Congrats to Grad School Mommy for winning the Be&D Garbo Wallet!

Last week we brought you an inside look at the reintroduction of the Garbo line for Be&D. The Garbo is all about studs and we are still loving studs. Be and Steve thought it would only be fair to share some of the studded love with you all!

PB Giveaway: Be&D Garbo Wallet

We are giving away a Be&D Garbo Wallet with black leather and gold studs. Perfect to carry as a clutch, this wallet makes a bang with edgy studding. Retail price is $445.

TO ENTER: Visit Be&D online. Then comment on this post your favorite Be&D item and why. Contest ends September 20th at 10 p.m. EST. Winner will be selected randomly.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • scoobiesmomma

    Love the Kan Kan Sandals in Taupe…although I’d probably break my neck if I tried to walk in those!

  • Stephanie

    Contest ends August 20th at 10 p.m. EST?

  • Monica

    I have a thing for green bags, and the color of the Woodstock Hobo in Washed Green is so rich! It looks natural but not boring. And the bag itself is so slouchy and nice without being sloppy. I wish they had more pictures of it! I think I’ll have to find that one somewhere to see more of it.

  • Stephanie

    Garbo Tote in Khaki Lamb/Gold… to die for!

  • PJ

    The Memphis boots are incredible. I was all set to check in there to choose my favorite bag (Garbo tote), and then saw the shoes!

  • Regan

    I love the Kan Kan tote in Light Brown. The ruffles are so chic and its such a big bag!

  • Allison

    I love the gunmetal Garbo Baguette. The color is PERFECT, and I love the studs!

  • Paulina

    The Garbo satchel in black/nickel is AMAZING. The studs are great.

  • Laura

    The Memphis boots are pretty amazing, but nothing can top the Garbo Tote. It takes my breath away!

    Never thought to look for them on Twitter – thanks for the heads up. I am now a “follower”.

  • Sabrina

    I really like the Garbo Tote in Khaki Lamb/Gold handbag. The color is perfect and would go with everything! The studs are perfect and make it not too plain. I like how there are two different handles and it looks like you can detach the longer handle which makes the bag so perfect!

  • chloe

    My favorite is the Woodstock Hobo in Washed Green Lamb/Nickel. Love at first sight, and second and third….

  • Sherriann

    The Kan Kan tote in light brown is fabulous, ruffles AND studs looks edgy and feminine at the same time…best of both worlds!

  • Stelladog

    I’m loving the Kan Kan Portfolio in black… flirty, girly, but with some edge! Perfect for fall <3

  • Rebecca

    Mine is the Cosette Satchel because I like the navy and nickel together. Very nice color!

  • Tammie

    The Voyager Satchel…I am so in love right now. This bag has perfect shape, simple for casual dress yet elegant enough for dress. Also, the Belafonte heels in Patent. Fabulous match up w/a great bag!

  • lillian

    i love the austin bootie. it’s wild and elegant.

  • Jacqueline

    I love the Garbo Tote in Khaki lambskin and gold studs. It looks rock and roll chic. would totally match the wallet too!

  • Vionita

    it has to be the Garbo baguette in gunmetal/nickel!
    because studs make me a happy girl!

  • Pigeu

    I really like the Kan Kan Portfolio because the chain strap and the ruffles work so well together. A perfect evening bag for the upcoming season!

  • Kate

    My favourite is the Kan Kan tote in black – the juxtaposition between the feminine ruffles and the edgy studs just makes the bag so appealing!

  • Yun Fan

    I also love the Kan Kan tote in all the colours!! It’s so edgy and feminine! A perfect blend!

  • Tammy

    I luv luv luv the Garbo Satchel in Black/Nickel. It’s great look for fall! I’m not a huge rocker glam chick but I’d wear it with a simple minimalistic outfit for a huge fashion statement. It’s so chic and tough at the same time!!!

  • Tania

    I freakin ADORE the Garbo in Gunmetal!! GORGEOUS!!!

  • Pursegrrl

    I stopped dead in my tracks when I stumbled upon the Garbo baguette in Gunmetal! OMG, I am unemployed and this is definitely a well worth it splurge! LOVE the stud trend this season!

  • Michelle

    I love the Kan Kan tote in black. So many designers are working with ruffles at the moment, but the ruffle panels on this bag are unique and beautifully crafted. It can also be dressed up or down.

  • Jo-Anne

    I love the Garbo Tote in Khaki with gold studs. It is sexy with a edge! Although there are a lot of studs the Garbo does not look over the top.

  • DL

    I love the Kan Kan tote in black. I think I would feel so feminine and fun carrying it – it reminds me of a butterfly…ooh, to carry a butterfly…=)

  • anjali

    I really love the Garbo tote in black and gold (though I love the purple / gold one that you had featured in your shoot even more! do you know if that’s going to be available at any point?). I think it’s awesome that you can carry it as a tote, or sling the handles over and use it messenger style as well.

  • Ainhoa Ferrer

    Seriously in love with any of the KanKan’s. I am a sucker for anything with ruffles. LOVE them!

  • Ashley Tschudin

    I can not imagine a giveaway that I would want to win more than this. I am drooling over this wallet. Since studded bags and shoes are in I think the Memphis Boot in Chocolate/Nickel is bananas and would look casual yet chic on any fashionista. Thank you so much for posting this giveaway!

    Good luck to everyone who enters!

  • Dawne Strehl

    Falling in love again..never vanted to…vat am I to do? Can’t help it…..

  • Ilana

    The Mephis Bootie is so sexy and stunning, and completely versatile. I’m drooling.

  • rysch

    Kan Kan Zip Tote in wash green. What a statement bag! I love the shape and the color is so unique. Not to mention that gorgeous ruffles… *sigh*

  • Hayley

    The Woodstock hobo in Washed Green with lamb leather… the color is gorgeous, it’s the perfect shade of apple green that I’ve always wanted in a bag, the leather looks so soft and luxurious, and the price just makes it under the $1000 ceiling.

    My only hope would be that it has a zippered or studded pocket on the back of the bag.

  • Shamina

    I love the studs on the wallet! I saw the giveaway info posted today but it ended August 20? Is that a typo?

  • Practical Girl

    I like the Cosette Satchel because it looks soft and not too heavy like the other bags with studs. The color and design are interesting and not too much ruffles or too much studs. If I had the money I would buy it!

  • Susan

    definitely the memphis boots! the studs add a nice touch to a basic boot. i can see myself wearing these with several different outfits!

  • Pauline Kam

    Definitely the Kan Kan portfolio. This bag has 3 extremely appealing aspects; tastefully studded, a nice balance of ruffles, and a leather weaved chain-link strap. Plus, it’s the perfect size to carry everyday essentials without weighing you down. This is my fave Be&D bag because it’s convenient and captures many of the popular trends without trying too hard.

  • reneeo

    Love the green Woodstock Hobo. The color is gorgeous. I love the studded wallet too. I do hope that the Aug. 20 date is a mistake as I would love to win this wallet.

  • Breanna

    My favorite is the Kan Kan shoe in black. I love the ruffles.

  • Cherry

    the Kan Kan portfolio! The studs, ruffles, and weaved chain-link strap complement each other really well without it being overly trendy and complicated. Seems to be a good size also.

  • jenny

    I love the Memphis Boots in grey/nickel! Great colour, lovely studs. Would love to wear them in autumn!

  • Amanda K.

    Love the Cosette Satchel!~ The texture and shape is beautiful.. it’s also a practical purse to use everyday!

  • Cristina

    Definitely… the Garbo Tote in Khaki Lamb/Gold. Without a doubt it stands out on its own. The color and the studs make it an awesome, go with any outfit, bag!

  • starkfan

    Here I was, thinking that as a purse nut, I’d probably pick one of Be&D’s handbags as my fave item… Then I saw the Memphis boots! *faint* That’s stunning!

  • ingrid

    I love the Woodstock Hobo in Washed Green/Nickel! It’s a perfect green for fall and not overwhelmed by studs like on some bags I’ve seen. It’s definitely a stand-out piece and would look fantastic in my wardrobe!

  • bunnyb

    I love the Garbo Tote in Gunmetal Lamb/Nickel! Gorgeous style and color! Def will brighten up any outfit!!

  • Justine

    I love the Garbo Tote in khaki. It’s such a unique shape and I love the studs on it.

  • veyda

    I am going to pick the Peeptoe Slingback in black snake. I could see these with jeans or black leggings and a big swingy top or sweater. They are so hot, but so versatile. I bet they are comfortable too.

  • Grad School Mommy

    their shoes are fabulous…but i’m crazy about their totes! while the color of the Woodstock in green is perfect for fall…. my heart belongs to the Garbo Tote in Khaki Lamb/Gold. studs galore — love it!

  • .Georgina.

    I love the Kan Kan Tote. It’s youthful and girly and rocks at the same time. I really love it. I can wear it in a party or everyday.

  • bagsandmorebags

    Kan Kan Portfolio. A new take on the oversized clutch.

  • Ji

    def. the garbo wallet! love it! its size is perfect and the studs just gorgeous!

  • marcie

    Garbo Shoulder Portfolio in Black is beautiful

  • Bisbee

    Wow – love the shoes, but that Perry satchel in black is fabulous! What a great bag – it looks soft and big, and I love the soft shape – makes it more versatile than the more square version.

    Then again…that wallet is FIERCE! It would look great in my Alexander Wang Coco (that I’ve already paid for but won’t get until November!!!!!)!!!

  • Anita

    I like the Cosette satchel.

  • Ally

    definitely the woodstock hobo is leopard. It is too sexy and classic. *swoons*

    I hope you mean the contest ends September 20th and not august ..or I’m too late!

  • Eliane T.

    The Garbo Satchel is gorgeous! I love the size of the bag.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Laceyyy

    August 20th???

  • Laceyyy

    We all know that I’m CRAZY in love with the Garbo Convertible Tote!! I just love it & I’m sooo upset that I can’t afford it right now.

    I love the gold stubs, I love the shape. I love that it can be worn more than one way. It’s just so sophisticated rock chick – just like me! It’s kinda classy.

  • TheWinglessBird

    I just can’t get enough of Be&D right now!!! If I could, I would snatch them all up in a second! I’m also going for the Garbo tote (in black) I love the studding all over this bag & this would be my first real studded handbag! I am so going to be getting this bag some day!…. oh, & this wallet is super cute! I haven’t really got a proper one at the moment, since mine broke =[

  • Yoonmee

    I like the classic Woodstock Hobo in Rush Sand. I currently don’t own a classic tan colored bag and that one would be an excellent addition to my collection!

  • Michelle

    I think the kan kan wristlet in black is the perfect bag for a girls night out. it is absolutely adorable yet edgy

  • renee

    I love the garbo tote!

  • BoBo

    Garbo satchel in Black/Nickel!! Love love love it!! and I believe these studs can survive past the fall coz this bag is just so rock and roll!!

  • Erin

    Kan Kan tote… loves it!

  • Cates

    My favorite is the Woodstock Hobo in Rush Sand! It’s simple and classic looking, and that smooshy leather looks divine!

  • Rachel

    The Garbo satchel in black/nickel is beautiful. I love that the studs aren’t the same size, it has the perfect mix of rock n’ roll and class!

  • Ruth

    The Garbo tote in black with gold. Heavenly!

  • Laura

    The gunmetal Garbo Baguette is awesome. I love the color and the studs.

  • dcblam

    Kan Kan Zip Tote……….sublime!
    Love the shape, dimensions and the dual strap options.
    It’s the perfect combination of feminne (ruffles) and rocker (the studs). AND the tan color….timeless.

  • Spring

    My favorite is Kan Kan Portfolio. It has elegant look and I like the fact that it functions as either a shoulder bag or an evening clutch. And the delicate front ruffle adds art and beauty to the black clutch.

  • Jo

    I love the studs!!! I love their entire collection.. how I wish I can afford one? :(

  • Shilps

    My favorite is not pictured on their website…it is the Be&D Ludlow Studded Leather Tote. Love the black/nickel hardware. It is the softest butteriest leather with just the right amount of studs. Also love the versatility of the foldover satchel. Saving up to get it for my Birthday!

  • sweetkakes

    love love the kan kan tote in light brown! so girly and feminine

  • Denise

    It’s so hard to pick just one favorite, because I love, love, love so many items! If I had to pick one though, I guess my favorite would have to be the Richmond Pump in black. Everything about these shoes are perfect! I love the fact that they are both a pump and a bootie in one. The double strap is hot, especially how it lays over the heel. The connector piece on the front of the shoe, is the perfect finishing touch…especially with its stud detailing. I also really love the shape of the heel. These shoes are truly unique and super hot! They would look great with skinny jeans, a skirt and pretty much just about everything else!

  • Naydene (marnay)

    I love the Garbo tote in black! The studs make this a statement bag! It is edgy yet still mainstream enough to carry everyday. Love it!

  • eorchid

    the Kan Kan tote in black! So beautiful and feminine, yet tough. Be&D are awesome!

  • Danielle

    the garbo in gunmetal… so pretty

  • Adele

    The Garbo Wallet up for grabs is really amazing, but my absolute favorite, “got-to-have-it” Be&D item is the Garbo Tote in Khaki Lamb/Gold. All of the stud detailing, in various shapes and sizes, is gorgeous and really makes this bag unique! I love the slouchy shape and also the fact that it can be both a tote, or a shoulder bag, if desired. The beautiful putty color looks gorgeous with all of the gold stud accents. The Garbo would go great with everything!

  • Charla Guillory

    Love! the garbo wallet. Drooling over the studs.

  • .Georgina.

    I love the Kan Kan Tote. It’s youthful and girly and rocks at the same time. I really love it. I can wear it in a party or everyday.

  • tatagora

    i just love that cosette hobo… big enough to get all of my things in yet sleek. love the black leather and chain.

  • Kathie

    Garbo Shoulder Portfolio – I LOVE the versatility of that bag!!

  • Christine

    My favorite item would have to be the Saratoga Boot in Dark Grey! These boots are so gorgeous and totally in style for fall/winter. They’re a stylized take on the everyday knee-high boot, with there bold studs and foldover bottom. They would add a little attitude and pizazz to my wardrobe.

  • juls

    i love the Cosette Satchel; love the color combo and side pockets!

  • anna

    Kan Kan in Black- i love the feminine ruffles

  • Rosanna

    I love the Garbo Tote in Khaki. The studs and the color are to die for! Looks like a great every-day bag!

  • zaali

    I love the Woodstock Hobo in Rush Sand -

  • courtney

    Ok, this designer just woke me up. How have I never paid attention to them before. I love, love, LOVE the wallet. I adore the Sarratoga boot in grey/silver and the Garbo tote. Sorry, couldn’t pick just one. Going back to stare at the boots now and figure out how to get away with buying them….

  • Maria Nguyen

    My favorite Be&D item is the Kan-Kan portfolio in cream. I love the ruffles, they are feminine and flirty, and dresses up any look!

  • porsche mama

    I love the black studded garbo tote, such a practical size but so much fun too!

  • Pursefan

    I never owned any Be&D, but I saw this contest and took a look the Be&D website. That is amazing purse brand name. I felt in love with this Be&D Garbo Wallet with black leather and gold studs. It is unique, chic, young and fashion….Love it so much.The gold studs made the leather wallet stand out and raise its value. This is must have wallet. I can use it in evening party, wedding…That wallet is so awesome…

  • Lana N.

    The garbo wallet is my favorite item. Love it!

  • Jane

    I adore the kan kan portfolio in black. Wow its sexy, feminine, edgy, and delicious. I am already picking my outfits to wear for this bag. yummy

  • kelly

    My favorite is the can can zip tote in green. I love the raffle details on it!

  • Francesca

    I like the satchel but actually love the purse (English) /wallet (American), that is the prize here, more.

  • Sheila

    I love the Woodstock Hobo in Green, I love studs and don’t own a stud bag… and the pop of color would be gorgeous against any outfit!

  • Al

    Personally, this wallet. It’s badass chic, i.e. my specialty.

  • Maria

    Hands down, the GARBO TOTE in Khaki/Gold. It is one of my TOP 10 bags this year and is on my MUST buy list for next year. I am so crazzzy about it. I first saw it on shopbop AND have been in love, nay, obsessed with it ever since. If I were to own just one studded bag, this would be IT.

  • Sammie J

    To all our Pursebloggers,
    Thank you for all your feedback and LOVE!
    For those in NYC come see us during Fashion’s Night Out at Saks from 7pm-8pm.
    For more info check out our facebook page Be & D and follow us on twitter @beandd.

    Much Love,
    Your Friends at Be & D

  • Limey

    Cosette Satchel, love the deep blue colour and the purse handle =)

  • Natalie

    I’m LOVING the Woodstock Hobo in Washed Green! The color, the nickel studs- yes please!

  • cec

    love the kan kan tote in black! love the ruffles!

  • Tracey Byram

    I like the totally different handle and the gold chain shoulder strap on the Cosette Satchel. I also like the shape of the bag and the navy color is right in fashion this fall.

  • lisa

    the kan kan sandals in boa are to die for! timeless!

  • Jen W.

    I like the Garbo tote in black lamb/nickel as it is beautifully shaped and the studs are stunning. Would improve any outfit.

  • Linda

    LOVE the Woodstock Hobo in washed green lamb. The bag is stunning in color, shape and details. Look like the type of bag you would not be able to take your hands off of…so soft. I did not see details of size of bag on web site…I think this would be a great bag to profile.

  • An4

    blue is the new black – Voyager Satchel Blue Moc Croc caught my eye, the color is amazing plus the bag looks beautiful and practical, so that would be my favorite Be&D item.

  • Kelly

    I love the bright green and leather and snakeskin Cossette satchel on the front page. I own this style — and that color and design are simply killer.

  • Brigette

    I adore the Woodstock Hobo in Rush Sand. The shape is great and the leather looks divine..and I just love the touch of studs at the top. Perfect for this fall!

  • Donna

    I’m really loving the Kan Kan Totes, esp the Light Brown, and would love one, along w/ the Woodstock Hobo in Leopard! Rocking!

  • Ashley

    I love the Garbo Shoulder Portfolio! It’s really cute and such a great shape.

  • Charity

    I just can’t decide!! They are all awesome! I love the Garbo Baguette in Gunmetal and the Garbo Satchel in Black/Nickel. Then there is the whole Kan Kan options. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

  • Debbie

    I like the wristlet in gunmetal. Nice, simple and versatile!

  • Jennifer

    OMG – I love, love, love the Garbo convertible tote. AND the Garbo wallet. I need a bag that transitions from the office to outings – and that bag is perfect. I can’t wear trendy clothes to work, but I can certainly rock that bag!!!

    I would be honored to add any Garbo item to my collection.

  • hindel

    I love the Kan Kan in light brown!

  • shel

    Gotta love the Garbo Satchel in Black/Nickel..I’m a huge satchel bag fan and this one certainly attracts the eye!

  • Al

    I like all of their studded satchels… so chic, so punk rock (is that better?) ;)

  • Tasha

    I love the Kan-Kan Sandal in Taupe.

  • Claire

    WOW. I am in LOVE with the Woodstock Hobo in Leopard. That is a hot hot ho bag! I would ROCK it!

  • sndc99

    I like the studs on this one and I love the woodstock hobo

  • sangeeta kumar

    i personally like the kan kan tote. totally my style!

  • chrissie

    I love, love love the woodstock hobo in leopard! I dont own any leopard print bags yet and this would be perfect. It can really make an otherwise ensemble really pop! Me wantie!

  • Voodoo

    Woodstock hobo in leopard!

  • Brenda

    I love the woodstock hobo in washed green. It’s a great size and a great color for fall!

  • Amy

    Kan Kan tote in black. I love the ruffle effect.

  • Holly

    The Garbo wallet is my favorite piece!! Why?? Because it’s a classic, fun and funky little piece that would go with anything. I would rock this with my LV, Goyard or even an old skool Chanel bag. Love it!

  • Katja

    This wallet is my absolute favorite. Love it!

  • sabrina

    i love the kan kan wrislet in black!!!! chic but sweet. KILLER COMBO!!

  • Bay

    I love the Garbo bag!

  • Naomi P

    Sigh, I loved the KAN KAN tote in light brown , ever since I saw Katherine Heigl tote it in a pic.

  • Courtney

    I love the Kan Kan tote in light brown because i am just obsessed with ruffles right now. :)

  • Signe

    The Woodstock Hobo in Washed Green is just simply amazing! I have a thing for green leather and this is just perfect.

  • Roxanna

    I love love the Woodstock Hobo in rush sand….it’s just such a pretty color and i know it would be something that i would wear everyday

  • tracey d

    i’m really digging the kan kan porfolio. i love the combination of ruffles and studs, and the size and shape of the bag makes it the perfect backdrop for those details.

  • Janey G

    I’ve always loved the kan kan portfolio… red is gorgeous but the gray or black would be pretty fabulous too!

  • MariMasiel

    I liked the Kan Kan Zip Tote. I can just picture myself going to work with it. It adds a little pizazz. The color is so rich as an accessory you don’t really need anything else. The best part is the pockets on the outside. You can never have to many pockets in my opinion. The detail on it is beautiful.

  • CSH

    Loved the Garbo Tote in Khaki lambskin and gold studs, a perfect match!

  • ivy

    Garbo Tote in Gunmetal lamb is so GORGY!! I love silver and studs!!

  • K.N

    I love the Kan Kan zip tote. I could use it for SO many things

  • Maureen

    I love the washed green color of the Woodstock Hobo bag. It looks roomy enough without being huge, and the leather looks soft without being shapeless or too sloppy. And did I mention I loooove that green? :-D

  • JJ

    i love Kan Kan Tote in Black.

  • Pretty Little World

    Um, can I just say “everything!”?? But seriously, if I absolutely had to narrow it down to one favorite, I’d pick the Woodstock in that crazy/amazing washed green!!

  • KazzyT

    The Kan Kan Tote (Balck) oozes class and femininity – What more could a girl want?!

  • Jess

    I love the Kan Kan Portfolio in black. It’s simply gorgeous and so versatile – you can use it as a clutch or classy shoulder bag!

  • Danielle L

    My favorite item is the Woodstock Hobo in Washed Green Lamb/Nickel!

  • Tota

    Oh my. I’m in love with the Garbo Tote in Gunmetal Lamb/Nickel. The bag design is flawless and the color is very attractive. It’s something I can wear everyday.

  • Amy

    I love the Be&D Cosette Satchel in navy plush/nickel. The bag name is cute and the design is gorgeous! I love the gold chain-it gives the bag more flair, and I love the overall shape of the bag.

  • sherykay

    Definitely the Woodstock Hobo in washed green lamb/nickel-I’ve been looking for a bag in a subtle green with just a few studs, and this is absolutely beautiful!

  • Doralis Gonzaléz

    I simply adore the Garbo Tote in Black Lamb/Gold. It has that rocker edge to it, while also looking very feminine and girly. Just like me!

  • Rashmi

    I liked the Kan Kan Portfolio. Very feminine and elegant looking bag.

  • yan

    Garbo Satchel in Black/Nickel is my favorite. Black and Nickel are the best color combination, and the design is cute and pretty.

  • Kathy

    The Cosette Satchel is gorgeous! I love the shape of the bag. Very unique. The gold chain against the navy is a great contrast!

  • pammy

    i love the Kan Kan tote in Black, love the ruffles on it and its a nice sized bag which makes it functional and yet very new and unique in its look.

  • Rebbeca

    I cant believe I never checked Be&D before!
    This wallet is so hot hot hott =) Absolutely love it!
    My favorite Be&D bag would be Garbo Tote in Khaki lamb/Gold.. Love it : )

  • Rebbeca

    And I forgot to add.. like the Garbo Satchel in Python as well.

  • Gina

    Woodstock Hobo in Washed Green Lamb/Nickel

    that is my favorite one, too!
    i love the color and it seems very different from the rest of the bags.
    it’s good in bringing some color to outfits =]

  • Sophieees

    I love the Kan Kan Tote in Black.It’s gorgeous!Roomy enough and the ruffles with the studs make it so unique!

  • hazel

    I love the Garbo Tote in Khaki Lamb/Gold because it is just so stud crazy! <3

  • leslie

    ***I absolutely love the green woodstock hobo! I dont own aything from Be&D but I’m adding a few to my wish list!***

  • Vivi

    I love their Garbo Satchels. Currently I love their black/nickel Garbo. It is so film noir glam, tattoo’d nuckles punk, and silky. I have this bag in the Quince color with the double row of pointy studs. It’s so beautiful it raises an eyebrow in disturbia. I haven’t carried mine yet- but I will soon! I have merely pulled it out of its protective bag from time to time to “say hello”. The leather is like creme. I feel like I am unearthing foamy mousse when I trail my fingers between the studs. I almost want to take a spoon to it.

    The Garbo’s are romantic and dramatic. The black/nickel Garbo is a femme fatale in a leather jacket, berry stained lips and dagger heels.

    Her surface is riddled with a protective hard gleam. Just below her veneer she is melty and embraceable. Too much heat and she’s just a pool of molten butter creme.

    A vulnerable temptress.

    Well done BE&D! Bags that speak for themselves w/o the need of an exterior label!

  • Kim

    OMG…that could fit right in my hand…i love it.

  • Jessica

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but it looks like they have some fantastic stuff! The first thing that caught my eye immediately was the Garbo Tote in Khaki Lamb/Gold from the fall collection. The shape of the bag is attractive, yet very practical and the leather looks really supple. The colour is a great neutral colour and a good alternative to black. And I love gold hardware. I think gold goes better with my skintone than silver. The studs are very on-trend, but I think this is a bag that could really last a long time.

  • Kathryn

    I adore the Garbo Tote in all it’s studded splendor!! The style is versatile and it could hold a whole day’s worth of necessities!

  • Cindy

    Definitely love Cosette Satchel! Love the simple design, and gold chain makes the whole bag live!

  • Diana

    My favorite is the woodstock hobo in rushed sand,
    i like the color and the design.
    it feels a bit tough which is nice in NYC but has
    a luxurious quality as well (also important in NYC)

  • Mel

    I am loving the Garbo Satchel, it’s just so bada**. It’s got so much personality. Amazingly detailed.

  • Bex

    I really like the Kan Kan tote in Light Brown! I am loving this wallet more!

  • megan

    Garbo Baguette in Gunmetal/Nickel, its a rock-n-roll fall item. The color is able to go with almost anything, and must we talk about the studs? =)

  • Jen

    Love the Woodstock Hobo in washed green – the perfect marriage of functionality and edge in a eye-catching green. Plus, the slouchy style and the washed color make it look like you’re not trying too hard. Perfection!

  • sweetiewolfie

    The Garbo Shoulder Portfolio in Black is by far my favorite. It’s edgy while still being so luxurious and high end. Perfect for the fall. Love the studs!

  • TheWinglessBird

    The Garbo tote in black <3
    Thank you so much PB for giving us this winderful opportunity!

  • TheWinglessBird

    *wonderful, oops!

  • cassidy

    I hate it when I have to pick one. I like way too many to pick one.

  • spanish moss

    green woodstock hobo . . . . winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  • Elaine R

    I love the color and design of the Garbo Tote In Khaki Lamb/Gold-gorgeous!

  • j

    i loooooove the Garbo Tote in Khaki Lamb/Gold…it’s unique, classy, and edgy–the perfect way to spice up any outfit!

  • AA

    I like the Garbo Baguette in Gunmetal/Nickel. I think its different than other clutches.

  • Jenna

    The Woodstock Hobo in Washed Green Lamb/Nickel is my favorite! Perfect shade of green and it slouches so nicely!

  • Heather S

    I adore the Kan Kan Tote in Black, I love the unexpected structure of the bag, and the ruffles are fantastic!

  • FrankieP

    The Saratoga Boots in Dark Grey – divine rich leather, the perfect grey shade, supercool double-layer look and bling to make your eyes sing – OMG, be still my beating heart!! *dissolves into drool*

  • Ellin

    There is something about the Garbo bag that makes me have to have it. It’s a knockout. BE&D’s studded bags top any on the market and have done that for years. Gotta get me a Garbo this season. I don’t care if I walk lopsided because I heard it’s real heavy- one has to suffer to be beautiful and look beautiful while carrying a super gorgeous bag. Onto the purchase now!

  • atrophia

    Garbo satchel in black/nickel. Always been a fan of studs, and while I tend to favor crossbody bags more than satchels these days, in the past I had quite a collection of studded satchels, and this would make a great addition. I like the wallet and baguette in gunmetal, too.

  • Steph

    OMG..I think this wallet is my favorite!!! I LOVE it!!!! I am also a huge fan of the Garbo satchel!! It is just such a beautiful bag!!! LOVE!!!!

  • Lisa

    I love the Garbo Baguette!
    It’s stylish, functional and the color is awesome for fall!

  • Karla

    I’m loving the Garbo Baguette in Gunmetal/Nickel and the Saratoga boots in black.

  • G

    Kan Kan Tote in Light Brown is my favvv. Love the unique structure of the bag

  • yslsuperlover

    I MUST…no NEED the Saratoga Boots in Black perfect for this A/W both casual at school and dressed up for cocktail hour!

  • Hong

    I like Cosette Satchel. It gives a simple yet stylish look, and the gold chain makes it very fashionable.

  • Liz

    The Garbo bag in black/nickel definitely. The studs are edgy but the bag still looks classy.

  • Ivy

    My favorite is the Woodstock Hobo in Green Lamb/Nickel because the purse is so rich in color, it looks so classy and it’s perfect shade of green without looking tacky. The texture of the bag also looks ace.

  • Janette

    So many gorgeous things. I’m loving the Kan Kan Portfolio in the grey because it is the perfect shade of grey with just enough sparkle. The way the light just bounces off of it is great. All the other colors are beautiful too; it’s just a great bag. The structure and ruffles make it so eye-catching. Awesome bag!

  • Jesminder

    I love the Kan Kan Portfolio, especially in cream or black. The ruffles and the chain strap look gorgeous with the studs. The size seems perfect to me too, and it can be used either as a shouldr bag or an evening clutch.

  • MeeMee

    I love the Woodstock Hobo in green!

  • TheWinglessBird

    Garbo crazy!!

  • Laceyyy

    I would love to win this wallet ^_^

  • Laceyyy

    I never win anything. The Garbo tote is gorgeous!

  • Michele P.

    I like the Fonda shoes in Cobalt blue…very pretty, and I could certainly walk in them! A few of the other shoes were pretty but I am sure I’d break my neck..

  • debbie

    Garbo Tote in Khaki Lamb/Gold: GORGEOUS shape, style. downtown funky yet sophisticated! beautiful!

  • Tracy

    The Garbo Tote in Black and Nickel – love love love the metal and leather!

  • JenG

    I chose the Woodstock Hobo. The leopard hobo was also nice!


    Kan Kan Tote in Black would be my fav – for its perfect balance of soft/hard look. Studs and frills are the way to go!

  • milocat

    I heart the cosette satchel. It has the shape, the color, and the gold detail that is awesome for the fall. Also it is a bag that can be carried next spring/summer and fall and still look very fresh.

    The roccia python cuff is also very nice.

  • Yan

    My favorite is the Kan Kan Zip Tote. Its green color, the nice ruffle, and the simple and stylish design make me want to own one!

  • Vintre

    My favorite is the Memphis Boot in Chocolate/Nickel. I could rock these all day with out having to worry about my feet hurting. These are fabu and so my style.

  • Amanda

    Woodstock Hobo in Washed Green Lamb/Nickel is my favorite because I need color in my life and this green is just a perfect way to incorporate a color into my neutral handbags!

  • Rebecca

    Being 5’10” I think I’d be a bit tall in the Kan-Kan sandals… though they’re to die for! I could see myself living in the Memphis Boot in Chocolate/Nickel though!

  • Diantha

    Garbo satchel in black/nickel – can never have too many studs. Can’t go wrong in classic black

  • Barbara

    Kan-Kan sandal in black – I’ll be the talk of the town in these killer heels. Deliciously sweet foot candy

  • Jasmine

    Woodstock hobo in leopard – sure brings out the animal in me. Leopard handbags are very handy every season

  • JQ

    Like many others, I love the Kan Kan Zip Tote. I love its color, its design, and cute ruffles – every part is designed to perfection!

  • Signe

    The Saratoga Boots in Dark Grey are just wicked!

  • Alia

    Not my favourite But MY LOVE..
    You can see how sharp the sandal looks and with a boa snake skin mmm so dangerous howerver with a soft fluffy side.
    My dangerous fluffy sandals.
    Just if i can find my size…..

  • Laceyyy

    I’m really desperate for a wallet!

  • thecityslicker

    The Garbo Tote in black with gold studs. It’s everything I look in for a bag- it’s roomy, practical and STUNNING. This bad boy can fit in seamlessly with my rock ‘n’ roll wardrobe and move right into my life!

  • erune

    I am loving the garbo tote in khaki and gold. I really am loving Be&D this season!

  • Sherri

    Garbo Tote in Khaki Lamb/Gold – perfect neutral and on trend, great combo.

  • Timie

    OMG … I Love, Love, Love the studded collection (I DIE)! I love the booties … and for handbag I LOVE the Garbo in khaki/lamb. AMAZING!!!!! Of course I would adore any of their bags, etc. I don’t own anything from this designer …. but I admire their work!

  • Norah

    The Woodstock Hobo in Washed Green Lamb/Nickel is simply awesome. The green is the perfect shade, which is hard to find. And I’m a hobo knda girl right now. There’s something about that bag.

  • Khue

    OMG! Be&D collection is so vivid and bold. I am in-love their shoes collections in 2008: they’re ridiculously pretty and edgy. I wish I can afford a pairs.

    Anyway, I would love to own an Austin Bootie. It would compliment my new white pencil skirt with this Garbo Wallet :-). Wish me luck!

  • Nishita

    I love the studs on this wallet. I also love the Garbo satchel in black…it’s just my style :)

  • Kimberly in CA

    I love, love, love the Garbo satchel!

  • Susie

    I like the Garbo tote in Khaki Lamb with Gold Studs. I am a big fan of totes and I really like this color combo. The Kan Kan clutch is also cute..

  • Susie

    I like the Garbo tote in Khaki Lamb with Gold Studs. I am a big fan of totes and I really like this color combo. The Kan Kan clutch is also cute.

  • Christina

    This Be&D Garbo Wallet is sooo stunning. Love it!

  • gio

    I like the colour and used-wash of the woodstock hobo in washed green… seems to be soft and comfortable too!

  • Delyana

    I’m in love with the Woodstock hobo in Rushed Sand. It’s the perfect casual bag – great shape, great color, and the silver studs add just the right amount of chic. The leather seems to be of very high quality and the bag looks roomy, too.

  • Alyssa

    I love the Annie Satchel in Saddle. Just a classic, structured bag. That would look great for work or play.

  • ame

    Woodstock Hobo in Rush Sand! It looks both luxe and relaxed all at once and has the rocknroll edge but not overdone.

  • Alyssa

    I love the Kan Kan tote in black (or white) — it’s a classic color, but it’s definitely a “statement bag,” as the website’s description accurately states, and you certainly will be noticed. Bags like this aren’t normally my style, but I love the ruffled look.

  • Tiffany

    Garbo Satchel in Black is my all-time fav!

  • exotikittenx

    My favorite item is the Woodstock Hobo in Leopard because it is so cute and stylish and really stands out! It would look amazing paired with just about any color, too! I love it!

  • Jasmina

    Kan kan tote my fav!

  • Cherye

    Definitely the Kan Kan Portfolio. Love the ruffles!

  • Mollie

    I love the Cosette Satchel because it is so classy! perfect for special occasions

  • ASB

    I’ve not been to the website before today. Wow, those are some great bags! My favorite is probably the khaki studded garbo tote, followed closely by the woodstock hobo in washed green.

    I know that studs are in for fall but so much of what I see looks gaudy and overdone. Be&D has figured out how to go all out without looking like someone went crazy with a BeJeweler.

  • Raspberry Jam

    I love the Woodstock Hobo in Washed Green Lamb because its a nice green color and i loove the studs.

  • Sana

    I’m in love with the GEORGIA SATCHEL python print rocksssssssssss.

  • jessica

    Garbo Baguette in Gunmetal/Nickel! Its so hot! The colour is amazing and complements the studs perfectly. You can rock it with any hot fall dress. My 2nd fave was deff the green Woodstock Hobo. Would look so hot with a leather jacket.

  • Shri

    Garbo tote in black all the way!

  • May

    I love the ruffly bags, but the Garbo Baguette in Gunmetal/Nickel is so adorable, but tough. It’s my favorite!

  • KellyB.

    I am absolutely in LOVE with the Annie bags! Being a student, these bags are so functional yet stylish and sophisticated!

  • Rachael

    Love the Garbo satchel, it is the perfect size to carry everything I need as a mom while still looking chic!

  • harimmy

    The Kan Kan Tote in Black!!! Wow if I can just get my hands on these… i love the elegance of the layers of the cloth and then the sass-edge in the middle. I can picture myself wearing this everywhere.

  • miko

    this wallet is SO cute and SO versatile!!!! absolutely love it. BE&D is super elegant but edgy at the same time.

  • Pretima

    I love the Kan Kan Portfolio, its so chic and edgy, yet classy at the same time!! Beautiful bag!

  • anne

    I really love that wallet!!! I think it is my favorite…it is GORGEOUS!!!

  • Kelley

    I love the Garbo tote in Khaki or Black. They are both scrumptious!!

  • Jade

    My favourite Be&D item would be the Kan Kan Portfolio! It is so feminine with the front ruffle, dressy enough for work and party, and the chain strap adds spunk to the bag! It is a bag full of character. Something I definitely see myself wearing!

  • Nina P

    What a lovely wallet. I love black leather and studs. Looks perfect to me! <3

  • Erica

    I love the memphis boots, the studs match the grey color. Love it.

  • Marissa

    I love the Garbo satchel in black and I am glad that they brought it back. I missed buying it when they had it a couple of years ago. I also like the Garbo shoulder portfolio in black.

  • Tracy

    I love the Georgetown flats–and they’d go great with this wallet!

  • dizchik

    I am such a hobo whore, so I <3<3<3 the Woodstock Hobo in Washed Green Lamb/Nickel! The leather looks soo lush and buttery soft! and that shade of green would look awesome with my black coat and green chucks!

  • galligator

    My fave is probably the Austin bootie, but this wallet/clutch is pretty amazing, too.

  • linda

    BE&D has gotten the studs fashion down to the T. Luv the Garbo tote in black. I gotta give them a perfect on this slouchy, full with studs, packed with a shoulder strap tote. What more to love is the huge size and leather, yes leather.

  • Lanie

    Love the cosette satchel! That is my favorite because of the romantic, feminine shape and the edgy gold chain hardware.

  • stella fleuret

    Most definitely, the stunning Cosette Satchel. While the chain is not my biggest favorite, it’s the style and color that really grabs me. It’s classy, sexy, gorgeous look. I love the side pockets too, that’s a HUGE PLUS for me. The blue color is absolutely stunning and I cannot resist it’s beauty. I also like the way the handle is made too. Beautiful. <3

  • laura

    Garbo Baguette in Gunmetal/Nickel, it’s perfection!

  • susan

    this is sooooooo rocker chic!! so me, you guys rock for this amazing blog, seriously :)

  • pattysil

    I am so enamored by the Georgetown Flat.
    It’s so chic and adorable and casual at the same time.
    I think Be&D really fits my style.