Did you notice? PurseBlog got a facelift and we think it is lovely.

We have been working on this new layout for a few months and took into consideration your comments. The new look features a clean design, easy to navigate tabs, a nifty shopping section, and a gallery that will make your perusing much easier. We hope you like it, but feel free to leave us comments or send us an email on anything else you would like to see.

With the launch of the new site, we want to pick back up on our giveaways! We love reading comments on our articles, so why not reward the valuable opinions of our loyal readers?

All you need to do to enter is comment on our ongoing editorial. Every comment on every post going forward is an entry, so the more you comment the more entries you have.

The Prize

We will be giving away one $50 Amazon gift card every week through the rest of the year. As the holidays approach, we have a few different prizes up our sleeves.

Thanks for your constant support!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Dee

    New layout is nice, but the gallery is still just so-so. Do we have to refresh each page to get a new picture? Can we have some kind of gallery that makes it easier to scroll back and forth? Maybe using left/right arrows?

    • Jackie Ellis

      Agreed, there are left/right arrows, but it still kind of refreshes the page and you lose wherever you have anchored the page on your screen. I have to scroll my screen down for every pic in order to see it completely. I’ve suggested a pop-up/floating view of the galleries when selected, so wonder if this can be done.

    • There will be a whole new gallery coming in about a month that is being built from ground up. We’re aiming to make the experience as easy as possible and we’re keeping all your feedback in mind!

      • Rachelle

        Could probably do whereby the pic refreshes instead of the entire page! x

  • May

    Thanks! The new style looks clean and great!

  • Becky

    i enjoy the new style. It’s great!

  • patricia flores

    I really like the new layout. It’s a lot easier to navigate!

  • I love the new layout! It looks so much better than the one from last week! Can’t wait to see the new winter collection posts coming!

  • Jackie Ellis

    I love the layout.. particularly I like the black bands with the very cute white icons!! Tres Stylish! ;)
    My only critique is that when I want to click through pictures in a gallery, in order to see the whole picture I have to scroll down the page a little… I don’t mind doing that to line up the screen for the first picture, but every subsequent picture that comes up, I have to do the same thing… I wish there was a way that wherever I scroll my screen to when going through a gallery, it would anchor at that point on the page and just the gallery would move, rather than it refreshing the whole page and moving it again which is what it seems to do. Not sure how to fix this other than a pop-up floating screen when you select to view a gallery, though I think I may have seen a post in the past about why this isn’t being done.
    Other than that, Love it! x

  • Dana

    I love the new layout. Like everyone else, I do feel that it was easier to scroll through pictures in the last layout. It just would be nicer if the page didn’t refresh every time you looked at a picture. Also, I think the screen shots for the other stories (on the right hand side) on this site are a bit big. It takes up a third of the screen and is a bit distracting.

  • Madeleine

    Even though I like the new clean layout, I am also not a fan of the multiple refreshers of the site that I need to go through the picture gallery….

  • Shana

    Love the website. I do think one improvement can be made. It might be fun to be able to search for a certain color or style and the site would give you related articles. This way you could find articles related to the bags you are interested in buying or looking for.

  • klynneann

    Digging the new layout! Definitely has a “fresh” look to it.

  • Well I like the new Chic layout, very simple yet there’s a knock off!

  • laura

    OH love how the shopping pull-down now has a huuuge list! haha now, i don’t have to keep track myself :P

  • dnfl

    diggin the new layout!! one little thing that’s a hassle tho.. the whole pic thing, but i’m sure you guys have heard enough of that already d:

  • S

    Liking the new layout! Comments are easier to read too!

  • Would love a new purse forum app for the iPhone 5!

  • Lookin’ good.

  • I like the added option being able to view the pictures all in one page or one at a time, however I think the old layout was better in that it was more simple and less cluttered. Oh well, keep up the improvements, getting there! (y)

  • I also think that the clutter could be reduced by allowing us to hover the mouse over “editor’s picks” so that a selection can pop out

  • Oh yeah, and could you please space out the pics and captions a little more?

  • The new outlook of Purseblog looks nice. But The gallery – still one photo per page?! Why don’t you change it to some convenient ways to view photos? There are some other blogs which have better photo viewing functions. We have been voicing this for so long – but why is there no improvements?!

  • Joanna

    Loving the new layout! My only problem is with the pic gallery.

  • Ebun

    it seems everyone has echoed my sentiments about the pic/gallery issue so no need to belabor you guys…one suggestion though: i noticed that the “view all” option is only available once you click the “continue to gallery” link. how about having that on the 1st page instead? that way, you can skip the whole gallery brouhaha right off the back.
    i do love the new layout though! it’s sleek, clean and modern whilst still maintaining the features of the old layout. i like!

  • I love the new layout!

  • vc

    I like this layout for the simplicity, clean, and easy to navigate :)

  • Ann

    Thanks for the chance!

  • Gigi

    Very modern looking. Great visuals!

  • ah

    the new layout is very clean and eye catching. it doesn’t make me lose interest although i have to say that looking through pictures is still a hassle for me. i like the layout of pictures you have for TalkShoes, when you show smaller pictures and able us to click to enlarge.

  • makeawish2468

    definitely love the new layout! cleaner look :D

  • Masonsmum10

    Love the new fresh and easy to navigate

  • pixiegirlie

    I love the view all option now for the pictures in the posts!

  • Jessica

    I like the simplicity of the new layout. However, I wish the background wasn’t white. :(

  • Marie

    I find the new website more pleasing to the eye and I love it’s overall look. Good job!

  • miriama59

    Took some time to check out the site and it really is improved. So much easier to get around and check out different bags, etc. So far, so good. :)

  • micy

    thanks for the opportunity and the new layout it’s really amazing :)))))

  • Lola

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • waialaegirl

    Liking the new layout- love the option to choose “read all” and the shopping section!

  • I like the new layout. It is user friendly, and a bit of eye candy as well ;)

  • The layout is way better I used to get lost finding certain things. I seem to have trouble finding logg in button already logged me in I quess.

  • I really like the new layout

  • Great new site, it’ll be nice if you can revamp the iphone 5 app too!

  • Bruisedorange

    Layout is fabulous. I’d love to see a feature where there are purses you can buy that are similar to the luxury brands. Such as, “you may also like “.

  • lisa mcfarland

    great new layout

  • XXL

    The layout is very minimalistic and sophisticated! It seems like you guys have made a final decision to continue limiting one image per page. It would be great if you guys can put a count and incorporate the total number of images on each page such as “1/5” so we not blindly clicking & so we know approximately how long we’ll need to finish viewing an entry. Not trying to sound demanding or anything.. (:

  • miriama59

    I really like the tabs across the top of the page. I like how the shopping links to so many sites easily…and I have missed Pursonals, by the way. Everything is so easy to find now.

  • elle

    can’t wait to find out who you picked for this week’s winner!

  • Tina Renee Barker

    I especially enjoy the editor’s picks!

  • katherine

    love the new layout :))

  • addisonshopper

    love the new layout, easy to navigate and find my way… i have been a member a long time and have enjoyed all the upgrades and things you guys do to make it easier for us.

  • Milda

    I’ve just been surfing the web for new fashion blogs to keep an eye on and discovered Purseblog – how did my life miss this up till now?? I love bags, you love bags, and what is even more amazing, I loooove the bags that you love. Purseblog is definitely going on my reader, and I can’t wait to see your new updates!

  • Kate A

    i like a lot…keep up the good work!


  • cmd10

    One suggestion would be to keep the pics/articles on the right of the screen a little smaller. Great work guys!

  • Bella

    I heart the new layout. Its look is fabulous and easy to navigate!

  • Diana C

    I love the new face lift. ;-) And I love handbags.
    Diana C

  • I love the makeover! The website looks fresh, young & so current!! xo

  • Love the Layout guys :)

  • love this layout