-) The versatility of the Dylan is what draws me to it. The ability to use it as a cross body bag is great for a mother of a very active toddler. Never mind the space for all the ‘stuff’ that comes with!

  • Natalia D.

    The choise of styles and colors are amazing! I am pretty sure that each person could choose something for herself in this plentyful collection!

  • Lauryn

    I am a big fan of LP, and love their bags for their buttery soft leather, but mostly I just love the pretty colors they come in! LP always picks the richest colors every season, and they always know how to keep us coming back for more. Just when I think I do not need another tote in my collection, LP comes out with this Dylan folding tote in Persimmon, and the Alyssa tote in Purple Dawn…and my bank acct. is definitely in trouble! It is so hard to pick just one. In the future, I would like to see LP have more small accessories like more wallet options, cosmetic cases, phone cases, etc….maybe even shoes! As soft as their leather is, I can just imagine how comfy a leather sandal would be!

  • LDJ

    I love the fact that each Linea Pelle handbags have alot of pocket components. Regarless if the bag type, style or color, they have plenty components.

  • Lucy

    My favorite part of Linea Pelle handbags would have to be the buttery soft leather. It is so soft and touchable, you almost want to pet it.

  • Leah

    I love the leather and the wonderful color! I LOVE LOVE LOVE handbags that have satchel handles and a longer strap!

  • Yun

    LOVE the orange colour, it is so chic and casual. Leather looks amazingly smooth and soft. LOVE them!

  • GBG

    Ever since I bought my Dylan Croco Double Zippy I’ve been obsessed with Linea Pelle. The leather is so unbelievably soft I could just not stop touching it. My advice to Linea Pelle is bring back more of the Croco leather maybe in some different styles. Also I loved the studs on the Samantha but missed out on it, bring back the studs!!

  • allie

    i absolutely adore the hardware choices and the quality and color selection of the leather

  • Jen

    I just love the buttery feel of the leather and the fresh, easy, timeless nature of the designs. And as an aside… I love bags that I can sling across my body because I’m always on the move!

  • Andrea Stokes

    Buttery soft leather, roomy slouchy bags and amazingly rich colors (like the bright orange) are what I love…also folding bags are hot.

  • Lianne

    I love the colors, and the fact that they manage to come up with a collection that has a coherent look, while at the same time making a variety of types of bags — bags for all tastes.

  • JuJu

    Same here- I wasn’t as familiar with LP before they got so much attention on this site, but now I’m converted! I love the rocker style and details on their bags- Not overdone, just right.

  • Tara

    i want it!

  • Krystal

    More than anything, I love the practicality of LP bags. I’m not at a current position to spend a ton of money on a bag I can only use in cartain situations or to specific events. I love that LP designs can go all day long and they’re functional with lots of pockets and sturdy hardware. In addition, the leather is the softest around and the variety of colors are gorgeous! What else could you ask for? This specific bag (the Dylan Folding Tote) is amazing and I love the color. It would be the staple bag to my summer wardrobe. :)

  • Hei

    The leather is gorgeous, I would love to see them continue making different versions of their bags

  • Young

    definitely the colors and the leather! They should do brighter crazier colors and mix them up as well!

  • Ji

    I love their leather!!! Its the best, I hope they make more oversized bags!

  • eorchid

    I love LP’s leather and the broken in looking hardware. LOVE love my dylan messenger!

  • vodkagal

    the style can make you look leaner and skinnier because of the shape. i love the color too hmmmmm…..spring-y color woohoo!

  • Christine

    I love the beautiful leather and the colors. I held one last week and it so supple yet soft and simply yummy. A good quality bag is important to me and through the years I’ve gravitated away from logos to names that don’t scream what they are. All you notice is a gorgeous bag! Thanks PF.

  • Jennifer G

    Not only is this a leather bag, but I like the fact that you can carry to ways! And I love the color.

  • Kim

    Love the zippers and the beautiful colors!

  • Jan

    I have 4 bags from LP and I love them all! They are made of such soft leather and have stood the test of time and treatment I give my bags. I use them for school, shopping, etc. They are very distinctive bags-which makes me love them even more@

  • June

    I love the beautiful colors.

  • Amanda R

    I have one Linea Pelle Bag – the Dylan messanger in Leaf – and I LOVE IT! Linea Pelle makes FABULOUS bags. I can’t tell you how often I get compliments on this purse. I want them all! The colors are fantastic, the leather is so soft and supple, and the designs are beautiful.

    The one thing I would love to see Linea Pelle do in the future would be a silver hardware option on their Dylan line. I love the gold hardware, but I wear lots of silver, and I think with certain colors (light blues, purples, etc) silver hardware would be really pretty!

  • Kathleen

    I love the leather and the rock edge!

  • Chatlyn

    unique contemporary style & leather of course.

  • Steph

    I love the leather and the rainbow of colors they offer!!!!

  • Kathy

    Colors used are so rich and vibrant!

  • May

    I love the colors and the leather the best. The new Dylan folding bag makes me drool! I must save my pennies.

  • anne

    Great colors, great leaather, good price point and classic or hip!

  • C

    As a longtime Linea Pelle lover I have to say I am not surprised at the amount of comments here on Day 1!! The Dylan folding tote is simply gorgeous and yet functional at the same time!!

    I think my favorite thing about the Linea Pelle Collection is that every item has some special feature, be it hardware, interior or stitching, that sets it apart from every other accessory. You can always count on Linea Pelle items being classy and incredibly versatile, and of impeccable quality!


  • Ally

    The leather is absolutely amazing. Buttery soft!

  • Lisa

    The unique colors and all the little extra zippers here and there. It’s my ideal bag!

  • KelLisa

    THE LEATHER! I love love love the leather they use. Their designs are AMAZING. I seriously don’t know how I ever carried any other bags before I got my LP Dylan <3

  • Diona Watson

    The best thing about the LP bag is the leather. I love the fact that the bag is classy and they aren’t all identical (like Balenciaga). In the future, I would like to see LP mix leather colors and/or add more hardware to make the bag more edgy!

  • Becky

    The leather! Yummy!! =)

  • Patti

    The wonderful smell of their wonderful leather! True aroma therapy!

  • L2

    Fun edgy styles that stay on trend but in style.

  • Kristin

    I love the “casual chic” thing they’ve got going. Oh, and a must for me: soft, squishy leather!

  • Christina

    The leather is buttery soft and makes you want to use it for a pillow, the colors are AMAZING, and the designs are TDF! They are jus gorgeous all around. They have a unique style all their own that brings you back to the 80’s.

  • me

    I’ve come to love Linea Pelle because of the soft leather, amazing bright colours, innovative shapes, and the fact that they look really nice without every person on the street being able to price them or even place them.

  • Elena

    I’ve been searching for a soft leather bag in persimmon, and here it is! (Though looking at the site, I’d also love it in cognac and coconut cream — hmm, getting hungry!)

  • Laura G

    I love the quality of leather, the feel of wearing it and all the colour!

  • Jackie

    I love the texture, it is very classy,I must have this purse! Vibrant colors! Im lovin it!!

  • Danielle

    Absolutely the buttery soft leather. Similar to the b-bag leather and so delish. I <3 it!!

  • Krissy

    I love that the bags are so unique. The colors are vibrant, and the style is eyecatching.

  • Pippi

    I love all the great shapes and eye catching colors, teamed up with that lucious, lucious leather! The classic lines of these bags make them look fantastic with any style. What’s not to love?

  • Katie

    I love the texture of the leather they use. Its fabulous! Lately I’ve been seeing much stiffer colored leather, but no matter what they keep everything looking sharp and feeling comfortable. I also love the versatility of these bags! The one thing I would like to see a little more of is a different inside. Perhaps allowing for a fun (not tacky) pattern would add a little something extra (like wearing cashmere socks with boots in the winter, just something special :D).

  • Theresa

    What I love most is the leather! So soft and thick and the colours are amazing!

  • Hanan

    The soft smooshy leather is to die for, love the quality and the colors offered, very unique and elegant

  • Pumpkin

    I have a beautiful belt and I love it! I wanna bag now!!!!

  • Reni

    I really love LP handbags and I absolutely adore their studded leather bracelets! Where rock meets chic. Love it! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Kara

    I absolutely adore this bag! It is the perfect color for spring/summer and is super functional. It captures that classic yet modern look, while achieving a unique simple-elegance. In the future I look forward to LP using new colors.

  • Jenny

    I own a few LPs and I love, love, love the leather! The leather is thick and durable, but not heavy like you’d expect. I also love how the colors are so saturated. I receive many compliments on all of my bags, namely my Gillian! In the future I would like to see LP try a more structured bag. I love the smushy leather, but maybe try something w/ a bit more form? Worth a shot! I’d buy it, LOL.

  • Shawna

    I love the softness of the leather!

  • GB

    I love the colors and versatility of the bags.

  • Renee

    LOVE the colors for the leather – I am also REALLY loving the folding tote – so cute! I don’t have one of these babies yet, but keep hearing great things about them!

  • Angela

    The leather!! THe smell, look, feel of it.

  • carol

    soft leather. classic style with edge. colors! Versatility — all of this

  • Gilda

    Their designs! I love how they come up with innovative bags using very simple lines.. and the colour choices are tdf!

  • Bora

    I love, love, LOVe the colors of their bags!!!

  • Courtney

    I love the leather’s feel. It’s just so soft!

  • Carolyn

    the colors of the bag make them unique but not too trendy a fun bag i would love to have

  • Nicole

    i love their range of colours as well as how soft and supple the leather is!!

  • Julia L

    Leather bags are just the best thing in the world. They are so soft, and yet so fragile that you’re afraid you might scratch them whenever you hold them. Yet, it makes you so obsessed with them that you would want to give them the best protection that you could possibly offer.

    When you’re out shopping, nothing beats the smell of leather when you’re holding your Linea Pelle Dylan Folding Tote by your side. They made it so addictive especially with the range of colours that they give.

    That’s what I S2 (love) about Linea Pelle and a bag i would S2 to have!

  • SuiG

    they’re functional, wearable, and made of great leather! and they look good for everyday use :)

  • Umsy

    I think they look absolutely stylish and would be a great accessory. The cool colours combined with designs which make for everyday use make them special.
    I love the bright orange color of the bag shown above. It would look great with jeans of any colour, denim dresses and even summer dresses and a pair of sunglasses.

  • Elaine

    I love the softness and smooshy-ness of the leather and how the bags can look relaxed yet structured at the same time. I really wish they would bring back the detachable shoulder strap on the dylan bowlers!

  • azureartist

    I love their soft enzyme washed leathers – truly unique to the brand. I must have a persimmon LP right now!

  • Kathleen

    What a great looking functional bag! I desperately need one of those!!!

  • Andrea

    Not only is the leather fabulous, but I love the colors. My fuschia Danielle clutch is bright, bold and beautiful. It’s the perfect color for spring/summer. I would love to have a Dylan folding tote.

  • sandi

    I think the color is great and while I don’t own a Dylan bag I think this one looks soft and easy to use. I also like the fact that it seems very secure .

  • tashadoll

    I love the linea pelle bags because they are so versatile and the leather is so buttery smooth!!! I would like to see their lines go into a evening look where you don’t have to think does this go with my cocktail dress? or not…. thanks for the chance to win! :D

  • Lilia

    Simple and chic! For those who can afford to be free in fashion!!!

  • Michelle

    I love that Linea Pelle bags are always fresh, clean, simple & chic! They aren’t overpowering and are versatile enough to go with just about everything. Always modern but, not so trendy that you’ll be sick of them by next season! LP Rocks!

  • bubbleobill

    I want to be stylish. What more can i ask for than in this Dylan Folding Tote bag??? My eye’s been hooked onto this bag since seeing the pictures of Hilary Duff from your article 2 weeks ago. In fact, i signed up as a member afterwards to see what more info/pictures/reviews I can find on Linea Pelle! Never had a designer bag before….and seriously wanting to have my first one from this cool/stylish designer…

  • alexis

    I love the leather! I also love the features they offer. Studs, zippers, etc on the dylan satchel. Perfect balance!

  • Denise

    I love pretty much everything about Linea Pelle, so it’s going to be a little difficult to sum it all up! For starters, I love all the different styles of bags, the soft, supple leather used in making them and all the great colors! I also love that Linea Pelle offers accessories that can be worn with the many handbags, for a more cohesive look. I was so happy that they introduced bracelets, which resemble there many adorable belts. I think it would be great if they continue expanding the accessory line and perhaps introduce some funky hair accessories and also do more design collaborations with celebrities, like what they did with Lauren Conrad.

  • Willis

    I love LP and I want to continue to support them but the bags are all starting to look the same. I have some Dylan bags but every time I see the new collection the bags remind me of what I already own. I wish they would be innovative with their hardware. It seems like such an easy way to update the great leather sillouttes that I love.

  • bindc

    I love the colors!!! They have a great range of beautiful spring colors that would be smashing with my spring wardrobe.


  • patricia skinner

    I love the fact the leather is buttery soft and they are very colorful. Thier styles appeal to everyone!

  • tara

    Color! How many black bags does a person really need? Maybe 2 or 3 max and then one in every color of the rainbow. I love the LP color selection and luxurious leather is a must. The hardware is top notch and I like the contemporary, modern styles.

  • herblady

    I love the buttery soft leather, the vibrant colors, and the affordability of their products. They are very reasonably priced for what you are getting, IMO. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Jess

    I absolutely love the fantastic quality of the leather and gorgeous colors of the LP bags!!!! I hope to add at LEAST one to my collection – it’s going to be a must for the summer :)

  • Kat C.

    I love that they’re feminine yet edgy. And really, the colors are to die for!

  • joanne

    I absolutely love the quality and feel of their leathers. And of course the colors.

  • LeaD

    The leather looks divine, the studs are badass but the colors bring it all home. LP has become a new favorite, I would love to add one into my collection.

  • Kaytey

    I love the comfortable, classic look & feel of Linea Pelle bags. You can really feel their origins in the designs, very laid-back Hollywood. Can’t you just picture the bell bottoms with kick ass belts?

    I wouldn’t change a thing. The price point is reasonable (at last! Good quality for a fair price!), and they fit my aesthetic to a T. Just keep doing what you do, y’all.

  • Steph

    I love LP bags because there is such a mix of vibrant colors as well as muted, basics to choose from. All of the details & workmanship are top-notch…the quality is truly amazing. These are fab bags to buy as wardrobe investments. I’d love to see more matching bag / wallet combos in the future, they’d be a huge hit! :) yay for linea pelle!

  • Kim

    LP leather is amazing and the color saturation is second to none. I’ve fallen in love with this style….so, please let it be me!

  • Sulii

    Love the soft leather. Would like to see some saturated colors like the crocs.

  • cali

    The leather and versatility are great!

  • iulia

    So first of all I’m going to be totally obvious here and go with the leather! Its amazingly soft, the colours are vibrant and gorgeous. I love LPs funky, casual style and the fact that they are incredibly practical, high quality everyday bags.

    Since you asked about feedback for the future, I think bringing back piper in some deep, rich colours would make a lot of people happy. I think the piper speedy in a purple somewhere between this season’s purple dawn and the holiday amethyst would be the ultimate bag. I would also like them to have more bags with an optional cross body strap(especially for the larger bags), i love what they’ve done with the small speedy.

    Ok I’m done now.

  • ame

    I love that they are simple and classic but still current. I also love that they do great colors.

    For the future Id love more North-South totes, similar to the one in the giveaway, and also crossbody straps and more bags available in black and brown PLUS colors.

  • Leticia

    Oh this bag is gorgeous! I love the quality that comes with a Linea Pelle bag. I own too, and they are just so luxurious. They don’t disappoint!

  • Barb

    I love LP’s leathers! The colors they use are fabulous. They are very soft and lush. Plus the bags are casual but classic and can be dressed up or down as needed .

  • Laura

    I agree with what a few of the others have said about the soft, broken in leather – thats the first thing I look for in a bag. And I also love the use of rocker chic studs!

  • Mandi

    I love how luxe LP leather are, and that they don’t look like any other brand. Very unique!

  • Diane

    I am absolutely taken with the Dylan folding tote. The persimmon color is GREAT for the spring and summer. The stud details that are put on the dylan’s is just enough. The bags are casual and dressy at the same time. The leather is soft and smooshy.

  • Janice Johnston

    I like that they are unique and so different. I vote for bright colors too.

  • Kiki

    I love the insanely soft touch to their leather, you could stroke your bag all day it feels that good! I’d love to see them do an uber-girly line, maybe with a liner of cashmere or bamboo knit, but still with bright colors or very deeply hued darker shades.

    ParkingGoddessFTW at gmail dot com

  • Sarah

    I LOVE this bag. I love that they have a really rocker chic element to their bags. And not to mention the colors are FABULOUS! love love love this bag!!!

  • GottaShop2

    I love all of the compliments I receive whenever I wear my LPs! I even turned a picky co-worker into a fan!! The leathers, colors and designs are great and there are no logos needed to “scream-out” a designer name!!

  • daen

    i love how they look so smushy
    i would love one

  • Jem

    I love the bright color selection! (and of course the smooshy leather)

  • May W,

    I love Linea Pelle’s bags because they are not overly structured, which is prefect for women like me on the go. Spacious, soft, and roomy, LP bags are versatile and perfect for day or night!

  • L4F4

    I hate to be unoriginal, but I have to say that what I love the most is the leather.

  • karmenzsofia

    I looove the styles…the casual chick thing LP has going. I don’t like bags for which I have to dress up or buy a new wardrobe to use. LP bags are user friendly!

  • Ilene

    Great leather and colors……

  • Gappgirl18

    I love that the leather on the Linea Pelle is buttery soft and oh so touchable! I also like that all the style are very chic and casual. I can wear them out with my hubby or take it to my job where I round up three children and shuffle them to activities daily. Linea Pelle bags can be worn with jeans or a LBD, and still look phenomenal:) The colors are vibrant and sexy!

  • 5thelement

    I like their colors and their designs. Fresh and young.

  • v4ever

    I love its variety of its styles and the color. It’s also very versatile.

  • poodle

    I don’t own any really nice handbags quite yet because I am fresh out of college and am trying to buy a home, but if I had some free cash I would totally go out and buy this bag. It looks very cool and most importantly very convenient (aka I could get some amazing use out of it – its not just a once in a while occasion bag). It looks spacious, beautiful, artsy, versatile, and modern. I have been looking to get a bag that can be worn multiple ways but I just don’t want to shell out any money on lots of cheap little bags, so when the day comes when I can afford this one or something like it, Linea Pelle will probably be the first designer I look to. Thanks for introducing me to this bag! I love it!!!

  • shannab

    I love the softness of the leathers and the laid-back vibe of the bags.

  • Elizabeth

    The colors are really pretty. The leathers are soft too, from the bags I have had.

    I do wish they’d do more classic hobos though, that don’t have tons of hardware, similar to the Alyssa style.

  • Linda Perry

    I love the squishy soft leather with the rockin’ hardware – zippers and studs oh my! I hope LP will continue on with the Dylan Tote and offer it in a variety of new colors each season. Love the Double Handle Dylan as well and hope to see that one in some new colors.

  • Annaversary

    I love LP because I am a HUGE fan of studs and their leather on their handbags are soft as a baby’s toosh!~

  • wendy

    I absolutely love Linea Pelle leather – so smooshy and buttery soft! I love the style of the bags – perfect for everyday!

  • Tina

    One of my fav things about LP is the wonderful yummy leather! The colors and styles don’t hurt either ;)

  • Kaity

    I love the LP bags because of their soft leather, modern stylish designs that are unique but still classic enough to wear season to season. The only change i’d like to see in the future is their prices lowering…..a girl can dream.

  • Avril

    it’s chic and sensible.

  • Anna

    Oh, why I love Linea Pelle!
    I love the mix of beautiful, soft, gorgeous leather with the chunky hardware. I’m a girl who loves her leather, and LP has truly mastered the beautiful handbag and quality leather combo. I have really seen nothing like Linea Pelle bags before & that’s also what I love.. the originality that Linea Pelle brings to the bag world.
    Something that I would like to see from LP….. Of course, I’m interested in seeing how the Dylan keeps changing and coming back more beautiful than ever.
    Linea Pelle, I love you!

  • Anna

    I love how soft the leather is on my LP bags, and the colors are so rich.

  • Suzanne

    Absolutely love the leathers! Just thick, gorgeous, yummy leathers!!!

  • sndc99

    I love the style but have yet to buy one. I think the leather is really nice. I thought about the dylan but haven’t done anything about it yet

  • Amanda

    The smooshy soft oh-so-touchable leather in such a wide array of gorgeous colors! And LP uses just the right amount of hardware on each bag. It’s tasteful, not too much or too little. Love!

  • Elsa

    Linea Pelle bags are made out of the nicest leathers–so buttery soft! The style and structure of the bags are always gorgeous too, they match almost any outfit!

  • amy

    looove the colors, hardware, and smooshy leather. I would love to see a line of bowler bags with interesting hardware/handles/charms!

  • suziQ

    hard to say what I like best about LP bags – they’re so soft and yummy yet so durable, the colors are so rich, the hardware adds a fun edge, and they just make me happy to carry!

    I would *love* to see another clutch with a carry handle – love that the folding clutch has a built in one but I would be so excited to see another dylan clutch come back with a handle that can be wrapped around the wrist!!

  • Caroline

    Fabulous design and really nice durable leather. I love LP!

  • Denise

    I absolutely love my Dylan tote in Midnight! The bag is so comfortable to carry, fashionable and made with the highest quality “washed” Leather. I’m looking forward to adding another Linea Pelle bag to my “family”.

  • Tracy

    i love how casual and rocker they are! love the brass and stud details.

  • TygerKitty

    LP leathers are soooooooooo amazing! They are classy yet not stuffy and come in lovely colors every season! The buttery soft leather gets me every time though!

  • princessmom

    LP bags are casual luxuries!

  • amy

    Love the leather, it is the best!!!! I wish that LP would come back with the Piper Speedy. How I want that bag!!!

  • cciele

    Definitely the leather. So buttery soft, so many cool colors.

  • Jayde123

    These bags are fresh and contemporary, but also classic. Love the leather, the hardware, and the colours.

  • Deborah

    For me, it’s those beautiful, richly saturated colors. What a palette!

  • Toni

    I am a HUGE fan of LP bags! I own several and just love the leather. I just want to crawl inside one of the bags, they’re so comfy! They puddle beautifully and I get compliments on these bags all the time. My all time favorite bag is the Danielle tote. I have it in Tangerine and regret not getting a second bag in Tobacco.
    Kudos to the folks at LP for their design sense, color choices and wonderful leather!

  • mochi

    I’ve been eyeing Linea Pelle’s bags for awhile. The leather looks soft and unstructured and the hardware is stunning against it. I hope to own (or win) one soon!

  • beesaunt

    I got my first LP this year, and love the softy smooshy chocolate brown leather. It’s the Janis messenger, and it’s the perfect because it’s casual yet extremely stylish. I also like how LP switches up their look (ie. a Speedy vs. a Janis).

  • Alex

    I love that the bags are hip enough to wear out on the town, but polished enough to use as work bags!

  • CrazGirl

    I love the colour and the long strap. It looks very comfortable to carry on the shoulder during shopping!

  • Maura

    I love the leather, my favorite to touch and the quality makes the colors pop! I also love that these bags are not too heavy to carry, even with all the detail. So versatile and functional while making a fashion statement. Even a couple of my male co-workers who never notice handbags have said “what a great looking bag”, never expected that!

  • Liliana

    Like many have said, the leather! its quality made and built to last!

  • Susie Lau

    LINEA PELLE……..Exquisite, Flamboyant, Luxurious, Luscious, Perfect & Peerless! It’s EVERYTHING I love !

  • Aya

    I love how they offer many BRIGHT colors. It’s really hard to find leather bags in colors other than the standard (black, brown, or on occasion, red) so it’s really nice to see this company stepping up and being a bit more fun and experimental with their colors!

  • Lauren

    Linea Pelle truly stands out from other quality bags for its versatility. This is a feature of LP that I value as someone who alternates between classic clean-cut outfits (e.g., fitted blazers), soft and feminine outfits (e.g., floral dresses), and laid back outfits (e.g., t-shirt and jeans).

    Most comparable designer bags simply do not transition as well between different “categories” of style. This is unfortunate because most of us cannot afford several designer bags. Also, even if I could afford as many bags as Kate Moss, I don’t know if I would want to — I love the feeling of getting attached to a bag and making it part of my lifestyle. A LP bag is IDEAL for a busy person with a lot of stuff to carry, and who wants to remain relevant but not overtly trendy — I’m sure tons of women fit this description, and I for one definately belong to this demographics!

    The Dylan bag in the persimmon, in particular, is so effortlessly chic. With the right outfit, it can worn to work, to class, or to a date, and without being trite… classic without being boring.

  • merrygold

    Studs. I’m all about the studs! I love the bling that a little hardware decoration adds to the look of a bag, or belt, or bracelet!

  • Juilin

    I def love the soft leather, studs and vibrant colors!
    I must have this bag plz~~

  • judy

    definitely the quality of the leather, the bright colors, and the overall style! i loveee it!

  • Tonya

    I can only dream of owning a LP bag. The leather looks so gorgeous! I have looked at everything on the LP website and I couldn’t find anything that I didn’t LOVE!!

  • Lydia

    EVERYTHING about this bag is perfect – i love the colour, leather (so squishy!) and hardware, but what i love most about this style is its versatility you can get two great looks from it. Casual – long strap over the shoulder with the cute folded style and dressy – long sophisicated looking bag with short handle just big enough to tuck under your shoulder.

    I LOOOOVVEEE it and would be super happy (and lucky) to own it!

  • Paloma

    I saw this in person and the leather is amazing. I just want to lie in it. I like the bag’s quasi “roughness” (an element of the entire line), which makes it standout a bit. Two straps= good. Secret pockets= even better.

  • Claudia

    Honestly, I know nothing about Linea Pelle bags but from the pictures, the leather looks really nice and the colours seem perfect for summer!

  • luvsoftleather

    The number 1 thing I love about LP bags is handsdown its leather. Its soft but thick leather is better than most of the very high end bags that I can find. Then it’s the attention to details in terms of pockets and their placement, hardware, and making their bags stylish, functional, and light at the same time. Few out there master all of these components.

    What would I like to see in the future? They’ve answered my prayers by coming up with the crossbody strap for the dylan small speedy’s this spring, so that’s very exciting. I’d also very much like to see the Pipers come back!!!! :)

  • Dana

    LP bags are so cute. I don’t have any at the moment, but would love one. the colors are great! They are trendy and not off the chart expensive – a perfect combination.

  • Diane

    I love this bag! The leather and color is gorgeous – perfect for the summer and would look great with winter coats too.

    The bag is so good looking and totally functional, would be able to use it for years…the versatility would keep it fresh looking depending on how you carry it and what you’re wearing.

  • Tee

    I love LP bags. The think I like most about them are the colors. I love wearing colors in the spring and summer and having their bags in many colors make them so accessible. I also like the feel of the leather – it’s not tough but soft and durable. I also like the thick handles which makes it easy to carry the bags.

  • Jennifer

    I have two of the older Dylan Double-Pocket Messenger bags and if I truly had to lose every other handbag I own (Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Hayden-Harnett) I’d pick one of these beauties as my single handbag. Besides the leathers (amazing!) and the gorgeous, saturated colors, LP bags understand a woman’s body. They curve around your curves and dress up my usual casual outfits perfectly! LOVE them! Would REALLY love to win this gorgeous tote!

  • gloria

    I love the buttery soft leather of linea pelle bags! I also like that the style of the bags is usually pretty simple, but not boring. And of course, I love that it is affordable and practical.

  • Kristie

    I am a new Linea Pelle fanatic. I have spread the word about Linea Pelle to all of my coworkers, family and friends.I have the Dylan Croco Tote and it is my favorite bag hands down. My boyfriend even got me the matching wallet for this past valentines day. The leather is so soft and rich in color. I love that the bags may be big but are spacious and rather lightweight too. The colors add just the right pop to any outfit. The Dylan line is definitely my favorite because it is simple and edgy at the same time, the perfect statement for me. I plan on expanding my collection, and have definitely been thinking about making the Dylan Folding tote my next purchase. I would love to see them do a line of shoes or luggage!

  • rishi

    The bags are stylish and fun, but also practical. I am one of those carry-everything around girls, and am looking for a large bag to carry all my stuff, but is still cute and fashionable.

  • Cathy

    These bags are ultrafunctional while still looking hip. The Dylan bag is almost perfect…but an adjustable shoulder strap is a personal pet peeve. An adjustable straps has no place in high design. I wish the Linea Pelle designers would take note, and make the straps more like the Balenciaga straps.

  • luvhautecouture

    I’m fan of the proportions and shapes of the bags. None of the styles have those awkwardly narrow or long bodies. I also like that the purses don’t scream with a logo. They are not overly designed, and so lovely to look at!

  • shakti29

    Love the leather and the colors!

  • Guccissima

    I love this bags!, The leather looks amazing, and the designs are super modern and functional, the colors are gorgeous too!!

  • Tara

    I love the colors and the funky styles.

  • Diana

    I don’t have any yet, but I love the leather and beautiful colors. I’m still deciding which is my favorite before I make my first purchase!

  • Camill

    I love the colour, and that you can vary it according to your mood. It seems to be made of very soft leather. Sweet and classic in the same time, i guess that’s my style too :)

  • andrea

    i absolutely love the folding tote!!!!!!!!!! the size is great and i love the style!!

  • min

    not have any from this brand, but did notice this folding tote! love it.

  • Aileen

    I love that the bags look stylist on everyone, big or small, tall or short. Also, I love the large zippers and the unique colors and how the pockets are strategically placed!

  • Fiona

    I love it! Such a great color

  • kelly

    EVERYTHING about these bags are FABULOUS!! However, if I had to choose my favorite thing, it would have to be the versatility of these bags… from classic to trendy designs (ie fringe, studs)… from black to citrine to amethyst to fuscia to white cloud (my personal fave, because it sounds too adorable)… from shoulder bag to tote to messenger to clutch.

    LINEA PELLE has the bag for ANY occassion. So whatever you do, just prepare to hear “WHERE did you get that bag??” and “WOW, that bag is GORGEOUS!” all day (or night) long!

  • Michelle M.

    I love the simple, yet funky style LP bags have.

  • Anna

    What’s not to love?! I love the smooshiness and the colors the best.

  • Ath

    I love their leather and how their studs add character to every bag.

  • Barbara

    I love their belts. I love that you get very good quality and value on their products.

  • Kendall

    I love the leather! Also I’ve heard since it’s prewashed you can get out the stains (from dark jeans and such) with saddlesoap! Soft leather and no stains… the best of both worlds!

  • Annie

    I love their unique style and color variety. Their bags are fun and chic looking which i loveee.

  • Alison

    I would give my left arm for the Persimmon fold over tote!! I HAVE to have this bag:-)

  • Zahid

    I like the LP handbags…I like their zippers, grommets and soft leather…I would like to see more of shaded leather handbags…

  • A. Ozair

    What i love about LP handbags is the BUTTERY SOFT leather…aaaand..that they have SOOO many AWESOME color choices in LEATHER..!!! :)

  • Fay Lipscomb

    I love the feel of the leather, the quality craftsmanship…and most of all, the brilliant colors!

  • sara

    They’re just fun!

  • Sheila

    I am such an LP fan! I love their soft, smooshy leather and vibrant colors!

  • Rachel

    I simply adore Linea Pelle! The leather is so soft, and the styles are functional and stylish!

  • Rachel

    I LOVE LEATHER HANDBAGS and LP does an excellent job on keeping this soft and stylish.

    The Dylan folding tote is not only gorgeous but it’s practical too, I love a bag that can be wore multiple ways.

  • Dawn

    My favorite thing about Linea Pelle bags is the leather! It is sooo soft and the colors are awesome. The styles are also great!

  • Marietta

    I love LP’s design and colors! They are different from the other purses I have seen!They have form and function which is really great for women like me who are always on the go! i absolutely love it!

  • hokka

    linea pelle was my first higher-end bag – a marigold dylan. fabulous leather, all of them!

  • Christine

    Like so many others have said, I think the best part of the Linea Pelle bags is the leather. If my car seats were made of that leather, I think that I’d sleep in my car. It’s just the softest leather I think that I have ever felt.

  • bananie726

    Best is the color and leather! Love it!

  • Agnes

    I totally love the leather! so soft that i cant stop touching it!

  • Melanie

    I love that the bags are so different and actually functional. It’s not something I would have thought of, but it’s always gorgeous and unique. I also love the colors of the leather!

  • Tara

    this bag…the essence of a buttery, soft leather beautifulness. incredible.

  • Emily

    I love how chic and modern they are, but at the same time are classic! Not to mention the amazing leather!

  • Fonda

    What gorgeous bags! I love the colors and the leather. The hardware is cool, not overdone. Love it!

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    I love how saturated the colours are and the smooshy leather – absolutely beautiful!

  • Lezli

    I have fallen in love with Linea Pelle! After spotting the lovely bright colored, ultra-soft leather bags at a department store a few weeks ago, I knew I had to have one! I bought the Dylan long speedy and love how it holds a lot without being overly big and sloppy. There is just enough stud detail to make it cool and hip without trying too hard! I love that the rich colors aren’t run of the mill! The feel of the leather makes me swoon. I was so happy with my purchase that I ordered a Dylan folding clutch too! I’d love to see more designs with tassels and studs. Perhaps more stitching. A stud used as a lock would be nice!

  • Amanda

    I like Linea Pelle’s soft leathers. Although I am not so much into the Dylans, but I absolutely love the Croc collection and the Samantha! I hope LP will be making more styles that are more “refined” for those of us who are not really into the unfinished look of the Dylans.

  • Caroline

    I like thebuttery leather and the gorgeous colors!

  • Carrie

    I love their versatility and the many colors of the bags. The fact that that bags can easily go from a casual day out to a fun night in town works for me! =)

  • Reecespieces

    i love the utilitarian vibe and of course the leather!!!!

  • Jiyeun

    I love how Linea Pelle bags are so versatile, as well as affordable.

  • hotbagchicka

    I love the soft leather that they use for their bags. I’d love to see travel bag added to their line.

  • Karen

    These are beautiful handbags – and the colors are exciting. I would love to add LP to my small but growing collection. It would make a great birthday present too!

  • Sherrie Dahly

    I cannot say that I love the Linea Pelle bags because everyone says that. When I look at the different designs of the Linea Pelle bags, I think the designers have taken every positive adjective in the dictionary and created a piece of art that express each and every one. Linea Pelle bags are not for every woman. Linea Pelle bags are for women that are not afraid to use the positive adjectives in their life every day.

  • Jean

    Well, being a proud owner of 2 Linea Pelle bags (one viola croc Dylan & one black Nikki), I could honestly say that Linea Pelle’s handbags, as their famous belts, are well made, practical yet with fun attitude. The leather are so buttery soft that you couldn’t stop touching them. Once you have one of their bags, you would definitely want more! — that being said, yes,mod, please feel free to throw this Dylan Folding Tote to me :D

  • brianne

    WOW, I love this bag in this particular color! Totally gorgeous! I love Linea Pelle colors and leather, totally amazing and one of kind!

  • teresa

    After holding onto my LP croc Dylan all day, it is obvious that the attraction of these bags is the leather. The soft and natural feeling one can only get from top grade leather is unbelievable and it makes you want to have it with you all the time. The great styles can’t hurt either.

  • Crystal

    i like the details

  • Christine

    i loveee the soft italian leather

  • Ekta

    Bright hues of LP handbags make my day and soft touch make me feel like its my babies cheek but one thing which can be improved from LP is more collection for easy moods.

  • debbie

    the leather is amazingly supple and the color holds so well!

  • kemilia

    I have 2 used LP bags and they are incredible, they get compliments galore and the workmanship is fantastic. I would really love to have a brand new LP bag and waited until the right one came along–this is my fave color (ask anyone who knows me) and I love bigger bags–this one has it all!

  • tiha

    I LOVE LP’s belts. i bought one for each of my sisters. They are super hip. they are a must have with all my jeans. :)

    i don’t own any of her bags tho! :( hope i can win one

  • missy

    I love their designs.

  • Jen

    I love LP’s leather. I’m a fan of nice artistic interior lining, wish LP would have more of those.

  • Amanda

    They are so versatile! Sling it, carry it or even hold it! Perfect and stylish for conventional daily use!

  • anna

    I never really tried this brand but this would make a perfect trial….

  • Muneeba

    hands down, the leather is amazing.

  • cartucci

    Linea Pelle’s bags are very easy to wear. They go with everything; casual chic. I also love their funky belts bracelets.

  • mojcka

    i love the fact that there is so much more to this bag than just being a bag :D
    short or long straped the leather stays beautiful and soft ..and the zippers just hide away all your little secrets that a girls bag just has to have :D

  • Roxanna

    Oh i love everything about Linea Pelle, but if i had to choose something, it would have to be their leather and color choices! Oh and I love love love the folding tote, it is such a must have, walk around the city looking fabulous kind of bag!! AHHH! i just have to have it!

  • wonn

    beautiful bag, I want it!

  • jade

    really like this style, I’d love to have one.

  • mozie

    I need an orange bag! it fits perfectly in my bag collection!

  • renee

    It is stunning, rocking and shocking without be ostentatious.

  • Jen

    I love the colors that Linea Pelle chooses and the materials! It feels so soft and looks great. Everything is so versatile and easy to match.

  • jamie

    who can resist thie beautiful LP bag????
    Love the color, texture, design and everything!!!

  • Regina

    I love the luscious leather of the Linea Pelle fashion house. And I would adore a convertible evening bag/clutch with a fringe on it.

  • Colleen

    I love the relaxed look of the bags. They have that “grab and run” look.

  • Kim

    I don’t own a Linea Pelle bag yet, but the Dylan Folding Tote is on my wish list! I checked out the LP website and fell in love with many of the bags and loved how affordable many of them were! The style and details in the bags are amazing and I love how the leather looks so “squishy” and soft and the edges have that distressed look! I also love that they have so many color choices! The one thing that I would suggest to Linea Pelle is that they make their bags more available. :)

  • lindsay

    im impressed with linea pelle bags because of the quality & its affordable prices. it is also a great everyday bag that dont need much maintenance. i dont own 1 yet but im hoping some day i will.. because its not yet available here in the philippines so i wish somebody will open an outlet here coz i really really love to own 1 :)

  • Lacey

    The leatherrrrrrrrrrrrrr…
    is just gorgeous & the designs are just so simple. Who could say no? xxx

  • Miss Snips

    I live in a neighbourhood where no one would know what and LP bag is, but hey, thats okay – it would be great to carry one around anyway!

  • Michel

    I love these beautiful handbags they look so lush and exotic. I love the feel of a soft supple handbag plus I like to always sport the best bag. I have great taste and usually people comment on all the handbags that I wear. Only the best and the most beautiful are good enough for me and that’s what Linea Pelle bags are!

  • wordbox

    I love how fun and casual the bags are, and their leather is so soft!

  • jessica

    it’s so simple yet cute. the leather is so soft too.

  • mel

    I love the relaxed sihouette and the studs. Right mix of texture and color.

  • courtney

    Aahh, the LEATHER! To die for!

  • Megan

    I love that the bags are inventive and modern – and will stand out – but not so flashy or gimmicky that they feel awkward to be carried off the runway. Such a good brand!

  • Kathleen

    I’ve never owned a Linea Pelle bag but I’m a huge fan of the Dylan collection. What I love most about LP is the casual wearability of their bags. They make perfect go-to bags for days when you’re too lazy to overthink your outfit. You know, when you’re feeling blah about what you’re wearing but you still want other women to notice you and think, ‘Nice! Where’d she get that?’ And poof! In an instant, the plain-ness of your outfit is ignored. Honestly, who wouldn’t want a bag that works crazy magic like that?

    The Dylan is, without a doubt, the most recognizable and appealing line of LP. My suggestion would probably be to focus more on creating looks that are similar to the Dylan (you know, studs, soft, crinkly leather in the best colors, etc.) or creating another line of Dylan Speedys/Speedies (?) that can come in different colors every season or somehing – kinda like how Balenciaga does it with the Motorcycle bags. :)

  • Susie Helton

    Sadly, I have not been able to purchase one of these bags yet, however it seems to me they have a great eye for detailing without being over the top and ostentatious. I like the colors of some of the bags I have seen as well as the washed leather look on many of the bags because I think it gives the leather a unique wearable look without that is relaxed yet sophisticated. I have to agree with many of the previous posters, the leather does look extremely soft and I hope some day to purchase my own!

  • patchworkcat

    I love the colors of the leather plus the linings. The styles are nice. I also like the leather bangles.

  • linda vlay

    I have always loved soft leather handbags and these are especially soft . There is nothing better than dressing up with a gorgeous bag. I haven’t treated myself to something nice in a while, and I am in the mood to celebrate the arrival of my beautiful Korean grandchild, who arrived two days ago.
    Wouldn’t she think grandma is special with this new bag! I can also carry special things in there for her!. Would love to have this bag, if it is not meant to be, I am happy to have my beautiful grand daughter.

  • Robin Doucette

    Love the color’s and the cool/hip style that could go with anything.
    Plus it looks so fun to wear!

  • Amanda

    LP has the best leather and many color choices and styles!

  • cal

    i love the leather and styes and colors

  • Cheryl

    I love their colors and their leather. I swear, I have never seen anyone else with such soft leather!!!!!

  • Margie Fonacier

    An LP bag is a headturner. The versatility, the detail, the hardware, plus the design, you’ll never go wrong. What an awesome line!

  • Sophia

    My absolute favourite aspect is the foldover one. It makes the bag ultra versatile and is a perfect investment in relation to the current financial climate. I’d love for the LP bags to be more accessible in Europe. I never see them anywhere and with international shipping you end up having to pay outrageous tax!!! :…(

  • eks

    what i love about it is its functionality.. you can use it everyday without worrying that it’ll be too big or too small. i like how it can be a shoulder bag, sling/cross-body or a handbag – whatever works for you!! and very funky colors! Plus the leather seems so light!

  • Ellin

    The leather on these bags are far superior to those twice their price.
    The color choices are phenominal.
    The styles are so “now.”
    The choices are numerous.
    Who wouldn’t want to have an LP bag?
    I just say, keep the great color selection coming each season. You’ve had winners each season. Just love the bags.

  • AyshaLovesLV

    I love the styling and the fact they are so versatile!!!!


  • innerspark

    1. Versatility: I could wear LP bags with almost every outfit while looking stylish and fun!

    2. Leather: buttery softy.

    3. Colors: gorgeous!

  • Jess

    What I love about LP bags are that they have a rocker edge to them. I love the studs and hardware!

  • Patati

    I love that the fold-over is so very merry fruity Orange

  • Karina

    The way they seem to fit to both casual and dressy outfits – perfect!

  • Nasheeda

    This bag is absolutely fly and fresh. The color used gives it a unique pop, the leather’s appearance/quality gives it a feminine softness, but the brass studs gives it that hard edge. This bag take on a good play on attitudes (i.e. it provides an great amount of versatility). I can see myself taking a vacation to an exotic location, with this bag serving as the only luggage worthy to accompany me. This is the type of bag that wears a woman……. It’s hard to imagine a better bag right now, because this bag is beyond 2009; I would love to continue to see vibrant colors, dual usage (folded, unfolded, etc…) and quality materials.

  • Sheila P

    The leather is so luxe and the color selection is unbelieveable! Gimme one!

  • Tammy

    Beautiful bags with such soft supple leather! It can outlast a lot of other bags! ***sigh***

  • Sophieees

    I’d love to own a bag like this!!The LP bags have gorgeous colours and the leather looks soooo soft!!!

  • purseaddict**

    I love the color and the versatility of the purse -shoulder or cross body. Of course, Linea Pelle leather is so great!

  • Rasha

    Linea Pelle designs are gorgeous and unique ,plus the leather is perfect .

  • Amanda

    What I love about Linea Pelle is the studs on the bags and the wonderful supple leather. They really are some of the most chic bags I have found and I have lusted after the Dylan folding tote for some time now!

  • Katy

    I absolutely love LP bags! The super soft leather is my favorite thing about the line!

  • Jaimie

    For me, it’s in three words: bhutta soft leather. Love their leather choices.

  • Jennie

    I love the leather, it’s just so soft! And I love the funky styles, my favorite is the Dylan speedy! I’d love to see a briefcase type satchel with Linea Pelle soft leather in burgandy!

  • Sarahp

    The casual chic styles and the amazing colors!

  • Leslie

    I just bought the LIME GREEN Dylon tote because the leathers are just TDF! I really am wishing for this bag since it is a color I normally do not go for and the laid-back BIG bag style is Chic!

  • Luciana

    I love the way the leather feels and the colors! :D

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  • Lisa

    I absolutely adore the leather and craftsmanship on LP bags/accessories! I love everything they have put out and look forward to many more!

  • Rose

    The bags are so stylish but not too trendy for someone who might usually carry a more traditional bag. The leather is immensely soft, and the colors are fresh and right for the season. Heads will definitely turn and all women will want to be tres chic!

  • amy

    the thing i absolutely love about linea pelle bags is that the leather they use for the bags is HEAVENLY! i adore how creamy and smooth the leather feels to touch. i’d love if linea pelle could design some messenger bags, because those are my favorite style of bags! the linea pelle folding tote is a great example, but i’d always love more, especially if it comes from linea pelle! =)

  • Shannon

    I don’t think I could pick just one thing I love! The leather looks so lovely and soft, the colors are stunning, and the overall look is chic without being over-designed. As far as the future goes, I’d love to see more hobo-style bags from them, but even now, I think Linea Pelle has a pretty fantastic line. Love ’em! :0)

  • Tisa

    Love the colors and styles! Thanks – great giveaway! ~ :)

  • Maddy

    * What I LOVE about LP:

    Highest Quality Leather, naked, richly dyed.

    Well-made, strong construction.

    Beautiful designs and colors.

    Always the perfect amount of hardware ~
    Single Decorative Element Designs (fringe OR pyramids OR dome studs OR woven edges and strap)

    Easy Care ! most marks rub right out, light washing possible if needed.

    LP are washed after construction, so never dye rub-offs !

    MOST Comfortable to carry/wear, very well balanced for such soft leather.

    Interior organization (a zip and two slip pockets), just enough.

    They make your booty look like it should be insured by Lloyds of London

    Best bang for your buck Bags on Earth, maybe in the Universe.

    Excellent Customer Service, too !

    OK, so LP are my favorite bags…

    * What I’d like to see in LP future:

    Gunmetal, brushed Silver and Antiqued Bronze HW, especially Pyramids and Triangles, more leather-covered HW, too

    Samatha in Purple Dawn, Cobalt and Evergreen

    Alyssa with one hidden pocket on outside seam

    Dylans In Ombre ! (Cobalt/Turquoise,/Lime and Dk Camel/Cherry/Tangerine and Navy/Evergreen/Leaf Combos.
    Gradients of single color in Purple, Blue, Red, Tan and Green;with Deep bottoms to pastel tops and darkest shade straps.

    Bracelets and belts to match^

    Mini wallets for clutches!

    Business card cases.

    Messengers, work bags for men

    Carry-on sized bags with double zippers that can be locked (holes in brass zipper pulls)

    More convertible strap options, especially skinny shoulder straps on clutches (attached inside) and cross body lengths for everything else

    Since the Croco was so perfect, I’d enjoy more embossed leather patterns, perhaps in a floral or Cave drawing motif.

    Rewards for implemented suggestions (bag of choice) ; )
    I <3 LP !

  • Amanda

    I love how soft the leather is and all of the different colors and styles the line has that fits the taste of everyone.

  • ctl

    The leather and the practical yet stylish designs.

  • bri

    I love the leather! It is soft, but doesn’t mark up everywhere.

  • Alissa Hall

    Gorgeous designs, and wonderful quality leather!

  • Akshata

    I love the feel of the leather. It is so delishiously soft. Also the colors are very vibrant.

  • Hellena

    Lovely summery colours and the leather looks like a very high quality!

  • Allison

    I love Linea Pelle! The color of their leather is so crisp and exotic sometimes. You can just look at any of their bags and instantly melt! Such high quality, great attention to detail, I wouldn’t change a thing!

  • Rachel

    I loooove the leather of LP bags! Also the colors are great! I like that the bags are functional enough to use, but edgy enough that I don’t feel like I’m carrying the same bags as everyone else!

  • Sam

    The best thing about LP bags is the quality of their leather matched with the unique colors chosen for the bags.

  • angela

    I love the leather!!!

  • chelsea

    I love the versatility of the bags!

  • myra

    i love lp! so soft and hugable, just like my puppeh.
    i like the look of the dylan folding tote – either with the strap or the handle. i already have the dylan tote. gonna get this one next:)

  • Janet

    Quality leathers, vivid colors and attention to detail is what comes to mind when I think of Linea Pelle bags. The softest leathers with a buttery feel. I also feel they have an attitude that you don’t get from other designers. The prices are better in comparision to other designer brands. I think adding more straps to the bags making them more into crossbodies would be a plus. Some gold /metalics and some pink would be some good color choices to add.

  • Pam Schochenmaier

    I have to agree with most of the other comments! I love the LP thick and incredibly soft leather, the new choices of colors each season as well as the variety of styles and sizes.

  • Amy Takahashi

    The styles and wonderful leather of LP make it a great bag!

  • Denise

    I adore all their fresh colors for each new season!

  • Beverly

    Smell that quality leather and you’ll fall in love!
    Touch that quality leather and you’ll fall in Lust!
    Wear that great design and you’ll turn heads.

  • Rufina

    How do I love thee?
    Let me count the ways
    Your color deep and silky skin
    Inhale your scent, my head might spin
    The golden zippers, studs and rings
    And when I touch you my heart sings
    to hold your hand would be so sweet
    we’d never part
    I’ll be complete

  • Alexis Thorough

    I’m rather new to Linea Pelle, but what I can see of it, it looks awesome. Bery interesting shape, and I love seeing new shapes. I’d love this bag, because the colour looks rockin’ and truthfully, who can pass up entering a giveaway like this?

  • Elena

    First of all it’s the bright and alive colours, coupled with the supleness of the leather which feels incredibly soft and high quality. The very attractive and unusual classic designs rebrought to life are also a strong point and reason why this line is one of my favorite! And with all these in mind, it’s also incredibly comfortable and a great investment :) !

  • Tammy H.

    So much to love! So stylish, such pretty vibrant colours, gorgeous leather. What else could you want in a handbag. I just love the look of this LP Dylan folding tote, it was the one I picked as my favorite in an earlier giveaway. Pick me!!!

  • Kathryn

    I absolutely ADORE this foldover style bag. It serves as a medium size bag, then voila!! It’s a carryall to carry all!! LOVE IT!!!! This is a must bag for travel due to it’s versatility. In both modes it looks great so kudos to the designer for such a perfect accessory.

  • Christina C

    This bag is so functional. I always wanted something like that to stuff all my stuff in (I have too much stuff I like to carry around “just-in-case”. I also like the fact that I can have it as a shoulder bag or folded messenger bag.

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kate83675

    I love the colors and I love the leathers. They’re gorgeous to look at and to snuggle. What else is there to say?

  • kendra

    the colors and leather- they are always so seasonally bright and exciting :)

  • Bel

    I could do so much with this bag especially since I’m on the run all the time! All my stuff will have a space and I’ll still look great carrying my load in this. All in a wonderful looking (great colours) and feeling (soft, soft leather)…. what a girl wants, what a girl needs…

  • Alison

    Love this style, Love this color:-) LP rocks! it is officially my handbag brand now! I am in love with all of the Dylans:-)

  • Oksa

    They are just so ME! I have to have it!!!

  • Melle

    I like the casual foldover style and the high quality leather.

  • Charla

    The persimmon is TDF. The fold over HUGE tote is gorgeous and stylish and almost reminds me of Balenciaga

  • Laura

    I like the choice of bright colors and the quality of their leather and the unique designs.

  • Hanan

    Love the colors, designs, and the luxurious leather

  • Solaera

    My favorite things about LP purses are the leather…the incredible smell and feel of it and the hardware on the bags. I love the LP laid back rocker chick style.

  • whoville

    The leather is amazing. And the colors are different and unique season to season…

  • Jo-Anne

    I love Linea Pelle’s soft buttery leather! I recently purchased a Croc bag and love the zebra lining, so I’m hoping that they’ll use the zebra lining alot more.

  • lisaw

    Yum, what a beautiful orange for spring! The leather on their bags looks AMAZING! I’ve never owned a Linea Pelle but I have had the chance to touch one and WOW… one day I will own one!

  • Michelle

    I first fell in love with these bags when I went to NYC last year. I was in a small boutique and spotted the beautiful black leather bag and couldn’t stop staring at it. The soft leather, the different ways to wear it and show off its beauty…. I was on a budget when I went.. so although I would RATHER have bought this purse.. I think the people I went with would have been a bit mad if I didn’t have money for all the sight-seeing and festivities. Being from Illinois, I haven’t been able to find another purse like this one. I would LOVE to show this one off for everyone to see. All the beautiful colors, lining, intricate details.. Ahh, I get excited just thinking about it!

  • Kimberly

    I love the color of this bag for summer!! It also looks like it would be buttery soft and lots of room.

  • Melanie

    The best thing about LP bags (especially the Dylan line) is that I got hooked on them in about a half second! Then I fell head over heels all over again when I got to actually touch the leather! I love the material used for the lining and the laid back attitude they have. I am hoping that in the future they have dylan bags in forest green! I’d love to experience the foldover tote! Seems so classy and roomy and fabulous and I could go on and on…..

  • Nan

    I love the beautiful leather and wonderful choice of colors. The various sizes are perfect-not too big and bulky or too small to be functional. I love the Janice bag and hope to see more fringe.

  • Erin

    Their colors are unbelievable! Citrine, Turquoise, Whiskey, Persimmon, Emerald, Amethyst…those are just a few I envy!

  • Grace

    I like the fact the LP bags stand out and don’t look like every other bag out there. I would like to see a bigger variety of colors offered.

  • Jennifer

    I just bought my first (well 2 pieces in one order) of LP! I love my Dylan Day Clutches in Lime and Camel. There are soo squishy soft and the leather reminds me of the days way back when leather really smelled good (30 years ago). It’s hard to find quality pieces at affordable prices. Love the Dylan line – keep up the good work. If I had one thing to change – it would be the weight of their products.

  • Vickie Hagen

    I LOVE Linea Pelle bags and belts as they are so distinctive, the leathers and colors are great and the Dylans and Alyssas (which are my favorites) are so SOFT and squishy. I have always liked anything different and they are definetely different. I get compliments whenever I wear mine. I just wish I knew how to stop buying them! Keep on making them!

  • Samantha

    the best thing about Linea Pelle is the gorgeous leather.. no matter what style, the leather is soft and smooshy. the brand has several different styles, yet all of them are classically LP. my wallet hates me for loving them so much, but I can’t help it! good quality leather combined with gorgeous styles (aka Linea Pelle!) is a danger zone for me and my bank account! :D if I could, I’d own several different colors of several different styles – such classic, everyday pieces.

  • KoobaMe

    The best thing about Linea Pelle? There isn’t just one thing – it’s a combination of wonderful leathers and mixes of vintage and edgier styles in phenomenal colors (those Croco Dylans! ~sigh~) all topped off with the absolute best customer service out there. When you buy an LP bag or accessory you can be assured that you are valued as a customer. This is what keeps me as a very loyal LP fan! I’d love to see them do more accessories such as the bracelets and keyfobs/key cases along with the wallets.

  • Angela

    The best thing about Linea Pelle definitely has to be the leather. It so buttery soft to the touch. The colors are also fresh and fabulous and the designs of each bag are unique and fresh. They’re so versatile and can be worn everyday. My bank account literally bleeds everytime I set eyes on an LP bag!! The one thing I’d love is for them to expand on even more colors. *fingers crossed!*

  • Gaylia

    I am from a small and not a well-known country called “Burma.” I purchased my first LP from hautelook and since then I am using my mini Danielle everyday. I am melted with the buttery leather. I am saving every penny for another LP bag! Please count me in!

  • Janice

    The thing I love most about LP is the soft, smooshy leather! It is the most luxurious and buttery soft leather I have ever felt. When I’m carrying an LP, I just want to pet it all the time! I’d love to see LP come up with more lines and styles and colors…the more variety, the better!

  • Bonniesgirl

    O! I always love the option of 2 sets of handles since I can never make up my mind.

  • evan357

    Leather is the reason why I’m obsessed with purses/accessories. Who can resist touching and smelling it! LP has perfected the art of bringing LEATHER TO LIFE. Fashion forward yet functional too! I love totes and over sized hobos. I hope to see more vibrant hues like yellow and purple in the future.

  • Tracy

    LOVE the permission color….gorgeous

  • Lisa

    I need a bag that makes my life easier. This is the bag! When you have 4 kids with busy schedules you need to be flexible. This is a flexible bag. The leather is amazing, durable, beautiful, colorful and soft. I need to be able to be hands free and also have space to carry the extra sippy cup and sweater when I need it. I need to be able to take my bag on a date or to the playground and know that it works equally well at both places! I need my bag to have longevity. This bag will be beautiful season after season. I need to have one bag for all occasions not a different bag for every situation. The Dylan folding tote is the only bag for me!

    My only suggestion for future bags is that they have more stapping options. Having the ability to wear a bag across my body will make or break my decision to get or consider it. Having an extra removable strap that can be put onto the bag to give that option would be a huge seller for me.

    Thank you for all that you do LP!

  • laura


    I agree with the sentiment of having a removable strap on totes(as other luxury brands do) so that they can be more functional, especially for travel

    in terms of coloring, ombre effects would be nice

    ex: olive and graphite with notes of chocolate

    or bright yellow with greens and purples – more subtle gradations would work too

    wine colored bags

    saddle bags

    fringe and texture always welcome

  • Roxie

    Linea Pelle has the greatest designs, which are enhanced even more with their great color choices and soft leather. These bags are fabulous. In dire need of this bag. Such a must have.

  • Vera

    The leather is sooo soft! How can you ignore the vibrant colors?! The small studs adds a bit of edge, too!

  • Susan

    LP’s leather looks and feels amazingly soft and buttery.

  • Yvonne

    I love the folding Dylan tote. It’s such a gorgeous bag!!!

  • Nancy

    I adore the sensuous leather, and the unique styling! A bit edgey, and VERY fun!

  • Rhonda

    I love the look and feel of the leather. Beautiful colors and designs! I would love to own one!!! Love them!

  • Mary

    I love the leather and how LP bags look different than other designer bags. The Folding Dylan Tote is my favorite!!!

  • Sharla

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the soft leather, makes me want to cry it’s so nice and so out of my reach

  • Ainhoa Ferrer

    The leather is so soft and yummy. Love that about LP!

  • Cara

    I know this won’t count, but maybe it will sway anyone not sure about these bags to take the leap! Been a stalker of LP for a couple of years now, saw Nick Lachete girlfriend forgot her name prob didn’t spell his right either (Jessica Simpson’s ex) did my google research (LP a thousand times) prob. took me a week to find out what the LP stood for I think I had to email IN STYLE magazine to find out finally. I was in instant trouble when I went to the website, colors, texture, simple, functional, fun and classy but not too showy. Dannielle shoulder bags are so comfortable they cradle your shoulder- Dylan shoulder messenger bag in amethest matches any thing grey- black- the wallets are great not stiff and square and yuck but soft rounded edges and lightweight as well. I also have a tote that is in a blue black color is the one that was in the mag from the beginning of my love affair that is dark with a hint of blue- almost gave it to my daughter lucky for me she didn’t think it was “her style” (she’s juicy) The new Dylan shoulder bag is another ( have 4) in black it rocks with some brass accents but not like you have to change your entire wardrobe punkish just classy edgy- that’s it LP is classy edgy. Whew.

  • Tracy

    LP bags are awesome!! The leather is very soft and supple. The bags are very well made too. I own one and it has a lot of very cool detail to it which is pretty much the norm with LP bags. If you don’t have one already, go get yourself one ASAP!! :)

  • Cynthia

    LP bags must be the most stylist bags around. I love how stylist they are and on top of that the leather is incredibly soft. The featured bag looks luscious and absolutely spacious. Another thing that’s wonderful about the brand are the great belts. I have two wide belts and even purchased one for my mother during the last sell. They are so unique that compliments come by the dozens whenever they are worn.

  • Teri

    I love the soft leathers – so comfy – and all those shiny zippers.

  • LaWana Spratling

    Absoultely beautiful. I would feel so glamorous and cool carrying this bag.

  • LV Rawks

    I love the soft leather and gorgeous colors :)

  • Tina

    I love their leathers. They are SO incredibly soft and the colors are gorgeous!

  • jaena t

    I am not one to be called as a” Purse-savvy” girl. But after running into the purse blog, I definitely have to say that the Linea Pelle handbags and accessories most certainly have captured my eyes, my heart, and unfortunately but willingly my checkbook! These wide varieties of arm candies can definitely spruce up even my most dullest of MY wardrobe days. After searching upon searching for the perfect line of handbags to fit my everyday needs, I find that Linea Pelle offers a great variety of styles and colors but most of all it gives me a vision of how I am going to look with every bag they have just by looking at them! I can honestly say that I can picture myself “perfect” with any of their handbags even when it’s a color I would have never chosen in a heartbeat. Each one can basically fit my different looks for my different days. For example, whether I am in a pair of jeans or a pair of slacks for work, I can see myself wearing their comfortable leather Lola clutch that’s sassy enough to be worn casually and chic enough to be worn formally. Their artsy linings and other touch of subtle details are what I also find very admiring. It’s basically a surprising facade; unlike some bags that bear their name everywhere, Linea Pelle offers that simplicity and yet when you open up that baggggg, you get that vavoom of colors! Wonderful! Just wonderful!! And I haven’t even got past the accessories part. Well, let’s just say that if I had a choice of which current accessory to choose from, I would probably have a meltdown because they are just as bright and creative as the bags. =]

  • Charlie

    Awwe, I really wanted to enter because I love the details of LP purses.

  • Lia

    Their leather is so to die for. I love the rough and casual look.

  • rosie

    this bag is EXTREMELY versatile and can be dressed up and down and that leather looks TDF!! soooooo smoooshy,

  • Vy Dam

    I love their buttery love leather!

  • Paige

    I would love to win this folding tote. I think that these types of totes the best because the leather is so soft to touch but strong enough that it tear or wear out. I alos love anyting that Hilary Duff wears, including this folding tote. That is why I want to win this folding tote.

  • Michelle

    This bag is awesome! I did not think I would describe leather as plush but the leather here looks plush to me. I also love the color.

  • 1016761554