Replica Coach PursesIt would be a blatant lie if any girl were to say she does not want at least one top of the line designer handbag. But reality sets in, and the thoughts of spending thousands on some fabric and a zipper seems to make everyone cringe and only lust for the bag more.

Why spend $5,000 on a designer Prada clutch, when you can buy it for $50 on the streets of NYC? Although many want to sport the latest and most expensive handbag, most cannot afford it. So this is where replicas come in. Is a replica purse actually a morality issue? I think not. Although designer’s may be mad their purse is being knocked off and sold on the streets, I would hope some would find it flattering that their design is that wanted. So why not?

The idea of one day reaching the level of success at which I can spend exorbitant amounts of money on designer clothing, purses, wallets and jewelry is a goal that I, along with many of my femme friends, hope to achieve. However, in this glorious day of the 21st century, I can find these normally-expensive items for much lesser quality and price.

Thank God for Chinatown.

Writer reflects on morality of designer knock-offs

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  • Buying counterfeit bags supports child labor and funds terrorist activity. Most “replica” bags are obvious fakes and will literally fall apart in a month. I’ve known ladies that have carried the same LV Speedy bag for over 20 years and the bags are still going strong, plus they are STILL in style. Authentic and classic is the way to go… save up and think of it as an investment.

  • Lotus

    I am Chinese and I take offense when people think that only China makes knocks-offs i guess because the country is so large and they import so much stuff here that ppl immediately think of China, yet many OTHER countries make knock-offs as well, they just aren’t as noticeable..or “successful”

    And Chinatown isn’t the only place that sells knocks off i was in in downtown Baltimore and they were selling knock offs of Coach!

    • patty

      yeah but it’s all chinese people sellingthe knockoff coach bags in baltimore! sorry!

  • paul

    Well I am not sure what it supports but I do know I have a girlfriend who have a number of hermes bags and she sells some from time to time. If you want to buy a hermes bag just

  • Ramona

    How do I know If the Guess purse I just bought is a knock off?

  • Sarah

    There aren’t usually Guess knockoffs since guess isn’t very high end(no offence).You should expect to see more Prada or Louis Vuitton knock offs instead.

  • Kassi

    I Think buying a fake coach purse is so stupid if you really knew fashion you will be able to tell if the purse is fake so dont be cheap and buy the real brand!!

  • David


    The idea that it funds terrorism is amusingly funny. But you are right about child labour for the most part. But let me ask you this: In a country were so many people are poor that it is inevitable that children will work just to feed their own selves, would you rather the children work in a sowing factory or go into prostitution? Much of China does not have the luxury to not allow their children to work, it is often essential. And remember, much of the world, America and England included, allowed children to work up until the past 6 decades.

    • Informed person

      Very true. Children (mostly girls) in Africa and Asia have little choice when it comes to working. They have to work in (sweat shops) in order to support their themselves and their family. If not for these garment factories, they have to turn to pan handling, prostitution, or back breaking substance farming. I am not an advocate for sweat shops but for them, its either sweat for starve. DO NOT FUND TERRORISM!

  • Chloe


  • Get over it

    All of you people need to get over it….should be flatterd that we think the chinese make them the best or w.e so chill

  • troy

    Are any of Isabella Fiore’s bags made in China or strictly Italy?

    • lisa

      please let me know once you hear the answer. i’ve been searching online and can’t find much info on IF.

    • Connie

      I checked my Isabella Fiore handbag that was purchased from Nordstoms. It has a made in China label inside bag.

  • Joanna

    I think fake designer handbags are discusting… they last you about half a year. They also do support child labour. I cannot agree that they start terroism, but I would become a terrorist if I found out my new Coach Carly Tote was a knock-off.

    I have a number of real designer handbags, (including the most knocked-off Coach & Chanel) and they have lasted for over 2 years. I have over 10 designer bags, and they were well worth the money that I spent. Why keep paying 50$ for a cheap handbag that lasts you 1-6 months instead of saving your money a little longer till you can afford the real deal.

    Also, big designers spend lots of time and money launching their purse designs, so its basically a slap in the face to them to get knock-off designers making a profit off their designs.

    • Donna Hayes

      big designers spend lots of time and money promoting their stuff, but they don’t cost that much to make, it’s just so that people can look down their noses at others who don’t want to spend 1000.00 on a bag when it could by 1 1/2 months worth of food. Get a grip lady.

  • Linda

    Carrying a fake designer bag is so tacky!! Do you really think people can’t tell the difference??? If you can’t afford a real designer bag then buy a good leather bag or lower priced bag like Dooney & Bourke, Guess, Baby Phat to name a few — they won’t break the bank.

    I know for a fact that fake designer bags do NOT hold up. I was ripped off on an auction site and sold a fake Gucci and fake LV bag. Both bags fell apart within months!!! They are NOT worth it!!

    If you don’t believe that counterfeit products support crime, terrorism, etc. then I suggest you google counterfeit designer bags and you will be surprised at what comes up!!

    • Yoplait

      well…most people can’t tell the difference, which is the point.

    • Nathan

      I just googled “counterfeit designer bags” (no quotes in google) and from the first page there was 1 site that claimed counterfeited designer bags fund terrorism. They gave no references for that claim, they just *claimed* it.

      I think the idea that this funds terrorism is some sort of internet-media-hype and is a load of sh*t. Damn people on the internet blabbing their stupid mouths off without checking for proof first.

  • Eva De Roma

    Could someone tell me what street or location in Baltimore Maryland I can find those ” knock off purses ” I think they make great gift !
    Thank you very much.

    • tonya

      i can not tell you the name of the street in baltimore but i can sale you purses.

  • Richard

    A response to several blogs. A very minor amount of money from fakes goes to terrorists. Not true you say then Google Ciudad del Este in Parguay in the Tri-Border area between Argentina & Brazil. Hezbollah is there, money from counterfeits are there…it’s a fit. If you can’t afford the real bag why bother? A fake is a fake. Where’s the satisfaction.

    Now about child labor. If Wal-Mart or a designer ever uses child labor (and they have) all hell breaks loose. The media gets the story and their image is tarnished. who holds an invisible manufacturer of counterfeits accountable. No one. Now about fakes made in China. The Chinese lady is correct not all counterfeits come from China but about 70% do. That is why China is on the 301 list of infringers on IP rights. There is the other side of the story though that if many of the developing nations didn’t make counterfeits they may go w/o food. It’s just a cruel reality. japan made counterfeits and crappy goods until they got so good at making quality product that they too decided, over time, to protect IP rights. The same will happen in China over the next 20-30 years.

  • Richard

    Gap Inc. says it is pulling half its orders from an Indian supplier for at least six months as punishment for letting Gap children’s garments go through a New Delhi embroidery sweatshop “where at least one child was seen working on the product.”

    date Nov 2007
    An example of my last email

    • Robin

      Good and bad come with outsourcing. I know of someone in India (been there many times, hubby was born there) who does legit work for Gap. She loves it! She has her own shop and gets paid well. It gives her independance and more importantly STAND in her family. India is a crazy place even now for women. And, Gap is doing a great thing in Banglore by empowering women.

      However, in India, Singapore and Bangladesh there is rampant poverty. Poverty we can never see here. It will break you the first time you see it. In such poverty children have to work to survive. The western markets know that and exploit it. INCLUDING Wal=mart and Sams Club for starters. Not just knock off bags.

      I got a knock of Gucci on ebay from Malaysia.

      • theknees

        Hi Robin, did you actually visit Singapore before posting this comment? I think you got the wrong country. there isn’t rampant poverty in Singapore, its quite the opposite. we’re a small country, but its just buildings and buildings everywhere. we have a bustling city life and the country is well developed. there isn’t any “villages” or slums or anything like that. we all stay in apartments or houses. we have many many many many shopping malls and almost all of the big name brands have double-storey flagship stores here. it is definitely nothing like the poor areas in India or Malaysia or China or Thailand.

  • Robin

    Also have to add the knock off literally fell apart as I was examining it. I know a real bag and this was a terrible fake. I agree with the others here – save your money for the real thing. It’s so worth it!

    If your tired of the usual Coach and Dooney then Treesje, Kooba, Be&D are some other more affordable ones. In fact, Treesje is having a huge sale on last season stuff online!

  • Issa

    Let people buy knock off or real as they wish.You thinks how many americans can afford to buy a$5000 purse???? while they have bills.Real is real and fake is fake,what is your problem.I think kids from other countries are talented than ones here.How many kids here can make clothing??ooohh I forgot, they have to go to school for it.Then how many women here can make clothing or do any hand work that can bring them money and get off government aid??? Lazy!!! :razz: :eek:

  • Debra

    I believe if you have the money to spend thousands(!!)on a handbag, go right ahead, it’s your money. My choice is to spend it on others who really need it, but that is strictly my choice.

    • cindy

      :wink: Ok what do handbags really say about us?

      I guess they say whatever we think others think about us? And there in lies the problem.Ask yourself this…. Are we a nation of impostures.
      Do we want people to think we are richer than we really are?
      Would we like to work our but off for something and have someone steal it, and have it flaunted before our very noses?
      Do we think it is right to help others take something that dose not belong to them? With so many designers and so many options
      do we really half to steal? Great style comes from within.
      I am a handbag buyer,When I go to the shows I see so may young women with style. They carry their mothers vintage bags, and bags from a wide selection of handbags that are out there. And they look FAB!!!! There are so many legal ways to go. And so many great designers to choose from. Are you willing to to break the law to look good? And if you read the papers the people you are willing to buy from are capable of things that we should not be supporting. You may wish to think you are not hurting yourselves or others by buying these bags, but people never want to hear the truth do they.

  • tonya

    ok ladies i dont care what you say is tackie your probably the first one to go check out the purses when the man selling out of his car comes by the office.

  • Mary

    Where can I purchase ?

  • Amber Wiles

    I am asking permission to use the pictures of the coach bags.

  • Oliana

    How could you post such a comment? Why did you do that? Replica handbags are the cause of so many terrorist attacks not to mention child labour. It is illegal, unethical and in true fashion terms soooooo passe. With disappointment, Oliana

    • Sara

      * Replica handbags are the cause of so many terrorist attacks *

      Where the hell do you live in? handbags cause terrorist attacks? god,you are so shallow and im laughing my ass off reading your comment. With disappointment, Sara

  • Asia Valentina

    Man, just buy a real one. Fakes are pathetic. For a lot of us buying a luxury purse is something we enjoy because we work hard for our money and it is our reward.

    Do you really feel more important or better about yourself when you carry a fake LV or Chanel? You’re just lying to yourself. And people who are actually into purses will most likely spot your fake one anyways.

  • fai Marlanda Sumono

    All this support the terrorism and all , whether is true or not is secondary. The main point is will you be happy with a knock off bag? At the end of the day whenever your friends or collegue ask you about the bag and you are in a position to lie and say its real then forgt it. It wilnoo be g f your karma. But if you are cnfident enough and say hey It”s a fake but i just love the design and cannot affod the real one, then kudos to you!

  • Vivian

    To carry fake purses is JUST STUPID period. If you can’t afford to buy an expensive purse then why would you want to make other people think that you can? People can tell those horrible things are fake, they just fall apart and end up in the garbage plus they have no resell value at all. If you can’t afford it, then just buy whatever you can afford and carry yourself with dignity not with shame that you don’t have money. And if you want to have money and be able to afford expensive stuff, then WORK and WORK until you can.

  • Elaine

    Robin: “However, in India, Singapore and Bangladesh there is rampant poverty. Poverty we can never see here. It will break you the first time you see it.”

    Hey Robin, have you even been to Singapore? I don’t think rampant poverty exists there. It is quite the opposite. I think we should all be a little more accurate with what we write. It is only right that we do. Trying to convince people about the much needed awareness on such issues will only come when we can be more objective and accurate in our reporting.

  • Robin

    I do not agree with “fake” anything. For any reason. I am even tired of seeing the lower end bags copying the design of the designer bags only using their initials. I will buy any bag if it is original, fits my style and looks good. I own both luxury and mid range bags and love them all!

  • inadelle

    My policy is: if you can’t afford it go for something else!

    I had a leather bag from CHINA yes, China which I bought in a sea of knockoffs. The quality really held up and I carried it for 2 years. The reason? It was handmade lovingly with REAL leather and it does not compromise quality while ripping off some other famous designs. And the sad part was that little leather shop was ignored by the masses going for gucci and chanel knockoffs in the neighbouring stores which actually COST MORE.

    Seriously if people just love the design they should respect the designer for their original work!

  • JR

    What really bothers me is this culture of “status” and the absurd notion that one NEEDS to own a high-priced handbag. Sorry, but if you can’t cover your bills but are sporting Coach this and LV that, then I think some priorities need to be reexamined.

    I don’t wear or carry the name brands because I can’t throw that kind of money around, and refuse to go into debt for it.



  • marisol

    Almost every designer bag is made in Asia. It doesn’t matter if it’s a replica or real. If you can afford $800-$14,000 for a real designer bag & are dumb enough to do it then good for you. These designers have become filthy rich who cares if their bags are being reproduced by the same people they are paying $8.00 a day! If you think you are buying a genuine bag but get a counterfeit, that’s unfortunate. The trick is to know what you are buying. Good quality replicas can’t be beat.

  • Bee

    I do not approve of animal fur being used in fashion anywhere at all. A mink LV purse? SICK! Every single designer who makes handbags uses fur. I buy the replica. I will tell anyone that asks that the bag is fake and the reason that I purposely bought it. I am sticking it to the designer. If designers quit using fur I would definitely buy a designer bag.
    Also, the designer bags are ridiculously overpriced. It’s just greed in play for the old designers like LV. They established their brand long long ago, they have been compensated for their start-up millions of times over.
    If designers are mad their designs are being ripped off, that’s their problem. They need to lower their prices. As soon as people start buying a particular style in their line (usually the cheapest – DUH!), the designer will raise the price. That’s just greed.
    If every designer made some reasonably priced bags that many people could afford, the replica market would collapse.
    Now with the internet, anyone can order straight from Asia. No one has to risk being arrested – in Europe, like France and Italy, if you are caught buying a replica bag you will be fined. Hello replicas from the internet. Goodbye profit for overpriced designer bags.

  • Jessica

    I’d love to win an (ipad)

  • jo

    authentic or nothing for me! (ipad)

  • Pearl

    I don’t see the point in buying a knock off when the quality won’t be the same (ipad)

  • Naggy

    I had bought one counterfeit bag before near a Neiman Marcus, and boy do I regret it. (ipad)

  • KY

    Just buy another bag if you can’t afford a designer bag (ipad)

  • Ken Vien

    I’d love to win an (ipad)

  • helen

    I assume the counterfeit would fall apart more easily. (ipad)

  • Michelle

    Normally don’t post on these things but here goes…in my twenties I bought countless of lesser brand bags which didn’t last more than a few months. I did believe at that time in spending a lot of money on something so extravagent. Then one day I sat there and looked at all the inexpensive bags I’ve purchased and have either had to be trashed or was never used and so on and realized I could have made an investment in a more expensive bag that would have lasted me for years.

    I made the transition and invested in Dooney & Burke, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Furla and so on. To date, I still have these bags and they have held up very well over the years.

    I would never buy counterfeit or replicas as my philosophy is if I can’t afford it, I can’t buy it and will settle for the next best thing or wait until I can afford it. A bag doesn’t make me but it feels oh so damn good to buy and enjoy a beautiful handbag I’ve worked my butt off to get. Oh and my bills are all paid respectively. =)

    • Michelle

      I meant to say didn’t believe in spending a lot of money on something so extravangant (i.e. a designer/luxury handbag)