We are very excited to be partnering with Shontelle and Free Endearment handbags for a week-long giveaway. Each day a new bag will be up for grabs, and each bag will come with a signed Shontelle CD.

Kicking off day one, we are giving away the vibrant Free Endearment Dana Blue Clutch. I was immediately drawn to this clutch because of its color as was Shontelle. Priced at $365, the bag is from the upcoming Fall 2011 Collection. That means the winner of this clutch will be the second person to own this clutch before it is released to the public along with Shontelle – talk about being in good company!

How to Win

1) Like Free Endearment, Shontelle, and PurseBlog on Facebook

2) Answer this question in the comments section below: “What outfit would you pair your new Electric Blue Dana Clutch with this summer?”

Also, for all Shontelle fans and PurseBlog fans, Free Endearment is offering a 30% off code for the entire week of the promotion. Simply enter SHONTELLE at checkout and the 30% discount will be automatically applied.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • colleen b

    i like all FB pages; colleen b.

    i would pair it was a bright pink dress, for a color block look.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  • Heather B

    all facebook pages liked :)

    i would wear this bag with dark blue denim skinny jeans, a white tank, black patent pumps, and a black fitted blazer. would be a nice pop of color, and transition well from day to night! love it

  • Debbie Terry

    Since electric blue is my favorite color, I have lots of outfits to wear with it.

  • Audrey

    I would pair this with my white collared shirt dress/ tunic thing.

  • Ruth Ann V.

    i would pair it with a skin tone dress.. so that the bag would stand out.. :)

  • Kayla

    This is gorgeous! I have a fab black dress for evening and beat up jeans for day. I love the juxtaposition of the bright bag with denim

  • Michelle

    I would wear the bag with a gray shirt with black and grap stripped skirt (with black belt). Earrings (anicent with blue highlights), Braceletts (a bit of silver to match the blue bag) and a blue sandal (sexy heels).


  • Shana

    Liked all pages :)

    I have a gorgeous vintage lemon-yellow dress that would be perfect with this bag.

  • Heather

    pale blue shirtdress–paired with khaki cords for fall.

  • Coralie

    I liked all the Facebook pages.

    I would pair the bag with black strapless dress cinched at the waist with a blue ” node ” belt ( the same blue as the bag ) and black pumps.

  • Michelle

    This is a beautiful bag! Since it’s from their fall collection, I would wear it with my favorite little black dress and heels. It would be the perfect pop of color for a night out :)

  • linda brooks

    Im a fb fan of all 3 I would wear it with a black mini skirt and a nice blue and black shirt!

  • Vicki

    I would pair it with a pale yellow skirt, white shirt and sky-high red Marc Jacob wedgies.

  • fsc

    I would definitely pair the clutch with some dark jeans, pumps and a nude or white top. The bright colour of the clutch adds a nice pop of colour to the outfit!

  • jenna rothen

    a little black dress

  • Jennifer

    My new grey wrap dress!

  • Melissa D

    I “like” all three pages on Facebook (Melissa D*****) and I would let this gorgeous bag be the star of my outfit: white jeans, a white t and silver wedge sandals.

  • lynn serra

    I would pair this GORG blue clutch with my purple ruffle dress that has small boue flowers. The dress cinches at the waste and with this blue clitch and a thick brown belt the whole outfit would look amazing!! The blue bag will really bring out the blue on the flowers! *fingers crossed*

  • Angel

    I just got the greatest off the shoulder 80s type dress in yellow and this would be amazing with it!

    *I like all 3 pages

  • Lorie

    I would wear this with everything! But if I had to chose just one, I’d pick my adorable flouncy black skirt with the yellow embroidery, my cute black top with the square neckline and some strappy sandals.

  • Cat

    Liked all.. I would wear it with a silk tank and Blue jeans.

  • Jean

    *I like all 3 pages*
    I would wear it with black skinny pants, white crisp tunic and black high heel pumps.

  • Astrid

    1) I Liked all the pages :)

    2) I would pair this bag with a nice rompers (color camel) and sandals (brown). + accessories.

  • EM

    a little black dress, and really make that blue pop!

  • Shannon C.

    I have a few different outfits I could wear this with, but I think tops would be a black shift with my nude heels. The blue bag would pop against my black dress and pale skin.

    I have flaming red hair and cobalt blue is one of my favorite accent colors to play with!

    • Shannon C.

      I also liked all 3 pages. Today’s my (gulp) 32nd birthday, would love to win this as a present :)

  • Lori

    I would wear this bag with every outfit, but most often with my University of Kentucky Blue scrubs because I am working A LOT as a transplant coordinator there! Nurses and those scrubs can definitely use more STYLE!

  • Nits

    I’m sure it’ll go well with all my summer dresses and casual outfits to give some glam effect.

  • Lily

    I adore this bag! I would pair it with one of my neutral or black dresses as a bright pop of colour

  • Johnny

    Will match it with a d&g polka dots jumpsuit, with pair of hot pink wedges platform to complete with a electric blue shontelle clutch.

  • Anita

    I like all 3 pages on FB. I love this color . I would pair this bag with some black skinny jeans and a white or grey top.

  • H

    I’d pair it with a nude or neutral pleated maxi skirt and casual tank with a few neon bracelets and this bag for a punch of color

  • Valerie V.A.

    I ‘Like’ all 3 pages.

    I would pair this bag with a lot of outfits really. Jeans, black/white/blue dresses/skirts. Maybe experiment with some colours and see what combinations I like :D

  • Melinda

    I would definitely pair this with my red and black striped halter dress, and some black strappy sandals!

    • Melinda

      oh and I liked all three!

  • Nishi621

    Dark jeans with a black top and some black or gray booties. Let the bag be the POP of color

  • Lori

    Black Jeans, white tank, blue patent shoes.

  • Anna

    This is a versatile purse in which it can be used to dress up or right down casual!

  • zaali

    I would wear it with a grey satin shirt and grey dress pants for a business look and then wear it with a white lace shift dress for an evening party with friends.

  • Monica

    I’d wear this with either a black/white floral dress, or casual with jeans and simple top.

  • Leslie A

    I liked all 3 facebook pages :)
    I LOVE this color! I would wear it with heather grey and a little bit of yellow to make sure it popped. It would give it a retro feel. I have a couple items in those colors I could pair it with but, it would look great with any color really.

  • Carmen

    I would wear my distressed skinny jeans, a fitted white Tee and blue suede 5 inch stilettos.No accesories that bag will be the eye catcher its Fabulous like Shontelle!!

  • Amy MacIntyre

    I “like” all three pages on Facebook I love the color of the Endearment Dana Blue Clutch. I would wear flare cut black denim DNKY jeans, with a black scooped necked lace tank tucked in. A single strand of lapis lazuli/sterling silver beaded necklace and earring worn with silver tone belt and a pair of comfy sexy blue shoes to match and lastly a white spread collar white shirt.. Though I know i would love to wear it with a printed dress as well, there are so many options I love that versatility in a bag.

  • Lindsy S.

    I “liked” all 3 pages.

    I would wear that purse with cropped black pants, a white feminine tailored button down top and black pumps. Let the purse be a pop of color!

  • Silvia Arciniegas

    Black psnts, black top, small trench jacket, buses shoes for sophisticated look. Liked all pages.

  • Tre

    All pages liked.

    I would pair it with a very simple black dress. I would want the bag to stand out. Such an amazing shade of blue!

  • Silvia Arciniegas

    Meant black pants, nude shoes. :)

  • Anna T

    I think this bag could be worn up or down. I think it would look good with denim and a loose fitting tee and a tan fedora. Dressed up I would pair it with black or a khaki. :)

  • Jill

    I absolutely LOVE this clutch! I would love to pair this with my yellow tunic with white skinny jeans and my electric blue pumps! xo

  • Carla

    I have a maxi dress that is muti colored and that blue would look great with it.

  • Donna

    I would wear this with white pants and a pretty top

  • Ashley

    I liked all three pages on facebook.

    I would pair this bag with my beige high waisted shorts and a flow-y top for day, or a nice contrasting coloured dress for evening.

  • Kwana

    All liked!
    In my dreams white jeans and a black top. Love that bag!

  • Kris R

    All pages liked…

    I think a really cute LBD…show off the electric blue…

  • xiaopohai
  • xiaopohai

    In my dreams white jeans and a black top. Love that bag!http://www.similarbag.com

  • desaria

    I would pair it with my black shorts and white ruffled top

  • Cindy White

    I wear so much black and what a color this would be to pair with my ever dark wardrobe!

  • renee walters

    I’d pair it with black pants and a blue sequin shirt. It would look HOT!

  • Toni

    I would pair this bag with crisp white wide leg pants and a white tank with and nude pumps.

  • Brittany

    I liked all 3! If I had this gorgeous electric blue Dana clutch I’d pair it with a nude top and crisp white jeans with python heels to complete the outfit and let it be the sole pop of color.

  • Lori

    My work scrubs.

  • Natasha

    I would pair this electric blue clutch with a strapless black dress, a brown leather jacket and my purple wedges. Simple, with two dashes of color; blue and purple.

  • ani

    id b rocking it with skinny jeans, a white top and nude killer heels. the bag would be main focus!

  • Kyessa

    i would wear a white linen slightly above the knee skirt, a very pale blue slightly flowy tank top, white wedge sandals… perfect summer art gallery cruising attire

  • jenny

    a white summer dress!

  • Susan

    I would definitely wear it with my Tamara Barnoff “The Boy” dress! (www.facebook.com/Barnoff.official).

  • chrunchy

    I would pair it with black leather shorts, white blouse, electric blue high heels and gold bracelets!

  • Flor

    Skinny jeans, ruffled white shirt, electric blue opentoe heels and this amazing bag ;)

  • May

    I’d wear a denim shorts with a cotton top,the colour would be white, pink, yellow or any summery colour!, pair with a pair of galadiator sandles

  • Avril

    A White Dress :)

  • Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    I liked all three via Facebook

  • Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    I would pair the Endearment Dana Blue Clutch with a pair of skinny jeans, a crisp white cotton shirt and a navy boyfriend blazer.

  • Amanda K

    a white eyelet sundress and lace up espadrilles.

  • Chelin

    I am going to pair it with my all white summer dress!

  • bindc

    I would wear it with a yellow and white floral summer dress.

  • van Nguyen

    With Black Palazzo Pants and a Black top

  • van Nguyen

    With Black Palazzo Pants and a Black top and high heels

  • Alicia

    with my black suede cut-out booties, killer skinny jeans, and a loose black and white cropped-top. this would be fabulous with a bright blue bag for a night out!

  • Antonia

    I would pair it with my electric blue Louboutins (New Simple pumps) on my wedding day! I have a knee lenght 50’s inspired dress!

  • Antonia

    I would pair it with my electric blue Louboutins (New Simple pumps) on my wedding day! I’m going to wear a knee-lenght, 50’s inspired dress! This purse would be perfect with it!

    • Antonia

      sorry for my double post. the page wasn’t working.

  • cristina

    i would wear it witth a short black dress and a pair of electric blue heels

  • kerry moulton

    short blue dress with blue high heel wearing blue allover girl

  • watta popps

    Shontelle I luv your voice n all your song I can’t stop listing them especially impossible and hello and good bye. I also luv you as a person ps I luv ur smile

  • adrienne c

    well, I’d probably have to go shopping, but I do have alot of mix and match pieces that I could come up with SOMETHING to wear this with – I have a black pair of skinny jeans and a crisp white top and black mini-boots that would really look good with this
    Fan of all 3 on Facebook!
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  • Vincia Phillip

    I would wear it with a white linen pants and a spaghetti strap white top with sandals.

  • Lauren

    I Would where it with a black shirt and white pants with all the right accessories …but that bag could really go with any outfit ..i love that bag<3

  • Vincia Phillip


  • Lara

    i would wear it with a denim high waisted shorts and a striped white& blue off shoulder top. i would also wear white wedges <3 :)

  • lisa

    I will rock your bag with a nude color dress….nude shoe with my toe nail painted the same color blue as your bag……gold and teal bangles….sheer barely there makeup with a gold eyeshadow and and hair would have flowy curls.

  • Sarah

    I love this clutch and I woupd pair is with a snug, thigh length, black dress and electric blue peep-toe pumps.

  • alex

    i want to carry the bag with dark jeans, a blue top and a white jacket=)

  • Nicole

    short black strapless dress.

  • FahionChic

    I would either wear it with a nude color floral halter dress and purple ruffle flats, or I would wear a nude color ruffled dolman sleeve top and purple high waisted skirt with brown pumps. (;

  • Chloe

    I would use this with my white super skinny jeans, my blue and white gingham top, and my red stilettos!

  • Kaytlyn

    And the little black dress all of us girls have, and some candies blue heels :D

  • layla

    ii ♥♥♥it

  • jennifer

    i would wear it with my levi boyfriend pants

  • layla

    ii ♥ it with a long arabic dress”purple 1”

  • Samantha

    Silver heels with dark blue skinny jeans and a vibrant matching blue to the purse top that hangs off the shoulder (: a cute silver butterfly or rose on the shirt would be cute too! ^-^

  • Jamie-Leigh

    “What outfit would you pair your new Electric Blue Dana Clutch with this summer?”

    I Would Wear Some high-Waisted Denim Shorts With Either a Patterned Top or a Block Colored top.

  • Sumaiya

    I would wear ripped white skinny jeans with a black tank top and a red faux leather jacket and that purse!! Also I’d wear high platform heels.

  • Mahbooba

    High platform heels with a high waisted jeans and a vibrant yellow shirt tucked inside and the bag.

  • Zana

    Tight low waist jeans,a white elegant shirt with beautiful pearls and blue high heels same colour as the bag.

  • Rosie Millard

    During the day: I would wear it with dark coloured skinny jeans/jean shorts and a white vest top, with either electric blue/black heels or flats, along with some jewellery.

    During the night: I would wear it with a cute strapless party dress, either electric blue with electric blue/black heels, or a black dress with black heels, along with some jewellery.

    *All pages have been liked*


  • Lisa Lewis

    I would wear a black and blue vintage dress, with black leggings (tights)

  • Lisa Lewis

    The bag is soo cute…my kind of style

  • Lisa Lewis

    I would wear a black and blue vintage dress with black leggings (tights) and for the shoes i would put on a Christian Louboutin Alti Pumps :)

    I’ve liked all the pages

  • Lisa Lewis

    oh and for the shoes i would put on a Christian Louboutin Alti Pumps :)

  • Christy

    I would wear a spunky skinny jeans the same color as the purse and a pink cute sassy shirt (showing one shoulder) and pink sparkly heels.

  • Jenna Folwell

    I would wear black skinny jeans with a Lacey Racerback Tank Top White at BeBe and Jodi Embellished Bow Satin Sandal also at BeBe. Jewelry i would wear any silver jewelry with this outfit. And of course the Blue Clutch.

  • Cheryl Lola-Pope

    i would wear this with my white sparkly tight strapless dress with my platform heels and the blue bag (=

  • A.L.

    black 5″ platform heels,black leather leggings,black boyfriends blazer, white chiffon blouse tucked in, stacked silver/gold/bronze bracelet, and finally silver chain earrings.

    yours truly,

  • sandy T

    little body glove tube top black dress, Electric Blue platform heels and the bag…

  • Luiza

    Hum… I would wear it with acid washed skinny jeans, a hot pink loose shirt, gray heels, silver chain bracelet and the bag.
    Or even a light gray bondage high waisted skirt, a black satin shirt, black heels and the purse.

  • Jem

    I would wear this bag with some dark blue chunky heels, some white denim shorts and a light blue shirt tucked in and a big dark blue bangle with a long black necklace, and a dark blue hairband with a big bow on it.

  • Rina Red

    I would wear it with a short pants, white tee and a blazer and also black pumps :)

  • Candace

    white flares with army green camp shirt tucked in with tan woven belt, tan leather high heel sandals and the bag, it’d be color blocking fun

  • summer bonner

    I would pair it with my True Religion Capris and Tank…My killer Guess Pumps….

  • Melissa V

    i think the electric blue dana clutch would look hot paired with a creme colored lace top and black skinny jeans. thanks!

  • heather

    my new black mini skirt with a magenta 3/4 length lace shirt and a pair of grey converse :)

  • Olivia

    This cute clutch would look fabb with my black sandals, black skirt, light blue ruffled top, and a white cardigan

  • Laure

    I would wear this bag with a short. ( with an effect on the shorts “lower torn”) and a white shirt. And little black boots.

  • Claudia

    I would wear this bag with a jean slim. And a white t-shirt and a black jacket. And with black heels.

  • Geeta

    I would pair it with my new Anthropologie yellow silk flower dress I bought recently, aah it would be so perfect for the summer.

  • Lubaska

    I would pair it with my new turquise/white dress and with nude sandals. thanks

  • Steffy

    A Red Dress: tight above, loose underneath like a long tutu-like skirt just above the knee.
    The dress ass no sleeves but studs on the shoulder and thin chains on the upper-arms.
    Around the waist is a blue belt in the same color as the bag.
    On my feet I would where like these tuff brown boots or really sweet and cute heels and of course I would pick some accessoires but really basic so it wuddent overdress everything just like the make-up and the hair really basic. Loose hair, a little bit light brown eyeshadow, mascara, little bit blush, you know just the basic

    I think that just would nail it ;) kisses and hugs Steffy

  • Riya

    I would probly wear the bag with skinny grey jeans, a lavender strapless shirt and cute little blue 2-inch heels!!! :) Probably loopy lavender earrings and some rockin charm bracelets!!!! ;)

  • Deb

    I would pair it with a simple black dress and a great pair of wedge sandals.

  • Elisabeth

    I “like” all 3 on FB! I would pair it with anything I could! I think it would be really cute with my dark jeans, wedges and a cute, colorful floral top!

  • Brittany

    I would pair this blue clutch with a more neutral outfit so that the color would really pop. I would most likely us it on a night where I was going out and I think It would look nice with a pair of black or dark denim skinny jeans or jeggings, black heels or wedges, and a flowy blouse that picked up a little bit of that awesome blue color.

  • Blair

    I would wear it with a very neutral black outfit and use it as a fun pop of color

  • San D

    Thanks for such a fab giveaway!!! I am fan of all three pages on Fb. I am dying to win this vibrant bag. I’m would love to pair this with my taupe linen romper from Calypso St Barth and white rope wedges. Such a gorgeous bag, it’s sure to turn heads.


    San Dalvi on Fb and @SS_Dal on twitter.

  • Jocelyn

    I would wear my black Chanel cambon flats, black leggings, and a pink top with my new Electric Blue Dana Clutch this summer.

  • Katie

    I would pair this beautiful blue clutch with a pair of dark skinny jeans and a bright colored tank or floral top! :-) such a gorgeous bag!

  • RF

    I’d wear a pair of short black shorts with a white blouse that’s a size bigger (not tucked) so it flows and a pair of Miu Miu peep toe pumps in black. Day or night! I want the beautiful bag to get noticed!

  • Tracey

    Hi I’ve “liked ” all three pages :)

    I would pair this stunning bag with a white Temperley Mini Sebille lace embroidered dress and a pair of Christian Louboutin patent nude New Marpoil 120 platforms and a smile of course ! :)

  • Cadence

    I would wear my skinny RL capris with a button up men’s tailored shirt and my new coach sandals which are in a similar denim tone and have great silver/rhinestone charms to draw out that pretty chain detail!





  • samara

    i like all on fb rose154223@yahoo.com
    i would wear this with my dress to my friends weddings in aug

  • Kirsten

    Like all 3…

    Love love love this bag. Been searching for a blue bag to amp up my wardrobe.

    This could go with anything..me I would wear it with my new jeans, tank, overblouse, leather sandals….accessorized with my Oscar de la Renta sunglasses, bangles and hoops.

  • Ras

    I would pair the “Electric Blue Dana Clutch” with either Diana Con Furstenberg Reara Dress! “All Blue Everything.” Or instead with some DVF Jafar Top & Dinnie Shorts…. because the “Electric Blue Dana Clutch” would be a pop of colour to the outfit.

  • Ras

    I meant to say Von* not con.

  • Kathleen P.

    White bermuda shorts,a bright blue tee, an American flag inspired scarf and a bif pair of sunglasses.

  • Ugg

    it’s very beautiful

  • Lynda

    I would pair my new Free Endearment Dana Blue Clutch a pastel green strapless a-line dress, matching blue pumps, and a black fedora [:

  • anita sewell

    It’s sooo cute I’d even wear it with my pyjamas……xx

  • Leslie

    I would love to pair this cute clutch with a dress that I am going to wear to a wedding in November. A nice pop of colour!

  • Esther

    i would probably pair this colorful bag with an all black outfit.. channeling freja beha haah

  • Kate

    Little black dress and nude pumps!

  • jonna
  • Sabrine

    With a very beautiful dress of the same color.

  • Ann- Kim

    I would wear my black H&M blazer with with a vintage fitted t-shirt underneath it, some black leggings, and some black louboutins (if i could afford them), or mocassins. With my single feathered chain necklace.

  • amy rouse

    White Linen skirt, white t, sandals, great chain belt (three of them), a wide brimmed floppy hat, and lots of sunscreen!!

  • Lynd

    If I won, I would wear this purse with my new favorite white dress. Would be a perfect outfit:)

  • Cathy Fitz

    I could just imagine this popping off a lovely white shirt, black capris, lots of silver jewelry. In the evening, with a pretty linen jacket. I have a lovely pale turquoise linen shirt that would love to be paired with this purse!

  • Faiza noor

    OMG i have got this amazing blue maxi dress that goes exactly with this :’)

  • Sara

    cropped shirt with black lacing detail with high wasited bandaged skirt and comfortable flippy floppies!

  • Liyana

    I would wear this gorgeous handbag with blue heels of course, a fluffy chiffon skirt with colurful paisley printing and a white basic shirt to help the bag glow!

  • Ne-knopka

    With a beautiful blue dress

  • Lisa dion

    I pair it with a sexy black dress… That way the bag would pop out!

    I ‘like’ all 3 facebook pages

  • Lia

    I would wear it with a white linen dress and wedge sandals!

  • Leigh-Elllen

    Black skinny pants and a crisp white shirt. Though if I could find the right white dress it would be perfect.

  • patty dion

    I like all 3 facebook pages.

    “What outfit would you pair your new Electric Blue Dana Clutch with this summer? I would wear a black swoop tank top with light blue capri pants

  • Cate

    This summer I’d pair it with a black maxi dress that I’ve been wearing a lot as it looks good on my preggo body. This would add the perfect pop of color!

  • Evelyn Goettner

    Any outfit!

  • ter garney

    A LBD!

  • Liz

    A black wrap dress and silver heels.

  • Lianne

    I would pair this with a pair of dark-wash jeans and a crisp white shirt. Nothing too formal for the summer, and I think this bag would go great with a great pair of jeans.

  • Sarah S

    I’d pair it with dark wash skinny jeans, black heels and a white shirt

  • Cindy Moore

    “What outfit would you pair your new Electric Blue Dana Clutch with this summer?” Skinny jeans and a tee!

  • Aquarelle

    Flared jeans and pussy bow blouse :)

  • Jenny

    It’s pair my new Electric Blue Dana Clutch this summer with a little black dress! You can’t go wrong with a LBD and i’m sure every dress I found would go with that gorgeous bag!

  • Catherine

    I would pair my Electric Blue Dana Clutch with the blue strapless bridesmaid dress I’m wearing in my sister-in-law’s wedding! The purse will set me apart from all the other bridesmaids!!!!!

  • Lydia

    I would pair this bag with a simple knee-length white dress with pale blue trimmings for when i am dressing up. For when i am being casual, i would pair it with a pair of figure-hugging jeans and a plain fitted t-shirt (probably jersey).