We have teamed up with Net-A-Porter for a fabulous and plentiful giveaway! We are giving away FIVE of the highly sought after and coveted Chloe Marcie bags.

This Chloe bag has been designed in different styles, including a hobo, messenger, tote, and satchel. Instead of the exact same versions, we are giving away a combination of different Marcie reincarnations. As far as Chloe bags go, the Marcie is a staple. Don’t miss out on being one of five lucky winners.


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  • jolyblefninihekininin

    it look like as if its from the 50’s or 70’s i hate it ehhhhh! ewweeee!!! chloe stores always smells bag!!

  • mandyc

    I couldn’t agree more this looks just like an ad out of a 1970’s Sears catalog. It doesn’t do much to make the bag appealing, kinda makes it seem dated too. Heck you barely notice the bag, just taking a glance at this I would think they were trying to sell polyblend “leisure” clothes.

  • Miss.Cherie

    Well I beg to differ. I think it’s practical yet stylish. The buttery soft leather in the neutral tones give it a classic touch and the leather’s interesting stitching give it a different edge from other Chloe bags. I know I will enter! My personal choice of the five would be the hobo!

  • Alana

    I’m surprised people don’t like the Marcie and even the clothing on the models! I love it all!!! Thanks purseblog!!!

  • Chavon Riggins Smith

    Such a Marcie Bag lover! Chloe’ is fashionably chic….hope to be Chole’ Marcie Bagged! Thank you for such a fabulous opportunity to win!

  • T

    Wow! Such haters! I gladly entered the contest and Net-A-Porter is tops in my book. Maybe they were going for a vintage look to their ad . I don’t know the back story but I’m sure there is a reason for it. Oh well, the less entries the higher the probability that I will win!! ^_^

  • sugar

    Would LOVE to will 1!!!!!!

  • fenin


  • swati

    i’ll second T – “the less entries the higher the probability that I will win” …. i love the bag(s) especially the hobo and the shoulder strap variety …..

    I wasn’t sure where to ask this question so i am putting it here. i am just starting out in a bank and everyone here dresses formal but a little …… drab, especially the bags. My choice of handbags runs to either casual hobos or party clutches, so i’m not sure what to carry to work. something practical, spacious but not boring. any suggestions please?

  • ScarfManiac

    Thank you!!!

  • llson

    Thanks to Purse Blog and Net-a-Porter. Love the chic, casual vibe of this bag!!

  • janaina

    Hello, can’t we know about the winners? Is it a secret?

    Kisses from Brazil :)

  • Ellen

    Were the winners announced? Couldn’t find anything on the N-a-P site.

  • helen

    OMG – there are 13 comments and you gave away 5 bags! They are sooo lucky. Of course I’m commenting 2 months later. (ipad)

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