working on computer We have so much great info and pictures to bring you from our trip to NYC, but today may not be the day. While it is unfortunate, the outcome will be great for all of you (especially the forum regulars) because we are moving to a new server company and will have a bigger set up! For you techies out there, the new set up involves 8 servers to help power the Purse Blog and Purse Forum, so keep down time to a minimum and let you all enjoy the site at all times. No more down time!! So hang in there today, as we are moving all of our data to the new servers. We will open the forum back up later when the move is finished and we will bring you great information from our trip to New York in the coming weeks (like pictures of what is inside my Hermes boxes!!!)

P.S. Please consider supporting our small, bag-loving team by clicking our links before shopping or checking out at your favorite online retailers like Amazon, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or any of the listed partners on our shop page. We truly appreciate your support!

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  • Jahpson

    ok, thanks for the explanation!

    • kneehighz

      Awww I miss TPF! Can’t wait till its back, hope its soon!

    • Lescoy

      WOW – I’m missing the TPF – I’m having to do housework!! Hurry back – look forward to your return – and thanks to you for all your hard work!!

  • maria28

    thanks for the info…can’t wait for the purse forum to be up again & YAY to the new improved server =D!

  • JuiceBox

    I suppose it’s good tpf is down for a bit… I really need to catch up with some work and the downtime won’t distract me! Although since im in the UK it’s like 4pm here and I wanna go on it!!!!! wah! lol

  • Vlad

    This upgrade was long overdue! tPF was running slowly during busy times of the day and we needed these upgrades badly. Hang in there, it’ll be worth the wait!

  • Sunshine

    I am missing you guys!!! Who knew what an important part of my day the PF is!!! See you later today! Can not wait!

  • Prada Psycho

    Well, if there was ever any doubt, the past 15 hours (and counting) have sealed it: I’m totally and completely addicted to tPF and in major withdrawal. Boo hoo! Besides that, I’m DYING to see what’s in that big ORANGE box, Megs!!!

  • RazorbackBelle

    AUGH! I am dying here at work! tPF has become such a huge part of my day. Sad, but true. I’m glad you guys are upgrading, though, keep up the hard work!

  • twiggers

    I am going through DTs right now…anyone got a Martini? I’m missing it so badly….but am looking forward to improvements!!! 8 servers? WOW!!! The Purse Forum has grown :-)

  • Chaz

    I had noticed it running slowly at times,but this stop is killing me!!Never realised how much I lean on this site everyday for a form of company! I miss you! Still,i’ve got loads of housework done and re-organized my wardrobe ready for autumn and winter so the downtime has been a good thing, and I will appreciate it so much more when its up and running again! Good luck with the installataions,hope its not giving you too many headaches!!XXXXXXXXXXXX

  • mintpearl

    Cannot wait to be on tPF AFTER the upgrades—that is great news-8 servers?!? Sounds impressive though not a techie!
    Megs, I cannot wait to hear more about the trip to NYC and to see what GORGEOUS treasures are inside your orange boxes…! Any hints????

  • Sunshine

    Just seeing the familiar names on here makes me feel a little better!!! (hugs twiggers)
    Sad bunch we are….
    Catch up on some of Megs GREAT blogs…it eases the pain.

    • south-of-france

      ITA!! I’m looking forward to reading you guys again soon! Thank you Vlad and Megs for the hard work!!


    Hey all!

    Apparently I am really addicted to the forum and is good to know I am not the only one! Just a quick question:On what times zone does Vlad’s message refer to ? Afternoon hours European time?

  • Love the prospect of faster, bigger, better tPF..didn’t realize how many times a day I look in on everyone and feel cheered up..I work alone in the studio over 8 hours a day, so it is almost as if you all drop by to say “Hi”..hurry back tPF

  • Fiatflux

    It’s driving me nuts, too…can’t stand not being able to keep up to date on a certain thread that has me hooked (some of you may know what I’m talking about!!) ;)

    But I know it’s all for a good purpose…and I’m impressed at how seriously you guys take this site. I hope that you are reaping rewards from the popularity of the site.

    • sarahcantiik

      Ahaha, I think I know what you’re talking about there Fiat!

      I came back from the gym expecting the site to be up and running.. I know it’s for a good cause, but I missed the forum so much, ugh!

      I hope and hope it’s nearly done.. :-)


      HAHA!! I know which one you mean Fiatflux!! ;-)

      I’m off to wkout…ck back in laters!!

      Thx Vlad & Megs for everything!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chinadoll724

    My bf thinks i’m crazy for checking the purseforum every hour only to curse when I see it’s down. Now I realize how dependent I am on it . . .

    And you’re such a tease! :) We’re better see what’s in that box as soon as we go live.

  • FashionMike

    Wow!!! I am really missing my pf friends right now!! :(


    Hey Alaska,

    I am mentally attempting the treadmill for a few weeks now. LOL.Good luck. Maybe you should start a thread on the forum and convince the rest of us to join.

  • oops, should have said Quilter, my tPF name ..sorry!

  • Rhea (material Me)

    I was wondering what is going on! I am going through withdrawal…HELP! LOL! I’m glad it’s only because the site is improving! Keep up the good work guys!! TTYS!
    I can’t wait to see inside the Hermes Boxes!

  • NyckeiXXIV

    I soooooo need to authenticate right now! There’s a great deal that I don’t want to miss out on. Wow. TPF is an addiction and a wealth of information. Ah, well. I won’t make a move on the bag until the server stuff is done and I can hash it out with my tPF pals.


  • KellyKapoor

    I am missing all my TPF friends on this Monday morning.

  • You all are cracking me up!!! Granted, I did not think it would take this long either, so I keep logging on to see for myself how far along Vlad and the techs have come. They are vigorously working away, and it should be up this afternoon, US EST.

    Exciting though!! Miss you all!! and the weather sucks here so I can’t take pics outside, will need to do my reveal indoors!!

    • south-of-france

      Another addiction lol!! Can’t wait!!

  • Fiatflux

    What do you bet this comments section is going to grow into the thousands before tPF is back online? ;)

  • mas2388

    I cannot wait to see the forum after the new upgrades!!! It’s going to be the best!!! I really am dying here, but it is definitely going to be worth it!!! Can’t wait to see all you guys again!!!!

    • maria28

      hi mas2388 :)

  • maria28

    tpf really is addictive LOL…i’m refreshing my browser quite frequently to see if tpf is running again.

    megs: can’t wait to see what’s inside all those h-boxes…esp. the large one ;)

  • RazorbackBelle

    Twiggers, amuse us with some LV Commentary.

  • loopylyn

    This is a super super site, no more fear buying a LV etc, the advice is amazing, and the people are so helpful, just a few hours of site down and miss it already lol,loopy x

  • Vlad told me that this would reach into the hundreds of comments!! I would love to see us hit over 1000 :)

    • Fiatflux

      Well, I’m up for the challenge! ;)

  • mas2388

    ^^^you and me both maria28!!! LOL!!!

  • I never realized how addicted I am to tpf…I’ll be glad when it’s back! Also, can’t wait to see what’s in those beautiful orange boxes!

  • twiggers

    Awww so many familiar names…are we the true addicts because we commented on this thread? LOL

    LV commentary…LOL….we could hash out the merits of those joke bags….rumor has it they are going to be the IT bag in the spring..ACK…the jokes are funny, but I don’t know about on a bag! My friend once came up to me when I was carrying my cerises speedy and said ‘Oh wow…I’ve never seen fruit on a bag before’ LOL

    I’m actually working right now…freaking amazing! OH and I got my SPICE GIRL tickets this morning WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DH wants to kill me for spending $300 on some washed up girls from Europe and claims he will be the only man in the building LOL

    • Well we need to review the Joke Bags- joke or not, people want to know about them!!!!!

      And spice girls, LOVE that!!!! HA

  • RazorbackBelle

    LMAO! Watch us bog down the Purse Blog site with our thousands of comments here since we can’t post in tPF!

    *eats popcorn*

  • Jag

    Ok really, this was all a ploy to drive us nuts waiting to find out what is inside that big orange box that Megs brought back from NYC! C’mon Megs, throw us a bone and give us a little hint! PUHLEEEEZE! Seriously going through withdraw right now.

  • cbetht

    I got a package from my RAOK buddy this morning and I want to post pics!

    I miss everyone dearly but I DID get quite a bit of homework done last night since tPF was down!

    See you all in a bit! Can’t wait for tPF to be up and running again : )

  • sjunky13

    I miss TFP!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh, and the LV phone lines are down, 1866 vuitton isnt working and my local store number is out of order, that combined with the PF being down freaked me out, lol. Ok im in bed sick :( with no pf, this sucks. Miss you guys!!!!!!!! hurry vlad hurry lol.


    So… afternoon, US EST time means that I will be sleeping when is back on ! This is so frustrating! Here now is 7 o’clock at night!

  • sammyjoe

    Hi, I am so missing the site guys!! After months of waiting for a kelly bag, one has come in, I have now decided to get a birkin, so I need to put it out there to the London/UK members to see if someone else wants it before it gets resold!!!!xxx

    I really hope it is GMT time!!! Actually its not going to be, its 17.15pm here in the UK!!!!

    Cannot wait for the site to be ready!!!x

  • pat222

    I finally took pictures of my outlet purchases so I can’t wait to post them later.

    I miss the forum but it sounds like the changes you are making are great.

    Thanks for your hard work keeping us all happy.

  • Iluvbags

    Oh boy. I can’t wait until its back up! On the bright side I guess I can get a few other things done now. LOL.
    Talk to you guys soon!

  • MissTiss

    I can’t stand it! I have been checking since yesterday….and checking, and checking, and checking.
    Can’t wait much longer. Hurry up! LOL

  • Ok I will reveal a little bit of info…!!! since you all have found your way here.

    Some people thought I have a Kelly in that big box, but it is not a Kelly ;)

  • beautiful stranger

    I need my fix of TPF!! just a little! I swear I will pay up later! just one little sniff .. ahh ..

  • Fiatflux

    8 servers! I can’t believe it takes so many!! I just know that the Purse Forum has become much more than just a place about purses…it’s a lifeline for many of us!!

    • It is my lifeline too!! Trust me!!!!

  • Roxana

    So funny that we all ‘meet up’ here to make up for our missed PF time :)
    Nice to know we all miss tpf greatly together!

  • sjunky13

    Megs has a birkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • twiggers

    A birkin Megs???? That would be awesome! I don’t even frequent the Hermes section (DH would definetly divorce me) but I’ll be heading there today to see your pics (unless you post in GD)!

    BTW those joke bags….apparently Marc Jacobs has some of Prince’s paintings with the jokes on them in his Paris apartment (caught one of them in a spread in W this month)!

  • Alice from Italy

    Gosh! I was totally shocked to see the PF down, it was the first time in more than 1 year of membership! This shows me it’s totally addictive!!! :-P
    Can’t wait to see you online soon!!!
    Hugs and can’t wait for the orange boxes to reveal too eheheh!!

  • luvpurses24 (Cheryl)

    Ack! I’m going nuts here. Thanks for the updates though Vlad. It’s at least nice to see a different message every so often of the upgrades status. I’ll miss all of you guys!! Can’t wait to see the New York pics Megs & Vlad!!!

    luvpurses24 :)

  • twinkle.tink

    Ok, I know this is a secret plot between Vlad and my DH, so I will finally finish a project or two that never seem to get done…I hope he paid you well…lol…I already have two boxes of stuff ready for a charity pick up tomorrow morning…ok back to cleaning…

    Really, thanks Vlad for your hard work making the site better for us. Megs can’t wait to see what you got.

    Peace, Love and Happiness, Tink

  • I def have my dream bag, fate was just working in my favor like you wouldn’t believe!!!! I want to take pics, but you know Vlad (aka the part time photog) is anal about lighting and angles etc etc!! I can’t wait to show you all my goodies though!

  • Toonie

    I’m missing everyone…OMG Megs could it be a Birkin??!!

  • HandbagAngel

    I am in the IT field so I totally understand the situation. Upgrade is always for the better. Eight servers?! That is so impressive! Thank you and Megs’s dedication and efforts. Cannot wait to see the PF back up and your NYC photos.

  • fromparis

    A Birkin ??? Congrats Megs !!
    What color ??? Leather ??? Size ???
    Pleaaaaase give us at least another little clue ???

  • RazorbackBelle

    Oh Megs I can’t WAIT to see your H goodies! My first H bag is on its way and I’m spazzing out, I’m so excited! Do I smell a Birkin in that big orange box o’yourn?

  • lorihmatthews

    OK, I thought that by the time I made it to work this morning (Pacific Time) that tPF would be up and running again … I will have to wait with bated breath a little longer!

  • twiggers

    Not sure anyone cares…but Saks just put up their Preview Sale online (30-40% off today and tomorrow)

  • kikay


  • ahertz

    ACK — I guess I’ll get some work done this morning! :)

    I’ve been lurking in Hermes and was SO looking forward to Megs reveal this morning. Give us more hints!!

  • cherry pie

    hi everyone!
    i feel lost without my daily dose (or 3) of TPF. cant wait for the new faster site.
    vlad, you know this is just feeding our habit even more

  • guccilove

    im so addicted to tpf that i ended up researching another handbag forum, found a couple, but boy was i surprised!!! they actually were talking about where to buy replica designer handbags?!?! i was like “where the heck did i end up in!?!?!” hurry back TPF!! im missing you already……………….hehehehheheehhee

  • twiggers

    Vlad…did you know that because of this downtime I was forced to sit here and read empirical journals all morning (which are not really the most exciting things to read)…and am continuing to do so LOL How dare I get work done! If it doesn’t come up soon I am going to have to start running some really awful statistical models ACK!

    • Yvalenz

      heehee – forget DH….did my boss call you? with all the downtime I actually caught up on all my grading, uploaded the final a month early – wow. This has to stop!

  • Candace

    SERIOUSLY…it is very boring at work now. I’ve only been on tPF for less than a week and I already forgot what life was like without it at work! It’s rather like being in the Army. Was I ever not? I can’t remember anymore!!!


  • fromparis

    It’s almost 7pm here !!!
    So maybe I won’t see TPF before tomorrow !

    1 Day without TPF looks like rehab ;)
    And I say NO NO NO

  • trama turgo

    Okay, I can manage no PF for 1 day, but the boxes, THE BOXES, I can’t wait for what’s inside the boxes! (Megs has a Birkin! YAY!)

  • nl3181

    i cant breath !!! i hope PF will back in action realllll soooon !!!

  • trama turgo

    Mmmmmm…if it’s your dream bag it’s a 35 cm birkin, either gold or blue jean, palladium HW…hehehehehehe!

  • riffraff

    Noooo day off work and can’t get on TPF and just to add insult to injury Megs posts pics of a Hermes haul – so unfair.

    Thanks for the hard work Vlad, it is appreciated. Congratulations to you both for coming in the top 3 I look forward to hearing about the VIP trip to Vegas.

  • oreocat

    Oh Megs, could it be a 30 Birkin?? I know my H box for my 30 is about the same size as the one shown in your pic!! Wh
    at color and hardward??? Oh how exciting is this??

    It’s hard to not have anywhere to go on the internet when the forum is down :( I feel like a cyberspace homeless person :(

  • habibty

    i’ve been wanting to read an important PM since 7 am for me and now it’s 9 pm and still didn’t read.. i want tPF BACK! :(:(:(

  • oreocat

    Oh Megs, could it be a 30 Birkin?? I know my H box for my 30 is about the same size as the one shown in your pic!! What color and hardward??? Oh how exciting is this!!

    It’s hard to not have anywhere to go on the internet when the forum is down :( I feel like a cyberspace homeless person :(

  • LyannaStark

    I have no life outside of tpf!

  • Candace

    Vlad and Megs I just want to say thank you for being the best! :) This is a great community, and I have belonged to a lot. SO THANK YOU!!!! :)

  • litigatrix

    sigh – it is good to know that soon it will be back and better than ever!

  • jill

    WAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im going nuts here!!LOL!

  • lunatwinkle

    i can’t wait until the forum is back up and running. i’ve been going through withdrawal for the past 12 hours because i can’t log onto the forum. i have no idea what i’m going to do now! lol, it’s amazing how dependent lots of us have become onto this forum.

  • ling

    megs and vlad, i’m dying from withdrawal! i need to see pics of glorious lv bags and obsess over them!

  • iloverice

    I miss tpf!!!!!!!!! I checked last night, wake up midnight, check first thing in the morning and still nothing….huhuhuhu…Thanks for all the upgrades though. I really appreciate it. And congrats to your new bag Megs!

  • Caxe

    LOL I can’t believe how much I miss the forum!

  • Nishi621

    Thanks for the update Vlad-I am almost twitching here from not being able to get on the board. and, it is giving me way too much time to computer window shop-LOL!

  • jag

    Dream bag…. well then, it must be a 30cm Blue Jean Togo with Palladium hardware (or perhaps another newer style bag wink wink)~ SO JEALUOS!!! But so well deserved Megs! Cannot wait for your big reveal!!!!!!!!

  • addicts? what addicts?????
    Wow, 8 servers! Thanks for letting us know.
    It looks like I might actually get some work done around the house today…..shucks!
    Missing ‘ya

  • piperlu

    I also did not realize how much I’m really on tPF. I’m at work and let me tell you, I’m actually getting my desk cleaned off. LOL

    Sunshine – You’re so right! It is almost comforting to see the names that you see on tPF. Thank goodness for this blog. At least I can get a little fix until we’re back up and running.

    Megs – I can’t wait to see your new H goodies too.

  • If ya’ll knew how much bloody work it is to move a 10,000 lbs gorilla from one zoo to another… NOT fun.

    Be patient ladies, working hard!

    • Roxana

      whahaa, oh poor you! Have to move all are blabbering, sorry we talk so much haha and created such an enormous gorilla :D

    • luv2shophandbags

      Your work is much appreciated, Vlad!


    I think I am going out for dinner, I cannot do this to myself anymore! Hope when I come back , it will all be normal…like waking up from a really bad dream!

  • Nishi621

    I just read through all the post looking for my buds-I know-sad-eh? OK-off to do more Sephora shopping!

    I have my Yahoo messenger on if anyone wants to on there.

    And, Megs-can’t wait to see what you got!

  • purplekitty

    OMGOSH! I am going through some serious tPF withdrawl, you guys have no idea…okay yes, I think you all do, hehe. I keep checking so often, lol. Ever since yesterday, I’ve felt like a lost puppy without my PF, hehe. I am very glad to hear that there is upgrades in the hardware, that is great!! Thanks for all your hard work!
    It is also bugging me so much to see what’s in those Hermès boxes, I am guessing a Birkin since it’s not a Kelly. Another little hint, please? :)

  • luvpurses24 (Cheryl)

    Thank God I’m at work. At least I’m not just sitting in front of the computer the whole time praying for tPF to come back. My 4th graders are probably wondering why I’m a little grouchier than usual! LOL!!

  • Baggaholic

    Just want to let you know I miss yawl! I guess I’ll go get a Botox treatment while you guys finish up! lmao…. But I’m serious!

    Okay…. Megs… your a tease! I’m not waiting weeks for your reveal! I’m heading to your house!

  • samoxenina

    hope you’re back by 5pm central so when i get home from school i can get my dose of tPF ;)

  • StinkyMonkey

    Where’d the party go?
    Megs and Vlad, you two rock and thanks so for all your hard work and for this amazing community and forum.

  • Label Addict

    Ok are tremors normal???

    serious withdrawls here

    I’ll be going to a firework display soon so that’ll help pass the time thank god!

  • sarahcantiik

    Okay, is it nearly done? Seriously on withdrawal here, LOL.. I might have to go have a quick fix somewhere else for the time being!

  • zoober_beth

    I didn’t have email access all weekend and was looking forward to catching up first thing this morning when I got to work. I keep checking back…I am addicted to TPF and I do have a problem. There- first step down- 8 to go. :)

  • chinadoll724

    Spread the rumor across internet-land!!! MEGS has a BIRKIN! (right?)

    • sarahcantiik

      Well, the box is awfully huge from the pic.. my guess is inside there is either a birkin or a kelly, that’s for sure! But, thinking that Megs already had a kelly for her bday, I’m leaning more towards the birkin. Oh, lucky gal! Just the idea of a new birkin is enough to make me shiver!!!!!! I need a new birkin myself!! Hahahaha..

  • Chaz

    I have got a date to see Ditabs new Olive Phoebe!!! And every time I check your still not up!!!!!!!!!!(ABOUT EVERY HALF HOUR!!!)WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  • We are moving forward… slowly but surely!!!

    Vlad has to eat now- we will hopefully be back in business soon. Though when I ask him how much longer he says “I don’t know… I have no idea… still a few hours”

    He is stressed!!!!

    • RowanOak

      Megs…Feed Vlad by IV. This is NOT a good time for Vlad to eat. (j/k, sorta) I’ll bet he is about to fall over from exhaustion.

      I’m still LOL at oreocat’s comment about feeling like a cyberspace homeless person. I can soooo agree with that feeling.

  • Bisbee

    I keep checking too…of course, the tpf didn’t go down for maintenance until AFTER I had seen Jill’s new Prada and called to order one for me!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank goodness (or maybe not… ;-})

  • kelly32

    Since coming to work, I have been checking every hour to see if tpf is up and running… for the past 6 hours!!
    Megs, I am so jealous… I can’t wait for the day when I can bring home so many orange boxes in one trip! And Vlad, sorry for all the pressure… keep up the hard work!!! (are you done yet now?!)

  • Chaz

    have you got a Birkin? Are you holding out on us!!!

  • phoebe_0526

    OMG….I am addicted to TPF. I keep try to log in since last night.

    I already get my work done last night(which does not usually happened) while waiting the downtime.
    LOL My SO was in shock.
    After I told him “the TPF is upgrade now, I can’t access”, he realized why I done my work that early. lol

    I miss you all.

  • twiggers

    Awww poor Vlad!!!! A crapload of women breathing down his neck can’t be fun!

  • twiggers

    I also just realized that I have all these bookmarks I never visit…and I’m scrolling around them and they all suck! Even Ebay is boring right now! This is like watching water boil or waiting for the phone to ring!

  • tlloveshim

    OMG! I miss you all so badly!! ((hug, hug, hug!!)) I’m willing to suffer for a little while for a greater community for us all later! See ya’ll later!!

  • Bambie

    This is torture….
    Thanks Val et al for all your hard work to make TPF bigger and better x

  • TPF is awesome…thanks for all of your hard work to make such a great site….cudos!!

  • HandbagAngel

    I know the upgrade is needed but the process is long and painful. Once I had to work from 6:00 p.m. till 8:00 a.m. for our server upgrade so I am totally with you. Vlad & Megs, definitely you need to eat and take a rest. We all are patiently waiting…

  • Sunshine

    Well, I just did something I have not in WEEKS! I read a book for an HOUR AND A HALF!!! Laying in 78 degree weather, working on my winter tan (w/sunscreen ofcourse!) I came running inside to check the status and just as I thought..we would all end up posting here!! There is not stopping us!!! Ok, now I will go exercise and again run back to the computer in a few hours!

  • twiggers

    I wonder how many gals are waiting for a FedEx truck today??? Or the truck came and they are dying to share their wonderful bag because their PHH couldn’t give two figs about another stupid purse LOL

    • lesl

      Hi. I’m new to the forum. Can u plse tell me what PHH and LOL stand for? I have recently bought 2 new bags, and it would be fun to share.

  • wordpast

    I need my Purse Forum Fix!!!

    Thanks for all the hard work though.

    But I need my fix!

  • Maria

    I already have withdrawal symptoms… I really need to log in the forum… Sort it out or I’ll have to go to my GP!

  • BellaFiore

    Hi everyone! Yes, I need my fix too! Can’t wait till we’re back up better than ever.

    It will be funny to see how many MORE times I try to log on before the forum’s up. I swear I tried a dozen times last night!! lol

  • siri anne

    All day without TPF….waaaaaaahhhh! Very excited for the new and improved site, thanks to Vlad for all the hard work. It’s nearly 7pm here, so hopefully it will be up an running soon. Can’t wait to hear what’s in the Hermes box, Megs!

  • jill

    what to do…what to do


    Hurry Girls…SAKS.COM is starting their online sale now…ROFLMAO!
    Jill just ordered some killer DIOR shoes..hehehehehe!!!

  • Can’t wait for the new site! I am so addicted. Last night I actually had to talk to my DH!! LOL

  • elizabethk

    Thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation.
    I noticed it running a little slower during the day, but hey, it gave me time to fix another cocktail.

    I never realized how much tPF is a part of my day….
    off to do some real work (ha ha!)
    Can’t wait to see the upgrades…

    And Vlad, the Hermes boxes in a couple of weeks?
    You are seriously killing some people here!


  • jc2239

    i have so much to do and now that my much-needed source of procrastination isn’t up and running i may actually have to WORK! THE HORROR!!!

  • scarlett_2005

    Can’t wait for tPF to come back!

    Thanks for all the hard work Vlad!!

  • rosieroseanna21

    OH my goodness, I have been trying to log on all day!It is now 7pm here and only a few hourse before I am off to bed, boo, no TPF today! Just realised I am totally addicted!

  • HandbagAngel

    Thank you Jill! I am heading to Saks now since without PF, I have nothing else to do.

  • gr8heart

    OMG, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the update!
    And for all your hard, but wonderful work!
    I miss TPF so much!
    Can’t wait to see the upgrads and the NYC pics!!!

  • Kittie LaRoche

    Oh guys, can’t wait til tPF is finally back online :-) I’m excited to see what’s in your orange box, Meg. Boy, am I jeaulous *g* …. oh well, will go see what else in going on online now ….. Thanks for all the hard work, Vlad!!!


    Keep checking, still not up. Well, at least I’m getting some work done here :)
    TPF is pretty much the only site I visit these days. I’m sure the wait will be worth it though, can’t wait to see the NYC pics!

  • ssmama

    My boss is out today and I was looking forward to catching up on TPF! I guess that’s a sign that I need to work =) Miss ya’ll, thanks for all the hard work on the upgrades. I will be checking hourly, I need to authenticate a Fendi Spy soooooooo bad!!!

  • hlfinn

    what do gorillas have to do with anything? and really, mentioning their weight? was that needed? are you going to tell us their ages too? sheesh.

    oh and thank GOODNESS i know what was in those fabulous boxes or else i would be going nuts like the rest of you! (did i rub that in enough?)

  • nycgr1

    please hurry! I need a fix! ok i’m officially a JUNKIE!


    guccilove, I was laughing at your post as I did the same thing, checked out another purse forum. Not the same at all!

  • Nishi621

    Oh! i couldn’t even imagine checking out another purse forum! you Benedict Arnolds you! LMAO!!

    Someone give me something great to buy at Sephora-i am itching to get something from them-LOL

  • twiggers

    OK…I seriously have worked enough today….I have class in about 15 minutes…maybe it’ll be up when class is over….my luck it’ll come back while I am supposed to be cooking dinner LOL

  • south-of-france

    Awww it will be bedtime soon… 3 1/2 hours till midnight… I hopeeee to talk to you guys soooon!

  • sweetneet

    thank you Vlad & Megs for the explanation, and for all your time & effort in upgrading the system!! i’m sure everyone will appreciate it very much. you guys rock!!

    like people have said before, i didn’t realize how ADDICTED i was to TPF until now. :) like after ~15 hours of not being able to access TPF, i was like OMG, what do I do??? where else will I get my LV fix?! LOL but yeah, i guess it’s good cuz i should be concentrating on work now (it’s Monday). :)

    anyways, thanks again and can’t wait to see pix of what’s inside those Hermes boxes!! :)

  • dancer31rmb

    Aww poor Vlad hopefully he’s not too stressed, but I can’t wait for the forum to be up and running again! I’m dying!!!

  • kimberf

    I was so sad yesterday when tPF went down, had been on browsing away, stepped away for a minute, and came back and it was gone. I’d known it was coming, though, so wasn’t surprised. I miss it though, and will be on there this evening when it’s back up!! It is nice to see so many familiar names in the comments here.

    Hope the upgrade is going smoothly for all involved. As an only-semi-techie person who gets pulled into coordinating stuff like that, I know there can be some serious nightmares.

  • Traci Rossi

    Hope it all goes smoothly Vlad!! Thanks for all the hard work! We all appreciate it!

    Megs…can’t WAIT to see what’s in the box!!!!!!!!

  • doulosforhim

    OMG Megs….how exciting….your dream bag…..i can’t wait to see pictures….CONGRATS!!!!!!

    I am supposed to be sleeping after working a 12 hour shift but i can’t stand it, i miss the PF too and can’t sleep. I keep checking to see if we are up and running instead of getting a good sleep…lol

    Thanks for all of your hard work.

  • H&H

    OMG I’m so addicted !!!! I’m missing Tpf!!!! Megs I can’t wait to see what is in those boxes… let me guess a white birkin ??? HUGS

  • luv2shophandbags

    Vlad, thanks for the explanation. It makes my withdrawal just a touch easier. Not much, just a touch. I now must face my undone task pile, and concentrate for extended peiods without tPF breaks!!! AARRGH!!

    Megs–I just know it’s a Birkin. The size of the box makes me think 30, but since Baggs says you are an amazon, maybe it’s a 35…I don’t think it’s exotic…I’m guessing a neutral shade, not a bright. The box on top must be a cadena for the bag.

  • Hi Girls!

    I’m pretty impatient right now cause I’m so addicted to tpf! Girls, I’m not sure if any of you know the website, is it fake? Let me know! Thanks!!!! I want to buy something from or… cause I’m newbie girl! :) thanks a lot…

    • lorihmatthews

      FAKES! Stay away!

    • lorihmatthews

      FAKES! Stay away from efashionhouse!

      However, eLuxury is completely legitimate.

    • nygoldengirl

      I am “newbie” to this site, too, although I have a great collection of vintage bags (thank goodness my mother took care of her purses like they were gold), and some vintage and Chanels of my own, which I am starting to collect. I really look forward to advice and guidance from everyone on this site, I have already gotten some good advice about buying choices, and now, I am afrraid to make a decision without consulting the group!

  • forenfinal


    I am soooooo going through withdrawals…………..

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys do ~ I am sure this is worth the wait!!

  • IntlSet

    Vlad, please give us a time-frame so I can stop checking every two minutes! “Afternoon” is so vague… it’s like telling a crack-addict that he will get his drugs “soon.” I miss you guys…

  • Maria

    Is it going to be much longer? I need to authenticate several items… Time is running …
    Please, get it done asap… I’m going to take to pills…

  • We are fed and he is working away!!!!

    Now, if only I could make him give over his camera so I can take pics of my bag!!!

  • imonpurseblog

    Hi girls. I miss TPF! Just wanted to tell anyone who might be trying to order a RM from the online sample sale…go to their website click on “shop” then you’ll see a Vincent tab. Those are the sale bags. If you send them an email with your phone number they will call you back. Yea!! I tried for HOURS hearing only a busy signal. I’ve got my Christmas shopping done. (ok, it’s just a start…)

  • mlinky

    Arrrrgh!! I’m having tpf withdrawal!! I just know that I’m missing fabulous purse buying opportunities.

  • is 866 vuitton number down too?

  • Katie

    okay sounds good, can’t wait

    • baggaholic

      Geeze Louise! I’m back from my Botox treatment and still nothing! I being punished for something? Show me the goods! If your hiding an exotic from me I’m going to hang you from LV!!

      Geeze! I can’t move my face! I look like I got smacked with a frying pan! Haha!

  • C’mon!! Can anyone please answer my question regarding the legit websites? I’m kinda of hesitate to order something from or Are they authentic or fake? Let me know! :( thanks a lot!!!

    • Damierlover

      Eluxury is ok to order from…Don’t have a clue about

      Eluxury is authentic. Hope that helps!

  • RazorbackBelle

    Anahi, eluxury is authentic. efashionhouse has been questionable in the past.

  • shay86

    Im losing my mind here waiting for tPF to come back … so how much long Megs/Vlad

  • MyLuckyCharm

    I think that this is the first blog that I’ve ever commented on! Maybe it’s because I’m DESPERATE lol and can’t wait to dish it out with my PF ladies again. And like some of us have said, there is a thread that I’m hooked on, and I’m pretty sure that it’s the same one that you’re all hooked on too! ;] Hint hint… it’s in the relationships section. ;D

    Thanks so much for everything that you do Vlad and everyone else with the PF staff that I might have forgotten to mention! tPF really makes my day like no other! I miss you guys! Can’t wait to see the new forum upgrade! Until then… HUGS. –//xo;Ace

  • fatefullotus

    VLAD, MEGS! C’mon! When can I uncurl myself from this god-awful FETAL position from underneath my desk????? Bring back tPF before I go into convulsions!!!! *rocks in fetal position*

  • Nishi621

    Oh my! We have members taking pills to get through this-I thought I was in bad shape! LOL

    Thanks for everything megs and vlad!

  • booga1003

    im going crazy without TPF!!!!!! AGH i miss it!!!!!!!!!

  • elle

    I’m dying of boredom here at work. Please come back soon tPF!

  • loopyloo

    Hey all, can anyone tell me, spotted woman at car boot yesterday with a bag thats made of recycled number plates and tyres! apparently they go for couple of hundred pounds but can remember name plzzzz anyone?????? cheers loopy

  • Cosmopolitan

    OMG, it’s almost happy hour and STILL no tPF?????? Cosmo needs a drink, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok so an UPDATE!!!

    UPDATE: The Purse Blog has been successfully moved to the new server. The PURSE FORUM is being moved as we speak. ETA is not known, I will keep pushing for more info though!!!!

  • Kelly_Birkin

    Thanks for the information, Vlad. :)

    You’re really making us H loves wait with anticipation over what is inside Meg’s BIG orange box. ;)

  • happie_berrie

    im having withdrawal symptoms.. i need to log into PF!!!! =(

  • rm_rm_rm

    Hi — to those who may have had luck with ordering an RM bag, could you give an estimate of prices? Thanks.

    Hi girls. I miss TPF! Just wanted to tell anyone who might be trying to order a RM from the online sample sale…go to their website click on “shop” then you’ll see a Vincent tab. Those are the sale bags. If you send them an email with your phone number they will call you back. Yea!! I tried for HOURS hearing only a busy signal. I’ve got my Christmas shopping done. (ok, it’s just a start…)

    • imonpurseblog

      I bought the morning after and the blind date clutch. Prices were about 40% off or better. Sorry, she told me but I didn’t write it down. Anyway about $370 IIRC for the MA. I think the clutch was half off. You can email your orders now. Tell them what you would like and ask for a price on the items (all under the Vincent tab). They won’t run it without your info.

      Hope that helps.??

  • lorihmatthews

    My last comment got lost in the shuffle. Anahi, stay away from efashionhouse. They definitely sell fakes. The only site that sells real LV is eLuxury.

  • RowanOak

    Wonder if anyone has ended up in Betty Ford for tPF addiction. If this “down time” lasts much longer, I’m calling them!!

    • yvalenz

      Move over girlfriend – I’m right there with ya!

  • rosieroseanna21

    Oh no it’s nearly 9pm and it’s still not back :(

  • IntlSet

    Oh good God, can hardly wait. Thanks MEGS!

  • AccessoryObsessory

    Have ordered another pair of shoes and two Hermes scarves. DH is praying you open up the site soon. It’s costing him a fortune!
    It will be funny to see the posting frenzy when we are back though!!!

  • rosieroseanna21

    Wow a smilie appeared! I did it on my keyboard and the ( and :

  • sarahcantiik

    Still no ETA, huh? I will wait if it’s like an hour or so, but will doze off if it’s still like 3+ hours..

  • louislady

    i’ve been on tpf withdrawal since last nite! gasp. lol.

  • lola 62

    Hi, Help!! I’m in need of tpf. I’ve been waiting all day. I’m a newbie. Anyone know if or are legitimate purse sites. They both say authentic Balenciaga’s, are they??? Anyone know 100%???


  • rosieroseanna21

    As far as I know diabro and aloharag and luisaviaroma are the only authentic Bbag sites

  • muggles

    I miss you guys, what a boring day without you!!

  • GyrlLayney

    To all my homegirls from the BBBC – hang in there! Sending positive thoughts to y’all :)

  • Liberté

    Finally some info! You’ve made me go crazy all day >_<

  • missypoo

    I’m going NUTS w/o tpf!! lol. I did manage to get thru Rebecca Minkoff and ordered the Matinee in Glazed Almond!!! Miss you guys! I think it was $395…

  • nycgr1

    well i guess i’ll go to the gym….ugghh!
    P.S thank you Megs& Vlad :-)
    DH is an network engineer i know about servers and the work it entails!!plus we have one here @ home.

  • cola262

    Miss tpf too…..=(




    So Vlad is barely talking to me, which means he is hard at work with this. Bad news is that my update is there is still no ETA.

    Let’s all cross our fingers!!!!

  • bagdizzy

    lolz! its 100% certified and authentic…were all tPF addicts!!! :) forum is down and we still cant stop posting! ;)

  • AlohaGirl01

    I miss TPF! But like the other poster said, I was able to catch up on my housework, filing and other boring stuff :) Well, off to go iron now!

  • missypoo

    LOL I was able to catch up on paying bill! hehehe Fingers are crossed Megs!

  • siworae

    much love to you guys!!! <3 i can’t wait for the forum to be back up… going thru tpf withdrawal… ahhhhh!! no, really… you guys are doing a fantastic job with the site, and it’s definitely worth the wait. :)

  • missypoo

    LOL I was able to catch up on paying bills! hehehe Fingers are crossed Megs!

  • catcat

    So that’s what’s going on. I was olive harvesting at my in-laws nearly all the week-end (great weather so it was fun), but tried all day today to log in.
    Miss you guys a tun. Can’t wait to be back.

  • fatefullotus

    MEGS! As soon as tPF comes back up, we all expect to see a STRIPTEASE of that big ole ORANGE box you’re teasing us with!!!

    TAKE IT OFF!!!!!

  • Candace

    SOOOO I was just at nordie’s because I am freaking out with excitement about the half yearly sale…so I just wanted to walk around and make a plan of attack…LOL…
    and then I saw it in the clearance.
    The Coach large black patent hobo. WTF!?!??!?! I haven’t been able to find one of these in forever! AND at the lovely price of $228, which is about half of the msrp of 458…yes, I had them hold it. Gotta talk to DH first. But what an amazing steal!!!!
    opinions? is patent a bad idea?

  • sarahcantiik

    Thank you for the update Megs. It feels just a lil bit better to have you going back and forth to update us. Meanwhile, I think we all just gonna “talk” in here for a while, see the number of comments keep ballooning? LOL

    On the other hand, I cant stop munching on cookies.. :P

  • Chaz

    I remember why I call tpf home now,cos all the others are CRAP in comparison!!! Ooo,did I say that out loud? Vlad,all power to you,taking on a task like that,and for the benefit of all us moaning ladies!!!!

    Ps,my husband said can he come and help you,he had forgotten how quiet his evenings are to watch football in peace!!! He is so sick of me trudging about moaning!!!!

    Hope its all going well,for your sanity and my selfish addiction!!!! Megs,keep feeding him WHATEVER he needs!!! Love to you both,you’re great!

    (but hurry up!)

  • Fiatflux

    No…do not purchase anything from those sites. Typically, it’s not really that easy to buy Balenciagas online. Even the “authorized” online sellers do not fully sell online (e.g., aloha rag – you have to fax them your order). Diabro, Bluefly, and are the only places that fully sell authentic Bbags online…and they are “third party” resellers so their stock is very limited and you’d be lucky to find what you’re looking for there. Oh, I guess I forgot rafaello and styledrops…but they are usually so overpriced that they’re not worth it.

    • RowanOak

      fiatflux… is okay (according to Megs herself) and I have ordered from them w/ much success. They have Balenciagas. They *may* still have free shipping (can’t remember the deadline for that), but if not they have sent two bags I ordered and they shipped and came in 4 days…from Italy!

  • oatmeal_raisin

    Ohhhh!!!!! I was so looking forward to logging on today…Unfortunately by the time you come back up, I will be fast asleep…so I have to wait until tomorrow. :(

    I can’t wait to see the information you have to share from New York!!!! And I definitely can’t wait to see what is in those beautiful orange boxes!!!

  • shopaholiccat

    awww still not up yet?????????

  • Sucre

    Well, when I first clicked to this page, there were only 5 comments. I thought there were ONLY a few people addicted to tPF like me (was so surprised though) .. me more of reading & lurking OR sometimes STARING at the forum is like getting my fix. Now .. 200 something comments are more like it! LOL

    Can’t wait to see what’re in the orange boxes .. and the new and improved tPF. WooooHoooooooooooooooooo

  • Irishgal

    What a bunch of junkies we are..pretty soon it will be 24 hours without tPF and everyone is in full blown detox. This is painful!

  • Label Addict

    stil no TPF and I can’t get through to LV UK or US! so I can’t even shop to ease the pain


  • noon

    I keep checking back to see if its back up yet.. Thanks Vlad I know you are hard at work trying to improve tpf for us! It is very appreciated :)

  • Label Addict

    oh & I ate half a pack of cookies! please hurry save me from myself

  • RazorbackBelle

    I’m actually having to work at my job. This is violently unfair. :-D

  • baglady2006

    I miss tpf, :( what a lonely day this has been.. miss you all.

    • Alice

      Me too…

  • ahertz

    Just went to Saks pre-sale in Beverly Hills… For all of you Chloe fans: there are a dozen bags on sale beyond what’s listed on the website. Not familiar with styles, but some of the new patent leather on sale plus several lock (paddington?) kind. Also, many, many accessories.

  • noon

    the more tpf is down the more the thought of me *GASP* having to do work is setting in. I need a distraction! lol

  • PrincessMe

    Im having withdrawels!!!!! at least i finally exercised

  • lola 62

    Thanks for your response, so the Bbags
    are knock offs????

  • Now i know for a fact Purse Forum is as addictive as da craCk rawKk! :OP *starts getting the shakes* hahahahaa

  • nolarice

    Thanks for all your hard work Vlad!!!
    I didn’t realize just how addicted to tPF I am…..
    I need me some tPF!!!

  • Chaz

    Ok,so now I’ve run out of housework,I’m officially bored of baiting the husband for entertainment,my 16 month old sweet pea is tucked up and I’m thinking about going to bed(16 month old toddlers have no social graces with a tired person, she is as ruthless as a pitbull when she gets ignored!)So I’m off to bed and dream that all this was a bad dream…………………………….good luck guys,hope your stress levels don’t get you down!XXXXXXXX

  • solitude

    I miss the gals in the jewelry forum!!! Chaz, Littlesharon, everyone, I got some new bling coming soon!!! Im having withdrawal syndrome because of this downtime====light headedness, cold sweats, mood swings LOL See you soon!

  • chinadoll724

    Candace! Which Nordies is it? THey’re already marked down for the sale?! I’m planning at going before work (at 7am) on Wed!

  • Fiatflux

    You’re lucky you can sleep through it, Chaz … it’s only midday here…and crashingly boring.

  • phoebe_0526

    I felt so lonely today. Keep coming back here.

    Thanks Vald and Megs for your hard work.
    We all love you.

  • Chaz

    SOLITUDE!!!! I miss you too!!! Catch you tommorow honey!!!x

  • jadecee

    Can’t wait until tPF is back. I think I’ve been on this page even more than usual – just clicking refresh constantly all day long and a few times last night!

    I’m glad to hear the stuff has been moved to the new servers.. now crossing my fingers that the rest of this process will happen soon so I don’t go crazy here and so my right hand second finger doesn’t get ‘mouse finger’ (equivalent of tennis elbow) from all the clicking!

    Miss y’all. I need to chat with my fellow PFers on a daily basis! :D

  • fatefullotus

    Darn I wish SUNSHINE had thought this thru and sent Vlad a case of RED BULL for this occasion. A Starbucks card maybe??? Ahhh, hindsight is always 20/20!

    VLAD, you know all us junkies congregating here appreciate your efforts so very much!!! (But seriously, I think we’re all foaming at the mouth, waiting for the return of tPF.)

  • sjunky13

    My local LV number is stil down from last night, so is 1866. ahhhhhhhhhhh what is going on, lol. I need my pf fix. PLus now Im shopping online, this sucks!

  • I am coming back to say we have not forgotten any of you, but I am not sure that I have driven Vlad CRAZY. I keep sending him messages on his computer, since he won’t talk, and he is getting a little on edge!!!!!

    Oh well! I am doing lots of online shopping- my FAVORITE!!! Lots of great things at Saks and tons of new Resort bags out!

  • Rinstar311

    I did notice tPF was running a little slow…. but I can’t wait for it to be back up!!! Ahhh! I am dying!

  • Candace

    I live in Oregon, so not only is the store I live near (Salem) NOT opening at 7, but 9, my SA told me they aren’t marking down any of the Coach they have on the shelves!!! :'( BAH!!!! BUT a little birdie told me they will be marking down the shoes, which is fantastic so I can get a return on the shoes I bought last week :-D

    The patent hobos aren’t currently in stores so I think that’s why they are so cheap.

    ALTHOUGH, I have heard from the Coach forum girls and confirmed this today, that the NEW Leigh legacy flap has been marked down from 658 to 348. AMAZING.

    So, regardless of the sale, I would sail over to Nordie’s and check out what they have in the reduced section!


  • PennyD2911

    Megs— ORANGE BOXES—-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see whats inside – this is the consolation prize for the downtime of tPF – LOL

  • lamiastella

    Hope to see tPF back up tomorrow!!!

  • Chaz

    Fiatflux,I really feel for you,I have just done a whole day without and its not pretty,will try and catch somewhere on tpf tommorow and see how you’re bearing up,I usually flit about in the jewellery box,chatting to Solitude or on Mulberry,but I’ll have a little mooch about to say hello to you!!!!

  • NyckeiXXIV

    OMG where is tPF when you need it!!?!?!? I am having a postal crisis right now and I need support. And I need B-Bag authentication. (It’s Bubble Gum, darnit! I NEED that color.)
    Geez, we are hooked, aren’t we?

  • lorihmatthews

    Candace, go for the Coach patent hobo! It’s a great deal and patent is so hot this season. I bought 2 patent bags for fall/winter — an espresso MJ tote and a MK grey patent! Can’t wait for them to arrive!

  • bagachondriac

    By my not being able to post all the sales that arrived to my inbox today, I was FORCED to do some online shopping myself!! Bought a gorgeous black Be&D Dietrich satchel for $413 at NM!!(3rd Be&D this week).Usually I just try to post without investigating the sale myself, but with all this time on my hands, I’m gonna be in big trouble!! LOL! BTW, Delcina has the Bulga Double Pocket Satchel on sale for $387. I haven’t read all the comments, so forgive me if someone has already mentioned this. Oops…sorry, just can’t get that need to post these sales outta me…a difficult habit to break.

  • sarahcantiik

    He won’t talk to you Megs? Uh oh, he must be dead serious to do this as fast as he could, and we all thank him for that!

    Okay Megs, you have to promise us that you will show off all your loot once tpf is up. You seem to be in a serious shopping spree, with the orange boxes and all, hehe!

  • joyfishyu

    I am so not used to this. I’ve been checking the status from last night, LOL!I feel a huge part of me is lost since I could not log onto TPF! But I believe good things are worth waiting. Purse Forum is getting better and better~ Thanks Vlad and Megs for your efforts! You guys rock!

    Miss you ladies all!

  • sjunky13

    Hurry PFcome back , JIll is getting on my nerves, lmao rofl , hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • baglady2006

    My husband is going to expect a clean house all the time now, lol. Sheesh, I even made dinner! I need my purse forum fix. Ooh, I can’t wait to see what’s in Megs orange boxes!!

  • hovercraftier

    Bagachondriac, please don’t ever break your sales-posting habit! We’d all be so broke without you.

  • *freetoes*

    I’m having serious withdrawals….. I even went to the mall today and it wasn’t the same as being on PF. I think I have a problem……….. how is everyone today??

  • pinkpiano

    this downtime makes me want tPF even more !!!!! i guess i m still addicted no matter what :)

  • kazzibabe

    I’m missing tpf like crazy!! Checked tpf as the last thing I did before I went to bed last night, and it was also the first thing I did when I woke up this morning … didn’t realize this before, but I’ve been logging onto tpf everyday, and one day without is like x_x Anyhow, like everyone else, can’t wait till it’s back on & THANKS megs & vlad!!

  • I don’t wanna work I wanna be on tpf! (But thanks Vlad and Megs for all your hard work)!

  • mas2388

    Hey ladies, I just spoke to someone at the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale and got all the prices for the bags. If you go to their websites and click on Vincent, you will get their number and the available bags that they have. Here’s the prices. Pls don’t kill me if I typed some incorrectly but as far as I can tell, these are it!

    Blind Date Clutch 250
    Clutch 160
    Date Clutch 135
    Easy bag 395
    Elisha 375
    Getaway 215
    Tote 395
    Grace 350
    Jane 350
    Kiss and Makeup 80 (comes in the 2 colors in the site, and also a nude/gold combination and a silver. Both metallic colors are the old style.)
    Morning After 375
    Morning After mini 365
    Matinee 395
    Nikki 375
    Nikki Mini 350
    Tess 350

  • guccilove

    oh my gosh……STILL NO TPF!? hehehhehe….
    hopefully tonight when i get home hahaha!

  • chag

    Ok… so I checked this page this morning and there were only like three comments. I come back this afternoon to 247!!!!! HAHA! WoW just shows how much we all MISS The PF!!! Hope it is all going well Vlad !

  • lawgirl07

    Thank you soo much mas2388! I had emailed them but had not heard back yet. Now if I can just decide…

  • bagachondriac

    I searched all the posts and didn’t find one from ‘chloesmygirl’ Hmmmmmm!!! I wonder if that means anything. Perhaps her little darlings have arrived. If not, I suspect that she’s going crazy w/o anything to do in that hospital bed. Chloe…if you’re out there, please give us an update as I’m pacing the floor wondering!!

  • *freetoes*

    Chag ~ we made our own mini PF ~ now if someone could just organize our subjects here….. LOL

  • mas2388

    ^^^Btw, the person I spoke to was super nice! Go buy lots!!!

  • Needanotherbag

    I miss tPF! Am on bedrest and am just dying here with out all my enablers!

  • Candace

    black patent or brown patent?????? :):):)

    • Get the black, it goes with everything! It’s such a good deal!

  • tabbyco

    I got SOOOO much work done today ;-)

  • Susieserb

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! There are codes to be had; purses to be bought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cough, Sputter~~~~~~~Just going through mild withdrawel~~~~~~~

  • Irissy

    Aww… it’s still down?! =( I am having major purse withdrawals right now! That means I have to get some real work done instead of goofing off… waaaa…

  • lorihmatthews

    Candace — you can never go wrong with black patent, it’s completely classic — I guess it would depend on whether you wear more blacks or browns. How about both? LOL!

  • Susieserb

    Brown patent because that’s what I bought ;}

  • Candace

    I know huh…both :-D
    Black is always fun and if the bags were plain leather instead of patent it would be a tougher decision…certain colors look better than others in patent, black and red always look good…brown is hit or miss. this brown is a more espresso-y brown so it does look quite divine, but I think it would look odder than the black one on me.

    But it is always better to get opinions on here! :-D
    I love everyone on tPF! :)

  • FutureMrsJones

    Wow, i miss you guys!!! Hurry up!! J/k I work in IT(Techie) so i know what he’s probably going through.

  • AccessoryObsessory

    No PF…shaking…clammy…vision starting to cloud over…must have PF…yes nurse, I’ll put on the pretty long sleeved white pyjamas and go to bed now…..It’s 11 pm here and we have been without all day. Goodnight ladies, hope to see you all tomorrow!

    Thanks for all your hard work Vlad and Megs. I think this is a testimony to you two…we’ll post anywhere!

  • Susieserb

    What brand?

  • mmc24

    Hi mas2388,

    Re: Rebecca Minkoff sample sale

    How on earth did you get through to that number to the sample sale? I’m been calling constantly since 12:00. I get one of the following when I call:

    1) busy signal
    2) voice mail recording telling me the box is full
    3) the phone rings and rings and after so long it disconects me

    I have called so so many times (it’s not even funny) but to no avail.

    Thank you.

    • mas2388

      I guess I just got lucky??? I called 3 times. First time, it was busy, 2nd and 3rd times it was the recording, 4th time I got it! I called around 4:30. They close at 5.

      Just keep trying!

  • mariabdc

    Listen, I am considering setting my own forum up… I can’t ever work properly because of the withdrawal symptoms (loading the page again and again)
    Any Chloe fan out there? I am missing you all… So many finds today, hard decisions to make and no one to guide me… Sniff…

  • gracekelly

    Hello, my name is Grace K. and I have an addiction. I need a 12 step program for my addiction to tPF. We won’t even get started about the orange box addiction…;)

  • sratsey

    I’m having bagdrawal here!
    Thanks for the explanation!

  • nycgr1

    Ok we get it! this is just a test to see who really loves TPF!! as you can see WE ALL DO!!plese hurry DH & kids will be home soon :-)

  • Lainey

    I tried calling Rebecca Minkoff over and over too… got those same 3 responses. LOL Thanks for listing the prices. I wish the matinee was less. :(

  • bhurry

    omg, I am shaking, I need my TPF. Can’t wait.

  • Candace

    I think it says a lot that since our regular forums are down, we are helping each other out here!!! :) tPF is an awesome family!

  • chag

    LOL *Freetoes* So I see! We are creating a mini tPF version right here lol

  • *freetoes*

    We can’t let a little server problem take away our crack, now can we? Crack is whack! LOL

  • imonpurseblog

    You can email your order to Rebecca Minkoff. Click on Vincent and look at the purses. Then get your order together and email it to them. That’s what they told me I could tell others to do. Here’s the email I got:


    If you still want to place your order, please click this link :

    and then email your order to and we can now take email orders.


    someone else posted the prices (above)

    • Knshdion

      I couldn’t get through either. At least we now know the prices and the potentially available styles. Did the emailing the order work for anyone?

  • chinadoll724

    Megs, you aren’t keeping it down on purposed so we’ll get 1000 posts here are you? If you are, let us know and we promise to fill it up quickly!

  • blue_hour_girl

    Thanks a million, Vlad and Megs!

    Megs, can’t wait to see your orange box reveal, yay!

    Hope everyone is well and “see” you soon…..

  • purplekitty

    :( I don’t know how much more I can take, lol! I don’t even know what to do right now without tPF. I think I will just go take a nap for a few hours, but the only thing on my mind will be getting up every 5 minutes to check the progress, like I did last night :lol: I am shocked at all the comments, almost 300!! We all have some serious issues, hehe.

    THANK YOU VLAD for all of your hard work!!! We all appreciate it so much!

  • *freetoes*

    great ~ Vlad if I order a RM bag, it’s all your fault…..

    Anyone know the measurements for the Niki and Niki Mini bag?

  • solitude

    CHAZ!!!! Need your expert opinion soon. And I need it now LOL Im debating between a pair of 14mm white south sea pearl stud earrings and a pair of princess cut diamond cross dangling earrings with total carat weight of around 1.6. My jeweller can only hold the cross until today because another lady is set on buying the pair tomorrow! Help! Both pairs are almost the same price range! Which would hold its value more and remain a classic piece??? As you can see this downtime is driving me up the wall LOL

  • b00mbaka

    This is so depressing! I never knew how addicted I was to TPF until today! I can’t even go shopping efficiently without TPF! I went to the mall earlier & got upset because I couldn’t remember if there were any codes/coupons for the stores I went to. I have 7 things on hold at 3 different stores in the hopes that I can buy it cheaper thru TPF. Please hurry, anxiety is killing me! LOL

  • robbins65

    OMG I can’t beleive how addicted I am to TPF! I miss it so much!!! I really need a life :)

  • dallas

    I am having severe PF withdrawal and to make it worse my husband even suggested I cheat on you…look at another “purse” forum. I can’t believe he would say such a thing, it’s the meanest thing he’s ever said to me. He’s not the man I thought he was…I think divorce is the only answer;) Thank you for all of your hard work Vlad and Megs.

  • Couture_Girl


    how much longer??


    the suspense……

  • likeafeather77

    ^^^LOL…that’s funny! I miss tPF!!!!! Thank you for all your hard work, Vlad and Megs!

  • Candace

    I’m not Chaz but my gut instinct says the pearls :):):):)

  • amandabug

    i got through for rebecca minkoff at 4:10p EST! and i’d been trying since 11:59 am! i also emailed jes, of their customer service, and she emailed me a private line to preorder with her. but by the time i got her email, i’d just gotten through on the phone.

    i bought a MA mini in the royal. that was my first impulse, to go with a bright color (my second choice was the sage, then the blue). what do you girls think? i wish it was less than $365 though — and i can’t believe i could have gotten 20% more bag by paying $10 more for the regular size! but i don’t need something that big.

    also this year, they’re not taking preorders for pickup in nyc. the bags are coming from a non-nyc location, so everyone will get their orders mailed to them.

  • shopaholiccat

    WhoOoo MOCA rond i found 2 BIN for around 400!!!!! LOVELY DEAL!!!!

  • twiggers

    Ahhh still no tPF…I am going crazy…if I am forced to sit down and actually speak in coherent sentences to my husband tonight then the world will have officially come to a crashing end LOL

  • Oh I can’t wait for you guys to come back up….you’ve disturbed the normal order of things for me, but i understand. At least now I have time to think about why I’m so addicted to the purse forum. Thanks!

  • Candace

    Royal is a beautiful color Amanda!!!! And in the smaller size it will really add something to an outfit without being like ‘HI I AM A HUGE ROYAL COLORED BAG!!! LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!’

    :) Nice choice!!!

  • Sunshine

    I have been on my weight lose forum off and on all damn day….and I CAN NOT TALK ABOUT FOOD AND EXERCISE ANYMORE!!!! (but my new GUCCI came!! ) It was not nearly as fun opening that box and not running to the computer to share with you all. (it still was GREAT, but you know!)

  • chinadoll724

    I’d say the pearls, too :) And I’m not chaz either.

  • Vlad

    Sorry ladies, the amount of data being moved is staggering, we need more time to finish the move. I expect the forums to go back live later tonight or the early morning hours tomorrow. =\

  • shopaholiccat

    I need TPF back before I go broke on ebay!!!!!
    there’s 2 MOCA rond for around 400 BIN if anyone’s interested!

  • twiggers

    Thanks for the update Vlad!

  • luvednotspoiled

    man, im so addicted

    Sitting here in class…constantly checking if the sites back up!! BLAH! I dont know what to do to myself! I guess i COULD pay attention! LOL!

  • sarahcantiik

    I suspected this when Megs said the forum was just started being moved some time ago. I mean, the size of the forum is like HUGE! I know we all want the forum back asap, but pls do not forget to take a rest okay, both of ya! We appreciate this so much.

  • leanbeanee

    Hehee… Looks like I’m not the only one missing tPF. I’ve been coming back to check every hour. Did realise how addicted to this place I am till now! :S (I miss the smileys!)

    • Babi

      YES!!! Me too!
      I admit I had to work hard yeasterday… and so it helped, but I realize TPF gives me a sort of friendly break from work, which helps me :-)
      We all love TPF.. or we are all obsessed maniacs… did you see how many posts????
      Miss you!!!

  • mmc24

    Lainey — keep trying to get through to Rebecca Minkoff. I just finally got through. I ordered the Morning After Bag in Tomato, as well as Green (apparently I got the last bag). I too was a bit surprised that the bags are $375, since they’re also on sale at Nordstrom for $394.90 with free shipping. Oh, well, I’m just happy to have both bags in colors I’ve wanted.

    When I told Carrie from Rebecca Minkoff that I heard about the sale through the Purse Forum, she immediately knew what I was talking about and said that Rebecca had been interviewed here. She has talked to a lot of Purse Forum members today. I told her that RM needs to do events/special with Purse Forum and she agreed.

    And, by the way, I’m so in love with this board. I was going through board withdrawl during the strain of not being able to get through to Rebecca Minkoff’s sample sale line! I needed support from my fellow board members!

  • tanukiki

    Man. I am like an addict. I keep checking and checking and refreshing. LOL. Waaaahhhhh! I miss tPF!

  • Julie

    omg! omg omg omg! ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • solitude

    Thanks chinadoll!!!You guys are great!!!

  • baglady2006

    I’m getting carpal tunel syndrome from all the refreshing, lol. I’m hopelessly addicted to tpf!! :)

  • b00mbaka

    TOMORROW??? Oh Geez! Thanks for the update Vlads, now I don’t have to keep refreshing the page. See you in a couple of hours, posters!

  • curlsaloud

    arrrrhhhh! I really need tpf – need help deciding on a new bag and wallet. Hurry back soon!

  • sjunky13

    oo what GUcci did you get, share share

  • Jahpson



  • clk55girl

    I cannot WAIT until the forum is back up. I’ve been stalking ebay all day. Thank goodness, there’s nothing that I HAVE to have right now. I just hope one of my HG bags doesnt pop up today. =/ Thanks for all your hard work Vlad and Megs!

  • chinadoll724

    Curlsaloud, post the links here and we’ll try to help.

  • sarak1979

    I am really missing the forum today, but it is great for the upgrades. thanks so much vlad and megs for all you do, i have a feeling you are in for a long night…cant wait to here about everyones MOCA visits over this weekend!

  • imonpurseblog

    what is MOCA? :)

  • janis

    This is too funny! We are all addicts and this is as bad as it gets!

  • kissmyace108

    Wow, like many others, this has confirmed my tPF ADDICTION! Last night I saw it was down and I was like ohh its ok itll be back tomorrow morning ..then in the morning I go look and I think oh good itll be back when I get home from school! And now its still not backkk! But thats ok, you guys are working hard and we appreciate it, and it was running a little slow =) Cant wait to get back on!!

  • cherry pie

    i cant believe how many regulars im seeing having with drawals form the forum.
    we really are addicted. i hope vlad can afford our therapy if this goes on much longer.

  • Nathansgirl1908

    Okay so I’m dying to know what Megs has in her big orange box. This will be the unveiling/striptease of the year!!!

  • kimalee

    I can’t wait for tPF to come back! Even though I’ve gotten more work done today than I have in a long, long time!

  • chinadoll724

    Museum of Contemporary Arts. They have an exhibit on Murakami/LV right now.

  • Oh if any of you gals is a designer specialist at nordies, please post what marc jacobs collection bags you think will be on sale, i have a substantial gift card that i want to make the best of and get the most product for my buck, also if anyone has seen sales at nordies for stams please let me know, i want a stam and a few mj collection items. Thanks yall. lol know this isn’t TPF, but we gotta turn lemons into lemonade.

  • aquarius4u

    miss you,miss you TPF!!when are you coming back? this is the –‘th time that i check today!

  • mello_yello_jen

    Ahhhh!! The “opening” of tPF keeps getting held back. I’m dying in boredom over here and anticipation is KILLING me, I want to see what’s in the orange boxes!!

  • RowanOak

    Will someone (Megs or Vlad) tell us when it’s about a half hour from being up? That way, we could know how to plan our day/night. (and how pitiful is that? :))

  • sarah1029

    I keep checking the site to make sure it’s back up! Thanks so much Vlad for working so hard! I understand some of us are going a bit crazy, but without you or Megs this site wouldn’t be around.

  • margaritaxmix

    I’m so boreddd!! I miss my tPF gals! :(
    I want to see all the loot and chat with everyone again!

    Just goes to show how much I LOVE tPF…true addict here!

  • Melocoton

    Man, I’ve checked the site like 20 times (I’m so impatient)! Ah, thanks to Meg and Vlad for updating. I’m sure the site will be amazing.

    Ok, here I go…trying to actually do some homework :-)

  • Socialite

    Hi Everyone !!!, its me, missing you all. Speak to you all soon :)

  • baglady2006

    I keep thinking we are all going to be here (refreshing the page, lol) and miss it when the site comes back on. Please, someone post when it’s back on ;)

  • halzer

    LOL…I never realised how much time I spend on TPF until today. Im having really bad withdrawal symptoms.
    My house has never looked so tidy as I have been spending the day cleaning it, trying to resist the urge to log on and see if TPF is up and runnning. I was hoping that when I did check at the end of my housework that TPF would be there waiting for me. Oh Noooo…what can I clean now? :)

  • Susieserb

    I’m a little scared?? Will the format be radically different from before? Do we have to do a tutorial or something, arrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • patiently_waiting

    oh man, i miss tPF… i have to pack for my trip to the east coast and this is perfect timing but i need tPF because there is a website that was discussed, and i need to know what it was. i can’t seem to google it correctly. If anyone knows the website im talking about please, post~~ it’s a site where you click and drag clothes and see what your outfit looks like, and you can pull designer handbags on it as well. it’s not ivillage. i found it under the thread, for “what do i wear with tory burch shoes” and one of the girls came up with different outfits fromt the website. Thanks!!!! i hope i can find it, i been going nuts trying to figure out what the site is called.

    • mas2388

      hey patiently_waiting, it’s polyvore. =)

  • Melissa71

    OOooooh, that’s why the site is down. New servers sound great! I’m having some severe withdrawl pains, I can’t until TPF comes back, I miss everyone!

  • nviedprincess

    For the gals in the beauty bar, amanda in particular… I got my GHD and holy crap! I feel like I have just been born!!!!!!!! How did I ever survive!!!!!

  • chag

    Poor Vlad!!!! Try to take care of yourself during all this Vlad! Just because we are a bunch of no good junkies doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself trying to put it all back together. We can wait :)

  • patiently_waiting

    OMG, mas2388 – thats itttttttt!!! thank you soooo much!!!! hopefully this will keep me entertained and help me decided on what to packkkk!! you saved my day… again, Thankkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuu!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxxxxooooxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • mas2388

      no problem!!! So glad you got it!!!

  • kuuipo627

    Ok, I’m going crazy here. My son’s finally asleep and still no TPF! Was gonna go shopping but sweet DH took the car with the carseats to work! OMG, what’s a girl to do?

  • Irishgal

    What the heck is GHD? I am missing something over in the beauty bar!

  • addictedtopurses

    I’m dying here. DH just bought and set up our brand new computer and there is no tpf……I miss you all.

    thanks for all your hardwork Vlad!

  • j brown

    Thank you, this must be alot of work, but greatly appreciayed.

  • j brown

    Sorry, meant appreciated.

  • sweetneet

    wow, 350 comments already… dang!!

    eek, i really miss the “great deals & steals” threads. i just saw an LV Cherry Blossom Retro (brown/pink combo) on let-trade, for $599! when i saw that this morning, i thot, i have to post this on tpf, this is a great deal! but i guess i can’t, so i’ll post it here. i hope someone gets it.

  • nviedprincess

    @Irishgal, the ceramic flat iron. A whole bunch of us got them for Sephora F&F I will post my full review when TPF is back up and I might even dig up my camera to take soem pics although it’s hard to compare to my curly hair… agh I may have tow ait a week or so or the next curly wash…

  • twiggers

    GHD is ‘Good hair Day’ it’s a brand of hair straighteners and hair products! I have one of the straighteners and man oh man does my hair look great when I use it…and it is so quick (I have the $240 model from Sephora)

    Anyone get their Sephora holiday catalog today? I’m so bored I’m going to start flipping through that (already read US Weekly)!

    I’m so jonesing for tPF!!!

    • nycgr1

      how is it compared to CHI?

  • fabgrabs

    So, I’ve been going through the DT’s since yesterday. Heehee. I don’t think I’ve slept so much in my life! I wander the apartment like a lost soul.

    Waiting for the doctor to call back with my blood test results (have a thread in the Health forum)…I’m so nervous!

    It IS good to see all your names here!

    Thanks, Vlad and Megs! Can’t wait for a lightening quick t

  • yesther

    OMG! Everyone is hilarious! I LOVE that the pf has extended to this to keep us going throughout the day!

  • twiggers

    I think I’m gonna go on Elfster and start sending out random questions to people who signed up for the gift exchanges LOL Need to do something to kill time….well I could work or clean the house…but nah!

  • mello_yello_jen

    ATTN AGGIE. you dont happen to be a UCD graduate/current student do you?!!

  • cocogal07

    Omg….I am having TPF withdraws….lol

    Thanks for the hardwork Megs and Vlad

  • reon

    i think i must have clicked on the forum 10000 times today… from yest nite to this morning to this afternoon to now to again and again, hahahahhahahha i am so obsessed…….. and its so nice to see so many other equally obsessed people!!! you guys got me hooked onto the forum so badly, so fast!!!!

  • biggestbaglover

    ARGHHH!!! Vlad! Megs! I can’t take it anymore! Please…someone…anyone….do SOMETHING! I desperately need tpf back!

  • jeslyn

    I am officially TPF addicted. I have been F5ing tpf every 15 mins at work.
    I need my hourly fix of TPF and cant wait for the revelation of those ORANGE BOXES!!! =)

  • elizabethk

    I got a lot done today due to the tpf forum done.
    I think this is my most productive day since last month, I’m eency bit sad it wont be done till tomorrow morning but I know it will be new and improved!

    Thanks Vlad and Megs!

  • maggien

    Oh my God! My first daughter is now 13 and in grade 8…she said that grade 7 was great, but she really struggled with my absence in grade 6. Now – even more amazing – get this…my second daughter is now 11!!!!!!

    And – this really rocked me back on my heels – I’ve got a new husband! Much cuter than the first, but not quite as good a sense of humour.

    I have GOT to start checking in at home more often….this maintenance may be the best thing that ever happened to my family. But tPF better be back up soon, I don’t want my kids to start EXPECTING my attention…

    (Thanks for all the hard work Meg and Vlad!!… I have to go find “a meeting” for tonight…)

  • chloesmygirl

    OMG!! I am so dying of boredom without tPF. Didn’t realize I was such an addict. Definitely have too much time on my hands w/o tPF.

    Hey Bagachondriac!! I’m still here and preggers. The babies decided not to come out yesterday, but I’m pretty sure it will be sometime this week. I miss all your posts and sadly had to find sales on my own since there’s no access to deals and steals. Congrats on your BE&D additions. Did you go for the RM bags too??

  • i can’t wait to see what’s inside those orange boxes!!!!

  • Ghost55

    Been checkin’ all day…miss you all! I need a fix..soon!
    Megs~ can’t wait to see what you got!


  • twiggers

    Ohhhhh another AGGIE on here? I thought we might be the only ones Jen!

    OMG Maggien…that totally cracked me up!

    My hubby still says he is going to kill me for buying Spice Girls tickets and making him go….he says he is going to pay someone to take his place LOL

  • rockerchic

    Sob…I miss everyone….

  • RazorbackBelle

    Oh, God, please tell me I read that “tomorrow morning” phrase wrong!! :-D

  • Geniepr

    I miss the tpf so much. Well I’ve been watching these neverfull moca on ebay but can’t get it now, you have to search murakami L V for it to show up $1200 wich is good compared to the other prices.

  • Nishi621

    OMG! Sephora has a holiday catalogue!!?!? Where is mine! I am on their email list-I buy online from them-I am even a beauty insider. hmm-gonna have to call them and bug them about that.

    Thanks for the tips ladies.

  • RazorbackBelle0

    Rockerchic I miss everyone too! Come have a martini with me…

  • mona_danya

    Missing tpf already and it feels like going through addiction withdrawal. Best wishes and good luck with the upgrades Vlad…..

  • mangowife

    This is really hilarious, everyone! There’s no stopping tPFers in withdrawal! LOL! Including me! =)

  • Susieserb

    How can I make this posting stuff easier? After I refresh I have to use pg dn. This takes too much time? Anything else working for you all?

  • TT

    hello ladies.
    have Saks and NM’s price gone up yet? bought a Chanel from NM and having a second thought on size.

    thanks ladies.

  • forchanel

    I can’t wait to the forum is back up!! I MISS IS ALREADY! I go on multiple times a day and im having withdrawal!!!

  • tt_81

    Ladies, have the Saks and NM has their price increase yet?

  • kimberf

    Darn. Just got a little break in my workday and was hoping the site would be back up, but not yet. At least I’m on the West Coast, so I may get some online time yet today when it comes back up!

    I’m crossing my fingers for Vlad and everyone that it’s not some sort of data migration problem!!

  • Habanerita


  • Alaska

    OMG- tomorrow……

  • trama turgo

    That gorilla must be very stubborn, it’s taking ages to move him to the new cage!

  • knuttybar

    AACCKKK! Not up yet…need…tPF…soon…
    Thanks ever so much for the needed upgrades and we are all waiting with baited breath for the new and improved tPF!


    Not up so guess I’ll work out! Then don’t forget any I love NY fans, new episode tonight! Weeds too, I think?

  • sarahcantiik

    Megs has her dream bag????? Aaaaccckk, I wonder what it might be???!!! I am trying so hard to put my lil brain to work here by trying to remember Megs’ posts on the H forum. I think I remember somewhere where she said something about her dream bag.. I can remember something white, but if my lil brain is dependable I think she was talking about a kelly. And she already got a kelly for b’day… soooooo?????

    BIRKIN!! Yup, sure of it! Just dunno what color/leather/hw type..

    While I am patiently waiting to find out what bag is it, I just wanna say that the H gods have been helluva good to ya Megs *wink*
    2 bags in such a short time.. great job woman!

  • Kallie Girl

    The upgrade sounds wonderful!

    And when we’re back we’ll hopefully have Megs’ big H reveal. I cannot wait to see all the goodies from NYC!

  • Sucre

    NM also have First Call Sale too .. maybe it helps keep your mind off tPF. It worked for me like 20mins .. ;)

  • mizzle

    Megs, you timed your reveal PERFECTLY, lol!!

  • samoxenina

    going crazy waiting here :/ hope it up soon…Megs congrats on “orange box” ;)

  • lv-lover

    I’m so bored!!
    I honestly don’t know what to do to kill time. 4 more hours until bed.

  • 3degree

    oh, i cant wait, this is excting to learn what is up to but i dont really know what to do without tpf

  • luvpurses24(Cheryl)

    At this point, I’m thinking of calling in sick tomorrow (*cough, cough*) to make up for lost time today!!

  • article3

    Sitting here swamped at work… and I miss you gals (and guys)!

    I wonder what everyone’s going to do later tonight if the forum isn’t back up…

  • ronsdiva

    I was too busy to look on tPF earlier today. Just sat down with my little one to do our nightly nurse/tPF thing and ARGHHH. Now I may have to clean my closet…..Looking forward to your return.

  • maria28

    missing tpf….and all of you…

  • creature

    Jeepers, I really miss this forum.

  • Tammy518

    Like everyone else, I’m beside myself without the PF! Hurry, Vlad! At least we all probably got a lot of work done today.

  • swissflower

    OMG, hope it is not taking much longer, I feel sad
    without the forum.

  • twiggers

    I just cleaned my kitchen…so bored!

    NISHI: Yes, I got it today!!! It has a redhead with green dress and green eyeshadow on front cover. SO many cute holiday packs inside…already giving me ideas for the bazillion gift exchanges I am part of on the forum!!!

  • bonniec

    Talk about boredom without tpf… how long can I pick my butt and smell my finger… we’ll see.

  • maggieoslo

    Vlad, you’re doing a great job updating this forum, love all the new features, colours, everything..have been away from some of the sub-forums lately, realize how much I’ve missed it!

  • maggie7

    Oops, used my ebay ID by mistake, it’s me, maggie7..

  • makeupmama

    missing tpf badly. suffering from major withdrawal. congrats on the hermes boxes, megs. can’t wait to see what you got.

  • luccibag

    Wassup people!! Baby is sleeping and I need my fix!!

  • Miss TPF today sooooooooo bad, GEE it feels like it has been down forever… lol!!! So glad we are getting updates, YIPEE!!! Hope to see you guys on TPF soon because I do not know what to do with myself. HUGS

  • Cupcake,pink

    I’ve only been a PF member a little over a month and even I’m missing it … can’t imagine how long time PFers are coping (or not)! But don’t stress guys, we can all be patient a bit longer. When TPF is up and running faster it will have been well worth the wait.

  • phoebe_0526

    I can’t take it anymore….
    I miss TPF so much, much much more than I would image.

  • maggie7

    And it’s already Tuesday 10am here in Australia…

  • mas2388

    *cry* miss everyone!

  • SunnyFreckles

    Hey everyone! I keep coming back and coming back…I am way to dang addicted!!! (Good for you, though, right!??!)

    Hope to see everyone soon! J.

  • mello_yello_jen I’m a grad student at EMU (in Michigan) lol are you an old aggie or a young aggie, i’m a young one, lol you should see the faces i get when i tell people my name, it’s like what “you’re not old”

    Anyone know what Marc jacobs bags will be going on sale at nordies, please post.

  • dallas

    Oh dear God. I’ve cleaned my house, made cream cheese brownies, lemon syrup cake, chocolate mousse, oh and pizza dough for tonight’s dinner. What am I going to do now? I think I’m getting asthma, I’m dizzy, everything is going dark…*thud*

  • kazzibabe

    hmm i wonder, since we’re all tpf addicts, will the system crash if we all suddenly pounce onto the site as soon as it’s up again? :P hehehe

  • bagnshoofetish

    Thanks so much Vlad for pimping out TPF! Can’t wait to get back on. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

  • KoobaLover

    Ooooh, thanks Megs & Vlad for the server upgrade!

    I’m definitely glad that I’m not the only one experiencing high anxiety in anticipation of the PF coming back online… *waves to her fellow junkies*

    Thank goodness Heroes in on in a little while. That’ll keep me occupied for a bit. ;)

  • LMAO Dallas….some of you guys are so funny…. sheesh TPF should go dark more often so we can all see how funny our fellow members truly are. i can’t believe i said that…i’m sorry i didn’t mean it…..i must be getting delirious from not having tpf…please bring tpf back….

  • mona_danya

    Does anyone know if there is a special link to the Neiman Marcus first cut sale?

  • Martha

    I’ve been checking the tPF all day too! I can’t wait. While we’re here I’ve got a RAOK question. Do you all leave off your return address on your packages and send them from different cities (for the postmark) to throw off your buddy?

  • irishgal

    I am starting standard detox med protocol on myself! IV sedation started…..

  • princessrobyn

    i bought a chanel cerf tote today! im in love!

  • jag

    OMG Irishgal, please hook me up too! I am going nuts over here!

  • recovshopo

    Missing everyone…

  • maria28

    i think we’ll make it to 1000 comments before tpf is up and running again… :)

  • heath-kkf

    Anyone have a bluefly code? JK, I’ll wait.

  • nycgr1

    ok i took pics of my bag collection, will post when TPF is up again. re-arrange my closet (twice).ok i am finding things to do.give my kids a bath. alright i’m on a roll!
    hugs & kisses to everyone!!

  • amy2951

    Its great to be able to communicate even if we can’t go to our favorite areas… Like everyone else I am waiting with bated breath!

  • mello_yello_jen

    AGGIE — I’m a young one! Aw for a minute I was hoping we could add another member to our UCD group.

    TWIGGERS — look like it’s me, you, intlset, and elle so far!

  • mockinglee

    No purse forum and no shopping talk makes Mocky go…something…something…

  • Bag Fetish

    Wow, i’m amazed at how much you can get done in a day when the forums down.

    Thanks guys/ladies for letting us know whats happening. Its great that you keep us informed… Can’t wait to see the new forum.

  • tlloveshim

    I just have to say this:


    Ok, glad I got that out of my system. I think I shall need to scream again in about another hour. Thanks.

  • maria28

    i just told dh that i feel a bit cold. and dh replied : “you’re having purse forum withdrawal symptoms. that’s the first sign”. LOL hahahahahahaha :)

  • maria28

    big thank you to vlad and megs for running this forum&blog, for all your hard work and efforts. really appreciate it…..

  • bagachondriac

    OMG!! I just received this email and HAD TO POST IT!!!

    Summerblu is closing….50% Off Everything!!



    50% off all ITEMS!!!


    Enter promo code: MUSTGO


  • jill

    I am now consuming CAKEBREAD sauvignon Blanc……its all your fault Vlad…LMAO..I need to chill and I have NO PF!(JOKING!WE LOVES YS FOR ALL YER HARD WORK!)hehe!

  • irishgal

    You got it Jag! Anyone else in need of detox? Line up, no pushing..

  • Jane

    omg im having severe depression here……

  • luvpurses24(Cheryl)

    Aggie – Regarding your question about MJ bags on sale at Nordstrom…

    I called Houston, Dallas and Mall of America Nordstroms tonight. All 3 said they were pretty confident that NO MJ bags will be included in the sale that starts Wednesday. :( The Mall of America SA (very nice guy named Aaron) said he thinks MJ will go on sale around December 1st.

  • Myblackbag

    Looking forward to the new TPF!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh my GOSH…I think I now know what DE-TOX feels like. I did not realize how much I check in on tPF. Can’t wait to catch up on the scoop from everybody when it is back up and running!

  • bellacherie

    ….Patiently waiting….

    I keep buying things on ebay to keep myself entertained!

    Come back soon TPF!!

  • *freetoes*

    I was just thinking. I can imagine Vlad and Megs sitting at their computer(s), reading all of our comments, and looking at each other, shaking their heads back and forth, saying: “Good grief. They need to get a life”…… LOL

    I went to the mall today and every time I saw a lady with a great designer purse, I thought: “hmm, wonder if she’s on PF?”

    Do you think there’s a med for us? :p

  • Jane

    ok ok i must add that i bought 3 shoes and a bag.rofl……..i am SO BORED without TPF i couldnt help it

  • Isabel

    Hurry, I’m having purse withdrawals!!!

  • lorihmatthews

    Wow, still waiting! I just got home from work, so I will have some dinner … maybe before I go to bed the site will be back up again …

  • Megs

    Ok soooo… still waiting!! Man we all talked so much on tPF it takes forever to move the info over!!!

  • Virginia

    ahhhhhhh, I can’t wait til TPF is back up!!!

  • superBag

    wooohooo!! can’t wait!! :)

  • queenofda702

    Here I am, on my iPhone in the middle of the mall(hey I had to find something to do while tpf was down) checking the forum to see if I have anything to look forward to when I go home. I have been going thru withdraws people!! Less than a year ago I didn’t even know that the purse forum existed and now here I am missing the shit out of the place! **please, on please tPF be fixed by the time I go to sleep so I can get my daily fix**

  • Cheweyvy

    The old TPF was good enough for me… Get it up and running already :P … I’ve been checking every 30 mins to see if the site is back up yet… ARRGGHHH…

  • mas2388

    I can’t tell if this downtime has saved me money or made me spend more. LOL!!!

  • happie_berrie

    Im starting to suffer from depression now.. =(

    will i be going to zzzz tonight without logging into PF for a whole day? wow.

  • pisdapisda

    Ladies I went crazy online at Saks & Neiman since TPF is done, I need to post my purchases. Thanks for all the hard work Vlad!

  • mona_danya

    Go Vlad GO
    Go Vlad Go
    Go Vlad Go
    Go Vlad Go
    Go Vlad Go

  • bagachondriac

    Ladies…take a look at Here are some of the handbag brands they have for sale…


    Alexis Hudson

    Aleya NY


    Andrea Brueckner



    Lauren Merkin

    Remember promo code MUSTGO for 50% off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joanniii

    OMG!! When I first checked this space there were only 40+ comments, now there are over 450!!

    I am so glad to be seeing all those familiar names and thank goodness I’m not the only one to be constantly checking TPF and seeing if it’s up again! LOL

    Looking forward to seeing all the good things the new upgrade has to offer and posting on TPF again! =)

  • Encore Hermes

    I don’t know about any of you, but I’m winning a really big bet with my DH as long as I can stay off the PF until tomorrow!

  • Susieserb

    Hey what about those dancers on Dancing with The Stars! Go Scary Spice (and her adorable partner Max). Woof!

  • Luccibag

    Waaaaay too much Donny and Marie on TV! I need tPF!

  • Baggaholic


    • COULD IT BE RAISIN?!?!?!?!


      • Baggaholic

        shh….. you have the floor my dear *wink*

  • Susieserb

    Marie the Sanjaya of DWTS.

  • KoobaMe

    Oh my gosh – I never realized just how much I need my daily fix of TPF! Thanks so much for all you for us! = )

  • superBag

    goodnight everyone :)

    • samoxenina

      goodnight ;)

  • irishgal

    Vlad and Megs are our Overlords! We are slaves to tPF! We bow to the greatness of tPF!

    OMG I have lost it.

  • samoxenina

    atleast there is something on t.v to pass the time..I’m watching Heroes, anyone else?

  • FleurDeLis

    OMG . . . it was bad enough waiting with anticipation for Megs orange reveal and now Baggs. I can’t wait any longer. I have come back so many times today just to check. Its my BDAY and all I wanted was a lil tpf time . . .

    Thanks for the hard work Vlad and Megs!!!!

    Can’t wait for the reveal Megs and Baggs

    • Baggaholic

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

      Email me at

      I will not reveal. Megs has the floor for a while! It’s long over due. Finally the Queen of the forum got what she deserved! GO MEGS!

      • FleurDeLis

        emailed you Baggs. Yahoo is a mess right now too, so you might get the same email multiple times

      • FleurDeLis

        emailed you Baggs. Yahoo is a mess right now too, so you might get the same email multiple times

        Just checked, it emailed you three times . . .Sorry

  • bagnshoofetish

    ahhhh! this is inhumane.

  • bagnshoofetish

    I feel like a junkie in line at the methadone clinic.

  • Baggaholic

    lmao!!! thats so funny! There’s a methadone clinic right next door to my shop!

  • bagnshoofetish

    ^^^ how appropo!

  • ive_flipped

    Can’t wait for it to be back up and running and to see what is inside the box!!

  • RowanOak

    ^^LOL, Shoes. I’m thinking of going out on the streets myself.

  • RowanOak

    LOL, Shoes. I’m thinking of going out on the streets myself.

  • bagnshoofetish

    ^^^ seriously. Its like, Vlad, I just need a taste, man!

  • bagnshoofetish

    ^^^ seriously! its like, Vlad, I just need a taste man!

  • Baggaholic

    Shoo… lmao! just give me a hit! *taping the veins*

  • mintpearl

    I got so much done today! run to the mall, vaccuming, cooking, cleaning, organizing….etc. etc. And now, browsing though all the above posts!–LOL!

    I think I’ll go check out now! or do some situps…!

    Candace–what an amazing deal on the ergo patent…get the black! ;-)

    Congrats Congrats and Congrats to everyone who purchased something today!

    Keep up the hard work, Vlad & Megs!

  • article3

    LOL bagnshoo….. go Vlad!! Hopefully us West-Coasters can see the forum before we go to bed….

  • bagnshoofetish

    I wonder if there will be a baby boom in 9 months? This could be up there with the Great New York City blackout!

    • blue_hour_girl


  • Pursefettish ladies or so funny..I could not help myself but go through your post, i guess that puts me an the insanity band wagon too huh? I never realized how natural it came to me to log on to the purse forum like at least 3 times per day…Well, in the meantime i guess i will just go and take another peak at my Hermes belt that just came in today..oh so irrisistable!!! Can’t wait to wear it..

  • bagnshoofetish

    I guess I’ll go see what the guy I married is up to….I am married, right?

    • Omgsweet – Julie

      Shoo!! I miss you Shoo!!!!

  • Rinstar311

    This is so sad…. LOL what would we do if Megs and Vlad ever decided to not do tPF anymore? I think I’d cry… can’t wait to get back on!

  • SunnyFreckles

    Dear Megs and Vlad:

    Thank you! Thank you so much for giving me time to take my 6 week old nasty nail polish off my toes, soak my feet in a minispa treatment, and manicure my pretty lil’ fingernails!

    Now that my nails have dried and my feet are wrapped in plastic baggies, I am ready for some great ol’ fashioned blogging!!!

    I will not lie, I am sad that I cannot converse among the boards, but I am so freakin’ excited that hopefully things will be much faster and error-free!

    I have only one request…when the site is back up, can you tell us how many people hit this site and what time the most hits came in at? I am oh, so interested to see how many of us are going through withdrawls!

    Happy server moving!! I thank you for caring enough to take out the time of your crazy lives to give us such a great place and loving us enough to make all these neat improvements!

    I can’t wait to see today’s Barbie’s outfit and I can’t wait to see today’s November purchases (as there has been ton’s of time for extra shopping!!) and I can’t wait for the baby boom thread!!! (Special thanks to bagnshoofetish for that one!!!)



  • blue_hour_girl

    Well, I FINALLY got my eyes checked today, my prescription has gotten a lot stronger, *sigh*. I also got three pairs of new glasses, one pair of gorgeous Gucci sunnies, all with my new prescription! I could have purchased a GH Part Time Bbag!!!!! Word.

    Hugs everyone.

    Vlad and Megs, thanks!!!

  • pghandbag

    Wow… I’m excited for the new server but the last few hours have been hard.

  • -KT-

    I just got a 25% off coach winter collection card, whats included in their winter collection. I’m so freaking excited.

  • anna

    I just bought chanel diamond stitch today
    feel sooooooooo good
    Ill post pics tomorrow!!

    • Omgsweet – Julie

      Love the diamond stitch!! What color??

      • anna

        blakc!!! 1750 Ididnt pay tax

  • Nishi621

    I sure hope we don’t crash the board when it finally opens up again!

    10:30 PM eastern time and waiting it out……………………

  • tlloveshim

    QUOTE BY KT: “I just got a 25% off coach winter collection card, whats included in their winter collection. I’m so freaking excited.”

    KT! WHAT?? A 25% off Coach card?? From Coach?? I’m confused! Is it a PCE card?? EEEEKKKKK!!!!!! We need TPF!!!

  • luvpurses24(Cheryl)

    Going to bed now…can’t take it anymore. But I’m leaving my computer to check on things when I take my customary potty break in the middle of the night. ;P

    Have a great night everyone! I miss you all immensely!!

  • luvpurses24(Cheryl)

    Going to bed now…can’t take it anymore. But I’m leaving my computer on to check on things when I take my customary potty break in the middle of the night. ;P

    Have a great night everyone! I miss you all immensely!!

  • creature

    Such a long wait.

  • irishgal


    • Jahpson


  • medusa2020

    I miss the purseforum! Arrgghhhhh, this serves as a reality check on how addicted I am to tPF, good thing this is temporary……hurry, Vlad!

  • miyoshi637

    Who would of thought how many people are addicted to TPF and this includes me! What else am i supposed to do when my bf is watching monday night football?

  • MissV

    Oh no still not up…….!! COMMON BACCCCCCCCCCKK…!!jk!

  • Celia Hish

    Thanks for the update! I really can’t wait to log on to the forum as it became part of my life. It’s so addicted that i’m feeling something is missing if i don’t even log in for an hr. Also, missing my pfers too.

  • Needanotherbag

    Oh tPF how I miss you sooooooooooo

  • Iluvbags

    *SIGH* I just logged back on and see its still not back up.
    I actually makes me shake my head at myself to see how much a part of my daily routine this place is. YIKES.

    i need to get a life QUICK. LOL. Anoyone else w/ me? I picked up a handful of “Get a life” applications and I only have 10 left. Who needs one? LOL

    • blue_hour_girl

      Sure, hand one over…. *grabs pen*

    • Jahpson

      ill take one please!

  • lelgin

    I actually got work done today. I need my PF!!!

  • purseaddict

    I feel like a crack addict – I keep checking! Can’t wait guys- thanks for all your hard work! :o)

  • LAltiero85

    wow….this is forcing me to get a life! lol!!!! I really miss all of you! Oh well, thanks for making it better. I dunno what I’d do w/o tPF!

    Megs, I can’t wait to see what you have in the Hermes boxes….my breathing gets shorter everytime I think about it. Is it bad and sad that my heart skips a beat when I think of a bag??? wow….lol.

  • Iluvbags

    OK. Only 8 more “Get a Life” Applications left.
    Once they are gone it means no one else will have a life until more apps are printed.

    Who’s in denial? There is no application fee. No excuses. Everyone needs a life.

    ROFL!!! LOL!!

    BLUE_HOUR_GIRL and JAHPSON will be getting a life soon. Congrats! I’ll keep you posted on the others.


  • bellacherie

    Good luck all AUSSIES for the Melbourne Cup! (minutes away!)

  • bagachondriac

    This is awful….I keep going to the kitchen for FOOD and leftover Halloween candy that I stashed away. OMG…if this doesn’t end soon, I will gain 10 pounds and have to sign up for the weight watchers forum!!

  • Kansashalo

    I think every company saw an increase in employee productivity today! *lol* Can’t wait until things are back up and running. Thanks Megs and Vlad for making tPF the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mei

    I’m too productive since yesterday. Oh! I miss the forum! I can’t wait guys! :p

  • lorihmatthews

    Fooey, still no PF. I’m done with dinner, cleaned the kitchen, even watched Desperate Housewives since it was taped by TiVo.

    I guess I’ll get an eBay item packed up and ready to go and write a thank you note to the couple who invited us over to dinner on Saturday.

    Is my life really this boring without tPF? No wait, don’t answer that. LOL!

    • Iluvbags

      No worries lorimatthews. I will reserve an app for you. You don’t even have to ask. LOL

      **Freetoes, I’ve got your too. Its on the way. LOL

  • griffin

    Hanging out here! Love the tpf!

    Huge congrats on your Hermes treasures Megs, soooo excited about the unveiling.

  • *freetoes*

    I definitely need an app ~ anyone want to be a reference for me??? LOL

  • Hi, KDC here…Gosh I miss this Forum. I attempted to “interact” with the Vogue Australia Forum…B O R I N G!!
    With comments like “Balenciaga-who???” Oh Lord, I can’t cope without my Bal-Gals…and the YSL & Chanel chatter…

  • Omgsweet – Julie

    Wow! I cant believe how much I miss the forum!!!! I miss talking to you guys!! Hows your night Shoo?!? Sheila!? Kelly!? I miss you guys!!!

  • fiatflux

    Oh gawd, I don’t really want my prediction of the # of comments getting into the thousands to come true…blah. I want my tPF!!!

  • [coco]

    okayyyy…. starting to have withdrawl symptoms now….!!

  • blue_hour_girl

    Anywhere to buy a Rolex online or is it best to go in person?


    Can’t wait until the new and improved PF is up, yay!

  • blue_hour_girl


  • Queenofda702

    Im home :o( BORED.
    I understand the reasoning behind the downtime Vlad, but gosh, cant you go into super power ranger mode and make it go by faster?! hehe. Just kidding…maybe.

  • Nymph


    Withdrawal is NOT fun.
    That said, it’s mildly tempered by the fact that I see familiar names around, plus I’ve actually got some work done in the past 2 days.

    Can’t wait!!

    • Queenofda702

      I actually got a few things done too. But work was way better when I was distracted by tPF lol!

  • gee

    iluvbags, i’ll take an application too! lol!

  • Lauren

    i’m like everyone else, i never realized how addicted I was until today. I never really posted that much on the forum, but I check it like constantly and was definitely lost without knowing what everyone was purchasing and looking at their cute new pics. Can’t wait for the forum to be back up and thanks for all of your hard work Megs and Vlad!

  • cola262

    I miss tpf! Wow, so many comments on this page…took so long to load. lol! Thanks Vlad and Megs! Can’t wait!

  • Queenofda702

    I think Im gonna go lay down and read. Theres nothing else to do lmao! HOPEFULLY tPF will be back up and running-FASTER in the morning! Im not getting my hopes up like I did last night though lol!! Come on Vlad-work that magic!

  • llson

    Looking forward to the new and improved PF – thanks……on another note, I admit, I’m addicted, I’m sure at this point many of us are in tremors, shopping wildly, and dazed with all the EXTRA time we’ve had today, it’s like we’re being shut off from ‘purse’ civilization. LOL

  • fiatflux

    Am I the only one who *didn’t* get more done…actually got less done by obsessively checking every few minutes to see if it’s up again? Yeah, I thought so. :P

  • Queenofda702

    Oh, just to add to what someone else said about how sad we all are. My SO just said “you guys are obsessed, the owners of that site should pay to put you all in therapy” lmfao!

  • shopalot

    I like that TPF was down today, I actually got to spend time with my family. LOL
    However I NEED TPF!!!

  • mintpearl

    I am soooooo curious about this winter Coach 25% off card! I so hope I get one too!!!!!!!

    Also, I better use this time to go do my nails too! Instead of lurking around here….hoping for tPF to be back up….. I almost purchased something and then decided not to…at least not yet….til I read up more about it on the forum…..

  • fieryfashionist

    Wow!! I was going to comment on this thread when I saw one comment haha, but I was trying to power through a paper… and now there are so many comments! :) Thank you so much for upgrading the servers “tPF Gods” hehe … and based on the amount of comments here, I know I’m not the only one in complete tPF withdrawal, ahh! I actually managed to write a paper for one of my classes, and I’m getting a head start on another one… completely unheard of pre-tPF haha. :)

  • Iluvbags

    Ok guys I’m done being silly for the night. Off to bed. Hope to see everyone back on the forum in the morn!!

  • amiekbs8

    I can’t believe how tPF dependent I am! I keep checking every hour with high hopes. Though I have to say it’s a good thing it was down, I actually studied for my midterm today and rocked it out. Now I need a new bag to celebrate!

  • superstar

    I miss you guys. I was hoping it was all done by now. I need to see all of the RAOK goodies.

  • Shasta

    My DH is threating me with xanax….. I miss my tpf and all my great bbag friends! Good Luck Vlad and Megs! I’ll check back in the morning.

  • saligator

    Thanks for keeping us going, V&M and congrats on your new H stuff!

  • Vlad

    New ETA is tomorrow morning, hang in there gang!

  • Candace117

    Thanks VLAD!!!! You and Meegs are the Awesomeness.

    We should have a HUGE tPF party IRL. I read somewhere back in the day about an online community that did that. They met somewhere kind of central for a weekend of hanging out! We could do a purse swap LOL.

  • scarlett_2005

    I keep popping in every few hours to is tPF is back. I’ve tried to occupy my spare time at my favorite entertainment forum but after a few minutes I was bored out of my mind! Hope everyone is doing well, I miss everyone!!

  • bobojue

    Feel so lonely today!! Miss chatting w/everyone, and drooling over everything. *sigh*
    BUT BIG BIG thanks to V&M for upgrading!!!!!!
    Paid all my bills, got all accouts up to date………I just realize that there’s nothing to do on the web (for me) if I’m not on TPF!

  • ladydeluxe

    i am having tpf redrawal symptoms!! i realise i CAN NEVER go off a tpf ban ever! :( can’t wait for the pf to be back up! i miss everyone!

  • taco


    maybe I am overreacting a bit, but…..AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • fiatflux

    Does anyone know how Vuittonamour is doing? I am really missing being able to keep up on her situation & hope everything is ok. Please email me at itsyvonne at if you know or VA if you are reading please email me!! :)


    • Omgsweet – Julie

      Shes doing all right! Danny text messaged her! But we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to tell you what he said!!! I’m evil huh?!?! lol

  • monokuro

    Can’t wait til the servers are back up! I need my daily does of tPF!!!!!!!!! :DDD

  • Ms.Lizardo

    I am going through MAJOR withdrawal!!! Can’t wait to get back to KOOBALAND…..what a great site. Thank you Vlad. Definitely worth the wait (eBay is my only solace for now, and no comparison.)…..miss all my fellow TPF friends. =(

  • mas2388

    Gooodnight everyone! See you all in the morning!

  • Babyboo

    IVE BEEN TRYING TO COMMENT since yesterday eveninng, but was on my black berry and couldnt!!!!!!
    WITH my time zone it has been a full 24hours since TPF has been down, and i seriously think i might cry!!!!!! I didnt realise how addicted i was…

    ahhhhh not liking this.. come back tpf .,..teehee

    ooo bags i wanna see ur new purple bag

  • Babyboo

    fiatflux im with you… i didnt get naything done as i kept checkign, and i rarely check when im at home( usually on tpf when at work) but yesterday i kept clicking to see if we were back on….not cool

  • fabgrabs

    Night all. :)

  • maggie7

    Oh, you’re only on 2am still..not doing a night shift, Vlad..? (just kidding)

    At least it shows what a fabulous site Tpf is, everybody misses it..

  • fiatflux

    well howdy babyboo, glad I’m not the only one…lol. ;)

  • LVBabydoll

    Argh, I’m in withdrawls lol…I need to post pics from MOCA!

  • beautiful stranger

    not yet?? my DD has a doctor’s appointment in 30 min and I had to check in first! how pathetic is that! haha

  • Jane

    OK now you guys are just playin with us….you want 1000 comments before getting the forums back up?!rite? LOL
    jk I cant wait, looking forward to it! :)

  • sammyjoe

    Ok, so I woke up early to get into work to post about a kelly available in the UK hermes and the forum is down, Please hurry!
    I was snappy in work yesterday and its all down to TPF!lol!!!xxx

  • habibty

    I miss tpf!!!! I’m bored in my patternmaking class checking tpf on my new iPod touch lol

  • littlefab

    Oooh…never realize how much I’m addicted to tPF…
    I’m so totally bored here at work, usually I’m already here and there at the forum…reading from one thread to another and to another and to another…
    Really hope tPF will be back soon!

  • lamiastella

    hehehe, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was wondering what happened in Kelly’s thread!!! :p

  • msjenn

    ahh i am desperate for tPF to finally be back up too! i’ve been clicking the refresh page all day! i never realized how much time i spend on it until today! can’t wait to talk to you all tomorrow! thanks for all the hard work vlad and megs!

    i saw your comment on ucd above. i’m c/o 2006 myself and lived at primero grove for 3 years, what about you?

  • AlohaGirl

    Well, I actually waxed my eyebrows, rearranged my closets, went to the fabric store, cut out a whole pattern and made a great dinner! Hope you guys are up and running soon or else I may paint mt son’s bedroom and rearrange my sock drawer tomorrow :)

  • fiatflux

    omgsweet…you are eeeeevil!!! :p But thanks for the update…glad to know she is doing well.

  • phoebe_0526

    Good night, ladies. I am off to bed.
    Hope we can meet others on TPF this morning.

    Today is a long day.

  • cbetht

    omgsweet- I wrote Kelly earlier to check on her. I never heard anything back. I know today was a hard day for her. If you talk to her again tell her I’m thinking of her!

  • mello_yello_jen

    ok kill me now. i’ve been out all night and tPF is still not up =(((

    hope everything is ok. take care Vlad, take care Megs!

  • Pursegrrl

    Hehehe, so many hours of my life back!! Not that that’s a good thing…I miss y’all so much but I am from the land of IT Infrastructure so I can truly appreciate everything that’s going on behind the scenes and more. Rock on, Vlad, Megs and crew!!


  • VANmiracle

    I can’t believe it takes soo long! Must be hard work for you! I can’t imagine what will happen when you go online again. You must be filled with coffee! In the meanwhile I adored the new Audreybagcharity site on all evening, cause I miss all your bag pictures so much.

  • chinadoll724

    Good night everyone! Sleep well, especially you Vlad- thanks for doing all that work :)

  • divingcandie

    I’ve just realized now that I can’t live without tPF!!!! :(

  • sweetneet

    WOW, almost to 600 comments here…it takes my browser almost a MINUTE to load this entire page, LOL! :)

    i am so missing everyone on TPF, especially in the LV forum. I’ve resorted to stalking ebay and let-trade to satisfy my LV fix..though can’t really buy anything now (need to wait till after xmas!). saw some good deals out there tho…on ebay, there’s a Cherry Blossom Papillon (brown/pink) for $675 BIN!! :drool: LOL and let-trade has an inclusion ring for $170 or something (oops,wait it’s not there anymore..guess someone bought it-lucky them!).

    well hope the TPF comes back soon so everyone can get share their deals/finds and can get their stuff authenticated! plus i want to see everyone’s new bags! i can’t be buying bags so often so i must live vicariously through all of you guys! :)

  • LAltiero85

    wahhh…I miss Coach….this made me realize a hard truth…I really DO NOT have a life…I can’t believe how addicted I am! lol! I’m actually sad! Like gloomy! LOL!

  • LV mania

    LV mania here!

    Sigh*. Thought I’d pop in and say hello to everyone. Yes, I’ve been lurking around all day trying to see if the tPF was up and running yet. My bf has never seen me so restless in front of the computer… :(

    I miss all of my MP ROAK ladies.
    Thanks for everything Megs and Vlad. Glad to be a part of this great community! :)

  • Pursegrrl

    Cryin big boo hooos here but we should be up again sooner than later, right???

  • zenzen

    AGH this is KIllllllllllllling meeeee!

  • [coco]

    Must…. talk… about…. purses…. Any idea how much longer this will take? …argh! You guys must really be working overtime!!

    Anyone shop on Jomashop…???? Particuarly Gucci? Seen the large boston wave for US$919!!! (It retails $2600 in my city). Is this too good to be true? All who have shopped Joma please send me your advice? Are they reliable? Guaranteed authentic? SO desperate for answers and tPF!!

    Can’t wait to be back in the forum again XX


  • solitude

    CANDACE—Thanks! I didnt notice your post earlier. Appreciate it! Will get the pearls!

    BLUE_HOUR_GIRL—Best to get a Rolex from an authorized dealer in person!

  • Wentworth-Roth

    This is the second day I have to have breakfast without tPF… sigh. I really miss the forum and the tPFers.

  • baglady2006

    OMG I can’t believe I woke up in the middle of the night to check on tpf, lol. I know I have an addiction problem.. lol.


    Goodmorning girls!

    I just woke up and realised that TPF is still not on! OMG!
    For anyone who would like to chat on MSN or email me do it at:

  • LAltiero85

    I miss tPF!!!! :( I miss all of you!!

  • lukeswiss

    Wow they must be really having some trouble. Computers are a bitch. They’ve probably been working all night!

  • mello_yello_jen

    Megs, Bags, add me in on the list! I got myself a big orange box too!!!!!!!

    Bags, I’m emailing you to find out what you got!!

    • Baggaholic

      lmao…. I got a big goodie bag! What did you get?

  • mello_yello_jen

    oopsie, nevermind. BAGG, just saw you posted your email in response to another member so I’ll just wait till tPF is up to PM you. I dont want to bug you.

    Stay alive everyone!!

    • Baggaholic

      Your not bugging me, not being able to log onto tpf is bugging me!

  • cheena50

    This is so weird…i keep checking…must have done it a dozen times today. i’m having withdrawal symptoms. sigh

  • noon

    morning everyone! First thing I did was check to see if its up – another morning without tpf!

  • mellyjr

    Wow, it’s 1:00 a.m. in California and still no TPF. I am going through withdrawal at this point. :) Hopefully we’ll have it back sometime today.

  • Thanks to all the girls who’ve answered my question regarding the and I’m glad I didn’t order anything from! Anyway, I went to Barneys New York with my best friend and we saw this cute Manolo Blahnik slingback in pink suede and other one is pump black patent! So cute!!! I just got them for $150 each!!!!!! Yay! Oh I also saw the cute Louboutin flat in black patent which cost around $250 but they don’t have my size :(


  • Babyboo

    its beeen ages… i want tpf back!!!! i got something from my MP ROAK buddy so if ur reading this THANKS BABES!!!!!!!

  • Classic Chic

    Oh goodness, it’s Still down? The day I have pix to show…sigh, but it’s all good. More time I get to spend w/BF & dog ^_<

  • south-of-france

    Another morning without tPF! When for once I’m home!! Lol… Aw I miss tPF, please hurry!
    Thank you for everything and see you guys soooooooooon!!!

  • KaieCHANEL

    Hiya everyone!
    it’s 9am here now and i really miss tpf!
    i need to drool over lv bags ;[

  • KoobaLover

    Ha Ha. I woke up extra early this morning to get caught up on my PF fix… I see the upgrades are still happening. I hope things are going smoothly!!!

    Megs & Vlad, thanks for all you do! Keep up the great work!

  • purplekitty

    :cry: I miss tPF!! It’s been over 24 hours, and I’ve been checking it a few times every hour :lol:. I can’t imagine how much work this must be, I really hope you two are resting! Well, I have quite a few things I need to get done but don’t want to, so hopefully by the time I am finished, tPF will be back in action! Can’t wait!

  • JuiceBox

    I can’t believe it’s still down… I thought when I’d wake up it’d be back :(

  • HA! As you may have read from my last comment above, I joined the Vogue Australia Forum in desperation for a “shallow chat” today and they are already sick of me talking bags. I think my 3 posts have been seized by a mod!!! LOL. I’m not that obsessed, am I? Sheesh! Ok…So one of the latest threads over there was about Chanel Gladiators and should she buy them…Most comments were “like, no way! They’re like soooo expensive…You can get the same ones for like twenty bucks at PayLess Shoes…” Arghhh, I need tPF back big time!!! Why would you sign up on the Vogue Forum if you can justify a $20 pair of fake Gladiators over the real thing? I just don’t get it…

    I know I seem simple and shallow, but I am climbing the walls right now, as I have been looking after 4 children today. I NEED fashion speak man!!!

  • kikay

    What the hell! it’s still down! grrrrrrrrr

  • coachfreak

    Wow… 5:15am ET and still no TPF.

  • mello_yello_jen

    yawnnn… i’m getting sleepy =((

    i’m going to call it a night and cross my fingers that tPF is up when i get up.

    sweet dreams everyone.

  • msjenn

    not sure if you got my previous post mello_yello_jen but i said that i’m a fellow aggie also. class of 06.

    see all of you tPF’s tomorrow hopefully!!

  • baglady2006

    My breakfast is a drag without tpf, miss you guys.

  • AccessoryObsessory

    It’s 11:20 now where I am, and stil no PF.

    halzer- my house is a mess, wanna come coach me??;)

    tramatrugo- haha, gorilla! This is taking so long, he must have gotten loose!

    mello_yello_jen- can’t wait to see your posted bag too. Should be quite the list whn we are all back up. The malls probably think Christmas rush has started!

    Too bad Megs and Vlad can’t get a commission on all the stuff we bought today!!! woohoo, wouldn’t that be a party!

    Okay, I’m off to answer the dryer…

  • AccessoryObsessory

    PS Is anybody checking out Roberto Cavalli tomorrow at H&M?

    I kinda like the trenchcoats…

    • Perja

      Gargh! Now you’re tempting me to play hookie tomomorrow :p

      Btw, I was in the process of replying to your PM when tPF went down lol

    • Roxana

      yep, but it thursday here…

  • gem

    missed tPF over the weekend, and now Mon & Tue…
    …ssshivvverrringgg fiinngeeerrs …
    shi ver rrr ing fing errrrs…
    withdrawwwwwal symmmmptonsssss !!! ????!!!!

  • Waah! Up to start work in the studio..stormy night and our power went out for an hour so off to bed with a kerosene lamp, fell asleep thinking of the new Thread ‘How many times did YOU check in on tPF’ count was 8 until the power went off!..Hope that Meg and vlad got some rest..good morning everyone..

  • Baggaholic

    damn…. Vlad. I hope you didn’t stay up all night!

    woo… we sure do a lot of talking, thats why it’s taking so long! wow.

    Chin up Vlad! Im sending you good vibes from here and I hope you have a good day. Dont stress too much.

    • DesigningStyle

      No, no, no! It is okay for Vlad to stress on this one! tPF has been down way too long! Let’s go!!! Three cheers for Vlad…Go! Go! Go!

  • riffraff

    I now have serious withdrawal symptoms. I was away over the weekend so my last fix was Friday lunchtime.

  • JuiceBox

    same here riffraff!!! :(

  • AccessoryObsessory


    I missed you!

    How was your week? Did you need all that time to recover from the visit with Cal? ahaha

    Or were you shopping…;)

  • AccessoryObsessory

    Actually, I was more worried that Cal had accidently packed you to go back to Oz with her!

  • AccessoryObsessory

    Are you in the US Roxana?

    • Roxana

      no Netherlands…

    • Roxana

      no, Netherlands…

  • luvpurses24(Cheryl)

    So it wasn’t just a bad dream after all…the forum still isn’t up yet. ***SOBS***

  • Babyboo

    back from lunch—- still no tpf!

  • vicky

    Oh – this is killing me!!! Miss you all sooooo much, guys!!!!

  • Babyboo

    back from work!!! stilll no tpf.. want to cry

  • knasarae

    OMG, I’m about to die!!!! I’m so lonely…*tear*. No one understands my addiction..I mean appreciation like you guys! I’m out of town for training this week and was psyched to bring TPF along with me to document my shopping adventures..I was so excited I typed it all out in a Word document so when the site is back up all I have to do is cut and paste! I’m so pathetic…I mean dedicated, lol.

  • DollyGirl

    OH~ I miss TPF so much T.T

  • msjenn

    aww knasarae you are too cute! i did that once when i was on a 9 hour flight somewhere and was bored without internet! i really hope tPF is back soon, it’s 430am here in california. everyone is anxiously awaiting, good luck vlad and megs, hope you guys aren’t too tired!

  • Mindiwe

    Good Morning from Minnesota.

    Hello…where’s my morning reading?!

  • AccessoryObsessory

    Aww you poor thing! But what a GREAT idea! lol

  • AccessoryObsessory

    Aww, you poor thing…but what a GREAT idea! LOL

    I’m ironing in front of the ‘puter and F5ing every couple of shirts…

    Cleaning lady called in sick today…

    I’m doomed:)

    Is anybody else having to type in a code to access this page after a posting? Have I hit some sort of quota here, too?

  • twiggers

    Awww man….I cleared through all my emails and took care of ebay crap…and was holding off checking tPF, knowing that I was going to be on for hours…..but no tPF! Crap. Does this mean another day of having to do work?????? Please say it isn’t so!!!!

  • aze

    I really miss the forum… come back in a hurry. pleaseeee

  • RinSohma

    Aw ;-; i miss Tpf i can’t wait till is working again.

  • ChiChi143

    OMG….Still no PF :-( This is driving me crazy!!

  • shushopn

    Holy crap Vlad!!! I’ve tried to be patient but this is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! If I don’t get my tPF back ASAP I am going to kick your a**. I’m going into withdrawal and it’s not pretty!

  • Will it be soon? I miss my pf sisters!

    • Baggaholic

      Miss you too!!!

      Geeze! I was so bored yesterday that I went to the Botox chair! What will I do today? Hum… Maybe I’ll go get my teeth bleached!


  • aquarius4u

    missyah! miss yah!

  • speedyqueen

    I was too busy at work yesterday to look in, and was looking forward to read up on the news today – and what a disappointment! I feel with everyone who has been refreshing for more than a day now – hope tpf will be back very soon in its full glory!

  • shushopn

    I just had an awful thought – I might have to spend quality time w/ my kids!!
    My b-day is tomorrow and if it’s not back up I will cry…I hate crying, my eyes get all swollen and I look even older than I am. Fix this now Vladdy-boy or I will hunt you down!

  • kelly32

    so i come into the office today all soaking wet (it’s pouring here!) and figured the newly renovated tPF would bring a ray of sunshine to my day… and gasp!! it’s still not up yet!!!! tell me it ain’t so!

  • wordpast

    Thanks Vlad for all your hard work! But I think this officially can be considered as cruel and unusual punishment.

  • Megs


    I think Vlad is sleeping now… the techs are working. Vlad stayed up until about 6 moving things over. There is HUGE amounts of data- even the techs are really amazed. So they are all working best they can.

    Hopefully it will be completed soon!

  • Ghost55

    Damn…still no tpf…Argh matey…have to check back later, have to go to the DR. for my bum knee…see you all in a few hours.

    Thanks MEGS and VLAD!
    As always…happy haunting =)

  • HandbagHabit

    Wow, I too, am checking many times a day to get my connection to tFP. I miss all the chatter and happy buzz.
    Thanks for making the upgrade!

  • Melly

    Thanks Vlad and Megs for all your hard work!! I really hope you can get things up and running soon. I don’t think I can survive another day at work with out tPF. ;)

  • muggles

    the computer is worthless without tpf!! I can’t stand not knowing what is going on in Marc Jacobs Land!!Help!!

  • shushopn

    Vlad’s sleeping??!!! Wake his a** up and send him back to work!! I’m having an anxiety attack and I’m out of valium!!

  • Tigger11

    At home in bed, started feeling better so tried to log on………and your not there. Started readng all the above and realised I’m not the only one.
    Good luck with the repairs and please can we have you back before I have to return to reallife!

  • shopalot

    Thanks for the update Megs!
    I can’t wait for TPF to be back online!

    Thanks to Vlad, you and your techs for all your hard work!

  • Nymph

    This can’t be!!!

    I get home from work, and tPF is STILL not up yet! *wails*

    I’m SO grateful, Vlad, I am! For everything that you’re doing for us.

    Please hurry up with the moving, techie people! I needs me my PF before I spend all my Christmas money shopping online!

  • Serendipity

    Morning all! Can’t wait until this is finished. Thanks Megs and Vlad for all your hard work.

  • posk51

    Honestly, I surprised it wouldn’t take longer!!! Crazy amount of data! Thanks Vlad!

  • Fraublucher

    OMG I’m having serrrrrious withdrawal symptoms… and tomorrow I might end up being induced because the last blood test was not very good… I CANNOT GO INTO LABOUT WITHOUT THE PURSE FORUM!!! argh!!!

  • CandyJanney

    Oh man the withdrawl is driving me BATTY! I hope it’s back up this morning!!!

  • mya

    Come back soon !! Megs and Vlad…thank you, thank you for the new power servers. Let us rawk summore…and those orange boxes, ooohhh…I can’t wait.

  • MsReya

    omg, this is killing me. Yesterday, just when I was about to do a search on H wallets, this happens. It’s already Tuesday afternoon in my part of the world. I’m getting disoriented checking tPF every hour and very sad about the fact that I’m hopelessly addicted :)

    But I’m not alone, apparently :D

  • fiatflux

    Oh,I wish there was a way to do the data moving in the background while having the system up live !!! *cry*

    • sea0fyears

      After this update there will be! Only it can’t come soon enough…

  • Nishi621

    Oh man-before I could even come here to check-shushopn gave me the bad news. :( i shall be patient

  • NL3181

    Thank’s Vlad for your hard work and also thank’s Megs for your updates :),i hope everythings will back to normal real soon…..


  • shushopn

    Blah blah blah – vlad you’re so great – blah blah blah – thanx for all your hard work – blah blah blah – where’s my tPF??? Wake up Vlad!!!

    • maggien

      ^^^ROFLMAO shushopn!!!

      Megs, for God’s sake, hold a mirror under Vlad’s nose and let us know if he’s breathing??!!

      (I’m sorry…I know how hard everyone is working (and I truly DO appreciate it), but a girl’s got limits!) :)))

      TWIGGERS….is that you?? How are you doing? Is the methadone helping at all??!!

  • MissTiss

    I was browsing from my blackberry last night in hopes tPF would be up and running. That’s desperation!
    LOL. Can’t wait for the new and improved forum. Thanks Megs and Vlad.
    Megs, can’t wait to see what’s in the boxes! I could never afford Hermes, but I CAN be passive aggressive and jealous towards the others who can. It’s the least I can do. :-)

  • Lola24

    I feel like I have nothing to do online now……excited to see what the upgrades will be like though!!

  • mas2388

    good morning??? LOL!!!

  • Sucre

    Good morning!!

  • Megs


    The forum will look the same- just run much faster. No new upgrade really- though some old features will be able to be used again.

    This is a very informative update- straight from the techs.

    “transfered 180323 of 503592 files, still going, it has had to be restarted a few times”

  • Bag Fetish

    Morning all…

    All this upgrading has broke my morning routine.. not good!
    So does this mean i’m going to get more painting done today ?

    Hope everyone is doing well, cant wait to see the forum up and going again.
    thanks again Megs, Vlad!!!

  • south-of-france

    Good afternoon!! Any updates?

  • riffraff

    Lets hope Vlad is getting restful sleep and not nightmares about purse wielding harridans vent on world domination because we’ve had to go cold turkey for over 24 hrs. :-)

  • Love-Ly

    I just registered…finally….. for the forum yesterday then when I went to click on the confirmation link it says the forum is down! All this lurking and I finally join only to see its down…so yes ladies even the lurkers don’t quite know what to do. hahahaha…

  • Roxana

    wow, still no tpf… everything going good? What if everything went wrong?? Eeeeks haha
    this is mass unvoluntary rehab.. might not be so bad for us ;)

  • Candace117

    My grandpa taught at UCD for awhile, back in the day :-D
    Was considering going there but ended up in Oregon LOL


  • sammyjoe

    Thanks for the update Megs, every bit of information eases my mind!Lol!

    Ok, by my incorrect maths, that means there is roughly – 323269 bits of data left. The site was down for a day and a half, so it means that TPF is going be back on line by Friday?? Pray tell its a mistake???

  • tanukiki

    *sigh* *mope* checks again *sigh*

    Thanks for the long hours of work Vlad and Megs. That last update Megs didn’t make me feel much better. It seems that they aren’t even halfway through transferring the files :-(

  • Couture_Girl

    ohmygosh, i miss my tpf friends :[

    i guess i should go do homework :[

    and since today is a no-school day, ill be checking in all day long :]

  • biancaboo

    i miss TPF soooo badly…. can’t wait for the new & improved site!

  • JenWV

    I miss tPF and all the wonderful people =(

  • catcat

    Just checking……

  • chanel princesss

    omg tPF withdrawal!
    i can’t wait to be able to go on and talk to everyone again =)

  • ShimmaPuff

    Bachelor, Hills, I Love New York – just a few shows that have aired new episodes since the commencement of what history will record as The Great Upgrade – and will have inspired a deluge of delightful snark in the hearts and fingertips of my tPF siblings, and for my own part, I struggle to contain a gushing rapid of preposterously overthought and over-verbiose pontificating analysis of the latest antics of Audrina and It and Brad the Dork, not to mention the world’s favorite dysfunctional family, those ridiculous Reys!

    And tonight, if I am not mistaken, a new season begins for yet another beloved glimpse into the alleged lives of those object lessons in what happens to Real Housewives of the SoCal enclaves who visit Dr Rey one or twelve times too many – and this in the wake of a recent interview with Lauri where she declares she will never look a day over 32.

    I am sure that once the stalwart NerdArmy charged with connecting all those wires and coupling all those connectors are made aware of THAT, it will speed their nimble fingers, and just in time, as all 8 servers will surely be required to contain our thoughtful and incisive comments on the subject of Lauri’s pronouncement alone!

  • twiggers

    The methadone isn’t working at all….I’m just gonna start smoking some CRACK so that the day can pass in a haze!!!!!! This is killing me…slowly…but surely…killing me.
    I not only cooked dinner last night…I actually cleaned the kitchen afterward…hubby thinks I am ill!

    • Roxana

      haha, you’r funny! your hubby most think he’s in tpf-free heaven ;)

  • Prada Psycho

    Geez. I’m dying here. I have NO work to do here at my job. I miss you guys!! :-(


    So there is no chance of the TPF coming back anytime soon ! Someone shoot me!NOW!

  • You gals are cracking me up. At least this thread is getting me by.
    Baggs, let me know what you got!

  • missypoo

    Morning guys!! I hope tPF comes up soon, I’m starting to get the shakes lol…

  • tabbyco

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Not another day w/o TPF… what am I gonna do??? Work??? Ughhhh…

    Vlad you are our #1 TPF King Pin…

  • mkdallas

    OMG, I actually had to order something from NM yesterday without being able to use the 20 coupon codes that I usually get from TPF…the store was in a state of shock that for once, I didn’t have free shipping, upgraded fast free shipping, a free candle, peppermint bark, free cosmetics, etc. attached to my order. This bothered me so much I friggin’ canceled the order until TPF is back up and I have my codes back, LOL!

  • swissflower

    How much longer must we wait, I feel like this has been a
    week, life is boring without the pf.

    It is now 6;41 in the morning, no pf yet…..??
    Gppd job Vlad and Megs…please come back now…

  • *freetoes*

    You mean I will actually have to sit at my desk and work??? Grrrrr

    I feel like we should be organizing shelters for us gals to meet up at. We could do those warnings on tv telling everyone where to go, which shelters are open. Red Cross could serve us sandwiches and juice…… LOL I imagine reporters everywhere interviewing all of us “I was okay the first few hours, but then it really hit me the second day. I just couldn’t cope…..”

  • fiatflux

    “transferred 180323 of 503592 files”

    ^^ Ok, this looks very, very bad. At that rate…by my calculations…we are 35% done. It’s taken at least 24 hours to get that far, right? So that means…at least 48 more hours??!?? I hope I’m wrong…math is not my strong suit. :P

  • Nishi621

    OOOOH-that sounds like it is going to take a lot of time…………..

  • sammyjoe

    I love you ShimmaPuff!!!

  • Cupcake,pink

    :insert popcorn munching smiley here:

  • looks like it wont be up for a couple more days at this rate… there’s still twice as much data that needs to be moved so.. that’s 3 more days? GREAT.

  • sratsey

    I have nothing to read and no beautiful bags to oogle as I sip my morning coffee. WAHHHHHH!!!!!!

    Between waiting for this and waiting for my FedEx guy (big black box, YEAH!!) I’m likely to go insane!!

  • elizabethk

    Get some sleep Vlad, we don’t want any crankiness.
    Staying up until 6am, hope you get back to your sleeping schedule really soon.
    Thanks for the updates!

    Cheers to a vamped new forum!

  • ive_flipped

    Where is tpf??? I miss it so much. I have been checking back frequently. I am not sure what to do with my break time…lol I am lost….

  • TaraLindsey

    OMG! I am so bored.. I am about to buy a white Ali on ebay!!!! I need my girls for guidance!

    There’s a ton of PCE cards on ebay, what’s up with this PCE all of a sudden????????

    I really hope it doesn’t take another 2 days!!!!!!

  • Nishi621

    I want to know if Vlad really wears a hat like that while working at the computer-can we see a pic?

  • Baggaholic

    Shoot! I’m going to end up looking like Joan Rivers by then!!!!

  • Baggaholic

    Dang’it! I’m going to end up looking like Joan Rivers by then!!!!

  • nolarice

    Thanks for the update Megs!
    Thanks for the hard work Vlad & techs!
    *SIGH* *SIGH*
    I guess I should go work out….
    ShimmaPuff!! You are so wise and articulate! You MUST be a writer…?
    The Hills last night….Speidi…at least they have each other…..sigh…
    I need a fix…..
    I need my GHD to arrive today…..
    I need to run….*sigh*
    I hope it’s up when I come back*SIGH*

  • While at the time I said that only 33% was downloaded, that is step 6 of 7!! So it will not take as long as you all think. So we are still waiting to hear- we keep refreshing our emails!!!

    • Fiatflux

      Well, yes, except when did the downloading start? Steps 1-5 could have taken very little time… I want to be scientific about this, because if it is going to be another 48 hours, I might as well try to find something else to do. ;)

  • sammyjoe

    Dang’it! I’m going to end up looking like Joan Rivers by then!!!!

    HA HA HA thats so not true but very funny!!!x

  • Prada Psycho

    I’m in “authenticate this” withdrawal. I’ve found at least FIVE Hermes scarves on eBay this morning, but I don’t have the H eBay sellers list to reference or MaggieD and the other H ladies to help me. I took a chance on a pocket square and bought it. If it’s a fake Vlad, it’s all your fault! ROFLMAO. :-)

  • RoseMary



  • naughtymanolo

    OMG we are such obsessed fans, my life is so boring without tPF! I have found myself constantly checking back every hour or so to see if its done yet. Computer time is so boring now.

  • purplekitty

    Oh no!!! It’s not up yet! I am losing my mind without tPF :lol: Guess I will go back to be bored for now :D

  • RoseMary

    sorry, i messed up with the strong feature.

  • RoseMary

    does anyone know when the PF will be back?

  • AccessoryObsessory

    “[I feel like we should be organizing shelters for us gals to meet up at. We could do those warnings on tv telling everyone where to go, which shelters are open. Red Cross could serve us sandwiches and juice…… LOL I imagine reporters everywhere interviewing all of us “I was okay the first few hours, but then it really hit me the second day. I just couldn’t cope…..”]”

    ROFLMAO @ *freetoes*

    I like the other name foe it, “The Great Upgrade.”

    Sounds like Littlefoot and the rest of his dino friends ran amock in the Great Beyond aka database, now we just need a Sharptooth to make it a perfect straight-to-video…

  • Holy heck…it seems like forever. You are coming back, aren’t you??

  • wordpast

    It’s actually pathetic, my obsession. Ha, at least I’m not alone!

  • sarah2808

    Ooooohhhhhh….I feel so alone! Niow I really am going to have to work on my report cards.

  • llson

    Thanks for the update……..the PF withdrawals are starting to subside, although I still have a moment now and then. Chloe thread, where are you?? I’m actually getting some productive work done between ‘the moments’. LOL

  • trama turgo

    Awwwwww. Miss tPF. Can’t stand it anymore!Please Vlad…

  • tlloveshim

    Coach girls!! Preferred Customer Event is November 10th to the 18th!! Check Ebay! There are cards popping up!! OMG!! I miss you TPF! I’m grateful for the upgrade, seriously! But I’m dying here!

    • tanukiki

      WHAT? PCE is almost here?!?! NO!!! I need more time to work on DH. I almost got him to say that if I get a PCE card this time, he’ll let me get the Bleeker Flap.

    • Does that mean if we haven’t gotten a card in the mail we don’t get to participate in PCE? I’ve spent like $900 there in the past few months! :-(

  • siri anne

    Nearly 4:00pm here in the UK…that’s two days with no PF :(
    Well at least the online retailers are happy campers, I am sure they have all noticed a surge of unusual activity!
    Shushopn: If I don’t get to say it on TPF tomorrow morning…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • habibty

    i cant wait any longer, i need the PM system lolol..

    if blushingbaby sees this, please email me at habiibty at gmail dot com !!! you know what this is regard. i still haven’t been able to read your PM since tPF was down when i went to read! thanks

  • kelly32

    this is awful… full withdrawal symptoms here! if i don’t find out what Megs has in all those lovely orange boxes, i might start to buy something in!!!

  • sunsets

    Vlad and Meg, Thank you for everything you do for us!

    I’m looking forward to seeing Meg’s and Baggaholic’s reveals.

  • FutureMrsJones

    I’m having a hard time not being able to get a my daily dose of celebrity gossip.

  • jandelvis

    Hi All!
    thanks for all the advice on the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale! i tried to call yesterday with no luck so I ended up placing an order via email and i just got confirmation from Jes! i really only wanted the MA Mini but ended up going with the full size because the Royal with basketweave was too good to pass up and it only came in the regular size. And like one of you said above, 20% more bag for very little more cash… i hope i love it – my first RM! I’ve been dying for a blue bag for a while and I hope this is as good in person as it seems online!

    Any one else have luck? -jandelvis

  • fatefullotus

    Oh dear lord! I can’t believe we’ve all survived (barely) this long without tPF! I’m actually pretty darn proud of all of us, actually! But seriously, things are getting a bit dicey in here — bring back the forum sooooooon, Megs, Vlad!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jahpson


  • AccessoryObsessory

    I’m not sure this qualifies as surviving fatefullotus….:)

  • mas2388

    just saying hi…where is Selena???

  • cynthia111

    Did anyone see “The Hills” last night. what bag did Spencer give Heidi for her birthday? it looked like a cabas but not too sure?

  • temo

    Yikes! I’m having “ebay issues” and I ALWAYS turn to tPF for help! Now what? (As Joanie Mitchell once said . . . “You don’t know what you’ve got – ’til it gone”!)

  • kroquet

    Help! I am sooo bored!! I am going to get my 1st Mulberry bag and I can’t share with anyone!!! So sad!!!

  • JoeyJo21

    I hope tPF is back soon – it’s hard work having to find new things to do with your time! Only kidding, thank you for all the hard work that you’re putting into making the forum even better Megs & Vlad. Looking forward to coming back soon x x x

  • cherry pie

    i cant believe how long this is taking. Vlad we love you, thank you for giving us all a home!
    im having the worst day and was looking forward to carching up. to we have an estimated time yet?

  • mellyjr

    I received an email today from Louis Vuitton that you can now e-shop on their website. How long has this been going on?

  • twiggers

    I think I got a PCE card a couple weeks ago and threw it out DOH! And I only spend about $30 a month there on keychains LOL I’ll have to dig around for it later today!

    I”m still working away…this really sucks. Productivity is up…and people start catching on….they’ll think I can always get this much accomplished LOL

    • Katie

      I think I got one yesterday. It’s for 25% off their winter collection but i’m not sure whats included. Either way i’m excited.

    • tanukiki

      Man! If you find it and don’t want to use it, I know there are many people (myself included) who would love to have it!

    • Katie

      Is the PCE only on the winter collection? Cause there is a ton of stuff I want to buy.

  • Couture_Girl


    i took a looong shower (sorry trees…….didnt mean to waste all the water)

    let all my hair air dry (i have about 2x the hair than any normal person should have)

    and then i straigntened itt !

    and tpf is still not up :[

    mee sadddd

  • Sucre


    Hmmm .. while we’re waiting for the forum to be up and running again. Anyone watches “Samantha Who?”

    Have been wondering if the bag Sam has been using is Chanel GST with Silver Hardware? I never really liked GST, even with Celeb snapshots. However, the bag looks so great in the series .. and .. now I want one!!

    • cocgirl07

      Yes I saw the episode last night and loved the GST…I really might get one now ;)

      Wow PCE cards are already getting shipped out?? How exciting I was just there this week and returned a few things so now I have $300 credit there!!! Great

  • Gaw the withdraw…I don’t know if I can take much more!

  • Label Addict

    Vlad & Megs you do know that you are to blame for the baby boom 9 months from now don’t you!

  • ladyisobel

    wow, these 2 days have been remarkably empty without tpf to browse through

  • wendyg40

    Just placed an order for two RM bags (MA mini and Elisha) – e-mailed last night and received an e-mail this morning with a different (cell phone) number to call to place the order – no busy signals – they’re not shipping for 10 – 14 days – plenty of other bags to use in the meantime though!

  • milodrinker

    OMG I AM DYING!!! i need to obsess about lv bags pleaseeeeeeeeeee!

  • JuiceBox

    I noticed the msg has turned to “coming back shortly!” does that mean we’re close? :D

  • princessofthehouse

    Megs, not only are you the queen of tPF but you are also the queen of torture!! This is the longest reveal EVER!! And I have been waiting for you to hit the H motherload for way too long. Can we guess now while we wait???? 35 birkin palladium hardware, blue jean togo???? Cannot wait to see. Congratson the upgrade and on the ummmm, upgrade!!!!!

  • coachfreak

    WHAT??? PCE is already shipping?

    Okay, I will have to call The Woodlands to find out where my invite is!!!!

  • chinadoll724

    How often does PCE happen?

    And tpf was the first thing I check this morning . . .and then first thing I checked when I got to work.

  • Candac3mari3

    AHHH PCE next week?!?!?!?!!? experiencing great need for the Legacy Leigh guys!!!

    now maybe I’ll actually get work done since i cant play around on tpf lol

  • mariabdc

    I wonder why all this upgrading wasn’t done over the weekend… when we aren’t supposed to get work done …
    I am going to my GP tomorrow first thing in the morning to get some pills for ansiety and insomnia…

  • Graceful

    Sucre, I saw that “Samantha Who?” episode last night. I thought it was the GST as well and now I WANT one! Does anyone know for sure if it is the GST?

    I have been checking constantly for the site to come back up! Suffering here!!!!

  • Luccibag

    I’ve given up all hope.

  • Sandra

    Shortly? That could be 15 min, or 4 hours!! I just want the forum back up again! Well, I’l check again after dinner.

  • Luccibag

    Yes, it was the GST in black with silver hardware. $1875, though it may have gone up to $2200ish.

  • Luccibag

    Why is there a big add for FAKE LOUIS VUITTON bags on the top of this site??? What’s going on?

  • sjunky13

    BEANA( Jill) please check your yahoo mail, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarahcantiik

    Is there a ETA?

  • creighbaby

    Well, I was able to get a bunch of items up on ebay last night before the promotion ended, but I kept checking the forum.

    Duranie, how was the show last night?
    Thanks BAG… for the summerblu info. I’m off to take a look at what’s left.

  • chinadoll724

    AccessoryObsessory, I’m pretty sure the Roberto Cavelli collection doesn’t come out until Thurs, but yes I’ll be checking it out!

    • purplekitty

      I didn’t know Roberto Cavalli was coming out with a collection from H&M! I definitely want to check this out. Do you know where I could find pictures on the internet to preview his collection?

  • article3

    Nooooo! I woke up and didn’t have my morning fix!!

    Anyone know some good dealers? Maybe you can help me out Twiggers once you get some crack… LOL

    I can’t wait until the forum is back up! Thanks so much, Megs and Vlad, for all your hard work :-)

  • bagnshoofetish

    I was hoping I’d wake up this morning and it would all have just been a terrible dream! Nooooo!!!!!!!!

    • article3

      Seriously!!! I had a dream about tPF even!

  • Sucre

    yayyyyyyyy, hi there Graceful *waving*

    The reason I like that bag in the series because it doesn’t look so box-y like GST photos[main reason I never really wanted a GST].. I have seen.

    Guess .. we have to wait for a Chanel expert who also watched “Samantha Who?“! LOL

  • Sarsi

    ugh… miss tpf and everyone…

  • mas2388

    It’s lunchtime and I’m hungry!!! For TPF!!!

  • Sucre

    Oohh .. thanks Luccibag for the confirmation!

    Now .. all I need to do is saving up!!!! LOL ;)

  • coachgrl

    Hurry back tPF, you’re sorely missed! And, “Thanks” for ALL of the hard work to improve the site!

  • bagnshoofetish

    DH just walked in and started reading. He shook his head and said, “you guys are in baaaaaad shape.”

  • Couture_Girl

    eek…….im sadd :[

    and my hair is now frizzy :[

  • nl3181

    Chag,if you read this comment please send me a email at

    Thank you !

  • jandelvis –
    glad to hear that you’ve finally found your blue bag! let us know your thoughts upon receipt.
    i finally found my purple bag – Mulberry Bayswater in soft grain leather! yippee!

    miss everyone – but it’s nice to see posts from folks I don’t usually see cuz we’ve only got one place to read/post….great group therapy!

  • leslie_x

    I’m in rehab right now but it doesn’t help! I neeeeeeeeeed my TPF :-)!!!!!!!!

  • powderpuff100

    I noticed the slow loading of pics, etc. seemed to be getting worse and this will be a pelasant improvement. Thank you for the hard work to keep this forum up and running. I was having mild withdrawl when I didn’t have PF to read while I had my cup of coffee this morning. I didn’t realize how often I popped in and checked to see if there were any new, interesting posts until it was down for service.
    Anxiously awaiting the return. :)

  • Danica

    Wah! Still no TPF! hahah but honestly, I don’t mind suffering for the greater good! See you guys soooon!

  • NyckeiXXIV

    AHHHHHH!!! My B-Bag just came and I need to share with my B-Bag fanatics and friends!

    Oh tPF, please come back!


    Last posy here for the day. I officially started to relate to drug addicts ……………. Hurry up!!!!!!!

  • ROO

    Miss all you gals! I am not getting caught up on squat… unfortunately I have been shopping online. tPF is like window shopping for me, I don’t have to buy…

    PLEASE tPF come back soon… otherwise my wallet will be empty!

    Thanks for doing this Vlad and Megs!

  • bagnshoofetish

    rediscovering the joys of computer solitaire here.

  • StinkyMonkey

    :( Now what am I suppose to do here at work today? :(

  • Nishi621

    OK-I think I give up-it is sad how often I have come here to check.

    hey shushopn-are you out there having quality time with the twins-LOL-yeah, right!,

  • vuittonamour

    holy crap dude…2 days without tpf, it’s driving me nuts.

  • Starletta8

    OK, I’m officially reaching withdrawl.

    Especially since my new (to me) BBAG showed up yesterday and I wanted to share her with the world!

    And then to hear about a PCE… sigh. This is not good for my wallet this month.

  • pursegrl12

    yeah!!!! i put my order in for a MA in black w/ gold hardware!!!!

    i am dying without my TPF!!!!!!!

  • lovelv

    Any updates????? I miss TPF A LOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wild Orchid

    Omg totally withdrawing here. Might have to grab a drink ;)

  • HandbagAngel

    I feel lonely and lost without tPF for two days….

  • bagnshoofetish

    “Comment by vuittonamour on 11/06/2007 at 1:16 pm
    holy crap dude…2 days without tpf, it’s driving me nuts.”

    do you know how many people are probably jonesing for your thread right now? we’re dying out here!

  • vuittonamour

    ^^^^ I AM TOO. he text me yesterday. i don’t know what the hell his deal is!

  • chag

    nl, saw the msg, email on the way

    stefyp if you see this email me at

  • anu

    does anyone know about Do they sell authentic handbags? plz reply….

  • chag

    nl, saw the msg, email on the way

    stefyp if you see this email me at

    Vixy email me to and I will send pics by email

  • Luvhandbags!

    Yeah, I have been out of town for awhile and need to catch up on Vuittonamour’s thread. What have I missed??????

  • Chloe-Babe

    och, the wait is killing me hee hee.

    I miss all you guys, I miss looking at the pretty bags, and chatting with my friends.

    Im Lonely, schucks :D

  • Now gone two days without tPF – l keep logging in to see if you are up and running – hurry back

  • south-of-france

    Vlad&Megs, do you know how much longer tPF will be down? THX!! ;)

  • fatefullotus

    Megs and Vlad , we love you with all our greedy little purse-lovin’ hearts, but seriously… you may have a riot on your hands.

  • vuittonamour

    luvshandbags you’ve missed a lot. things are a complete mess with him right now. no one knows what’s going on. not even me.

  • drew2007

    Please come back up soon!

    I’m convinced my RED BALENCIAGA DAY day won’t sell if TPF’ers can’t check here for its authenticity! !!!!

  • fatefullotus

    Megs and Vlad , we love you with all our greedy little purse-lovin’ hearts, but seriously… you may have a riot on your hands.

  • alma

    I am having tPF withdrawal symptoms!! GET IT UP PLEASE!!!

  • Katie

    Is the PCE only on the Winter collection? I have never recieved it before.

  • trama turgo

    Yes, how much longer will it be down please? (if it is possible to know)

  • maria28

    hi everyone!
    number of comments posted are nearing the 1000 :D

  • Melly

    This is killing me!! I might actually have to work for a change. >< Please come back soon!

  • Luv Classics

    Didn’t realize how much TPF was a part of my day…Miss everyone!

  • lucretias

    Wow, I admit it. I’m feeling withdrawal. Hope everyone is avoiding DT’s from TPF tech day(s)

  • posk51

    I was giggling last night at all the people saying how much cleaning they’ve accomplished around the house and lo and behold—holy crap, I got a lot done this morning!! A LOT!!
    I miss the Kooba Forum and Deals and Steals! Thanks VLAD! Now we’ll be faster and smoother thanks to you!

  • superstar

    Still not up? What well I do for 2 hours until my next class starts? I need TPF. Please hurry!

  • kimberf

    Vlad & the other techs, I hope you’re all holding up OK. I’ve been part of enough big releases and migrations and such that I know a long slog like this means there have been some serious problems. I hope you got to sleep at least a little bit!! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get to finish up and take a break soon!

  • solidgold2

    ok…i have to confess…i used to see vuittonamore’s thread so much in the new posts and i noticed the high post counts but i never looked….THEN on thursday last week i decided to see what all the ruckus was all about =D

    and IM HOOKEDDDD…fri,sat im reading reading reading and only up to page 62 anf i gotta know whats going on….WHY WHY WHY is it taking so long =/

    it’s like a really good book you can’t put down

  • Jo

    Not sure I can last much longer without my fix of TPF!!!!How much longer??

  • jill

    OK GUYS!!
    UPDATE FROM MEGS!!!!!!!(ive been on the phone with her..LOL!)
    It should be up within 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    GO VLAD!!!!

  • Ladystara

    OH no!! I thought for sure TPF would be up already!! :(

  • Melly

    Woohoo!! The message now says it will be back within the next 3 hours! =D

  • riffraff

    Stopping smoking wasn’t even this bad :-|

  • It can’t come back soon enough! I may have to actually do something around here!

    Good luck, Vlad!

  • luvpurses24 (Cheryl)

    Woo Hoo…the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter!!! CAN’t WAIT!!!!

  • maria28

    YAHOO…i just read that too^^ :D

  • south-of-france

    Yayyyyyy go go goooooo! Thank you so much, Vlad, Megs, and Jill for posting!!! ;)

  • JuiceBox

    Thanks for the update Jill! Much appreciated :)

  • jadecee

    Woohoo! YAY Vlad! This is going to be the longest 3 hours ever… It’s been SOOO hard to not do any online shopping during this downtime!

    I can only imagine the mad frenzy of activity in the first few hours of tPF coming back live… all us crazy tPF-addicts/fiends trying to catch up on our fill after 1-2 days of withdrawal.. can’t wait! :D

  • twiggers

    OK I;m lost…what is the vuittonamour thread? I sometimes get lost in my little world on one subforum LOL

  • sammyjoe

    Thanks for the update!x

  • Habanerita

    SEE YOU ALL SOON!!!!!!!!

  • me

    Re: Rebecca Minkoff- yes, I got through this am – and got Rebeeca herself! she was lovely as usual. Went with the all-over black stamp Nikki… can’t wait to get it…

  • Sucre

    Are we going to have a countdown party????

  • jadecee

    LOL – that caught my attention too twiggers – what is this thread that is so good it’s like reading a ‘can’t put down’ novel?

  • MissTiss

    Ack! I think I am the only one not getting any work done…I feel like I’ve just broken up with my boyfriend. All depressed and not wanting to shower. Well, maybe not that bad, but it is sad how much I have come to love tPF. I lurked for a long time before I started posting.

    Anyhoo! Remember, Megs wants 1000+ posts before Vlad and the other techs get this thing up and running. Let’s see if we can beat them to the punch!

    And the race is on and here comes tPF on the backstretch…lalala.

  • DollyGirl

    YAY!!!! TPF will be back within 3 hours….. can’t wait!!!!!!!

  • soldgold2

    thanks for the update jill….2 hours wooohoooooooo

    ok so im going to the gym get a good workout and comeback and hopefully it will be up and running YAYYYYYY

  • noon

    3 hours! woooohooooo

  • Three hours from when? haha

    GO VLAD GO !!! GO VLAD GO!!!!

    (Please….I’m having to actually work!)

  • 2starsonmyback

    I actually caught myself letting out a little yelp when I saw the forum is coming back up in the next 3 hours!

    I am in desperate need of the authenticate Chloe’s forum!

  • tlloveshim

    Well hey, we got enough time to reach 1,000 posts here! LOL!

  • vicky

    Yay, good news!!!! Go, Vlad!!!

  • Knshdion

    I feel like I’m counting down to an HH sale. Sigh. I guess I’ll drown compulsive shopping habits at the mall.

  • b00mbaka

    I think I’m going to be even more addicted once this is back up! You girls have me thirsty to read the “vuittonamour thread” now!!! I guess I should use this time to do the work that I know I’ll miss once the forum is back.

  • zoober_beth

    Am starting to get a little antsy today….the shakes are starting in…..having serious withdrawls.

  • ronsdiva

    Ok, I don’t check very often at work, but I could not resist. 3 more hours and Vlad gets to slog out of the pit of server changing. Yeah, that means I should be able to dive in by the time I get home from work tonight. Wheeeeeee

  • teknerd122

    I can’t believe that such a niche blog has such a STRONG following. Love it! Keep up the good work, folks. Can’t wait to start obsessing again.

  • nolarice

    Yeah, what is the vuittonamour thread??
    PCE? I checked ebay and there are a few invite’s up for auction. The dates are 11/10-?19 maybe??
    So much for December!
    No one I know has one yet.

  • Kimmi

    Ok, only a little longer now :) I miss checking out tPF! I’ve been stalking the RM sample sale, can’t wait to hear what you all got.

  • Megs

    We are ALMOST there folks!! I hear lots of good cheers coming from Vlad’s end.. meaning that things are finally falling into place! I am confident this will be up soon… maybe 2 hours, but 3 is more reasonable!

    We will be able to add old features back- which will be GREAT!!!

    Can’t wait to talk to you all!!

    And what thread is vuittonamours?!?! I don’t know this!!!!!!!!! MUST FIND!

  • fiatflux

    omg..Vuittonamour…you are a sight for sore eyes!!! Your thread is the main reason I am missing tPF so much…I hardly care about the bags anymore lately!! I can’t believe he texted you and I’m assuming he didn’t call??!? *argh*

  • TLLOVESHIM — It’s good to have goals!!! And I think 1,000 commens is, indeed, obtainable!


  • Joanniii

    OMG ladies, I think we all need serious help. LOL!!
    I’m sitting here anxiously waiting for TPF to be open again but this just killing me!! =( =(

  • fiatflux

    Megs…can you start a new blog post so that we don’t have to load all these hundreds of comments in order to continue the conversation? Just a small suggestion…maybe others aren’t on as slow a connection as I am… :P

  • HandbagAngel

    Moving our forum into another system with bigger capacity is a MAJOR work. Big applause to Megs and Vlad. After this upgrade, maybe you should consider having a vacation to Hawaii or Paris :-)

  • I miss you guys!! Thanks Megs and VLad for what you are doing for us. We will be patient!!! And we will make it!!

  • DesigningStyle

    Oh, do you think we should make up vuittonamour tshirts? That thread is hot!

  • Confused :-/

    Ok guys, i could not resist, i have been patiently waiting for you experts opinion on an item i received a couple of days ago..I got this Louis Vuitton Cosmetic case on Ebay, it looked good but now i received it i am a little bit leary about it’s authenticity, the datecode on the inside pocket says “CT0095” it measures 6×4 inches,the leather flaps on both ends has stitching all aound it, i took a look at a very similar one on Eluxury website and i notice that there is no stitching on those little leather flaps. Also should there be a stamp or something on the flaps, theres none on mine, except fpr on the interior pocket, and the zipper only says “LV” with no ther marking on it, top nor bottom. I hope i am not being paronaiod of have been sold a fake. :-(, Please help, with any tips on what else i should look for…. In case anyone care to take a look since we have so much time on our hands is the link:


    • DesigningStyle

      I would definately post it for John5 or LVBabyDoll to take a look at. It looks real iffy to me. The coloring doesn’t look right. Then I looked at what else the seller sold and they sold a brand new PTI Mono wallet that looks wrong. My gut says this is a fake.

  • We should make vuittonamour shirts!! That would be cool!!

  • Thanks Megs and Vlad for the hard work!How many files left?????I’m missing my TPF friends and I’m getting hysteric already lol!!!!
    Did we hit 1000 posts????

  • dooneydiva

    Oh man oh man! This is driving me up the WALL! Last night, I was in the school library, trying to write this 5-page paper (2 hrs before the class, haha) and I thought I could ease my writer’s block by visiting tPF. Geez, imagine my dismay… :(
    I cannot believe that it is still not up. :( Guys, I feel like I’m standing in the front row of a crowd of women, waiting to rush to the One Day Only sales of a store that has not opened its doors, and my face is squished up against the glass. Love you peeps! Can’t wait til things are back to normal!

  • chloebagfreak

    Wow, I can say I never thought i was an addictive personality…I have been cleaning and organizing the house, even had MOM over..HMMMM..I guess I need help for this. the one Time I go to Barneys and Get 2 BBags and no one to share them with – except the puppies.
    Megs and Vlad, youb guys have created such a wonderful place…homeless in Cyberspace…I love that! Great work and Thanks!

  • shushopn

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhh VLAD!!!!!!!!!!! Wakey Wakey!!!!!!!!!! I’m seriously dying! This is INSANITY!!!

  • Soccer Mom

    Just ordered a RM MAM in blue!! Thanks to all of you that posted the info above. Took a little while to get through, but not too bad. They were soooo nice on the phone. Now I can’t wait to get it!

  • tlloveshim

    LOL, Voodoo! I can’t believe we’re all so addicted that we’re posting here now! I’m so deprived that my brain is seriously warped! I keep thinking


    and then I laugh hysterically to myself! I’m just sick I tell ya!

  • LeeMiller

    OMG, dying here. LOL. Three hours from when? Or is it two hours. I didn’t realize how important my purse forum and coffee fix in the AM was. I’m missing my TPF friends!

    OMG Megs what boxes….wow!!!

  • Luvhandbags!

    Comment by vuittonamour on 11/06/2007 at 1:45 pm
    luvshandbags you’ve missed a lot. things are a complete mess with him right now. no one knows what’s going on. not even me.

    Oh me, gosh I’m sorry. Is he playing games with you now???

  • Melly

    According to the clock we should have less two hours to go!! Maybe I’ll make it after all :)

  • Luvhandbags!

    Comment by vuittonamour on 11/06/2007 at 1:45 pm
    luvshandbags you’ve missed a lot. things are a complete mess with him right now. no one knows what’s going on. not even me.

    Oh me, gosh I’m sorry. Is he playing games with you now??? When did you hear from him???

  • vuittonamour

    you guys are hilarious!!!!! lol i know i am missing my own thread too. he text me yesterday but i still don’t know what’s going on. i honestly think i will be okay as long as i know there’s not another girl involved. SOMETHING is going on because he said he’d try to call me last night which didn’t happen (and i didn’t expect it to…honestly i was even shocked i got another *longer* text from him yesterday) but if he didn’t care at all then he would have diminished contact by now. i just keep telling myself that. i’m just trying to be patient and give him time. something has to be up…you can’t go from really liking a girl to throwing her away overnight which is what seemingly happened. he will come to me in time.

  • tanukiki

    Man, I am glad to hear that the forum will be back up a in a couple to 3 hours but it’ll be right as I get off of work. After spending quality time with DH last night, he’ll expect it again tonight and all I’ll want to do is be on tPF! LOL

  • Addy

    Miss you guys! See you soon!

  • Moonstarr

    Only a bit more to go! I know what I’ll be doing tonight … surfing the forum. Can’t wait! You don’t realize how much you miss it until it’s gone … :-) Plus, I just ordered a violet Bbag wallet from Diabro and didn’t have anyone to tell … well, okay .. I just told everyone! Can’t wait to post the pics when I get it. I loooooooove the violet colour!

  • Nina

    I ordered a Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 25 from They guarantee the authenticity; however, I just took it to the Luis Vuitton store in Chicago to get verified for authenticity, and the manger knew right away that it was fake! It has double stitching and not single, the handles are triangular and not curved, the date code is on the wrong side, the brass wear is cheap and dingy, and it smells like cheap plastic and not like genuine Vuitton leather.

    Please do not buy from OR Despite what they claim, they are the same company, only one website charges more. I ordered from the verezia website, and the return address said “Mohega Company.”

    Vuitton fanatics know that Louis Vuitton destroys irregulars and never sells them for a fraction of the cost; however, when I confronted these websites, they told me that “Louis Vuitton lies to people. They do not destroy them. They sell them from less.” This is obviously untrue! Their feedback is also fake; they post it themselves. The e-mail addresses end in When I tried posting feedback, they did not post it because it wasn’t positive and instead trying to warn people that their bags are fake.

    The purpose of this message is to help people avoid getting scammed. Many websites claim that their bags are authentic, but they are not. The only way you are guaranteed the authenticity of a bag is if you buy it from or a Louis Vuitton store. I wish I would have just done this in the first place instead of looking for deals. You may find a used one for a reasonable price, but even then, be very careful. But if someone is selling a brand new Louis Vuitton for a fraction of the cost, or even a few dollars off, avoid it! They are fake! Macy’s gives people 20% off their purchase when they open a Macy’s card, but the Louis Vuitton inside of Oakbrook’s Macy’s will not allow their purses to be discounted. The only place you might save a buck is on eluxury. They do not charge shipping or tax on your purchase.

    Please contact me,, if you would like to see pictures of what actually sold me and claimed to be authentic. I would be more than happy to provide pictures of the bag, dust cover, and box it was shipped in. If I can prevent at least one person from being ripped off by these scam artists, my job will be accomplished.

  • Nicole Thompsen

    Jeżeli ty patrzeć dla ulepszenie model Replika fake Omega Daytona wtedy ty musieć nasz strona internetowa.

  • AMYD2

    Does anyone know what happened to the vintage company Thom Hird Originals from the 1980’s monogram/brass letter saddlebag purses? Just curious what happened to the company and if they are still around under a new name?