Lockheart Sky Tote We have been having exclusive giveaways on our Twitter page and now we have them on our Facebook fan page for those who are fans of Purse Blog and Purse Forum!

We have teamed up with Lockheart to offer a Facebook Fan page exclusive giveaway, the Lockheart Sky Tote. Perfect for day-to-day use or super chic to carry to the gym, I adore this bag!

All you need to do is become a fan of the Purse Blog and Purse Forum on Facebook and then read how to enter the giveaway. It is simple and the prize is great! Make sure to visit Lockheart.

Become a Fan of Purse Blog and Purse Forum here!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • lupe barraza

    Lockheart handbags are Chic, fun and functional. The color schemes are terrific, I love the new LockHeart line.

  • Kas

    This is a great idea! I am so excited– I love Lockheart bags and the design of this one is especially adorable. The colors are amazing!

  • Joan G

    this is exciting! In every sense of the word, Lockheart has turned the world of handbags into works of ‘art’. Their designs allow me to carry my very own Art museum on my arm.

  • Monica

    I love this bag and I love the company. I’ve been carrying them for a few years now and every bag I own is so well made. Such quality and craftsmanship is so rare these days. From the hardware to the lining, you can tell each bag is really well thought out. And, its made for a real person who needs a bag that is functional AND fashionable. The attention given to the interior of the bag always say a lot to me about the quality, and the fact that there are pockets for everything from glasses, to an ipod, to a phone speaks volumes about the designers understanding of what makes for a great purse.

    And, I always get tons of compliments on them from people on the street to fashion editors that I work with. I’m a huge fan, I don’t carry anything else!

  • Laura

    Lockheart bags are so great. I have several and I am constantly complimented on them. This looks like a great one to win!

  • lauren

    i love lockheart. I have a couple of their bags and love how functional and stylish they are. They are great for traveling and the perfect carry on bag! I love all the colors they use..especially the ones for this sky tote!

  • Mandy

    Beautiful bag. I am entered! I have always loved Isabella Fiore and I think I may love their second company, Lockheart, even more.

  • Alex

    Another winning addition to their collection. I have several and love them all.

  • Laika

    AAAAgggghhh! I want this bag! This bag is the best! it’s so roomy it’s the best all around bag/ beach bag/ carry on (especially since the airlines are so stingy) I want it!!!

  • Nickie

    I own several Lockheart bags. Great bags for people on the go. Functional and stylish.

  • Randi

    I have this bag and love it! Great for weekend getaway.

  • amelia jones

    I love this bag! I hope I win!

  • Delilah

    OMG!!! Where do I buy this bag if I couldn’t win it? I NEED it!! I’m a huge fan of Lockheart, and I’ve been so impressed with how light weight the bags have become the past few years (yes, I’ve been in love with Lockheart for a while.) I’m a city girl who lives in her bag so I need a nice size bag with a lot of compartments. Great style like this Sky Tote is an added bonus! I love it, I need it, and I really want it!!! xxxxxD

  • Cecilia

    What a gorgeous bag!! It’s the perfect complement to any outfit; dressy or casual. Like its predecessor, Isabella Fiore, you can’t have just one!

  • Riley

    This is a very exquisite bag simply gorgeous!!!

  • Zoe

    These are some great looking colors I have the perfect outfit for this!!

    Please pick me I am entering now!1

    Love it!

  • Isabelle

    WOW! what great colors I can match with anything, pretty sure I will not win so where could I find this fab bag!!

  • SC

    i love lockheart bags! they are so beautiful and unique. love the compliments i receive whenever i wear one. chances of me winning this bag is slim (b/c i know there are lots of lockheart fans!) so where can i buy this gorgeous bag?!?! the colors are amazing! keep up the good work lockheart!

  • Quyen

    Lockheart bags’ designs and materials are top of the line…for that simple reason, I donot want to wear any other brands.

    I get all the attentions with Lockheart bag on my shoulder or holding in my hand…very chic and classy look but it also has the practical use.

  • Carly

    I love these bags. They were made for me. They make me feel good everytime I wear one… like everyday. The styles and the colors are great. Keep up the good work! Thank You so much!!!

  • Arriane

    What an awesome bag! I want to win! I have a few Lockheart bags and literally a few times a week someone comments on my handbag, tells me how hot my bag is, and asks where I bought it. I always feel like a movie star when I carry such a chic handbag. Love them!!!!

  • Christine

    want to go to Paris and carry this bag with me to all the little farmer’s markets. i’d get triple creme brie, a mini baguette, and a peach, put them in this purse and walk up to the Sacre Coeur and have a wonderful lunch while people watching.

    i’d pretty much love to win this bag (and a plane ticket).

  • Amy W.

    Ohhh Wow!!!!! I LOVE this bag!! It is soo gorgeous with that shinny pattern. You would be able to see my bag down the street when the sun hits it just right. And every girl will notice it because of that shine and the delicate flower pattern. I bet my mother and I would fight over this one. Soo beautiful!

    Proud Lockheart owner – Amy

  • Alicia

    You guys are killing me with these bags from Lockheart! I hope I win this bag. I always need a great tote, and this one has a lot of style. I think I hear it calling my name.

  • Esther

    I love Lockheart bags !! They’re gorgeous. I always get a lot of compliments when I carry it. They always ask me where they can get one too. I hope I win. Great job Lockheart!

  • Aliza

    OMG! This bag is gorgeous! I can’t wait to enter and hopefully win!!!!! I’m seriously obsessed with this line of bags!!

  • Erin Williams

    Lockheart makes exceptional bags. I own four and I love them all. They are the only bags that are high fashion and functional. Mark Jacobs may have cool suede, but they don’t have the pockets the way that Lockheart does.

  • Michelle

    I have been following Jennifer and Trang since their days at Isabella Fiore. Lockheart bags are one-of-a-kind, exquisitely designed pieces. I feel like they are this little secret at the store, just waiting to be discovered. When I wear my Giselle, I feel like an independent trend setter. Keep ’em coming, gals…!

  • Janet

    Lockheart bags are my all-time-favorites! The bags are specially designed from the inside out. Very CHIC, in every way!

  • personatalie

    how do i win this
    how do i win this
    no, WHERE DO I BUY THIS?????
    i have not seen this until now and NOW i MUST HAVE IT
    look at that color pairing. look at how pretty it is.
    like a little garden of love at the crook of my arm
    lockheart, you NEVER cease to amaze me and my arms
    have refused all others now that you are here.

    lots of love, lockheart xo

  • Randy

    How can I get this bag? I own 5 Lockheart bags and love them all — amazing design and so much style!

  • Stacy

    This bag is divine and deserves to be showcased on the seasoned shoulder of a sassy, class chica. (that’s me!)

  • kelly

    I love this bag, this is my first time seeing this bag and I adore it! I love the metallic blue and gold with the brown leather trim. It’s kind of dreamy and whimsical.

  • Joan G

    I’m ready – did I win??? Just kidding love this bag

  • Gwen Coronado

    East meets West …Art Nouveau, Art deco, simple yet shameless elegance! LOCKHEART, I love you so…

  • Tracey

    I love this bag and several more from the Lockheart range , they are quirky , fun but luxurious too . Beautiful and fuctional and I hope I win as it would be an eyecatcher of a bag ;)