Looking for an instant classic? Our day 2 giveaway with Shontelle and Free Endearment may be up your alley.

For day two, we are giving away the Free Endearment Jessica in Bone. Both the shape and color of this bag make it extremely easy to wear season after season. Retailing for $385, this spacious tote (12″ x 16″ x 5″) features ample storage with plenty of pockets, including side pockets. If you are looking for a go-to tote, this bag would be ideal.

How to Win

1) Like Free Endearment, Shontelle, and PurseBlog on Facebook

2) Answer this question in the comments section below: “What summer essentials would you fill your Jessica Bone Bag with?”

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Tre

    All facebook pages liked.

    Definitely Shishedo Sunscreen for face. Baby powder (I like it better than deodorant). Laura Mercier Lip Silk. EOS Lip balm. Bottle of water.

    Oh, and my cell phone. It’s not even a summer necessity.

    It’s a life necessity!

  • Lynsey

    this summer I’ve been obsessed with everything SPF. i recently moved to florida and I carry moisturizer, chap stick, lotion and even powder as protection from the sun. so that’s alllllllll going in this fab bag!

  • Michelle

    Liked them all!

    I would fill my bag with the following summer essentials: sunglasses/sunglasses case, lip gloss, suntan lotion, moroccan oil, makeup bag, and hair ties!

  • Audrey

    My new d & g sunnies

  • Jean

    I would fill this lovely Jessica Bone Bag with sunblock, lipgloss, sunglasses, gum and water to be prepared for summer!

  • DJ

    This bag looks like it could handle all my summer essentials. Of course the basic essentials are a wallet, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip gloss, car keys, and a phone. But this bag looks like you could also tuck in a swimsuit for an impromptu dip, a good book or an e-reader for a little you-time, and some of your best perfume and a tin of mints in case of sudden summer romance.

  • Ashley

    All facebook pages were liked.

    I would fill it with my bathing suit, sunscreen (because I’m VERY pale), lots of water bottles, phone, wallet, sunglasses, and makeup bag.

  • colleen b

    i like all FB pages.

    i would fill it with spf schapstick!

  • Taylor

    I would put my chapstick with SPF, phone+music, a good summer read, wallet, aviators (summer classic) and a power bar (just to re fuel during long summer days) and a PLANE TICKET (hopefully i’ll be traveling) in my new, BEAUTIFUL, purse!! I think that bag is perfect for traveling :) love it! Hope I win!!! Xxo


  • Lynda

    I would fill my Free Endearment Jessica in Bone bag with my summer essentials: sunscreen, sunglasses, wallet, a water bottle, gum, a book, my phone, and of course, a camera! Save the memories [:

  • Monica

    I’d fill it with a water bottle + umbrella, as the sun here in Taiwan is brutal!

  • desaria

    I would fill it up with my umbrella, lip balm with sunscreen, my sunglasses,and of course my cellphone and keys

  • Brittany

    I would fill that bag with my eos and soft lips chapstick lip pencil and gloss, my sunglasses, and a book! Of course my wallet, phone, and keys too!

  • A.L.

    my blotting powder, lipstick, chapstick, eyeliner, mascara, oil blotting sheets, pocket tissues, hand sanitizer, perfume, water, hand fan, sun glasses, my ipod touch (can’t do with out my music!), also my phone of course, and my wallet clutch.

    Thank You,

  • Leslie A

    I liked all three facebook pages :)
    I would fill this bag with non-toxic sunscreen, bamboo sunglasses, spf lip balm, red lip gloss, kindle, filtering water bottle, rose face mister, wide-brimmed hat, my touch cell phone, hand towel, LV wallet,and keys.

    This bag looks wonderfully roomy and I LOVE the color. I’m crossing my fingers as hard as possible hoping I get lucky. It must feel wonderful to win such a great prize :)

  • Amanda

    I”d fill it with my Gucci sunglasses, Louis Vuitton zippy wallet, keys, itouch, cell phone, makeup case, and a bottle of water.

  • Ruhee

    kindle, raspberry lip gloss,cell phone,sunglasses,water bottle,hand sanitizer,wallet, Altoids and umbrella(u cannot do without it in Seattle!)

  • Roya

    I’d fill it with a brand new wallet (lost my old one), some sunscreen, sunglasses, re-usable water bottle, blotting papers, my blackberry, the mundane essentials (mascara, eyeliner, lip balm, keys, etc.) and my Havianas, for when my feet need a break from heels. Oh yeah, and lets’ not forget a good book. Currently reading the “Song of Ice and Fire” series =)

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • fsc

    I’d fill it with the essentials: my wallet, phone, cosmetic case, camera, umbrella (you never know when the weather will change) and for the summer I would definitely put sunglasses, sunscreen and a bottle of in, since it’s a spacious bag.

  • Lily

    My summer essentials are my wallet, cell, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip gloss with spf, bottle of water and a camera to catch all the impromptu memories! I love how spacious this bag is :)

  • Andrea W.

    I would fill it with my cellphone, keys, lip balm, and favorite book!

  • Katie

    My summer essentials are very similar to my winter, cell phone, planner, lip products including chapstick with SPF, wet wipes for summer treat spills and a little cooling down if necessary, wallet which is usually a wristlet in the summer time, sunglasses with hard case, water or some sort of juice, camera because I try to catch everything on camera during the summer especially at the pool/beach! LOVE THAT COLOR BAG SO CLASSY!

  • Faiza

    hmmm….i’m gonna try to keep it clean and tidy…i do with all the new and precious bags…this bag will have lots to value to me.
    i’m going to have a little cosmetic bag with necessary make up like lipgloss, eyeliners, pressed powder, sunscreen and a body mist/ foot mist. i’ll also have water, wallet, sunglasses, and some chocolate or candy.oohhh and a purse can never tooo many receipts…hmm yup…

  • jenny

    sunblock, chapstick, wallet, and a good book!

  • Natasha

    My summer essentials would be my ray ban aviators, my wallet, a lip gloss, my phone and sun block. I love big bags, they have space for everything.

  • Engrmom

    I will fill it with a bag that contain cosmetic necessity, my coach wristlets, sunglasses, iPhone 4, ipad2, and last but not least diapers, wipe, and spare clothes for my children and maybe bottle of milk if there is stll room.

  • Aquarelle

    Waterbottle, lipgloss, sunblock, sunglasses, iPad, camera and books. A lot of books…

  • Tannie

    I would fill it with the following items:

    – phone and wallet
    – lipbalm and sunblock
    – blotting paper and blotting powder
    – a bottle of water!!
    – sunglasses

  • shel

    I liked all the Facebook pages (Michelle H.)
    I’d put my lip balm, my sunscreen, my Arcona Magic Ice face moisturizer, my Crystal Light On-The-Go water packets and my sunglasses…I’d still have plenty of room for my wallet, keys and cell phone. Beautiful bag….love it!

  • Adeline

    1) I like all the Facebook pages.

    2) i would fill this bag with my cellphone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, bottle of water, gum and my ipod . :)

  • leslie

    I would fill my purse with
    1. wallet
    2. makeup bag
    3. kleenx
    4. keys
    5. phone
    6. gum or candy
    7. random papers lol

  • Antonia

    I would fill it with: sunblock, make up bag, kleenex, keys, wipes and BOOKS!

  • ani

    sunblock, shades, brightest shade of lipstick i have :D

  • angel

    I like them all!

    I would fill it with my kindle, chapstick, my phone (of course), my reusable shopping bags, and my sunglasses.

  • chrunchy

    I would fill it with sunglasses, lipstick, a bottle of water and my wallet.

  • Donna

    Neutral color lipgloss, sunglasses and a small umbrella for those unexpected rain showers.

  • Lindsy S.

    All pages liked.

    I would fill it with:

    – sunglasses
    – water bottle
    – kindle
    – people magazine
    – evian mist

    Those are my summer essentials!

  • Shana

    All pages liked!!!

    I’d have my Kindle, Cookie Dough Lipsmacker, US Weekly mag, gigantic water bottle, iPod, and sunscreen in there.

  • Van Nguyen

    All like done!!! I would fill the bag with my lv wallet, biotherm eau d’energie spray, longchamps accessories bag, sun glasses, cell, Itouch, my book Marina from Carlos Ruiz Zafon, a bottle of water and my new Swarovski pen

  • Alicia

    phone, wallet, keys, chapstick, and candy to keep me sane after a long day of work!

  • adrienne c

    well, I would carry my usuall things, but in the summer I always include sunglasses and a sunscreen product especially for my face. Thanks for the great opportunity to win a fabulous bag!
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  • Claudia

    I would fill it with, my cell phone, makeup, wallet, sunglasses, hair brush… and with my future signed shontelle CD haha ♥

  • Carla

    I’d would fill it with SPF chapstick, water, baby wipes and snacks for my toddler, wallet, phone and datebook (gotta keep up with the kids activities)

  • bindc

    Oh my. I love this bag. I would carry it and have everything I normally would have with me: wallet, cell phone, keys, wristlet that has all of my little things stashed in it, small spiral notebook, pens, lip gloss, eye liner, business card case, ecobags, gum, prenatal vitamins, and emergency hair tie.

  • Nishi621

    My summer essentials are a bottle of water, sunglasses and lip gloss. Then I’m good to go!

  • Avril Rowe

    I would fill my bag with the following summer essentials: Water sun glasses and wallet

  • Tara

    I would fill it with my
    Lip gloss
    Cell phone
    Water bottle
    Last little black dress never know what’s to come
    What else does a girl need for the summer

  • ivy

    makeup, sunglasses, cellphone, gum, clothes and money…so i can buy more stuff…..love it

  • Jenae

    I would fill my bag with books I have for college (freshman!) and other neccesities for school. When not at school, I would fill it up with a sunscreen, sunglasses, books, iPod, and a towel to enjoy sunbathing at the beach.

  • Karen

    wallet, sunglasses, makeup, sunscreen, lip balm and cell phone

  • LisaF

    I can’t leave home without my lip gloss, lotion, wallet, makeup, sunscreen, small umbrella, Kleenex, mints, a comb, a pen and a water bottle. I even find an extra shirt handy on super hot days. The only bag that works for me this time of year is a tote, lol.

  • sosti

    I would fill this fab bag with my sunnies, small makeup bag (holding pink lipgloss, bronzer, powder and black eyeliner), black hair tie, black hair clip (you might have guessed, I have dark hair… :) , water bottle, wallet (of course!) and gum or mints…

  • Chelin

    My summer essentials for this bag: sunglasses, lip gloss, small electronic fan, freshener and a lovely scarf for the bag!

  • Nicole Gilmore

    I would fill my bag with lipgloss, germ-x, sunglasses, and some lotion. Those are absolute musts!

  • Mus

    Barbie pink lipstick
    Oyster card
    Eyeliner & Mascara
    Train tickets
    Uni books
    Flipflops (for when i wear platforms)
    tonnes of jewelry
    & the Glamour mag


  • Nicole

    sunglasses,tanning oil,makeup bag,hair tie,i-pod,phone,my shontelle cd for the car :)

  • Rina Red

    My summer essentials that I would carry around in this bag (if I win) would be, sunblock, chapstick, facial blotting tissue, my iPhone (need my mp3!), panty liners so I can feel fresh down there throughout the day, body mist, wallet, keys, mints and sunnies!

  • Keysh

    oh, i love the bag. i don’t want to put load of things in that bag. i would fill it with important things which i usually bring like my wallet, cellphone, and my cosmetic kit which i put separately in a small purse-like bag, sunglasses, handkerchief, Spf lotion and most importantly my umbrella. i always have an umbrella inside my bag especially during summer when it’s too hot to go outside.

  • Dominique P

    If I was blessed with this purse I would definitely make sure I carry my phone, keys, wallet, chapstick, a compact makeup case, sunglasses, lotion, a pen, my checkbook, & of course my Shontelle cd so I can jam to you no matter whos car im in! :-)

  • Ashna

    Hmmm.. I’d put my.. Makeup in, water bottle, sunglasses! :) (big ones :D), my purse, house keys, spare hair tie, hair clips, spray anddd.. My ipod :)

  • Bree

    I put lip gloss, wallet, sunscreen (def a must for summer), chap stick, sunglasses, maybe flip flops, nail polish , ipod, phone, deoderant. I would also put carry-on stuff when i go on vacation.

  • Aliesha83

    Most essential items would be my wallet and cell phone. As for summer essentials that would certainly be my facial wash, sunblock, UV Protector cream ,foundation, eyeliner, lip gloss, hairbrush, sunglasses, book, Kleenex and definitely my Vanilla Body Mist. But i bet this lovely bag would still have plenty more space for me to squeeze in my extra cloth & bikini. After all, it’s SUMMER =)


    That bag would go well with my red pumps…lite black shirt with a nice cream/brown skinny jeans.

  • pauline

    je comblerais mon sac avec
    -creme solaire
    -lunette de soleil
    -mouchoirs en papier
    -maillot de bain
    -drap de plage
    -maillot de rechange
    -trousse de maquillage
    -vernis a ongles
    -bouquin sur l’actu
    -brosse a cheveux et quelque soin de peaux
    et surtout du chocolat …

  • Renee Worley

    I would fill it with a bottle of jäger, some make-up, an I-phone and a can of redbull!!!<3

  • Irina

    my bag would contain: lip gloss,a mirror, wallet,a bottle of water, a comb,keys , my mp4,sunscreen and sunglasses and of course gum!

  • Dee

    Liked all the facebook pages!

    I would fill it with: wallet, sunglasses, cute pouch (with keys, contact solution – just in case, lipbalm, bright colored summer lipstick), and my small ipod nano. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • Hanna/Hanne

    My bag would have to contain my phone, water bottle (in case its hot outside) my wallet, makeup bag,sun cream, ipod, hair tie, sun glasses, an umberella aaaaand gum!!

  • Olivia

    I would fill this bag with my cellphone, wallet, lipgloss, sunglasses, ipod touch, hairties, water bottle, and keys

  • Cadence

    Wow! A big bag to fill – a fashionista’s dream! Summer essentials – face mist, hair band, sunscreen towelettes, a good novel for the beach (potentially on my iPad), headphones and the iPhone, naturally the wallet with hubby’s credit card for those summer window shopping moments, sunglasses and a scarf to cover my hair ala Jackie style when I have the top down in the convertible! ;)

  • Sumaiya

    I would fill my purse with sunscreen, lipgloss, hair ties, face mist, my phone, wallet, water, keys, sunglasses, gum, mirror, scarf, ipod, and makeup bag! :)

  • Mahbooba

    Sunglasses, water, suncreen, lipgloss, face mist, wallet, keys, phone, and hairties.

  • Nits

    I love the size and color of this bag. It’ll perfect for all my daily essentials – cellphone, wallet, lip balm, mini mirror, face powder, comb, sanitizing gel, hand lotion, mini perfume and keys. Hope I win it!

  • Nicolette

    I would fill my bag with:Sunglasses, Lip Gloss, Sun Screen, and a pair of flip flops for when my heels start to hurt :) AWESOME Bag, goes with everything!!!
    Oh yes… can’t forget my phone.

  • tracey byram

    I like all 3 pages on FB-tracey byram. I would carry my ipod, sunglasses, lipstick and compact. Plus whichever book I´m currently reading.

  • Lianne

    Now this is a bag that works for me. In it would go my wallet, my ebook reader, my notebook and pencase, keys, Walkman, hat and sunglasses, thumbdrives, my angry birds plush that I (rarely) throw at people who annoy me (rarely, because I might not get it back), some candies, and Kleen Kanteen insulated bottle.

  • Sarah

    I dont leave home during the summer witg out my little botttle of sunscreen, burts bee lip balm, after-sun shimmer lotion, sunglasses amd I mirror. I would fill this bag with all of thrlese things and a few extras depending on where I going. So cute, I could walk down the boardwalk in my swimsuit with this bag and looking hot!

  • San D

    I LOVE all three Fb pages and would LOVE to win this gorgeous bag!!!

    I would fill it with these summer essentials: my MP3 player, cell phone, charger, travel sized sun screen, sunnies, shimmer lip gloss, make-up wipes, a compact and hand lotion :) xoxo

  • Jill

    My summer essentials which would look fabulous in the Jessica handbag are sunscreen, lipgloss, sunglasses, my wallet, ipod, and my cell phone!

  • Michelle*

    I am a student and take Summer classes as well as a full load in the Fall and Spring. As a student, I eat ramen noodles and pb&j sandwiches and have an actual fashion budget of zero. However, I still like to look fashionable and I have a weakness and serious desire for exquisite bags such as this Jessica Bone crea tion. The neutral is amazing to go with everything, and I would fill mine with all the little girly things I love and need to stay looking and feeling amazing as I march around my giant campus all day. Although I wont be able to afford a bag such as this any time soon, it would mean the world to be able to have it with me and I really think it would take the edge off of so much work to have a Jessica Bone bag like this in my hand. How could it not? :) Even if I am not selected, thanks for these fun little giveaways. Its the only way Im getting by and looking good right now and it is something quite fun to try for.

  • cindy b

    Sunglasses of course!

  • Mel

    My summer essentials are:
    My iPad
    A Kurt Vonnegut novel (Probably Breakfast of Champions)
    Two tubes of Burt’s Bees
    Some sort of lotion and anti bacterial
    My favorite sunglasses

    That way, when I’m waiting between classes, I will be entertained!

  • Michelle*

    Also, can I just say how amazing the ribbing and simple, classic hardware on this bag is? It really is a beautiful and practical bag, with all the compartments and space. I wish I could touch it. LOL does anyone else see purses and bags and automatically want to touch them? Gorgeous.

  • Kara C

    I would have to have my wallet, keys, sunglasses, water, makeup bag with mirror, and my camera. You never know what you might see that you want to prove!

  • Hellen Araujo

    The summer essentials that I would fill the Jessica Bone Bag with:
    Sun screen
    Camera for lots of summer pics
    Essie “Haute as Hello” nail polish
    IPOD Touch
    Hand Lotion
    and my makeup bag.

  • Jessica C

    Luckily this bag is big enough to hold my Sigg bottle! Also, sunscreen (of course), sunglasses, lip gloss, keys, phone, wallet = ready to go!

    Thank you so much!

  • Ariel D-R

    I would fill it with…
    -Lip Gloss
    -Hair Brush/Comb
    -Granola Bar
    -Makeup of the day
    -Water Bottle
    -Cell Phone
    -Flip Flops
    -Hand Sanitizer
    -Small Mirror
    -Hair Ties
    ..The list goes on..! :)

  • MJ

    I love that I could fit my wallet, cell, Nook and makeup as well as my toddler’s snuggle toy and extra pull-ups- we moms want to look good too!


    Holy WoW! What a stupendous bag….i bet the leather smells a little like heaven! What wouldn’t I put in there!! My patent Louis Vuitton wallet, my Whiting & Davis sequined make-up bags, my Dior lipstick, and no doubt the bag is roomy enough for me to EASILY tuck a mini netbook in there as well! Also, I must slip in some ballerina flats because you never know when you might need to quickly do a shoe change! Thanks for the opportunity doll!! xxoo

  • heather

    i would fill it with a beach towel, some sunscreen, a bottle of water, and a great book that i can read on the beach :)

  • mia h.

    I would love to pile in my DROID phone,sunnies,hand sanitizer,keys,wallet and of course living in Texas you have to have an ice cold bottle of water for those 106 degree days!

  • Ras

    Essentials I’ll need in my Jessica Bone Bag: my camera, phone, MacBook or iPad, wallets, sun glasses, headphones, a water bottle, and whatever nail polish I’m wearing.

  • Esther

    Hey liked all the fb pages :)

    Hmm.. i would fill this gorgeous tote with daily essentials (like my makeup bag, sunglasses, blackberry, itouch, refillable water bottle, wallet, keys) and less mundane and more spontaneous things (like an extra pair of extra comfy flip flops or flats, a book to read in the subway, and some sunblock, for the extra sunny days!)
    would lovelovelove to get this bag!
    just bought a pair of nude wedges with wooden detail and this bag would match so well!

  • Rachel T

    hmmm lets see definitly my cell phone, cant go anywhere without it :) , my wallet, my little make-up bag of course, keys, a pen and a little notepad always comes in handy, tissue, saftey pins (you never know what might happen lol), sunglasses, gum, and a tiny pocket knife (better safe then sorry) Maybey not the greatest essentials to put in sucha beautiful bag but hey work with what you got rite :)

  • Sue Ellen B

    My Jessica Bone Bag must haves are:
    1. Sunscreen (spf 50+)
    2. Rayban Wayfarers
    3. Mary Kay lipgloss
    4. Wet Ones wipes
    5. Great Lash mascara
    6. Sephora lipstick
    7. My cellph.
    8. My ipod touch and Beats headphs. so I can listen to Shontelle’s No Gravity
    9. My little Chinese jade buddha (for luck)
    10. Twix and Orbit gum (don’t judge me lol)
    11. Hair brush and comb
    12. Purell
    13. Bandaids and Neosporene
    14. My wallet of course!
    15. A notepad and pen
    16. Must carry either CK ONE or V.Secret Very Sexy sprays MUST!
    17. My husband’s credit card jk lol

  • Thu

    I would fill my Jessica tote with:
    – wallet
    – iPhone
    – make up bag
    – sunglasses
    – tissue pack
    – keys
    – small umbrella
    – water bottle

  • beriloffun

    It could fit my hat, makeup bag, a magazine and my wallet! Perfect for going shopping!

  • Christian

    Sunglasses and Sunscreen!

  • Shirley J



  • Kimberly

    I would fill my bag with the essentials:

    ~Book i am currently reading :)
    ~My Lucky Hello kitty plush

  • Carmen

    I would fill my Jessica Bone Bag with these summer essentials:
    wallet, keys, hand sanitizer, mini lotion, bandaids, make up bag (containing my daily needs of concealer,lipgloss and powder compact), my newest novel I’m reading, gum, sunglasses, bodyspray and extra snacks packets for my kids.

  • Rebecca

    My ipod, make up bag, phone, gum, brush, mirror, wallet, check book, sunglasses, keys, and sunscreen.

  • Lauren

    I would fill my Jessica Bone bag with my phone, keys, iPad, “One Day” book, tinted moisturizer, Burt’s Bees lip balm, Orbit gum, moleskine notebook and a pair of slip-on flats (just in case)!

  • Irene E

    If i had a jessica bone bag, i would fill it with my wallet, mobile phone, iPod, towle, bikini, ice tea and a lipgloss with sunprotection :-D

  • tina

    If i have the Jessica bone bag i would fill it up with makeup bag, phone, keys, and a few diapers :)

  • Lara

    i would fill the bag with my phone, ipod, makeup minibag, a small sanitizer, hairbrush, a couple of snacks, ray ben sunglasses <3, and gum :D

  • alexa

    wallet, phone, sunscreen, extra pair of sandals, headphones, a good book, lipgloss, water canteen, and of course my sunglasses!

  • Emmy

    I would fill my Jessica Bone Bag with ALL of my most important necessities: My phone, makeup bag full to the brim with makeup, wallet, keys, ID case, sunglasses, lotion, travel size perfume/body mist, hand sanitizer, mini first aid kit, book, magazine(s), ipad, agenda, ipod, pen, mini sketchbook, mini notepad, hairbrush, travel hairspray, gum, water bottle, spare lipgloss, bar of KitKat, mirror, checkbook, sweater/hoodie/cardigan(in case I go somewhere and it gets chilly), handkerchief, rubix cube, sunscreen, napkins. I think I got everything :) And why not carry ALL of my nhecessities instead of just choosing a few? They will definitely fit :) I like Free Endearment, Shontelle, and PurseBlog on Facebook. THANK YOU:)!!!

  • Ewelina

    My content of the bag for a day or night out would be: make-up bag to look fabolus, flat funky shoes so i could take stilletos off when blisters appear, iphone to get taxi, credit card to pay for taxi and keys to get home ;o) xxx

  • Monica S.

    My summer essentials in my roomy Jessica Bone Bag would be my sunglasses, travel makeup bag, gum, water bottle, my Kindle, lip balm, wallet, and phone.

  • Elaine

    phone, wallet, sunglasses, keys, make up bag, coupons, hand wipes, gum/mints, flats, pen & notepad etc.

  • Steffy

    Okay, so the things I would do in this bas (or the things that are in my bag) are:
    A little bag of fresh carrots, a potty various nuts, (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts,…) my basic make-up, (mascara, blush, eye-shadow, lip gloss, eye-pencil, foundation) mini toothbrush + toothpaste in a little bag, (believe me, always handy !! ) comb, my mobile, definitely my iPod, wallet, (money, passport, sis card, library card, bank cart,…) a pair of underwear, tampons, keys and (a must have !! ) foldable ballerinas

    So I know it’s allot and I don’t always take all of this whit me, but I think these things are pretty important when you go away but you don’t really know what you going to do that day, and I could Wright what I wanted so this is it. Hope it’s good!! Thank you x

  • linda brooks

    sunglasses, my phone, keys, money, and of course makeup!!

  • Tracey

    I’d fill it with my make up kit, my diary, moblie phone ,my fav Jo Malone colone , my avelle face refreshing spray if it’s hot ,Chanel sunglasses and a good book in case I veg out in the park :)

  • Kate

    Since I have a toddler, I would use this tote for my things as well as diapers, wipes, and snacks for baby!

  • Neftali

    Water bottle, sunglasses, phone, mini make up bag, wallet, notebook , pens, camera, and sunscreen; Just the essentials :)

  • jonna

    SUMMER ESSENTIAL #1 === WATER to keep me hydrated!!!
    SUMMER ESSENTIAL #2 === Sunglasses! what is a summer withtout fun sunglasses
    SUMMER ESSENTIAL #3 === a scraf!! very essential for coverup

    and of course…. personal items~

  • Carly

    Summer Essentials:
    Lip Balm with spf
    sun glasses
    a great book
    my Ipod

  • Stephanie

    If I owned the Jessica bone bag, I would carry my wallet, sunglasses, chapstick, keys, camera, pens, sunscreen, my phone, a water bottle, oil blotter, and still have some room to slip in a couple of notebooks for school. :)

  • Anna T

    I would carry sunscreen, my chapstick, sunglasses, cellphone, wallet, lotion, water bottle, probably a magazine, my planner, and a small make-up bag for touch-ups.

  • Yngvil

    I would fill my Jessica Bone Bag with these summer essentials:
    Sunscreen, ipod, sunglasses, cellphone, magazine, make-up, camera & a whater bottle. :-)

  • Anita

    I would fill the Jessica bag with my wallet, camera, cell phone, sunglasses, lotion, lip gloss, comb, brush, candy, hand sanitizer, water bottle, pen and a good book or magazine to read.

  • Ashley

    I would fill my Jessica bag with my wallet, cell phone, make up bag, lotion, sunglasses, water bottle, pen, and tissues.

  • JenG

    I would fill my Jessica bag with my JCP wallet, cell phone, keys, pens, calculator, Aveeno lotion, file folders used for work, gum, business card holder, and picture book of family.

  • Catherine

    I would fill my Jessica Bone Bag with lip gloss, travel sized sunblock lotion and body mist, compact mirror, hand sanitizer, contact lenses case, small water bottle, wallet, cell phone, keys, pen, and the latest issue of Elle.

  • Kirsten

    My Coach wallet, Oscar de La Renta sunglass case with sunglasses, my cell, my keys, my mini photo book with family pictures, gum, and Nivea chap stick.

  • agatha

    I would fill my Jessica Bone Bag with lip balm, body spray, sunblock, hat, 800ml water bottle. These are the summer essential that i cant live without under the hot sun!

  • Mitch

    Lip balm, L’occitane verbena summer fragrance, sunblock, bottled water.

  • MS

    A great book, ipod, iphone, MK wallet, lip balm, blotting sheets!

  • Sharon

    If I had that bag, i’d fill it with just a pair of sunglasses n shontelle’s album (that im not able to buy).. ‘No Gravity’

  • Alexis Berry

    If I win Jessica Bone Bag I would fill it with my clutch wallet, my makeup, keys,phone, iPod, lipgloss, sunglasses,camera, my signed Shontelle CD,lotion, bottle of perfume, handsanitizer,plus more etc. Also my overnight bag

  • Rosie Millard

    I would fill my Jessica Bone Bag with my phone, my keys, my purse, a small make up bag with mascara, lip gloss, and concealer in, chewing gum, a water bottle, spare hair grips, a small hair brush, a mirror, a pen, my iPod, perfume/body spray, tissues, and hand sanitiser.

    Summer in the UK would mean that the ‘essentials’ would be: a hoodie/jacket and an umbrella… Hahaha! :)

    I ‘liked’ all of the pages. :)

  • Amanda

    I’d fill that Jessica Bone Bag with sunscreen wipes, oil blotting papers, chapstick, sunglasses, hand lotion, lint roller, gum, my cosmetics bag, my phone, my keys, and my wallet!

  • fushsiarose

    Sunscreen, sunglasses, a book, flip flops, sandals, bronzer(useful because it helps make your muscles appear more defined), definitely switching my foundation for one with SPF, lipgloss for a balm/gloss with SPF, mascara for a waterproof one(useful when heating out to the beach), and hairspray for a sun protection one! I would also carry a Nicholas Sparks novel (favorite author), iphone, urban decay naked eye palette(it’s versatile), self-tanner(more healthy to use this than the sun or a tanning bed), camera( to capture every moment of life as time passes), tampons(you never know…), magazine(teen vogue), and lastly a leave in conditioner (salt water kills my hair, and so does chlorine from the pool, so I usually slick it on before going into the water).

  • Lubaska

    I would fill it with wallet, keys, sun glasses, glasses, lip balm, comb, pen, phone, sample of perfume and small digital camera. thanks

  • Jazz

    Currently, Im suffering through summer school – so it would have my laptop , a cardigan, water, my purse, a notebook, and a textbook. Otherwise: water, snacks , a change of shoes magazines and my lunch

  • Sabrine

    I would fill my Jessica Bone Bag with phone , keys , a book , sunglasses …

  • Elisabeth

    I “like” all 3 on FB. I would fill it with my phone, chapstick, lotion, sunglasses… everything! :)

  • Valerie

    My phone, iPod, wallet, sunglasses, keys, a cardigan, camera, perfume, a drink, …

  • Ann- Kim

    I would fill my purse with my blackberry, my tao of wu book (my favorite book), my favorite mascara, my keys, teen vogue, earphones, handsanitizer, la senza heavenly love lotion, sun lotion, lip gloss, and some flats.

  • amy rouse

    Sunscreen, lip gloss, hand cream, and my picture that I always carry of my FABULOUS grandson, Eli Calder Sachs!!!! Never leave home without it!!!!

    • amy rouse

      oh yeah, and my passport. Cuz you just never know when a girls gonna need her passport. =)

  • summer bonner


    U R
    S E

  • RF

    I’d fill it with perfume, hand lotion, sanitizer, comb, mirror, make up bag for touch-ups, 1 book for studying, phone chargers, sunglasses+reading glasses, flip flops (cuz I’m sure my feet will be tired after a long day) my keys for home, oh my wallet of course…..and just about everything but the kitchen sink! It’s neutral too, so it’s going to go with any and everything!

  • Lynd

    I would fill my Jessica Bone Bag with these summer essentials:
    wallet, mobile phone, keys, make up bag
    pen, my favorite summer book, postit, mirror, lip balm

  • Cathy Fitz

    I would fill this lovely bag with my phone and sunglasses, maybe in those cute side pockets, or maybe I’d put my two sets of keys, house and car, in them. My other summer essentials is of course a wallet, and for this bag it might have to be a new one, in a different color than what I have. Tissues, hand sanitizer, mini-compact to dust away the sun, and maybe a pretty scarf to tie around this lovely bag and put around my hair so the sun doesn’t bleach it. But I’d carry this bag the rest of the year, too.

  • Faiza noor

    ummmmm, i would fill this bag with my skool books (i got a lot of vatching uo to do), my phone, my wallet, cream, lipgloss, make up, sunglasses, sun cream and hair brush

  • Jackie Welch

    i would carry all in mybag………….music,phone,keys,body spray,personal……SPF…..You can never have to many great bags and would love one….all….lol…….you are awsome people feel your music…it gives those brokenhearts hope…..thank you

  • Charmaine DG

    My Jessica Bone Bag would hold my sunglasses, sunscreen, SPF lip balm, iPhone, earphones, keys, and wallet! All my summer essentials!

  • Sara

    Cosmetic bag! (lip balm with spf, touch up powder, eye liner, eye lash curler, lip gloss), cell phone, comb, book (Emma by Jane Austen), mini note+pen, mint tin, and extra hair pins :)

    Lovely bag! Lovely giveaway!

  • Lia

    I would fill with my make-up bag, wallet, keys, iPhone, pen and chewing gum!

  • shweta

    My bag would carry:
    1: Lip gloss
    2: Compact
    3: Mirror
    4: Hairbrush
    5: Tissues
    6: Mint
    7: Sunglasses
    8: Wallet
    9: Pen
    10: Medicines
    11: Phone
    12: scarf
    13: Book
    14: Cellphone
    15: Good luck charm

  • Ne-knopka

    make up bag, phone, wallet,keys

  • Lisa dion

    I’d fill my bag with lip gloss, a compact mirror, my cell phone, wallet , some gum, and hand cream

    I like all 3 Facebook pages

  • Carmen

    I would fill the bag with…my phone, my iPod, my wallet, my makeup bag, keys, a mini umbrella (because it rains every now and then in NYC) , and I always carry a bottle of water!

    I never like having too much in my purse.

  • Courtney

    This is a perfect bag for the running around I do at work. I would carry my iPad, a paint deck, tape measure, graph paper, 389 pens, as well as sunglasses, a pair of sandals, lip glosses, and a waterbottle. I think I could fit it all in! {I like everyone on FB!}

  • Claudia

    I would carry sunbklock, my ipod, my cell phone, a tiny book, a highliter, chapstick, lip gloss, my wallet, and my sunglasses!

  • Leigh-Elllen

    That bag could just go everywhere with me without having to move everything over. I carry my whole life in my bag this time of year.
    MAC lipgloss with SPF 15
    Hair brush
    Novel (I’m a traditionalist)
    Reusable bag in case I make spontaneous purchases

  • Chippie

    I love how big the bag is! I would put:
    – sunglasses
    – lotion/sunscreen
    – a book for light reading
    – hairbrush
    – wallet
    – a folding umbrella for the heat! It gets so intense here
    – pen
    – tissues
    – mints

  • Patty Dion

    I like all three facebook pages

    “What summer essentials would you fill your Jessica Bone Bag with?” I would put
    1. lip gloss
    2. a comb
    3. a small compact mirror
    4. cell phone
    5. wallet
    6. a good book
    7 my pocket calendar

  • Cate

    I would fill it with my wallet, sunglasses, iPhone, sunscreen, a pen/small notebook, mint gum and lip gloss-ready to go!

  • ter garney

    My meds(I’m a breast cancer patient), mirror,wallet,hairbrush,makeup bag,hand lotion, keys, cell phone,gum,hand sanitizer & small perfume.

  • Liz

    Makeup bag, wallet, lip gloss, brush, gum and baby wipes.

  • Melissa D

    I “like” all three pages, and this tote is the perfect bag for me! I would fill it with things like: phone; iPod; sketchbook and little pencils; my HUGE makeup bag containing about 12 MAC lipglosses and a few from Urban Decay; my super huge black Ray Ban “Jackie O” sunglasses, a sun hat just in case, and a baggie of treats for my big dog Zeus, who is usually with me around town.

    Seriously, this is a gorgeous bag that would get me anywhere with everything I need!

  • Cindy Moore

    “What summer essentials would you fill your Jessica Bone Bag with?” Makeup, movie passes, my personal fan, money, money and more money!

  • Sarah S

    My bag would carry:
    Tinted Moisturiser
    High SPF Sunscreen
    Lip Chap w/ SPF
    Lip Gloss
    Hand Lotion
    My Blackberry
    Compact Mirror
    My Wallet

  • Sara

    I must always carry chap stick, sunscreen, sunglasses, lotion, lipstick, lip gloss, and a compact mirror!

  • Kristen

    My bag would carry: brush, wallet, make-up case, day planner, good luck charms, crystals, medicines.

  • Jenny

    I’d fill my bag with –
    – Sun cream
    – Lip gloss
    – Wallet
    – Phone
    – And a compact mirror so I could see how great I looked rocking my new bag ;)

  • Lea

    I will be filling my new fabulous bag with the essentials:
    Pocketsize Calendar,
    and…anything that might strike my fancy that day.

  • Lydia

    I would fill it with:
    1) My purse.
    2) My Phone
    3) A Comb
    4) Probably 2 Books (One novel and one cookery book – i read them for relaxation!!)
    5) 2 sets of Keys (Mine and my grandads’)
    6) Tissues
    7) Sunglasses/Glasses Case
    8) Bottle of water.