Did you have a fabulous weekend but are you kind of dreading Monday? The 12 Days of Handbag Giveaways is in full force. As many of you know, Purse Blog has teamed up with Luxaholics to give you the chance to win some fabulous handbags. And what better way to start of your week than with this amazing Kooba Blake handbag? Kooba handbags are seen all over the place and for good reason. Quality is never compromised for fashion. But, you always see fashionable Kooba bags where ever you look. In fact, one of my very first designer handbags was a Kooba and I still rotate it in and out of my wardrobe. This bag is roomy and is perfect for every season.

Click here to enter!

Today’s secret code: Abbe

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  • Zarka

    I love Kooba handbags………..This one is in my favorite color…

  • Nanette

    who ever said that black was boring!

  • jessica

    This is the one, this is the one for me, wow, wow.. I can carry this everwhere I go in style…

  • Marisela

    This bag is just pure coolness. Would love to have it.

  • Arlene P

    I’ve always admired this bag!!!

  • Carol

    Love this bag. Great style.
    When I entered, I didn’t get a response, like usual. So finally, it accused me of entering more than once, but really I didn’t. Not trying to cheat and just wanted you to know.


  • Sarah

    Ohhh I want itt..

  • aa12

    I love that bag!!

  • janis

    I had a problem with entering, too. I guess it went through???

  • MizzJ

    WHY???? Why must this only be open to US residents?!? Have a heart Purse Blog :'(

  • Annie

    I can’t enter either, submit button not working

  • Bonniesgirl

    I was also unable to enter.

  • Juliette

    I just tried to enter but after clicking on submit, it really didn’t respond. Is something wrong with the click button? Now I don’t know if I actually got entered.

  • Cindy Weinstock

    50 And lovin it. Never to old. love the black

  • Jessica

    This bag is fierce!

  • KittyKittyKitty

    I would be happy to win anything.


  • Amanda

    Its hard to buy nice things for myself ever since I got layed off from work. It hard but IM STRONG and will make it =] thanks 4 the oppurtunity to winnn this fab bag

  • ann

    I love Abbe from Kooba – she is incredibly sweet, fun and creative :0) Any Kooba bag makes me happy!

  • JoAnna Gillaspie

    Its amazing I have never had anything like this.

  • Kae

    Nice, simple yet classy!

  • lulilu

    Love the patent!

  • Andrea

    After completing my entry, I couldn’t hit the Submit button. Hope this gets fixed because I tried to enter again and it said I already entered!

  • Abbee

    How funny is it that the code for the bag is my name minus an E. Just some stupid humor.

  • Zarka


    I also had the same problem with the submission for the handbag giveaway…The page froze and when I tried again, I got this message that I had already entered…I hope that I did enter the luxaholics.com giveaway…

  • Arlene Fender

    One look on this bag and I just start to imagine myself going out to work for the new year with it. Its a very cool bag also makes you look cool and rich rock it with anything.


    i reana never had and exspence pures like that are any thing i pray that i be the winner

  • arnelle

    Its the simple&perfect bag!

  • Patricia Davidson

    Just to carry one makes you feel very important. They go with everything you wair.

  • Marla

    I have never won anything before, but man oh man, do I pray I win this purse!!


    My girlfriend would love this! Merry Christmas!!!

  • Jitu

    My girlfriend would love thistoo! ;) Merry Christmas to all. :)

  • Mack

    Cool purse.
    God luck to all.

  • yainkain

    I love this bag

  • yainkain

    wow nice simple bag

  • Ilana Kadosh

    Hey I love your show!! I watch you everyday! I hope to be able to see you in person one day!!!!

  • Ilana Kadosh

    I’m traveling home (Israel), to visit my family after few years; this is a good gift to my mom she will love it (I am unemployed)