So, we have officially reached the halfway mark. Two weeks down, two weeks to go in our amazing month of Linea Pelle Giveaways. It’s not just the giveaway I love writing about. I absolutely love looking at all of these new must-have Linea Pelle handbags. If you happen to love fringe as much as I do, then this week could be one of your favorite weeks.

Linea Pelle Janis Fringe    Linea Pelle Janis Fringe

The Linea Pelle Janis Fringe Bag is a bohemian bombshell. Traditionally, I picture a certain person carrying a bag like this. But, since Linea Pelle has such an eye for craftsmanship, the fringe on this bag falls wonderfully. I can picture countless celebs picking this bag up and being photographed with it all over the place. We had a chance to see the bag in person, and even if you aren’t a fringe person, trust me when I say the fringe is absolutely HOTT (that’s right… two t’s).

How do I enter: Click here and head over to the Celebrity section of Linea Pelle’s website. Look around and find your favorite celeb who has been spotted sporting LP. Come back over to the comments section below this post and tell us your favorite LP celeb as well as who you would love to see sporting LP.

A couple things to keep in mind: One entry per person and you have April 15th – April 21th to enter to win.

Just like the past two weeks, if you find yourself saying, “I MUST HAVE THIS BAG”, head over to Linea Pelle Online, and if you buy this bag, you’ll receive $25 off when you enter this code at checkout: JANISBYLP.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Cindy

    I thought hayden panettiere looked really cute with her LP bag. I’d like to see Michelle Obama with one.

  • Zarka

    I like Heidi Montag with her LP Dylan bag…. I would like to see Jennifer Aniston with a Dylan Zip tote…

  • Kristin

    Rihanna looked so cute with her LP bag! I also love Robert Downey Jr. in his LP belt. I would like to see either member of Flight of the Conchords wearing an LP belt!

  • Kellee

    I like Lauren Conrad with the Piper Speedy! I love the orange!!

  • cantrella

    i really like lauren conrad with the LC tote! hmm i would love to see Lucy Hale of Privileged to wear an LP (:

  • Merve

    mmmm Hayden Panettiere because i love Heroes so on the same train of thought …milo ventimiglia wearing an LP belt.

  • Ruth

    Obviously LC is the ultimate Linea Pelle Celeb. She carries each bag with such style – and I really loved her signature line of LP bags!

  • Dominic

    Hayden Panettiere is super cute w/ her LP bag! And I’m a fan of Robert Downey Jr & Wyclef w/ their belts.

    I think Jason Statham would look great w/ a LP belt.

  • bri

    I like DJ AM’s belt. For purses, Vanessa Minnillo. I would love to see Faith Hill carrying LP!

  • Lauren

    I really loved Lauren Conrad’s collection and just ordered the LC clutch-can’t wait! I’d like to see Lady Gaga incorporate a LP belt in to one of her outfits!

  • pearl

    james franco’s belt and vanessa minnillo’s dylon double pocket messenger!
    and jennifer aniston should wear LP; the casual feeling of LP bags fits right in with her style.

  • susan

    I REALLY hate to admit, Jessica Simpson. She looked great in the pictures. I’d like to see Michelle Obama and Jennifer Aniston with the bags. They are such a great casual feel.

  • Shannon

    I know I should have probably picked someone who had a purse, but I can appreciate other beautiful accessories as well! Paris hilton’s blue studded belt looks super cute and as usual, she looks gorgeous as well. I think Pharrell Williams should rock an LP belt next!! The Gunmetal domed studs would look great.

  • Tammy

    Rihanna all the way! That girl’s got style. The Linea Pelle Dylan line just rocks! Katie Holmes would probably look great with one.

  • Kaity

    Heidi montag looks great with her Dylan bowler. Jennifer aniston would look nice toting the casual bag.

  • shannon

    i like lauren conrad with the LC tote. i’d love to see, chloe sevigny rockin’ some this stuff!

  • Elle

    Marcia Cross looks amazing with her fiery red hair and bright green Dylan tote. Kate Bosworth would lot in one of the fringe bags.

  • Elle

    Sorry, I meant ‘hot’, not ‘lot’!

  • JuJu

    Rihanna rocks the Dylan messenger bag! I think Jessica Alba would be fab in one of the fringe bags.

  • Lindsay H

    I like seeing Vanessa Mannillo sporting the bags…and hope to see Sienna Miller with one on her shoulder soon! (She is my fashion icon~)

    Thank you, pick me!!

  • miko

    i think Rihanna is my favourite LP celeb, she looks great with that bag!!! I would love to see Beyonce wearing an LP bag! She’d look great with one, or maybe even one of the studded belts.



  • Christine A.

    Love the dylan on Rihanna! Miley would look great with the fringe bag!

  • amy rosen

    I love Paul Rudd – what a cool guy to carry a LP bag. I would like to see Sienna Miller carrying this bag.

  • Laura

    Doesn’t Hayden Panettiere look so fresh for summer with teh Dylan Large Speedy? And I love the yellow color of her Large Lola Shoulder!!!

  • Laura

    I think the Dylan Zip Tote looks great on Stacy Keibler! She is really tall and it looks good on her!

  • Melody

    I am loving Hayden with her Dylan Large Speedy. The white color is so fantastic for this bag! I also think the fringe back would look fab on Kirsten Stewart – sort of feels like something she would go for! :D

  • Jennifer G

    I chose Stacy Keibler I love the Dylan Zip tote she was carrying.

  • beeniechika

    I LOVE the belt on vanessa carlton! i think i could see soon to be mom of two nicole richie sporting one of LPs bags~!

  • Amanda R

    I love Marcia Cross with the Green Dylan. Her red hair makes such a great contrast!

    I’d love to see Kate Winslet with an LP. She’s so laid back, it seems like her style.

  • Real Estate NJ

    Ashlee Simpson looks really cute with her tote! As to my favorite celebrity, I have two in mind – Susan Boyle and myself :)

  • KellyLisa

    Lauren Conrad looks great with ALL of her bags! I think Michelle Obama would look fabulous with a Dylan zip tote!

  • Keri

    I liked Tori Spelling with the Sydney Large Shoulder Bag.

    And I’d love to see Reese Witherspoon with a bag, and Kiefer Sutherland in one of the belts!

  • porsche mama

    Love Rihanna with her lp! I would love to see Sienna Miller in something uber-rock like this fringe bag

  • Joan

    I loved the bag Marcia Cross was carrying – the Green Dylan Zip tote!

    I think this would be a perfect bag for Angelina Jolie to carry, nice and roomy. A perfect bag for her, especially carrying lots of kids stuff and traveling all the time.

  • Kiki

    I love seeing…LiLo (Lindsay Lohan) in that beautiful hip belt! I would love to see a celeb mommy wearing the fringe bag. I can see Katie Holmes with the bag on her sholder and a sippie cup in her hand! I love it!

  • Jen

    Definitely Hayden! She’s so cute.

  • Sophia

    I love the LC tote worn by (guess who!) Lauren Conrad. It’s so chic and demure. It’s amazing! I’d love Heide Klum or Claudia Schiffer to be carrying this one. Especially Claudia always picks amazing arm candy!!!

  • Linda Perry

    Hayden Panettiere looks great with her LP Speedy! Would love to see Kelly Ripa sporting a LP bag or belt.

  • Denise

    I am a big fan of Lauren Conrad and I loved seeing her carrying one of my favorite bags, the Piper Speedy! I especially loved the orange color she chose…hot! As for celebrities I would love to see wearing Linea Pelle…I would have to say Cameron Diaz carrying the gorgeous bag up for grabs, the Janis Shoulder Bag in Vintage White! The look is so totally her! I can see her walking around Roosevelt Blvd., wearing a basic white tank, a pair of skinny jeans, adorable flats and carrying her bohemian chic Janis Bag!

  • Colleen

    I love the way Rihanna carries her Dylan Double Pocket Messenger. I would love to see Vanessa Hudgens carrying some LP…she has a great boho-chic style!

  • Tonya

    Hayden Panettiere is one of my all time fave celebs! She just has that all American look and she really looks great with both the Dylan Speedy and the Large lola shoulder bag in lemonetta. I LOVE the yellow color of the lola shoulder bag!

  • Jess

    My fave celeb was Paul Rudd!! He is very funny and one of my favorite actors. I’d like to see Seth Rogan wear an LP belt next! :o)

  • ZG

    I like Lauren Conrad with her LC Tote best and I would love to see Nicole Richie wearing some Linea Pelle!! :)

  • Teri

    Paris Hilton is just too cute playing baseball with the studded LP belt. And I’d love to see some LP on Nicole Richie. And me.

  • A-T-G

    Is it wrong for me to say I thought Ashley Simpson looked great in her LP? And as soon as I saw this contest, I was like Nicole Richie! She’d be perfect! I didn’t see her on the website, so I’d love to see her rockin’ it!

    And I know I’d look just FAB!

  • jj

    I love the belt that Ashley Simpson had.The stud jeans belt looks good on her.

  • Holly

    I loved seeing Rihanna! I wish I could see Victoria Beckham with a Linea Pelle. XD

  • L4F4

    I like Vanessa Minnillo with that beautiful LP bag. I would love to see Kristin Kreuk, from Smallville, carrying LP bags. She’s beyond stunning, and I love her look. :)

  • karmenzsofia

    I love him, and I love LP belts, including this studded one. As to whom I would like to see wearing LP…hmmm…so many choices… How about James McAvoy or Robert Pattinson? They are super hot and would look great wearing LP belts!

  • honuhonu

    I love seeing Tori Spelling in her studded belt and bag! I would love to see Beyonce sporting something from LP!

  • Erin

    Love the Robert Downey Jr. photo… would like to see Kristen Bell carrying LP.

  • Katrina G.

    Diane Kruger looked great with her LP belt. The Olsen twins would look great with some of these LP handbags or belts.

  • kimmy

    love lindsay lohan and would love to see lp on nicole richie!!

  • Beth

    DJ AM and Robert Downey Jr – the belts! too cute!

    LC got me into the bags initially though… they look great on her.

  • Ashley Nicole

    She’s not on the site but I love Hilary Duff and how obsessed she is with her Linea Pelle Dylan Folding Tote because I would be just as obsessed.
    On the site I love Lauren Conrad with the Piper Speedy and Vanessa Carlton with the Womens Wide Sculpted Waisted Belt

  • cat

    Robert Downey, Jr!!! LOVE him…and love the belt!

  • Lucy

    Vanessa Minnillio looks amazing in her belt. Oh and Nicole Richie would be perfect for a LP.

  • Lauren

    L.C. with her own designs!

  • Debbie

    Hayden Panettiere looks so fresh and pretty carrying the Dylan Large Speedy. On the edgier side, is there anyone madder, badder and more dangerous to know than Robert Downey, Jr? And the Pyramid Studded Belt is a perfect match for him.

    I would love to Jakob Dylan wearing Linea Pelle. Really a match made in Rock heaven!

  • Beth

    I’m old enough to be his mother, and I don’t even know what he’s done to be a celeb, but damn, that James Franco is adorable! Who would I like to see sporting LP? Dianne Weist. I’m addicted to HBO’s “In Treatment” and she is amazing! If not her? Then Tina Fey. Did you see her in January’s Vanity Fair? OMG, did she look awesome. Classic, stunningly beautiful. She can rock a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g!

  • Renee

    I love seeing LIsa Rinna w/ the Dylan Messenger and Tori Spelling w/ the awesome pocket belt. and my fav LP bag, the Dylan Bowler.
    I really wish there was an LP store in Chicago :-)

  • amy

    I would love to see Jen Aniston with an LP!! She has such style and would carry it off perfectly!!!

  • Lauren C.

    It seems that Linea Pelle bags work their magic on everyone, because my fav celeb spotted was Ashley Tisdale with the Dylan Messenger. She simply looks ready for anything, and the bag gives her an added chic touch! Honestly, I think Scarlett Jo will look great with the Janis Shoulder bag in Vintage White. So her style!

  • Jenny

    I love Hayden Panettiere and her white Dylan! However, guilty as charged, I also like Denise Richards’ bags — but the woman bugs me to no end.

  • Megan

    Marcia Cross looked so casual yet chic with her bag.

    I’d love to see Natalie Portman carrying one around. I think they would suit her.

  • alyssa

    wow, vanessa minnillo ROCKS that women’s wide belt with pocket and chain (in both outfits)!

    i would love to see eliza dushku wear some LP. belt or bag, she’d look utterly amazing.

  • chloe

    i think hayden looks super cute! she’s really growing on me and she has great linea pelle style! I’d like to see jennifer garner with a great lp bag, she’s may favorite!

  • Katie

    Although I may projectile all over my keyboard by admitting this, Kelly Bensimon looked fabulous carrying an LP. I really believe Rachel Bilson to have a unique and polychromatic fashion sense. With the right outfit. her petite frame would complement a Linea Pelle perfectly.

  • Lauryn

    Ashley Tisdale is my pick for the best LP celeb…that girl has an AMAZING bag collection. She wasn’t on the list, but Hilary Duff looks great toting around the Dylan Folding bag… I am definitely lusting after that bag. I would like to see Beyonce with some LP, especially a thick waist or studded belt because she has the right figure to pull it off and she always looks great.

  • stacy di

    I think Lauren Conrad looks great with her lp bags! This fringe-y one is great!!

    thanks for this great giveaway!!

  • Mandi

    The belt James Franco is wearing looks great on him! I think Blake Lively would look awesome with an LP belt or bag.

  • Shawna

    Call me crazy, but I think James Franco looks incredibly fashionable in his LP belt. I’d like to see celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, sporting a fabulous LP belt.

  • Heather S

    I adore james franco’s belt! Gwyneth Paltrow would look good sport’n one!

  • me

    Ashlee Simpson looked great in that belt. It stood out and looked great with the outfit, very vibrant. I’d like to see Cameron Diaz with some LP, her style is laid back but chic.

  • Aya

    Hayden Panettiere looked great with hers!

    As for who I think would look good with a Linea Pelle bag—hmm…maybe Ueno Juri? :)

  • TygerKitty

    I absolutely adore the sculpted waist belt on Vanessa Carlton.. whittles away the waist and creates an AMAZING figure! The details are way cute and she looks great wearing it. I’d love to see Carrie Underwood sporting some LP!

  • Krystal

    I have two favorites :)…Marcia Cross carrying the green Dylan Zip Tote & Hilary Duff carrying the Dylan Folding Tote in coconut…these bags are gorgeous! I love Angelina Jolie and would love to see her carrying a Linea Pelle bag…They’re so functional, I think it would be useful for her to store goodies for the kids in all those pockets!

  • azureartist

    I like Hayden Panettiere in the Dylan Large Speedy. Always a classic choice!

  • asil

    Lisa Rinna with her Dylan shoulder messenger bag…so chic!

  • Esther

    My favorite -> Lauren Conrad holding her the gorgeous Piper Speedy in Sherry (will this bag ever be reissued???!!) I would love to see Scarlett Johansson carrying one of the iconic Dylans.

  • Alex

    I loved the Dylan Zip Tote on Stacy Kiebler!!!!! Now I want both bags!!

  • Jamie

    I really love Lauren Conrad with the Piper Speedy! Organe color is definately for Spring and summer!

  • Maddy

    Love Hayden in Heroes,+ love the Dylans, so she’s my pick.

    I’d like to see Jesse James in an LP belt and Sandra Bullock rocking a Janis shoulder, walking hand in hand.

    First Lady Michelle O ~ yes a Samantha/Serena Double Handle for her!
    Then the girls will need little Alyssas, and Bo will need an LP pyramid double studded water puppy collar…

    Extreme fringe suits me. Thanks for the great review, Shannon !

  • Carolyn

    Paul Rudd. I know it is not a handbag (I would have to pick Lauren Conrad) but i love Paul and he looks so cute with his belt.

  • S

    Just one celebrity to pick? That’s so difficult! I love a couple, but the stars are Ashley Tisdale and her beautiful Dylan Zip Tote! As far as a celebrity I’d like to see wearing one… well, I’d love to see more male celebrities sporting some LP belts! One of the Olsen twins wearing an LP would be a great sight to see as well.

  • Lynda

    Loved Rhiana with the Dylan bag. She has such beauty and style. I would like to see Kelly Ripa rocking the LP look.

  • patricia

    Loved LC with the Dylan Long Speedy, she looked GREAT with her black/white floral dress and I would love to see Beyonce, she wears what she likes, damn be the most expensive, just most unusual BAG -IMO and has awesome ‘bag’ sense! I can see her with a Dylan Tote ,she loves the big bags!

  • Melody

    Hillary Duff and the Dylan Folding Tote! <3 I just bought one from the sample sale and I can’t wait to get it <3

  • Suzanne

    Jessica Simpson and the studded belt; I’d like to see me sporting one.

  • Rachel

    Reggie Miller – maybe a strange choice, as this is a purse blog and he definitely isn’t carrying one – but I’m from Indiana and he is such a community figurehead and wonderful person. I’d like to see one of the Olsen twins carrying the Janis large messenger. It would suit them perfectly!

  • patricia

    I like Lisa Rinna with the Dylan Messanger Shoulder Bag. I think Elizabeth Hasslebeck would look great sporting LP.

  • Emily

    I like Heidi Montag and her yellow LP bag. I just love the colour! =D

  • PhotoGirl

    I loved Lauren Conrad with both the clutch and the LC Tote.
    Who would look great with an LP bag? Chanel Iman.
    Oh, and me, of course! :)

  • Lamb Chop

    Id love to see Gwen Stefani rocking a LP Fringe Clutch!

  • Candice

    Jessica Simpson is sporting LP, I would love to see Ann Hathaway sport LP :)
    Loving the fringe on that bag omg lol

  • zooms

    I loved lauren conrad’s pic with her lp bag. makes her look so chic!

  • Caroline

    James Franco is adorable is ANYTHING but especially with LP. If I could choose any celebrity to see sporting those bags, it would definitely be Tilda Swinton. She’s my fav. and I think the quirky additions to those bags like the fringe bag shown above would be perfect for her.

  • Andrea Stokes

    Loved Lauren Conrad and her LP was my fave! I’d love to see Lindsay Lohan rock an LP with her skinny leggings – especially one with the excellent long fringe.

  • bs2short

    I have to say I really love that folding tote hilary duff was spotted carrying (which was posted in this blog). From the site, the dylan large speedy looked really cute hanging off of hayden panettierre. Cute with cute, how cute is that?! I want to see Mary Kate Olsen rocking an LP. rock it rock it rock it!

  • melanie

    I liked Hayden Panttiere with her bag. It was a great choice and suits her.

  • Ji

    Hayden Panattiere, I would like to see Beyonce!

  • Young

    Lauren Conrad looked great, I would like to see Angelina Jolie in it!

  • hei

    I loved how Rihanna rocked it, Jen. anistan should look great also

  • Vera

    My two favoite LP celebs are Vanessa Minnillo and Elizabeth Banks. I think their style embodies LP. Future celeb I’d like to see with LP is Evangeline Lily.

  • Karrie

    I think Christian Slater looked great in that black belt. Would Zac Efron look as good????

  • Jane

    Elizabeth Banks looks great in the mini stud belt. There is a diverse list of stars wearing LP so I’d bet anyone can find something to flatter their personal style.

  • shan

    diane kruger does such a great job of glamming it up in otherwise “dressed down” looks and vice versa. love how her white hot braided hip belt pulls this ensemble together. While LP accessories would be great on any gossip girl, i think i’d be happiest to see leighton meester rocking ’em real soon.

  • Muneeba

    Rihanna looks so cute with her LP bag, but I would love to see the first lady sporting LP!!

  • joiji

    LC’s LP clutch is cute!
    I think Leighton Meester should rock some LP. She’s fab.

  • Ilane

    I love Hayden Panettiere with the Dylan Large Speedy. She is perfect for the Linea Pelle brand – fresh, young and not a trend follower but has her own style. I can picture her with the Janis Fringe bag while out saving whales.

    I think it would be cool to see Blake Lively carry Linea Pelle in real life.

  • luvhautecouture

    I liked the Dylans on Denise Richards.

    I saw Reggie Bush, but no Kim Kardashian!! She should get some LP.

    OMG what HAPPENED to Heidi Montag’s face….. WOW

  • luvhautecouture

    ooops… it was Reggie Miller, not Bush… ohh then KK and Reggie Bush need LP!

  • sunchicka

    My fav LP celeb is Hillary Duff I always crave the LP bags she rocks. I’d love to Ashely Tilsdale w/these bags.

  • TallulahJane

    Jessica Simpson for sure! I totally love her style, and Linea Pelle seems to go right along with it. She always pairs their belts with a great outfit. I would love to see Kate Hudson with a LP bag. She’s one of my favorite celebs!

  • Natalia D.

    Marcia Cross! I would like to see Heidi Klum with some georgeous LP bag!

  • Theresa

    I love Hayden’s Dylan Large Speedy. I would love to see Iman in something casual with LP’s wide waist belt.

  • Christie

    I loved Nicole Linkletter wearing her LP belt; the orange dress looked really cute and fun…plus, she was my favorite on ANTM:)

    I would like to see Zooey Deschanel work one of the LP designs.


  • ice-cream

    I love the LC tote on Lauren Conrad. I love that it’s big enough that I can put a lot of stuff in it.

  • Ashley K

    My fav is definitely Rihanna, but I’d love to see Kate Moss with one of these bags too! She’d totally rock it!

  • Kat C.

    Vanessa Carlton is looking pretty with her LP =)

  • Kirsten

    Love the way Lauren Conrad rocks the chained bag. An edgy but classic style that makes the bag super versatile for day or night. I’d love to see Sofia Coppola rock a Linea Pelle circle weave belt with those short classic dresses she always wears; the belt would give an unexpected accent.

  • Victoria

    Lauren Conrad carries the styles I love most! My fav is the Long Dylan Shoulder in whisky. I’d like tio see Jessica Simpson match her LP belts with a coordinating bag!
    I like all the dylan collection…

  • ashley

    I like Hayden Panettiere with that gorgeous bag! I would love to see Robert Pattinson in something. :)

  • abby

    I thought Hayden Panettiere looked adorable with both bags, but really loved her rocking the large lola!

  • Chelsea

    I like Lauren Conrad carrying her LC Collection clutch! I would also love to see Blake Lively wearing some LP bags!!!

  • Laurie

    I think lauren conrad is just the ideal lp girl! I would love to see someone like camilla belle with one, she has great style.

  • creighbaby

    Rhianna looks super stylish with her bag. I’d like to see Lady Bunny rocking an LP.

  • GottaShop2

    I really liked seeing Marcia Cross with her Leaf Dylan tote. It looks amazing with her red hair. I would like to see Halle Berry with an LP.

  • Cheryl

    Hayden Panettiere carrying a large dylan speedy – i have that bag and love it!
    How about Rachel Ray carrying one????

  • Solaera

    Although she does not have her own celeb section on the site, my favorite LP celeb is Vanessa Hudgens. I love her relaxed california style which LP bags suit to a T. I would like to see the gorgeous Megan Fox rocking one of those fringey Janis shoulder bags…I think that one would be perfect for her.

  • Mollie

    i love the LC bags (wanted one in black) and i love the long speedy on audrina partridge!

  • Juilin

    I love Lauren Conrad carrying Dylan shoulder bag in black. I would love to spot LP bags on Cameron Diaz.

  • wendy

    Love Hayden Panettiere and her Dylan Large Speedy! It would be great see Zoe Deschanel carrying/wearing LP.

  • Regina

    I love Lauren Conrad, especially in the picture where she is wearing the black studded Dylan bag! I would love to see Carly Simon wearing LP bags, since I’m told she & I look a lot alike.

  • Simran

    I liked hayden panettiere as I thought she looked cute with her bag. I would like to see Jennifer Aniston with one as she always looks chic and classy!

  • atrophia

    I would say All-American Rejects and Hayden Panettiere.

  • katie

    My favorite from the LP site is Hayden Panettiere with the Dylan bag. I’d love to see Heidi Klum rocking the Dylan bag as well.

  • gina faulkner

    I like Tori Spelling, she seems down to earth. I also love the bags with fringe.

  • CM

    I adore Paul Rudd and think he’s hilarious. Totally one of the most underrated comic actors in Hollywood. Personally I wouldnt mind seeing Ryan Reynolds in an LP belt, and NOTHING ELSE.

  • Monica

    I think Marcia Cross looks adorable with her Dylan LP bag from Intuition (that’s my favorite bag too!!), her red hair contrasts great with the leaf colored bag. I would really love to see myself carrying an LP bag, but since I’m not a celebrity, then I’d have to say that I would really love to see Prince rocking the Janis Fringe LP bag!!!

  • Luc

    I love the Dylan Shoulder Messenger Bag that Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards were toting; now, if only I can find it in black, I’d be in heaven….lol. My newest favorite is the Janis Fringe Bag, I can totally see Hilary Duff/Ashley Simpson rocking this. The Janis Fringe is so cool and edgy, totally bikerchick with a black SWORD moto leather jacket and Rock & Republic badass boots.

  • andrea

    dylan quilted mini speedy on tara reid!!!
    i just love the bag and i think tara looks great wearing it!!

  • Karina

    I absolutely love Susie Costello’s way of combining the belts with her clothes and think that Vanessa Hudgens would fit into the LP concept! :)

  • Kristen

    I LOVE Lauren Conrad wearing these bags, especially her self-designed LC Tote and all of the Speedy’s. I’d love to see Audrina from the Hills wearing the fringe bag! Totally her type of style!!

  • Nick

    The quilted mini speedy on Tara Reid looks awesome in black! I would also like to see Beyonce sporting a LP! Haven’t seen her yet :)

  • Astrid

    I like the most Marcia Cross. She’s looking gorgeous with Linea Pelle

  • gloria

    I love Denise Richards Dylan shoulder messenger bag – would love one for myself! I would like to see Rachel Bilson carrying an LP bag.

  • Jennifer

    I like Lauren Conrad with the LC bag!

  • Margaret

    I think Hayden Panettiere with the Dylan bag looks so cute. I’d love to see Tori Amos rocking their bags.

  • herblady

    I thought Marcia Cross looked adorable and it would be great to see the first lady wearing some LP.

  • Susan

    Lauren Conrad, with the Piper Speedy. I could see Misha Barton with LP, too.

  • melissa

    I love LC wearing all her bags the dylan is my favorite. I hope to add the leaf dylan to my collection sometime. I’d like to see Beyonce rocking one.

  • Gina

    My favorite is Marcia Cross with the green Dylan Zip Tote. She looks beautiful as always, and I love the color of the bag!

  • Alison

    LC looks good with ALL of the LP’s!!

  • allie

    i liked seeing Lauren Conrad rocking the Linea Pelle clutch…i would like to see Nicole Richie sporting some of the bags because of the laid-back, yet still trendy style. I could see her carrying something bohemian inspired, like the bag with fringe

  • Babyblue4

    Hayden Panettiere looks great with her LP Dylan Speedy! I’d like to see Kate Hudson with an LP!

  • Liliana

    My fave is the belt that Giuliana Rancic is wearing. It’s a nice combination of color between the purple dress and the tan belt.

  • Jean

    Jessica Simpson looks hot as usual wearing her tan LP belt. I’d like to see the beautiful Halle Berry wearing LP, especially the fringe bag!

  • Tammy H.

    James Franco looks great always, but especially adorable in his LP belt. Tori Spelling gets honorable mention l in her LP bag. I think the lovely Jennifer Aniston would look great in that gorgeous fringe bag, love it!

  • Mishie

    I loved Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge’s look with the LP bags. I would love to see Beyonce in a LP.

  • liloh

    hayden panettiere makes the speedy look so chic!

  • Katie

    Denise Richards for sure! I would love to see Jennifer Aniston sport one. She is soooo cute.

  • Kathryn

    I adore the LC Tote with the chain handle! Looks good with casual but can move into a more professional venue. Lauren Conrad’s looks are a good example of how versatile this handbag can be.

  • wendy wallach

    I liked Lauren Conrad and I would like to see Carrie Underwood carrying one.

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  • Tammi

    Love Lauren Conrad with the Piper Speedy bag! Would like to see Thandie Newton rocking a Linea Pelle belt!

  • Marisha

    I just discovered the LP line this month and ordered my first handbag from the LP official website: a dylan croco saddle bag in emerald. I cannot wait to see it in person. I liked Rihanna with her LP messenger bag. I would like to see our first lady, Michelle Obama sporting a linea pelle handbag!

  • iulia

    I love Marcia Cross and the leaf dylan zip tote, that green is amazing IRL but that picture totally doesn’t capture it. I would love to see Maggie Gyllenhaal carrying a Dylan, she’s an awesome actress and I really think it would suit her style.

  • Rochelle K

    Loooove Rihanna. She just always looks amazing (and the LP definitely makes the look!). Fingers crossed that I can be as fashionable with a new LP of my own!

  • Karen

    I love the way Christian Slater looks in the LP Men’s Embossed “X” Belt with Studs.

  • Samia

    Rihanna is totally rocking that Dylan Messenger!

  • Tai

    Lisa Rinna looks awesome with her Dylan and Wykoff looks great in his Men’s gothic cross belt!

  • samantha

    it’s so stylish, i like that

  • Teresa

    Tara Reid has a nice bag. She always has nice style. Jessica Simpson always carries nice bags. The bags really makes the outfit shine.


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