Just wanted to give you all an update why this week has moved slowly (especially today). I had a mini, turned major, health scare and have spent much of my time since yesterday at Dr’s offices. A super long story short, I am fine! There was a bug bite, with a rash, with a stiff neck, and the doctor’s began to think of all sorts of possible things wrong. But, it is just a rash, an itchy and unsightly one, but a viral rash. So we should be back to the regular grind tomorrow!

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  • Cat

    Feel better!

  • Thanks Cat!!! Now I am just itchy, but better than having the spinal tap that Dr #1 recommended!

  • luvhautecouture

    Megs!! That is so scary! I’m glad that you are ok though! Sending my love!

  • valentina

    Sorry about the misadventure, it sounds like something that happened to my husband as well, I hope the itching subsides and that you feel better emotionally, it must have been somewhat of a shock! I think all the TPF wish you all the best and wait for your daily treats!

  • Cindy Maher

    You did the right thing by taking care of yourself. Get well soon.

  • Vienne

    Take care of yourself Megs. Health comes first!

  • mrposhspice

    Sorry to hear that, glad that you’re doing better. Get well soon because you’re MAJOR! ;)

  • Thanks all!!! It was all such an adventure and a weird combination of issues all happening at once. The rash is quite annoying, and the Dr said it will last about 6 weeks. Guess I need to bring out the winter clothes to cover up again :wink:

    MrPosh you are equally as MAJOR!

  • NancyCP

    Just get better.

  • gabrielle

    Hope you feel better soon.Take care. :smile:

  • Jen

    Hope you feel better Megs! Maybe something got on your clothes while you were traveling?

  • Lynnia

    Very glad it turned out to be non-horrible! Feel better.

  • Jeffer

    OUCH! glad that you’re fine now:)

  • Sadaf

    Get well soon Megs!!! :grin:

  • ladyee

    So Glad you’re feeling better dear.

  • miiki

    I am so sorry-
    medical scares are the worst
    and feeling crummy
    my daughter, 6, is very ill [stomach bug] – more so than ever AND on the day my first MJ [Stella] bag arrived with 2 beautiful dresses for her-
    Neither of us can enjoy it all until she is well again.
    I am glad you are A-OK and always put yourself first in the health dept.


  • www.purseblog.com

    Update 2.. Peachy :)