So, day 1 of the 12 Days of Handbag Giveaway has come and gone. Luxaholics will be compiling yesterday’s entries and we can’t wait to announce the winner. But fear not friends, there are several more days of handbag fun to come. In fact, today, we are thrilled to announce we aren’t giving away just one handbag but today’s lucky winner will win two handbags!

The Alexis Hudson Whistler Bag in black croco is fabulous. Alexis Hudson handbags are versatile and I find myself sitting at the edge of my seat waiting to see what they are going to put out next. At first glance you notice that the bag looks functional but perhaps at second glance you realize the handbag is downright chic. I am in love with the gold (removable) shoulder strap; it is fun, edgy and definitely adds something extra to the bag. Better yet, say, you aren’t a shoulder strap kind of gal – no worries – the fold over flap actually doubles as a hand held option for carrying the bag.

Next we have the Samantha Thavasa handbag. This pewter colored handbag has a bit of silver hardware on each side which catches the eye. You might not be familiar with Samantha Thavasa handbags which are done by Tinsley Mortimer, but keep your eye out, several celebs have picked up her bags and I am sure there are more to come.

Click here to enter!

Today’s secret code: Eternity

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  • Cindy

    I love Whistler, B.C. so the Whistler bag must be made for me.

  • bindc

    OMG! I am loving these 12 days of Christmas!!!!

    Thanks Purse Blog!!! Big hugs.

  • Rachel

    The Whistler is hot and classy.

  • patricia

    love the whistler-so classic to me!!

  • Ellez

    The whistler is so classy and timeless and I have always wanted a pewter color bag! The color is gorgeous!!!

  • Devon Therese

    On the first day of Christmas Luxaholics gave to me,
    A Gustto bag to hope for, for FREE,
    On the second day of Christmas Luxaholics gave to me,
    Two bags I wish were under my tree!

  • Fred Schwartz

    These chic handbags would make wonderful Christmas presents for my wife and my daughter, who also have birthdays in December.

  • Jeanine

    What a great opportunity to incorporate some luxury into my life. Thanks for having the 12 days of giveaways

  • cuteangel7777

    oh my god! this is the first non chanel bag i love in a long time!! i really need to get the whistler bag!!!!! i really wish this will be mine!

  • Cassandra

    The Whistler is beautiful. Luv it! Thank you purse blog….can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!!!!

  • chichijunk

    pick me to win this! Please! I need a major fashion statement bag!

  • charlie

    Thanks for the opportunity. If my wife knew I was trying to win this for her she would think I’m a nut case !!

  • Michele

    Love this bag! Hope I win!

  • Sarah

    Thanks for the 12 days of Christmas Handbag Giveaway! I entered for the first time today! I hope I get it! I love the Alexis Hudson Bag!!

  • marieangeli

    the whistler is so sophisticated!! loves it!



  • E

    The Samantha Thavasa handbag is TDF. Absolutely love the color and everything else about it. :)

  • Gina Maria R.


  • Gingarita

    Thank you so much THIS IS FUN!

  • Jean

    Gorgeous bag! I hope I win!



  • gertha

    Thank you for choosing me as the winner for the handbag. I will donate it to my niece as a birthday gift to her because her birthday is this month.

  • Ashley

    I Love all Bags and I hope I win I need a new one for christmas spent all my money on the kids so please pick me.

  • Alexis

    I would love to have A Alexis Hudson Handbag it is beautiful !!! and also my name is Alexis so if people ask what kind of bag is that i can say oh its a Alexis …. Hudson that would be great please please i hope i win this bag .. :)

  • Amy

    I hope all of my luck isn’t used up so I can win these bags!

  • deb

    great bag!

  • Grace

    These two bags are amazing, especially the Alexis Hudson bag!!!! I love 2-way bags *blissful sigh*

  • aa12

    I love them !!!

  • bbakerzz

    This giveaway is fantastic – love the Purse’s

  • Mindy Moo

    I really am going to enjoy these 12 days of Christmas

  • elena

    sick purses!

  • Samantha B.

    I would love a classy bag like this

  • PiNAclaudia

    Samantha Thavasa its the perfect size

  • Jenelle

    I am in love!!!…with the alexis hudson clutch! craftmanship and originality at its finest

  • Robin

    I want that Whistler bag. It’s hot!

  • christina

    I come from a small town and i dont even know name brand purses.I would love to be choosen to flash that named brand purse in my home town.Please choose me i have never won anything .

  • Judy

    Awesome handbags! Fun, Fun, giveaway! Thanks!

  • Peggy Boone

    Thank you for these Awesome handbags as gift may GOD Bless each and everyone of you for doing this for someone like me who could ever afford anything like this.


  • C

    Hope I’ll win! I never have a brand name purse.

  • BonnieT

    Love them all !! Want Them all !!! PULEEEZZ !!!!

  • Silvia

    Your purses are great. I have never won anything, I hope this will be the first for me.

  • brenda

    i really really want it :-)

  • Suzi Moran

    That bag is mine!!

  • roselen

    tyra for once i would like something for me i go to school go to work and also take care of my son and i’am only 18 pick me

  • Janell Martin

    Perfect bag for me!

  • Carole

    What fantastic – beautiful bags! With a wish, a prayer and a little hope………LOL

  • lisa

    I love hand bags, but I never can afford to by the expensive 1’s. Any one of these beautiful bags would be an asset to my collection. Maybe all 12 who’s counting.

    Hey that means I can sport a bag a month ! : )

    Haappy Hoildays Ladies

  • anna

    I love handbags, would love to win

  • Tara Johnson


  • Heidi Antil

    great bag love it! Eternity

  • Rosie Thomas

    This bag is very beautiful, I am sorry that I didn’t get a chance to entry to win it.



  • Cynthia Salazar I have this Alexis Hudson purse and have no clue what it’s worth! Do you know