Rebecca Minkoff 'Minkette' Charms

Another week of Comment & Win draws to an end. While I am going to be busy selecting the two lucky winners of last week‘s mini-competition, I am delighted to present you this week’s C&W prize.

The loyal Rebecca Minkoff crowd will appreciate us giving away two RM ‘Minkette’ charms, as it was that particular crowd which–to my knowledge–coined the term! One silver and one gold charm are up for grabs.

As usual, comment on any of our Purse Blog’s new or old editorial posts and leave your feedback throughout the week. The more you comment, the higher the chances of winning. Make sure you leave a valid email address in the comment form field!

Two winners will be chosen the weekend of April 4th and notified via email. Your insights are important to us, what is sweeter than winning goodies in the process?

Good luck!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Zarka

    I like Rebecca Minkoff handbags…And this little charm is great….

  • Cindy

    What a cute charm!

  • SisiEko

    RM is the ish. One of my aunts loved my Noir MAB…now I just need to win a minkette charm to add on to it:)

  • brianne

    Adorable! I want one! I need that blue MAM too!

  • Margie

    How pretty one of those gold charms would be on my wine Nikki that JUST arrived at my office!!

  • Jenniletv

    These minkette charms are so cute and they look great on all RM bags!

  • knasarae

    I love the Minkette charms…they add a very nice little something to any RM bag!

  • annabelle

    OHhh very cute … i love the Minkette charms.

  • Jennifer

    Ooh! I need a Minkette charm as fuel for my RM fire! Maybe it’ll help me hold off a little longer until my next purchase!

  • Veyda

    Ohh, I would like a gold charm for my new Almond Studded Devote!

  • M

    Oh! I would love a Minkette charm for my Woven MAB!

  • easygirltolove

    aww i want onee for my MAB!!!!

  • Arm Candy Lady!

    Yippeee!!! This is an awesome give-away!! I really admire Rebecca Minkoff designs…so classy & timeless!!!

    Good luck ladies!!

  • vietangel713

    i have a royal mam that keeps my gold minkette charm!! i’m a minkette. lol

  • Sally

    cute! I really want the hobo in ostrich.

  • Desi

    Yup Vlad- you’re on it! This term was coined by one of our lovely pf’ers!

    These minkette charms are ADORABLE and gorgeous to use as a bag charm, keychain, anything! Love them!

  • LIsa

    That Minkette charm is just too cute!

  • Katie

    That Minkette charm is so adorable! They look great on RM bags! :D

  • Valerie

    How cute!! Minkettes rock.

  • Ruth

    Would love a chance to advertise my Minkette style to the world!

  • Cat

    Adorable!! I want one in gold to hang on my RM Night Nikki

  • jennylovexo

    Gahhhhhh, I need a minkette charm since I’m probably one of the only minkettes without one!! They are soooo adorable and add character to all RM bags!

  • Free

    So… would it be a faux pas to place the charm on a bag that wasn’t MAC, MAM or MAB? Would it be like wearing an Addidas sweat suit and wearing no-name tennis shoes? Just wondering!

  • Kimberley

    I just love Rebecca Minkoff, I have just been expanding my purse collection, and she is clearly someone everyone should look into! Extremely practical bags for everyday life! I love my new RM MAB and I couldnt love anything more than to show my minkette pride and dangle a darling charm off her :)

  • Olivia

    That bag is gorgeous!

  • Joanne

    I love these Minkette charms! The silver one would sure pop on my new dusty plan b hobo!

  • ASB

    The charm is adorable. I have been trying to choose my first RM MAM. If I win a charm I will have to make up my mind!

  • Colleen

    Such a cute charm and a great token for a Minkette to accessorize any RM bag with =)

  • sheana

    LOVE the bag! and the charm of course, I keep mine on my key ring so it is with me at all times.

  • seven7

    I love the picture of this bag. :) Verty artsy, indeed.

  • LynZei

    So cute! Those charms really pop against that blue MAM!

  • Shari

    I really really really want a charm! I dream of a wine mini nikki or a chocolate brown devote. The charm would be a great addition to my dream once it is fulfilled!

  • Bear2002

    What a great idea! I love the charm!

  • sarah

    these minkette charms are genius! my cream and brown basketweave MA is begging for one…literally!

  • Tara

    I loved the minkette charms the second I saw them.. Definitely adds some *umph* to your RM bags!

  • Mrsshoegal

    We should all thank Tatertot she coined the term!! This is a cute charm too!

  • Lolita Blue

    I am a minkette and would love to have this charm attached to my Tangerine Matinee bag!!

  • lovinlife

    Oh, I need one of these!!

  • Karina

    Oooh – I’m loving it :)!!

  • xoxomandylyn

    I have the royal blue MAM and that charm looks SUPER cute on it in the picture! I have yet to have a charm though! :)

  • Melissa

    I would love one!!!!! I have 3 RM bags and I looove them!!!!! All they need is a charm!

  • C

    I love that silver charm. It would go perfectly with my MAM!

  • Khahy

    Props to RM for showing love to her Minkettes!!

  • Amanda Gravel

    I really admire how Rebecca manages to create bags and accessories that are cutting edge and on trend, but retain classic looks and charm. Would love to win!

  • annaversary

    Love me some more Minkette charms<3!

  • Cate

    i totally love all her bags. There’s just something about them that’s so simple yet enough to keep you hooked in.

  • lunatwinkle

    I want the silver one for my Dusty MAM!!! I love RM!!! XD

  • Jing


  • Amy


  • Norjie!

    I love that charm, lol I never win anything so we’ll see how that goes …

  • S

    I love RM bags! They are always so pretty, unique and well-made!
    These charms are adorable and I would love to have one for my very first RM bag!

  • kay

    adorable charms! i can just picture a gold one on my black matinee…

  • Lori

    Adorable charm! Really makes the bag!

  • Sarah

    RM needs to start making “Minkette” Tees now that she just launched her clothing line!

  • CJ

    That is so cute!!

  • kimsg

    i love rebecca minkoff so much that my 9y/o daughter was able to tell her teacher that my bag the teacher loved so much was “a Rebecca Minkoff” I think a minkette charm would be a great gift for my daughter so that she and I could share in this fabulous obsession of mine!

  • ilikebigbags

    totally wicked! I love that a contest is for a minkette charm, my dg mattie sure would look smexy in a silver one! rawr

  • morgan

    I love love love RM bags.
    I have 3!! :)

  • Jane

    Too adorable. Love this!

  • GBG

    This is too cute and if I win one I will be forced to buy a new Rebecca Minkoff bag to go with it!! :)

  • Aisha

    I adore RM bags!!

  • Joy`

    This would be such a cute little addition to my minkoff bags!

  • Alyson

    One of these charms would look perfect on my RM Nikki !!

  • Ji

    So CUTE!!

  • e


  • Aze

    I love RM bags, I would love to win one of her charms, it will complement one of my 4 RM bags, Thanks Rebecca!!

  • lilasianvixen77

    Ooh how cute! I would love that charm on my purse!

  • Charlie

    I’d love to have that charm. I have RM bags and that charm would make them look beautiful. XD

  • daen

    i think that would be a great charm to hang on my future rm handbag

  • txcoachgirlie

    Awesome, I haven’t got a charm yet….it would go well with my RM bags!

  • bs2short

    the gold charm just POPS.

  • ZG

    Oooh, I would love to have a Minkette charm to hang off my Nikki!!


  • stella

    OMGGGGG. I love RM!! I don’t have her bags though (I’m struggling to find one in-stores) but I want this charm though!! It’s so cute! I want that MAB too. lol.

  • Rachel

    Thanks to Vlad and Megs! Love the Charms!

  • Kelly

    Oooo, one of these charms sure would look good on my cloud grey Nikki! ; )

  • MH

    I love RM!! <3 And I love how she came up with these cute charms, I’m definitely a Minkette and I would love to win one. =]

  • Yvonne

    oOooh i want a silver one please please please :D

  • tuffcookie

    the minkette charm is adorable! classy, classy!

  • cocolee

    OMG cute cute cute charms! We are Minkettes!

  • Kelly

    Pick me! Pick me! It’s so cute. :D

  • May

    The gold Minkette charm would look fabulous with my RM Nikki hobo in gray cloud with gold hardware!

  • Diana

    everyone seems to know this brand. more background knowledge and more bags by RM would be nice. i feel so out dated and living in the black outs as i’ve never heard of RM before

  • wendy

    So cute! Love this!

  • Lauren

    That charm is a definite eyecatcher! “Minkette” sounds so minxy too – I quite like!

  • hazel

    Awesome! I’m loving these contests, speak my mind ANd get a chance to win something? Too cool

  • Barbara

    Very cute. Minkette is like a grown-up mouseketeer.

  • bunny

    What a cute term!!! Awesome!

  • Joceybaby23

    I heart RM and these charms are so adorable!

  • accio sacculus

    LOVE the Minkette Charms! Can’t wait to get my first RM Nikki!

  • miss_white_lily

    i´ve never owned a bagcharm before, this would be a fab start!! =)

  • Bagzilla

    Those charms are so cute!!! They would look so great on my MAC!! :)

  • Tatertot

    Hmmmm, that moniker sounds familiar, lol. I love the charm she ended up making! They turned out super cute and I’m glad she ended up using the nickname I came up with in her collection.

  • Jen

    It’s cute. I would need a MAB to put it on though.

  • katie

    I think the minkette charms are really adorable. They will look great (of course) on any RM bag but they will look cute on a keychain too. I’m sure many people will be wondering, “what’s a minkette?” and it will be a nice opportunity to spread the word about RM bags.

  • gr8ful1

    How cool is it for RM to cater to her fans like this? I don’t know of any other designer who is so close and in tune with her customers’ needs and wants. Way to go Rebecca!

  • GC

    these are too cute! im proud to be a minkette!

  • bagnshoofetish

    me like charm.

  • Kittie LaRoche

    How cute is that?! Everytime I hear Minkette I have to think of the RCMH Rockettes :p It just has such a foxy 40s glamour to it!

  • littlerock80

    “XOXOMANDYLYN” Really deserves a Minkette charm! If I win, please send my charms to her. It’s a long story but TRUST that she really deserves one of these adorable charms. Thanks and good luck everyone!

  • xxmahal

    One of these would look so cute on my MAM <3

  • lilian

    the minkette charm will look gorgy with my wine nikki!

  • jamie

    those charm r soo cute!

  • jamie

    charms* :)

  • kathy

    doesn’t everyone want to be a Minkette?? that would look really cute on my MAM, but I would have to a brass one to match the hardware :)

  • Karen

    Love Minkette charms, gold especially. The blue color of the bag looks very summery and FRESH!

  • schumley

    What a cute charm! It will look perfect on a RM!

  • hannah

    That charm is so cute!

  • 53baglady

    I would love a silver Minkette to go on my new mint MAM!!

  • Mary

    those charms are so cute! i would love to win one.

  • skyliner8888

    Cute bag! I absolutely love the Minkette charm…

  • goldie21

    I am drooling over that fabulous blue!

  • andrea

    I am LOVIN that charm! I just have to have that!

    B L
    E U
    A F
    U I


  • Pam

    Rebecca Minkoff is my favorite, and I am ridiculously insanely addicted. Love them

  • Cats


  • Davina

    enter me, please! those charms are super cute!

  • gina faulkner

    I like the look of the charm. It’s not too big, or too small. I think it gives the purse something unique – different from the usual purse.

  • Real Estate NJ

    I love charms. Not all of them, but very well made ones. Like Minkette. Nice to show, nice to touch, nice to look at!

  • Meghan

    I love RM bags! I recently purchased my first three Minkoffs, and I love them all!

  • Clara

    the gold charm will look very cute on my noir MAM
    Proud to be Minkette

  • Eri

    I love my RM bag!

  • Arlena

    I’ve always wanted one of these!

  • Pinkcaviar

    Very chic, love the gold luster!

  • Carolyn

    So cute. I love charms.

  • seahorseinstripes

    OMG! that is sooo cute!
    the charm will look great in any of my bags :D

  • Dyanne Kelly

    I love RM! I have wanted one of these in silver for so long

  • Samia

    I love my minkoff bags, I have been looking for this charm for a while now!

  • Vicki

    I love RM bags!! They don’t sell them where I live so I can only drool over them online. I can’t wait to go to NYC this year and purchase a MAB!!

  • pursegal

    So cute and cool that Rebecca did this for her loyal fans…. that’s a designer that’s keeping in touch…

  • Kim

    Love the Minkette charm! I am a huge RM fan!

  • Coronita

    Would go great with my Steady! :) LOVE IT!

  • ChristineNY

    LOVE these!

  • Maria Perez

    This minkette charm would be so great at my MAM…or at my MAC! they are beautiful!

  • Mishie

    Mishie is a proud Minkette and loves rockin her RMs!

  • Vinyl

    LOVE these charms. I think they’re so spunky & cute.

  • Raychel

    This would look nice on my RM bag!

  • Am

    love the charms!

  • Tina

    Adorable for any of the RM bags!!

  • Allison

    these contests are great! what a generous offer…the charm would brighten up any RM bag!

  • Purse Fanatic

    I love that royal RM bag and I would love to have a charm to match my RM bags!

  • feifei

    Very cute charms! I want that gold one to go with my sage MAM :)

  • Ally

    These Minkette charms are adorable! I would love to win one! :)

  • jo

    nice i love this

  • reece

    perfect accessory for my MAB!

  • Sarah Teo

    this charm is classic!really brings out the glam-look:-) i really want it!

  • Caroline

    RM bags are fantastic! I love the soft leathers and gorgeous colors.

  • Goldie9899

    I love Rebecca Minkoff…she is one of my favorite designers! The “Minkette” charms are adorable and would be a great accessory to add to my many handbags!

  • Carlotta

    what a cute charm!

  • fabiana

    this would be a great addition to my collection!!

  • QueenMAB

    I’ve JUST discovered Rebecca Minkoff bags, and am in fact carrying my Sunshine MAM today :)
    I am looking forward to adding more. But this charm would look FAB on my Ocean MAB with the golden crackle bottom!

  • chinkyi23

    Love the minkette charm, especially in gold. I also love that the name originated here on tpf

  • Christine

    so cute! <3 RM!

  • Bonnie

    soooo cute! LOVE RM! the charms are just tooo adorable and would accent any of her great bags!

  • ecem

    i’ll just say that i never won something on these kind of stuff so i need this.:D

  • Natasha

    So cute! It would be a lovely addition to my Minkoff bag.

  • Hindel

    I’d love one of those! I think they are great accessories!

  • idreamofpurses

    SO cute!! would look great with my mattie ;)

  • Vanessa

    I would love to have a Minkette Charm. Its so cute. I cant afford to buy a charm like this right now, im so broke. :(

  • peppy

    I’ve been eyeing RM bags for some time now and this charm is beyond cute! NOW, if I’ve a Minkette charm, I’ll be in trouble cos I must then get a RM bag to pair it with! lol…

  • Kenna

    This sounds like such a fun contest! Thanks for hosting!

  • Darcy

    Would love to have a gold Minkette charm for my MAM!

  • Natalia D.

    Wow! Very nice! I mean VERY!

  • pcatherinea2

    i dont have a purse i recently lost all i owned. i would love this

  • hannahbananab

    I love dressing up my bags with scarves and charms – and I absolutely adore that little Minkette charm!

  • april

    I love rebecca minkoff! cute charm.

  • Karen Lee

    I can’t wait to get my next RM bag!!! I bought the gold Minkette charm for one of my girlfriends that introduced me to RM! <3

  • tessmcdermid

    Many of us are just regular people, with regular jobs who love Rebecca’s bags!
    Instead of clothes, shoes, jewellery, train tickets, sometimes even food, we’d rather buy a RM bag!
    Never enough Nikkis, Devotes, MAM’s, MAB’s, MAC’s!
    Kryptically we all have a gentleman caller called Vincent?
    Ever the organised Minkette, pockets, snaps, pouches, scarves and charms!
    Together we can enable!
    The end is never near…
    Every TPFer in the RM forum is in for the long haul.. where ever that may take us, and which ever bag may accompany…

  • sunchicka

    Darling charm. It’s just like candy its too sweet!

  • melody

    this will go great on my matinees :)

  • Mei

    I want one! I asked for one but never received it so I would love to get this one!

  • KV

    I love the charm! Very cute and girly!

  • Jazmin

    This is a very cute key chain. If I don’t win it, I want to buy it.

  • Julia

    Cute charm! I wanna get one and people better not ask me if my last name is Minkette ;)

  • pixiepoo

    I love the purse charms and the word Minkette! It sounds like it should be the name of a very frou-frou and fabulous little pet. Here minkette…

  • Babyblue4

    This minkette would love to add one of these charms to a few RM bags in my collection! I <3 my RM bags!

  • Jeanni

    Too Cute! I’ve been looking for the “Perfect” gold purse charm!

  • LAltiero85

    I just bought my first RM bag, A Jammin Purple Mini Nikki and I LOOOOOVE it! I can’t wait to buy another one in the near future!!!

  • lilcorinthian

    So cute! Would love to win one! :0)

  • Alia

    love it .. nice to have one of these ^__*

  • Janice Johnston

    This is too cute!! I hope I win!!

  • Macarena

    I’m from Argentina and I’ve just discovered this blog!
    It’s great!
    And RM designs are really cute!
    I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity of having one of these charms!!

  • Krystal

    Adorable! This would be perfect for any RM lover!

  • Lubaska

    I ve just seen RM bags on website… i like Supernova Mini Stud Tote in creme. If I would win on of these charms, I will need to buy it…:-)

  • Dominic

    Cute charm.

  • Melody

    I don’t own a Rebecca Minkoff bag yet but I just did a little research on her bags and I have to say that they’re pretty cute!! I would definitely like to have one =) I just feel bad feeling this way because I just purchased a Miu Miu and I feel like she might get jealous…
    anyway, good luck everyone!

  • Myra

    oooh! i want it :)

  • Madeleine


    haha i saw these charms in your office when i visited for the wedding! I think i should win to complete my SoFlo look when i move down soon :)

  • Lori O

    I never win anything! I have the Nikki in Yellow, a MAM in seagreen, and I wouldn’t care which color charm I got. I love being a Minkette and need the charm to prove it!! Im saving up for a new bag as we speak!!

  • slprich

    These charms are so adorable!!! What a great way to show your love for RM bags. I am a Minkette!!!

  • Kim

    Love the minkette charm. I see one coming my way!

  • tomtom

    Work it!!! That bag rocks..

  • twochubbycheeks

    just got my newest MAM… this Minkette charm will look perfect on her! =)

  • Suzanne

    RM rocks! Love these cute little charms <3

  • kat25

    cute charm! I hope I win one! :D

  • amey

    This bag is one of the most amazing bags its design and color is so interesting and as an 18 year old girl i feel that this bag is a mixture of classic and causality, its would suite me for sure and it would be nice as a new bag to my collection.

  • Lori O

    I wanna be an official Minkette!

  • summer

    Cute charms!

  • Rachel

    coming back to see the cuteness.

  • eorchid

    yay! we should all have these charms. I love them!

  • Amanda

    This is such a cute charm!

  • golds

    Hey! RM is my current obsession!

  • Kanisinaict

    nice, really nice!

  • suziQ

    maybe I”m the only one to think the charms are…well…garish!

    I love RM bags but I don’t want to advertise her name….in fact I just don’t like advertising anyone’s name! Yick……I like my own name and initials (as BV says about their bags…when your own initials are enough!!)

    Now the bags, they’re gorgeous…

  • JCB

    Who wants one? ME!!!

  • Belken22

    Ooh! I ordered my first 2 RM bags this week and am quickly feeling the obsession! How cute would one of these look on my newest addition!

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  • Karen Garbig

    I’m obsessed with coach, I just love the keyrings, really really want to win anything, I never win at contests. I’m hoping I win something

  • Patricia

    The older I get the more I like charms.

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