Today is the third day of our amazing 12 Days of Handbags Giveaway! I have to say, that I love reading the comments you all have here on our site as well as over at Luxaholics. The best part is, I feel the same way as so many of you. So many handbags, so little time! Yet, I have to say, if you’ve been happy so far, stay tuned, there are more amazing handbags to come. For all you handbag lovers out there or for those of you who are entering in hopes of winning a handbag for a friend or loved one, trust me when I say, Day 3 is fabulous!

The Bird Corset Clutch is one that I will have a hard time parting with. This exotic clutch is one that I literally could barely set down after we received it in our office. First of all, it is a clutch. For those of you who don’t know, I LOVE CLUTCHES! But really, that doesn’t matter because this is a clutch that would compliment so many people and oh so many outfits. Bird handbags are not just gorgeous but they are elegant and classy. This is a clutch that would catch the eye of those around you… that is… if you are able to take your eye off it long enough to notice others are staring!

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Today’s secret code: Otis

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  • Katie

    Wow! I love this one. Im hoping to win. :3

  • Zarka


    I am learning about new designers…It is great…

  • M_butterfly

    Me, Me, Me, Pick me!!! :-) I love clutches too. This one looks absolutely fabulous.

  • Kathy

    How are the winners announced? Is the winner posted on or purse blog?

  • Gina Maria R.

    WOW! Diva bag that will have me on a hunt for the PERFECT shoe!

  • Sheila P

    Okay, we are up to day 3 and I haven’t won yet! What? This one is mine for sure!

  • cinderella388

    Kathy said:

    How are the winners announced? Is the winner posted on or purse blog?

    12.11.2008 – 9:50 am

    ^^^ Yeah, I am wondering the same questions!

  • Maria

    F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S !!!

  • Kristin P.

    This has been a lot of fun!

  • Armelle



  • Dianne

    A beauty. A classic bag. Love the detail.

  • Becky

    Anything this beautiful reminds me of my daughter, Hannah, who will get it if I win.

  • melojane

    Bird Corset Clutch, wow!! I have a shoes that would match it..

    thank you for giving all of us the opportunity give away, it gave me hope for something:-)

    over all, very classy

  • grace

    Sooooo Pretty!!! WOW!

  • angelina lonie

    ive been a great collector of desighner hand bags for 4 years now all my desighner bags have been bought from the british heart foundation that gives me peace of mind knowing im giveing something back id love to win as id think all my christmases have came at once bird corset clutch make a wish come true

  • LDJ

    OMG, I am loving this clutch! Hope I WIN! :) Forget that, IT IS MINE! :)

  • Jessica

    It’s like looking at a masterpiece!

  • Cynthia Young

    Luxaholics meet purseaholic -I NEED PURSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cynthia Young

    Luxaholic meet purseaholic -I NEED THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monika

    It is beautiful, would love to have it:-)))

  • Annette Cartier

    This is an absolutely gorgeous designed clutch. It’s beautiful! Whoever wins it will be fortunate to say the least. Something I could never afford. I would love to pass it down, but that would be a challenge in itself since I have 5 daughters. They are not all into fashion, but they are all extremely beautiful.

  • henry a winig ll

    simply darling

  • susan

    this bag is sasha fierce!!!!!!