Wonder what bag Shontelle has been sporting the past few weeks? It is her new Free Endearment Julie Combination Color Bag. Shontelle tweeted about this bag last week and if you enter this giveaway you could be wearing it as well in the next few weeks.

Retailing for $275, the Julie Color Bag features geometric lines in different colors. The dimensions are large, 16″ x 18″ x 3″, so this can easily be your go-to bag. There is a secret front pocket and the inside features ample pockets for all of your storage needs.

How to Win

1) Like Free Endearment, Shontelle, and PurseBlog on Facebook

2) Answer this question in the comments section below: “I want this new bag because…”

Also, for all Shontelle fans and PurseBlog fans, Free Endearment is offering a 30% off code for the entire week of the promotion. Simply enter SHONTELLE at checkout and the 30% discount will be automatically applied.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Kayla

    I want this bag because it is gorgeous! The colors are bold and fun (like me!) and I love the V instead of a standard straight bag design. This bag inspires me to carry a bag (and that says A LOT!)

  • Sarah S

    I want this new bag because I feel like it’s a fun, young bag. Perfect for a University student on a tight budget, like me :)

  • DJ

    I want this bag because that lovely wine color is THE color for fall 2011, and it is accented so beautifully by the violet suede and fuschia leather. It is a good sized bag for all my necessaries, but fashionable at the same time. I love the unexpectedness of the deep v in the design, and who can resist a secret pocket?!

  • amy

    I would like to own this bag .. may i have it please. :)

    • San D

      “I want this new bag because it’s gorgeous, fun, retro-chic arm candy — that can transitions seasons and styles so effortlessly.” xoxo

      San D.

  • Lynda

    I want this new bag because it’s fun, bold, daring, and so me! [:

  • Ashley

    I want this new bag because…I love the colours and the bold contrast between the colours and the unique shape.

  • RF

    I want this new bag because……it’s so incredibly different that’d I would wear it everyday with so many different things and everyone else would ask where I got it! It has that old school shape, perfect for a pair of platforms!

  • sara

    i would LOVE to own this purse because its bold colors are a huge statement in this coming fall season! i can already see myself pairing it with some neutral brown colors and hints of burgundy :)

  • Rebecca

    It’s very colorful, and I love the shape!

  • Elaine

    I want this new bag because it’s unique.

  • Elaine

    I want this new bag because it’s unique.

  • A.L.

    I want this new bag because…
    the colors are without a doubt expressing who i am,
    no one else around me have such a bag,
    and it’s

    très chic!

    Thank You,
    Adam Lee

  • Lubaska

    I want this GREAT handbag because of I love geometric shapes in everything, in clothes, in modern abstract arts, in accessories and mainly in this lovely bag with interesting color scheme!

  • Sabrine

    I want this new bag because colorful, unique and it’s so me !

  • Adeline

    1) I liked all the Facebook Pages.

    2) I want this new bag because :
    – ‘Julie’ is one of my favorite bag from the new collection!!!
    – I love everything on this bag. It’s colorful, design , fun, chic, ….. unique!
    – I need it in my summer wardrobe.

    So FaShon… ^__^

  • Lynd

    I want this new bag because:
    this bag is beautiful, I like this colour cobination, and I need to my black coat:)

  • Angel

    I want this bag because…it might be the coolest looking bag I have seen in a very long time! Love the pink!

  • Lianne

    I want this bag because I need something funky in my purse collection.

  • Catherine

    I want this bag because it’s so pretty and unique! It’s definitely an eye catcher and it will go with so many different outfits that I have! Plus it’s all my favorite colors in one bag!

  • Donna

    I want this bag because of the colors! They work so well together and it is a different type of bag then all my other bags.

  • Kate

    I want this bag because it’s colorful, fun and I have nothing like it yet in my closet!

  • Tracey

    I want this new bag because it’s as fierce as I am and Ireland needs a shot of colour this Autumn 2011 :)

  • Shana

    I want this bag because I liked all the Facebook pages and the color scheme is perfect for fall!

  • Rina Red

    I want this new bag because… the color combinations are stunning! This bag will definitely get noticed when carry over my shoulder. Since I like to bring practically everything in my bag, this bag is just perfect!

  • mochababe73

    I want this bag because it’s a beautiful take on the colorblocking trend. The geometric pattern is bold. The material choices are vintage-inspired in a good way.

  • Antonia

    I want this new bag because …. I really need a large bag. Also, the colors are fab for this fall.

  • bindc

    I want this new bag…because I am on a purse ban in anticipation for baby#3’s arrival. So, a fun pick-me-up fun purse for this third-time mom would totally rock!

  • adrienne z

    I want this new bag because it is AMAZING!! What great Lines! What great Colors! This would make my arm look Fantastic and hopefully help the rest of me look better too!
    Fan of all on Facebook!
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  • Eric

    This bag is gross. It looks like they just used left over materials and stock hardware.

    • Colin

      AGREED! This is one ugly bag!

      • Eric

        You know that feeling you get when you see some disgusting candy you used to eat as a child in the back of some bodega in Brooklyn that’s been there since you actually were a child and you’re horrified when you see it as an adult, ashamed that you didn’t know any better? I”m sure Colin and I have no idea how that feels.

    • Seejayluvsbags


  • Vince James

    I want this new bag because it would be the perfect gift for my mom. I haven’t got her anything in a long time & her birthday is coming up and it would be the most amazing gift for her. I love my mother so much & this would be the most best thing I’ve ever got her. And it would mean Alot to me if I could win this for her. Thanx

  • Rosie Millard

    I want this new bag because the colours are big, bright, and bold, and it would look great whatever the season!

    It’s also very unique, with the ‘V’ shape top instead of a straight line, which adds to its amazing style.

    *All pages have been liked*


  • Cat

    I want this bag because I need a bright colorful bag.


  • Kirsten

    I want this new bag because it’s different..it’s vibrant and it wants to come home with me!

  • Cindy

    I like it because it’s different, not the style of bag I would normally gravitate towards.

  • Cathy Fitz

    I want this new bag because the colors are perfect for me, I love the mix of suede and leather, and the “v” design is as unique as me!

  • christina

    I want this new bag because I love the color palette! I just added hot pink streaks to my hair and am going back for red and purple so I just have to have this perfect bag to match!

  • Astrid

    I want this new bag because….. ‘Julie’ listen to me:
    “Nothin feels right when Im not with you
    Sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos
    Taking them off cause I feel a fool
    Try’na dress up when I’m missing you”

    Lol, you see how much i want this bag, i love it !

  • tracey byram

    I like all 3 pages on FB-tracey byram. I like this bag because it could be carried with so many different colors of outfits.

  • Claudia

    I want this new bag because,Shontelle is my icon of fashion! And, If she have this bag, I want this bag!
    And, i’m a collector of bag, and this bag, is THE bag for my collection! :D

  • Nguyen

    I want this bag because … simply its from Shontelle — my favorite beautiful charming singer :D
    Nonetheless, it’s a drop dead gorgeous bag <3 who doesn't want it????

  • Shay S

    I Want This Bag Because Its Very Stylish I Love The Many Color Choices You can Choice From If I Was Walking Down The Street Carrying This Bag Heads Would Definetly Turn Its A Fashion Statement For Every Woman …..

  • jonna p

    i want this new bag because the color blocking of the colors is just so in right now!!!

  • Leslie A

    I want this bag because it reminds me of the 80’s…:)

  • Lanieekat

    I want this bag because I showed the picture to my 17 year old and she is currently in the background going “please mom, try to win this bag, please mom, try to win this bag!” She is in love with the colors and the design.

  • lynn s

    I want this bag because… I can’t get enough of it! The fun bold colors will brighten up any outfit and the size is perfect for me to carry all mu stuff… Even my son’s stuff! Which is anothrr reason why I want to win this bag, I spend all my money on him and mommy never gets anything new! Ha

  • Sumaiya

    I would like to own this tote bag because it isnt like the regular designed totes. Its seems original, different, stylish, awesome! It’s definitely yells fierce and bold. Perfect for the upcoming fall season! It has a secret front pocket, how cool is that?!? The quality is amazing and I’d love to show it off to my friends and brag about it..lol! And the colors…don’t even get me started!!! It’s to die for, as the combination of the colors are amazing!! If anyone owns this bag, they must and I mean MUST walk in attitude!!! LOL! :)

  • linda brooks

    I want this bag because its so big, bright, and fantastic!

  • Anita

    I want this new bag because I love the shape and the bold colors.
    I also like all 3 pages.

  • Sara

    I want this new bag because the color and geometric design and symmetry is absolutely stunning! The color contrast very interestingly compliments each other. I love the peri-winkle blue! The different material used is very cool too!

  • Valerie

    I want this bag because it’s simply FABULOUS!

  • Ras

    I want this bag because it’s something different, I usually wouldn’t see a bag with a nice V shape to it & as well as the colour combination!

  • kerry

    I want this new bag because I’m just loving it

  • WandaStachowski

    I would like to have this purse because I dont have a Dooney or a Coach and I would like to have a nice purse.I think this is very stylish.I just started watching the style channel and I am finding it be very intresting as I have no style, but maybe I will now. Thanks! Wanda Stachowski

  • Ne-knopka

    I want this new bag because i need new bag and love this colors

  • jessica marinaccio

    Its bold – and thats how i roll

  • Lisa dion

    I want this bag because it is cute and sexy and exciting. I’ve never had a bag like this before and I would completely love it!!!

    I like all 3 Facebook pagea

  • Katie

    I want this new bag because it screams “One of a kind!” I like to have bags that I could walk around with where I live and know that it will be one of it’s kind!

  • elaina

    i want this bag, because it is fly!!!!

  • Leigh-Elllen

    I want this bag because I’m not getting to go on vacation this summer and things are sucking at work. I need something pretty and wonderful in my life.

  • Renee Richardson

    I want this bag because I have been carrying around a diaper for too long and this would be the perfect thing to replace it with. Thanks for the great giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  • Patty Dion

    I like all 3 facebook pages

    “I want this new bag because… I havent had a new purse in ages! It would be such a neat treat to be able to show it off.

  • Melissa Vaught

    i LIKE all 3 pages :)

    I love this bag because it’s super cute, and it’s not like any other bag I’ve seen before. I’m one that likes to have different styles than everyone else does, so this is perfect! The colors are great!

  • ter garney

    I want this bag because I haven’t bought a new bag in a long time due to medical bills.

  • Liz

    It would brighten up my fall wardrobe and look beautiful with my neutrals.

  • Cindy Moore

    “I want this new bag because it is so me! I love the colors so much!”

  • Aquarelle

    I love the colors, the stripes, the shape and the size. Aaaw – this bag has my name on it….

  • Jenny

    I want this new bag because it’s gorgeous and it is my favourite colours! It would also co-ordinate with pretty much my entire wardrobe which is amazing! :)

  • Lea

    I want this new bag, because it is gorgeous and it has my favorite colors. Truth be told, my current bag is a mess and I would love to sport this beautiful handbag.