We have a treat for all of our Twitter followers. We are teaming up with our good friend Elle Fowler, who runs the YouTube beauty channel AllThatGlitters21, to giveaway eight Coach Wristlets!

To enter:

1. Follow both @PurseBlog and @ElleFowler on Twitter.

2. Retweet the following:

RT and Follow @PurseBlog & @ElleFowler to win one of 8 @Coach Wristlets! INFO to enter: http://bit.ly/e5U9EG

Only one retweet per person. Contest ends on February 27th at 8 pm EST. Winners will be chosen at random. We will announce the 8 winners that night and send the bags out the following week. Good luck to everyone!

*And don’t forget to subscribe to Elle’s channel on YouTube, AllThatGlitters21.*

P.S. Please consider supporting our small, bag-loving team by clicking our links before shopping or checking out at your favorite online retailers like Amazon, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or any of the listed partners on our shop page. We truly appreciate your support!

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  • amy

    OMG I WANT TO WIN one!!!!! <3

  • Rosa Jin

    Will the winners be chosen at random ?

  • 19yearslater

    Ooo, cool give-away. I like the red and the two flaps best.

  • Amanda

    Awesome! Thanks for the generous giveaway! Just RT’ed with @amandapersists

  • Jasmine

    Thanks for the giveaway! Are there any specific rules or anything besides the ones that were listed?

    • Nope, do you have any other questions I can help answer?

      • adrienne z

        Hi! I think I may have messed up….
        I tweeted the original message: “RT and Follow @PurseBlog & @ElleFowler to win one of 8 @Coach Wristlets! INFO to enter: http://bit.ly/e5U9EG
        because I don’t know the difference between a Tweet and a Retweet
        and then I RETWEETED the original tweet from @Purseblog AND the one from @ElleFowler

        Did I disqualify myself by going the extra steps? If so, can it be undone so that I only have the required Tweet/Retweet??

      • Sarah

        I did the same thing…(tweeted the original message and retweeted Elle’s). So that’s ok?

  • adrienne z

    chichijunk at cs dot com

  • et

    Awesome giveaway! Is this opened world wide?

  • April Climaco

    Is this valid for US citizens only?

  • jippityboo

    Does this giveaway have anything to do with youtube? Or is it just us following you and elle on twitter?

  • jippity boo

    Do we have to subscribe to the youtube channel as well? Or is this strictly a twitter giveaway? Will this cost any S&H? Thanks.

  • Chavon

    Nice! Thanks for the lovely chance!

  • Cara P.

    RT from @carapayan Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Debbie B
  • Jessie C.
  • jippityboo
  • LDJ

    Awww man…Im not on twitter anymore. Good luck to the contestants. Meg, have a contest 4 ur friends on FB. Thx :)

  • Laura Kahn

    Wow! Rt from @Big3lle

  • elle renee

    so cool, love the purple dots

  • Claudia @cdmtx65

    wow ! :)

  • dorothy
  • Doug M

    Anniversary coming up, this would be a great suprise
    @DemanofSteel tweeted

  • Lindsay

    Tweeted! @beautifulfool

  • Elena

    followed both! hope I win :)

  • Patricia H

    I love Coach products. This is a wonderful giveaway. Best of luck to everyone. Tweeting @pizzalogger

  • Stacy

    Did you guys announce the winners of the last Coach giveaway you had for Thanksgiving 2010…the Coach keychains? I couldn’t find any info on it. Thanks.

  • Huguette English

    Following both (@henglish)
    Tweet: http://twitter.com/henglish/status/39317611846184960

  • ginette4
  • Debbie Rinaldi
  • Kristy Bouchard

    Awesome giveaway! following all and tweeted http://twitter.com/undomesticgirl/status/39395351169339392

  • Debra P

    Thank you so much rt @MissingLynxx

    Gorgeous !

  • Lisa D

    crossing my fingers!!

    tweeted @wldflowur13


  • cari

    I retweeted but my twitter is private, will this affect my chances?

    from @Caritask

  • @teapot01

    I follow and retweeted @teapot01 love the Coach Wristlets

  • AidaNoore

    Following both and tweeted:
    @aida_noore ;)

  • Sarah

    Following both @PurseBlog and @ElleFowler on Twitter. miss_moneymaker

    sarahjd766 at yahoo dot com

  • Sarah
  • yasmine

    i follow and retweeted! @yasminemalafaia

  • emma

    the pink one looks fake…

  • cindy champion

    Im following both and tweeting :) @ladyboarder9669

  • jackie

    i retweeted or tweeted.. i didnt know the difference but my name is ponyexpressway

  • Janice Johnston
  • Kathy

    I followed both and retweeted. Crossing my fingers!

  • Joanne

    I retweeted and followed via @JoanneAngelina !

    Take care!

  • Paula P

    wow what a fun giveaway following both and tweeting as @ivannawin… thanks for the chance.

  • jennifer
  • Re

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! This is so cool!

    I retweeted (re_wo) and subbed to your channel!

  • kirsty

    followed and retweeted last night !
    :D x

  • Jennifer H

    I tweeted!

  • Sarah

    i tweeted! twitter: jetta1919. i also subscribe, follow, etc.

  • Mario R

    I would love to win one for my wife!