Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Book

I am truly in a giving mood.

In the coming weeks, Purse Blog be giving away weekly, small prizes for loyal readers who share their commentary with us. Let your voice be heard on our influential fashion blog and scoop up exciting prizes along the way.

This week’s prize? A nicely boxed Louis Vuitton: The Stephen Sprouse Book, written by Roger & Mauricio Padilha.

How do you win?

Post your comments on any posts on this blog, new or old. The winner will be picked randomly next Wednesday. Note that quality and quantity do both matter. Keep using the same, valid email address for submissions, so we can reach you. The email address will not be abused in any way.

Good luck and thanks for participating.

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  • tony

    thanks so much, purseblog! I want to win!

  • Kim


  • ryan23


  • Jenifer

    This is awesome!

  • luvhautecouture

    SO FUN!!! Whose idea was this?

  • deka

    great giveaway idea

  • christy

    Wow! I actally wanted this book for my fashion book collection! I am super excited!

  • lightblue84

    thanks guys for this giveaway!!!

  • Lisa

    I think this is a great idea! Thank you for all the kindness you are showing your contributors. it really adds to the feeling of community here, which makes tPF so special!

  • CC

    Ah you’ve changed small designs on the page. Gradients in the post headers :) Nice touch
    Thanks for keeping us updated on the purses :]

  • Raluca

    Hello! Great blog you have here! And great idea with this prize giving. I have been reading your blog for sometime and now I’m posting this comment, so keep up the good work and PICK ME! PICK ME! :)

  • marvy

    that’s a great price, keep having giveaways and contest here. Good Job!

  • sophie-rose

    great giveaway!!!!!!!
    thank you!!!

  • allbrand

    i bought this book and it’s amazing!
    it’s a book that is worth keeping and reading.
    may the best comment win!

  • brooke

    it looks like such an awesome book, this is a great way to get more feedback on the blog!

    <3 brooke

  • Merve

    Can we have the Kanye camo bag along with it? Just kidding ick.

  • Alex

    WOW! That is a great gift for the purse lovers of this site.

  • michael waren

    Thanks..i never miss an opportunity to win free stuff.

  • Raspberry

    I think it is great that they decided to create a book to document the acheivements and thoughts on the artist. I guess like any other art book on a great artist, it’s a way for us to understand and appreciate their works. But, a collaboration with LV always glams things up. I would love to have this one to add to my collection!

  • Cali

    Oh wow what a great idea! I usually don’t comment much because about 75% would be along the lines of : “Wow I wish I had more money to buy that!!” and “Soooo pretty!” ^_^


    This is truly awesome. A great gift from a wonderful site! I would love to win something in my life!



  • Carolina

    great! I just hope this “contest” will be open for international readers as well! a big shout of love from italy!!

  • Samantha

    The book looks really cool. It would look very nice sitting out on the table!

  • Cassy

    great idea! i love the new layout too!

  • patricia

    the colors are sooooo pretty………
    It is truly a collectable for a LV FASHIONISTA!

  • Kathy Griffith

    I love PurseBlog. Though I probably will never be able to afford one, I {heart} reading and seeing them all.
    Thank you for all you do. Oh and if I do win, I will sing your praises everywhere.

  • Ji

    I love giveaways~ great idea

  • my new bag

    I check here at least once per day, you are a part of my life,
    As an artist, this would be a great inspiration to have and learn from.
    Regardless, good luck, keep going, thanks for all the happiness.

  • Amy

    This is so great – thank you!!!

  • Dominic

    You are indeed in a giving mood. A VERY nice giveaway!


  • Denisse

    What a great idea!! Thank you so much. I love this blog.

  • KathyB

    Thank you! I would love to have that book!

  • Zarka


    I don’t know if I really like the new Stephen Sprouse LV design…The look is more for a young and hip crowd…With time, I have become more of a fan for the classic LV look…It took me a long time to digest the LV Murakami designed handbags…Maybe, with time, I may accept Stephen Sprouse.

    Good luck to whoever wins this giveaway…

  • CJ

    thanks! great giveaway! I liked the Sprouse LV design in moderation, it’s definitely a fun look.

  • QueenMAB

    You guy have FAB giveaways, and I love Stephen Sprouse’s collaboration with LV! This would be a treasure in my house.

    Love reading your stuff and thanks for giving me a place to hang out :)

  • Cherie L.

    I recently bought the graffiti roses bag and it looks better in person, more so than i ever imagined. one word to sum it all up is “vibrant”. i think this book will go well in my collection. it will be cool to see a big splash of colour pop out of the book shelf!

  • Sean

    What a great giveaway !!!

  • katie

    wow! i’m sure the book will be helpful especially since i’ll be pursuing the fashion beat in journalism.

  • cec

    great giveaway!

  • MissG

    Well ,as with the credit crunch I cant afford any of the other Sprouse LV items, it would make my year to receive this!It would look gorgeous on my coffee table!Thanks so much!x

  • Kara

    Wow this is great of you two! All this plus your getting married in a few eeks Gawh!

  • Kenna Rogers

    I am so new to Purse Blog. This is my very first entry on what appears to be a great blogsite! This is a great idea to be so focused! Thanks for being so thoughtful and giving!

  • Kellee

    great idea!!!

  • Joann

    Yay Louis!

  • Cat

    what a great give away! purse blog rocks!

  • lunatwinkle

    aaaah, i wanna win! :D

  • Roberta

    Great site! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

  • Paola P.

    I need this!

  • lvcedlv

    wooowww! this’s hugee! I would probably have an heart attack if it was in my hands.. this site rocks, there’re so many good stuff to look at, it’s like a luxury library.. thanks 4 everything :)

  • Miyu

    Ooh…I hope I win the book, but this blog is already a gift by itself! :)

  • yanlu

    awesome giveaway megs and vlad!!!

  • chris

    wow, what a fantastic giveaway! thanks you guys!

  • Susanne

    Great idea :)

  • Kyla

    Even if I don’t win, I will definitely go out and buy this book. Louis Vuitton is an amazing company that has been able to evolve through the decades. Everything they produce is elegant, fun, and luxurious!

  • schumley

    Thank you for the giveaways and your wonderful site. I’ve learned a great deal about different brands and I feel a lot better about the purchases that I’ve made since becoming a member of TPF.

  • Angela

    Thanks for all the giveaways! You and tpf have helped so much with my handbag decision-making process – I’ve escaped many potential mistakes. I so look forward to hearing what works and doesn’t work with handbags as well as other fashion ideas. Keep up your wonderful dedication!

  • caL

    wow… great idea!!
    never done this before but i have always loved this site! gave me a lot of updated information!!…Thanks!

  • Kelly

    I love coffee table books!!

  • scholastican

    Seeing as how the economy continues to rapidly spiral downward, this free designer coffetable book may be the only luxury I have to look forward to. Oh please fairy godmother, I’ve tried so hard to be good!

  • Jing

    Cool idea and Cute book! lol

  • Deena

    Great giveaway purseblog. This looks like a beautiful cofee table book!

  • Alexa

    This is such an aweome idea!

  • Regina Rivera

    Love, love, love the book. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  • emm

    yayy!! GREAT GIVEAWAY!
    Steven Sprouse’s graffiti for LV was one of the highlights since in the hype world kanye rocks it so everyone rocks it.
    Also the new york installations weren’t too shabby.
    i hope i win it
    thank you purseblog!

  • jessica

    i want. how cute.

  • jessica

    interesting. hope to win it!

  • David

    this giveaway is awsome! thanks soo much

  • Kyle

    This giveaway is one of the coolest! Thank you!

  • Nadia


  • Wendy

    Great Giveaway. BTW, does anyone know where the winners of all these giveaways are posted? There were a ton of bags given away over Christmas and I never saw where the winners were posted.

  • Shawna

    I think your generosity is admirable… and what a great place to start. I’m a new love of LV and just got my first Speedy last summer for my birthday. I’m pretty convinced I’ll be a lifelong and am now lusting after my next bag – a beautiful Rita. I must confess that I like the Stephen Sprouse leopard print scarf, but can’t justify the big bucks to send it my way – SAD!!!

  • Erica

    I want to win it!

  • Kim

    ooh, i would definitely love to add this to my non-established louis vuitton collection! i just recently read “deluxe-how luxury lost its luster” and am very interested in fashion history. learning about the origins of where these things that now have become daily essentials of our life (especially at the purseblog!) is always very interesting. i am not very familiar with steven sprouse so this book would give me a great opportunity to learn more about him and the collections he’s made for louis vuitton (grafittis 1&2 , the leopard, and is there more?) hopefully i’ll find out in this book! =D

  • Wendy, we shall announce the winners of the Dec Giveaways next week once all the paperwork is finalized.

  • niki

    OMG!!! love it love love love this beautiful book : ))

  • cindy w

    What a cool art-house book, I’d be so proud to show this off.

  • baby boo

    haha and here we go we all start posting! love the book tres tres cool

  • Jessica

    Wow, I love the book! It would be so great to win. Thanks for the many, many giveaways you make available to us!

  • Goldie9899

    Another great giveaway! I am a big collector of beauty and fashion books, and this would defnitely be another great book to add to my collection! Also, thanks for all the great info. on the site!!

  • Ann

    Great product give-a-way in these economic times. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • *GINGER*

    OMG, I just dreamt about this last night, so surreal…

  • kay

    love the sprouse line. great giveaway!

  • carrot

    awesome idea! i hope the giveaway is open to your international readers too :)

  • hershe59

    Fantastic giveaway…It would be great to win! Thanks for the chance.

  • Cia

    What a “yummy” book to have in my library! I’m staying hopeful!!

  • naeta

    sooooo want to win

  • Berry Craig

    I hope I get it! :-)

  • Claire

    I’d feel so cool with this book on my coffee table.

  • Stephanie

    I would love this for my house!

  • jo

    pretty cool!! i love purseblog

  • sndc99

    i loved the first set of sprouse LV not sure about this one but love the designer himself,…to me it says 80’s big and bold…love the blog

  • misss60

    LOVE stephen sprouse and LOVE louis vuitton!

  • Kelley

    Great give-away. Obviously, you should pick ME!!!!

  • melopuff

    Great idea for a prize, and what a super prize may I add!! LoVe IT!

  • LAvuittongirl

    i love the purse blog!

  • Superqueen

    Great idea and lovely giveway!

  • paradise_valley

    Great giveaway! Thanks!

  • M_butterfly

    Good idea!!! I think any little thing will cheer people’s mood nowadays and it is appreciated. A big Thank YOU!!!

  • lisa

    wheeee!! i want it!

  • Lisa

    I absolutely adore EVERYTHING Louis Vuitton! And this book is just a must have for all LV fanatics! I absolutely love the new designs that LV keeps coming up with!

    Love always for Louis Vuitton!

  • Julie

    YAY! Great giveaway! I love this blog :-)

  • Kelly

    First off – how can you NOT like a blog that always offers amazing giveaways?! You guys are awesome. My younger sister was the one who got me hooked on fashion designers and their handbag creations. Your blog captures and promotes a lot of stunning designs from classic fashion houses and up-and-coming designers. You don’t only show the good designs, but showcase some what-are-they-thinking?! handbags too (very educational and entertaining!) Just like this giveaway, I seriously had NO IDEA who Stephen Sprouse was until I read about his collaboration with Marc Jacobs for LV. I love all things to do with design (I study architecture!), so this book would go perfectly with my hard-cover design-related book collection! Ok…whew…i’m finally done!

  • Margryg

    I would love to win this beautiful prize. I find Purse Blog insightful and full of interesting bags. All shapes, sizes, colors, and designers. The site keeps me educated and up to speed on what’s new and exciting in the wonderful world of purses. For those of us who enjoy true style this is the place. Thank You.

  • Yak

    Dream about new LV’s new designs!!! Wish I can have one

  • Jessica

    Thanks for doing this contest!! I would love to win also!

  • Vikki

    very informative website..a must have for all fashionitas! love the give-aways!

  • Jessica

    I want this book!

  • gloria

    i like lv in general but truly this collection i couldn’t understand what does it stand for maybe this book can change my mind cuz i do get influenced so quick

  • aga

    cool contest, and yes I do want the book….. among other LV things

  • taunja

    i love tabletop books!

  • lalachka

    amazing blog randomly came across it today. love the graffiti inspired look.

  • Jo

    I start my day reading purseblog everyday. I even read on my phone. This is awesome!! if i can only afford it :(

  • Jing

    Please Please Let me win!!

  • David

    wow, I want to win!! please pick me!

  • shushopn

    I’ve heard great things about this book – from tPF of coursed! I live here!

  • Valerie

    this is indeed one of the best book give away ever!

  • easygirltolove

    i’d love to win

  • anne

    I have been thinking of buying the rose shawl and love the idea of owning this book.

  • jennifer

    what a great idea! Thanks for creating a wonderful site :)

  • MiMi


    New here to the blog and can’t believe I just stumbled upon it after all this time.
    This is such a delightful giveaway

  • SusanL

    I <3 this site!

  • Hermawan


  • deborah

    wow! i have been wanting to get this book when it was released. how exciting!!

  • serene

    wuhuu :) I’ve been seeing people buying these books and I’m very curious what it contains..

  • Sonakshi

    I’d love to see this particular book on my coffee table.

  • Christen

    OMG Sprouse’s new collaboration w/ LV is so amazing! Good luck to all!!!

  • Ralina

    WOW! It’s really amazing) Thanks!
    I really love LV, they do amazing collection)
    And I am glad that Marc Jacobs does collections for LV, they are really remarkable!

  • NK

    can it get any better?

    i’m going to art school in chicago next year
    and i need to keep my apt interesting.

    thanks so much for this opportunity!


  • mich

    i would looooove the SS book!!! looks hot!!!

  • nicki

    i want it! i want it!

  • ecem

    oh my got! the writing on it is incredible!
    i need it i need it!
    i’m starting college next week.it would be really good to have it as a present :P !
    i mean it is adorableeeeeeee!

  • sandybags

    Thanks so much, this is really exciting and a good way to get people to write better things than just “good!” …lol

  • Summer

    Such a wonderful prize! I love this blog.

  • Carlotta

    i just discovered this blog (thanks to whowhatwear.com!) and it is amazing! i’ll keep checking it as much as my free time allows me to do it! Congratulations from Barcelona!

  • Lucy

    looks like a gorgeous book <3

  • Trang

    it would be awesome to have this! looks awesome!!

  • Kathey

    I just love the new Stephen Sprouse collection and I feel like Marc Jacobs has an influence over the collection. Hmmm, Im so excited as I love the wallets. This book is a landmark! *laughs* I cant wait to see whats in the magical book! :]

    Have a good day!

  • Shawna W

    I am new to this blog and all I can say is…WOW!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE purses! I am so happy to have found a site to quench my thirst for the lattest and hottest purses!

    I am doing back filps now!!!

    Some of my favorite designers are:

    Vuitton Gucci MiuMiu Prada YSL Marc Jacobs Calvin Klein Donna Karen Botiker Cole Haan and MANY MANY MORE!

    Keep up the good work on the blog and I look forward to being a giveaway winner!!!

  • somethingpurple

    wow! I would love to have this book not only because of my love for LV, but with the color purple :))


  • Addy

    wow! this sounds like so much fun! stephen sprouse has always inspired me. in paris i was actually able to see him through the window in his store!

  • Lauren

    Wow, that’s lovely.

  • Nazia

    Interesting giveaway!

  • co

    I just read an article on Stephen Sprouse and the Louis Vuitton partnership. It was fascinating and I’d love to learn more about the artist. This book looks pretty fantastic.

  • Mary Dobson

    wow…LV has shown how it continues to redefine fashion. The Sprouse line is so young and edgy and using it on the trusty styles, like the “speedy” shows that “young” is just a state of mind!

  • Fashion Archives

    Love this!

  • David

    I think that, that is so nice and giving of PurseBlog.com to do and a great way to get viewers and comments, this blog is amazing, better than mine, and that is so hard for me to even say. I’m a guy and I don’t even wear purses but I am intrested in fashion and well anything Marc jacobs & Louis Vuitton! You guys should keep this blog up for ever! I told all my friends about it and they adore it! Book or no book, I love this blog, and always will.

    : )

    Thanks for giving me and my friends a actually decent blog!

  • shopalot

    I’ve been a member of this forum now for a couple of years and it just keeps getting better and better!
    The giveaways, the blog, the forum, it has all progressed so nicely and I’m so glad that I found this wonderful blog/forum in which to share my passions!
    This giveaway is fantastic and I would love to be able to win this beautiful book!

  • bs2short

    Stephen Sprouse is amazing!

  • Nee

    ooooh, this is fun! I dont post as often as i would like but definitely wanted to jump in on this. Who would have thought that this crummy recession would have an effect on the amount of time available for bag worship??

  • Alexandra

    omg it’s gorgerous….just love it

  • Angelica

    I would love to have it!

  • veronica

    wow this is awesome i hope i win!

  • Melanie

    awesome giveaway !

  • Heather

    What a great book! I would love to add it to my collection. Please pick me!!

  • IngridK

    i love looking at the stephen sprouse LV collection. and you guys are amazing for doing all these amazing give-aways!

  • Jess

    Wow, so exciting. I collect fashion coffee books and this would look great with my collection! Thanks so much for these awesome giveaways!

  • jenniferrr

    oooh la la

  • BagAngel

    I would so love this book! Great giveaway!

  • ChicsFilles

    …uptown sophistication mixed with a downtown rock n’roll punk pop sensibility…

    Stephen Sprouse
    Beautiful Book
    Great Giveaway

  • Congratulations QueenMAB for winning this one. Stay tuned for the next giveaway!

  • Mara

    New to the blog but already addicted! Thanks! Love!

  • niddie

    hey i never really comment on blogs…but hey why not it is a great giveaway!!!! i am in love with all the feature bags..but never really have to money for all the glitz and glam…..

  • Ellen

    what a beautiful book…..hope I win!

  • Jessica

    I’m a fashion/art student at pratt institute
    and i would love this book.
    i want to win. hehe =)

  • twochubbycheeks

    Since Elux and lv.com would not ship to my FPO address *sobs*…maybe this is a sign that I will win this book!!! WOOHOOO!!!! (keeping my fingers AND toes crossed!!!)

  • twochubbycheeks

    aaackkk! I missed this and some else already won the book.. =(

    congrats to the winner!!!

  • mstc7

    Hello, hope this comment comes through. I just tried a comment and got an Error 404 message. Couldn’t enter the LV contest either.

  • mstc7

    Yay, my message got through! I am excited to be here…
    Now, how do I enter the contests?
    Someone said I could find a promo code here to enter, but I don’t see it.


    What can I say..anything LOUIS VUITTON screams my name. Thanks

  • amy2951

    I literrally cry when your webbsite is down!! I love Purseblog and the forum!!

  • suzanne

    I love love love LV stuffs! Thanks PurseBlog for all these contests! =)

  • Skyloft

    I cannot believe how perfect the Louis Vuitton “Roses” line by Stephen Sprouse is for VALENTINE’S DAY!!! My little boy says he’s saving up to buy me one of the pieces because “his heart told him to!” awwww…

    LV has done it again!!

  • Barbara

    Thank you Purse Blog! Love your site. I originally found you by looking for a great wax salon in LA, and you had a blog about it! Now I come back for the purses and fashion and giveaway possibilities.

  • Renae

    I love purseblog! I tried to log on everday.
    I would love to win a prize. PICK ME!

  • Vonnie

    I want to win… I never win anything… I sure hope this is my lucky week… anyway good luck to everyone… make everyday count… we never know how many we have… enjoy each and everyday and hey… tell someone something nice today… :)

  • Allison

    I love this new contest. I’ll have to be more vocal. I always read, but don’t always comment. This is a nice incentive. Thanks for being so generous!

  • Kenna Rogers

    Wow! You really have a lot going on! I enjoy reading about all the different purses out there. Purses are SO personal! Thanks so much for hosting such great contests! I’ll be back for more!

  • Janice Smith

    Oh my thanks so much for this opportunity. My daughter needs luggage so badly. Anything except old bags we tape together. Louis Vitton would be a dream. Any other giveaways would be great. I love purses, no words.


    I love the updates of new sites, that I would not know about unless it was thru here, so thank you so much

  • Shamma

    I love LV and I want to win :)
    Good luck all

  • Arlene

    Great contest. I am going on a cruise, would love to bring new luggage.

  • Erika

    I love LV!

  • Bonniesgirl

    Loyal reader — please choose me.

  • JJ

    You guys are so generous! So many giveaways!

  • jason

    this is my frist time, hope i can it if it is real

  • Glai

    Isn’t nice to start a great collection with this one? I hope to have one soon especially that, here in the third world, we are trying to cut loose on everything.

  • quek chin fang

    ” Louis Vuitton ” can you believe it.. ohhhhhhhh
    No one has been that generous..
    Whoever get chosen for this gift will be extremely happy… :)
    Even if i am not chosen, I still like to gave purseblog a loud Applause.
    IF I AM CHOSEN >>> HMMM i think i will be “STONE” must be day dreaming.

    The one and only generous site i have ever been to.. which make every lady here salivated.. I could not afford an LV.. but if one day i have one i defintely will appreciate it.

  • tani

    Cann’t wait to see it!!!

  • NagaJolokia

    It would be great to put to use.

  • Paola

    Have been a fan of the blog for a long time and would love to win

  • katie

    big fan!

  • wesmutToomo

    stimulating and informative, but would make something more on this topic?

  • Renee

    Louis Vuitton – A timeless statement.

  • Jennifer

    I am new to purse blog and I am enjoying the site greatly. I really love how a great bag makes me feel. What I love even more is donating my bags to other women to make them feel great too. Well done purse blog.

  • momentscatcher

    I gotta have this book !!
    It will sit nicely with my louis vuitton card deck :)

  • Mikey

    wow that book is tdf…thank you for the give a way great idea

  • Kieu Dorsey

    new to PurseBlog.. and loving it!

  • gina faulkner

    I love having a really nice, well made purse. It love the new styles and textures that our out this season.

  • shimon

    hey are there any wedsite out there that have real handbags for a discount price please let me know. most of this sites claim the bags are real and they are FAke

  • Jess

    awsum i wish i won!!!!!

  • winnie

    Great if i can have this prize. Its juzt amazing !! I love the colour as pink is one of my favourite colour and Louis Vuitton is one of my dream brand

  • janis


  • gina faulkner

    I love having a nice handbag. It is something a woman has as an accessory every day. So, it’s even better if you have a wonderful purse.

  • stephanie

    is it too late? ha ha ha

  • cat

    it’s a great prize!

  • patricia skinner

    I saw your contest for the beach totes. I love the beach! all that sand and surf.

  • april

    hope i win

  • ramona

    good luck everyone!!

  • mint page ! nice work ! and that red frame is real nice

  • winnie

    it is a such wonderful book. I have collected and kept all LV catalouges so I’d like to win this one. Its a great chance ^^

  • Barbara.o


  • Lishaozhou625
  • Jenniferd333

    jenniferd333@yahoo.com  I would love to win a new purse, mine is getting old.

  • Lers-luck

    Bless me

  • Lishaozhou625
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