If you read the interview I posted yesterday about Jackie Cawthra, the Founder and Creative Director of Belen Echandia, you know we have something awesome in the works. So, here are the details. We’ve teamed up with our friend Jackie to customize a Purse Blog/BE handbag. That’s right, this bag is super exclusive and we need your input! Since the concept behind this bag is all about our customers, your voice is crucial.

Belen Echandia

There are a few aspects of the handbag you get to vote on. This poll will be up from today through Friday, May 8th at 5 pm EST. Once the votes have been tallied, I will relay the winning components to Jackie and she will begin manufacturing this bag. Stay tuned because, this customized bag will be up for grabs! That’s right, not only do you get to help make the bag, but you also get a chance to win. Have fun and we can’t wait to see what this bag will look like!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • renee

    Ohh lala

    I would love a messanger in glossy black with an outside zip!!!

  • rainydaze

    oh my gosh, this is so exciting! i have been lusting after BEs since discovering them on tPF. i cannot wait to see the finished design!!

  • Shweta

    I would love a hobo in a neutral with a deep colored trim!

  • Simone

    I would love a hobo with details that make it unique and different from all the other hobos out there.

  • Laural

    Very exciting! My BE collection needs a fabulous hobo.

  • Louise

    I would like a bright messenger bag designed for travel so lots of pockets and places for passport, tickets etc. (not for laptops and the like) so they can all be accessed easily and kept nice and safe close to your body.

  • Rae

    Jackie must already have some designs in mind. But it’s so exciting that we get to participate. I love BE!

  • Carol

    The only bags I have purchased in the past two years are BEs! Love Jackie and her team!!

  • Zarka

    I intend to buy a BE handbag in the next few weeks…I love the idea to have them custom made just for yourself…Great!!!

  • tammy

    Oh yeah this would be FANTASTIC! I would love to see what they do with this! How creative and personal! LOVE IT!!!! Def would like to see it in Cervo! And in a mid-tone color!

  • Kara

    This is such a fantastic idea!!! So us TPFERS will be th eonly ones with this bag?? I hope to see this with a few of the designers on tpf RM, Treesje, HH etc! FUN!

  • Holly

    Under “what kind of leather do you prefer,” I had no idea what they meant – besides glossy! Hahaa jeez.

  • Mishie

    Cervo – the italian word for deer – is a great leather. I would love a bag in that skin.

  • Susan

    I am all over a messenger in cervo-any color will do (natural would be my top pick!!)

  • katie

    Great idea , can’t wait to see the bag !!

  • Suzanne

    Would love a matte taupe messenger w/ silver hardware!

  • Erica

    I’m hoping to buy a BE bag very soon and I’m having such a hard time picking a color! There are so many that I absolutely love (dark grey matt, black pebbled, wine cervo, petrol). I can’t wait to see the finished design!

  • Linda

    What a wonderful idea, I’d love a hobo in a gorgeous medicum toned color!

  • Debbie

    Can’t wait to see what the outcome is!

  • Contessa

    I want a gorgeous, luxurious hobo that’s comfortable on the shoulder and is modern, edgy, yet practical!

  • Ana M.

    A bright cervo messenger would e fantastic – but most girls here definitely prefer hobos :) can’t wait to see the final creation!

  • Gin

    A hobo in red!

  • Pradameinhofgang

    i love light colours but for practicality, the bad Uk weather, and having 2 kids i tend to veer towards darker colours. I think a messenger bag with lots of pocket options would be fab so that all my stuff doesn’t slosh around the bottom. i think this style would show off the fab leather selections too. i know most people prefer hobos but i’ve yet to find one that doesn’t slide off my shoulder… can’t wait to see the finished result!

  • kathy

    How much fun! I would love a soft, slouchy hobo in a fantastic colour with some tassles, a zipped opening and a zippered pocket. Cervo would amazing in a hobo!

  • Tarantino

    This is very suspenseful – can’t wait to find out the winning design!

  • Maria Elena

    Fantastic contest! I would adore a funky messenger bag that’s lightweight, bright, and in luscious cervo. This is a BE fan’s *dream*. Thanks to all who put this together!

  • Cindy

    I’d like a hobo that has a zip top. I’d like the usual pockets on the inside and would like at least one open pocket on the outside deep enough to hold about 3/4 of a legal sized envelope. Also a zipped outer pocket and maybe a snap pocket reminiscent of the TMA pockets. Maybe an adjustable, comfortable shoulder strap. If it can’t be adjustable, around 11 inch drop.

  • Sissy

    Love that there is now cervo/deer leather available.

  • hipnycmom

    I’d love a hobo. I have yet to meet a BE leather I don’t like so I while I voted for glossy, the style/details would matter to me more than the leather.

  • Michelle

    How cool! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  • Bali_girl

    A hobo – a gorgeous, unique signature BE piece showcasing a beautiful yet functional design and made of the best Italian leather, quality hardware, durable lining in a color that complements the leather beautifully — All the things BE is known for and all the things I love in BE bags!

  • mariabdc

    I would love the perfect messenger bag in one of BEs gorgeous matte leathers, like DG or choco…

    PS Cervo doesnt refer to deer, it refers to leather texture…

  • v


  • Samia


  • Vixn

    Ooooo…..are we going to see Hobo 2 in a midtone cervo leather???

    Maybe that is why we have all been waiting for Hobo2….Jackie is keeping us in the dark until WE have created the bag we want!!!

  • tlloveshim

    How cool! This will be fun to see how it turns out!!


    I bought hobo one and it is the most amazing bag. Looking forward to seeing what bag we have created!!!

  • Natalia D.

    I love different bags! would like to know what kind of bag like the most of us.

  • Francine

    ummm….cervo leather hobo….hmmmmmm
    waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting

  • Amy

    Oh such fun! I have two BE’s and they are my absolute favorites! I can’t wait to see the end result.

  • Marian

    I would love a soft, cervo hobo in a mid-tone. Shoulder strap is a must. Something chic and not too casual. A go with everything color. What an exciting project!

  • lesibly

    can’t wait to see it!!! would love a neutral colored, cervo hobo!!!

  • michele

    This is fun!!! cant wait to see the finished product.

  • Patricia

    I cant wait to see the Finished product.

  • gypsumrose

    How lovely! I haven’t experienced cervo yet, but I know I would love it. :)

    My BE TME Midi Black Crash is my most functional bag. I use it so much more than any of my other lovelies.

  • anna

    bright hobo with cervo leather :)

  • Davina

    Can’t wait to see what the ladies at BE come up with!

  • Maddy

    I agree with Louise. A bright Travel Messenger !

  • bonnie

    I like a messenger to be able to hold a laptop and a bottle of water. Not too heavy, and not too light in colour.Or a rucksack so the weight is divided evenly, but the poll did not have this in mind!

  • Emin

    Nice size hobo, with gold chain shoulder strap, gold hardware, made of rich middle tone soft leather and contrasting lining would be a perfect bag!

  • Ingerid Prebensen

    This is very exciting. Can’t wait to see the result!

  • Prisilia

    Bright color cervo hobo would be great!!! Looking fwd to the result.

  • SereneRun

    I had a hard time deciding between hobo and messenger. I ended up voting for hobo but I would have loved a messenger with zip top instead of snap closure like the wtm.

  • Rosie

    I think whatever the winner is it will be great! heres hoping to a gorgeoss colored cervo bag!!

  • ASB

    I also had a tough time choose between a hobo and messenger. I don’t think you could go wrong with either style, or with cervo, matte, or crash leather. I can’t wait to see what we come up with!

  • misytropics

    I would Love a hobo bag (white) with some compartments

    inside.In Cervo Please–

    .And thanks to Mariabdc for clearing up the Cervo idea ( when someone said “deer like” that frightened me.Thanks for clearing that up for us .

  • msterling

    I’m looking forward to the outcome! I have quite a few BE bags and I love that they are both stylish and practical.

  • Moonfancy

    The birth of a new bag! It’s like we’re all anxious godmothers waiting for the exciting arrival of this little bundle of wonder! Jackie laboring away, all of us shouting encouragement… How fun is this?? And how completely wonderful it is that we have found each other here at the purse blog or over on the forum! Such a diverse group of women from all over everywhere, all meeting here to share something we all love – pocketbooks! Here’s to the newest Belen Echandia baby, and here’s to all of its crazy little godmothers too!!

  • v

    So if these are our little godbagbabies, that makes us all belen echandia in-laws!

  • Amanda

    I’d love a hobo with a zipper top, silver toned hardware and an outside cell phone pocket in a mid-tone shade with contrasting trim and magenta lining.

  • peppy

    As a Hobo2 will be launched soon, I’d like to see another messenger bag. With the Whisper to Me being so gorgeous, I can’t wait to see another messenger bag. With a top zip closure, in amazingly thick smooshy leather, with a slightly deeper base, so that I can be a super stylish mom running after my DS! And it’ll work great as a travel bag too (hence the top zip closure!)

  • Mara

    I’d love a bright, glossy messenger… one that really pops and makes spotting a fellow tPFer easier :P

  • Michelle

    A hobo would be nice. I think whatever the outcome I know the bag will be amazing! I cannot wait to see the results!

  • Shana

    All the leather types are so pretty, it’s hard to choose!

  • asl_bebes

    Definitely excited to see the new design:)

  • Katie

    Some may say we’re crazies…but, I just say we’re bellenista ladies!!

  • Audrey

    I’d love a small, daily messenger for my belongings (read: no kid stuff! LOL!) that was in an elegant matte leather – purely selfish, only for me!:) Ideally the outside pocket would easily fit a larger “smart” phone and maybe a subpocket for keys (so it wouldn’t scratch the phone!).

  • Mindy

    BE has done some amazing hobos and hobo-like styles. But I for one would love to see something new and exciting. IMHO a hobo is a hobo is a hobo; there’s just so much that can be done to it. But BE has never done a messenger or have they?

    Oh..But a BE messenger bag would be ideal for so many of us as long as it doesn’t look like most messenger bags that have been done to death be high and low end designers. I know BE can design something and take it to another level.

    I would love a one in a luxe leather, something surprising, perhaps in a totally unexpected color and texture that takes a messenger bag to a new dimension, like the pearly rose, lilac or gold that some lucky and privileged Belenistas were able to snag..or some of the newer leathers from BE couture, something that says BE is different and divine and TPFers know how to select a purse like no other woman on the planet.

    On the other hand a classic messenger done in a cervo in deep, non “holiday” green, (had BE ever done a bottle or forest green?) with handles so I can hand carry like the wonderful I’m Yours Tote and the new, adjustable messenger strap with the padded shoulder protector.

    The hardware? I would swoon over brushed rose gold, or brushed bronze perhaps, something less shiney, for those of us who love gold hardware..but not to leave anyone out, brushed pewter perhaps for the silver hardware lovers?

    Design? Perhaps something along the lines of English school satchels but one that molds and slouches a bit and isn’t as structured and boxy. Not a laptop bag. Wonderful outside pockets but not too many which would distract from the lines and would be unessesary. Inside, a place for a cell phone, PDA and slots for pencils and pens. No inside pocket that is flimsy either, something with a bit more body to it that closes well and doesn’t droop.

    I have so many ideas about what I would like to see, and I know Jackie, Rose and Maya can accomplish almost anything we ask them to, with a smile, as long as we give them the right amount of time, but I can’t take up any more space here or I will never be able to show my face.

  • pinkdiamond

    i would love a new hobo in a bright glossy leather for summer!!!!

  • Tracy

    i’ve been lusting after something in Crash leather!

  • steph

    I lwould love a hobo in a nice fun color!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I can’t wait to see the LE! (especially if it’s a hobo!)

  • suziQ

    I’d prefer a something that was not messenger-only please, but an optional strap would be fine.

    I love ALL the BE styles, but, I have a friend that hates zippers, and for some reason, she’s gotten me to now look at them like braces on a bag! I hate it, but now I’m zipper-averse, and it’s difficult because I *need* for my bags to have an outside pocket!

    If anyone can put a lovely flap over a zipper, it would be the artisans at BE?

    Could this possibly be a new, special feature for this custom new bag? RM has flaps over zippers and I think it would be nice because I don’t recall that any BE style does.


  • Eugenia

    I would love to get a bright yellow messenger bag in glossy leather – yummy!

  • Kara

    SO exciting!

  • Nicole

    I would love to get a hobo in one of the matte leathers!

  • Sandy

    Very exciting!

  • kingak

    This is such exciting news!
    A cervo or matte leather hobo would be fantastic!

  • Leslie

    i REALLY WANT the new hobo style! i am very excited to see the design!

  • Janine B.

    I LOVE the fact that BE bags are so special in so many ways and applaud Jackie for her entrepreneurial spirit and endeavor! I haven’t had a chance to purchase a BE bag yet, however I have a beauty of a bag saved in my BE Coutures section and cannot wait to get to the point where I can purchase it.

    Hooray for BE and tPF! I am so excited to see the beautiful outcome of this collaboration!

  • Shannon

    A bright messenger style bag for travelling would be great!

  • Pam

    Can’t wait to see the outcome of this. Exciting.

  • Anna

    I’m dreaming about a hobo in dark cervo leather! It sounds absolutely beautiful. What a great first Belen Echandia bag this would make. I adore Belen Echandia!

  • Vicki

    A cervo hobo would be lovely.

  • tanmon

    i’d love to see a be hobo that’s as easy to wear as my be sm but a little larger with longer handles — all in smushy cervo leather in a deep aubergine or wine. i can’t wait to see what jackie cooks up.

  • Brandless

    I would love to try a BE hobo bag. I don’t own any BE bags right now but the prospect of being able to customize a bag to suit one’s preference is really exciting!

  • Denise

    I would love for Belen Echandia to offer a mid sized zip top hobo and include a vertical zip pocket on the outside.Whatever the finished product, I’m sure it will be fabulous.

  • Vanessa

    I agree about zips – not the easiest to deal with – good quality metal fittings a must, as when the finish rubs off it cheapens the product. Leather tabs with pink crystal studs make a BE bag instantly recognizable to those in the know. For Summer, light or bright hobo with statement handle/strap and fastening,in cervo leather my ideal. Look forward to the unveiling!

  • linda b

    can’t wait to see it – I’m sure it will be beautiful!!

  • Cheryl

    Can’t wait to see how it turns out! I love BE bags!

  • Coleybug

    So much fun, can’t wait to see!

  • Larke Nunn

    I LOVE BE bags and have several. Just got the new hobo style in the apple green sheen leather and tried out the new online couture to get a cobalt Hold Me with an exterior zip pocket on the front, longer handles and the gray interior with silver hardware. I know it’s going to be a beauty. I’d love to see a hobo that’s has a little more depth than the current new style with twin zippered pockets on the front with a top zipper closure with tassel zipper pull. Tassels on the exterior pockets too in a gorgeous sheen leather. Wouldn’t that be a beauty? Looking forward to the end result.

  • Larke

    One more thing … to go along with what Mindy said … interesting hardware like rose gold, gunmetal, pewter and interesting leather colors like dusty rose, mint green, salmon, periwinkle (lavendar blue), forest green. Fabulous.

  • Abby

    Having just recently gotten my first BE, I know how great these bags are! This is so exciting and I can’t wait to see what Jackie and the gang come up with!

  • Laura

    Can’t wait to see the end result!! I just love all the BE bags that I have gotten so far!

  • Terri

    Love my BEs, but am very excited about there being a new style, and would love custom colors & features…..would love a warm-weather friendly HOBO with cleverly designed slide & secure pockets, storage w/o it looking too army. Need great drop, outside access pocket, great details, such as seams, hardware, ruching or zippered closures. LOVE Crash leather (I have two in this stunning durable soft finish) but could be persuaded to do cervo. I am dreaming of Salmon Pink, Grecian Sea Blue Green……BEs are such sexy, wearable girls’- best- friend bags!

  • poolean

    I’d love to see the hobo with bright color~

  • Ellen

    It’s so hard to just choice one.

  • Pam

    I would love a hobo in cerve leather. I’m torn between chocolate brown & a rich deep blue.

  • Melissa

    I would love a Hobo in an earthy toned, Cervo leather. Hobos are the easiest to just grab, and go.

  • Debora

    HOBO in CERVO with an outside zip!! I’d love it in any color except for lights. Now off to dream of the possibilities!!

  • jen

    I can’t wait to see what the finished product will be. It will be beautiful!

  • Iluvhandbags

    I can’t wait to see the final bag!

  • zarya

    I’d love a dark purple bag! Especially with an interesting hardware color…
    I’m so looking forward to seeing how this will turn out!

  • carolyn

    I hope it will be a hobo bag. So exciting!

  • Toni

    I am so excited at the thought of owning a BE bag that is exclusive to pfr’s. Jackie, you are wonderful and I thank you ever so much for doing this!

  • elsie

    the thought of walking down the street and catching a reflection of a mid tone hobo made of cervo leather draped across my shoulder, just gives me a deeper appreciation for BE.

  • Laurie

    ..Love BE bags, but only have one:( I’m lusting after the whole collection.
    What a brilliant idea ! what a brilliant collaboration! xx

  • Eastcoastgirl

    I’d love an edgy “Mommy Friendly” messenger bag with a separate section for baby items and of course one of the new BE bottle pockets!

  • Susa

    I would really love to have a hobo in a neutral color like tan, outside zip and additional messenger strap

  • Kay

    My wish list? Beautiful to behold (with BE that’s a given!), plenty of inside pockets/compartments, straps that allow hand or shoulder wear, glowing colour (maybe a touch of complementary colour for added impact?), soft stroke-able leather, brushed hardwear…

  • Cheryl

    I’m sure whatever wins will be totally gorgeous!!

  • Devon

    Messengers are my new thing–they’re so practical (and don’t hurt my shoulder). Either way, it’s fun to have some input. Can’t wait to see the final product!

  • Susan

    Wow a hobo! Definitely one for the collection. Can’t wait for the birth of this BE baby. Something soft and slouchy which oozes style. Plain and simple yet with the wow factor; not too dressy/ blingy but bright yet still understated. Such a tall order for Jackie but I know there is space in the collection for this bag.

    The hobo will surely become an iconic BE bag just like the Love Me. For everyone who wants a sling and go bag, requiring minimal effort but displaying loads of panache – this is the one!

  • Iris

    Can’t wait to see the new bag. I’m sure it’ll be gorgeous!

  • Lissa

    I love BE bags. I want slouchy with lots of organizational features.

  • Chandeen

    A slouchy Hobo in a light color would be perfect. Can’t wait to see the result.

  • Samantha

    Just excited to see the final product, whatever it may be!

  • ChristineNY

    Can’t wait to see the results!

  • Shan

    Love love love BE bags! Cant wait to see the end results!

  • Matty

    Wow this will be great!

  • Dana

    Looking forward to seeing the new bag!

  • my new bag

    any bag that passes the vote would be killer to wear!
    good luck!

  • Vanessa

    Wow – I can’t wait to see Jackie’s take on the Hobo bag!

  • Rachel

    This is going to be stunning! I would love to have my first BE–I’m sure it would be the first of…’zillions’.

  • Paula

    Would simply LOVE to see a Hobo design…..and if it’s paired with Cervo leather….well that is more than one woman could stand!!

  • Kairi Tammoja

    If I could choose 2 ideal bags for this summer then I would vote for a mid-tone Hobo for everyday use and give my second vote for a glossy yellow weekend messenger bag. That would be heaven!! :)

  • Olivia

    I’d love a bright colored hobo good for summer or even all year long, preferably in orange!! That’ll be so gorgeous…=)

  • Vera

    It’s so hard to find a perfect stylish messenger that combines beauty, quality, and sensible functionality. That’s a type of bag I’d love for Jackie to design. Hard to choose between neutral or a brighter color, like sunflower or a beautiful shade of green or blue.