The bag that caught Shontelle’s eye first in the Free Endearment showroom was the Kristel Clutch in gray. With clean lines and a sleek design, this clutch will take you from day to night and back again, which is precisely why Shontelle loves it. Like other Free Endearment bags, the size of the bag will allow you to fit every essential without appearing overly cumbersome (dimensions are 7.5″ x 13″ x 2.5″). I love a long strap, and this bag has a double chain removable strap has a 16.5 inch drop length with a 33 inch strap length. Retailing at $275, this clutch would make a great addition into your bag rotation.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Rebecca

    Out to dinner somewhere.

  • Ashley

    I love to go clubbing but where I live there is never anything to do on a friday night so I have to wait until I go to Toronto to party it up.

  • colleen b

    depends on my mood. sometimes the bar or somethings i just like to stay home and watch a movie.

  • amy

    dinner / movie and or dancing

  • Catherine

    My favorite place to go on Friday night is the couch in front of the tv with popcorn.

  • Sarah S

    My favorite place to go on a Friday night is out dancing at a classy club with my girls!

  • Jenny

    anywhere with my friends, who cares where we go!

  • Kate

    Out dancing with the girls for sure!

  • Shana

    Outdoor movies!!!

  • DJ

    My favorite place to go on a Friday night is home with my husband and daughter and puppies, with my feet up, a nice glass of red wine in my hand, and a steak on the grill.

  • Elisabeth

    My favorite place to go on a Friday night is to dinner with my husband!

  • Cathy Fitz

    My favorite place to go on a Friday is HOME! Nice dinner, wine, and plan my outfits for the weekend. And that grey clutch with an optional shoulder strap would fit in perfectly!

  • bindc

    Friday nights are usually stay in nights. We’ll have friends over, cook and feed the kids. Then we’ll throw them downstairs to play while the four adults sit, drink, and have fun chatting and having some nice grown up time. It’s fantastic.

  • Blair

    Dancing with girlfriends!

  • fsc

    Friday nights are sometimes spent with my friends – out for dinner just to unwind and catch up, or sometimes it is spent at home with the family. My favourite place is anywhere where the company is!

  • Alicia

    home with my hubby and a few friends to relax and enjoy the start of the weekend!

  • Engrmom

    Come home to my family after long day at work and just hold my children tight, give them hugs and kisses and realize how lucky I am. Wish that this moment could last forever and that they’ll never grow up. Catch on the movies we missed While chow down on popcorn.

  • Anita

    My favorite place to go on a Friday night is out to dinner and drinks with my husband.

    I like all 3 FB pages.

  • Lynda

    My favorite place to go on a Friday night is dinner and relaxing walks with my family afterwards [:

  • Charmaine DG

    My favorite place to go on a Friday night is out to a sushi restaurant with my boyfriend. I love date nights!

  • Sara

    I love chilling on my bed with my dog and catching up on my fav shows on hulu!

  • Lynd

    On Friday night I go out with my friends, and dance.

  • desaria

    i love going to the theatre with my friends or boyfriends

  • Adeline

    1) I liked all the Facebook pages

    2) My favorite place to go on a Friday night is… that depends of my mood. Indeed, i love go out with my friends to a party, club, dinner.. but sometimes i just love stay at home and watching TV.

  • Sam

    It’s Fryday so you’ll find us fatties in the chippy.

  • mia h.

    I love to sit out on the patio of my favorite wine bar.

  • Faiza

    Omg i love this clutch version of the brown bag…my favorite place is to go to boathouse restaurant in vancouver because it’s right @ the beach …but it’s so sophisticated…or just take it to some pakistani wedding or party with some colorful dress oh YEahhh.

  • Dania

    Well, as Shontelle would say.

    ” Cause, I Dunno what to wear with you, I Tried everything in My Closet, Everything feels like when I’m wearing you, Sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos, taking them off cause they don’t match with you, I Love to dress up when i’m matching with you, I’m a Step out of this Lingerie curl up in a ball with nothing on, with nothing but this Baag, oooh “

  • Lianne

    Sadly, Friday night is a nice night to stay home and relax after the long week. Saturday night, on the other hand, is a different matter.

  • Donna

    Dinner and a movie

  • Lindsy S

    Liked all 3 pages.

    A wine bar to unwind from the week with a nice glass (or several) of white wine.

  • Angel

    My favorite place to go on a Friday night is one of our locally owned bars where my husband and I sit and enjoy the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend.

  • Valerie

    The club, for sure! :D

  • Thu

    As a new mom to an 8wk old baby…my favorite place on a Friday night is bed…early! :-P

  • Jenae

    My Friday nights are either watching movies or helping a charity / community. I love to volunteer and help others than think of myself first.

  • Esther

    fridays nights are usually my chill nights for the weekend.. i’d usually go to dinner and maybe a lounge downtown with a few of my closest friends

  • adrienne c

    I work every Friday until 9pm. Most of the time I go home because I’m tired and Home is my Favorite Placeto BE!!!!
    chichijunk at cs dot com
    fanof all on FB

  • Steffy

    Me and my best friend always try to catch up on friday night, we don’t see eachother to mutch so I go to her place or she comes to mine, we rent a movie and buy pizza or chinese food and just have fun ! But somethimes when my parents think I saw her enough that week I have this lovely dinner with my family, they are reaally crazy it’s always an adventure on friday night :D But you just can’t hate them, there way to good to me x)
    So that’s my favorite friday night…. Hope you like. Greetz x

  • Claudia

    My favorite place to go on a Friday Night, is a nightclub of course! And dance all the night with my friends haha :D

  • A.L.

    I love going anywhere, just as long as my friends are there with me so we can party the night away together!

    Yours truly,
    Adam Lee

  • Heather

    Dinner & a movie if the theater’s not too crowded

  • Debbie

    Liked all 3 FB pages!

    Since I live in Chicago and warm weather is EXTREMELY treasured, I love to be outside on a Friday night! Either be at the beach with a bunch of friends or hitting up pool parties (:

  • heather

    i LOVE to get all dolled up and go out to dinner with my boyfriend and then catch a movie after or take a walk in the park under the stars.

  • Nits

    I love spending Friday nights at home with my hubby. We watch bluray together and enjoy homemade desserts.

  • Lia

    I like to go out to dinner with my husband :D

  • Ras

    My favourite place to go on a Friday Night is to go out for dinner, concert, or movies!

  • jonna

    my favorite place to go on a Friday Night is at home! after a week of craziness, it’s just nice to stay at home, have a nice warm dinner, and hang out with the family!

  • Rosie Millard

    My favourite place to go on a Friday night is either to the movies with my friends/round a friends house to watch movies, to a party with my friends or family, or to a concert – Shontelle’s concert being the best of course! :)

    *All pages have been liked* :D

  • Madeleine

    Friday night is my start to the week-end, and it better not end early – whether it’s a wild night at the club, or dinner/movie evening with the husband, or just a looooong night walk thru the ‘hood :-)


    We both get up at 430 am and get back home round 600pm-that is the nature of the beast of our jobs-so fridays are our time to reconnect

  • Tracey

    Out to an art exibition with the girls and then to dinner in a nice restaraunt ,followed by a few cocktails in our favourite bar :)

  • Kayla

    Dinner out, followed by a night out on the town in the city with my girls :)

  • JenG

    I never get to go out on Friday because after work I am to tired. So I can only tell you about my dream Friday night out: It would be to fly to New York and see a play on Broadway and have dinner afterward.

  • lynn s

    Dinner in the city, followed by a lounge for a few drinks finishing up with a loft party and then home to cuddle with my hubby!

  • Saara

    I love to go out to dinner with friends, followed by a short walk to a nearby cafe for lazying about on comfy chairs and talking about the week gone by and anything and everything…

  • Nicole a simmons

    Well for me I work at a resturuant and on Friday night its always busy because people are out enjoying the food and to me its just worth wild when the orders come up because your putting in so much work to make people enjoy there experience at your resturuant

  • Tre

    Honestly…I’m lame. My fave thing to do is hang out at home with my baby and Hubs. Playing with the baby until he sleeps, then making it a movie night with Hubs while we cuddle on the couch.

  • Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    I Like Free Endearment, Shontelle, and PurseBlog on Facebook

  • Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    On Friday nights I like to go to dinner

  • Anna

    On a Friday night i love walking along the River Seine with friends :)

  • Lubaska

    On Friday night I love to go to the theatre with my friend.

  • Tannie


  • MJ

    FB fan~ MJ Moore

    I like to hang out with family on Friday nights!

  • Leslie

    A beautiful dinner downtown, after dinner drinks in our favorite bar and then home sweet home.

  • Vasudha

    Go for an amazing night out with a perfect bag like the Kristel clutch that carries perfectly from my work wardrobe into a candle lit restaurant and romantic dancing.

  • Carmen

    I would have to say a karaoke bar with ANYONE. Family, best friends, acquaintances, or maybe even strangers. It’s always a good time…and hilarious when people take videos and you watch them the next morning. Sing your heart out, have fun, and look fabulous at the same time.

  • Kirsten

    Out with my husband. Dinner at the Space Needle.

  • Jae

    out to a nice dinner with the bf then a cocktail or beer afterwards on the patio!

  • Krysten H

    I love heading out to dinner and then to a cafe to meet up with friends and chat

  • Liyana

    on friday night, It always good to have a nice dinner with the love one and listen to the live band performance.

  • Merve

    Best Friday night is pretty much like the one i just had on a Greek island after arriving on speedboat. Dinner with friends in a fish tavern on the beach. Waves lapping, maxi dresses and sun kissed skin. Heads a little bit woozy from the boat ride and ouzo, tummy’s full of lobsters and octopus.

  • JR

    I like to go dancing on Friday night – hope that I am the lucky winner!!

  • Ne-knopka


  • Lisa dion

    I like all 3 Facebook pages. My favorite place to go on a Friday night is probably a nice calm relaxing restaurant and then back home to watch a movie on the couch with some microwave popcorn and icecream!!

  • Bonnie Keith

    I love to go home for a while and check and hang out with my three dogs, and then refresh and go out to dinner, and then come home to relax and get ready for the weekend!

  • linda brooks

    My favorite place to go is the movies.

  • Antonia

    Out for an ice cream with my soon-to-be husband.

  • Katie

    My favorite place to go on a Friday night is wherever I can spend the night with my man, whether out on the town, at a movie, and dare I say it-sitting on the couch while watching a movie….having this handbag would make me content with any of these things! :-)

  • Leslie A

    I loved to go out dancing on Friday nights. Absolutely loved it:) My husband and I would go out every week. But since I had knee surgery I can’t do that anymore so now I do something different depending on what is going on around town. Lately it’s been all about the food trucks! Different ones gather in my neighborhood every Friday night :)

    I liked all the pages on facebook…..and I LOVE this grey bag…I’ve really been digging grey lately

  • Courtney

    I live in a small town and on a Friday night I like to hit up the little bars downtown for craft beers. A different crowd from the business-minded people I work with and the change is nice. I like all the pages on FB and am loving this bag!

  • sun chicka


  • Mary

    Friday nights are usually spent at home, walking the dogs, or riding bikes. We like to do our dining out during the week when there are no crowds.

  • Claudia

    A club! Preferibly with urban music

  • Leigh-Elllen

    I have to admit that Friday night is our favourite pizza place (they have an amazing pizza oven and all locally sourced toppings) cause we’re tired out. Saturday night would be the wine bar.

  • Patty Dion

    I like all 3 facebook pages

    “What’s your favorite place to go on a Friday Night?” I love going out on a date with my husband. Dinner and a movie is a perfect night for me

  • Cate

    My favorite thing to do on Friday night is a romantic dinner date and drinks with my husband

  • Melissa D

    I “like” all three pages.
    My favorite place to go on Friday night is called the Club Charles. They play the best music, and it’s a great place for people-watching!

  • Liz

    Friday nights are for live music and margaritas!

  • ter garney

    Date night with my fiance if I’m feeling well enough…..if I’m not we stay in & watch a movie together.

  • Cindy Moore

    “What’s your favorite place to go on a Friday Night?” I love to go to the movies with friends!

  • desaria

    i love going to the theatre then to the beach

  • Sara

    Friday nights are always a time to relax from the week before. It’s also a time to get ready for planning the weekends which usually include movie nights!

  • Aquarelle

    Dinner out with my man ;)

  • Jenny

    My favourite place to go on a Friday night is anywhere where my friends are, I don’t care where I am as long as I’m with the people who matter :)

  • Lydia

    Honestly? I play in a county orchestra on Friday nights, but afterwards i like going out/hanging out with friends or family. With friends i would go to a party or out for dinner; with family i would sit at home watching films or talking in the garden over drinks.

  • Laurie

    I need that wallet. Love it!!!!!!!