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To Enter: Simply reply in the comments section of this post if you love or hate Miley Cyrus and why. Simple as that! We will close the contest on August 18th at 11:59 pm.

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  • lunatwinkle

    Ack, is it me? Or can I not find the link to the thread? :???:

    • lunatwinkle

      I don’t like Miley Cyrus. IMO, she’s too boisterous and not very refined. I’ve tried to watch her on the Hannah Montana tv show, and I just cannot stand watching her behave. Plus, she’s such a photo-whore and loves taking pictures of herself in her underwear.

      • Chris

        Yep, I like Miley. I’m a mom and it worries me that she may not be setting a good example for the children, but that is MY job anyway. Her job is to entertain and she does that well.

      • doggietrainer

        I used to think she was okay, but then I saw photos of her in slinky blank dress, cut up to here and down to there, and wearing Louboutin stillettos…hardly the innocent young girl she and her father and her agents are pushing…very disengenuous, and certainly not who I want my pre-teen emulating.

        Love the purse though!!!

      • SassyMcCool

        No talent hack like her Father. She will fade soon enough like the Spice Girls and Leif Garrett did. My prediction is tat she will then grace the cover of Hustler magazine.

        She’s overrated. :cool:

    • DebO

      Don’t like her, think she’s spoiled!

      • punkinpatch

        I think she’s spoiled as well and I don’t think she’s all that great at singing – gets on my nerves

      • TRUDY

        I really do not like her either – she seems unreal to me.

    • anushka

      I like her, but I like her bag more.

    • eorchid

      Love her! Too many girls in the industry are cookie cutter, heroin chic clones. It’s good to have a young celebrity who is more on the wholesome side for younger girls to emulate.

      • Anne Caille

        love her…love her dad….I think she’s a good role model to young girls

      • yvonne6632

        She is a cutey, but am afraid just a fad thing….
        My great-grandaughter (7), went from Barbie to Dora and now to Miley in a matter of 2 yrs……like I said just a phase the young girls flit through. Now, when her dad played Doc on his own show….that was gr8….She does have good taste in bags, (Or her publicist does)I love huge roomy bags and this one looks stunningly gorgeous!!!!

    • gwen10

      My daughter and I were early fans, but not so much lately.

      • vonnie

        I agree, I think she use to be a good role model, but after the recent photos and publicity she’s been getting, it doesn’t seem she’s very innocent anymore.

    • Daisie

      I am sort of ambivalent to Miley Cyrus. While many of my students like her, and I don’t see her as a bad role model like many of her contemporaries, I’m not fond of many of her songs. This surprises me, because I’m a big fan of bubblegum pop. Musical tastes of a 13 year-old girl. :)

    • natalie_palm

      I don’t know anything about her except my 3 year old runs around singing “Hannah Montana Hannah Montana” and that makes me laugh, so I like her..

    • Purseval

      I asked my 15-year old niece if she would like me to send her the Best of Both Worlds video and she said “absolutely not!” I don’t know much about Miley so I asked someone who would and she was less than impressed

    • Languorous Lass

      I have no opinions one way or another about Miley. :neutral:

    • enchantingeyes

      Poor Miley, I think she’s just a young girl who is mixed up in the celebrity world. I truly couldn’t tell you how I feel about her (or any other celebrity for that matter) since I don’t really *know* her. As far as the image she projects-I’m not a fan of it! I don’t necessarily care for the Hannah Montana character, and it bugs me to death to see “naughty” pictures of Miley leaked almost every week. It also seems like she goes out of her way to sound flaky and daft in interviews. I hope that this doesn’t negatively affect her adulthood, but really, how could it not?

    • Cowboysaunt

      Miley is a better role model than some of the others out there right now. She has talent and she has an amazing marketing machine behind her. That is why young girls and
      “older” girls, like me, know about her.

    • Becky

      I think she is great and has her head screwed on for business! Plus if she likes designer bags then she must be cool!

    • Angela

      Can I just say I’m indifferent? Maybe a little irritated by the overexposure? That’s all. I’m sure she will mature into a lovey young woman :roll:

    • g lucero

      Hate her because she’s just another “manufactured” star.

    • Threshold

      I don’t know much about Miley. I hear she is much more talented than her “achy-breaky” father, Billy Ray Cyrus. Being so young, she might act out a bit, but that’s only natural. What *isn’t* natural is all the attention such things attract because she’s a celebrity. So all I can say, with absolute certainty, is that Miley Cyrus has GREAT taste in handbags if she’s selected and sported The Sak Silverlake Satchel! :grin:

    • London33

      I love Miley…she’s not afraid to take chances and doesn’t pretend to be anything she is not.

    • kim

      I like her. Better yet, I like the way that she provides a way for me to connect with my kids. I can start a conversation about her and it gets my kids talking about everything. As they get older, I’ll take any way I can to get them to talk.

    • pursegal84

      she doesn’t really interest me but i guess i’ll give her one point since she’s been wearing this bag…

    • rikimaru_edo

      shes like any other kid in hollywood; good voice, nice looks & all & shes trying to make a name for herself like any other young person in her situation would :smile:

    • pursecat101

      When I was at Big boy , this little cute kid kept yelling out hey its Hanna Montana, Hanna Montana. The mother told me, he thinks you look like Hanna Montana. (Must of been the blonde hair cuz I look nothing like her!) I’m like who the heck is Hanna Montana! This was going back 4 months ago. I had no clue who she was. Now I certainly do! Thats all you hear about in the past 2 months. She sky rocketed big time. I personally think shes annoying.

    • Kate Wilson

      I like Miley. I think she has a lot of self confidence for a young person and is a reasonable role model for other young girls.

    • catbaglover

      I love the Sak bag! But I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus. It think both her singing and her acting are over rated. I like her daddy though! :lol:

    • Kaleigh Kirby

      I like her, compared to those previously in her genre (Spears, Lohan, Duff, etc),and she is talented. I hope she keeps a level head!

  • Megs

    Just respond in this post right here! Sorry I was not more clear :mrgreen:

    • Chica1

      Miley is alright in my opinion, although I don’t really pay her much attention.

    • Miss Marina

      I love Miley Cyrus because she has a great voice, she is an amazing actor, and she knows how to handle herself. :grin: :grin: She’s fun and yet mature. Even though she has had a few scandals that doesn’t mean she is a bad person. She is 15 and those pictures aren’t that bad. Right now, she is a great role-model for girls. She is still down-to-earth and is still a girl. I think that the media’s perseption of her is way to over-blown and for no reason. I also think that her parents have raised her right, and hopefully we will not have a Paris on our hands when she gets older. I think the bag is beautiful and I would definitely wear it. I love The Sak because they have great quality bags. :grin:

    • finzup

      I don’t love or hate Miley Cyrus…She’s a cute girl and hope for the best for her.. I do hope she doesn’t wind up another Brittney… :shock:

    • sweetmelissa

      I think Miley is ok-her Hannah Montana show is pretty cute. Yes, I’ve seen it :eek: I really don’t keep up with celebrity news much but she seems like a much better role model for young girls than say…Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. On the whole, I know almost nothing about her to be honest.

    • jay c

      I like Miley Cyrus. More power to successful young women. As for the controversial pictures, she’s maturing into a young adult, and these decisions (whether right or wrong) will be a lesson for her in the future. Great bag too!

    • Emily

      I am not going to lie, but I am not a fan.

    • lodilove

      I love this Sak bag! But frankly, I couldn’t care less about miley cyrus one way or another. If I was still 15, I might have an opinion, though!

      • I like the bag but not a Miley fan

    • meibabe

      I like her because she has good fashion sense. I hate her becasue she’s younger than me. I like her because I think she will love the Sak Silverlake Satchel too. I hate her because she will probably get Sak Silverlake Satchel for free :?: :?:

    • mnshopgirl32

      Not a fan – she’s not that taleneted – only got her foot in the door because of who her dad is. She’s the next train wreck waiting to happen!

    • beautiful stranger

      I enjoy her singing voice but I dont think I would like her as a person .. just not my style .. my 11 year old son LOVES her though :P

    • sheila

      Nope,don’t care for Miley. I just like the bag. For what its worth I think this kid is stuck up. I think I prefer Britney and Hilary when they were at the wholesome stages of their careers.

    • texas girl

      I think she has let her fame go to her head already. I also don’t think she’s been a very good influence on young girls. But, I love that bag!

    • Laura

      I am British and we don’t see that much of her! From what I see in U.S. news coverage she seems ok – a very pretty young lady too.

      I will say love her – and make that shallow, uninformed judgement purely on the basis that she clearly has great taste in handbags! This bag is a total beauty!!!!! :smile:

    • Tori

      I like Miley. I feel sorry for her. :cry:

    • Alli

      Miley is okay…I don’t usually love or hate a celeb…however I think she sets bad example for young girls though

    • Tina

      i don’t like her as a person, and i dont think shes cute at all. her family is a little bizarre (mainly her dad). i think shes an attention whore with all of her myspace pictures leaking and those dumb videos she does with her best friend whose like 20? weird. but i have to admit that i do like her songs.

    • bmgode

      Thumbs up for Miley and two thumbs up for a great bag!

  • Chloe

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus because she is a hypocrite for not liking the Vanity Fair photos that show her back yet continues to leak photos of her half naked. And her music is awful. And she is stuck up. :twisted:

    • Kristin

      I totally agree. She is way too snobby and thinks that she is so great when she is not. Her music is so bad too. I saw her host/perform on the Teen Choice Awards and I almost had to turn the show off because I couldn’t stand watching her anymore.

  • lightblue84

    i don’t like miley. nor the other famous teens of the moment. but i like the bag.

  • doozer

    Sure, I love Miley Cirus. She’s a child! When she’s an adult I’ll hate her.

  • Nora

    I’m not a Miley fan. She acts and dresses way beyond her 15 years, and not in a good way.

  • Johanna Marquez

    I gotta say that the post made me bought the bag, it was just too beautiful, and I thanks TPB for giving me the hint into that lovely bag


  • Alexa

    I like some of Miley’s music, but not her as a person. I know she’s only 15, but she needs to pull her act together and stop having all these photos and stuff spill all over the interent. Maybe if her best friend was actually her age, instead of 21, this wouldn’t be happening.

  • Pamela

    Thanks for the contest!
    I was initially a fan of Hannah Montana, but once Miley started getting more publicity, I’m not so much anymore. I absolutely despise her double-faced image.. she acts all sweet and modest in interviews and yet she insists on posing half naked in photos. You are 15 and famous, use your brain. Keep your clothes on unless you want to be exposed, which she obviously seems to crave. Britney was a better role model by far.

  • Beautylicious

    I don’t hate her and I don’t love her. I’m just tired of her.

  • Jen

    I don’t like Miley because shes only 15 and probably has done crazy and more risque stuff that I’ve done in my life (and I’m 22 y/o…soon to be 23). Whats with all of her pictures? She is a role model to millions of little girls so she needs to act a certain way in the public eye. However, I am embarassed to say that I do listen to some of Miley’s songs and I have watched her show. The girl is just very talented at what she does or maybe it could just be Disney’s brilliant ways of marketing.

  • cathy healey

    I think my 13 year old niece would love the bag. It’s a little busy for me.

  • Miley is alright but I haven’t really given her much thought.

  • deborah

    she’s aiight. She actually has a discernable talent unlike some of her peers.

  • luvsoftleather

    Don’t like Miley Cyrus at all. Mostly because of the pics and videos of hers that have been circulating around. I know that this is probably what teenagers do and I should just accept it, but her case is totally different from that of a regular teen.

    She *knows* that she is a celebrity watched by millions (esp. other teenagers or younger kids); while on its own it doesn’t automatically mean she’s responsible for being a positive influence blah blah blah, what I see (especially her You Tube clip) is clearly her taking advantage of and using that celebrity and its influence to get her message across. In the case of the you tube clip, it’s her making fun of a fellow teenager. We don’t need more of this celebrity mean girl showdown as a cool thing to do, as if it isn’t already bad enough in high schools.

  • Sara

    Well I don’t really get her to be honest! I don’t approve of the trend of young tween stars leaking racy photographs to be taken more seriously as an adult in an industry that so often exploits kids…….but I don’t envy her growing up in the limelight. I don’t really have anything against her but the whole Disney generation kind of bugs me!

  • wongy74

    I like Miley! She is adorable. Can’t say that I have watched her shows or listened to her songs though.

  • Sabrina

    I used to like Miley Cyrus before Hannah Montana became SO popular. I could actually sit and finish an episode of her show and did not mind when my little sister would look up to her. I don’t like her now because of her not so positive influence on girls– she’s dresses way too mature for her age, wears too much makeup, takes provocative pictures– all the while saying she knows that a lot of girls look up to her. She’s so two-faced and can’t act to save her life.

  • kimbah

    Miley is just another Britney waiting to happen. Sad. BTW…isn’t this bag the spitting image of Botkier Sasha convertible duffle?

  • Trisha

    I feel sorry for her. She is a little girl, growing up way to fast. I would imagine all the fame and power would be a little unreal at 15. I really wish the media would back off and let the kid be a kid. She seems prone to the same mistakes as most teenagers…expecting perfection is stupid- most people learn through mistakes. I like the girl!

  • Shauna

    Sometimes I like Miley and sometimes I can’t stand her. I honestly don’t know why. Some of her songs are addicting.

  • Sarsi

    I don’t love her and i don’t hate her either,
    my kids are too young for Hanna Montana
    so I don’t give her much thought.

  • Leah

    Love the bag and I actually like Miley Cyrus! I think she’s adorable…and growing up in the public eye (whether by choice or not) can’t be easy. I remember how awkward I was at 15… and how many difficult (and oftentimes bad) decisions I made… and my heart goes out to her. I’m glad she’s still with Disney and continuing to do her own “rock and roll” thing. Cheers!

  • Carly

    No strong feelings either way about Miley. I like the fact she wears clothes, shoes and bags that us non-celebrities can afford without spening all of our rent money.

  • Marina

    Miley is poised for her age, confident, talented, and obviously has excellent fashion taste.

  • Gzuzdude08

    Miley does have some catchy songs, but otherwise I really don’t care for her!

  • Jackie

    In the beginning I was a fan of Hannah Montana, but once her leaked images of her posing in all these seductive ways(pulling up her shirt so u can see her bra or in her underwear) made me dislike her. Miley! You are only 15! What kind of role model is she? I can’t believe her parents hasn’t done anything to control her.

    Some of her songs are decent though.

    Thanks for the contest! :D

  • Laura

    I like the bag. I am indifferent towards Miley.

  • Allie

    I like her, but I don’t know much about her other than my little sister loves Hannah Montana and I can’t seem to get her songs out of my head when I hear them (I’m 24, so I’m not sure if that’s embarrassing or not…). She seems a little bratty, but I don’t dislike her for that. I think that’s just part of being 15.

  • kara1202

    I think she is alright, frankly she’s a teenager so must r annoying anyway :grin: but as far as it goes, yeah she does some questionable things but again she is only 15. Frankly most kids are takin those kinds of pic n posting them, so she is not doing anything that weird, if u r relying on her to be a role model, don’t cause again ONLY 15. Kids r gonna like her or not, if they do hopefully they like her good points n over look the other dumb teenage stuff that she does. LOL, in the end I don’t really think she cares, she is too busy counting her money :roll:

  • Tina (biggestbaglover)

    I do not like Miley Cyrus but it has nothing to do with her as Hannah Montana as my kids are too young to be into that. I don’t approve of the photos that she has taken but I do understand that she is 15 years old and this is extremely common behavior for young teens nowadays as I have seen it with both my nieces and with the students that I teach. The reason that I do not like her is that I believe that she is a media hound and has released those photos herself or had someone close to her release them in order to garner additional publicity for herself. Call me crazy but I just believe that it is very strange that all of these photos were leaked slowly over a period of time. If it was a hacker, why not release them all at the same time? Rather, they are released slowly in order to constantly keep the spotlight on her at all times. After all….don’t they say that there “is no such thing as bad publicity”?

  • Ji

    I thought she was cute in hannah montana. she’s very energetic and all.. honestly, shes good at what she’s good at, but she also makes many mistakes.. I don’t have much thoughts on her.

  • Cadence

    I don’t mind Miley Cyrus. My son watches Disney Channel but has not been into the Hannah Montana craze so I guess I just don’t pay attention to her. I do mind all the media storm. I am around kids her age all the time and they use fashion and their bodies often inappropriately because they don’t know better or are just trying to be adult. I thought the pics were mild in comparison to what I see kids do on social networking sites. Her taste has to be some what grown up because saw pic of her with this bag and just love it. I am a big fan of The Sak’s leather line. Feel it’s well put together and stylish!

  • Joie

    Hi, i feel like she acting way older then she really is. miley need to tone it down…. :

  • Janice

    miley’s ok- i think she’s just got too many handlers all pulling her in different directions. i do like her taste in handbags tho!

  • t

    I didn’t care for her at first, her voice is grating.
    But then I saw a TMZ video where they were asking her questions which she answered graciously even as she was finishing her lunch and she tried to politely wrap it up but they wouldn’t leave the poor kid alone! It was kind of sad

  • Ana M.

    I like her choice of boots and bags, and her smile. I don’t really listen to her music.

  • Nichole

    I think Miley is just another child who has found stardom too early…hopefully she won’t turn into another Britney Spears. Don’t love or hate her, almost feel bad for her.

  • catherine

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus because, even though she seems like a nice person, she needs to set a good example for all her fans, which is something that she isn’t doing with all of those photos of her winding up on the internet for the world to see.

  • innerspark

    Eh I’m not a huge fan…too much scandalous pictures of her

  • Janice

    I think Miley is adorable and my kids love her. She is actually very tame compared to other teenagers.

  • skyblue

    miley is just a child. shes bound to be misunderstood due to publicity. I think shes a lot more down to earth than most stars so im going to have to say that i love her more than i hate her.

  • Ryan

    she is too young to be out there like that

  • wgs

    I think for the most part, Miley is a good role model for youngsters but let’s just wait till she starts hitting the clubs and we may have another Lindsay on our hands. Didn’t care much for the vanity fair photos—to much hype for nothing.

  • I really don’t know enough about her to have an opinion either way.
    I do like the bag, though :wink:

  • MrsLinas

    I just don’t like her period. :roll:

    • nillacobain

      I agree. I dont’t like her and I don’t like her hot photo shoot.

  • marieangeli dy

    i do like miley because she is an inspiration for the young girls, but i hope that her good girl ways will not change, but of course she’s growing up and she’ll experiment a bit but i wish, not for the worse but for the better. :wink:

  • lisajb68

    miley’s ok. love the bag :razz:

  • taoluv

    love the bag but can’t stand miley. the way she talks is just too annoying. can’t understand why she is so popular

  • I think she is a fun girl with lots of energy.

  • Pearl

    As a celebrity portrayed daily on the Disney channel for many young girls to see, she is obviously not being a very good role model. To release these half naked pictures of herself on the internet is acting way beyond her years — and in a negative way.

  • snf8

    i love miley! at first i was kind of annoyed by her and didnt get the hype surrounding her. but the more i watch her i cant stop! i was a closet miley fan for a while until i figured out that there were a lot of miley closet fans and we love it! haha

    theres nothing like blasting a miley song to make everyone roll their eyes! :smile:

  • Julie

    Sure, she’s a kid who has talent…and she seems to have her head on somewhat straight to this point. We’ll see if she can keep it up, or if she’ll ultimately cave like past child celebs!

  • airedale3

    I don’t like or dislike her, but I would not want to be her for any amount of money. I like my nice boring life. It would be nice to win this bag!

  • anne

    I am pretty sure I am off her radar and not in her demographic. I certainly don’t know anything about her that would make me hate her. I do wish she would get her Dad to clean up. Stupid hair and beard?

  • Anita

    She doesn’t bother me. For the most part, she seems like she’ll turn out ok.

  • Megan

    I like Miley. Her music isn’t terrible, and even though she does things parents of disney tweens don’t approve of; she’s just a teenage girl. She hasn’t gotten in extensive trouble, which is more than can be said about a lot of young hollywood. Shes alright in my book. Besides, she has good fashion ;p

  • sooki

    judging from her public appearances, i think she’s cute and that’s all i can say about her.

  • mistyknightwin

    I like Miley Cyrus! She is a young woman making major moves in her career. She selling out concerts, promoting products, doing movies etc. I don’t blame her for making mistakes in her career such as the Vogue photos and the sidekick photos – she’s a young girl many of us have made far worst decisions.

    Hopefully she continues to make strides in her career and surround herself with people who will give her good advice in terms of what she should and should not do on Holly”weird”.

  • Cara

    I like Miley – I think she is a good roll model for tweens. And when I my nieces show me articles about her, I get to enjoy her purses!

  • Christine

    Don’t like her, I think she’s a disaster waiting to happen & her voice sounds like a man’s.

  • sara

    for me, the same goes with any celeb. i think its hard to judge someone based only on what the media feeds you–which gives you lots of room to go either way (accepting her flaws or rejecting them). i find it unfair that people can have such harsh/fuzzy feelings for her, because either way, it probably isn’t the true her. however, if the true her can find it in her to love that bag, then i think i could find it in me to love her, too.

  • Cheryl

    I’m not a Miley fan but damn I’m loving that SAK bag, never thought that would happen!!

  • Diana

    I have very mixed feelings about Miley Cyrus. She’s a cute girl and I used to love her tv show because it was so goofy and fun. Disney of course made the show like a caricature of its former brilliance, so it got too annoying. I think that she comes off as a little too mature for being 15 years old, but I suppose that’s part of the deal when you’re a child star. I don’t think her pictures are that bad, almost every girl I know has these kinds of pictures, but she should definitely be more careful of where she keeps them stored (i.e. not on her iPhone). Overall, I think she’s just having fun, and I like her style most of the time, although boots do not go with everything!

  • Beth

    I love Miley because my child loves her! The songs she sing are innocent enough and it gives m child someone to look up to. The songs are usually upbeat and have a meaning as well.

  • Stephanie

    AW! What a cute bag!

    I actually kind of like Miley Cyrus. I’m not sure where all of this anger/dislike of her comes from. Last time I checked she was just a little girl with a show on the Disney Channel – a cute show I might add. I think all of this drama over ‘half-naked’ pictures is also much to-do about nothing. I’m not sure where parents have been lately, but there are worse photos appearing on teenage myspaces and facebooks nationwide. The pictures of Miley are not that bad. I think the real problem has to do with the over-sexualization of girls in the media, but that is another topic.

    Overall, I think Miley is cute. I like her voice, and I think her new album is great. I hope she continues to make strides in her career.

  • tina

    I really don’t care for her and it’s a shame she’s so young and the media is mishandling it! It’s so inappropriate at times. I do love this bag in the lovely caramel color and the price is fabulous!

  • Maria Trinette

    I find her songs really catchy so I guess for that reason, I like her. I’ve never seen an episode of Hannah Montana so I can’t say much about her acting skills.

    Is it just me or does she look old for her age?

  • Kennis

    Among all the young actresses, Miley is one of my favourite. She is young and have lots of potential.

  • Knasarae

    I personally don’t care for Miley. I don’t think she’s a very good singer and I think she overacts. However, if people are going to keep paying her big money for what she does she should strike while the iron is hot. She doesn’t get any of my money though…thank goodness I don’t have kids, lol.

  • tawnee

    I do like Miley Cyrus. I think she’s a very talented young individual who knows exactly what she wants to do in life. Although I have to agree that lately she has gone a little bit overboard with the topless photographs, it’s way too mature for her age. I do feel like she’s being influenced by the growing society and not being herself like she used to be. But I do feel like she will take this mistake as a valuable lesson and make better of herself in the future.

  • Emi

    I live in Sweden and having never heard of Miley until reading about her and her “The Sak Silverlake Satchel” I just had to download her album on iTunes and I must say I really really like it – so I hope to hear more of and about her.

  • She’s just some kid to me. I’m sure she’s cool for a teenager. she obviously has great taste in bags!

  • BestInShow

    Love and hate….she is loud and somewhat overbearing, but I love that she is not into all of the things the other troubled young stars are into.

  • Christina

    I don’t really think she can act, she has an annoying voice on Hannah Montana, but she has a great singing voice. As much as I hate to admit it, I think the girl can sing and I like a couple of her songs.

  • Melissa71

    I don’t love Miley, but I don’t hate her either. My daughter, however, loves her. :roll:

  • Corinne

    That bag is simply BAD @$$!! Oh god I’m in love. But lets blog about Miss Cyrus for a second. That bag is definitely way too bad@$$ for a 15 year old girl to be carrying; I dont care how famous she is. It would look WAY better on someone like Heidi Klum, or ME! As for the racey pics…. she’s 15 and growing into her new body. Is it possible she’s a bit curious to see how she looks naked? (non airbrushed that is) As for how these pictures have “leaked” out all over the place will forever be a mystery. But since no publicity is bad publicity, is it possible her publicists convinced her is was a genious move? Who knows. What I do know is that love her or hate her, Miley Cyrus is undoubtedly fantastic at what she does. While at the age of 15 she is touring the world, sponsoring designer bag give-a-ways, and set for life, I’m working my 60 hour a week career to afford life’s luxuries. So go ahead Miley, do your thing.

  • jenna_foo

    Seeing as how my 8 year old daughter is Miley crazy…I have grown to love her myself. I even catch myself watching ‘Hannah Montana’ on Disney when my daughter is nowhere is sight. LOL.

  • Laura

    I think she’s a cutie. Hopefully she won’t get into trouble like some of her counterparts!

  • Aafrica

    however she is, that’s a lovely bag!!

  • bgcutiepie00

    I think she is ok!!! :razz:

  • Kristen

    I think she is super cute!!! but i hope she gets her act together cause she seems to be at the top of a very slippery slope.

  • Sue

    I’m a closet Miley Cyrus fan – although I’ve never seen her “Hannah Montana” show on the Disney Channel I find myself singing along to her songs on the radio and adding them to my iTunes playlist. I think she has great style for someone so young as she is usually photographed carrying a really cute handbag (like the Sak purse in this contest)!

  • kwylam

    love the bag…Miley? Not so much, but I don’t hate her either. First, I just do not see the appeal of Miley. I attempted to watch an episode of Hannah Montana and I did not last for a full minute before changing the channel. Second, it seems like there are photos of her that are “leaked” onto the internet every other month. All of these photos all involve her taking photos of herself with short shorts that barely covers her bottom, or she is purposely lifting her shirt up to expose her midriff. Please, you are 15! What are you doing? However, I guess the that is society these days. Kids are just growing up way faster than they used to. At least she isn’t into doing what other troubled celebrities are doing!

  • lucidbabe

    Love or hate is such a strong word for someone I don’t even know personally! From what I know though, I HATE what Miley stands for – a very young woman who by some specialist talent and a lot of luck got to a position of privilege, influence and power and now, abuses that for their own gratification and hypocrisy. You can’t blame these people as they have to be very firmly grounded, extremely wise beyond their years and have a powerful PR machine behind them to exude the right and proper vibes over general media.

    • ladybug2604

      I’m not a huge Miley fan…. What’s with two personalities?!? One of my cousins only likes Hannah, not Miley!! Great role model for children! Yeah right…

  • Jo

    Whoa! Miley Cyrus? hmmm? I think she is okay, but because she is now a star. Her head got so big. She should stay grounded and she needs to do something with her teeth. But overall, very talented!

  • lulilu

    I am a bit “old” to be a Miley fan, but she seems like a cute kid. At first, she seemed to be very grounded and well-supervised by her parents. Recently, though, she seems to be going down that path taken by other starlets. A shame, really. I hope she stays clean and has a nice future career.

  • I don’t love or hate her, more indifferent than anything.

  • grayxie

    I don’t really like Miley, I personally don’t think there is anything really that spectacular about her voice or acting.

  • shannon

    :mrgreen: Miley Cyprus – um – she doesn’t really hit my radar. :roll: But I love the bag! :cool:

  • Tammy

    I like Miley. I think she has a good voice and my girls love her show :wink:

  • Debbie

    I’m not a big fan of Miley. She comes off as fake and uneducated. But that bag– oh yeah, that’s got style!

  • jennzpurseblog

    I like Miley Cirus… shes very cute, and when i saw her on the Teen Choice awards, she spoke very well and was very bright in front of the camera.. so cute!

  • Robin

    I hate her for trying to all get us arrested for looking at kiddie porn of herself (I mean, seriously, when you’re under 18, just please please don’t take naked or almost naked pics of yourself (i’m not talking about the vanity fair affair, i actually really liked those pictures, I’m talking about the “I’m-in-a-white-t-shit-and-in-the-shower-aren’t-i-sexy” pictures.)

    but embarrassingly, i do like her music, whether or not she really understands what she’s singing about.

  • armbasket

    Miley’s voice and look are not very appealing, but, the handbag, on the other hand, rocks.

  • sari luna

    Awesome Contest. I love the question of the day.

    Yes, I hate everything about her.

    – Her show “Hannah Montana” is a lame excuse of a show. It is crap and has no real meaning. Just like all the shows on the Disney channel these days. They make no sense and are all garbage. Then again, it’s for little kids, most of them don’t know anything when watching TV anyway.

    – I like how she thinks she’s a rockstar, when she clearly doesn’t know the true meaning behind such a term. She’s nothing but a mere copy of Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, etc. Can’t sing, can’t dance, lip-syncs, can’t play instrument, can’t write her own songs… she just plain, flat out sucks.

    – She poses suggestively and often enjoys looking like a pornstar in front of the camera. Which is what caught Hugh Hefner’s attention. She also looks like a fish.

    – She’s fake, uneducated and will be eventually as dumb as Jessica Simpson is now. And her trailer trash father will eventually become the next Joe Simpson. Using their daughters to gain fame and attention. Nothing more.

    In short: I hate her. She’s just here because of Disney, if that didn’t exist, this waste of space wouldn’t be here now.

  • Erin

    I really like Miley Cyrus :mrgreen: . Is there anyone who can honestly say they didn’t do a few dumb things when they were 15? Overall Miley is a cute girl and a talented actress/singer. I think she’ll mature into a great young lady. Plus, look at the great bags she chooses to carry!

  • Jenn

    I want to hate Miley Cyrus, but then I remember what it was like to love Britney Spears when I was a tween. Britney would perform in see-through outfits on stage and didn’t write any of her own music (which Miley does). So for me to judge her as a bad influence, or at least a worse influence than Britney, is just hypocritical and stupid.

    Miley’s pretty OK with me.

  • patricia

    she definitely has all the young girls going……I do love her bag!

  • Alana

    I like Miley. I think she is just trying to be a teen right now and sometimes teens make mistakes and because she is famous everyone sees those mistakes.

  • Michaelle

    Miley is okay, my kids like to watch Hannah Montanna. I do hope that she’s okay when she grows up, so many child stars are troubled. Hope she escapes that.
    Love the bag!!!

  • CTgrl414

    I am not a fan of Miley. I think her music is annoying and that show is too. Sorry miley. Nice bag choice though :twisted:

  • Suzanne

    I like Miley, I think she is cute. My kids love her TV show.

  • vchik

    I don’t lover her and I don’t hate her. She’s too young and I don’t have kids so she flys under my radar. I do however like the Sak Silverlake bags!

  • Katy

    I love Miley Cyrus and this bag! I love her music and think she is a great role model for young girls. :grin:

  • Rowena

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus. I think she is so fake!

  • Anna P

    I think she’s annoying. And she really can’t sing… :roll:

  • nessa

    I don’t like Miley all that much she comes off so spoiled! She has a great voice and all but then she goes and makes diss videos about her competition. She is almost just as bad as everyone else- can we go just one day without her doing something to get in the tabloids? Why is she obsessed with taking panty pics? And who is she sending them to? But props to her for not doing drugs and drinking and maybe when she matures my opinion will change.

  • Shawna

    There are days when I think she is fine and could be a positive role model for teens and tweens and other days I think she could use a class called “white gloves and party manners” because I don’t think she is entirely educated in etiquette.

  • Elara

    I think she’s cute- and a lot better as a role model than girls like Britney, Lindsay Lohan, etc. She’s made some mistakes, yes, but who hasn’t? And it’s not like she’s out there running around making a spectacle of herself.

  • Jenn

    I like Miley; She’s a young adult trying to make a difference in the world through her music, while trying to live her life. IMO, I think she’s doing a decent job. She seems to enjoy her role as being a rolemodel to her fans. For her age, I think she’s handling it very well. :wink:

  • lily j.

    I think she’s fairly likable now, but don’t know if she stands much of a chance. Hopefully she won’t be just another child star who grows up too fast, misses out on her childhood and all the bad results that seem to come from that.

  • luce

    i don’t HATE anyone, but i am not a HUGE fan of miley. i think she can be kind of mean (her youtube video making fun of her disney “rival”)….but i think she is also 15 and it stinks for her that she is in the public eye at her age. but i do LOVE her song “see you again”, it’s even my ringtone :oops:

  • janis

    I think she is a very talented young singer. She seems like a pretty level headed kid. She certainly is popular! Oh, and I love the bag!

  • pg1908

    this is a cute bag

  • Haeranni

    I find her annoying and obnoxious. :neutral:

  • Salina

    To be honest, I have no opinion on Miley Cyrus. I can’t say that I like her, that would be a lie because I think some of the decisions she makes are extremely immature and insecure. Being just a little over a year older than her, I don’t know why she thinks that taking pictures of herself half naked and actually uploading them onto the internet (whether it be in her personal email or whatever) is a bad idea. Around two years ago, many girls were doing that as part of the “myspace craze” which I don’t agree with either. Also, the fact that these photos were supposedly sent to boys whom she seems to want in her life shows that she seems to have not used her fame to grow up as a person and respect herself. Although it is easy to see why these decisions were made by her, as she is constantly surrounded by people who want to market her to the masses and from my perspective, have no allowed her to discover herself as a person, rather wrapping her up in the whole “Hannah Montana” image instead. Having said that, her skyrocket to fame is definitely impressive. She obviously has held onto her success with a tv show and connections to be able to make a name for herself quite well. While I think the singles she has released are typical disney (very teen-upbeat), she (or the people around her) have laid down a great foundation for her to be able to expand and be able to achieve her dreams in the showbusiness world. The only thing I hope for her is that she can grow beyond just the “Hannah” and “Disney-teen-star” images and become her own person. Then, I think she will find herself as a much more respected performer in the eyes of many people who dislike her right now. Also, if she is able to expand the works she does, she will become even greater a success with the world because she will be able to gain respect from not only tweens, but adults alike. Oh, and she definitely has good fashion taste because from the outfits I’ve seen from her, they’re always adorable and she dresses to impress!

  • Salina

    Oops. a typo.

    – i mean that i dont know why she thinks taking pictures of herself half naked is a good idea. I think its a bad idea. That’s a good thing to correct :)

  • Kitten

    I dislike her. I don’t think she sets the greatest example for young girls but I don’t really give her much thought either. Just another spoiled hollywood kid.

  • Jen

    I think Miley can be a great role model for young girls if she chooses to be. They all love her. Hopefully she won’t turn out like Britney, Lindsay, or Paris.

  • Ingrid J.

    Miley is a pretty girl. I’ve seen her but not enough to dislike her. All the young kids I know like her.

  • apeachy

    Even though I’m not in that tween age, I still like Miley Cyrus, but maybe more so as Hannah Montana.

  • Carly

    I love Miley because she knows who she wants to be and she works hard to achive her goals. She is a role model for girls everywhere.

  • Carla Pullum

    I love Miley Cyrus and her music is great!! On Teen Choice awards she gave thanks to Jesus Christ! Yeah!

  • ArmCandyLuvr

    I don’t think much of her either way. She’s just another famous kid.

  • Barbara

    I am mostly positive on Miley Cyrus. She’s growing up in the public eye & trying to navigate moving from a Disney actor to an adult with her own separate identity – and that is never easy. I have 2 tween girls and her recent mistakes give me great ways to talk about issues and growinp up with my own girls – including how to handle mistakes in judgement, among other things.

    As for the Hannah Montana TV show. It’s not particularly great, but neither is it overly offensive or gratuitously violent like so much else these days. And, looking back at my childhood shows like The Brady Bunch & Little House on the Prairie, my taste in TV at the same age was not terribly refined or discriminating, either.

    There are worse figures to have my kids watching, by far.

    Oh, and my oldest girl would freak to own the same purse as Miley – I think I’d be in the running for Mom of the Year.

  • Nadell (guancia)

    I personally have no problem with Miley Cyrus. She seems to not have been hit with the star bug. She still seems refine and a great role model for children, unlike many of the rich, spoiled, distorted teens on tv. I would rather my children watch Miley Cyrus than Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, or Britney Spears (and her sister). Miley seems to have goals in her life and the support of her family. Her father said that if she ever wanted to quit show business, he would support her 100%. Maybe that’s why I like her, because she’s not forced to do what she’s doing, she’s doing it because she loves it.

  • Patricia Salumbides

    i like miley cyrus. she is genuinely talented!!

  • trisha

    i dont have any reason to hate nor love miley cyrus. i think she’s pretty though.

    and when i saw purseblog’s entry post re: the sak satchel, i got one in cream! having another one in black patent is much better though. gotta love the bag! :)

  • Greg

    Don’t like her, pretty much for the obvious reason that the girl has no talent

  • peanut butter

    I love Miley. She is a real PEACH.

  • Lauren

    Given the choice between love and hate, I guess I’d choose “love.” Yes, Miley and her legions of pre-teen fans can be annoying, but there far, FAR worse role models that those kids could be following. There’s no telling how long she’ll remain this [relatively] well-behaved, but for now I think she’s one of the good ones. And I do like her choice of bags :-)

  • Lorie Nieva

    I neither like or disike Miley Cyrus. I haven’t really paid too much attention to her until my 3 year old niece started wanting to buy her t- shirts at the mall. What was even funnier was when her mom told me that she screamed, “Mommy, there’s Miley Cyrus!”. (It was just a girl with long blond hair.. lol) I will however say that Miley is holding up pretty well for being in the entertainment industry. She genuinely looks like she enjoys what she’s doing and I’m happy for her. =)

  • Voodoo

    I love Miley! My daughter thinks she’s the cat’ meow! I love her ‘girl next door’ and ‘clean’ look. (I just hope she stays that way!!!!)

  • KoobaMe

    I really liked Miley Cyrus and the Hannah Montana show and hung in with her when things started going wonky with the leaking (so called) of those somewhat risque cell phone photos, but the recent YouTube video of her mocking fellow teen queen Selena Gomez has really turned my opinion of her around. Please, as though she didn’t think any of that would get out? She seems to be moving beyond the usual teen growing pains and into snotty Baby Diva land. No thanks.

  • Hisgeekygrrrl

    I don’t like Miley. I think she’s a loud and obnoxious teen who is a real attention seeker. Sorry, I know a lot of people like her, but she’s heading down the path to self destruction I think.

  • Weaslgrl

    Miley – meh. Bag, kind of cool.

  • LoveSunshine

    I love Miley’s charisma and stage presence. — She’s a cute kid with seemingly solid values and morals, but recently she seems to have fallen off the path a bit. Still, she’s bursting with talent far beyond her 15 years, and watching her on TV is always fun. ;o)

  • I don’t hate Miley not at all!! The only thing I can’t stand about her though is her voice and she talks wayyyy to fast! LOL I think she’s pretty cool though for kids these days. She’s a pretty positive influence for the most part.

  • digby723

    I don’t mind her…I like her songs, I think they’re catchy. I think she’s a very pretty girl, but, I think all of this fame has gone to her head and she doesn’t know how to present herself and still act like any other regular 15 year old.

  • Elle

    I don’t hate her but dislike her. She is not a good role model for young girls

  • Jennifer

    I like Miley she is a fun girl growing up in front of the spotlight and doing the best she can.

  • Crwella

    I like Miley – she’s a pretty good role model for my seven year old girlie, and she makes little Seven very happy everytime she watches her show.

  • LV Rawks

    I don’t like or dislike Miley, I don’t really know all that much about her other than she is Hannah Montana and her dad had a mega mullet back in the day :mrgreen: !

    Her song that has been played on the radio lately is pretty good I guess.

  • Melys28

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus , I can’t stand her voice or her acting,she is all over the place!I think she needs to tame herself a bit :???:

  • ChristineNY

    Not a Miley fan at all, but I hope she can survive both teen stardom. Like the bag, though!

  • CoachGirl12

    I don’t really care for Miley Cyrus. She isn’t a positive role model for younger teens. I think she use to be, but because of all the negative media attention she has received, she is just a teen that knows that she has “stardom” and is using that to her advantage.

  • Margaret

    I am completely indifferent to Miley Cyrus. Although the magazine cover bru-ha-ha amused me because lord knows she’s taken racier myspace photos.

  • Amanda

    I guess I kind of dig Miley Cyrus. I don’t really listen to her music, but she seems like an okay person. And she’s created a million dollar empire at the age of 15, so good for her.

  • Kady

    I don’t like or hate Miley. I admire that she’s as successful as she is now. She’s cute and bubbly, but that’s it.

  • Amanda

    I have never liked Miley Cyrus :neutral: . The way she talks has always bugged me :???: . And, even more now, she just annoys me.

  • Lauren

    There are two things that really drive me nuts about miley:

    1) Her teeth/smile – so gummy ick!

    2) She seriously needs to stop taking “scandalous” photos of herself. For someone who is saving herself for marriage, she sure does have a sex kitten inside.

  • Lanie

    I liked Miley in the beginning, but dislike her now because of the negative image of teen girls that she continues to perpetuate!

  • ramram

    I do not like miley because i feel like she loves herself too much and is too showy and in love with her new found fame

  • Wendy

    Definitely not a fan…she’s cute but that’s about all she has going for her. Some intelligence and real talent is needed before I’ll pay much attention…other that her handbags, of course!

  • Sylvia

    I like her style and her music. I have a 10 year old daughter and that makes me a fan :wink:

  • Vanessa

    I think she’s cool. I mean it’s hard growing up in the spotlight, and shes got balls for doing so. I also HATE when people give her crap because she takes pictures of herself. I mean, people who kep on crapping on her, cmon man, she’s like 15, thats what they do. Heck I still do that and i’m 19. And with that, I like Miley, her style and her song, see you again!

  • bunny

    Honestly, I’ve never watched Hannah Montana and all… So I don’t know if I like her or not. Since I’ve no opinion, I’d gravitate to liking her first :) Thanks!

  • littlemisskitty

    I don’t like the girl but the bag is hot.

  • angelchick182

    I CANNOT stand Miley…at all. Trying to take “artistic” or “blossoming, maturing” photos is all well and good, but there’s a fine line between artistic and trashy. The way I see it – a 15-year-old girl sporting the cliche “morning after” look complete with bedhead and wrapped in a sheet is utterly disturbing.

    Besides that, I just have a real frustration with the way our culture has gravitated toward giving tons of attention(in the media, tabloids, etc.) to people with average, little, or no talent.

    But the bag is pretty fab! :wink:

  • Jamie

    I like her because I think she is being raised with good morals and values, however I think that the media hype around her is forcing her to grow up too fast and compromise those values but not see the damage she is causing. For example, there are many young girls who prior to the vanity photos saw her as a wholesome role model (and many parents as well). But afterwards they were forced to deal with their children and this newly exposed sexuality that the may or may not want to explore. I think that any young child in her situation is bound to make mistakes, especially considering what a microscope she lives under. I have to cut her some slack though, regardless of the mistakes she has made she has accomplished so much at such a young age that she deserves my respect!

  • LVBabydoll

    I don’t like Miley because she really can’t sing or act, she’s another product of the “you have to know someone in order to be famous” theory. If she didn’t have a famous father, I really don’t think she would have ever been so famous.
    But this bag is gorgeous!

  • Rachel Crisman

    I don’t think she is very special but I don’t hate her,she is just a little teenage girl. I am not so sure she has much talent,that is still to be seen for me.I do think she is here to stay for a while. I think she is going to try her hand at movies.

  • jaelle

    I’m about 10 years too old for Hanna Montana, but Miley Cyrus seems to be a very strong young woman. She does put up with a lot of criticism from the media, but that’s what they do. The media can make an angel look like a devil and vice versa.

    I took pictures of myself as a teenager and still do. Her photos were NOT pornographic or ‘dirty’, not in the least. Teen pop stars past and present show more skin in their videos than Miley Cyrus did on Vanity Fair and in the leaked photos.

    The Vanity Fair photographs are reminiscent of classic art like ‘The Birth of Venus’ by Sandro Botticelli.

    Why in our day in age are we persecuting fine art and not the film and music industry, who have been exploiting young girls for years?

    I wish the best for Miley, she’s come along way in such a short amount of time and I hope her success keeps growing in years to come.

  • Nora

    I think Miley is a cute girl who has mostly cute style, and the fact that she has a best friend who’s not in the business is great. However, I think that she has made some bad decisions, quite possibly because she became so famous so quickly at a pretty young age. I hope Miley can take a look at some of her mistakes and fix things, but she is definitely better than Ali Lohan. Honestly, I want to hate Miley, but she’s cute, she’s a pretty good singer, and for the most part she’s handling her fame well.

  • Tracy

    I like her, she carries awesome bags. not really into her show or anything tho..

  • Zzuliyta

    I think she’s obviously a very talented girl. But I don’t get why she’s such a huge star. I don’t dislike her but I don’t especially like her either. Maybe I am just not into the whole tween superstar craze.

  • swissaus

    I neither love her or hate her because I don’t know her but I do respect what she has made of herself at such a young age. Although I don’t agree with everything she does.

  • Jennifer H

    I hear news about her once in a while. It’s funny. Her song 7 things is extremely catchy. Haha.

  • pana

    I don’t like her. I don’t think she is talented at all. :???:

  • Jae

    I think she has talent, but I don’t get all the hype around her! :roll:

  • Brock

    I love Miley Cyrus. She’s incredibly business saavy. I mean, come on, at 15 she already has more money and fame then all of us put together. Not that that’s what we all want, but she has a drive like no one I’ve ever seen. She wanted something and she made it happen for herself. Team Miley.

  • alisha

    At first I didn’t like Miley Cyrus but she’s grown on me. She’s a talented actress for such a young girl!

  • sandoz28

    I truly don’t know that much about Miley to be honest, other than what I read here and there. As I’m mid-twenties, I don’t exactly fit the demographics for her show. :wink: I do think she is constantly picked on by the press for everything she does–the Vogue article & photos, the stolen pictures that have been leaked–and it seems really unfair for someone so young. I think she’s trying to be normal despite the fame and fortune, and in a way, I admire her for that. Hopefully she’ll manage to grow up in the spotlight a little better than some of the other tween/teen stars before her.

    I suppose I don’t really like or dislike Miley, but I do rather like her style!

  • jesscat

    I don’t really care either way for Miley Cyrus – I don’t really get why she’s caused such a sensation, then again I’m not really in the Hannah Montana target age group. I just hope she doesn’t end up as messed up as all the Hollywood ‘it’ girls did a couple years ago (although they’ve all mostly cleaned up their acts – wonder of wonders!).

  • I like her songs…they are catchy…but she seems pretty scandalous! I don’t really like her..esp after she talked crap about some other disney star..and yet she’s like number 1 or something with her album. AH! It’s not fair that she could do all of those stupid things and get famous..and is able to carry around beauuuutiful expensive bagsss..arg im jealous! :lol:

  • Graciella

    I don’t like her at all! Incredible attention seeker :twisted:

  • Caroline

    Miley is OK. I find her interesting (such a husky voice for a 15 yer old) in the way that such a young girl can be so successful..

  • walinette

    I don’t really like her : she makes me think of Britney Spears, I hope she won’t follow this example

  • Rachel B

    I’m no longer a teenager so I don’t see the appeal of Miley. But then again, when I was younger I really liked Alyssa Milano and she doesn’t even sing so I can understand all the hype about Miley. I think Hannah Montana is too huge a phenomenon for someone young like Miley though and I hope she will keep her two feet on the ground.

    Now, can I have her bag please? :mrgreen:

  • Neeaa

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus at all, seems to me like she’s just another half talented spoiled hollywood teenager. And it doesn’t help that I find Hannah Montana one of the most annoying things ever :grin: But of course I can understand that there are girls aged 6-11 who like her, that’s okay.. girls that age tend to like crazy things, but anyone older who thinks she’s cool, should really find something better to do :smile:

  • sophie-rose

    I live in Holland, so I missed the whole Miley hoo-haa… so I don’t really care about here… not love her, or hate her… In facted I couldn’t care less about her…
    but after reading all the replies I guess she’s a bit dim so she’ll no doubt end up as the next Paris!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tella

    I love the bag and I couldn’t care less about Miley … LOL… I was writing this post and I just looked at the last one, it’s weird that we both think the same way!! May be it’s because we are both fm Europe….

  • Valerie

    Well I don’t love Miley and I don’t hate her I just don’t think she can sing and now it seems shes trying to get that bad girl image w/ her and that whole Utube video mocking that other teen girl (which is annoying). Who the heck are buying her albums anyways??? But I do love the bag though :grin:

  • QueenOfDa702(Valeen)

    Hmmm. I would have to say I like her. She is, IMO, a good role model for kids, hopefully she wont go the Lohan route! :???:

  • kurmusic

    I’m only a deprived English person, so haven’t a clue who Miley Cyrus is … is she anything like Paris Hilton? :roll:

  • Berenice

    I don’t like her. I think she has a terrible voice, she speaks like an alcoholic middle aged man, and I wonder how she even managed to become a singer. It’s only because her dad is famous and because young american kids can believe anything these days, Disney is manipulating each and everyone of them with characters like Miley. She pretends to be such a good, christian girl, and how can she be so stupid as to take half-naked pictures of HERSELF, knowing that they will most probably get leaked and be exposed to the whole world. She is also a mean, sneaky, cruel person and I don’t think people realise that enough. I mean, she publicly humiliated two fellow Disney girls on youtube, mocking them in her video with her MUCH OLDER best friend Mandy (in her 20s and still acting like a 5 year old). And for what? Because Selena Gomez is RUMOURED to be dating Nick Jonas??? I think that’s extremely stupid and immature. But I don’t think it’s all her fault. Poor girl’s 15 and she’s been given WAY too much attention lately. I think people should just stop being obsessed with her. We need the Miley obsession to fade off a bit. I think it will do everybody (especially her) good.

  • liliprincezz

    I like her cuz she’s just being Miley :mrgreen:

  • Montse

    I think I like Miley but don’t pay much attention to her. I like her bag though!

  • Petrina

    Frankly I’ve never notice her untill recently. She does looks great but so does a lot of other stars and people on the street. On the whole more of a hate especially considering the semi-nude pictures -> how can this a teen role model material?

  • Twiggers

    I really like Miley! I think she’s cute and has fun songs!

  • WithFrises

    Not a fan of Miley.

    Great bag though. :cool:

  • Angie

    Aw, she’s just a kid. Don’t hate her, just can’t relate to her and her music. She’s a cute girl. Oh to be 15 with that much going for you…hope she doesn’t blow it. The bag is great in any case. :smile:

  • Jane

    I have absolutely no idea who she is – but love thw bag!

  • rach

    I’m not a fan, but I don’t hate her either. I don’t think we should judge her just because she “chose” to be in the limelight. We fed the obsession that made her famous in the first place, anyway.

    But the BAG is awesome. More power to the teenagers who get to own them too!

  • wander

    I love Miley. My kids like her show. She is talented and beautiful… and lately has developed an excellect taste in designer handbags!

  • mrposhspice

    Miley Cyrus is slowly but surely turning into the Britney Spears of this generation, exactly 10 years after she first came on the scene. She has a great career going for her, she just needs to make sure the right people surround her and help her during this time.

  • Sweetwon

    I like Miley, I think is she is cute young star. I hope things work out for the best for her.

  • Marlena

    I don’t know much about Miley. She is doing something right though! She”s a marketing mogul. Her face is everywhere you go. Kudos to her. Lets just hope she doesn’t turn out like some of these other young actresses. BTW the purse is pretty nice. I would give it to my niece if I won it. :smile:

  • Linda

    I’m not so sure how Miley became such an icon. But the Sak Silverlake sure is!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lizz

    I like miley because of her character in walt disney weekly drama/show, whatever you called it (normally it’s broadcasted every satruday morning here in australia). To me, she looks like Hillary Duff junior. I foreseen that she’ll follow Hillary’s path: a brilliant singer. But, she might had the wrong idea of getting popularity by showing (purposely/taken by someone else) her partially naked pictures sometimes ago. That wasn’t a great way…

    For the bag, I’m absolutely in love with it when i first saw it.

  • nillacobain

    I dont’t like her and I don’t like her hot photo shoot.

  • brigid

    Miley doesn’t bother me.

  • Tiquidam

    I love Miley because she is seemingly one of few REALISTIC actresses to face the public today. She is multi-talented and wants to be respected solely for her craft. Many young females look up to her in her role as Hannah Montana, but at the end of the day she is still a young woman, a teenager, an actress. Most of all, I think Miley feels uninhibited by the public’s NEED for her to stick to her role as Hannah Montana and remain a “role model”. She rarely puts on a facade of innocence and that’s admirable; even much older actresses are unable to do this.

  • patricia.s

    Oh, I like Miley.
    I like her for her lively appearance and her stunning hair,
    I like her for her enthusiastic smile and the influence she has over millions of young girls everywhere.
    I like her for her great taste in not only style, but also in music, and merchandising,
    I like her ability to be loved while she acts, she dances, she sings.
    I like that she’s so young, so sweet, and so shiny.
    Oh, I like Miley, Miley, Miley.


  • calimarie

    Don’t really have an opinion on her either way, but she does seem to be everywhere…..

  • Jennifer

    Eh, not really a fan. I find her somewhat annoying.

  • Evening

    Miley’s definitely better than most of the young starlets out there…

  • fuchsiafury

    She’s not really on my radar, because I’m not a Disney follower. From what I do know of her from celebrity news sources, I’m not sold on how she puts herself across or how she presents herself. I “hate” her largely because she is yet another one of those “ordinary” celebrities. She does not really have a signature style yet. If you look at other teen stars (Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Emma Rossum, Anne Hathaway), there’s definitely sophistication there. Miley has got some ways to go. But the bag. Ah…. Now, that, I love.

  • lcterp

    I do not enjoy Miley Cyrus. I think she is trying to be too old too soon and is not a great singer or role model. I’m sorry but those Vogue (or whatever magazine) pictures were ridiculous.

  • Magv

    I don’t like Miley, the way she looks is so not her age.

  • smallpaperbird

    i dont understand all of the hype, but i have to admit, i like her husky whiskey voice.

  • shopalot

    I Like Miley!
    I think that she is a young starlet who is trying to grow up and be independent! As her star rises, she needs to keep her feet firmly on the ground in order not to become another has been!

  • JamieH

    I’m kind on the fence about Miley.

    Personally, I think she’s just a young woman growing up in the spotlight, with attention paid to every aspect of her life, with every misjudgment caught on video or snapped by the media.

    On the other hand, I’m relieved my ten year old sister doesn’t look up to her as a role model.

  • Cindy Maher

    I think she means well. After all, she’s just a kid.

  • D

    Not a fan of Miley or any other child who is pimped out by his/her parents.

  • Addy

    She’s okay – wonder how kong her image will stay clean…

  • Ellez

    I like Miley’s style and choice of bags. MOst of my best friends ahve younger sisters who loooove her. As for her racy pictures and questionable behavior, I know they don’t read People magazine and watch E! and all the other tabloids that show these things. The only time they see her is on the Disney Channel when she’s a great model for them.

  • Melanie

    I don’t hate Miley Cyrus, but I sure wish I didn’t have to hear about her all the time.

  • ML

    how can we possibly like or not like her w/o knowing her? I love that she has taken advantage of her 15 minutes…let’s just see if she endures or flames out…. :?:

  • Horse4power

    Love her!
    So cute. So fashionable.
    Can’t wait til she gets scandalous.

  • ElleJ

    I hate her because she’s younger than me but has all the clothes I want!!! (Deep down I love her though)

  • Terry

    I don’t love her but I don’t hate her either. I’ve never watched ‘Hannah Montana’, but my niece loves it, so I guess she’s good at what she’s doing. I sometimes don’t like her style choices, but she’s so young, so I think she has all the time to improve and create her own unique style (I hope so).

  • MimiDee

    It’s a waste of time for me to hate a child I don’t even know, when there are plenty of children I do know well enough to loathe. :wink: So basically, she’s alright with me. For now.

  • Ninah

    I wouldn’t say hate, but I definitely do not like her at all.
    First of all she’s highly obnoxious.
    She has no talent whatsoever, she only got famous because of her dad.
    She takes picture of herself on her cell phone camera, nude or in very disturbing poses.
    ( Bad role model for young women around the world )
    She’s just to hyped up. She’s not that great.

  • eliza

    I don’t really feel strongly either way about Miley. Frankly, I think she’s just another pop idol churned out for young girls. Nothing really special about her in my opinion.

  • WLau

    I’m no longer in the tween scene, so I can’t say I’m Miley’s #1 fan, but I like her songs that I hear on the radio and the Hannah Montana show. I’m jealous that she has access to such great bags (real or fake).

  • Lyns

    first off.. this bag is TO DIE FOR *wiping off drule*
    second, I think Miley is fabulous. She’s fun to watch, energetic, well spoken and a great role model for younger girls. She can sing, dance act, AND has FANTASTIC taste in the bags that she wears. I like that her bags are understated and classy, not caught in the LV, CC monogram hype, that so many young celebs are wearing. GO MILEY!! :mrgreen:

  • Sally

    I dont know her to know if I like or dislike her. I know one thing thought, I like the BAG!

  • Susan

    I don’t really care for Miley…never understood all the popularity surrounding her. But, I like her taste in bags!

  • Katie

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus. I think she releases all those racy pictures on purpose because she’s an attention whore, which I think is gross. Plus, she made that video saying bitchy things about Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, both of whom are just as talented but about 10 times as classy as she is.

  • tulip618

    I like Miley Cyrus. Her TV show is kinda dumb but funny! I can totally understand why she is so popular among the young teenagers!! She is a good actress for her age! and of course, I love her bags!!!!

  • Chiara

    I love Miley Cyrus. I’m 20 years old and get made fun of my friends for liking her and her music, but I think she’s a lot of fun. Her scandalous pictures are what most 15 year old girls have all over their MySpaces and Facebooks. Even though it’s only been 5 years since I was her age, even I have noticed that kids are growing up a lot faster these days. One thing is for sure–we all make our mistakes and learn our lessons when we’re young. I don’t think it’s fair of anyone to judge her for taking a few wrongs steps.
    Her music is fun and appropriate for all ages—my a cappella group at college even covered “See You Again” and received a standing ovation. Most people who hear her music on the radio love her songs, until they know it’s her singing them.
    Miley is a confident 15 year old. How hard is it to find one of those? When I was 15 I was worried about what everything was thinking about me and feeling down on myself. Here’s a girl who does what she likes and wears what she likes and to hell with everyone else.

  • Guilty Pleasure

    I don’t know too much about Miley Cyrus but I do know that the kids love her. As long as she continues to be a good role model for those children in the same age bracket as herself I say “koodos” to her and to her success!!

  • simply true

    AT first I thought she was actually a good role model but her whole leaked pictures scandal has led me to have a different opinion. The pictures are totally inapporiate. I wouldn’t want my daughter/sister looking up to her. :???:

  • Grace

    Personally, I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus. I find her and her “music” irritating, but I think that ppl/media are too hard on her. She’s just a girl trying to grow up in the public light. The fact is that kids are growing up faster with each generation. As a kid, it’s tough to be a role model to other kids, and ppl should just cut her some slack and find more stable role models to introduce to their kids.

  • Jill

    I like her. As a mom of 2 very young and impressionalble girls, I think Miley is a good role model. She speaks about her faith and a great relationship with her dad instead of being out in the clubs and spending her days in rehab.

  • claire

    I think she needs to stop with the sexy self portraits for awhile. :twisted:

  • Julia

    I personally don’t like Miley Cyrus.
    She’s only a teen, and she’s dressing so old.
    I think she should dress more appropriately,
    and stop trying to act so old….
    She’s wasting her teen years!

  • Maria Perez

    I like Miley Cyrus, but still hink is a child growing up too quick.
    As for the bag…..I LOVE it!

  • Cathy

    I think she’s pretty cute on the Hannana Montana show, and she has a pretty good voice, but the whole inappropriate-photo scandal left a bad taste in my mouth. Seemed like a ploy just to get more attention, because she HAD a choice at the photoshoot to go forward with this pictures or no. Nevertheless, she does seem in general to be a pretty good role model for teen girls, so go her.

  • Danielle Muntyan

    I like Miley Cyrus because even though she has had her downfalls this year, she’s a good role model for kids & teenagers, and she also has awesome taste in clothing and accessories!

  • tcbb

    I do like Miley, I think she’s cute and smart. I hope she doesn’t blow it though!

  • Candice

    I have mixed emotions about her. I give her credit for being out in the world singing and being a superstar and such. I actually like some of her songs. But! I think she can definitely handle herself better, and with more self-respect. C’mon, all those leaked pictures of her pulling her skirt up and being all “sexy” … what is she, 15?? What are you going to do with you’re 20? Her target audience is very impressionable, she’s got to think about them.

  • Iris

    I like Miley- if I was still fifteen I would want to be her friend. I think she’s fun and sweet. I just hope she doesn’t go down the wrong path!

  • michelle

    I liked her when my now 7 year old started watching her show a couple years ago and still does BUT I can see her changing with her age and now things are getting inappropriate and really she’s changing–in my mind for the worst. I fear another Britney outcome down the road:(

  • MKNS

    I’m not a fan of Miley.

  • Lauren

    cute bag

  • stella

    i like miley, but i can’t stand her dad!

  • Jessica

    I don’t like Miley because she’s a bad role model, but I DO like the bag!(:

  • Mary

    You know, I don’t even know the girl, so it doesn’t seem right to judge her. I think she probably does the best she can considering she’s so young and has been thrust into the spotlight, willingly or not.

  • i likey Miley! I think she’s a fresh breath from all the young stars out there – she seems more real and doesn’t look like she’s been styled everytime she walks out of her house :)

  • Catherine

    never watched her show, but i like her fashion when i see her in us weekly, etc…. love the bag!

  • Lien Giang

    In my opinion I think she’s okay. I don’t think she’s anything great but at least she’s got herself in the limelight and can afford great bags!

  • Bear2002

    I really have never given her much thought. I’m sick of seing her show everywhere, though.

  • Lisa

    Love her!! I think that considering she is a celeb teenager, she’s about as normal as they come. She seems like your down the street neighbor to me.

  • Susan

    Miley Cyrus – hate is such a strong word…I wish the best for her and wish she was a better role model.

  • aga

    I like the bag, but the girl-Miley needs to go away, maybe school would be a good place to start

  • musicgirl

    I really don’t have any feelings one way or the other but my nieces sure love her!

  • Kellybag

    One thing I can say about Miley is she has built an amazing empire for herself at a very young age. I must give credit where credit is due. I hope she stays grounded and that her family watches over her.

  • p3bbz

    I don’t love or hate her – she’s talented! However I hope she continues to be a good role model for young girls and does not follow the path of those like Britney or the Olsen twins.

  • pattycake

    Who is Miley again?? JK. It’s great she’s making an empire for herself and even better that she has a close relationship with her dad (Mr. Achy-Breaky-Heart). She’s just another teen who’s in the spotlight for now, let’s just hope she doesn’t crack from the media pressure. As for her bag, I actually liked the fact that she isn’t flashing the uber expensive, limited edition name brand things, makes her seem more … real?

    As for her leaked sexy photos… I hope people realized that kids nowadays are growing up a whole lot faster. Miley is just as impressionable as the next teen, it’s not like she came up with things herself, she’s influenced by the same media that other teens are… this is not to say she shouldn’t be more aware of her actions.

  • Liz

    I like the bag…the sak bags are looking better and better. I agree with with person who hopes that Miley doesn’t become the next Britney.

  • apple_28

    I can’t stand her!!! She’s been acting inappropriately and seems to be the future Britney..

  • Dominic

    I love Miley. She is young and having a bit of fun here and there. Just hope her parents keep her level headed w/ her fame.

    BTW, the bag is nice!

  • Amanda

    Since I don’t live in the US, so I have no idea who Miley Cyrus is until I saw the review of this bag on this blog!

  • Maria

    I like Miley because “Hannah Montana” is one of the few quality “kids” shows that I watch and her song “See You Again” is amazing.

  • brigitte0810

    We don’t have the Hannah Montana show, so I don’t know her from there, but I do think she looks cute and appealing!

  • Carlie

    I think she was fine, until she tried to be older than she is. I don’t really blame her.. I do blame her parents. Let this kid be a kid.. they grow too fast as it is…

    That means a kid shouldn’t be posing in a near-nude fashion.

  • zuzu

    I think Miley is a good role model. My two younger couins look up to her, So I think she is good in that way. Everyone has bumps in the road and I think she can handle them well for a 15 year old.

  • jadejett

    Who could hate Miley? She’s cute as a button and seems to be a real pro!

  • Adrienne A.

    I can take or leave Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. It’s very much a kid and tween thing. I swear I didn’t know it was until this past Christmas when a friend was frantic to get tickets for her daughter. I didn’t know she was commanding Madonna or Rolling Stones prices for her show. That’s gangster! :shock:

  • jt

    :twisted: I can’t stand Miley Cyrus. It’s not jealousy or anything it’s just I don’t see the purpose in all of her fame. I’ve tried and tried to watch her shows but I can not. Her voice is definitely annoying to me. The show is not even interesting but hey if it sparks a 10 year old’s attention that have at it. Also her damn nose looks funny.

  • c0olchica

    Love the bag, but not a fan of Miley. She needs to chill out and start acting her age.

  • Sky

    She’s very talented and cute. I hope she can get her act together and stay that way.

  • I definitely don’t hate her. She’s ok. A talented kid in the public eye who is absolutely going to make mistakes sometimes. She has great taste in handbags!

  • SKelly

    She’s OK; I’m old enough to be her mom and that said, I’m not thrilled with some of her choices, but WTH, she’s a teenager, plus she’s in the spotlight to boot so it could be a lot worse.

    My husband drove her and Billy Ray and they were not friendly. No tip, so that colors my feelings towards her. Wish it were different, but it’s not. :shock:

  • AW

    Love the bag, but I don’t really have any strong feelings either way about Miley. Props to her for her success at such a young age but I do hope she’ll learn from her recent mistakes – (videos/pictures).

  • Coco

    i don’t really like her, but i don’t hate her either. she is young and should be allowed to make stupid mistakes but her fame puts her antics on front page news. i don’t there is anyway for her to live a normal life at this point, and i suppose i pity her in some ways.

  • JWrella

    Don’t really pay too much attention to Miley Cyrus, all I can say is entertainment biz is complicated…

  • reverie

    I’m not a big fan of Miley Cyrus. With all of her recent Selena-Gomez-bashing, scandalous-bikini-cell-phone-picture-taking, it frightens me that little girls are looking up to someone who seems to be on the road to disaster.

  • Thistle

    I don’t like Miley. I liked her in the beginning because young girls can’t have too many positive role models, but, the way she acts now, she shouldn’t be anybody’s role model. Britney Spears was a much better role model at that age. :???: Even my little sister, who used to be a big fan, is over her and her bad behavior.

    However, I love the bag! :smile:

  • Joe

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a complete copy of Botkier’s Sasha?

    Its nauseating! :mad:

  • JJ

    I think Miley Cyrus is OK,my kids like her songs.She’s just a famous kid.

  • momqat

    I have no opinion one way or the other about Miley. She’s a child and there are too many other things to pay attention to in a day without wasting time and energy on the flavor of the month. Especially one Disney is trying to force feed society. Nice bag, though. Very nice.

  • Vii

    I think Miley’s got a nice singing voice, and at age 15, she has soo much going on for her.

  • Laurie8504

    Love! I think she’s a great role model for young girls today. Even with the “scandal” over some of her pictures, she just seems like a regular girl with her head on straight.

  • poonski

    I don’t like her because she’s too much for her age. :???:

  • Burberryaholic

    I don’t like her at all. Little girls look up to her to be their role model–Some role model she is! She is constantly getting caught acting trashy. She should understand that kids see what she does and model themselves after it. Show a little class Miley.

  • thesaklover

    LOVE miley because she’s spunky and, if you’ve ever watched her show, quite a comedic talent for her age. Plus she has great taste in handbags – she looks adorable carrying the amber silverlake satchel!

  • Foo

    I’m not a fan, but then I’m not in her target demographic. I do wish she’d stop taking photos of herself in her underwear. When you have more than one set “leak” anonymously, it’s hard to believe that it’s just an accident.

  • hannah

    Not a huge fan, but she makes so many people happy! (The bag is gorgeous, though!!)

  • the_lvlady

    I don’t really like her, but I don’t dislike her either. I don’t really pay much attention to her. :roll:

    Loving the bag though!

  • jeannine

    I used to like her but she has done some really childish things lately and needs to grow up

  • Linda Peters

    how long will she last, maby a bit longer than Brittany Spears

  • Trixy

    I used to think she was okay, but now I don’t like her. Maybe it’s her age, but she’s not really mature.

    But I think that bag is awesome (:

  • jnvo

    She is a sweet girl. I remeber myself at 15 and don’t know if I would fair better than her. I pray that celebrity & financial success ends up being a blessing to her rather than almost a curse like so many other actors.

  • sango217

    I like her! But only b/c my 3 year old daughter does. We sing and dance along with the Hannah Montana gig and have a blast. And strangely enough we just got back from Silver Lake (near Tahoe). It’s my favorite place in the world. I think me and this bag are meant to be together.

  • Amy Chang

    No, I REALLY do not like Miley Cyrus. I think she is too young to be flaunting her body the way she does, on Vanity Fair, and in promiscuous pictures on her cellphone. It’s shameful, but I do like her fashion sense, sometimes! [=

  • baaabygirl

    nooope! i do not like miley, i think all that money has gone into her brain and made her the next britney spears with the way she acts and such.

  • peace43

    I’m not sure what the big deal is about Miley Cyrus and her TV show since I’m not a teenager. I haven’t actually seen her sing on any show, so I don’t know what her singing voice is like. I have seen her TV show for a few minutes – it’s kind of silly – I don’t know know why teens like that type of show or even the High School Musical stuff. Oh well!!!

  • Drdolphin

    I think Miley Cyrus is a victim of overexposure. Both by the media and herself. I’ve never been a huge fan. This bag however, I’m a huge fan of.

  • Heidi

    I like Miley Cyrus!! Don’t love her, but don’t hate her. Sometimes I feel sorry for her because she’s just a child and has so much pressure to live up to. People expect her to be a role model, but really, she’s just a teenager who needs to have some fun. But then other times… I think about all the $$$ she has.. and can’t say that I don’t get a wee bit jealous of it all!

  • iluvchi

    I LOVE the bag… Miley? Not so much…

  • therese

    im not a fan of miley cyrus. but my daughter love her to bits.

  • Nina

    I don’t like her… she has way too little actual talent for the amount of exposure she gets!

  • Lauren

    I don’t have anything against Miley Cyrus, but she is one of those celebrities that I can’t quite understand what all the hype is about. To me she is just a celebuspawn who has capitalized off the connections of her famous father to get where she is today. Plus, she seems a little bit full of herself. But, the funny thing is that 10 years ago I probably would have loved her, since I was fascinated by Britney and Christina during the height of their singing careers.

    • Yolanda

      Well, at least Britney and Christina aren’t celebuspawn, and Christina’s super talented. Miley…not so much. :mrgreen:

  • Lana

    who is miley cyrus? :???: ohh you mean hana montana?!?! :lol:
    i don’t think anything of her.

  • melody

    i hate miley…i think she is a horrible influence on little girls! i don’t care much for the disney starts nowadays…

  • mel_mel1004

    I think Miley is another Disney child star – starts off with a promising innocent career as a role model for young girls but for her sake, I hope it doesn’t spiral into the hard partying lifestyle of those who came before her.

  • Rafranz DIxon

    I do not love or hate Miley Cyrus. WHat I feel about Miley can be described in one word — indifference. Miley is a product of the maching that is raising her…that cyle od a business known as the Disney Channel. I think that she is going through some identitu stuff right now and in the process has made some not so great choices. So, basically….I do not lose any sleep over Miley…yes I don’t get all excited either.

  • Sonal

    I’m indifferent towards her. I guess I don’t know much about her or really care enough. But I’m interested in checking out this bag.

  • Yolanda

    I can’t stand Miley Cyrus. She’s seems way too slutastic for 15, which disappoints me since my goddaughter idolizes Hannah/Miley. I wish I didn’t see her everywhere, but I bet she loves all the publicity.

    On the otherhand, I do love that bag. I’d have to pretend it’s not the Miley Cyrus bag…. :wink:

  • Barbie

    I don’t really care about her one way or the other.

  • poppyluver


  • Sarah

    Miley Cyrus seems real and cool. She seems like any normal teenager

  • green_kero

    I don’t love her, but I also don’t hate her…hehe :mrgreen:

  • Samia

    Miley is ok I guess!

  • jan

    im not a fan but i think she’s really good at what she does and her songs are pretty catchy. sometimes cant help but sing along to her music. :smile:

  • hazel

    I don’t really like her and I don’t really dislike her. She’s just sorta ok in my book, I don’t like any of her music, but that doesn’t make me hate her or anything.

  • Holly

    I like her! Her songs are kinda catchy even though she is over exposed.

  • veez

    She is a cute girl, but I am indifferent towards her. Saw couple episodes of Hanna Montana she was ok, my baby is too young to get into her show. However, I really think it is too much for a 15 year old to post half-naked pictures.
    The bag is nice and I think my niece will like it if I win. :razz:

  • Purseluvnmama

    I like her. I think she’s just being a teen–hard to do in the spotlight! I do hope she doesn’t end up like Britney, though.

  • fxue

    not a fan of her…but the bag a total different story.
    throw the bag to me!!!! &hearts

  • Shirley Hodge

    Just discovered these characters whilst visiting my grandaughter and while I suppose they are popular they do not seem like the kind of role model for teens that I would choose. Telling teens that being an air-head and cheating is the way to go seems not to be a good idea. If Walt Disney were still alive you can bet they would not be on a channel bearing his name. Disney Inc. may be a money maker now but it is a violation of all the aspects of quality and creativity that Walt Disney strived to achieve in his lifetime. Love the bag a great deal though. Don’t care if I would look kool or not but guess I probably would no matter my old granny outfit.

  • Laura

    I don’t know her, but I am sure she is a typical teen. I am glad people don’t judge my every move and decision. Love the bag, I hope I win!! :lol:

  • Susannah

    I guess I love her. She’s cute and seems like a good role model for the younger set (much better than britney, paris, and lilo). And I think I love her for carrying that bag…it’s very cute!

  • Audrey

    Miley Cyrus, the girl is great. She’s driven, hard working and a good role model to young girls. Miley Cyrus, the celebrity is being portrayed (unfortunately) as a typical teeny-bopper by the media. Given her age, her accomplishments are phenomenal including her sense of fashion sense! :wink:

  • Zoe

    I’ve never heard of her before. So I’ve got to say I love her, she’s a girl who’s out there and making it for herself rather than sitting around and living off the state. Good for her.

  • BunnyMasseuse

    Honestly, she’s just another kid of a well known person. She’ll have the luxury we all have (celebrity or not) of being able to decide and live her own life, and make of it what it is. She is apparently a very popular icon for younger girls, so I hope she keeps that in mind when she’s out in the public eye. She’s an idol of theirs whether she realizes or cares!

  • gabz

    i h8 her- she is everywhere now and too overexposed. 16 going on 30!

  • LuvMyLVs

    Honestly have no opinion either way. My ‘kid’ has four legs and lots of fur [Yorkie] and I’m 40 so other than what I occasionally see/hear or otherwise stumble into online about the girl I know nothing about her. She is a really cute girl though – I must agree with another poster in that I also feel she’s just over exposed. Grrrrreat bag though!!! Thanks for the chance to win!! Good luck all!!

  • Caity

    I’m not a big Miley Cyrus fan- I think she’s just like every other spoiled teenager out there. But I do have to say, she has excellent taste in handbags :grin:

  • Ravmuse

    I don’t really have a problem with her personally, I just think she’s growing up and doing a lot of silly things teenagers do, and unfortunately she’s famous so everything she does gets broadcast to the world! I wish her family would tell her that she might regret taking all these pictures of herself one day!

  • plummy

    I am not really a fan of miley, but i am of her brothers band Metro Station.

  • Suzanne Darais

    I like Miley because she seems like an okay person. I hope she doesn’t go the way of Britney but time will tell.

  • plummy

    :grin: I am not really a fan of miley, but i am of her brothers band Metro Station. This bag is cute….love the handles

  • Tara

    I am a Hannah Montana fan. My seven year old loves the show and I think it is a great kids show.

    Miley seems to be becoming a bit of a snotty teen, but I can’t say I actually know her in person to really have that opinion. I can say she has good taste in bags though.

  • Michelle

    Can’t stand her. I think she’s a horrible role model for young girls. Love the bag though!

  • Miley Cyrus is good singer and new style-icon!

  • Lisa

    Hate. She is two-faced.

  • Amanda Dunneback

    Love her! Great influence on my 8 1/2 year daughter and we both can enjoy her music together!

  • Bort

    Nothing special. Another sexualized teeny-bopper.

  • Sophieees

    Well..I don’t really know her, never watched her show, I think I only saw 3 or 4 episodes..But what I’ve heard of hear she seems to be a bit spoiled…but she’s still young and I hope she will turn out to be a good influence!

  • glamgyrl

    I don’t love her or hate her. I think she’s doing what she loves to do, and that’s great if you can find a way to make money doing that. Her music is just ok to me. She’s a role-model for so many girls, and I know she didn’t ask for it, but I hope she doesn’t lose herself along the way to stardom like some of the other celebrities have. Yay to her for being different from the other young female celebrities (so far)!

  • Priscilla

    Don’t like her. There is an overconfidence about her that is highly unappealing. She thinks she demands more respect and admiration than people twice her age. Someone needs to give her a hefty serving of some humble pie.

  • rachel

    Hate is kind of strong, but more hate than love. I fail to see her appeal.

  • I don’t particularly care one way or another – we don’t watch her shows, my daughter is not into her. One thing I have to say, I think she is way overexposed and overhyped.

  • Giada

    Although her photoshootings in underwear weren’t really the best choice for her teenager-icon image, I have to say I like Miley Cyrus. She’s a good singer and a good actress!

  • rachel

    she’s 15 and annoying, like most girls her age. hopefully she’ll get better.

  • margar

    :neutral: Not liking Miley Cyrus, Good show, cute girl, Bad choices

  • Rebecca

    I mostly feel bad for her because I think she’s growing up too quickly. She’s 15! She needs to relax and enjoy being 15.

  • pondhopper

    Ugh, honestly, I can’t stand her. She is very fake. She likes to backpeddel after she gets some flack for something she did. Especially with her pictures. A teen girl taking MySpace type shots is nothing new but because she’s famous it’s made a big deal and she, Queen o’the Backpeddel, goes on about how sorry she is, blah blah blah. Had she stood up, said she took the pictures for fun, that she likes them (otherwise why keep them saved on your cell?) and thinks that people should just get over it, not like she’s the one and only teen flashing undies for the interwebs.
    I’m also quite perturbed by her shoot with her father, they looked far too couply in it. Not really bad on her except she could have said something about the positioning. Meh. :???:

  • Elizabeth

    I think that Miley Cyrus is so young and I don’t agree with some choices she makes, like posing topless. I’m not a fan, but I am a fan on this bag and hope I win!

  • Lara

    Aww I like poor Miley…I feel a little bit bad for younger pop stars because they have the pressure of being a role model placed on their shoulders. I don’t know about you…but I think it would suck to grow up in the spotlight. Plus, she works like a DOG. I didn’t have much more than school and boys to worry about at 16…

  • daytimedrama

    eek I don’t like her. First of all I think the girl needs to go to school and get an education or she will be a mess by the time she is 18. The other reason I don’t like her, the awful veneers they have her in.

  • Sara

    I have no idea who Miley Cyrus is – but i like the bag!! :mrgreen:

  • Lunaty

    I never have seen this bag before but it certainly is a cool style. Love the bit of renaissance look with the gold harware and shoulder strap!!!

    About Miley Cyrus, to be honest i have NO IDEA who she is and what she does, as from what i have read she is some kind of Teenage star, id see good for her ;)

  • Kim

    I seem to be out of the loop with all the new teen stars because I dont really take to much notice to them. She seems like a fine person. I dont like her music.

  • amanda

    i want to be diplomatic, but i really dislike hypocrites. if she stayed true to whatever she says her beliefs are then i’m fine with anything. one should also consider the enormous scrutiny and temptations that are so readily available to her.

  • Maria

    i don’t like miley. i think she’s obnoxious and not very talented.

  • Doreen Li

    Love this!So elegant

  • Dawn

    I don’t like her..she is not talented at all!!!!!! She is spoiled.

  • Amy

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus. I’m getting tired of seeing her all over and I never thought she was that talented to begin with.

  • Michelle

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus. I think she is boring. But she is young.

  • Isabelle

    Don’t like her, the unending batches of creepy “sexy” photos, the creepier friendship with a 25 year old, the snarky comments at other Disney tweens, the Vanity Fair debacle… Don’t like her at all, and it’s sad that I’m aware of all this.
    Plus I don’t think she’s that great an actress or singer.

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    I like Miley…she doesn’t bother me at all & I really appreciate her helping her parents by becoming a TRUE SUCCESS on her own terms! I sincerely hope she will continue with her success & stay on the RIGHT path to be a positive role model for other little girls that look up to her! I mean she’s only 15 yrs old..wait I believe she’s turning 16, so she’s going to stumble a little but it’s ALL about how you RISE! So far she’s doing a FANTASTIC job at RISING to the TOP of her game :smile:

    PS. Her “handbag game” is STUNNING too & I would LOVE to WIN this gorgeous bag! :grin:

  • edna123

    I love her
    because it takes a strong person to pursue their dream in a world where adults enter contests to win bags by stating their “love or hate” for a child

  • sunchicka

    Miley has inspired girls in a good way. She has her problems too which make her a teen which other teens can relate too.

  • Bellaluella

    I think she has a voice and has alot of potential but right now she is just doing what people are telling her what to do. Plus she is making $$$. I n a couple of years if she stays grounded she can be in industry for years to come.

  • princessmom

    My prayers are with Miley and with young Hollywood in general! They’re growing up and making their mistakes in the public eye. It’s hard to have sympathy for kids making millions, but they’re still kids after all. I’m trying so hard to keep my 5 year old from growing up too fast…but it’s hard even in the real world! On a lighter note, the Sak Silverlake Satchel is gorgeous!

  • Trish

    She’s okay.

  • couturexxvii

    What’s to hate about her? I think she has a fresh look – not necessarily the classic beauty, but still very cute – and a spontaneous personality (no, I am not a Miley fan). And, PLEASE TELL ME, who can hate her cute clothes and bags! Whether people hate or love her, they should just let her be. She’s barely entered teenhood! Maybe (actually, HOPEFULLY) she’ll grow into a beautiful young lady and prove wrong of the stereotyped hollywood stars! She’s so fortunate to have such a bright future ahead of herself :smile: YOU GO GIRL!

  • Hei

    I like her, she’s very cute and talented.. I can see why she became the next disney star.

  • Allison

    I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt – I think she’s a good person and means well! She definitely has talent and I hope that she continues to be successful! (PS – my bday is the day after the giveaway!!) :)

  • Emily Dowling

    Miley Cyrus is supposed to be a musician. Her music is not good. Therefore, not a fan.

  • pinkbags

    Too funny… my husband and i just had a conversation about her. how i had no idea who she was and he showed me a clip of her song he Tivoed cuz he wanted our daughter to listen to it (daughter is 1!) i can’t say i like or don’t like her. she’s young and i guess the kids like her… i don’t think i could personally be her fan…

  • Vicky

    I still don’t get why she’s so popular. Cute bag though, hah.

  • caarlyntryl

    I dislike her, as I find her egotistical and, of late, in the news due to stupid actions.

  • V

    Love her. Cause she’s doing what she does, and whether people like it or not SHES STILL BRINGING IN THE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • blair

    love her. has a cute style for such a young girl.

  • Diana

    I hate Miley Cyrus but love the bag :mrgreen:

  • desiprinzess718

    I don’t LOVE Miley Cyrus, i think she’s a cute girl getting sucked in to the celebrity lifestyle a little too quick!! I must say- i do love me some Billy Ray :lol:

  • idreamofpurses

    love the bag!!

    i can’t stand it when a person is in a position to act as a role model to others, and does otherwise!!

    bag 1
    miley 0

  • veryrsxy

    love her. she is a very cute girl, and she seems to make good choices that girls her age can learn from.

  • Kiki

    I don’t like miley because she hasn’t been making very wise choices lately and she should be more responsible when so many little girls are looking up to her. I do have to admit that some of her songs are catchy!

  • JL

    Miley is like one of the girls you knew in high school who was starved for attention and thought they were hot stuff. While those girls could make a fool out of themselves in front of only you and the rest of your class, Miley is dumb enough to make those mistakes in front of the world. She reaches a huge audience, and has talked about being a role model before, so she obviously understands the influence she holds. Instead of pretending and speaking to the media about being a role model, she should just not comment at all. I have no problem with her continuing to take these revealing and racy photos and keeping her mouth shut, rather than continuing to let her public and personal life contradict one another. Miley should do a better job of being a role model if that is what she proclaims herself to be.

  • luvsbags&shoes

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus b/c I’m WAY over the age for me to be a fan of her’s.

  • I think the jury is still out on her. She has the potential to become a good role model for the thousands of girls that adore her, but we’ll see what direction she ultimately ends up taking…

  • she’s ok, i don’t dislike her, but i don’t love her either.

  • lily25

    I don’t have strong feelings towards Miley. She’s cute but overrated.
    I certainly love the bag!

  • chanelgirle

    I saw Miley for the 1st time on the Teen Choice awards (she was hosting). She was ok, kind of got annoying, lol! But the bag is TDF :grin:

  • Grace Hong

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus because she tries to act older than she is.

  • cristalena56

    i dont see how she is popular??? her voice is annoying, cant sing that great, and her acting isnt that great either…. and whats up with all those pictures?? my dad would have beat my behind haha not really but i would be in a lot of trouble….

  • Denise Tschakert

    I don’t hate her but i do think her recent actions are bad examples for girls her age or younger. But overall I like her. She just needs to re-focus her priorities.

  • Chelsea

    I do not like Miley Cyrus at all..

  • Maine

    I do not like the path she is taking right now as she may be setting herself up a classic Britney-ville case. Young startlets should have it ingrained in them at an early age that their stage career is a job, not a lifestyle. They should share their personal lives with those who matter and live it with the utmost integrity. Look at Natalie Portman from my perspective she is a good role model for girls like Miley and upcoming starlets.

  • missi

    I like her because she is Hanna Montana. I have 7 & 8 yr old girls that think she rocks! I hate her because I have 7 & 8 yr old girls that she needs to be a good influence on. Not a spoiled little brat.

  • Cindy Maher

    I’ve already posted with a response so this is an additional response. I liked the bag so much that I bought one along with the Dakota tote. Two very nice bags for less than $390.

  • danielle

    i like demi lovato and selena gomez more. Miley has turned kinda trashy and isn’t such great role model.

  • jennifer

    The show is pretty much tween pablum, but she seems like a cute girl and certainly inspires some major devotion in the young girls i know!

  • Kathy Conley

    I love her – so far, she is setting a good example for tweens and teens alike!

  • Mimi

    personally, i don’t like her! :roll:

  • michele

    love the bag, dont know if i love miley, tho…

  • Maryann

    I think Miley Cyrus is cute, but her handlers (aka Disney) are awful. They churn out these cute little girls left and right. They grow them up lookswise, but never help to educate them so that they don’t become victims of themselves later in life. Walt Disney, the man, always made sure his child stars were educated and protected.

    So, up with Miley and down with Disney.

  • Susie

    I like her — she seems to really be herself.

  • Kimberly S

    I like her. She’s worked hard to get where she is. You don’t become a household name by sitting back and doing nothing (even with the Disney publicity machine behind you). We should be valuing that kind of drive to achieve more than harping about individual mistakes she may have made.

  • lorene

    I will take Miley anyday. After my 8 year old asked my how Zoey 101 can be having a baby when she is only 16!

  • Colleen Sisk

    I like her because she seems genuine and down to earth even though she has a zillion dollars and is famous.

    She never comes off as snotty or air headed. So she is a good example of level headedness.

    She is posotive and Fun for Kids.


  • Vanesa

    Miley is a fearless dresser. I can respect anyone who dresses how they feel and is not afraid to show it!

  • Mary

    I like Miley because her show Hannah Montana made my 66 year old father laugh when his diabetes made him really ill.

  • Nancy

    I love her! She is very talented for someone so young and she doesn’t come off at fake. She admits that she’s not perfect and seems to try to be a good role model for younger girls.

  • clb1968

    I have a 7 yr old daughter, so of course she love Miley/Hannah Montana. I watch it with her and buy her some of the clothes and books and dvds and cds. Damn I spend alot on Hannah Montana :roll:

  • Angel

    i am indifferent. never saw her show.

  • Neutral, I have taught my daughter not to IDOLIZE ANYONE, except God! It seems sad to me that mother’s encourage their daughters to mimick other young women just because she is famous, can sing, or for any other reason, for that matter. The glitz and glam surrounding ALL stars is over rated. Every child should be encouraged to find themselves, their owns style, likes, dislikes, and discover their own personalities and strengths. Individuality is under rated and needs to be encouraged and nurtured into each and every young impressionable mind. I saw the video’s Mily and her friend made for YouTube, mimicking and making fun of an ex-co star. I was appalled that she was allowed to show off her juvenile deliquent behavior so blantent and inappropriately. I have taught my children, boys and girls alike, to have respect for themselves and to show respect for others. Stars need to get their head, and acts, out of the clouds and gutters, and put their feet and minds on the path of life, love, and happiness.

  • Dolores Olsen

    I look at her pictures because she is everywhere. She is cute and she is 15. An empty slate under normal circumstances. But great for the pre-teens.
    I want that purse!

  • Kim

    I personally wouldnt use the word love..but I dont hate her either lol.

  • Marilyn Stephens

    She has excellent management. Very good at promoting her.

  • Rebecca

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus. I think she is too overexposed. I wouldn’t want my girl to idolize her.

  • Mae Balke

    I like her Dad but I had never watched her show until this week when my granddaughter was visiting and she was watching it so I sat with her. She loved it. And I love the bag!

  • Margaret

    I think she has a good voice but don’t care for some of her/her parents choices (such as the magazine shoot)

  • Rebecca

    love her – her music is so catchy and hannah montana can be funny :)

  • Vetta

    Singing is a word that is thrown around loosely these days…

  • Susan

    I don’t seem to have any strong feeling about her either way.
    Cute purse!

  • My daughter loves Miley a lot. I think her show is cute but outside that I don’t think she is a good role model. Miley is trying to grow up to quickly and doing to many inappropriate things. I love the purse!

  • Rebecca Graham

    I don’t have an opinion one way or the other. I am too old to know much about her.

  • Luciana

    I don’t like her or dislike her…I know her name, but I’ve never watched her shows or anything…I love her bag though!

  • ann

    i don’t like her, i don’t think she would be famous if not for her dad’s success. I also think that 15 is not as young as people think it is, and at that age I knew people where were highly involved in the community, political affairs, or already in college!

  • Melissa

    I don’t like her.
    Horrible role model and racy photos for someone her age.

  • Emily

    I LOVE this bag!
    i’m a huge fan of the convertible bags, but sadly i have been unable to find one of good quality and reasonably priced; thank god for theSak! the moment i saw this bag i loved it and upon reliezing it was the sak i rushed over to the website to purchase it. sadly, the black was already sold out… :cry:
    perfect size
    dependable quality one can expect from thesak
    all around fantastic bag!

  • Emily

    on the girl not the bag:
    i like her. the kids i babysit for watch the show and it reminds me of lizzy with hilary duff, good show.
    also, her vanity fair photographs were lovely and timeless. i’m appalled with the publics reaction because there was very little sexual undertone, it was simply art. i think people just want to look for flaws in the girl and rip her apart because she is so successful at such a young and difficult age.
    although i will say her youtube fight with that other disney girl was very immature, but that is to be expected, she’s only 15.

  • Lolita

    I have no idea who Miley is, and I don’t care, but that is one GORGEOUS BAG and I want it!!!

  • nickkyvintage

    Miley may have made some mistakes – but we were all young once. As a woman of 21 She doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest, but if she brightens the faces of even just a handful of young girls & boys then so be it :cool:

  • Mariza

    I’m not a fan of Miley’s. So I guess that puts me in the “hate Miley” camp. Her speaking voice is horrid. Whenever I hear her being interviewed, I just keep thinking oh please don’t ask her to…talk. Just let her sing, this way we get the “optimized” Miley. Singing she sounds fine.

  • Tressie

    I know who she is because of the media but I have never watched her show or listen to her music. I guess that makes me neutral on this issue. I have 3 sons ,15 (who could care less about her) and the other two are 23 & 25 and they haven’t brought her name up so I guess she is to young for their age group.
    BTW Thanks for having a great giveaway.

  • Jen M

    I am absolutely NOT a fan of Miley Cyrus. But I am the biggest fan of The Sak Silverlake Convertible Satchel; this bag is roomy, functional, stylish, and gorgeous! It has the quality of a designer bag but with a more affordable price tag. I particularly love it in dark amber, but I wouldn’t mind having one of each color. It also reminds me of the Botkier Sasha Duffel, also one of my favorites. Love it!!! :grin:

  • Pkuyken

    I love Miley because she is an accomplished young lady with a lot of talent. Acting,singing, etc. Good for her and her family!

  • Kristin (JavaJunkie on TPF)

    I personally do not like Miley Cyrus at all. Her music is atrocious and her singing is horrible. And I don’t care if she’s 15 she still is acting very slutty. But I love the Bag!

  • Jackie P. in Central NJ

    I like Miley myself….I’d never hear the end of it if I didn’t because my 8 year old granddaughter thinks she is top dog.I enjoy watching Hannah Montana with her,I also just bought her the new cd,Breakout.Miley may indeed be spoiled but so what…so are lots of other 15 year olds.
    The bag is great and I’d be thrilled to carry it!

  • Courtney

    Hate her, Love the bag!!!

  • Cathy

    Miley is not even on my radar, I care so little.
    Cute bag, though! :smile:

  • megsa

    Miley Cyrus has the young girls and dare say some boys gaga over her. My GDs and myself have watched her over and over again on her show. Would love the bag it looks fun to carry.

  • Kimberly

    I feel a little sorry for Miley. Kids that age don’t know how to handle all the publicity and money thrown at them and her parents are certainly NOT being the guiding hand they need to be. I have a tween that adores her and I have mixed feelings about the message she is giving out. Her show is certainly sweet enough, but her recent missteps in the press leaves me with doubts. The BAG on the other hand is super hot and leaves no doubts whatsoever!

  • Katie

    I like her, love her bag!!! wish she would keep her clothes on tho

  • daveg0929@yahoo.com


  • mojosaica


  • Reeta

    Don’t care much for her.

  • Rebecca

    I dislike Miley Cyrus. I don’t think she is a very good role model for the millions of younger girls watching her

  • Mary Melton

    My grandson lives with me and we watch Miley EVERY day and He loves her. I really like her also, she is good at what she does, to me better than her Dad.

  • I like Miley. I also like her Dad. My daughter LOVES her. She’s just a teenager trying to grow up in the spotlight. I don’t think I would do very well trying to accomplish that.

  • Andrea R

    :grin: I think she’s a darling girl. I REALLY like this bag more though! :lol:

  • Cheri Oggy

    :mrgreen: I really like Miley!

  • melissa

    She’s okay. I believed that she was a positive roll model for young girls when she first started out. Now I do not purchase any of her items for my niece. She is starting down the wrong road.

  • kyliem

    Don’t like her because she reminds me of a beaver and an attention whore but she isn’t targeted to my age group so she gets a meh from me. I wouldnt want my child to emulate her though.

  • Pim

    I do not know her but I like this bag. :oops:

  • Anoka

    I honestly cannot stand Miley. I don’t think she’s talented (singing or acting) and I feel that the only reason why she was chosen for Hannah Montanna is her father. I also feel that she has been quite hypocritical and while I have absolutely no problem with her having her belief system and following it, I feel that sometimes she gets a bit in your face about her Christian beliefs.
    In short, she annoys the crap out of me. JMHO.

  • Naturally, i like her. She is a young teen who has already made enough cash to support her for life, and i approve of her just doing whatever she wants and staying real. She appears to be a bit of a brat, but i love little brats! So there! hahahaa

  • mshel

    I like her. She has talent and ambition and hopefully she’ll be as grounded as one could realistically be considering her environment.

  • monstamuffin

    My now 7 year old daughter introduced me to the world of Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus when her show first aired. I was pleased with Miley at that time. Over the past year I have noticed a change in her public persona. She appears to have become “too big for her bridges”. I no longer feel that she is someone I would like my daughter to aspire to be like.

  • Phyllis

    Oh, cut Miley some slack, people. She’s only 15 and working in a very tough business. What were you doing at 15? :roll:

    • Jackie

      Amen sister!

  • gypsumrose

    She’s ok. Nothing special. I used to really like her, but that’s died down some. I like that she’s not drop-dead gorgeous and that her parents won’t let her wear Chanel yet. I think it helps keep her a little better grounded.

  • leenie0720

    I like the bag. As for miley she’s young and I hope she doesnt turn into Britney Spears and stays grounded

  • Michelle

    I like Miley..she’s my daughter’s favorite and we actually landed tickets to see her when she was in Cleveland. She put on a great show.

  • marie

    I like Miley and hope that she doesn’t end up as the next Britney or Lindsay disaster. She may not be the best singer, but she can sing and play music — and for being only 15, she does have a stage presence. I just don’t understand why all these tweens stars wear sooo much makeup? :???:

  • Hez

    Never seen her show so don’t really have an opinion, but there’s something odd about her mouth.

  • Kelley

    I like her. She is just a teenager. I hope the best for her. Love the bag!!

  • Marlene

    I’m too old to have an opinion on Miley, err…Hannah. Seriously, I guess I like her because she seems pretty grounded and well put together for a kid in the limelight.

  • My kids love her & I don’t mind her. I think I would have been a fan if I was a kid. I have to say I like her newer music under Miley quite a bit better.

  • Jackie

    I like Miley. It bothers me reading some of these comments about how people “watch her on Hannah Montana” and can’t stand her. She’s an AAAACTRRRRESSSSSS (sighing and rolling my eyes). Do you really think that is who she really is? That is how she really acts in real life? :roll:

    Apparently, she is a very smart and talented young lady….do you know any other girls her age who have half as much money as she does? And to most teens, she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. She’s gotta be doing SOMETHING right! I say kudos to Miley!

  • Lady V

    Love her or hate her, the bag really suits Miley Cyrus’s style. People seem to expect her to be this bubblegum pop princess like her alter ego Hannah Montana but Miley is definitely rough around the edges. The bag has patent leather, giving it that rockish vibe that Miley has. But the trendy design of the bag shows that she just likes to have fun.

    I guess it’s true what they say…your handbag can really have a lot to say about you.

  • zooba

    She irks my last nerve. Go to the store and wham- Hannah Montana is everywhere. It’s a lifestyle for tweens not a middle aged woman. The market is saturated with all things Hannah/Miley and her days are numbered as a Disney phenom. I don’t even watch the Disney channel and know who both are in terms of show and performance.

  • enchantingeyes

    Poor Miley, I think she’s just a young girl who is mixed up in the celebrity world. I truly couldn’t tell you how I feel about her (or any other celebrity for that matter) since I don’t really *know* her. As far as the image she projects-I’m not a fan of it! I don’t necessarily care for the Hannah Montana character, and it bugs me to death to see “naughty” pictures of Miley leaked almost every week. It also seems like she goes out of her way to sound flaky and daft in interviews. I hope that this doesn’t negatively affect her adulthood, but really, how could it not?

    Of course, what I like best about Miley is her taste in handbags :wink: . That one is definitely a beaut. The Sak has always been synonymous with durability and quality, I love their new, young and edgy designs!

  • Soha Molina

    I don’t like her. there is something just off about her. She is mixed up but that’s not the reason I don’t like her She is strange.

  • Darcy

    I think she’s cute but I do not get the appeal of her. I don’t think she has that great of a voice.

  • Pandora

    She’s fab! even more with this bag.

  • My daughters were huge fans and I was pleased at the sweet songs and wholesome image, until…those pictures were awful and then to try and act as though the Cyrus family was tricked by the evil big city woman. They are seeing the money train driving away and need to get some adult fans, but what a dreadful way to do this. :shock:

  • Devi W.

    I like Miley and her songs of course =)
    She has her own style and a nice smile.. energetic too when she sings!
    although i am not a big fan of her.. she’s a great singer :)
    lastly, i also loved this bag!

  • Marianna

    I dislike Miley. I think she is annoying and has no talent. She generally irritates me.

  • JBW

    I am not a fan of Miley, and I think she and her parents made a poor choice by allowing provocative photos to be taken of her.

  • Glamourbabe7

    I dont like her.. she’s way to rich for her age and im pretty sure she’s going to sprial down. She cant sing or act and her voice is just too scratchy…

  • cvu79

    I think the same of Miley Cyrus as I do most 15 yr old girls. They’re still maturing so they can be angsty and annoying at times but also full of curiousity and passion. But hopefully they will all grow up having learned some life lessons and be better people.

  • Kim

    i neither love nor hate her. i just think she’s just growing up too fast. she should enjoy her youth while she can. and with so many young girls looking up to her, she should be a better role model. but i have to say, she has good fashion sense. =)

  • Mandy

    I’m alright with with her but i find her a little annoying sometimes but she can be quite cute sometimes too so over all i find her alright i guess :smile:

  • RaquelleBelle

    I couldn’t agree more with lunatwinkle. I think she is extremely loud and boisterous, and is way too full of herself. She just STARVES for attention. She knows she is loved my thousands of tweens, and she flaunts it to the extent of where you want to puke. Maybe if she stopped taking millions of photos of herself with pouty lips in her underwear, I would feel differently. I can’t help but like young actresses who act more refined and humble, it IS possible to have fun without being obnoxious. Just because you’re the richest teen in the world doesn’t mean you need to act like a pompous a$$. While her songs are extremely catchy, (good workout music) I think that her voice is just mediocre, like any teenage girl who can hold a few notes. As for her Disney t.v. show, it is Disney, so ofcourse it is going to be extremely cheesy with corny acting. That’s completely fine, b/c it’s Disney. Better than violence and perverted story lines for kids and tweens to be watching. I really couldn’t imagine her acting seriously in a movie though.

  • Karin

    Actually, I dont mind her! Simly because I think she’s been given such a hard time lately. Come on, who didnt act foolish in their teens? Teens need to grow into adults and then you could maybe justify some heavily media pickin on them! So I support her, solely because I think no one in that age should be treated so harsch by unknowns and media!

  • Alli

    I think this whole ‘Disney Icon’ thing is getting out of control. I do have to admit that I am surprised that a quirky looking girl like Miley blew up the way she did. I am getting sick of looking at her every time I turn around though. One more thing: stop with the racy pics!!!

  • HighFashionista

    I don’t dislike her but I wouldn’t say I am a fan. If I was a young girl it might be a different story. But I do like her taste in handbags and I wish her lots of luck!!!

  • ABC Jewels

    As far as Miley Cyrus is concerned, I think it would be hard at such a young age for a girl to be in the entertainment industry and the public eye. Having said that,I also think young people usually take things as they are, sometimes feel invincible because of their age, and adapt well to what happens to them. She has a song on the radio which is likable. I only wish her the best.

  • einj

    I don’t hate her. She’s still young and has a lot to learn. I hope she doesn’t turn into a wild child like the other well-known former teen stars. :wink:

  • hannahbananab

    I don’t like her – I’ve seen interviews with her and she comes off as very spoiled and childish. I think there are many other young stars who are much better role models.

  • luvhautecouture

    My mom’s friend and her daughter saw Miley Cyrus shopping with her mom in Calabasas yesterday. My mom’s friend did not recognize Miley or her mother. She is really friendly and when she heard their accents, she asked Miley’s mom where they were from. Miley’s mom just ignored her. Later they were both checking out at the same time and my mom’s friend complimented Miley’s purchases (they bought A LOT!) and she was ignored again! When Miley and her mom left the store, her daughter told her that she was talking to Miley Cyrus! But how rude of them. Miley has the reputation of never rejecting people if they ask for autographs, but when people are just being friendly, she blows them off!

    Love you perez!

    • luvhautecouture

      ^^^ thats meant to say I don’t like her!

      She’s rude and stuck up!

  • Lori White

    I’m afraid I’m not a fan. I think she’s a very lucky little girl to have the Disney machine behind her because talent-wise – not so much! But, love the bag! :razz:

  • anna

    i like her — she always seems to be really positive !

  • Secrets

    Omg I love that purse!

    I don’t love her and I don’t hate her. You can’t have those powerful feelings for someone you’ve never met! But my opinion is that she has been living in this protective bubble where everything revolves around her and it’s making her do rebellious things and not sticking up for her own actions (there is always someone to clean up her mess). These things are not anything a role model like her should be doing, and for God’s sake where is her parents!? It’s like they are setting her up so she can be famous at any price (like they didn’t have the final say on that vanity fair cover? She is 15!). Something is fishy, that’s my opinion! :p

  • Daisy

    I don’t like Miley, she’s not a good role model for kids. She has a lot of provocative pictures out there. I love the bag though. It reminds me of one of the Botkier’s.

  • israel y

    i don’t like her but i guess i don’t hate her either. thanks for the contest

  • natalie

    i dont think miley cyrus is as bad as she is made out to be. She’s just stuck in the celebrity world, and being only 15, she’s not doing that bad a job as a teenage celeb!

  • ginger

    I think she’s a much better role model to all the young girls in today’s society than any of the other teen idols out there today!

  • Myra

    My son (he’s 8) adores Miley I have no issues with her yet. She’s just a kid I think the media needs to back off and let her be “a kid”

  • Sylvia

    Not a huge fan of Miley Cyrus, shes an ok singer but I think she can be a bad role model for young teens. I’ve seen her in Louboutins and other adult clothing…not exactly the best image for other 15 yr olds.

  • Shaunda

    I think she’s great. Very outgoing and full of energy. She’s also very family involved, even though she rebels (who doesn’t at her age, especially as a celebrity? I have to agree with an earlier comment, you can’t really choose one or the other because I’ve never met her. :grin:

  • pam gehring

    I like her, but, I like her bag MORE! :lol:

  • Erika

    pam has the right :idea:

    but i do like miley…and hannah a lil more..we had madonna let the kids have their fun!

  • Donita

    My granddaughter loves her and would love the purse. :razz:

  • Patricia

    I don’t know a lot about Miley but from what I have seen, she seems quite talented!

  • Sheila

    I don’t know that much about her, but my granddaughter likes her.

  • Tina

    I don’t mind Miley either way. She’s young and living a life I would love to have. Good for her :wink:

  • michelle

    I like some of her songs and find her talented for her age.

  • monokuro

    At first I was very fond of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. But after all the craze of her and all this bad publicity, I’m not so sure if she is very role-model(y) for the younger crowd anymore. :(

  • Candace117

    I am actually kind of neutral about Miley. She is dealing with stuff that when I was 15, I never even had to think about…!

  • irish_clover

    I think it’s sort of unfair that she got to be famous mostly because of who her dad is..and not because she has any real talent. Kinda like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie lol

    But, that being said I don’t really like or dislike her

  • Renee

    I like her music and her voice, but I do not like the way she acts in public. She is not a very good role-model, like she should be.

  • Lisa

    Choosing a bag is about the only thing she does well

  • kassy

    I think I’m neutral on Miley. She’s a sweet kid and a “fun” entertainer, but she has made some not -so-bright choices, but haven’t we all? She’s only-what-15? The difference is she is a role model, so I really feel she should be doing her very best to set a positive example. She’s 15…where the heck are her parents in all of this? (Totally blame the vanity fair shoot on the absent parents and the photographer… a 15 year old is going to do what she’s being told to do by the photographer, which is where the parents should step in…duh…)

  • Jenny

    I don’t know much about Miley Cyrus, but I think this bag is adorable. So she must have at least good taste in bags, and kudos to her for carrying one that might at least be affordable to some of her peers who save their earnings from their normal 15-year-old jobs and/or allowances. ;)

  • Melody

    I don’t really like Miley Cyrus because I don’t think she has a very nice voice. Sure she can sing of pitch but the sound quality is too raspy for my taste. :neutral: I don’t know why she’s so famous…or what made her so famous.

  • Ronald

    I LOVEEEE MILEY CYRUS!! I’ve been watching this show since she first started and always thought she was a great singer. I love the way she dresses too. She’s a very down to earth girl which i believe is very rare in the entertainment industry. Hopefully her fame continues unlike the other Disney pop stars. :)

  • Eva

    I am rather indifferent toward Miley. My three year old, however, has a strong and fast love for Hannah Montana. She has never seen the show but if an when we happen by the image of Hannah Montana, on a t-shirt in Wal-Mart for example, no one within 30 yards will escape the knowledge of it’s existence.

  • ami

    I like Miley Cyrus better than some other teen idols just because she hasn’t done too many stupid things, but I can’t say I ever think of her at all. I don’t have kids, and my siblings are old enough to not care about her either.

    However, I quite like the bag!

  • Susan

    Sure, I like her! She’s fresh and fun and makes me wish I was that age again! And yea, the bag ROCKS! Thanks for offering the chance to win it. My email address is susanoa (at) hotmail (dot) com.

  • Lisa

    I pity her for been a Disney product, their stars hardly ever make it out clean and in one piece.

  • Caroline

    I’m more irritated by all the hype and adulation surrounding this girl with mediocre talent.

  • Contessa

    I have to take an interest in Miley Cyrus as I have a daughter who really likes her! I’ve been disappointed by a couple of things I’ve seen lately and this was just after I told my DH that I’m glad there’s a positive role model for young girls!

    Oh well……if I win this bag, I’ll most likely give it to my daughter…..her face would just light up…and there’s no wrong in that, is there???

  • Janet F

    I like Miley Cyrus.

    I think she is cute.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  • RascalCat

    hmmm, do not think that Miley Cyrus is a good role model really. Bag is gorgeous though.

  • bluemoon

    I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus. She’s a terrible role model for young people, as evidenced by her poor choices as of late. Also, I do not believe that she is very talented. Her singing and acting abilities are mediocre at best.

    I do like the bag though! It reminds me of Botkier.

  • xxmicahxx

    I don’t like her and her teeth. I do have fun watching Hannah Montana when there’s nothing else to be watched.

  • Vicki

    I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE the purse. Have always wanted purses like this and while I live on a very tight budget I enter sweeps to be able to have nice new items.

  • Jenn

    Love the bag !

  • manish&gw

    am not fan of Miley Cyrus.. i wish she could be a role model for teenager and fix all those stupid things she made..
    anyway her bag is cool :-)

  • Iulia

    I don’t like her. I think she is considers herself to much of a star :twisted:

  • Alyssa

    I luv her not Hannah Montana though. Her music rox!

  • Jenna

    She sucks! Just another pampered princess!
    mountaingoats AT hotmail DOT com

  • katy fannon

    My father used to always say elegant, refined, sophisticated and dignified like a mantra (anoying at the time)…. I think its a shame no one did the same for Miley Cyrus. I love her bags though.

  • Lisa

    Don’t really care for her. I don’t let my daughter watch Hanna Montana and so far I’ve gotten away with it. I agree with the posters that lately she’s not the role model I want for my child.

    Like the bag though :)

  • Rachel

    i like her! fresh and happy and goofy and natural. and my daughter loves her as well =)

  • Kitty

    I find her annoying, but I am over 17 years old.

  • kickinthecherries

    I don’t love or hate her. I do feel a bit bad for her, she makes mistakes just like other kids her age, but hers are very public.

  • Leanne Mason

    I like her. she’s just a child so i think she’s got a long way to go and hopefully she doesn’t blow everything she’s got going for her! her singing on the otherhand, i don’t really appreciate it! :wink:

  • Kara

    Miley Cyrus is OK she’s not too obnoxious.. I’m a little old to watch her show but I have seen it and its not as bad as a lot of what is on the Disney channel. I’ve only seen her singing on the CMA’s with her dad and for her age I think she’s doing well in the industry.

  • Michelle

    I like her. She’s a cute girl. I would sure hate to have my adolescent mistakes plastered all over the internet and tabloids.

  • Charmaine

    I like her. Not a fan of her singing or her webcam whoring, but I like her fashion sense and her new teeth lol.

  • Carol

    I like her. I thinks she’s a good role model for my kids SO FAR. I hope she stays on the right path.

  • Kiva

    I liked Miley when she initially became popular. She seemed like a really great role model for younger kids. But now I don’t like her because it seems all the fame has gone to her head. She seems to have gotten “cocky!” I guess I could remember that she’s only 15 but I feel like she should know better and realize that their girls alot younger looking up to her. She needs to remember that!

  • Lisa Primm

    Don’t love her or hate her. I like her purse!

  • Grace

    I don’t like her! I have a sister who is about Miley’s age (14 almost 15) and I do NOT think she’s a good role model! Yes, she’s cute, funny, and has a good voice, but all of those scandalous pictures have made me think a lot less of her…

  • Alyssa

    I love her. I think she’s got incredible natural talent, and happens to have a great combination of looks and charisma. I think she’s human, so her pictures in Vanity Fair don’t make me think any less of her. Instead, they just serve as a reminder of how much pressure we put on these young celebrities to be perfect and never make a mistake–an impossible task, especially when she’s got so much growing to do and so many hard lessons to learn. I love her style and wish her the best. :smile:

  • Staci

    The Sak Silverlake Satchel is to die for! Love it! I think it is extreme for anyone to say they HATE MILEY CIRUS. She is a child living in an adults world. I hope she makes it through all this celeb stuff and doesnt end up with the problems that a lot of young stars have.
    I wish her the best…and really wish I could win this purse!!

  • Shirley Loucks

    I dont care one way or another about Miley, but my 12 year old granddaughter doesnt like her anymore. She said she’s to young to take her clothes off for pictures! As a 61 year old, I do like the Sak bag. I would use it.

  • cola262

    I like Miley. She is a confident and talented teen. She has a very public life now, which makes it hard to make normal teenage mistakes, but she seems to be doing okay.

  • LaurieLou

    She acts way too mature for a 15 yr old! Her songs are cute, but I still don’t like her!

  • deb

    I enjoy Miley’s songs – and so do my girls –

  • qwerty822

    I neither hate nor like her, though I do think there are more attractive and talented young performers out there!

  • whoville

    Hate might be a strong word. But I do find her to be a spoiled two faced insincere little twit with parents who don’t seem to care what she does. I guess it’s easy for them to ignore her antics when she’s the main breadwinner in the house… Thank god my 14 year old girl feels the same way. I don’t know what I would do if I had to listen to endless babble about Miley, I’m already subjected to the endless Jonas Brothers babble… I think it would send me over the edge.

  • emily*

    I don’t hate her, but I certainly don’t like her.
    I love how her Nickelodeon show has some sort of value for kids to look up to, it’s just a shame that her show does not depict her as a person at all. I can’t lie – it makes me absolutely SICK to my stomach to open the pages of Rolling Stones and month by month see her Hannah Montana CD be in the Top 100 CD sales, and more than often in the top 5. As she’s compared to the late Britney Spears (Southpark episode “Britney’s New Look”), the least I must do is hope that she doesn’t go down the same unfortunate road. Also, it does bother me a bit that she goes by her name on her television show “Hannah Montana”.

  • TxCoachGirlie

    I think Miley has done well for her age….better than most people do in their entire life! She is a very busy girl and she takes it all in stride. I know I wouldn’t want her “job”!

  • Tiffany

    Can anyone really say they hate a 15 year old girl they’ve never met?

    I’m indifferent to Miley Cyrus – I think she’s done well for herself and it can’t be easy being 15 years old, having a full time job, and having the entire world watch you go through your awkward, rebellious teenage years.

    I remember how I was as a teen, and I think everyone should cut her a bit of slack. Think back to when you were her age and how you were trying to figure yourself out, while fitting in with the rest and at the same time trying to get boys to notice you – not easy stuff!

  • Peaches

    I saw saw her in Disney chanel. I think she’s cute and very talented.

  • Karen McKee

    I’m not real sure I love her or dislike her, but I sure like her bag!

  • sarahp

    I dislike Miley Cyrus–her large mouth frightens me, and when she speaks, it makes me want to stab my ear drums. I know it’s wrong…but it’s just how I feel… :evil:

  • Jean E.

    I’m leaning towards loving Miley Cyrus. :smile: I was indifferent to her before until a girl in my Sunday School class updated me on who Miley is and what she’s all about and how she’s the best singer ever. Now I pay more attention to her when I see her face in magazines and I’ve even sat through two of her television shows. I think she’s cute and talented. Like another post mentioned before, I agree that I do hope Miley does not become another Britney! :roll:

  • Leslie G

    I like Miley. My two girls love her music, show and she put on a great concert. I think if she wasn’t in the media, she wouldn’t be getting as much attention on the typical teenager antics. I think she is talented and stylish in her own way.

  • Krista

    I don’t really mind her too much but good god someone needs to take the girl’s camera phone away from her! I do love that song she sings with her dad – Ready, Set, Don’t Go.

  • Debbie B.

    I like Miley Cyrus – I think she is a talented young girl.
    :smile: But – I do get tired of seeing her picture EVERYWHERE you go!

  • Jenn

    miley is a teenager and teenagers (and even adults, haha) do dumb things! she just has some growing up to do. other than that, can’t fault her for being successful.

  • Cheryl

    I like her…but i don’t think she’s THAT talented tho…..

  • Kim


  • Julianne

    I don’t have a problem with Miley at all! Who can knock her, she is young and successful! I do wish I didn’t have to see her everywhere though.

  • bali_Girl

    Miley is not for me!!

  • Audrey Griffin

    I like Miley. She’s intelligent and talented, and because she’s young, she’ll make mistakes as we all did and still do.

  • Jbennett562

    I like Miley Cyrus. I think after the Vanity Fair photos people have been giving her a lot of slack for it. But I think that she is a good role model for young girls today…the same girls who have Lindsey, Brittany and Paris to look up to Miley is a breath of fresh air.

  • KimQuyen

    I don’t love Miley…She’s just one of those girls I can’t stand and I’m not sure why. Although I can’t stop watching the millionth re-runs of Hannah Montana, I hate Miley. (YOU COULD’VE BROUGHT UP SOMEONE ELSE’ NAME!) Her songs may have some meaningful lyrics and a good tune, but her voice really irritates me..like a mosquito bite that I can’t stop itching so it just keeps getting bigger(louder and more obnoxious throughout the song).. I can also see another reason why some of the PTF members hate her. Miley’s wonderful hangbag collection is beyond our reach! How can we not be jealous of that?! So she bought a 11k LV bag. How do her parents punish her for splurging? They lower her allowance…she doesn’t even need an allowance with what she’s making! She appears to be quite ungrateful and spoiled. Can’t she ever be content with what she has? Miley, Miley, Miley, …is an epidemic. She won’t slow down, she’s growing too fast and when she does stop, Miley will be a fallen star. Good luck Miley,..it’s scary out there.

    • KimQuyen


      THAT’S RIGHT MILEY, I HOPE YOU CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES. It’s too late to just apologize if you want to stand out. Honestly, I don’t see any real difference between you and other teen sensations other than the hype and big dough. Why should we look up to someone like you? A celebrity, a “normal” teenager, someone who hasn’t made a good difference in this world. Reaching out of the audience to touch the hands of another idol who is really out to grab attention and entertain.

  • angie

    It’s so sad to see all the young stars Hollywood is pushing into the spotlight these days. Just look at what inevitably happens to them ! (i.e. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, etc.) For this reason, I pity Miley. I don’t dislike her, but it’s just sad to think about when she’ll get her first DUI and what rehab center she’ll be in when she’s 21. :cry:

  • renee

    i dont like or dislike her but she deffinitly acts to old for her age. However i do like her style, especially now because she picked this bag.

  • Suzanne Timmsen

    Yes I like Miley. I have a 11 year old grandchild that tells me all. Thanks for the chance to will the great satchel.

  • I like Miley. I think her parents, especially her mother, have kept her grounded. She has her own style, and is definitely not a ‘cookie cutter’ star, as someone else stated.

    My DSD 11 loves her, and my DSD 15 would love me to win this satchel so she could snitch it! :-)

  • I like Miley. I think her parents, especially her mother, have kept her grounded. She has her own style, and is definitely not a ‘cookie cutter’ star, as someone else stated. My DSD 11 loves her, and my DSD 15 would love me to win this satchel so she could snitch it! :-)

  • Becky

    I love the bag, but she’s gotten on my nerves. Her songs are too adult for her age, and her attitude is too rich. She just rubs me the wrong way… :???:

  • Elaine

    I love her, she acts like anyone her age would, she has a strong family bond, she takes a lot of flack. I think she is one of the only wholesome ones out there. If I had a daughter, I’d rather she be a fan of her than the Pussycat Dolls. The bag is truly gorgeous too!

  • Debra

    I really like her Hannah Montana show. I watch it every week. Don’t much care for her singing …I’m too old for her style. I like her, I think she is growing up in a tough world and who at her age always made correct decisions? But I do like that purse!

  • Alex

    I like her, but I don’t have alot of respect for her parents. She is a minor, and regardless of how famous or successful she is, she is under their care until she is declared an adult. Seems like there is waaaay to much freedom being given to her, and the photos that have surfaced lately of her make me very uncomfortable as a parent. LOVE THE SAK THOUGH!!!!!

  • Marilyn

    I like Miley. She is talented. I’m a little to old for her show, but I watch it with my little sister.

  • Hayley

    I agree that she is not an amazing new talent but she has shown poise and maturity well beyond her 15 years. (And she has good taste in bags :wink: )

  • Breanna Giannoules

    I am a mommy of 2 boys so up until about a week ago I had no idea who Miley Cyrus was! So I am completely indifferent, but the bag is CUTE! :mrgreen:

  • denise

    Am neither a fan nor hater of Miley Cyrus, but I find the Hannah Montana show rather entertaining. :)

  • Katie

    I don’t mind her, since I rather enjoy watching her show (guilty pleasure, shh)

  • Namaste

    Liked the only song that I’ve heard- it was catchy. Love the bag more!

  • Cora Cheng

    Not a fan, but don’t hate her either.. her personal camera should be taken away though.

  • Mun Kim

    I don’t know much about her but based on the little I know, she seems like she is getting way much publicity for what she actually is.

  • Darcy

    I have nothing against her personally. Every person in the spotlight has to deal with a certain amount of scrutiny. And, nobody is perfect. She’s fine in my book.

  • sandra

    i have nothing against her really she seems like a nice girl, but i am tired of seeing her and her products and hearing about her everywhere i turn.

  • TJ

    Miley is this generations new girl. As was Hillary Duff, Brittney Spears and others before her. I have 3 boys so I only know of her from the Hanna Montana merchandise that is everywhere. My friend who has a 9 year old daughter wants everything Hanna Montana including prescription glasses (and her daughter don’t need them.)

    Eventually she will fade as quickly as she came up. Hopefully her rise to quick fame doesn’t turn her into another Hollywood tragedy as some of the girls that came before her.

    On another note, I love the bag!

  • personal_jesus

    Just what the world needs, another manufactured pop princess. Hello rehab…

  • the bag is pretty :razz:

  • I don’t mind Miley. She seems to be getting into trouble lately. You have to admit she does have some talent. lol She can sing a million times better than me.

  • vanilla_addict

    i never heard of her so i cant decide if i hate or love her :???:

  • Kellee

    She is a spoiled brat!

  • LindaP

    She’s young, cute and has talent. I like her!

  • Kassie

    I’m indifferent when it comes to Miley Cyrus. I don’t really know enough about her to make an opinion.

    Now, that bag on the other hand… LOVE IT!

  • piratesbooty

    I definitely don’t hate Miley. I find her to be annoying at times but I can take or leave her. That bag is gorgeous though!

  • widi

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus. I find her superficial. This bag is delicious though :wink:

  • Lucie

    I thought she was very cute when she first started, but as she got more famous it seem to get to her head and she started to get in trouble. I have to admit that she can sing tho, and her one song is pretty catchy. She is very stylish and this bag sure shows it!!

  • Christina

    I like Miley…I like her confidence at such a young age.

  • Kelly

    One wonders how much longevity Ms. Cyrus will have…my guess? She’ll only be around as long as Disney keeps her employed and in front of her tweenie fan base.

  • Hmm… Miley Cyrus. I don’t really have opinion on her. I have seen her at the Oscars and so on and she always seems very well put together. Her dresses are good. But in daily life she is only 15 so it’s understandable that she is a bit childish.

  • zeitgeist4

    I don’t care for her. I don’t know if I’d call it hate, but she is nothing special in my opinion.


    I like her. She is at the age where she is starting to be a you woman so she needs to understand her influence on her fans.

  • deborah munday

    A rich girl that has to much money. Her father is riding her fame. Therer ae to many people going hungry and she is making millions. If the young people would not buy her clothes or support her in any way. She would be just a plain girl

  • riversnleaves

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus because I can’t stand when individuals with absolutely no talent become famous simply because they come from a famous and/or rich family (ie. Paris Hilton). And because of their connections, they are allowed to do whatever they want and be given advantages in life that someone with actual talent may not have the chance to attain.

  • Dru

    I’m indifferent to Miley…her music is okay but I wouldn’t go out and buy her album and I don’t have tweens who watch her either.

  • JNH14

    The bag is nice, unfortunately, I think Miley is the next Brittnee or Lindsay… :roll:

  • Renate

    I don’t like Miley.

  • She is a cute girl, but I see her going down the same path as Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears! The too much too soon syndrome…but she has super cute style! :razz:

  • ks

    She’s annoying, but her bag is pretty..

  • Rachel

    I think Miley is adorable and I love her voice.

  • alicia

    I like Miley as hannah Montana–my kids love this show–but I am afraid that Miley will end up like a lot of the other LA girls–

  • Ashley

    I like Miley! I love to watch the Disney channel (so what if I’m 24 and prefer Disney over adult tv shows) and I enjoy watching her as Hannah Montana. I’ve got all of her cd’s downloaded to my Ipod so that I can listen to her whenever I want. Though I’m not completely impressed with some of her newest cd, I still like her. I think she’s got some decisions to make if she wants to move on past Disney, but she’s still got some growing up to do as well. She’s only 15, after all.

  • Barb

    I like her.
    She’s funny and unique.

    I think it would be hard to grow up in the spotlight. Everyone has a comment to say about your actions, innocent or not.

  • NNS

    At first I was very happy to see the Hannah Montana figure that Miley Cyrus does, it seemed a very good role model for little girls that desperately needed one while drowning in our over sexualized media. Then w/ a couple of years you see Miley Cyrus just feeding the same media machine with increasingly inappropriate pictures. For a girl of her age still promoting Hannah Montana, that makes me a little sad. I can’t say I hate ‘her’, but I do hate that she won’t cleanly cut away the younger image before trying to prove what a big ‘grownup’she is now.

  • Cecylia

    Miley is still very young time will tell who she’ll turn out to be. I think she’s a nice girl. ; )

  • Isabel

    I can not STAND Miley Cyrus. She parades around talking about God and Jesus and her family pimps her out for being this wholesome role model that will be a virgin until she is married. Then you see all of these controversial pictures of her floating around all over the internet. She confuses me.

  • Nicole DePietto

    I do not like Miley Cyrus. I don’t think she is a good role model for young girls. She is trying to change her image and try to compete with Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears. She is annoying and she blames everyone else for her problems for example her revealing photo shoot and her kissing a girl. If i were a mother i wouldn’t want my daughter to idolize her.

  • Patricia

    I love Miley Cyrus

  • Carole

    She is a heavily marketed commodity which I think is sad for a lovely looking youngster. Shame on her parents but then it is all about money isn’t it? :sad:

  • debaghag

    There is just something about her that I don’t like.

  • Lavette

    I love Miley Cyrus for her accomplishments especially at such a young age. I hope she continues to grow in her career and as an individual.

    Also, Lovely Bag!

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Yutien Lin

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus. She wants to be a role model to make money but she’s just vain. I don’t think she looks cute at all either.

  • Alice

    I like her, she is very talented & she works really hard for her success……..

  • Elyna Foong

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus…. I know it’s not entirely her fault (Disney made her) but everything about her is too fake and contrived.

  • megababe

    Don’t like her but like the bag :oD

  • Debbie

    Not a Miley fan. She seems a bit artificial.

  • Pia

    i don’t just hate her, i don’t get her…she overacts…but i do watch her show sometimes :oops:

  • heffalump

    I like her because she is a hard worker. Even though she has already had some scandalous photos released of her, she works very hard in the industry. Unlike some celebs who are just born into money!

  • Ayla

    Love her ! I do hope that her parents are being responsible and are helping her to have a relatively adjusted life – the pressure must be amazing ! :sad:

  • Whitemamacita

    Well, I don’t love her, but don’t hate her at all. She is doing what has been going on for generations if we like it or not. We have always had a group or singer that hits it big at the right time even if her voice is not great. She is doing well for herself in IMO that is good for her. Sometimes the public is way to harsh on what others are doing and say it effects the molding of young minds, well HELLO, you as the parent have the power of what your kids are exposed to so control it if your not happy. Her show is not something I could watch but I am out of the age range and both of my kids are a bit too old to get into her either. I guess my point is that there will always be a “Miley” I mean way back when I was young it was Madonna and us younger girls all loved her while the media loved to bash things she was doing. This won’t change, once Miley’s time is up someone else will fill those shoes. Also people, remember it is not our job to judge but the BIG GUY upstairs that does that for us. Just my two cents. :wink:

  • Cathy

    I like Miley Cyrus. I think she is a good role model for young girls today. She appears to try to maintain a good attitude and good morals.

  • Rowe55

    At our house, as far as my 8 yr old girl thinks, Hannah Montana rules. I dont mind her so much. Her TV show is very funny, she has a quirky sense of humor. I’d say i like her. She is genuine and down to earth. Not a bad role model for the younger girls. Any photos and similar publicity are irrelevant. My daughter doesnt read trash mags, and she is oblivious to this publicity.

  • Michelle Berlin

    It’s not that I don’t like her so much as I think her parents are just as bad as Dina Lohan. She can’t sing and her father is constantly making sure she stays in the limelight. I mean, after the Vanity Fair pictures, he comes out a couple of weeks later with “his side of the story.” WHO CARES!

  • kristen

    i dont like her, shes a brat!

  • Cathy

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus. I think she really needs to stay away from cameras and mostly her own digital camera. I’m tired of seeing ridiculous pictures of her on the internet. I realize she’s a 15 year a girl. But hey she CHOSE to be in the public image. If she doesn’t learn soon, I can see her being the next Lindsay Lohan or Brittany Spears. If that’s what she wants to do, then she’s on her way.

  • judy brittle

    I don’t know if I like her or not I never met the girl. What the public see’s is just an image and not what she’s really like. I just don’t want the media to build her up so much that she takes a deep fall when her popularity fades.

  • Mulberry Mooch

    Well, My daughter likes her…Me…well i can just see poor Britney Spears all over again…Too Much,Too Young.
    As for the being in the media, it’s part of the package…i certainly wouldn’t want my daughter going down that road….We all make mistakes in life but thank goodness ours are private and not splashed in the headlines !! :grin:

  • Serayane

    I don’t really know who that person is.
    (I’m Hungarian, don’t shoot me.)

  • Terds

    I dont hate or love her, since I don’t know much (I don’t see much and also I am not interested) about her… But I think she is very pretty, hard worker, and very talented girl, blessed with fame and famous since a very young age. When I saw her picture, I just “Wow…. a very lucky girl that can afford many fabulous things, including this bag!!”

  • Rosemary

    I enjoy her singing, but she’s been kind of unraveling lately with all the scandals (though I’m assuming it’s being done purposely to change her image – only time will tell I guess).

  • tina

    they are simply superab, fanatic, no words

  • Deborah

    Don’t know enough about Miley Cyrus to voice an opinion one way or another. If this is the handbag that she has chosen to wear lately, I can truthfully say I like her style choices… in handbags that is.

  • Anahit

    I don’t love or hate her seeing as how I dont’ really know her. But judging from her public image and the things i’ve seen/heard, I think she’s doing the best she can considering she’s just a kid whose been thrown in the limelight. She doesn’t always realize that the choices she makes influence those of very impressionable kids, but she seems true to herself.

  • dani

    In my opinion, I dont know how much talent she actually has. Her show concept makes no sense and she cant sing very well. But my 9 year old sister loves her, so I guess there must be something there. And you have to give her credit for holding her own and being as successful as she is- I may be just a bit jealous!

  • Natalie

    I have been watching her with my little cousin since she first started on the disney channel and I believe that she has a lot of talent. Havent been that impressed with some of her decisions for my cousin but to me shes fabulous! And shes so young, i think its great – and I agree – I think were all a little jealous.

  • Kristine

    I don’t love or hate Miley! I actually like her and wish her the best. I do hate the “Miley Mania” that’s been sweeping the country lately.
    I don’t have young children, so I am out of the loop on her and her show/concert/dolls/ etc. I think she is a very talented young girl, Disney has done a fabulous job of marketing her. However, I am to the point now where I don’t want to hear about her anymore and what she eats for breakfast. There are so many other important issues today and it floors me that we are listening to hype about Miley and her choices.
    Unfortunately, she will be everywhere until this Miley Mania subsides and someone else takes her place.

  • Kindra

    I do not like Miley Cyrus! Nor do I hate her (hates a strong word :razz: )… no one really knows who she is and what she’s about, but we can form our opinions based on how she acts in the public eye. From my point of view, she is a little girl craving attention, so she relies on spreading rumors, posing in swimsuits and making immature statements to journalist/tabloids. The large amount of money this little girl makes is insane and should be going towards something more beneficial.

  • Amy

    Honestly, she doesn’t bother me. When you look at other young stars in Hollywood you have to give her some credit for working hard, being sober, and keeping her pants on. I would rather children look up to Miley than Britney. Sadly, children these days do look up to stars in Hollywood and mimic every action (good or bad). I agree, it’s a bit much for a 15 year old girl to be given millions and millions of dollars to spend at her will (but hey, if we were her we would all spend it on bags too! Don’t lie!!) but out of the entire “young Hollywood group” she seems the most grounded and I hope the fame and fortune don’t corrupt her in turn corrupting young children.

  • emma

    the competition ends my birthday yay:)

    i really like miley cyrus.
    i think everyone’s gotten her all wrong, everyone thinks she’s a slut, and a skank. but i think she’s just a normal teenager.
    okay, her pictures were a bit over the top, but i’m sure most of your 15 year old daughters and their friends have pictures of themselves like that.
    she got way too famous, at a young age, and everyone was waiting for her to do something. she gets followed everywhere, and with that kind of attention, it’s no wonder she went a bit cookoo.
    she’s just a normal kid, wanting to live a normal life, and she dresses amazing :)

    i hope she stays on the straight and narrow, she seems a good kid at heart.

  • AmyJane

    i really do not like Miley….i think she is an awful role model. But then again she is only 15. still something about her bothers me.

  • emily leon

    I neither love nor hate her, I just tune in to see what bags she wears which are always stylish and make me wonder why I didnt know about them first. Love this particular bag!

  • Nicole Lum

    I don’t like her at all…i used to but with all her scandals i think she is an awful role model for young girls

  • Vidya

    I did think that Miley Cyrus was a good influence on young girls since she didn’t party like crazy or date a million guys but I did change my mind after those photos appeared everywhere. I also don’t like how she and her dad said they “didn’t know” the pics would be everywhere. As if they didn’t okay them first!

  • chris burd

    I think Miley Cyrus is a typical teen in some ways and of course because of all the attention she is a bit spoiled but I would think a hard worker. So so far I like her …

  • Judi in New Jersey

    Well I liked Miley Cyrus early on and I still think she is ok. Hard not to worry she will wind up being just like Britney, who in the beginning was darling. Guess she is just like any other teen, and perhaps spoiled with stardom!

  • CourtneyP

    I used to think she was a cute girl but now that she’s so wrapped up in her “celebrity”, I’m over her. My daughter loves her though.

  • Sharon Clark

    Love the bag but cannot see what all the fuss is about Miley.

  • Zipporah Sandler

    I’m not a fan, but that’s more because I don’t have any kids in that age bracket than any other reason. I think that I saw her perform once on TV & I was disappointed in her voice. I do think she’s got great taste, as that handbag is GORGEOUS.

  • Anna

    I like Miley Cyrus but she’s made some bad choices, but overall I think she’s still a good role model for little kids.

  • bex487

    I like Miley Cyrus…I actually think I feel pity for her. She’s trying to be too grown-up, too fast. I hope she just enjoys being a teenager!

  • susan

    I like her. I think she handles herself well, considering how much she’s in the spotlight. Can’t say the same for many of her counterparts.

  • pegasuscom

    I like Miley – I mean her Father is from Kentucky and sported a mullet most of his adult life… she beat the odds of becoming a trailer park deb!

  • Layla

    I really have no opinion on Miley Cyrus either way. But if my only 2 options are “love” or “hate”, I guess I’ll choose to love her. She’s just a kid who has a lot of growing up to do. I REALLY love her bag, though.

  • sndc99

    I had to go watch the movie with my 7 yr old and it wasn’t bad. I sure hope she keeps it clean and out of trouble because the little girls…like my daughter love her. Who would of thought this cheezy guy with a mullet would have a daughter who is so hip and popular.

  • Jana

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus… I think she needs to mature and grow up some more before she does some of the things she claims to want to do, such as a Sex and The City type of show. Isn’t she too young to be watching it in the first place? I’m also not buying her having been in love with that Jonas Brother.. she’s 15! You don’t know the first thing about love yet!

  • Mrs. MC

    I think she is an interesting person. If she is this successful at such a young age, I wonder where she can go from here. She does seem older than she is but I don’t think that makes it ok to do the more mature things in life right now. I hope she can handle all of her fame and come out ok and enjoy her life and success too !

  • Stef

    I caught about 2 minutes of her TV show once, and saw her singing on some morning show another time and found her pretty annoying. I don’t particularly like her songs, but then I am quite a few years out of her target age range. So I guess I don’t really “hate” or “love” her… I don’t especially like her but also don’t really have a problem with her.

    Love the bag though!

  • Linda M.

    I think she’s cute and talented but I fear she is going to get caught up with all the fame and media exposure which has already started with the Lebowitz photo shoot where she received bad press about her posing in just a sheet. I hope she can keep her head and she has people looking out for her.

  • kbandit

    I don’t really get the Miley appeal, but certainly not enough to hate her. On the other hand, I think the bag is really cute.

  • RaeBelle

    I neither hate nor love Miley. She has really cute taste in bags though :smile:

  • Rita Sams

    Yuk! She can’t even sing in key!

  • puddiecat

    I think she’s gotten a lot of bad press lately. She is really young and she’s growing up in the spotlight. All of her mistakes are out there for the world to see. I think that’s important to remember.
    I like her. She’s not running around doing drugs, getting pregnant, or going to rehab so in my book she’s a good role model for the young crowd.

  • jill rivera

    She is fine, she is been a teenager.

  • kmg001

    I wish I could say I have an opinion on her one way or the other but I just am not that familiar with her. I’ve seen her on entertainment shows w/her father, and I heard about the ‘scandal’ regarding the Vanity Fair pics. Other than that, I can’t say I ever heard her perform.

  • jessica hargis

    I really like Miley, I think she is a wonderful role model for young adults.

  • BunnyB

    i like miley. she’s not pretending to be goody-two shoes. i like that she’s comfortable doing her own thing even though she’s in the spotlight.

  • miss60

    not a fan at all… she seems to have no respect for others in the industry

  • Lauren

    i love miley cyrus, but only because i don’t like selena gomez. my younger cousin talks so much about them in this way that i have become a fan of miley and not of selena. also… i thought miley’s youtube video of her mocking selena and demi was funny!!!

  • Joyce

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus as much as some of the other disney stars. But, nonetheless she has done amazingly well in the entertainment industry and I give her props for that.

  • MissJones

    I don’t like her. She is too old to be trying to be a role model for young kids. She is just a spoiled girl who got where she is because of her father.

  • Genellvra

    Well Miley is a much better behaved 15-year-old then I was at that age! :oops:

  • Paula

    My daughter (13) and I can not stand Miley! We feel that she really does not have any talent. She only got to where she is by genius marketing..and her Daddy. It drives my daughter crazy to see Miley’s face on every backpack, lunch box and T shirt everywhere! I agree with her!

  • Paula K

    I love Miley because she’s from Tennessee and so are we!

  • Karen Y

    Fame too fast for this young lady but hopefully that doesn’t mean she’ll portray a negative image for the young girls in the future. Cut bag for my niece!

  • Judi

    What can I say, I think she’s cute. I just hope she grows up to have a sane and sensible life after all this publicity madness. :grin:

  • Juliette Johnson

    She is annoying!

  • Marie

    I like her and she seems to be a good role model considering whats out there. I hope she turns out better than some of the others did with their partying and drug addictions. My nieces absolutely love love love her.

  • Julie_xoxo

    I don’t like the fact that she wears/acts far too grown up for her age just as many American girls.But as you read interviews of her I like her personality.So I like Miley (NOT hannah montana OMG :shock: )

  • mlinky

    I like Miley as much as I can like any teenager that I don’t know.

  • Michelle

    she doesn’t know who she is yet at 15/16? how am i suppose to know/judge?

  • Izzy

    I like Miley Cyrus because she has a good fashion sense! She appeared at the Oscars looking so glamorous!

  • Diana Corlett

    I have so little knowledge of Miley Cyrus, the person, that I can hardly comment with any degree of fairness. What little I have seen of her show did not impress me, but then not much about television impresses me these days.


  • dirtyvegas11

    i have no choice but to love her, i’m a mommy and my 5 year old son is in love with her…he is learning how to play the guitar so he can join her band!! :cool:

  • DesigningStyle

    Is it okay if I don’t “love her” or “hate her”? I like her. I think she is quite talented and a good role model for young women.

  • ck21

    I like her–she is one of the better role models for young girls.

  • cbscmills

    I like her…there are worse celebrities out there. She sings catchy tunes and her show is cute as long as you remember that you are just watching a kids comedy show. :lol:

  • Margaret Randle

    I really liked her at first. I think the media hype has turned me off now.

    Too much, is too much. I think she needs to tone down & the media needs to back off as well.

  • Denise

    Being 50+ (with no children) I don’t pay much attention to this particular ingenue. Appears to be cute and perky, I suppose.

  • While I have paid little attention to what the celebrity writers say, I appreciate that she gave three autographed T-shirts and three autographed sweatshirts to our Sierra Lutheran High School auction. I know that three of them went for over $300, all of which benefits the high school.

  • Katherine

    Hate her. She’s just another one of those girls that I wished my little sisters didn’t look up to because she doesn’t emphasize how important it is for young girls to be smart, but rather through her actions promotes children partying. But positive points for her choice of bag. Mostly, I just shrug her off.

  • alyssa

    she’s so annoying. she’s 15 which means she’s the worst age in a girl and she can’t sing. it infuriates me that she’s famous for singing badly and dressing like a skank.

  • Danica

    Firstly, love this bag!!

    I do not like Miley…I don’t hate her. But I think she will end up like most girls in her position in hollywood.

  • Odessa

    She’s trying too hard to look older than she really is. I don’t thing she sets a good example by constantly taking pictures of herself in her underwear.

  • Leisa

    I don’t watch her show but she’s always smiley in the pics I see of her… seems sweet enough. Sure wouldn’t want to be in her shoes!

  • Pam

    I do think she is pretty. However, I don’t idolize her. I know there will always been teen pop stars. She is just there. I do love this bag though. I love how it is convertible. Good choice. :smile:

  • ELI

    I think she’ll end up like Britney :neutral: …but I love the bag. At least she has good taste :mrgreen:

  • Ann D.

    I like Miley Cyrus. i think it is cute that her name Miley came from what her parents called her as a baby – Smiley.

  • jennyflies

    Cute girl, trying to balance being a girl and turning into a stylish woman like any girl her age! :grin: Hard to be a rich girl with grown up style playing to a pre-teen crowd! Do love her taste in accessories – always loved the Sak line anyway!

  • Amy Chow

    Hate Miley… she’s famous because of daddy connections…

  • vivs

    Don’t like Miley, or her dumb videos with Mandy. Hannah Montana gives the impression that you need to be blonde and cute to be sucessful.

  • amanda

    I like Miley Cyrus because she seems like a girl with a good head on her shoulders who isn’t afraid to talk about her relationship with God.

  • My daughter is a big fan of Hannah Montana as well as all her grade one classmates. I think as of late she is getting to commercial as I see Hannah Montana on clothes, lunch boxes, bedroom accessories etc… Hope Miley can handle the pressure that comes with fame, and luckily for her she has parents in the same biz.

  • personal shopper

    all those photos of her are not good for her reputation! I don’t hate her, but I don’t really like her either.

  • Pat N

    I don’t like her. She seems phony & doesn’t have much talent.

  • Marian

    I don’t care for Miley. I think it’s time for her to retire that role.

  • Anna

    I like her…sure there are more talented child singers out there. I don’t think she sounds great, but she seems to handle herself appropriately considering she is a role model for millions of young kids. She seems like a nice person.

  • Anna

    I can not really say, because I do not have children and don’t really pay that much attention to her, but Hate is an awfully harsh word. I do feel that every little thing she does is scrutinized and exaggerated in the media as if they are wanting her to fail or something. Just let her be. I am sure that she is a nice girl.

  • I think Miley has had it hard; she’s just a young teenage girl who is doing a very big job in the entertainment industry. I applaud her father for being involved and trying to keep her protected in an industry that cares a lot about making money, and not so much about protecting their performers from negative influences.

  • temo

    I have a 9 yr old daughter that is crazy about Miley, so I’ll be watching her closely. She seems to be a great kid in a very tough business! I hope there’s alot of good people watching out for her!!! I wish her all the best!!!!

  • Linda Parker

    Unfortunately I do not have any granddaughters so I’m not all that familiar with Miley. I did see the photos that everyone was so upset about and personally I thought they were beautiful-not trashy at all. I think we Americans have a tendency to be too prudish when it comes to nudity and issues that we are uncomfortable with. Perhaps we all need to lighten up!

  • Mary

    Here in Italy, Miley wif her show came not long ago! But I started watching her via web and being her fan at the beginnning of her career.. i have lots of fan-sites and communities about her in Italian and I can proudly consider myself the first Italian fan! I also love her style and what could me feel really better?.. Her bag obviously!:D Please guys, choose meeeeeeeeeee!

  • Melissa V

    i love miley because i enjoy the show hannah montana. she is so funny and her music rocks!

  • Kim

    Personally, I’m not a fan of Miley. She’s becoming a successful teen as a singer and actress, but in all honesty, I think there are tons of girls out there who, if given the chance, would prove to be much more talented than Miley. Her voice is very rough, and pretty average – its a trained voice, and her acting is really “actory” – its forced. I guess girls love her because of her next-door-neighbor girl look, but anyone who has money, and a father who had his own show could achieve the same. It all comes down to money.

    I was also surprised that she and her friend “Mandy” could be so mean on youtube, mocking Demi & Selena Gomez – it was very immature. It is setting a bad example for all those other young girls who idolize her.

  • amber29@btopenworld.com

    Yet another famous nonentity – yawn!

  • Pamela White

    Miley like most celebrities I do not follow. I feel that her singing and acting is her profession and her personal life should be her own. I do hope the best for her.

  • Jess E

    For me I am not a fan of Miley. I think that she deserves the fame that she has due to the people that work for her. They did very well in making her a brand. I think that there are many more accomplished singers out there, but I will give credit to that she is okay and her songs are catchy. But with all the controversey over the photos in Vanity Fair and the videos on YouTube, hopefully she will take responsibility for her own actions and not cave to the will of her people. And I take it her people do a good job in this marketing because as I am not a fan, but I am up to date on her going ons :smile:

  • Jake

    I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus, but I like that she encourages my daughter to dream big.

  • Stephaniem3

    I don’t know that much about Miley Cyrus, but she seems to be a better role model than some of the other teen stars.
    I do love the bag.

  • katielady

    I don’t have anything against her, and some of her songs are catchy, but I’m just tired of seeing her EVERYWHERE! Love her bag though, lol!

  • e

    Kind of on the fence about this, but I’d go with “hate” if I were forced to choose. I just don’t get why she takes all those stupid “scandalous” photos… really not smart for someone who is so overexposed, and especially dumb for someone who is idolized by little girls! She’s also really loudmouthed and seems to have an obnoxious personality.

  • sarah

    i will say that i am a fan of miley…but however i am not a fan of hannah montannah.. i loooove miley’s sence of style. :grin: buttt most of alll i love this ADORABLE bag. i love the gold accents and the hole feel of it.

    and yes i know they that they are the same person but when i see her with a wig and trying to be a disney star i just look at her and think…wow that is so FAKE

    the actual miley however….wen i look at her i just a normal teenage girl

    so i am yet to be sure if i like that whole two i dentity gig

  • Corrina

    I think she’s fun and talented and mature for her age. Good on her!

  • Samantha Pruitt

    i really like her show, it’s pretty funny! i’ve never heard her music but she seems like a really nice girl, whenever i see her on TMZ she’s not being rude or anything.

  • saligator (tPF)

    I think she’s really coming along with her sense of style.

  • staargrl

    :grin: she’s still young and still has a lot to learn and grow up… hopefully she keeps a good head on her shoulders! (& at least she has cute taste in this bag)

  • Sylvia Porter

    i like Miley Cyrus i think she’s totally wholesome and funny! and she seems like a really sweet girl.

  • the Oracle

    I don’t love or hate someone, but I enjoy Miley Cyrus, because she reminds me of my own daughters when they were teens. Just like every other teen, she makes mistakes, but she seems to learn from them.

  • my little sister has been watching hannah montanna for years, and she has grown to dislike miley cyrus. theres something not so genuine about her. she still is a fan of the show.

  • Joanna

    Eh…I’m not a fan!

  • Cathy

    I don’t exactly like Miley Cyrus. She seems ingenuine and honestly, is a bit annoying. I do however like her unique sense of style in bags & clothes. :wink:

  • Tina

    I love Miley. She’s adorable & very humorous. She’s just a child that has a lot of growing up to do.

  • Melissa

    I think she’s very talented and a great role model for the younger generations. She may have some mishaps here and there but what celebrity doesn’t? Love her! :grin:

  • Catherine

    Hate her. She’s a young girl trying to act old. She needs to act her age.

  • Deb

    I don’t like her, but I don’t dislike her either. I’m just jealous of her success. :lol: Can I have the bag? :wink:

  • Whitney

    I like her. I think she’s doing the best she can to deal with the pitfalls of her pubescent publicity, and I don’t think it’s fair that people expect her to never stumble. I don’t always agree with her (or her dad’s/publicist’s) judgment, but I can respect her as a person and enjoy her fame alongside her!
    Plus, she’s got great style… I mean, look at this bag!

  • danielle

    I like her. A lot of people are putting her down but considering all the attention she has on her at such a young age.

  • Mary

    I cannot think of any reason to like her.

  • kathy pease

    i like her cause my kids like to watch her

  • Gina

    Don’t love Miley Cyrus but I LOVE that bag! :mrgreen:

  • Christine

    I like Miley. She is a cute kid and seems pretty grounded and stable considering the success, fame and money she has at such a young age.

  • Evelyn

    I feel, she is going to fast to young. There is so much going on with these Hollwood stars.

  • joji

    I’m kind of indifferent when it comes to Miley Cyrus but I love the bag!

  • veronica

    I like her, she’s human just like us and to top it off shes a teenager sooo hey we all make mistakes! :razz:

  • Kristen Hendricks

    I like Miley Cyrus. I think she is a good actress and performer. I enjoy her music and think she will make decent music in the coming years.

  • Carolyn

    My granddaughter loves her; I am a little concerned about the racy photos and such.
    The bag is impeccable, though!

  • Brennan

    You know, she’s a kid, she’s doing the best she can, so what’s not to like?
    Great bag!