Mondays are always a bit sluggish. It doesn’t matter if you had a raging weekend or simply hung around, I don’t know many people who really look forward to Mondays. However, today is a bit different. We’re partnering with handbag designer Zara Terez to bring you an entire week of giveaways!

Starting today, May 3rd through Friday, May 7th you have the chance to win a new bag each day. It’s really rather simple. All you have to do is follow us (purseblog) as well as Zara Terez on twitter. Zara is conducting a scavenger hunt in NYC with clues as to where the bag of the day can be found. But since we don’t all live in NYC, she thought it would be great to extend the giveaway to PurseBlog readers. Once Zara has posted a clue as to where you can find the handbag of the day, post a comment on her twitter page as well as ours and, voila, you’re entered to win.

Have fun and good luck!

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  • AdrienneC

    Following! Have Been! Thanks for a great website!

  • Mika

    how exciting and generous.. (fb)

  • sofia nolan

    No no no. Zara is not a brand you ladies should buy from. They`re more expensive in the States than their real value, and the quality sucks big time! Zara is a european brand and unlike H&M, no matter the item you get it won`t last long enough to say it was worth the price.

    • Danielle

      Actually Zara Terez is not affiliated with Zara International. She is a New York designer and everything is made here and the quality is amazinggg!! Love the brand and love the scavenger hunt!

    • Yes, Zara Terez is NOT affiliated with Zara the chain of stores.

  • Lia

    Zara Terez is a New York designer, not affiliated to Zara International. Anyway, thanks for sponsoring such an exciting contest!

  • sunchicka

    Great bags!

  • Nata

    I am very excited about this treasure hunt :) I only wish the clues were not only on Twitter and Facebook but on Purseblog as well, because both Twitter and Facebook are blocked in my office…

  • annabelle

    darn it too bad i don’t have twitter (fb)

  • Terri

    Day 2 and they already have a winner, DRAT!!! It’s mid-morning : (

  • Nata

    Hey, I still cannot understand the rules. You say, “Once Zara has posted a clue as to where you can find the handbag of the day, post a comment on her twitter page as well as ours and, voila, you’re entered to win.” Help me here :) Do we just tweet a comment @ PurseBlog and Zara during a day to enter sweepstakes or something like that?

  • isquisofrenia

    ill follow and i need a free bag, unlike you ladies, i ,me hahha im broke
    i think i should win the bag because im in need for a new bag.
    please i need a free bag!!!!=)

    do i even have time to win that bag or is too late no!!!!

  • Lubaska

    following both of you but unfortunately I dont live in NYC. have a great day!

  • Patricia C

    I’ve been sending comments on twitter @tuinimary

  • Jocelyn

    That sound like so much fun but I live in Cali. (fb)

  • AdrienneC

    I’m broke too. Not Rich – can’t even fathom spending more than $30 for a purse – too many bills take precedence and kids come first at all costs.
    enter me to win – even though I can’t afford, I follow on facebook and twitter